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ADN acadienne - Acadian DNA

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Ce projet a pour but la reconstruction de l'ADN de nos ancêtres acadiens.


The goal of this project is to reconstruct the unique autosomal DNA (atDNA) signatures of our Acadian ancestors. Using a novel analytical method to assemble segments of autosomal DNA from today's decendants, we will create virtual atDNA datasets for our ancestors.

Such datasets could help us solve mysteries where the paper trails are missing, or incomplete.

The Goals of the Project

Using Particpant DNA data we plan to:
  • Build virtual datasets for deceased ancestor profiles in the inheritance chains
  • Make these atDNA datasets publically available for use in the Genetic Genalogy community (at a website to be determined)
  • Connect these DNA profiles with a shared genealogical database (such as WikiTree) to supplement the paper trail, by associating the reconstructed atData kits with profile IDs
    • Example: Identify parents of "orphans" or those ancestors from "La Derangement" who have no/little documentation.
    • Resolve Ancestral Conflations (Which Marie was which?)
  • Construct an "Inheritance Map" from our Acadian Ancestors, with IBD segment passage for use by direct descendants.

Summative Benefit to our Cousins in the Acadian Community

  • DNA matches to ancestors, for which we have little documentation could be identified by comparing raw data or by querying the genealogical database. This would allow users to attribute segments to common ancestors, and find the "missing" ancestors in their family trees.


We have developed a novel DNA Analysis Algorithm to examine "IBD" (Identical by Descent) segments and create an "inheritance map" in a given population. We are asking for volunteers to submit DNA data to "prove this algorithm" and assist in its' use for the construction of the "DNA signatures" of our Ancestors.

By taking part in this project, you agree to allow us to use your sample to reconstruct the Ancestral signatures of our ancestors by:

  • submitting your DNA to the Acadian Project database through the link below
  • indicating (to the best of your knowledge) your Acadian Ancestry by connecting yourself to traced Acadian Ancestors on Wikitree

Genetic Genealogy Research Puposes

This project is for genetic genealogy research purposes.

It is important to state that the final results of our project, the Ancestral DNA Signature Sequences are intended to be shared with the greater genealogical community, we wish to note two very important things.

  • Publication of Methods: Our goal is to show, using our Acadian DNA Data, that Ancestral DNA signatures many generations removed from present day samples can be "reconstructed" from living descendants. In addition to the creation of Ancestral signatures, the project managers do intend to publish the methodology including only the mathematics and processes used to analyze the DNA and create these Ancestral Signatures for use by other members of the Greater Genetic Genealogy community. We hope that this pilot project, and the methods we share openly will allow others to accomplish such tasks as we are undertaking for the benefit of people engaged in Genetic Genealogy as a whole.
  • To protect ourselves and our participants: We wish to protect your privacy, as we would protect our own. The project managers are participants in this study as well, and we have submitted our own DNA samples to the project. We do plan to share the reconstructed Ancestral signatures, for use by those interested in Acadian Genetic Genealogy. Knowing this, we also wish to very clearly state that Individual DNA samples will not be identified either in publication, or in any other way connected to the Ancestral Signature Profiles that are released to the public. NO private information including individual DNA sample identifiers, or any form of personal information (names, emails, etc) from any user will be published, posted, shared, distributed or used for any commercial purposes. (We're very serious about protecting participant privacy, because our information is a part of this database too.)

Acadian Autosomal DNA Project

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