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This is a page for the history notes and genealogy data for Henry Burr.

More About Henry Burr

NEW JERSEY BRANCH. FIRST GENERATION. I. HENRY BURR.1 NO mention of the New Jersey branch of the family is made in the genealogical dictionaries, and until his work was nearly completed, the compiler had supposed that the many families of the name, in Central New Jersey, were offshoots from some one of the three Puritan branches of New England ; and had confined his researches to them. But from data gathered by the Rev. Alexander Shiras, D.D., of Washington City,* from the records of the Friends' meeting-houses in Burlington Co., N. J., and other sources, it was discovered that they were descended from one common ancestor, who emigrated from England as early as 1682, and settled near Mount Holly, the county seat of Burlington Co.

This ancestor was Henry Burr. His wife's name was Elizabeth Hudson. He was apparently a Quaker in religious belief, and many of his descendants have adhered to the same simple faith. His death is not recorded, but no doubt his dust reposes in the ancient graveyard of the Friends at Mount Holly.

The only positive evidence of his presence in America is found in the records of the Friends' meeting-house at Mount Holly, which record the birth of John Burr, son of Henry and Elizabeth Burr, under date of May 29, 1691.

Corroborative proof is found in the fact, that a deed, dated 1682, and conveying to William Penn and others one-nineteenth part of the province of New Jersey, is known to have been in possession of the son, John, is now preserved in the family, and was probably given to Henry Burr, the father, as one evidence of title to a portion of the grant.

The above was written for the edition of 1878. Before issuing the present edition the author visited Burlington Co., and in the collection of Hon. Joseph S. Gaskill, of Mt. Holly, found other traces of him. [1]









As For much valuable information concerning this branch the compiler is also indebted to Dr. Joseph S. Burr, of Leesville, Ohio, and to Mr. Milton J. Burr, of Chariton, Iowa.

As early as Aug. 16, 1688, there is record of his purchasing certain land warrants of Robert Dimsdale, and about the same time of his selling others to his son, Joseph Burr. As early as 1714, he received a deed from a neighbor, the opening part of which we quote as follows :

" This Indenture made the Sixth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fourteen, and in the first year of ye Reign of our Sovereign Lord George, King of Great Brittayne, &c. Between William Stevenson of the Township of Northampton & County of Burlington in ye Province of West New Jersey yeoman of the one part and Henry Burr of the same Township, County and Province afore said yeoman of the other part Witnesseth that ye s'd William Stevenson for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and forty Pounds of good current silver money of West Jersey to him the said William Stevenson in hand paid by the said Henry Burr att & before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by the said William Stevenson and thereof of every part and parcel thereof doth fully and freely acquit, exonerate, release and discharge the said Henry Burr, his heirs, executors, administrators and every of them for ever. By these presents hath granted, bargained and sold, aliened and enfoeffed and confirmed, and by these presents doth fully, clearly and absolutely grant, bargaine and sell, alien and enfoefîe, release, convey and confirm unto the said Henry Burr, his heirs and assigns forever a piece, parcel or tract of land lying within the township of Northampton & County of Burlington aforesaid containing two hundred Acres of upland and meadow ground, it being part of the plantation or tract whereon the said William Stevenson now liveth on that side thereof next adjoining to Henry Burr's plantation." July 31, 1738, for five pounds Henry Burr conveyed to his son Joseph a certain " farm called by the name of the Peach Field, with the dwelling- house, out-houses, fencings, orchard, gardens, and all and every the improvements upon ye said farm and plantation containing by computation 300 acres of land be the same more or less ... it being the same plantation said Henry Burr purchased of Helena Skene who was empowered by her husband John Skene to grant as is shoum by an indenture under the hand of John Skene bearing date \oth June, 1695, and entered upon the records in Burlington, which latid John Skene purchased of Edward Billing."

After examining the records of the Friends Meetings, in which he was materially aided by Bartlett White, Esq., of Mt. Holly, the author proceeded to Trenton, where among the early probate records of the Province of New Jersey preserved in the office of the Secretary of State he made a still more interesting discovery in the will of Henry Burr, the first settler. As being of interest to his descendants we give this instrument entire :

" I Henry Burr of the Township of Northampton, County of Burlington, in the Western Division of the Province of New Jersey, being in good health, perfect in mind and memory, thanks be to God therefore, Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body, do make this my last Will and Testament ; yt is to say principally and first I recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors. " And as touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me withal, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner "Imprimis. I give unto my son, John Burr, the sum of twenty shillings and no more. " Item. I give unto my son Joseph Burr the sum of ten shillings and no more, they being already endowed out of my estate. " Item. I give unto my negro woman Mary my following particulars, viz., the Bed whereon she generally lodges with the Bedstead and furniture thereunto belonging, one cow, one iron kettle, pot, pot-hooks and trammel, one linnen wheel, one woolen wheel, and the dung hill fowls belonging to the place, all the provision yt is left in the smoke house after my funeral and the appraisement, both the eatables and drinkables. " Item. The remaining part of my estate after my just debts and funeral charges and legacies above mentioned are paid, I give and bequeath to my five daughters, namely, Elizabeth Woolman, Mary Lipincott, Sarah Haines, Rebecca White, and Martha Matlock, to be equally divided among them share and share alike. Lastly I appoint my two sons-in-law, Samuel Woolman and Caleb Haines, executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written (291)1 day of October, 1742). his " HENRY -f BURR. mark " Signed, sealed, published and declared in the presence of us, Thomas Shiner, Ruel Elton, John Woolman."

The will was admitted to probate at Burlington, June, 1743, by Joseph Rose, Surrogate, which was about the date of Henry Burr's death. It will be observed that although a man of wealth and prominence he was unable to write, and made his mark in signing the will. This is not strange, as few people in that day except lawyers and clerks possessed that accomplishment. Family tradition says that he was a friend of William Penn's, and accompanied him on his last voyage to this country.

He purchased a tract of eleven hundred acres of land in Northampton, Burlington Co., N. J., where he settled. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Hudson and Mary Thredder, dau. of Richard and Martha Thredder, of London, Eng. Their chil. were: 2. John,1 b. May 29, 1691 ; 3. Joseph,' b. 1694 ; 4. Elizabeth," b. 2 1696 ; 5. Mary,' b. 1698 : 6. Sarah,' b. 1701 ; 7. Rebecca,1 b. 1703 ; 8. Martha,' b. 1705 ; 9. William,3 b. 1710 ; 10. Henry,2 b. 1713.

The daughters of Henry Burr by their marriage connections left their impress upon society. Elizabeth, (4) the eldest daughter, m. in 1713, Samuel Woolman, and became the mother of John Woolman, the Quaker preacher and annalist, " a very remarkable man in his way, who was a pioneer in the cause of the freedom of the slave and perhaps one of the most conscientious of men." The poet Whittier speaks highly of him and of his "Journal." Charles Lamb is credited with saying, " Get the works of John Woolman by heart," and it has been reported that at one time Woolman's " Journal " was used as a text-book at Princeton College for its pure English. Mary (5) m. 1715, Jacob Lippincott, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co., N. J. She was so highly esteemed for her Christian virtues that the Friends prepared and published a memorial of her after her death. Sarah (6) m. 1712 (?) Caleb Haines, joint executor of her father's will. (The date of m. is probably incorrect as she would have been in 1712 but eleven years old.) Rebecca (7) m. 1734, Peter White, no issue. Martha (8) m. 1723, Josiah Haines, and 2d, Timothy Matlack, and had issue : I. Sybil, 2. Timothy, b. 4th month, 2oth, 1734, m. Ellen Furnall, and became a man of note in Revolutionary times, secretary of the Continental Congress, and a conspicuous character in the history of Philadelphia during that period ; 3. Titus, 4. Seih, 5. Josiah, 6. White, 7. Elizabeth.

SECOND GENERATION. JOHN BURR,' [2] OF Мт. HOLLY, BURLINGTON Co., N. J., m. 3d month 29th, 1712, Keziah, dau. of Job and Rachel Wright, of Oyster Bay, L. I., by whom he had the following chil. : I0a. Rachel,5 b. nth month 22d, 1713 ; II. Henry,' b. 8th mo. 26th, 1715; 12. John,3 b. ist mo. 25th, 1718; 13. Solomon,' b. nth mo. 27th, 1721 ; 14. Keziah, b. 2d mo. lyth, 1724; 15. Joseph,' b. 2d 15 mo. nth, 1726. Keziah, mother of these chil., d. Apr. 12, 1731, and was interred in the graveyard by Mt. Holly Meeting House, "much lamented." Her husband appears to have subsequently married another wife, Susanna, of whom were born : » 16 lo. Susanna, b. 8th mo. zóth, 1736 ; 17. Hudson,2 b. 5th mo. zzd, '745- From New Jersey Archives, Vol. v., p. 212, we extract the following : " John Burr, of New Jersey, was appointed Surveyor-General of the Western Division of New Jersey, May 8, 1728." Also a copy of letter from John Burr to James Alexander, Esqr., of New York : May the 8th. 1728. KIND FRIEND The Troublesom Occation of my Writing at this time is occationed by the Late Proceedings of the Councill of propritors in Appointing me To be Surueyor Genr'u of Land in the Western Deuision of New Jersey ; What was Not only foreign To my Thoughts but as Disagreeable to my Mind ; without first Knowing Whether or no thee Raelly Declined seruing in that office ffor altho, thy Residing at New York May possablely Render the matter More Diffical for thee To Agitate and not Atogether so Conveniant for the people Yet the Regulation we have been under in Suruaying & Re- surueying our Lands since thy Accession To that Office may very well atone for that according To my Thoughts : Nor haue I Any Inclination To Act or Any ways Intermiddel in that affair without thy Consent Thy Answer will be very Agreeable To my Desier, who with Due Respects Remain thy Rael fr4- To Serve When May. JOHN BURR. JOSEPH BURR,J [3] OF Мт. HOLLY, BURLINGTON Co., N. J., m. 12 mo. 2d, 1726, Jane Abbott, dau. of John and Anna, of Nottingham, N. J. Chil.: 18. Henry,3 b. 5 mo. i2th, 1731 ; 19. Joseph/ b. 9 mo. 25th, 1732 ; 20. Abagail,' b. n mo. ist, 1734, d. 4 mo. i6th, 1761, m. David Davis, no issue ; 21. Mary,3 m. 1747, Solomon Ridgway ; 22. Robert'; 23. Jane,' m. 1762, David Ridgway ; 24. Rebecca,3 m. 1771, James Chapman, of Bucks Co., Pa.; 25. Ann,3 m. George Deacon ; 26. William' ; 27 27. Hannah,9 m. 10 mo. ist, 1753, Richard Eayre. Jane Burr Ridgway [23] had chil. : I. Rachel, m. ist, John Evans, and 2d, Wm. H. Love ; 2. David, 3. Joseph, 4. Robert, m. Elizabeth Love ; 5. jfohn, m. Rachel Johns ; 6. Abagail, m. John Livezey ; 7- William. The marriage of Joseph Burr and Jane Abbott is recorded in the records of the Chesterfield Monthly Meetings as follows : " Whereas, Joseph Burr son of Henry and Elizabeth Burr of Northum berland in the County of Burlington, and Western Division of New Jersey, and Jane Abbott dau. of John and Anna Abbott of Nottingham in the County and Province aforesaid, having declared their intention of marriage with each other before several monthly meetings of the people called Quakers at Chesterfield in the County and Province aforesaid, according to the good order used among them, whose proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration thereof, and having consent of parents and relations concerned, nothing appearing to obstruct, were approved of by the said meetings. Now these are to certify all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their said intentions this i6th day of I2th mo. 1726, they, the said Joseph Burr and Jane Abbott appeared in the public meeting of the said people and others at their public meeting house in Chesterfield, and the said Joseph Burr taking the said Jane Abbott by the hand did in a solemn manner openly declare that he took her to be his wife, promising through the Lord's assistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until the Lord should separate them by death, and then and there in the said Assembly the said Jane Abbott did in like manner declare that she took the said Joseph Burr to be her husband promising by the Lord's assistance to be to him a faithful and loving wife till it should please the Lord by death to separate them ; and moreover the said Joseph Burr and Jane Abbott (the latter according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband as a further confirmation) did there and then to these presents set their hands, and we whose names are hereunder subscribed being among others present at the solemnization of ye said marriage and subscription in manner aforesaid as witnesses whereunto we have also to these presents set our hands the day and year above written." Henry Burr, John Burr, and Rebecca Burr were among the witnesses. WILLIAM BURR,' [9] or NORTHUMBERLAND Co., PA., -, and raised a family of six sons and two daus., of whom no data have been furnished me except of : 28. David,' b. 1765, in Northumberland Co., Pa. 28 THIRD GENERATION. HENRY BURR,' [il] OF VINCENTOWN, N. J., m. Sarah Eayre, and had chil.: 35- Elizabeth,' who m. Abraham Hewlings, and had chil.: I. Susan «  P., 2. Ann, unm.; 3. Elizabeth Hopkins, 4. Rachel, unm.; 5. jFoseph, 6. Abraham, unm.; J. Thomas, unm.; 8. Caroline, unm. Susan P. Hewlings m. Samuel W. Smith, and had chil.: i. William Henry, b. Dec., 1801 ; 2. Elizabeth, unm.; 3. Mary Ann, unm.; 4. Anna Rebecca, 5. Maria Rachel. William Henry Smith, m. Maria Harmon, and has chil.: i. Susan Caroline, 2. William, unm.; 3. Elizabeth Hewlings. 4. Anna Rebecca. 5. Harmon Hewlings, 6. Mary Ann, unm. Susan Caroline Smith, m. Cornelius C. Scanlan, has three chiL: i. Anna R. M., г. Carrie M., 3. Mary Ann. Anna R. M. Smith m. Joseph Pallat. Chil.: i. Florence, я. Joseph. Carrie M. Smith m. John Miller ; has one son, Jacob. Elizabeth H. Smith m. James H. Simmons, and has two chil.: i. Elisabeth S. and 2. George S. Anna Rebecca Smith m. Joseph Downie. Has four chil. : i. Joseph S., 2. Maria H., 3. Emma H., 4. William H. Harmon H. Smith m. Cecilia Clark, and has : i. Ella S. and a. William H. Ella S. Smith m. John Dingas. Chil.: i. Ella and 2. James S. Anna Rebecca Smith (dau. of Samuel VV.) m. Thomas Adams Myers. Chil. : i. Emana, unm. ; 2. Elizabeth, unm. ; 3. Samuel S., 4. William H., unm. Samuel S. Myers m. Fannie Lodge. Chil.: Mary Ann. Maria Rachel Smith m. James Page. Chil.: i. Emma M., 2. Mary S., 3. Anna R., 4. Clara. Elizabeth Hopkins Hewlings m. William J. Stockton. Chil.: i. Thomas Hewlings, for many years Chaplain of Congress ; 2. Emily, 3. Elizabeth H. Rev. Thomas H. Stockton m. Anna McCurdy. Chil.: i. Elizabeth, 2. Thomas H., 3. Matilda, 4. Anna Maria. Anna Maria Stockton m. George Woolley Allen ; has one child : Jessie Stockton. Emily Stockton m. Rufus Bicknell, M.D.; has chil.: i. Ли/us, i. Lucius, 3. Elizabeth, 4. Emily. Elizabeth m. Root, Emily m. Young, M.D. Elizabeth Hewlings Stockton m. Evans, M.D. Chil.: i. Mary and 2. Kate, a missionary in India. Joseph Hewlings m. Caroline Adams. Chil.: i. Louisa, 2. Edward, 3. Thomas. 36 36. Henry/ b. Feb., 1769, at Vincentown, N. J.; 37. Thomas'; 38. John/ SOLOMON BURR/ [13] m. ; chil. were : 38a 38a. Samuel ' ; probably others. JOSEPH BURR/ [15] OF NORTHAMPTON, BURLINGTON Co., N. J., m Mary, dau. of Edward and Mary Mullen. Their chil. were : 39. Hudson/ l>. May 25, 1750; 40. Sarah,4 b. Apr. 30, 1752; 41. 39 William,4 b. Oct. 14, 1753 ; 42. Mary,4 b. May i, 1756, m. Mr. Harris, of Moorestown, N. J.; 43. Keziah,4 b. Nov. 19, 1758, m. Richard Howell, from 1792 to 1801 Governor of New Jersey. Her chil. were : I. Sarah, b. 8 mo. 5th, 1783, m. Dr. James Agnew, d. 8 mo. 3d, 1868 ; 2. Charles, m. Green and rem. to Mississippi ; 3. Beulah, m'. John L. Glaser ; 4. Maria, 5- Richard, b. 1794, m. Rebecca A. Stockton ; 6. Joseph, b. 1794, m. Mary S. Roberts, d. 3 mo. gth, 1874 ; 7- William Burr, a Lieut, of Marines, rem. to Miss., m. Miss Kemp, and had a dau., , the wife of Jefferson Davis of Miss.; 8. Franklin, a Lieut, in the Navy, k. on board the U. S. frigate President, off N. Y. bay. 44. Susanna,4 b. Feb. n, 1761 ; 45. Rebecca,4 b. Mar. 12, 1763; 46. Beulah,4 b. Dec. 25, 1765, m. Mr. Stelle; 47. Joseph,4 b. Oct. 6. 1768; 48. Hannah,4 b. Oct. i, 1771, m. Dr. Benj. Budd, of Mt. Holly, N. J.; 49. Charles,4 b. Oct. 12, 1774. Joseph Burr's will was proved Mar. 20, 1781 ; inv. presented Aug. i, 1781 ; amt., .¿1,900 gs. lod. He ordered his mills, hereditaments, and appurtenances on Maurices River sold, also his meadow lands in Burlington Co. To his loving w. Mary he gave ^300 ; to his dau. Keziah, w. of Gov. Howell, a good feather bed, bedstead, and furniture, case of high drawers, walnut din ing-table, one half-dozen Windsor chairs, a good milch cow, his saw-mill called the Oak Mill with the appurtenances adjoining his homestead in Northampton, also certain lands whereon said mill stood, a dwelling-house, mill-house, mill-dam, and ^150 in money> besides an equal share in his estate. The homestead was given to his son Joseph. To his dau. Mary Harris he gave one half the plantation on Prince Maurice River that he bought of Benjamin Morgan, of which his son Hudson owned the other half. HUDSON BURR,' [17] OF NEW JERSEY, m. Phebe Lippencot the 25th day of 5th mo., 1767. Their chil. were : 50. Wm. Hudson,4 b. 2oth of 5th mo., 1768 ; 51. Jacob,4 b. 24th of 7th mo., 1770 ; 52. Benjamin,4 b. 8th of 3d mo., 1772 ; 53. Thomas,4 b. 3ist of sth mo., 1773 ; 54. Rowland,* b. 25th of 3d mo., 1774 ; 55. Sarah,4 b. 3d of 2d mo., 1776. HENRY BURR,3 [18] OF MT. HOLLY, N. J., m Elizabeth, dau. of William and Hannah Foster. Their chil. were : 56. Hannah,4 b. 3d mo., 25th, 1754, m. i2th, 1774, Henry A. Ridge- way; 57- Abigail,4 b. 2d mo. 2oth, 1758, m. Samuel Stockton, of Ches terfield, 2d mo. sth, 1777 ; 58. Henry/ b. ist mo. ioth, 1763 ; perhaps others. " This is to certify that the Bearer hereof, Henry Burr, is an Inhabitant of the Township of Northampton, in the County of Burlington (Farmer) and is a person of good repute, and is generally believed to be clear of acting, doing, or saying any thing injurious to the present Government as Established under the authority of the people ; therefore permit him the said Henry Burr to pass and repass through any of the Counties of this state if he behaveth himself as becometh a good citizen. Given this 7th day of August 1779. JOSIAH FOSTER, Esq. Mem. of Assembly." JOSEPH BURR,3 [19] OF BURLINGTON Co., N. J., m. Rachel, dau. of William and Rebecca Coate. Chil.: 59. Mary,' b. , m. Samuel Wright; 60. Lydia,4 b. i mo. i4th, 1759, d. 6 mo. 29th, 1828, m. 2 mo. I4th, 1782, Thomas Lippincott, son of John and Anna. Chil.: I. Anna, b. 12 mo. Sth, 1782, d. 6 mo. nth, 1846, m. Henry Warrington and had chil.: i. Joseph (M.D.), b. 1805, m. Mary L. Nicholson and had issue i. Josephine L. S.; 2. Mary £., m. Joseph Stokes and had, Horace, who m. Helen Stokes and has a dau., Mary T. ; 3. Susan N., 4. Anna B., 5. Rebecca, and 6. Henry—the two last d. in inf.; 2. Rebecca, b. 1807, d. 5 mo. 5th, 1844, m. George M. Haverstick, had two chil., d. in inf.; 3. William, d. unm.; 4. Lydia, b. 1811, d. , m. Clark- son Sheppard, no issue ; 5- Anna, b. , m. Joseph Hooton. no chil.; 6. Seth, b. 1816, m. 1846 Martha N. Jenkins; 7. Henry, b. 1818, m. Margaret Comfort, and had : i. Anna H., who m. Joseph L. Bailey; a. William If., who m. Susan Walton, and had : i. Helen and 2. Margaret H.j 3. Charles W., who m. Rebecca W. Abbott, and had, Henry S.; 4. Henry, 5. Edward',- 8. Rachel, b. 1823, d. 5 mo. rgth, 1860, unm. 6l. Marmaduke,4 b. 1761, d. 8 mo. i6th, 1805, m. ist, Bispham, zd, Ann Hopkins, of Chester, N. Y., no issue; 62. Barzillai,' b. 3 mo. I2th, 1764; 63. Caleb,4 b. 5 mo. zoth, 1766 ; 64. Achsah,' b. 1770, m. 1789, William Burroughs, chil.: I. Mary, m. Joseph Morgan, had chil.: i. Lydia, who m. Morrison and had two daus.: i. Anne and 2. Mary; 2. Isaac, m. , no issue ; 3. Alexander; 2. Lydia, d. unm.; 3. Rachel, m. Dr. M. B. Smith, of Phila., and had chil.: i. William, m. Mary Jarden, has two daus.; 2. Anna, m. Edward Tatum, has two sons: i. Edward and 2. Albert; 3. Ellen, m. Gilbert Congdon. no issue; 4. Albert H., M.D., m. Emily Kaighn and has chil. : i. Edward B. (m. Sarah Jenks); 2. Lawrence, 3. Emily, 4. Elizabeth, 5. Alice; 5- Marshall B., an Epis. clergyman, m. Augusta Pell and has issue. 65. Joseph, Jr./ b. 9 mo. 25th, 1774; 66. Isaiah, b. 8 mo. 25th, 65 1776 ; 67. Charles, b. 5 mo. zoth. 1778, d. 9 mo. 25*, 1798, of yellow fever. ROBERT BURR.' [22] OF BURLINGTON Co.. N. J., m. 2 mo. ißth, 1760, Mercy Antrim, dau. of Isaac, of Springfield, and had : 68. Joseph/ who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Moses Wills, 5 mo. i4th, 1785. WILLIAM BURR/ [26] OF Mr. PLEASANT, O., m. Ann Edwards, and had chil.: 69. Martha/ b. June 6, 1764, m. Nov. 6, 1798, Thomas Strahl ; 70. Rheuben/ b. Mar. 14, 1766; 71. Jane/ b. May i, 1768, m. Benjamin Pearson, a famous hunter of Eastern Ohio in border times ; 72. Timothy/ b. Apr. 19, 1770; 73. Samuel/ b. Mar. 2, 1772; 733. Rebecca/ b. Jan. 25, 1775, m. Samuel Yokim a soldier of the Rev.; 74. David/ b. May 10, 1777 ; 75. William/ b. Feb. 13, 1779; 76. Joseph/ b. Dec. 31, 1780 ; 77. Henry/ b. Nov. 27, 1782. 77 William Burr settled early in Northumberland Co., Pa., where the above chil. were born. He is described as a man of medium height, well-proportioned physically and of nervous temperament. He was a surveyor, and pursued that profession a long time in Pa. When 90 years of age his hearing was very acute, and he could read the finest print without glasses ; near-sighted in youth, his sight improved as age crept on. He was a strict but liberal member of the Orthodox branch of the Friends' Church, and a regular attendant upon the meetings. "He brought into my father's house," says the venerable grandson from whom the above facts are derived, " a Bible containing a portion of his father's family record, from which I learned that he was b. May 4, 1740 ; that his father's name was Joseph, that he was a slaveholder, that his slaves' names were registered first, and then his children's in a bold and rather handsome hand, and in Quaker style — ' ist mo.' and 'ye loth day/ etc. " He used to say that his father was very wealthy, that he was addicted to asthma, and that in his old days he was robbed in daylight by four of his white neighbors, in disguise, of quite an amount of silverware ; the robbers were taken, and executed under British laws, and the property regained — one sugar bowl, however, had been cut into four pieces." In 1825 or '26, Mr. Burr, then 85 years of age, rem. to Jefferson Co., O., to the home of his son, William, with whom he spent the remainder of his days; this journey he performed on horseback. He d. Sept. 15, 1833, set. 93 years. His w., Ann, d. in middle life.

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