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A Trilogy Part One: Nurses - US Civil War Era

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Date: 12 Apr 1861 to 9 May 1865
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A Trilogy Part One: Nurses - US Civil War Era

Memorial to Civil War Nurses
Massachusetts State Building, Boston
Photo by Kenneth C. Zirkel
Introduced in A Trilogy: Women in the Civil War, and announced in this G2G post, we want to identify, profile and remember Nurses in the United States Civil War era .
The United States War Between the States, aka the United States Civil War, was the first time women were allowed to serve their country; caring for wounded in hospitals, battlefield encampments, and civilian homes were the only way women could officially serve in the war effort. Please see a brief history. (Right click to open the link in a new tab.)
  • While A Trilogy: Women in the United States Civil War Era is about women, we don't discriminate here! We want to honor the men serving as nurses in the United States Civil War also. These men and women volunteered their service as nurses between 12 April 1861 and 9 May 1865.

Civil War Nurses Project Page Links

For convenience, this table links all the project pages.
A Trilogy Part One: United States Civil War Nurses Project Page Links
Nurses' Tables Pages: Table I: Nurses Identified Table II: Nurses' Profiles In Memoriam: Civil War Nurses
Project Pages: Main Project Page Research Resources Project & Nurse ImagesĀ 
Coming Soon! Project Guidelines Workflow & Instructions Profile Tips & Tricks
Trilogy Pages Introduction: Women in the Civil War Part Two: Women Spies Part Three: Women Soldiers

Project Overview

This Table of Pages represents the project's organization with page links, and briefly describes the pages' contents, purposes, and goals in this project.
United States Civil War Nurses Project - Pages
Page Subject Page Link Description Purpose & Goals
Introduction A Trilogy: Women in the Civil War Introduction to the topic: Women in the United States Civil War Part One: Civil War Nurses;
Part Two: Women Spies in the Civil War;
Part Three: Women Soldiers
Project Page A Trilogy Part One: United States Civil War Nurses This page. Project overview with Table of Pages, design and goals; project tasks; and how WikiTree members can get involved.
Resources United States Civil War Nurses: Research Resources media, websites & articles, books and other clues and hints to identify, source and narrate nurses lives. links to resources, media and research tips; build library
Table I: Identify Nurses United States Civil War Nurses Civil War Nurse History;
Resources Link;
Meet & Greet Civil War Nurses - Table I
Brief history explains nursing in this era, links the resource page, and Table I: Civil War Nurses - nurses identified and research; new nurses added here.
Table II: WikiTree Profiles & Checklist United States Civil War Nurses Profiles Table II: Civil War Nurses Profiles WikiTree nurse profiles are linked with a checklist for bio-building and other WikiTree standards - sources, categories and connection to the global tree; FS Profile, FAGM, articles and Personal/Service Information are preserved from Table I.
Table III: In Remembrance In Memoriam: United States Civil War Nurses the landing page for all nurses completed. In Memoriam: Civil War Nurses - is a virtual cemetery' on WikiTree. The profiles are listed with FindAGrave memorial, cemetery, Personal/Service Information, and photo where available, where they will be remembered always.
Project Instructions Coming soon! Work In Progress - Tips & tricks for research; profile standards; other additions WikiTree profile goals, biography, sourcing standards, and connecting; categories, stickers and badges to include
Project Photo Album United States Civil War Nurses ImagesĀ  Project images and nurses' photos for identification being the first war photographed, many sites have photos of nurses to add to the album first, and then use on profiles and In Memoriam
A Trilogy: Parts Two & Three Part Two: Women Spies in the Civil War;
Part Three Women Soldiers in the Civil War
project pages set up Introduced in A Trilogy: Women in the United States Civil War these are free-space project pages for Women Spies and Soldiers in the United States Civil War.

Project Design, Purpose & Goals

The project's design consists of pages, processes and procedures to guide WikiTree members through the workflow and instructions with the ultimate goal being to "land" all Civil War era nurses in their final resting place, where for time and eternity, (or as long as WikiTree exists), we will remember their names, recall their stories, and reflect on their beautiful portraits and exemplary lives. May they rest in glorious peace.

Do You Want to Join Us?

If you would like to help, please let us know. You can:
  • ANSWER this post, and what you would like to work on, or
  • Send a private message to a Profile Manager above with your interest, and how you want to participate.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

How to Help

Note: The Civil War Nurses Project maintains the pages listed above. The pages are green-locked only due to the complexity of and consistency needed in the nurses' tables updates.

Project Pages

  • These project "ToDos" require more advanced tables wiki markup skills.
  • Help Maintain or Add to a Project Page
  • To work on any page in this table, send a private message to a Profile Manager above.

Project Tasks

  • The following are tasks focusing on Civil War nurses:
Research & Identify Nurses
  • If you are a research whiz and enjoy working on the internet, in a library, or reading books and entering data, you may do so to grow resources, or identify more nurses. The more the merrier, and there are a lot to go around! The goals are to:
Build the Research Resources Library
Many websites, genealogical societies, religious orders history, etc., maintain lists of those who were Civil War nurses. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to add these linked sites to this page: Civil War Nurses: Research Resources. You can leave a comment on the Resources page expressing your interest and ideas.
Find All Who Served
While some nurses who served in the US Civil War are famous for their service or other reasons, or kept diaries later published, many did not, and records are scarce. Using the Resources Library or internet, we want to find as many of the 2,000 - 6,000 women as possible. These nurses, male or female, will expand Table I: Civil War Nurses: Identification to accomplish the project's next goal:

Create WikiTree Profiles

  • From Table I, pick a nurse, a nurses alpha table (arranged by each letter), nurses in a location, or a sisterhood, and create WikiTree profiles. Achieve this goal for the nurses by creating exemplary WikiTree profiles that are exemplary and reflect the WikiTree style and guidelines outlined here.
  • Adopt or collaborate with the Profile Manager of a nurse here.
Exemplary Project Profiles
The project profile example is: Mother Mary Ann Bickerdyke, created by Jamie Ball, and enhanced with a photo of a bronze statue in her honor erected in Galesburg, Illinois taken by this project's original creator, Warren Kuntz.
  • All nurses remembered In Memoriam have stellar profiles.
  • Project Guidelines coming soon!

Add Your Civil War Nurse Ancestor

Multi-Project Collaboration: Specialists Needed

Working from Table II, badged members in other projects are welcome to lend your expertise:
  • Bio-Builders - help improve biographies
  • Categorists - add categories
  • Connectors - join the nurses through their families or ancestors to WikiTree's global tree
  • Profile Improvement - use the project's guidelines for profile clean-up
  • Data Doctors - resolve any suggestions on nurse's profiles

Your Interests

  • Maybe you have your own idea; we'd love to hear it!
  • ANSWER the join post, OR
  • Send a private message to a Profile Manager above.

Project Participants

This is a list of WikiTree members enjoying their participation in this project:

Project Organizers

  • Warren Kuntz - Project Creator Emeritus- started this project with a spreadsheet of 300 nurses and a list of research sites on the internet.
  • Sheryl Moore - Project Manager - created and maintains nurses' tables and project pages; organizing and creating workflow and instructions
  • Gail Martin - Research and Quality Assurance/Communication Lead - scoured the nurses identified and crawled through the internet verifying and finding new resources and nurses; receives, reviews messages and distributes responses.

Project Members

  • 12 April 2021 Nan Starjak - indentifying additional nurses with her subscription.
  • 17 April 2021 Susan Hughes - updating and researching sources for nurses' profiles .
  • 5 Jan 2023 Sue LaVoie Creating profiles for identified nurses; adding new nurses and images.
May we add your name here?

Project Progress

The Total count on the table below represents all those nurses identified. The Profile and In Memoriam counts come out of the total; the number of identified nurses are ready for WikiTree profiles.
  • As the project membership grows, the Project will also maintain a nurse statistics progress table, and update at least monthly. On the 160th Anniversary of the beginning of the United States War Between the States, here is our starting point:
United States Civil War Nurses Project Progress
Date Total - Named Nurses Table I - Civil War Nurses Identified Table II Civil War Nurses Profiles In Memoriam: Civil War Nurses
12 April 2021 718 633 Identified 87 WikiTree Profiles 8 Nurses Memorialized
26 June 2021 876 731 Identified 126 WikiTree Profiles 19 Nurses Memorialized
11 July 2021 ** 870 689 Identified 162 WikiTree Profiles 19 Nurses Memorialized
08 August 2021 ** 917 712 Identified 169 WikiTree Profiles 22 Nurses Memorialized

** Total decreased due to removing duplicates.

Related Projects

A Trilogy: Women in the Civil War: Parts Two and Three

On WikiTree, it is effortless and easy to go down a rabbit hole, and in extreme cases, a rabbit quarry. Through the initial research for nurses, we discovered a myriad of websites about women, who were not nurses, but impassioned to participate in the Civil War for their side's success, and helping those subject to the cause of the war to freedom.
These women (exclusively - not including men) also deserve to be located, profiled and honored in WikiTree. Two free space page projects are in development:
  1. A Trilogy: Part Two: Women Spies in the United States Civil War]] is introduced here, and the project is on this page.
  2. A Trilogy: Part Three: Women Soldiers in the United States Civil War, introduced here. The project page is this page.
  • If either of these topics calls to you, we could use your assistance. Review the first comment on either page to participate.

Do You Have a Project Idea, Question, or Comment?

You can leave a comment on this page with any project-related issues or ideas. You can also ask in G2G using the tag: Civil War Nurses. or COMMENT on this post.

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Hi Sheryl,

I'd like to begin my participation in the Nurses project by creating profiles of those nurses who don't yet have one. I'll likely branch out to other tasks as I proceed. sue

posted by Sue (Farrell) LaVoie
Thank you, Sue, and welcome. I will email you with some notes to get started


posted by Sheryl Moore