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St. Joseph's Church Records

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: 1758 [unknown]
Location: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniamap
Surnames/tags: Acadian_Exiles Acadians Great_Upheaval
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Church Records

  • St. Joseph’s Church, Philadelphia [1][2]
  • Sep 27 - Troy, Daniel and Patrick (twins), of Paul Troy and Marie le Blanc [3]
  • White, Charles and Francis (twins), of Chas. and Jane White, born February 9, baptized February 23, sponsors Francis and Barbara Sener. [4]
  • Waas, Anthony Ignatius, of the same parents, born November 9, 1758, baptized April 17, sponsors Anthony and Anna Mary (P.) Gabriel. [5]
  • Hugh, Henry, of Patrick and Thamar [Hannah ?]; Hugh, born April 5, baptized May 6, sponsors Bernard Martin and Catharine Duken (?), at Concord (Del. Co., Pa.). [6]
  • [Charlie (?)], Mary Barbara, of Joseph and Barbara (Charlie?), born August 14, baptized August 15, Sponsors Humbert and Barbara Benoit. [7]
  • LeBlanc, Mary, of Henry and Mary LeBlanc, born 8 Sep, baptized 30 Sep, sponsors Michael Little and Mary Hefferman. [8]
  • Spiess, Anthony, of Wolfgang and Anna Catharine Spiess, born ___, baptized November 21, sponsor Margaret LeBlanc. [9]
  • Martin, Anne, of Anthony and Anna (P.), Martin born November 3, baptized November 3, sponsors Emmanuel Fero and Joanna Welsh. [10]
  • Landry, Josephine Mary, of Peter and Anna Landry, born November 26, baptized November 27, sponsors Oliver and Mary Josephine O'Kain.[11]
  • ? White, Elizabeth, of James and Anna White, born February 10, baptized February 15, sponsors Dudley Dougherty and Deborah Doyle.[12]
  • Babin, Margaret Pelagia, of Zachary and Margaret Babin, born February 19, baptized February 20, sponsors John Babin and Pelagia Galerm.[13]
  • Bony, John Baptist, of Joseph and Mary Bony, born February 19, baptized March 1, sponsors Peter Landry and Josephine Bourg.[14]
  • ? Martin, Elizabeth, of John Martin and Margaret Haider, born February 8, baptized March 11, sponsors Adam Geiger and Catharine Jacobi, ibid.[15]
  • Landron, John Charles, of Jean and Blanche Landron, baptized March 25, sponsors John Barbin and Isabella Godrot; baptized privately, ceremonies supplied. [16]
  • Foret John Baptist, of Ferdinand and Margaret Foret, born October 20, 1755, baptized May 12, sponsors -? Babin and Mary M.?, ceremonies supplied.[17]
  • Baudoin, James, of Alexander and Mary Josephine Baudoin, born May 28, baptized June 2, sponsors James Alexander Finnet and Mary Bourg. [18]
  • Welsh, Peter, of Peter Welsh and Margaret Roadge, born Nov. 7, 1759, baptized July 12, sponsors Eustace Daniel and Euphrosyne Daigle.[19]
  • Guet, Simon Joseph, of Simon Joseph and Magdalen Guet, born September 8, baptized September 10, sponsors Peter Gigitry and Mary Melanson, ibid. [20]
  • Boirg, Anna, of John and Magdalen Boirg, born October 28, baptized October 28, sponsors Joseph de Bautan and Mary Galerm. [21]
  • Bourg, Judith, of Paul Bourg-948 and Judith Hebert-4508 Bourg, born November 8, baptized November 26, sponsors Peter Landry and Anna Bourg.[22]
      • Paul and wife Judith were exiled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1755. Their daughter Judith was born 8 Nov 1761 and baptized at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia on 26 Nov 1761. [23]
  • Bichau, John Baptist, of Paul and Mary Bichau, born , baptized Feb. 1, sponsors Gregory Chenne and Magdalen Chenne, ceremonies supplied. [24]
  • Bosran, Miriam Modesta, of John and Anna Bosran, born Nov. 25, 1761, baptized March 3, sponsors Anthony Baudard and Margaret Doiron ; baptized conditionally.[25]
  • Landry, Miriam Margaret, of Peter and Josephine Landry, born , baptized March 13, sponsors Peter O'Kain and Margaret Landry; baptized conditionally. [26]
  • Armstrong, William, of John and Mary Armstrong, born March 28, baptized April 13, sponsors Baudon and Mary Benoit. [27]
  • O'Kain, Mary, of Oliver and Mary O'Kain, born May 3, baptized May 4, sponsors Oliver de Cotau and Magdalen le Prince. [28]
  • Ford, John Peter, of John Stanislaus and Anna Ford, born May 18, baptized May 18, sponsors Peter Ford and Margaret Babin. [29]
  • Hiner, John William, of Peter and Mary Josephine Hiner, born June 1, baptized June i, sponsors John le Prince and Magdalen Caporon. [30]
  • Le Blanc, John Charles, of Charles and Anna le Blanc, born June 21, baptized June 21, sponsors Alexander le Prince and Magdalen Gliche. [31]
  • Butin, Susan Catharine, of Paul and Ursula Butin, born December 17, 1761, baptized June 24, sponsors Peter Dietry and Christina Geiger, ibid. [32]
  • D'Aigle, Joseph, of Alline and Euphrosyne D'Aigle, born May 22, baptized June 27, sponsors Joseph and Judith de Champs. [33]
  • Blanchart, Mary Margaret, of Oliver and Euphrosyne Blanchart, born August 9, baptized August 11, sponsors Daniel and Mary le Blanc. [34]
  • Doiron, Joseph, of Paul and Mary Doiron, born September 20, baptized September 20, sponsors Paul Blanchard and Josephine Bourg.[35]
  • Babin, Joseph Michael, of Zachary and Margaret Babin, born September 29, baptized September 30, sponsors Peter Babin and Pelagia Galerm. [36]
  • Daniel, Margaret, of Eustace and Margaret Daniel, born October 18, baptized October 22, sponsors Paul Bourg and Anna Bosron. [37]
  • Gliche, Louis Joseph, of Louis and Magdalen Gliche, born October 26, baptized conditionally, October 26, sponsors Simon O'Kain and Anna le Blanc. [38]
  • Martin, Peter Firmian, of Peter and Frances Martin, born November 10, baptized November 10, sponsors Joseph Dieri [?] and Mary Martin. [39]
  • ? Martin, Anthony, of Anthony and Anna (P.) Martin, born November 12, baptized November 14, sponsors Mathew Power and Margaret Brazil. [40]
  • Babin, Mary Margaret, of Charles and Frances Babin, born January 9, baptized January 9, sponsors Peter Vincent and Margaret Babin.[41]
  • O'Kain, Peter, of Oliver and Anna O'Kain, born January 21, baptized January 21, sponsors Francis Savoy and [Ogithea ?] Dupries. [42]
  • Savoy, Mary Margaret, of Francis and Margaret Savoy, born February 16, baptized February 16, sponsors Joseph Debotan and Anastatia Leblanc. [43]
  • Vincent, Margaret, of Joseph and Genevieve Vincent, born February 3, baptized February 3, sponsors Peter Vincent and Mary Magdalen Babin. [44]
  • Vincent, Joseph, of the same parents, born , baptized February 3, sponsors Marin Leblanc and Margaret la Vache. [45]
  • Leblanc, Mary, of Henry and Mary Leblanc, born January 29, baptized February 25, sponsors Nicholas Bernard and Catharine Swan. [46]
  • [Glontia?],Mary Margaret, of Louis and Mary Magdalen [Glontia?], born March 7, baptized March 7, sponsors Oliver O'Kain and Mary Josephine Dupries. [47]
  • ? Pierie, Mary, of John and Mary Pierie, born December 23, 1741, baptized April 2, sponsor Christina Mullabi. [48]
  • ? White, Catharine, adult, baptized April 21. [49]
  • Bosran, John Baptist, of John and Anna Bosran, born April 17, baptized conditionally April 24, sponsors John Baptist Sinere and Anne Vincent. [50]
  • Siran, Josephine Mary, of Peter and Mary Siran, born August 26, baptized August 26, sponsors Joseph Leblanc and Mary Magdalen Babin. [51]
  • ?Bodoin, Catharine, of Firmian and Elizabeth Bodoin, born September 13, baptized September 17, sponsors Stephen and Catharine Schwerber, in the vicinity of Philadelphia. [52]
  • [Mir?], Anna Mary, of John Baptist and Magdalen [Mir?], born September 18, baptized September 18, sponsors Francis Mouton and Anna Savoy. [53]
  • Landry, Peter Matthew, of Peter and Anne Landry, born September 21, baptized September 22, sponsors John Broc and Margaret la Vache. [54]
  • ______, Joseph Simon, of Alexis and Catharine , born October 28, baptized October 29, sponsors Susanna Debotan and Mary Babin. [55]
  • Babin, Joseph, of Simon and Anastatia Babin, born Nov. 6, baptized Nov. 6, sponsors Joseph Babin and Mary Leblanc.[56]
  • Jones, Ruth, adult, baptized Dec. 2, sponsor Catharine Lemy. [57]
  • Leblanc, John Baptist, of Daniel and Margaret Leblanc, born Dec. 9, baptized Dec. 10, sponsors Joseph Leblanc and Mary Babin. [58]
  • Mullabi, Francis Xavier, of Thomas and Christina Mullabi, born Dec. 10, baptized Dec. 29, sponsor Anna White. [59]
  • Mignon, John Charles, of Charles and Anastatia Mignon, born December 25, 1763, baptized conditionally January i, sponsors Francis and Mary Galerm. [60]
  • Burgeois, Joseph, of Claude and Catharine Burgeois [Bourgeois?], born December 13, 1763, baptized January 8, witnesses John and Magdalen Boutoux. [61]
  • Le Blanc, Mary Genevieve, of Marin and Isabella le Blanc, born February 22, baptized conditionally February 26, sponsors Charles leBlanc and Genevieve Vincent. [62]
  • Landry, Anna, of Peter and Anna Landry, born March 9, baptized March 9, sponsors Paul Doiron and Mary Josephine Bourg.[63]
  • O'Kain, Mary Magdalen, of Simon and Isabella O'Kain, born March 26, baptized March 27, sponsors Peter Fore and Mary Landry. [64]
  • Landry, Joseph, of Peter and Josephine Landry, born May 3, baptized May 3, sponsors Peter Landry, Sr., and Margaret Savron.[65]
  • Budan, Paul, of Paul and Ursula Budan, born December 26, 1763, baptized June 6, sponsors Peter Oliver Budan and Magdalen Quietry, in New Jersey. [66]
  • Lebaune, Joseph, of Joseph and Mary Lebaune, born May 27, baptized July 16, sponsors Catharine [Boudro?] for Anastatia le Blanc; had been privately baptized. [67]
  • Forest, Mary Modesta, of Peter and Margaret Forest, born September 4, baptized September 5, sponsors Simon O'Kain and Anna Landry. [68]
  • Boudrot, of Peter Vincent and Catharine Boudrot, born October 22, baptized October 23, sponsors Francis Cire and Margaret la Vache. [69]
  • Babin, Mary Margaret, of Peter Vincent and Mary Magdalen Babin, born April 15, baptized conditionally April 16, sponsors Charles le Blanc and Mary Josephine Babin ; had been baptized privately, ceremonies supplied. [70]
  • Borson, Peter, of Joseph and Anna Borson, born July 18, baptized July 18, sponsors Oliver Debotan, Jr., and Anna Bourg. [71]
  • Leblanc, John, of Henry and Mary Leblanc, born July 27, baptized July 30, sponsor Mary Frances [Esconveman?], Jacob Gilotan witness. [72]
  • Blanchart, Paul, of Paul and Cecilia Blanchart, born October 7, baptized October 7, sponsors Oliver Blanchart and Magdalen Dibotan. [73]
  • Landry, Mary Modesta, of Peter and Josephine Landry, born January 19, baptized January 20, sponsors Peter Savoy and Mary Martin. [74]
  • Bodouin, James, of Firmian and Elizabeth Bodouin, born February 21, baptized February 23, sponsor Jacob Lion, Dorothy (his wife) witness. [75]
  • Burgois, Margaret Rosa, of Claude and Catharine Burgois [Bourgeois?], born February 9, baptized February 23, sponsors Joseph and Margaret Ribau. [76]
  • Eustace, Mary Josephine, of Daniel Eustace and Margaret Doiron, born April 3, baptized April 4, sponsors Joseph Ribau and Genevieve Boudrot. [77]
  • White, Mary Magdalen, of Dennis and Catharine White, born August 13, baptized August 31, sponsors Cormick [Macatea ?] and Mary Miller, ibid. [78]
  • Bodart, William, of Anton and Barbara Bodart, born September 20, baptized September 21, sponsors William Dorff and Anna Siere. [79]
  • Leblanc, Mary Magdalen, of Daniel and Margaret Leblanc, born October 8, baptized October 8, sponsors Anthony Landry and Barbara Leblanc. [80]
  • Dugan, Catharine, of John and Mary Dugan, born July 13, baptized August 25, sponsors Richard Garrety and Catharine Lemy. [81]
  • Burgeois, Mary Magdalen and Mary Eva (twins), of Claude and Catherine Burgeois, born January 18, baptized January 19, sponsors George and Mary Magdalen Lechler for Mary Magdalen, Peter Heffner and Eva Lechler for Mary Eva. [82]
  • Vincent, Cecilia, of Peter and Genevieve Vincent, born May 26, baptized May 26, sponsors Eustace Daniel and Anna Cierene (?) Vincent. [83]
  • Mignot, Francis, of Daniel and Mary Mignot, born November 6, baptized December 17, sponsor Francis Vollin. [84]
  • Aigan [Egan?], Mary, of John and Margaret Aigan [Egan?], born December 11, 1769, baptized January i, sponsors Nicholas Bernard and Mary Gatringer. [85]
  • Leblanc, Susanna, of Henry and Mary Leblanc, born December 10, 1769, baptized January 14, sponsors John Lehy and Anna Leblanc.[86]
  • Babin, John Baptist, of Simon and Anna (Trahan) Babin, born February 6, baptized conditionally, February 8, sponsors Francis Vallin and Margaret Trahan. [87]
  • Leblanc, Isabel Josephine, of Daniel and Margaret (Babin) Leblanc, born March 11, baptized March u, sponsors Charles Leblanc and Josephine Deroit. [88]
  • Dartoit, Anna, of Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit, born May 18, baptized May 20, sponsors Peter Savoy, Jr., and Anna Brau, by the same. [89]
  • Mignot, Mary Josephine, of Charles and Pelagia (Galerm) Mignot, born July 3, baptized July 3, sponsors Bonaventure Dartoit and Anna O'Kain (Kandry). [90]
  • Landry, Margaret, of Anthony Landry and Barbara Leblanc, born October 29, baptized October 29, sponsors Charles Braw and Margaret Bijan. [91]
  • Forest, Robert, of James and Margaret Forest, born October 25, baptized November 11, sponsors Michael Green and Margaret Veal. [92]
  • Laride, Anna Margaret, of John and Anna Laride, born January i, baptized January i, sponsors Madalino Lequeal (?) and Mary Vincent. [93]
  • Mannota, Bonaventure, of Ferdinand and Catharine Mannota, born January 25, baptized March 11, sponsors Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit. [94]
  • Trahan, Mary Margaret, of Charles and Agnes Trahan, born May 30, baptized May 31, sponsors Joseph Trahan and Anna Bijan. [95]
  • Babin, Anna Margaret, of Simon and Anna (Trahan) Babin, born July 6, baptized July 6, sponsors Patrick O'Kain and Margaret Bourg. [96]
  • Arachar, Mary Anna, of Louis and Mary Ann (Medec) Arachar, born July 23, baptized July 24, sponsors John Baptist Hubert la Croix and Anna Blanchard. [97]
  • Roderigo, Emmanuel Joseph, of and Joseph Roderigo, 4 years old, baptized August 26, sponsors Emmanuel and Mary Magdalen Ohms. [98]
  • Hercule, John Lewis, of Francis and Pelagia (Douret) Hercule, born September 20, baptized September 20, sponsors Amandus Douret and Catharine Boudrot, by Rev. Robert Harding. [99]
  • Devenach, Elizabeth, of Joseph and Magdalen (Galerm) Devenach, born January 12, baptized January 12, sponsors Charles Vignot and Venanda Dartoit. [100]
  • Champain, Mary Josephine, of Stephen and Mary (Benoit) Champain, born February 20, baptized February 21, sponsors Joseph Ribauand Catharine Boudrot. [101]
  • Laviole, Anna, of John and Anna Laviole, born March 21, baptized March 22, sponsors Joseph O'Kain and Margaret Bourg. [102]
  • Landry, Elizabeth, of Joseph and Sarah Landry, born March 17, baptized March 22, sponsors Charles and Mary Bowman. [103]
  • Dartoit, Bonaventure and Christopher (twins), of Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit, born June 11, baptized June n, sponsors Christopher Schultz, Antonia Swaine and Barbara Schultz.
  • Savoy, Mary Margaret, of Peter and Mary (Lequeul) Savoy, born June 24, baptized conditionally June 25, sponsors James Forester and Margaret Lequeul. [104]
  • Babin, Isabella Josephine, of Simon and Anna (Trahan) Babin, born July 13, baptized July 14, sponsors John Baptist O'Kain and Josephine Daroit. [105]
  • Mignot, Elizabeth, of Charles and Pelagia (Galerm) Mignot, born October 8, baptized October 8, sponsors Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit. [106]
  • Savoy, Anna Josephine, of Peter and Mary Savoy, born July 9, baptized July 9, sponsors John Gatringer and Margaret Josephine Blanchard. [107]
  • Lynch, Thomas, of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Lynch, born November 12,baptized November 21, sponsors John Hanley and Margaret Trahan. [108]
  • La Riole, Catharine, ofJohn and Anna la Riole, born February 25, baptized conditionally February 27, sponsors Dennis and Catharine Casey. [109]
  • Boudrot, Mary Ann, of Michael and Anna Boudrot, born February 27, baptized March 13, sponsors John Hany and Margaret Josephine Blanchart. [110]
  • Lequeul, Aloysius, of Francis Lequeul and Pelagia Douzet, born June 21, baptized June 21, sponsors the minister and Margaret Leblanc. [111]
  • Savoy, John Peter, of Peter Savoy and Mary Lequeul, born August 1, baptized August 2, sponsors John Lequeul and Josephine Brasan. [112]
  • Hueberk, Venanda, of Cassian and Anna Mary Hueberk, born September 21, baptized October 2, sponsors Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit. [113]
  • Landry, John Baptist, of Anthony and Barbara Landry, born October 3, 1773, baptized November 3, sponsors Joseph and Margaret leBlanc. [114]
  • Champain, Charles, of Stephen Champain and Mary Benoit, born November 27, baptized December 4, sponsors Charles Berget and Margaret Benoit. [115]
  • Murray, Mary, of Peter and Joanna Murray, born December 3, baptized December 11, sponsor Patrick Landry, Mary Landry witness. [116]
  • Lindaus, John, of Michael Lindaus and Eleanor McGued [McQuaid ? ], born January 14, baptized December 15, sponsor Catharine Boudrot. [117]
  • Durenac, Josephine Magdalen, of Joseph and Magdalen Durenac, born February 22, baptized February 25, sponsors Charles Leblanc and Osithea [?] Brassan. [118]
  • Mignot, Mary Josephine, of Charles and Pelagia (Galerm) Mignot, born May 13, baptized May 14, sponsors John Lequeul and Josephine Daroit. [119]
  • Boudrot, Stephen, of Michael and Anna Boudrot, born January 2d, baptized

January 2d, sponsors John Aiken and Mary Vincent. [120]

  • Tissotau, John, of Leonard Nicholas and Magdalen Tissotau, sixteen years of age, baptized January 23d, sponsors Herman Carpe and Catharine Boudrot. [121]
  • Carpe, Julia, of H.ennan Carpe and Margaret Lebeauve, born January 29th, baptized January 30th, sponsors Jacques Clement Hierce and Margaret LeBlanc. [122]
  • Raubin, Charlotta, of John and Anna Raubin, born January 30th, baptized January 30th, sponsors Anthony Toussaint and Magdalen Vincent. [123]
  • Bonaventure, Francis, born October, 1775, baptized February 3d, sponsors Bonaventure and Venanda Dartoit. [124]
  • Ryan, John, of Michael and Elizabeth Ryan, born February 17th, 1771, baptized March 1st, sponsor Simon Leblanc. [125]
  • Ryan, Mary, same parents, born October 17th, 1772, baptized March 1st sponsor Catharine Boudrot. [126]
  • Ryan, Alice, same parents, born March 19th, 1774, baptized March 1st, sponsor Catharine Boudrot. [127]
  • Landry, Mary, of Anthony and Barbara (Leblanc) Landry, born January 24th, baptized March 19th, sponsors Simon Leblanc and Margaret Bourg. [128]

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