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Acadian First Families

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Date: 1604 to 1763
Location: Acadie, Nouvelle-Francemap
Surname/tag: Acadian
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Acadian First Families

These people are the first members of their family to live and establish their family in Acadie. Most are the Patriarch or Matriarch of their family. Many were born in France and some were born in Acadie. This list covers families started as early as 1604 and through 1763, the end of the Acadian project period.


Cindy Bourque Cooper
Gisele Cormier
Jackie Girouard

Acadian First Families' Highlights

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Acadian First Family' Highlights
Jean Vincent d'Abbadie & Marie-Mathilde m. c1670 French Baron weds indigeneous woman and later her sister, Founder of Castine Maine, mtDNA
Louis Allain & Marguerite Bourg m. c1690 Mill Contractor, Entrepreuneur, Allain River NS, mtDNA
François Amireau & Marie Pitre m. c1683 Pioneer, Amireau Street & School, Dieppe, NB, yDNA, mtDNA
Nicholas Angot & Anne Galais m. 1743Isle Saint Jean, deported, descendants in France, Newfoundland and Miquelon
Pierre Arseneau & Marguerite Dugas& Marie Guérin Pioneer, Coastal Pilot, Co-Found Beaubassin, Prolific, yDNA, mtDNA
Martin Aucoin & Marie Gaudet m. c1673 Pioneer, Settle in Beaubassin & Minas Basin, mtDNA
Antoine Babin & Marie Mercier m. c1662 Pioneer, Settle in Port Royal by 1671, mtDNA
Nicolas Babineau & Marguerite Granger m. c1687 Pioneer, Fur trader, Fisherman, Witness siege Port Royal, mtDNA
Nicolas Barrieau & Martine Hébert m. c1682 First Barrieau in North America, possibly arrived 1671, many auDNA testers
Jean Bastarache & Huguette Vincent m. c1684 Pioneer from Basque, Arrive before 1684, Witness ++ sieges Port Royal, mtDNA
Antoine Belliveau & Marie Andrée Guyon m. c1651 Pioneer, Arrive before 1650, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
Martin Benoit & Marie Chaussegros m. c1672 Pioneer of this family, Arrive before 1678
Barthélemy Bergeron & Geneviève Serraut m. c1695Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Bergeron Family
René Bernard & Madeleine Doucet m. c1689 Settle in Beaubassin, Witness Beaubassin raids, mtDNA
Jean Blanchard & Radegonde Lambert m. c1642 Pioneer, mtDNA clarifies Radegonde’s ethnic origin
Jacques Blou & Marie Girouard m. c1669
Raymond Bordages & Esther LeBlanc m. c1755 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Bordages Family, ytDNA
Joseph Boucher & Marguerite Roy & Isabelle Martin m. c1769 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Boucher Family, Settle Saint John River and Cocagne, yDNA
Michel Boudrot & Michelle Aucoin m. c1641 Pioneer, Prolific, Lieutenant General, mtDNA
Antoine Bourg & Antoinette Landry m. c1642 Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, Women’s pioneer life, mtDNA
Jacques Bourgeois & Jeanne Trahan m. c1643 Pioneer, Surgeon, Founder of Beaubassin, mtDNA
Mathieu Brasseur dit La Citardy & Jeanne Celestin dite Bellemere m. c1702
Vincent Breau & Marie Bourg m. c1661 Pioneer arrives c1661, Settle in Port Royal, mtDNA
François Broussard & Catherine Richard m. c1678 Pioneer, Collaborate on settling Chipoudy, mtDNA
Vincent Brun & Marie Renée Breau m. c1644 Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture of Port-Royal. mtDNA
Alain Bugeaud & Elisabeth Melanson m 1693Surgeon and Notary
Roger dit Jean Cassie & Marie Françoise Poirier m. c1668 Pioneer, Irish, Early settler of Beaubassin, mtDNA
Guyon Chiasson & Jeanne Bernard m. c1666 Pioneer in Mouchecoudabouet & Beaubassin, mtDNA
Julien Collet & Rosalie Thériault m. c1775 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Collet Family
Pierre Comeau & Rose Bayon m. c1649 Pioneer, Skilled Cooper, yDNA, mtDNA
Robert Cormier & Marie Péraud m. c1635 Pioneer, Prolific, Master Ship Carpenter, yDNA
Thomas Cormier & Marie Madeleine Girouard m. c1668 Pioneer
Jean Corporon & Francoise Savoie m 1668Pioneer, Patriarch of Corporon family
Pierre Cyr & Marie Bourgeois m. c1670 Pioneer, Gunsmith, Settle in Port Royal, mtDNA
Olivier Daigre (Daigle) & Marie Gaudet m. c1666 Pioneer settle in Port Royal. Dies young, yDNA, mtDNA
Louis D'Amours & Marguerite Guyon m. 1686 2 orphaned sisters marry 2 noble brothers
Mathieu D'Amour & Louise Guyon m. 1686 2 orphaned sisters marry 2 noble brothers, Louise inspires historical romance novel
Jean Doiron & Marie-Anne Canol & Marie Trahan Pioneer, Lives in Port Royal, Minas Basin, Pisiguit, mtDNA
Germain Doucet & Unknown Spouse m. c1620 Sieur, 1654 Port-Royal surrender, Prolific, yDNA, mtDNA
Abraham Dugas & Marguerite Doucet m.1647 Lieutenant-General, King’s Armourer, mtDNA
Michel Dupuis & Marie Gautrot m. c1664 Pioneer, Settle in Port Royal, Witness 1690 Port Royal raid, yDNA, mtDNA
Michel Forest & Marie Hébert & Jacqueline Benoit Pioneer, Settle in Port Royal, yDNA, mtDNA
Jean Gaudet & Unknown & Nicole Colleson m. c1652 Pioneer, ‘Abraham of Acadia', yDNA, mtDNA
François Gautrot & Marie Unknown & Edmée (Aimee) Lejeune m. c1644 Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
Jacques-Roch Gauvin & Marie Guay Castonguay m. 1752 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Gauvin Family Southeast New Brunswick
Charles Gauvin & Marthe Bélanger m. 1749 & Françoise Dubé m. 1751 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Gauvin Family Northeast New Brunswick
François Gionet & m1. Marie Le Vicaire m. c1762 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Gionet Family, Marie's Grandmother was Amerindian
François Girouard & Jeanne Aucoin m. c1647 Pioneer, Witnessed 1654 Port Royal capture, mtDNA
Joseph Goguen& Anne Arsenault/Marie Caissie/Anne Surette Interpreter, translator, merchant, 1755 flight to PEI, Miramachi, Imprisoned, Early settler Cogagne NB, mtDNA
Michel Haché called Gallant & Anne Cormier m. c1690 Pioneer, Prolific, 1st Acadian settlers (PEI), mtDNA
Antoine Hébert & Genevieve Lefranc m. c1648 Pioneer brothers arrive before 1671, yDNA, mtDNA
Etienne Hébert & Marie Gaudet m. c1650 Pioneer brothers arrive before 1671, yDNA, mtDNA
René Landry the elder & Perinne Bourg m.c1645 Pioneer, Prolific, mtDNA
René Landry the younger & Marie Bernard m.c1659 René younger on Peacekeeping Council, mtDNA
Daniel LeBlanc & Françoise Gaudet m. c1650 Pioneer, Prolific, Peacemaker, mtDNA
Jacques Léger dit La Rosette & Madeleine Trahan m. b1693 Pioneer, Soldier Troupes des Marine, yDNA, mtDNA
Jacques Maillet & Madeleine Hébert m. 1720 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Maillet Family, mtDNA
Pierre Martin & Catherine Vigneau m. c1630 Pioneer, Arrives 1636 on ship Saint Jehan, mtDNA
Barnabé Martin & Jeanne Pelletret m. c1666 Pioneer, Arrives before 1666, Settle in Port Royal, mtDNA
Pierre Laverdure dit Melanson & Priscilla m. c1631 Sieur, French Protestant, Married in England
Phillipe Mius d’Entremont & Madeleine Hélie m. c1649 Sieur, King’s Attorney, Founder Pubnico. mtDNA
Pierre Morin & Marie-Madeleine Martin m. c1661 Whole clan (19) banished from Beaubassin, mtDNA
François Pellerin & Andrée Martin m. c1665 Pioneer, on 1671 census
Simon Pelletret & Perinne Bourg m. c1640 Obtains one of the first grants at Port Royal, mtDNA
Claude Petitpas & Catherine Bugaret m. c1658 Royal Notary and Clerk of the Court, Amerindian daughter-in-law, mtDNA
Isaac Pesseley & Barbe Bajolet m c1629 Pioneer, Arrives 1636 on Saint Jehan, mtDNA
____ Pinet & Anne Marie m c1653 Amerindian Mother of Acadia, mtDNA
Jean Pitre & Marie Pesseley m. c1665 Pioneer, Edge-toolmaker, Debate re origins, mtDNA
Jean Poirier & Jeanne Cherbrat m. c1647 Sailor, Arrives 1647, Prolific, mtDNA
Michel Poirier dit de France & Marie Chiasson m. c1692 Michel was a nephew of Jean; Witness Beaubassin raids, mtDNA
Jean Pothier & Anne Poirier & Marie-Madeleine Chiasson Pioneer: Beaubassin, Isle-St-Jean (PEI), Anne's mtDNA, Marie-Madeleine deported France
Jean Prejean & Andree Marguerite Savoie m. c1683 Pioneer, Arrives after 1671, Settles in Port Royal, mtDNA
Michel Richard & Madeleine Blanchard & Jeanne Babin m. 1687 Soldier, Witness 1654 Capture of Port Royal; Prolific, mtDNA
Étienne Rivet & Marie Anne Comeau & Catherine & Cecile JosephPioneers of the Rivet family
Etienne Robichaud & Françoise Boudrot m. c1663 Pioneer, Arrives before 1663, Prolific, mtDNA
Jean Roy & Marie Christine Aubois m. c1686 Pioneer, Amerindian Mother of Acadia, mtDNA
Louis Saulnier & Louise Bastineau m. c1684 Pioneer, Sailor, Settle Grand Pré
François Savoie & Catherine Lejeune m. c1651 Pioneer, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
Andre Jacques Simon dit Boucher & Marie Martin m. c1688 He was a butcher. He first appears in Acadie on the census of 1693 in Port-Royal as "Jacques Le Boucher" age 30 years. yDNA
Pierre Surette & Jeanne Pellerin m. c1709 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Surette Family, mtDNA
Pierre Thébaut & Jeanne Comeau m. 1703 Pioneer, mtDNA, Daughter:triplets 3 sets twins. Son-in-law: Poem Evangeline
Jean Thériot & Perinne Rau m. c1636 Pioneer, Perinne’s mtDNA, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal
Pierre Thibodeau & Jeanne Thériot m. c1660 Miller, Founder of Chipoudy, mtDNA
Guillaume Trahan & Françoise Corbineau & Madeleine Brun Pioneer, Arrives 1636 on Saint Jehan, Witness 1654 capture Port Royal, mtDNA
U & V
Robert Heuze (abt.1704-) aka Use & Francoise Gatinant (abt.1704-) m 1724First record of this family, Isle Saint Jean
Joachim-Pierre Vautour & Marie-Josèph Vivier m. 1752 Patriarch/Matriarch Acadian Vautour Family, Settle in Chignecto
Pierre Vincent & Anne Gaudet (abt.1646-bef.1678) m. c1663 Pioneer, Arrival on 1654 with LeBorgne, on the first census

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Ignace and Robert Use or Heuze
posted by Mike Cantin
New profiles made for Robert Heuze and his wife, parents of Ignace. Since they were married in Isle St. Jean in 1724, they were the first recorded for this family. I put his in the U section for Use, even though his own name seems to be spelled Heuze. I thought it would be easier for you to find in the U section. If you have any further information on Robert and Francoise, feel free to add it to their profiles.
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
What about Antoine Gougeon, Pierre Vincent, Julien Lord dit Lamontagne, and Nicolas Barrieau?
posted by James Lossing
Thank you for those suggestions, James. I added Pierre Vincent and Nicolas Barrieau. Antoine did not leave male progeny and therefore no Acadian Gougeon family. His daughter married into the Blanchard family so she and her progeny would be represented by Jean Blanchard on the list. Julien Lords profile has some unsourced and questioned data and he isn't a clear add at this time. If you have sources to add, please do! We would welcome more facts (see especially the research notes about him).

Are you related to any of these men? You and I are cousins through an English family member I didn't know I had! Thank you for broadening my world :)

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
My wife and son in law have the Acadian connections. My wife is Delorme-329 and she is your 7th to 11th cousin 117 times. Those four men are from my Son in low´s line. He is your 8th to 10th cousin a dozen times. His code is R-872
posted by James Lossing
Should Étienne Pellerin (abt.1647-bef.1722) be categorized here?
posted by M. Hebert
So sorry for the late reply. Some research and consultation was needed. The first Pellerin to live and establish his family in Acadie was François Pellerin (Pellerin-36). François was on the 1671 census with his wife and 3 children while Étienne, it seems, arrived in Acadie after 1671 since he does not appear in that census, and was married around 1675.
posted by Gisèle Cormier
I’m very new to the genealogy of my family and wondering if you can point me in the right direction.

My grandfather was Willard Perry son of Moses Perry(1886) and Maggie “Amiro”. Moses(1886) named his parents on their marriage record as John and Mary. There are several Moses Perry and John Perry which makes this bit difficult as a novice. They were from Tignish but even that detail leads to multiple Moses and John names. I’m enjoying the research but any advice would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

posted by Jeannette (Perry) Low
Hi, Jeannette, se the posting on your profile page for some possible ID's. If you know any of the other family members of Moses that would be most helpful. Cindy Bourque Cooper
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Billy Jr was a key organizer of the 2nd massacre of British soldiers ar Bloody Creek which is outside of Bridgetown, NS. There is a monument commemorating both battles at the site and the first hand witness account of the second massacre identified Billy Jr as the leader. His sister Mary testified at her husband's (John Davis) trial concerning Billy Jr's visit to their home in Annapolis Royal after the massacre. John was found innocent. There's so much more to say. I can provide more details should anyone wish to see it.
posted by [Living Johnson]
Hi, I'm not sure if anyone got back to you about this. Guillaume (Billy), profile is here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Johnson-89526

I put what you wrote above into the profile. It would be great to have more information with sources to add to it. Feel free to PM me or post more on his profile (not here please). Thank you. Cindy Bourque Cooper, co-leader, Acadian project

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Guillaume Johnson and family...he arrived in 1710 in Annapolis Royal and married an Acadian (Isabelle Corporon). Does this family qualify as an Acadian First Family? His son Guillaume (Billy Jr) is recorded in history as an Acadian fighter after the expulsion. Just curious as I am a fiercely proud Acadian and would love to add our family history to this Acadian site. I have also published two books on our family history as well.
posted by [Living Johnson]
Hi, Phillias, first we are glad to have a fiercely proud Acadian paying attention to family profiles. Your ancestor Guillaume is in the Acadian project because he married an Acadian and raised children in Acadie (we've done this for a few other non-french people as well). He was not an original Acadian since he was from Scotland and fought against the Acadians at Port Royal. According to his profile, he remained employed by the British through his life. Even their name Johnson was not originally french, but did become so over the years. It would be hard to make him an Acadian First Family for those reasons. However, his wife Elisabeth's father, Jean Corporon, is listed among the First Families, so you are represented there through him. When you become a WikiTree Member, you can edit profiles to add or correct information from your research. Cindy Bourque Coooper, co-leader, Acadian Project
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Thanks for your reply and info, Cindy, I really appreciate this. As a child I learned bits and pieces of our past and although I loved history, I didn't really delve into our Acadian heritage until our daughter was told she could not identify as a true Acadian by her Grade 7 teacher because her surname was Johnson. I was not happy and thus began my quest for the truth. Yes, our name is not a true Acadian name however, by marrying into the culture and through their children, we and our name became Acadian. My direct ancestor Guillaume (Billy Jr) was able to avoid the expulsion by fleeing to live among his Mi'kmaq friends in the forests of Nova Scotia where he played a large role in learning to fight the British soldiers. After I discovered all the proof I needed, I met with the teacher and presented my findings. He was surprised to learn how a Johnson had become somewhat of a hero in the Acadian struggle after 1755. I have tried to research our ancestors with as much accuracy as I could and still have struggles with some of the info I read about William Sr and his son Billy Jr. as it conflicts a little with the oral history that was handed down through the generations. It's always interesting nonetheless. Thanks again and have a great day.
posted by [Living Johnson]
Hi, Phillias, that is a great story. I'm glad you could show your Acadian roots. Also reading Billy Jr. profile, and your comments, I put a category tag on him called. I would love to find a way to highlight interesting Acadians for a broader audience. Billy would be a nice one to include if we can find a venue for it. Cindy
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Hi Phillias, I am related to you through Corporone. Jean Corporone and his wife, Francoise Savoie are my ancestors that I assume you also share. I hope you join WikiTree so I can see your tree.
posted by Fletcher Trice
Hi fletcher: Yes, our lineage has Isabelle Corporan as William (Guillaume Sr) Johnson's wife. Her parents were Jean and Francoise Corporan. I will be posting my tree but not until late August as I am awaiting a Genealogical book on my mother's side to verify my details.
posted by [Living Johnson]
Thank You! This will be an immense help. I did not know anything about these ancestors until the last couple of years.
posted by Barbara (Jackson) Wren
The creation of a modern, update-able, digitized, accessible set of Acadian listings, was obviously a huge & historically significant accomplishment.

Congratulations to the three leaders: Cindy Bourque Cooper Gisele Cormier Jackie Girouard I tip my hat to you!

posted by Cliff Augot
I don't see any other Montbéliard Emigrants in your list of Acadian first families. So I am guessing the Nova Scotia project is the best place for these German (Wurttemburg) profiles to be. Thanks! Mags
posted by Mags Gaulden
edited by Mags Gaulden
Yes, the Acadians would have been French.
posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper