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Adams and Caudle Families of North Carolina and Kentucky

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Adams and Caudle Families

This page was created to help keep straight the multiple generations of intermarriages between these two families. While many of the early Caudles (Cordell, Cawdle, Codill, Caudill, etc.) were born in Virginia, the really complicated interrelationships occur in North Carolina and many of those families moved to Kentucky, where Adams-Caudle unions continued.

Adams-Caudle Marriages

Adams-7086 (Benjamin)Adams-24570 (John)Caudill-39 (Ann)Caudill-43 (Henrietta)Caudill-513 (Benjamin)Adams-5948 (Mary)1774VALoudoun Co.
bride-diff parents
Adams-7086 (Benjamin)Adams-24570 (John)Caudill-39 (Ann)Caudill-183 (Henrietta)Caudill-48 (James)Dismukes-37 (Mary)1774VALoudoun Co.
bride-diff parents
Adams-8639 (George) Caudill-966 (Henrietta)Caudill-161 (Stephen)Adams-7082 (Sarah)1820 (before)KYprob. KY[1][2]
Adams-6542 (John Hobbs)Adams-24570 (John Hobbs)Caudill-39 (Ann)Caudill-59 (Nancy)Caudill-513 (Benjamin)Adams-5948 (Mary)1769unkm in VA or NC
Adams-11939 (Moses)Caudill-292 (Sarah)Caudill-161 (Stephen)Adams-7082 (Sarah)1825, 20 JulyKYHazard, Perry Co.[2]
Adams-15999 (Randolph)Caudill-445 (Nancy)Caudill-161 (Stephen)Adams-7082 (Sarah)1823, 25 Dec.KYCowan, Letcher Co.[2]
Caudill-513 (Benjamin)Adams-5948 (Mary)unk.unk.1750 (ish)unkneed sources
Caudill-783 (Jeremiah)Caudill-1505 (William)Pruitt-1986 (Elizabeth)Adams-32847 (Sarah Jane)Adams-6542 (John)Caudill-59 (Nancy)1800 (before)NCWilkes Co.[3]
Caudill-161 (Stephen)Caudill-48 (James)Yarborough-482 (Mary)Adams-7097 (Frances)Adams-24570 (John)Caudill-39 (Ann)1781 unkFranky d 1790, Roaring River, Wilkes Co., NC
Caudill-161 (Stephen)Caudill-48 (James)Yarborough-482 (Mary)Adams-7082 (Sarah)Adams-7086 (Benjamin)Caudill-43 (Henrietta)1791 (after)NCSarah b 1777[4]

Adams or Caudle Marriages

maybe will combine with previous table later, but for now, separate

Adams or Caudle Grooms

Adams-6542 (John Hobbs)Adams-24570 (John Hobbs)Caudill-39 (Ann)Simpson-1321 (Lydia "Lettie")Simpson-4778 (Benjamin)Swain-892 (Mary)1789NCWilkes Co.[5]
Caudle-245 (Gregory)unkunkAnderson-13479, Anderson-47495, Anderson-22569 (Catherine)Anderson-13478 (Joseph)Unknown-231837 (Mary)1795 (ca.)SCson b 1796, SC[6]
Caudill-970 (John A. [Adams])Caudill-161 (Stephen)Adams-7082 (Sarah)Cornett-1196 (Rachel) Cornett-510 (William)Everage-2 (Mary Ann)1824, 20 MayKYprob. KY[7][2]

Adams or Caudle Brides

Cornett-167 (Nathaniel)Cornett-510 (William)Everage-2 (Mary Ann)Caudill-291 (Lydia)Caudill-161 (Stephen)Adams-7082 (Sarah)1835[8]KYprob. KY[7][2]

DAR Records and Pension Files

Thomas Joines, who married Mary, daughter of Benjamin Caudle & Mary Adams, is a DAR Patriot Ancestor (#A064140). Thomas's DAR record shows his birth and death to be in North Carolina. Thomas and Mary (Caudle) Joines' son Major Joines married Sarah "Sally" Caudill. A descendant's record shows Mary Adams as born about 1755 in NC and died after February 1835, Wilkes County, NC - where Thomas died, before February 1835.[9]

A search for Caudill descendants in DAR returned 408 entries (see this page).

DAR descendant record for Sarah Adams, wife/widow of Stephen Caudle born 1763. Sarah was the daughter of Benjamin and Henrietta (Caudil) Adams.[10]

From Nathaniel Cornett's profile (he married Lydia Caudill, daughter of Stephen b 1763 and his wife Sarah Adams) :

DAR Record/Pension for the father of Nathaniel (and Rachel):
DAR Record/Pension for the father of John (Rachel's husband) and Lydia (Nathaniel's wife, although Lydia is not listed by the DAR):
DAR Record for John and Lydia Caudill's grandfather (their mother Sarah's father):
  • Benjamin Adams, Patriot Ancestor #A002465 (accessed 23 June 2021).

Absalom Caudill (from footnotes):

Two Stephen Caudles (b 1761-1764)

Stephen Caudle (1761-1843), born in South Carolina?[11] maybe born Virginia, then moved to South Carolina? - see below

Stephen A. Caudill (1764-1839), born in Lunenburg County on 7 Feb 1764, died 26 Jul 1839 in Blackey, Letcher County, Kentucky (according to his WikITree profile as of 25 June 2021)

This Stephen is thought to have married three times:
  • Parents: not named, but his brother James testified as to his service for his pension application. The transcribed files reference James Codill's application #S30344 (pdf).[12]
  • Middle initial "A" / none that I can find ~ Noland-165 09:47, 25 June 2021 (UTC)
  • Caudill spelling: DAR record is Codill/pension application has Cordill[13]
  • Birth: His testimony in his pension application that he was born in Lunenburg County and that he was 70 years old (testimony given 12 August 1833).
  • Residences: His testimony in his pension application says "he lived in Wilkes County North Carolina where he entered the service [in 1781], Since he has lived in Wilkes then moved to Kentucky where he now lives." Testimony was given 12 August 1833 "in open court before the Justices of the County Court of Perry County now sitting, [by] Stephen Cordill, a resident of Perry County, aged 70".[13]
  • Frances Adams (wife) [14]
  • Jane Dehart (wife)[15]
  • Sarah "Sallie" Adams (wife),[15] his widow Sarah, maiden name Adams, in 1850 testimony in his pension file[13]
  • Died: 26 July 1839[13] in Blackey, Letcher County, Kentucky (Perry County, per DAR)[15]
Notes: Benjamin Webb is one of several who "gave the standard supporting affidavit". The pension file shows Sarah Adams as a daughter by his wife Sarah (born Adams).[13] A profile for Sarah Jane "Jennie" Adams (Adams-6541), wife of Benjamin Webb, is attached in WikiTree as a daughter of this Stephen. A profile for Stephen Adams (1778-abt.1858), son of John Hobbs Adams and Nancy Caudill, is attached as husband to Mary Webb. Mary Webb's profile has the following:
"Sarah Jane "Sallie" Adams" married Jeremiah Caudill; sister "Sarah Jane "Jennie" Adams" married Benjamin Webb. They're both attached as daughters of "John Hobbs Adams Jr" (as of 27 June 2021): John Hobbs Adams Jr. (1747-1815).
Jennie Webb's Find-a-Grave memorial has a pic of a memorial stone, but no support for saying her parents are John and Lydia.
FindAGrave also has Jennie & Benjamin's marriage as 4 Jun 1806 at , Perry County, KY.

Brothers Stephen and James Codill

NOTE: Stephen and James (born 1763 and 1753, respectively) are sons of Benjamin Caudill's brother James (Caudill-48) and his wife Mary, not sons of Benjamin and his wife Mary. See text on the profile for James' wife, Sarah Elizabeth James (as of 23 June 2021).

Note 2: This online tree had the following note:

"James Caudill, Jr., married a North Carolina girl, Mary, thought to be an Adams, twin sister of Sarah Adams, who married James Jr.'s brother, Stephen Caudill, and daughter of Benjamin and Henrietta (Caudill) Adams. No record has been found of this marriage or proof that Mary's maiden name was Adams."

Stephen and James "Codill": Based on pension applications, Stephen and James were brothers:[12]

  • Stephen Codill married Sarah Adams in Wilkes County, North Carolina c1792[12] (daugther of Benjamin Adams)
    • Stephen Codill was born in Lunenburg County in 1763 (70 in 1833) and died in Perry County, Kentucky (now Letcher) on 26 July 1839[12]
    • Sarah (Adams) Codill died in Letcher County, Kentucky "sometime in October 1842"[12]
  • James Codill was born in Lunenburg County in 1753 (80 in 1833)[12] married Sarah Elizabeth James
Stephen and Sarah (Adams) Codill's children (living as of 1 July 1850 except for their oldest daughter):
  1. Henrietta Codill, born about 1792 (died before 1 July 1850)[12]
  2. perhaps missing a couple of additional children not living as of 1 July 1850
  3. John A. Codill (52 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1798
  4. Elizabeth Brown (50 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1800
  5. Nancy Adams (46 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1804
  6. Easter Eldridge (44 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1806
  7. Sarah Adams (41 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1809
  8. Lydia Cornett (38 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1812
  9. Jesse Codill (36 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1814
  10. Watson Codill (34 as of 1 July 1850),[12] so born c1816
James and Mary's children are listed in this Genealogy Forum post (source/s not given, but I didn't check the pages the names linked to, except for the two Elizabeths - the second seems to be an "oops"):
  • William Caudill, b. July 27, 1779, Wilkes NC, d. July 27, 1880, Letcher Co Ky.
  • Elizabeth Caudill - married 21 February 1809 in Wilkes County, NC, to Benjamin Adams, son of Spencer Adams and Ann Towson.[16]
  • Abigail Caudill, b. 1790, Wilkes NC, d. 1872, Lwarence Co KY.
  • William C. Caudill, b. July 27, 1782, Wilkes Co Nc, d. July 27, 1880, Letcher Co Ky.
  • Sampson Caudill, b. 1784, Wilkes NC, d. 1863, Cedar Co Missouri.
  • James Caudill III, b. 1800, Wilkes NC, d. April 23, 1891, Simpson Co Ky.
  • Elizabeth Caudill, b. 1809.
  • Abigail Caudill, b. 1770, d. 1872.
  • Henry Caudill, b. Bet. 1785 - 1790, Wilkes NC, d. June 18, 1856, Letcher Co Ky.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Caudill, b. Bet. 1785 - 1790, Wilkes NC, d. 1870, Ordinary Elliott Co KY.
  • Thomas Caudill, b. 1786, Wilkes NC.
  • Isham Caudill, b. April 02, 1789, Wilkes NC, d. May 18, 1892, Letcher Co Ky.
  • Stephen Caudill, b. 1793, Wilkes NC.
  • Jesse P. Caudill, b. April 24, 1795, Whitehead, Alleghaney Co NC, d. April 23, 1891


Lunenburg County was formed from Brunswick County in 1746.[17]

Born in Lunenburg:
  • Benjamin Stephen Caudill Sr (abt.1730-1771) - born Brunswick County (later Lunenburg Co.); one tree has birth in 1724, death in Anson, NC in 1776. (It should be noted that this online tree also has his marriage location as Connecticut, although it shows marriage in Lunenburg in the timeline sidebar. The site notes there are sources, but I couldn't find where they were stated.)[18]
Died in Lunenburg:

Yarbrough v Dismukes

Wife of James Sampson Caudill Sr. (1726-1805) said to be Mary Yarbrough... or was she born Dismukes?

Yarbrough Family

Yarborough, Yarbrough (-> Yarbo in TX).
Mary (Yarborough) Caudill (abt.1731-abt.1800) - born and married in Lunenburg, mother of James Caudill Jr (1753-1840) & Stephen A. Caudill (1764-1839) - both born in Lunenburg.[12] She died in Wilkes County.
Joseph Yarborough, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A081199, born 6 November 1758 in Petersburg, died 8 December 1828 in Lunenburg County, as did his wife Temperance Walton, whom he married 9 December 1785 (in Prince Edward County, VA). Theis son Richard was born in Lunenburg County.[20]
Search in WikiTree came up empty for the Joseph Yarborough Sr. mentioned in the following record, posted (along with others) by https://chathamncdeeds.blogspot.com/ -
  • "CDB N/255 Anne Yarborough & Nathan Yarborough & Joseph Yarborough & Benjamin Yarborough & Molly Yarborough & Elisha Yarborough ^ Oney Melton formerly Oney Yarborough to Jeremiah Yarborough, 10 Aug 1803, 100 acres on S side of Cape Fear River, on NW side of Bush Creek, adj Partridge, Ross, Roberts - part of NC to Joseph Yarborough Sr 20 Aug 1779."[21]
  • "CDB N/287 Willis Dillard to Lewis Yarborough, 15Oct 1803, 125 acres on waters of Stinking Creek, adj B Lightfoot."[21]
  • "CDB N/307 Lewsis Yarborough to Benjamin Gunter, 16 Feb 1804, 85 acres on waters of Haw River, adj Willis Gunter, Isaac Bright."[21]
  • "CDB N/427 Benjamin Yarborough to Nathan Yarborough, 11 Aug 1804, 10 acres on S side of Cape Fear River, on waters of Mountain Branch, adj County Line, Nathan Yarbrough."[21]
  • "CDB N/456 Micajah Thomas to Ishmael Roberts, 18 Feb 1804, 250 acres on waters of Bear Creek, adj Yarborough, Bush Creek [Brush Creek?]."[21]
  • "CDB N/485 NC to Benjamin Yarbrough, 31 Aug 1799, 10 acres on S side of Cape Fear River, on waters of Mountain Branch, adj County Line, Nathan Yarbrough."[21]
A couple more blogspot records here:[22]
  • "CDB H/274 Lewis Yarborough to Joseph Brantley, 17 Sep 1796, 130 acres on New Hope Creek, adj John Rickett, road, Haw River, mouth of Rocky Branch, Bynum, Mathis formerly Juliu Coley, Lewis Yarborough."[22]
  • "CDB H/337 Phillip Johnston to Cage Thomas, 13 May 1796, 250 acres on both sides of Bush Creek, adj Yarborough, Drake - as by deed 30 May 1796."[22]


Mary (Dismukes) Caudill (abt.1729-abt.1800) - born Virginia, died "Twiggs, Georgia" - married James Yarbrough and, in Caroline County, Virginia in August 1785, William Almond. Her profile is not attached to a Caudill husband, although she has profiles attached for Caudill children.
Text appears to combine Mary Yarbrough b 1731ish in Lunenburg County with Mary Dismukes "born in 1776. She was the daughter of Edmond Dismukes and Bethany Hannah Ina Cox. She passed away in 1850." Text also says:
  • "Husband James Caudill. Wife Mary Yarborough. Marriage 1 JAN 1749. Lunenberg County, VA. [30] note - the links are to profiles that redirect (as of 29 June 2021) to Caudill-48 and Dismukes-37, respectively
  • "She married James Caudill on April 23, 1753 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. They had five children before she died in 1794.[31]"
    • [30] & [31] = [30] Source: #S72 (no info linking from #S72); [31] four children based on combined profiles of Yarborough-57 and Yarborough-75 as of January 31, 2013; a fifth was added later that day.

Work/ed Profiles

work needed:
Cited on her profile: https://wc.rootsweb.com/trees/188357/I71/-/individual - has James Cadle b 1728 in Surry, Virginia to immigrants from Scotland; died 1784 in Roaring River, Wilkes, North Carolina. Married: Mary Yarborough, born 1730, Brunswick, Virginia, on 22 JAN 1748 at Lunenburg, Virginia. Children:
  1. John Cadle: Birth: 1751
  2. James Cadle: Birth: 1753
  3. Benjamin Cadle: Birth: 1758
  4. Abner Cadle: Birth: 1758
  5. Thomas Cadle: Birth: 1760 in Lunenburg, Virginia; Death: AFT 25 JUL 1853 in Raleigh, Virginia
  6. Matthew Cadle: Birth: 1760
  7. David Cadle: Birth: 1761
  8. Stephen Cadle: Birth: 1763
  9. William Cadle: Birth: 1765
Mary (Adams) Caudill (1734-aft.1790)
she started it all, being conflated with the Connecticut Mary and in US Southern Colonies Project's "Needs Location Research" category. (That's fixed, but the Caudill and Adams Families = a rabbit warren - everywhere you turn, another rabbit hole!)
Added DAR/pension-based bio:
Added to Research Notes
Posted comment:

Founders of Indian Bottom Church, Letcher County, Kentucky

The Geni entry for Rev. James Sampson Caudill quoted The Caudills, an etymological and ethnological study, uncovering the true origins of the Caudill name & family by Lochlainn Seabrook, 2003. It also had what appeared to be a copy of the entire "History of Indian Bottom Church" (1810-1974), noting that the information was from the 1974 Thornton Union Association Minutes. I had added information from the Geni entry to the profile of Mary (Adams) Caudill (1734-aft.1790), but now the bulk of what had been added is here. ~ Noland-165, 24 June 2021

Rev. James Sampson Caudill Sr. (1726-1805) - his WikiTree profile is attached as brother of Mary's husband Benjamin.

The Rev. James Caudill's Geni entry notes that he was "a minister at the Old Roaring River Baptist Church in Wilkes County, North Carolina" and that "James Caudill appears on the Lunenburg County, Virginia tax list in 1752. He disappeared from Lunenburg County, VA and appeared on the Tax List for Granville, NC in 1769 and 1771. He appeared on the Rowan County Tax List in 1778 and was listed as a tithable in Rowan County, NC. A tithable was a male of military age. (Source: terry4526)"

The Geni entry for the Reverend also offers quite a lot of information about the settling of Letcher County, under the heading of "History of Indian Bottom Church" (1810-1974), noting that the information was from the 1974 Thornton Union Association Minutes:

The early settlers who came to Letcher County from Virginia and North Carolina were mostly deeply religious people, who came here to this beautiful country where they might worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences and to start life anew in this "Happy Hunting Ground." You might say they came here carrying the Holy Bible in one hand and the Kentucky rifle in the other.
The first church to be established in Letcher County was the Indian Bottom Church, established in 1810, one hundred and sixty-four years ago. In the fall of that year (1810) a little band of Regular Baptists, numbering about twenty, met at the home of Isaac Whitaker, near the home of Ance Cornett, about two miles up the Kentucky River from what is now Blackey, near a bottom known as Indian Bottom, so named because Indians had camped there and many Indian artifacts were found there. There this little band of Christians organized the Indian Bottom Church.
For ten years or more prior to this time, settlers had been traveling into these hills to find homes for themselves and their children, getting away from the more despotic rule of some of the colonies farther east. Among the first was John Adams, together with his five sons and two daughters, and other kindred, who settled near the mouth of Bottom Fork in the year 1800. James Caudill coming up the Kentucky River, settled near the mouth of Frank's Creek, and nearby, settled James Webb, about the same time. Stephen Caudill, with his family and some of his kinsfolk, settled near the mouth of Sandlick Creek a year or so later, while Isaac Whitaker and John Dixon and others, settled near the mouth of Rockhouse Creek. Others came in the year 1810. There was then about 100 families in what is now Letcher County. These settlers had come in from Virginia and North Carolina, some direct, while others had stopped for a while in what is now Whitley County, and then came on into this section...."
* * * * * * *
"Some of the members organized into this Indian Bottom Church were James Webb, and Benjamin Webb his son, who lived over on Cumberland River; John Adams, who lived at the mouth of Bottom Fork; Electious Thompson; John Dixon, Isaac Taulbee, who lived near the mouth of Rockhouse; James Harris, who lived on Rockhouse Creek; Benjamin Adams, another son of John Adams; Stephen Caudill, and his wife Sarah Caudill, who lived at the mouth of Sandlick Creek; Rachel Adams, who was the wife of Benjamin Adams; Mathias Kelly and his wife Amey Kelly, who lived on Cumberland River; James Caudill and Mary Caudill, his wife; Benjamin Caudill, son of Stephen Caudill; Spencer Adams, another son of John Adams; Isaac Whitaker, who lived near the mouth of Rockhouse Creek; Archelous Craft,[27] who lived on Craft's Colly; Isaac Taulbee and John Bunyard. Electious Thompson was chosen pastor and Isaac Whitaker, clerk of this church...."
* * * * * * *
"The Indian Bottom Church prospered. Its membership by 1815, is shown in the record as 70, but in this year 41 members lettered out to form the Sandlick Church, and they were called together on the 13th day of August, 1815, at the home of Stephen Caudill near the mouth of Sandlick Creek, and there were organized into the Sandlick Church, so named for Sandlick Creek, nearby.
"This same presbytery, Elder Electious Thompson, Elder William Saulsberry and Elder Simeon Justice, also organized the Sandlick Church, and on October 21, 1820, an arm was given off the Sandlick Church to form the Ovenfork Church.
"In 1811, the Indian Bottom Church was received into the Washington Association, which consisted of churches lying in Southwest Virginia. The record shows that the Washington Association met in 1811 with the North Church in Washington County, Virginia, on the third Saturday in October 1811, and states that the Indian Bottom Church asked to be received into that association, and the delegate from Indian Bottom was Electious Thompson, and that the church was received. Again, in 1812, 1813, and 1814, the Indian Bottom Church sent delegates to this association. In 1814, a letter of dismission was asked by the church at the hand of her delegates, who were Electious Thompson, Spencer Adams and James Harris, and the request was granted. The Association met that year with the Castlewoods Church in Russell County, Virginia, and the same year the Indian Bottom Church petitioned admission into the Burning Springs Association and was received by them. The Burning Springs Association met that year with the New Salem Church in Floyd County. In 1815 and thereafter regularly the Indian Bottom Church and the Sandlick Church lettered to the association. In 1825, when the New Salem Association was organized, both churches were in the new association...." (Source: Dave_Milburn)

Yadkin County Adams Line

Founder of this line - William - joined the Society of Friends (Quakers).

stray profiles of Adamses - and Caudles! - in Yadkin:

Copied 29 June 2021 from the profile of William Adams (1734-1816):

yDNA testing (Family 019 at FamilyTreeDNA Adams Surname Project) shows that William belonged to haplogroup R1a1 (RM512) and began a unique Adams line in the Americas. More details are on the WikiTree profile of his father.

William Adams was the son of George and Katherine Dixon Adams who were married in the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. He was born 15 Sep 1734[28] in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married a Quaker, Susanna Martin, in Pennsylvania and they migrated to Virgina and then to North Carolina. William was received by request into the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends on 09-04-1762.[29] The young couple moved several times and were received into the Cane Creek (Susannah in 1756, William in 1762), and Deep River (1787) Monthly Meetings respectively. They were among the original members of the Deep Creek Monthly Meeting, formed in 1793, in what is now Yadkin County, North Carolina. They remained there for the duration of their lives. It is presumed that most of the Adams in Surry/Yadkin Counties are descendants of William & Susannah and their twelve children:

  1. Jane (Jean) b. 2/15/1755 m. Thomas Brown d. 11/21/1842
  2. Rachel b. 1/2/1757 m. John or Peter Moon
  3. Mary b. 2/9/1759 m. Richard Brown
  4. Ann b. 1/24/1761 m. Issac Perkins
  5. Jonathan b. 1/22/1763 m. Ann Brown d. 9/29/1851
  6. Sarah b. 1/25/1765 m. Unknown Johnson
  7. William b. 7/30/1767 m. Millicent Barnard
  8. Moses b. 8/18/1769 m. Elizabeth Horn (?)
  9. George b. 10/7/1771 m. Lorey Cannon (?) d. 3/21/1827
  10. James b. 11/14/1773 d. 11/18/1773
  11. Margaret b. 11/11/1775
  12. John b. 12/12/1778 d. 1/3/1857

Caudill Cabin's Virginia Caudells

See https://docsouth.unc.edu/blueridgeparkway/overlooks/caudill_cabin/ & https://www.caudillreunion.org/about-us/

South Carolina Caudills

William Caudle (abt.1796-1857)[6] & Jane (Lively) Caudle (abt.1798-abt.1890) - both died New Palestine, IL

Stephen Caudle (1761-1843)[30][31]

Locations: Virginia? -> Lancaster County, South Carolina -> ? -> Alabama (Marion Co., Butler Co., Bibb Co.)
The 1860 census for Bibb County has Mary Caudle born South Carolina living in the household of Henry Hallaman and Sarah. This may be Stephen Sr.'s wife Mary. The name of Steven's first wife is unknown. She apparently died about 1815.[30]

Stephen Caudill, born 1761 and married Mary [Adams or Dodson], is head of the South Carolina Caudills, from what I can tell. His son Stephen was born in 1818.[32][33]

He and his wife Mary moved to Alabama by 1830: "Minutes of Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Church, Butler Co., AL, are available at Samford Library, Birmingham, AL. These records show that on 'Sabbath 14 March 1830 the church went into conference and oppened a door for the reception of members and received our Brother Stephen Caudle and our sister Mary Caudle his wife by letter who was recommended to us by his letter to be an ordained deacon and was received as such.'"[30]
Married (1) Unknown, (2) Mary [Adams or Dodson]. Profile attached as wife in WikiTree as of 26 June 2021 is Mary (Dodson) Caudle (1780-1866), noting they married in South Carolina in 1813. However, his first - Unknown - wife is thought to have died in 1815 & Mary is his second wife.
by first wife[30]
  • Elijah C. Caudle[30]
    • Married a Killibrew.[34]
  • Edith Caudle (b c1800 in SC; died 1868, AL)[30]
  • Nancy (Caudle) Deason (1803-1893) b 1807 per FindAGrave[35] and Jacque Ott's research: born 3 Jan. 1807 in SC, died 18 March 1893 in Bibb County, Alabama.[30]
    • Married William Wiley Deason (son of Edmond Deason and Hester Cato) about 1824.[30]
  • Green B. Caudle[30]
by Mary
  • Sarah Caudle (1814)[30]
  • Feraba Caudle (1817-1858)[37]
    • Married Joseph Shows (born GA). They both died in Louisiana.[30]
  • Stephen Caudle Jr (1819-1895) born 1818 per Jacque Ott's research[30]
    • Married (1) Martha Ann Yeager, (2) Winifred Butler (reversed? marriage dates are 1854 for Martha Ann, who died 1918 & 1837 for Winifred [1820-1853]).[30] He was married to "Winney" as of 10 August 1844: "Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Church, Butler Co., AL, records indicate that Stephen and his wife Winney Caudle 'applied for a letter of dismission on August 10, 1844.' This was probably when he moved back to Bibb Co., AL."[38]
  • Milbrie Caudle (b c1821)
    • Married Newton C. Dodson (son of Elisha S. Dodson and Ruth _____) on 30 March 1845 in Alabama.[30]
  • Ahaz Caudle (1822), born 28 July in Lancaster District, SC; died c1898 in Marion Co., AL.[30]
    • Married Emily Dodson (daughter of Elisha S. Dodson and Ruth _____) about 1844; she was born in Alabama.[30]
  • Polly Barnard Caudle (b 1825)[30]
    • Married Washington J. McKinney in 1847 in Bibb County, Alabama.[30]

Isle of Wight -> Jones County -> TN

Southampton County/Isle of Wight County births (and some profiles have Brunswick County birth location), death in Jones County, North Carolina, although text often says they moved to South Carolina and some have death in Tennessee.

John Adams (abt.1725-abt.1790) - born Southampton Co., died Jones Co.; married
Mary Ivey (1731-1791) - also born Southampton Co., died Jones Co.
their children were Micajah A. Adams (c1750-c1825) and William A. Adams (c1756-1832).
William A Adams (abt.1756-1832) - born Isle of Wight/died Morgan Co., TN. His profile has information from Jones County, NC Court Records:
  • William and Mary Adams of the state of Tennessee, Maury County appoint their son, David Adams, attorney to receive from the executors or the administrators of Frederick Gooding, deceased, late of Jones County, NC, as Mary Adams is a sister of said Frederick Gooding deceased and heir at law to the same. Witnesses: A Johnson, JP, Joseph B Porter, Clerk of Court, and James T Sanford, acting justice of court Maury County Tennessee. ~ Entry 464, dated 30 August 1815
  • David Adams of Roan County Tennessee by power of attorney from his father and mother William and Mary Adams, sold to William Gooding of Jones County NC for $70.00 two tracts of land in Jones and Lenoir counties, on Vine Swamp or Ash Branch, containing 137 acres, as by deed to Frederick Gooding, deceased, and came to Mary Adams, a sister of sd. Frederick Gooding, who inherited 1/5th part of the estate of Fredrk. Gooding. Wts John Fordham, Isaac Brown ~ Entry 480, 481, dated 5 December 1818
Wife of William (c1756-1832): Mary (Gooding) Adams (1759-aft.1840)
Their son David: David Adams (1783-1862) (both Mary & David born Jones Co.).
Micajah Adams Adams Sr (abt.1750-abt.1825) - born Craven, NC, died Jones Co.
  • From his father's profile: "Several other land grants and transactions in 1780-1790 in Jones Co. indicate that sons, William Adams and Micajah Adams, were living on adjacent farms to their father (John). On Nov 16, 1770 William Adams obtained “Grant No. 334 for 15 Acres of land on the South side of Trent River at Bear Creek Branch at the corner of land belonging to John Adams, deceased. This transaction suggests that John Adams died prior to Nov 1790 at the age of 60-65."
Micajah's his son/daughter-in-law (no sources for them):
Moses Adams (1805-1872) - born Jones Co., married
Jane King (abt.1810-abt.1883) - born/died Jones Co.

Maybe not this group, but...

Charner Adams (1762-1834) - born Brunswick, died SC, married
Elizabeth (Rose) Adams (abt.1772-1798) - born/died Brunswick
Celia (Ivey) Adams (abt.1784-1815) - born Brunswick, died SC (Charner's 2nd wife, m in SC)
David Adams (1788-1870) - born VA, died IA - son of Charner & Elizabeth (Rose) Adams.

Timeline and Locations

The Adams and Caudle families that are the focus of this page were in North Carolina at the time of the Revolutionary War and moved to Kentucky afterwards. The Virginia and South Carolina families are also included in the following timeline (or will be ... perhaps highlight grey the SC family? ital the VA family? then clear [no emphasis/highlight] would be NC/KY family members).


The following timeline includes dates from various sources (both reliable and not).
  • 1730 (Benjamin Caudill born in Brunswick County, Virginia)
  • 1734 (Mary Adams born in Virginia)
  • 1750ish (marriage of Mary Adams to Benjamin Caudill, place unknown)
  • 1753 (James Cordill, son of James (Benjamin's brother), born in Lunenburg County, VA)[12]
  • 1755 (Benjamin Cadle, Orange County, NC)[39]
  • 1755ish (Henrietta Caudle born... wife of Benjamin Adams born 1753)[40]
  • 1757, 7 October (Absalom Caudill, born Halifax County, VA)[41][42][43]
  • 1763 (Stephen Cordill, son of James, Benjamin's brother, born in Lunenburg County, VA)[12]
  • 1771 (Mary widowed; Benjamin killed at Battle of Almanance, NC)[44]
  • 1771, 20 June (Moses Caudle, orphan of Mary Caudle, dec'd, age 5 years 3 months, apprenticeship/indenture to Geoge Wooton until 21, Butte County, NC)[45]
  • 1770s/80s - Rev. War (Stephen's & James's residence: Wilkes County, NC)[12]
  • 1782 (Mary Caudle's will recorded in Brunswick County)[46]
  • 1785 (Nancy Adams, born Caudill, died Wilkes County, NC)
  • 1790/after (died Anson County, NC)[44]
  • 1833, 12 August (testimony by brother Stephen and James Cordill's for their pension applications, in Perry County, Kentucky)[12]
  • 1839 (Stephen Cordill, died in Perry Co., KY)[12]
  • 1840 (James Cordill died in Perry Co., KY)


  • Brunswick County (husband's birth location, per FindAGrave)
  • Surry County (Ancestry has as her birth location, citing FindAGrave, which doesn't) maybe Surry, North Carolina was meant?
  • Sussex County (her husband is "Ben of Sussex", per WikiTree profiles for her husband & father-in-law)
  • Lunenburg County (James and Stephen, sons of her brother-in-law James, are born in Lunenburg)[12] (their father-in-law's profile has death in Lunenburg County/burial in Brunswick)
    • Location note from another profile (Caudill-48): Lunenburg County did not exist in 1701; neither did Lunenburg Parish. The County was formed in 1746 from Brunswick County.[47] In 1732, Lunenburg Parish was formed "from North-Farnham, in Richmond Co", and served Richmond County "to aft 1785".[48] The profile (Caudill-48, for Rev. James Sampson Caudill) states that he was most likley born (in 1726) in "Old Surry" County, Virginia. This rural county was south of the James River opposite Jamestown.
  • Halifax County (birth location of Absalom)[41]
North Carolina:
  • Surry County was "formed in 1771 from Rowan County". In 1777, "parts of Surry County and Washington District (now Washington County, Tennessee) were combined to form Wilkes County".[49]
  • Wilkes County (pretty solid that's where family is at time of Revolution)
    • Roaring River, Wilkes, North Carolina, United States (Buckner-206 had this as death location [death in 1800])
  • Anson County (location of "Absalom Caudle Cemetery"; Benjamin & Mary's FindAGrave memorials say they are buried there [no sources/tombstone photos to support that though])
Kentucky: (pretty solid next generation moved to Perry County)
South Carolina:
  • ... Stephen b 1761 (Caudle-203).[50] ... different Stephen than son of James (not Benjamin & Mary) born 1763
  • ... Stephen b 1761 (Caudle-203).[50] ... different Stephen than son of James (not Benjamin & Mary) born 1763


Note: Information in the biography section for Mary (Adams) Caudill (1734-aft.1790) is based on the Find A Grave memorials for Mary and her husband, Benjamin Stephen Caudill Sr (abt.1730-1771), which do not include sources or tombstone photographs.[51]
Possible children of Benjamin Caudill and his wife Mary Adams may include some of the following children attributed to her:[51]
  1. Nancy Ann Caudill Adams (1752–1785)[51][52] - # Nancy Caudill Adams, the wife of John Hobbs Adams. She died 1785, Roaring River, Wilkes County, NC[44]
  2. Henrietta Caudill, b. c1753 Sussex County, Virginia; died October 1842, Letcher County (then Perry County), Kentucky[44]
  3. Mary "Sarah" Caudill, b. c1754, Sussex County, Virginia; died after 1830, Wilkes County NC; wife of Thomas Jones (a Revolutionary War Soldier)[44]
  4. Absalom Caudle (1757–1846)[51][53] - Absalom Caudle (Revolutionary War soldier, Private of the 10TH North Carolina Regiment, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A023690, pension #W10589. Buried in the Absalom Caudle Cemetery, Burnsville, Anson County, NC). The text on the FindAGrave memorial for Pvt Benjamin "Caudle" Caudill is the source for the relationship[54] (the only source that I can find) - Pvt. Absalom "Caudill" Caudle, b. 7 October 1757, Halifax County, Virginia; d. 7 March 1846, Anson County, NC[44]
  5. Mary Ruth (Caudill) Joines[55] (1760–1830)[51][56]
  6. Stephen Caudle[55] - Stephen Caudill, b. March 1761; d. December 1843, Butler, Alabama,[44] married Mary Dodson in SC, 1813[50] - NOTE: This is a different Stephen than Caudill-161 (b 1763).
    Stephen Adam Caudill (1763–1839)[44][57]
  7. Benjamin Caudill[44]
  8. Jesse Caudill[44]
Notes about possible children:
  1. Nancy Caudill married John Adams[44][58]
  2. Henrietta Caudill married Benjamin Adams[40] (brother of John m Nancy)[58]
  3. Mary Sarah Caudill - married Thomas Jones... same daughter as Sarah Ruth (Caudill) Joines?
  4. Absalom Caudill, born Halifax County, Virginia in 1759 (per his testimony in 1832; in 1847, a bible record was submitted that had his birth listed as 7 October 1757). His pension file includes an 1877 transcription of a bible record that shows that he married Elizabeth Maness (born 7 May 1768) on 22 March 1787. He died 7 March 1846.[41] His DAR record shows the 7 October 1757 birth date.[59]
  5. Sarah Ruth Caudill Joines (see #3 above)
  6. Stephen Caudill when were Benjamin and Mary in SC? (This Stephen said to have been born in SC, in 1761, and married Mary Dodson there in 1813
    Stephen Caudill, born 1763 in Lunenburg County, married Sarah Adams[12][40] not Mary's son
  7. Benjamin Caudill
  8. Jesse Caudill: Perhaps not son of Benjamin and Mary, but son of Absalom? Although the wording is odd, Absalom's pension application includes information showing that Jesse Caudel was named guardian of Absalom's widow, Elizabeth (odd wording because there is no mention that Jesse is her son): "On January 13, 1847 in Anson County North Carolina, Jesse Caudel, 57, a resident of said County made application under the 1838 act for the pension due his ward, Elizabeth Caudel, widow of Absalom Caudel deceased...." The pension file includes a certificate from Anson County clerk of court that "Jesse Caudle [sic] was appointed guardian to Elizabeth Caudle at the April sessions of the County Court in 1846." The transcription of the bible record included in the file has Jesse's birth as 5 October 1791.[41]

Adams/Caudill Marriages

A lot of them. Based on names listed a possibly children of Benjamin and Mary (Adams) Caudill (which is one), their daughter Nancy married an Adams (two) - John Hobbs Adams, according to her movhter's FindAGrave memorial.[44]
The following was abstracted from information from Brian K. Caudill (full text of what he provided follows):
John Adams Jr m Nancy Caudill, sister to Henrietta Caudill, wife of Benjamin Adams, his brother.[58]
Source for the preceding statement, a book by Dorothy Griffith, also notes that the Caudill surname for both Nancy and her sister Henrietta is "family tradition... determined through traditional family records"[58] and suggests that Benjamin Caudill was their father but offers no primary source. (A source given by Brian for information about this Benjamin Caudill ([http:/www.caudill.org/imagescordell7.jpg this link]) is no longer online & was not captured by the Wayback Machine, although the site still exists - see caudill.org (and "Chapter 1", also see this page).
Still, the Nancy Caudill and John Adams of Mary (Adams) Caudill's FindAGrave memorial appear to be the same Nancy and John in Griffith's book, and the memorial also names Henrietta a daughter of Mary (Adams) Caudill,[44] with Griffith's book identifying her husband as Benjamin Adams. And Benjamin Adams has a DAR record that confirms his wife as Henrietta Caudill:
  • Benjamin Adams, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A002465, born c1753 in Virginia, died 1824, Perry County, Kentucky, was living in Wilkes County/Morgan District, North Carolina when he furnished supplies for the American Revolution. He married Henrietta Caudill and they had at least one daughter, Sarah "Sallie" Adams, born 1779/80 in Surry County, Virginia, who married Stephen Caudill, born 1763 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Stephen and Sarah (Adams) Caudill had a daughter, Nancy Caudill (born 1804), who married Randolph Adams.[40] The DAR information about Stephen and Sarah (Adams) Caudill is confirmed by Stephen's pension application. His brother James (born also applied for a pension.[12]
DAR also has records for James and Stephen Codill (shown to be brothers by their pension applications):[12]
  • Private James Codill (1753-1840), DAR Patriot Ancestor #A023691[60]
    • Son Isham Codill m Elizabeth Caudill
    • Son Sampson Codill m Elizabeth Adams
    • Daughter Sarah Codill m James Caudill
  • Private Stephen Codill (1763-1839), DAR Patriot Ancestor #A023692[15]
    • Daughter Sarah Codill married Moses Adams
    • Daughter Nancy Codill married Randolph Adams
    • Daughter Henrietta Codill married George Adams
    • (not a Codill/Adams marriage, but to connect to DNA section): Easter Codill m Levi Eldridge

Full text from Brian K. Caudill:

"According to the book "Adams Families of Southeast Kentucky" by Dorothy A. Griffith, John Adams, Jr., married "a sixteen-year-old girl, believed to have been Nancy Caudill, a sister of his brother's wife, Henrietta. Her son, Stephen Adams, provides her given name; Caudill comes from family tradition." (Page 7). 1

In regard to Benjamin Adams and Henrietta Caudill, the book also states that no marriage record has been found and that "his wife's surname has been determined through traditional family records." (Page 54) The book suggests that Nancy and Henrietta's father is Benjamin Caudill, though no primary source is given. 1

According the the January 1993 issue of the Cordell Clippings (a newsletter published by the Cordell Association which is now inactive), Benjamin Cordell (aka Benjamin of Sussex) was the brother of James Caudill, Sr., who was the son of Stephen and Elizabeth Caudill. The first 12 pages of this particular issue of the Cordell Clippings can be found at http:/www.caudill.orgcordell_association_newsletter.htm. Page 7.

(http:/www.caudill.org/imagescordell7.jpg) contains information on Benjamin of Sussex. 1

I think that the following is not from Brian... can't really tell by the Changes. ~ Noland-165, 22 June 2021

Clayton Cox's three-volume book "Appalachia Crossroads: The Caudill Family" also lists Nancy and Henrietta as daughters of Benjamin Caudill of Sussex Counta, VA. (Page 1711) However, he does not connect Benjamin with Stephen and Elizabeth Caudill. I hope this information helps. 1


Elizabeth Buckner: The profile Buckner-206 for Elizabeth (1728-1800), daughter of Edward and Johanna (Burrow) Buckner was apparently created as wife of Benjamin Caudill to provide a Buckner ancestor to support a Buckner Caudill found in NC in the 1800s. Her profile has been merged into this one. ~ Noland-165 16:24, 23 June 2021 (UTC)

Profiles for parents, Edward Buckner and Johanna (Burrow) Buckner, were detached 23 June 2021 (see comments).

Same Name Profiles

Sarah Adams or Caudle (and variations)
Benjamin Adams or Caudle (and variations)
Moses Adams or Caudle (and variations)
Micajah Adams or Caudle (and variations)
Jeremiah Adams or Caudle (and variations)

Misc. Profiles

Nancy Jane (Polly) Craft (abt.1805-1880), wife of


Mary (Boone) Webb (1699-1774) m John Harrod Webb Jr (1694-1774)

Children (per WikiTree as of 1 July 2021):
  • John Boone Webb III (Webb-1818)
  • George Webb Sr. (Webb-2626)
  • Mary J. (Webb) Steffett (Webb-21486)
  • Mary Ward (Webb) Lincoln (Webb-541)
  • Sarah Webb (Webb-2645)
  • Benjamin Webb (Webb-2623)
  • Joseph Webb (Webb-2635)
  • James Franklin Webb Sr. (Webb-2450)
  • Samuel Webb (Webb-2644)
  • Moses Webb (Webb-2638)
  • James Webb (Webb-8529)... (abt.1764-abt.1825) - father of Benjamin m Jennie (text for his profile says "The only way all these facts fit together is James Webb of Letcher County Kentucky was the grandson of John (Jr.) and Mary (Boone) Webb, not the son." Attached still as son because grandson by which son is not known.)

Sarah Jane "Jennie" (Adams) Webb, wife of Benjamin Webb. (Probably just Jane, not Sarah Jane, and if the Sarah Jane "Sally" Adams, wife of Jeremiah Caudill, is just Sarah, then they can both stay daughters of John Adams).

Stephen Adams (1778-abt.1858), son of John Adams, married Mary (Webb) Adams (abt.1775-abt.1851)... as of 3 July 2021, four daughters Sarah attached


  1. Stephen's DAR record (Patriot Ancestor #A023692) lists George Adams as his daughter Henrietta's husband. Their daughter Sarah is born in KY in 1820, according to her WikiTree profile (Adams-11937). Since George's profile shows him born TN (in 1800), and Henrietta was born in Wilkes Co., NC, they probably married in Kentucky.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Stephen's pension application file (pdf) includes an 1850 entry naming his and Sarah's children, including Nancy Adams, Sarah Adams, and Henrietta (dec.). John A. Caudill is their son too (he was the "declarant"), but he married a Cornett (Rachel). John's sister Lydia also married a Cornett - Rachel's brother Nathaniel.
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  7. 7.0 7.1 Nathaniel and Rachel b/d KY, so probably married there too.
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    maybe a different couple?
    DAR record for James Caudill shows son William m Nancy Craft... and record for Nancy's father agrees. See https://services.dar.org/Public/DAR_Research/search_adb/?action=full&p_id=A023691 (James) & https://services.dar.org/Public/DAR_Research/search_adb/?action=full&p_id=A027159 (Achilles)
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  37. From Feraba's profile (Caudle-562), as of 26 June 2021:
    Pheriba married Joseph Shows. The 1850 Census shows a Mary Caudle, age 73 (presumably her mother) living with Pheriba, Joseph, and what are implied their kids...
    • Year: 1850; Census Place: W C River, Bibb, Alabama; Roll: M432_2; Page: 6B; Image: 17
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trying to stay pre-1800, but...

I just updated the profile for Martha Ann (Whitaker) Caudill (1854-1931) based on DAR records for her husband, W.J. Caudill, Jr., son of Wm. J. & Nancy (Dixon) Caudill. Martha is probably related to Isaac J. Whitaker (1842-1916) - per WikiTree, he married Nancy Ann (Caudill) Fields (1847-1912) & their son was Stephen Whitaker (1882-1953).

Martha's profile is attached as daughter to the profiles of Stephen A. Whitaker Sr (1831-1909) and Lavina (Frazier) Whitaker (1831-1885). Stephen's parents were Isaac Whitaker (1801-1848) and Ellender (Adams) Dixon (1814-1888) - she married John Dixon in 1850.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Caudle-278 - Sarah Delaney Caudle, died 1899, Yatkin
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett