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Adding a New Category for Voyages to Australia

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If, after reading this page, you would like us to add a category for you, go to Categories Waiting to be Added or Renamed and post a link to the profile, to which you want the category added, plus any information you have for the voyage, under the heading, "Categories to be Added".


Add Category to a Profile

  1. Add the category to the relevant profile in edit mode, using the format: [[Category:Ship Name, Arrived DD Month YYYY]] the month as a word, but using the standard 3 letter abbreviations. eg. [[Category:Lady Juliana, Arrived 3 Jun 1790]].
  2. If the exact day of the month is unknown, the month and year would be used, [[Category:Ship Name, Arrived Month YYYY]]. Make sure spelling, punctuation, format are correct, the word "Arrived" with a capital "A".
  3. Save changes, a warning banner will tell you the category doesn't exist, "Save Anyway".
  4. Click on the red category at the bottom of the profile page. This opens a blank edit box on the new category page.

Add Parent Categories

  • There are (3) parent categories:

Ship Parent

  • [[Category:Ship Name (Launch Year)]] eg. [[Category:Lady Juliana (1777)]]
  • If you cannot find it in that format from the category picker, add the maintenance category [[Category:Needs Ship Category]] using the category picker.

Arrivals Parent

  • [[Category:Arrivals to State or Colony]] eg. [[Category:Arrivals to New South Wales]] use the category picker to find them.

Voyages Type Parent

Use the category picker to find them:

For a Convict Voyage, add ONE of these;

  • [[Category:First Fleet Voyages]]
  • [[Category:Second Fleet Voyages]]
  • [[Category:Third Fleet Voyages]]
  • [[Category:Convict Voyages After the Third Fleet]]

For an Immigrant Voyage, add ONE of these:

  • [[Category:Assisted Immigrant Voyages to Australia]]
  • [[Category:Unassisted Immigrant Voyages to Australia]]
  • [[Category:Bounty Immigrant Voyages to Australia]]
  • [[Category:Immigrant Voyages to Australia]] this is the default voyage type parent to use, if none of the above (3) are applicable.

See Assisted Immigration to Australia for discussion of the use of Assisted Immigration, Bounty Immigration and Unassisted Immigration categories

Multiple landing categories can be listed chronologically, under the parent, by adding the ship name and arrived date to the parent in this format, [[Category:Ship Name (Launch Year)|Ship Name yyyymmdd]], eg. [[Category:Lady Juliana (1777)|Lady Juliana 17900603]]. For an example see the Category: Pestonjee Bomanjee (1835) and it's subcategories.

Add Content

Content should be just enough, so a WikiTree user knows they have the correct category.

Please do not use headings, horizontal lines or ref tags, these cause category errors.

The preferred format for the category content is either of the following 2 formats:

1. The Migrant Ship "Category Info Box" (CIB)
To see the template for the Migrant Ship CIB, see Category:Roxburgh Castle, Arrived 26 May 1839


2. The following template

Landing level category

The voyage of the convict transport ship James Laing
Departed Dublin, Ireland, 16 February 1834
Arrived Port Jackson, 29 June 1834

Use the following code to enter the text:

''Landing level category''

The voyage of the immigrant ship '''''Ship''''' <br>
Departed '''Port, date'''<br>
Arrived '''Port, date '''

Choose either immigrant or convict ship as appropriate.

Nothing else needs to go on the category page, everything else should go into a Freespace Page. In this case link the Freespace Page to the category page, and add the category to the freespace page, so they are linked in both directions. For examples, see: Category:Christiana, Arrived 25 Jul 1841 and Category:Oaklands,_Arrived_21_Sep_1878.

Preview and Save

Double check:

  1. the name format,
  2. content added,
  3. (3) parent categories

Creating the Ship Parent

If you are creating the Ship parent category, make sure the parents are [[Category:YYYYs Ships]] and[[Category:Ships by Name]] (both will already exist and can be found with the category picker).


Landing level categories:Category:Surry, Arrived 11 Oct 1838 and Category:Tyne, Arrived 4 Jan 1819

Ship parent category: Category:Tyne (1807)

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