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African-American Doctors of World War I

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A list of all African-American Doctors who served in the U.S. Military during World War I.

This list is taken from the book "African American Doctors of World War I: The Lives of 104 Volunteers", by W. Douglas Fisher and Joann H. Buckley, McFarland & Company, Inc 2016.

See also: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/01/30/medical-breakthrough-black-doctors-world-war/77120630/

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NumberName Birth-DeathBirth State Medical School Unit Rank Note
[1]Antoine, George W. 1878-1939TexasMeharry370th Infantry, 93rd Division1st LT
[2]Bacote, Rufus Herve 1890-1930 South Carolina Meharry370th Infantry, 93rd Division1st LT
[3]Bailey, Everett Russell 1888-1932IndianaMeharry366th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LTspecialized in treating gas patients
[4]Baldwin, Dana Olden 1881-1972North CarolinaLeonard368th Ambulance Co, 92nd Divison1st LT
[5]Ballard, Claudius1890-1967CaliforniaUC Berkeley370th Infantry, 93rd Division1st LTWounded, awarded French Croix de Guerre medal
[6]Bass, Urbane Francis 1880-1918VirginiaLeonard372nd Infantry, 93rd Division1st LT Killed in Action, Awarded Distinguished Service Cross
[7]Bates, Edward Willard1884-1930TexasMeharry368th Ambulance Co, 92nd Division1st LT
[8]Booker, Arthur John1881-1952TexasNorthwestern365th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[9]Booker, William John Henry1882-1921New HampshireLeonard317th Sanitary (Medical) Train, 92nd Division1st LTHonorably discharged after 4 months due to health
[10]Boston, Frank Erdman1891-1960PennsylvaniaMedico-Chirurgical317th Engineers, 92nd DivisionMajorMaintained commission in Military Reserve
[11]Bradfield, Joseph Cyrus1889-1936OhioStarling Medical College 365th Field Hospital1st LT
[12]Brannon, Horace Signor1884-1970KentuckyLouisville Natl Medical366th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[13]Brown, Harvey L1876-1960MississippiLeonard366th Ambulance Company, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[14]Brown, Vanderbilt1886-1921VirginiaBoston College365th Ambulance, 366th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[15]Browne, Arthur Davis1887-1974North CarolinaLeonard350th Field Artillery, 92nd Division1st LT
[16]Burington, Samuel Simon1892-1932CaliforniaHoward367th Ambulance, 92nd Division1st LTDischarged for health reasons
[17]Bryant, William Henry1886-1964North CarolinaMeharry367th Ambulance, 92nd Division1st LT
[18]Buford, Charles Conrad1891-1960KentuckyMeharry367th Ambulance, 92nd Division1st LT
[19]Carr, John David1885-1928VirginiaUniv of West Tennessee365th Ambulance, 92nd Division
[20]Carter, Raymond Holmes1881-1976GeorgiaLeonard366th Infantry1st LT?
[21]Crawford, Daniel W1874-1937Tennessee?Knoxville367th Field Hospital, 92nd Division Captain
[22]Curtis, Arthur Leo1889-1936IllinoisHoward368th Infantry, 367th Field Hospital, 92nd Division
[23]Darnell, William T1883-1951OhioJenner349th Machine Gun BattCaptain
[24]Dawson, Julian1888-1955GeorgiaNorthwestern365th Infantry, 92nd DivisionCaptainRetired as Brig General with Illinois National Guard
[25]Devaugh, Oscar Wilson1883-1942GeorgiaMeharry368th Infantry, 92 Division1st LTServed at Ft Meade, MD 6 months, then discharged for physical disability
[26]Draper, Edgar Arthur1886-1956PennsylvaniaUniv of Pennsylvania367th Ambulance, 367th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[27]Dyer, William Holmes1886-1958IllinoisUniv. of Illinois317th Ammunition Train, 92nd Division1st LT
[28]Felder, William Wesley1887-1931South CarolinaUniv of West Tennessee366th Ambulance1st LT
[29]Fisher, Charles Sumner1882-1920AlabamaLeonard349th Field Artillery, 92nd Division1st LT
[30]Frazer, Patterson Tilford Jr 1889-1947KentuckyMeharry368th Ambulance Company1st LT
[31]Garvin, Charles Herbert1890-1968FloridaHoward368th Ambulance, 92nd Division1st LTPossibly promoted to Captain?
[32]Gilmore, Lucius Hough1889-1927TennesseeMeharry365th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LTMeritorius Citation for Bravery
[33]Gloster, Clarence Morgan1890-1942TennesseeMeharry368th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT Served in Army Medical Reserve Corp as Captain until 1935
[34]Goodson, Fenton Noah1888-1956MissouriMeharryTraining Only1st LT
[35]Granberry, Dorsey B1886-1945TennesseeUniv of West Tennessee365th Field Hospital, 366th Ambulance Company, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[36]Grubbs, Royal William1886-1937KentuckyMeharry365th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[37]Harris, William Alfred1887-1938GeorgiaLeonard368th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[38]Hickman, Sherman Booker1888-1953KansasMeharry365th Ambulance Company, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[39]Hilton, Louis Archibald1888-1961New JerseyHoward349th Field Artillery, 92nd Division1st LTDischarged before going overseas
[40]Hinkson, DeHaven1891-1975PennsylvaniaMedico-Chirurgical365th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionCaptainStayed in Reserves, served in WWII, promoted to Lt Col
[41]Hodge, Orlando Waldo1886-1938West VirginiaUniv of West Tennessee365th Ambulance Co, 325th Signal Battalion, 92nd Division
[42]Howard, William James Jr1881-1945Washington, DCUniv of Illinois351st Field Artillery, 92nd Division,1st LT
[43]Jackson, Raymond Nathaniel1883-1936AlabamaMeharry368th Infantry Med DetachmentCaptain
[44]Jackson, Walter Jardon1888-1937GeorgiaHoward367th Infantry Regiment, 92nd Division1st LT
[45]Janifer, Clarence Sumner1886-1950VirginiaNew York Homeopathic Medical College372nd, 93rd Division1LTAwarded Croix de Guerre for courage under fire
[46]Johnson, Douglas Beverly1888-1925VirginiaUniversity of Vermont351st Machine Gun Battalion1st LT
[47]Johnson, George Wesley Patrick1886-1949GeorgiaMeharry92nd DivisionDischarged for physical issues after training1st LT
[48]Johnston, Romeo Ashburn1882-1931VirginiaStarling368th Field Hospital, then 366th Ambulance Company, 92nd Division1st LT
[49]Jones, Elisha Henry1883-1963AlabamaUniv of West Tennessee365th Ambulance Company, then 349th Machine Gun BattalionCaptain
[50]Jones, Thomas Edward1880-1958VirginiaHoward368th Infantry, 92nd DivisionCaptainAwarded Distinguished Service Cross and French Croix de Guerre
[51]Kennedy, James Arthur (Jack)1882-1966ArkansasMeharry366th Infantry, 92nd DivisionAwarded Distinguished Service Cross
[52]Landry, Oliver Willard1886-1969LousianaMeharry367th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[53]Laws, Charles Henry1883-1962VirginiaLeonard372nd Infantry, 93rd Division, then 366th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[54]Leach, Jesse Leonidas1892-1981TennesseeMeharry317th Ammunition TrainCaptain
[55]Lee, Edwin Henry1886-1952TexasHoward366th Ambulance Company,then 367th InfantryCaptain
[56]Lythcott, George Ignatius1887-1938GuyanaBoston UniversityCamp Upton, NYDischarged due to illnessSon became 2-star Admiral in Public Health Service
[57]Martin, James L1882-1974VirginiaLeonard365th Ambulance Company, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[58]Martin, Ulysses Grant Baldwin1887-1964Washington, D.C.Howard367th Ambulance Company, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[59]McDonald, Allen Augustus1892-1928GeorgiaMeharry368th Ambulance Company, 92nd Division1LT
[60]McKenzie, Andrew Battle1887-1951AlabamaLeonard365th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[61]McLaughlin, English Newton1892-1970South CarolinaBoston University366th Ambulance Co, then 365th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[62]Middleton, Charles Clayton1886-1955GeorgiaUniv of Michigan349th Field Artillery, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[63]Miller, Thomas Ezekiel Jr1880-1954South CarolinaCollege of Physicians and Surgeons (Chicago)367th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[64]Moore, Daniel Miller1888-1958LouisianaUniv of West Tennessee370th Infantry, 93rd Division1st LT
[65]Moore, Isaac Edward1890-1931MississippiUniv of West Tennessee366th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[66]Nash, Homer Erwin1887-1981GeorgiaMeharry366th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[67]Nichols, Hosea Jefferson1870-1936MississippiHoward366th Field Hospital1st LTLeft service before deploying overseas due to family health issues
[68]Oliver, Hudson Jones Jr1889-1955New YorkHoward367th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[69]Owen, James Alexander1891-1955MississippiMeharry366th Field H ospital, 92nd Division1st LTPromoted to Captain later in Medical Reserve
[70]Pearl, Frank Adrian1886-1948KansasHoward368th Ambulance Co, then 367th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[71]Ponder, James Maxie1888-1958FloridaMeharry368th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[72]Punche, Robert Emerson1874-1956Texas,Univ of Illinois366th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[73]Raiford, Frank Perryn Jr.1890-1966GeorgiaUniv of Michigan368th Field Hospital, then 367th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[74]Richie, Emory Wallace1887-1937South CarolinaHowardU.S. Army General Hospital No. 3 in New Jersey1st LT
[75]Rodgers, Linell Leonard1894-1971MississippiMeharry367th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[76]Rucker, Jonathan Nathaniel1892-1970MississippiMeharry317th Motor Supply Train1st LT
[77]Samuels, George Lincoln1884-1970IllinoisMeharryDischarged after training1st LT
[78]Scott, Egbert Theophilus1884-1969North CarolinaLeonard350th Field Artillery, 92nd DivisionCaptainEventually promoted to Lt Col in the Medical Reserves
[79]Smith, William Henry1872-1946KentuckyLouisville National Medical College368th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LTDischarged prior to unit going overseas
[80]Smitherman, Jackson1889-1949AlabamaMeharry368th Field Hospital, then 368th Ambulance Co., 92nd Division1st LT
[81]Stokes, Frederick Alexander1873-1929IndianaIndiana University367th Ambulance Co, then 365th Infantry Regiment, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[82]Stovall, Leonard1887-1956GeorgiaUniv of Southern California365th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[83]Strawn, Estil Young1887-1951MissouriHoward366th Infantry, 92nd DivisionCaptainRose to rank of Major in Medical Reserve Corps
[84]Tarleton, William Albert1882-1920North CarolinaMeharry367th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionDischarged before overseas service due to health
[85]Taylor, John Quill1884-1931TexasMeharry366th Infantry, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[86]Thompson, Howard Randall1887-1929TennesseeIndiana University365th Field Hospital, then 365th Ambulance Co, 92nd Division1st LT
[87]Thompson, Silas Stewart1881-1926South CarolinaHoward349th and 350th Field Artillery, 92nd Division1st LT
[88]Tinsley, Thomas Clinton1887-1954North CarolinaUniv of West Tennessee350th Machine Gun Battalion, 92nd Division1st LTAwarded French

Croix de Guerre medal

[89]Vass, Rufus Samuel 1887-1957North CarolinaLeonard 368th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionCaptain
[90]Walker, Henry Harvey1882-1962TennesseeMeharry368th Ambulance Co, 92nd DivisionMajor
[91]Wallace, James Carroll1891-1957TexasHoward368th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[92]Wallace, William1874-1933LouisianaMeharry366th Field Hospital, then 317th Engineers, 92nd Division1st LT
[93]Ward, Joseph Henry1872-1956North CarolinaIndiana University325th Signal BattalionMajorLater promoted to Lt Col in Medical Reserves
[94]Warfield, Sylvanus Holsey1885-1970KentuckyMeharry372nd Infantry, 93rd DivisionDischarged for being "drunk and disorderly" in uniform, before unit went overseas
[95]Welker, Leo Edward1881-1937IllinoisHarvard 366th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[96]White, Herndon1876-1943VirginiaMassachusetts College of Physicians and Surgeons367th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LT
[97]Whittaker, James Thomas1876-1931KentuckyLouisville National Medical College366th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionDischarged before unit went overseas due to physical reasons
[98]Whittico, James Malachi Sr.1886-1975VirginiaMeharry368th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[99]Williams, John Henry1879-1959KentuckyMeharry365th Infantry Regiment, 92nd Division1st LT
[100]Wilson, Arthur Henry1876-1943IndianaIndiana University368th Field Hospital,, then 366th Field Hospital, 92nd DivisionCaptainRose to rank of Lt Col in Medical Reserves
[101]Wilson, James Lancelot1890-1969St Croix, VIColumbia University367th Field Hospital in Long Island, NYCaptain
[102]Wilson, Roscoe Jerome1888-1965South CarolinaHoward367th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT
[103]Wright, Louis Tompkins1891-1952GeorgiaHarvard University367th Infantry, then 366th Field Hospital, 92nd Division1st LTLater Spingarn medal recipient
[104]Zuber, Thomas L1887-1956MississippiMeharry365th Infantry, 92nd Division1st LT

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