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This project's aims are:

  • To collect in one place information and resources to assist in building and documenting African-American Genealogies.
  • To bring together WikiTreers interested in connecting African American families to the Global Family Tree.
  • To improve the profiles of the people who emigrated and the people who were forced to emigrate from Africa.
  • To provide and maintain a logical and organized structure to and create a method to link Unconnected family trees In a way to help individuals identify and celebrate their history. It's incredibly difficult for most families to go back further than the Civil War, but that doesn't mean they can't connect to the tree laterally in modern times.


This project needs a Leader

The following people are working this project, If you are interested in helping, please add your name to the list and post a message on the public comments. One of the project members will get back to you.

Ellen Smith
Sarah Heiney
Elisa Mayfield
Jillaine Smith
Bill Debuque
Javelle (Blue) Fields
Vivian Tanniehill
Denyse Baham
Shira Destinie Jones Landrac
John Bentley
Joey Brandt

Next Steps

We can use subcategories of Category:African-American_History to collect profiles and free-space profiles for black cemeteries, slaves and former slaves, slave owners, and various potential useful resources on this topic.

Additional resources will be needed to tackle the challenges of correctly documenting slave families so that their descendants and ancestors can be traced. If you are aware of reliable resources that will help in the research of these genealogies, please post them here so they're accessible to everyone.

To Do List

  1. Populate geographical locations with census data from the first census, until say the 1850/1860 census, with all identified African American descendants.
  2. Many wills in America transferred slaves, so we need to place a general request out to Wiki researchers to create profiles to document their names, to include the responsible family
  3. Create African-American Name studies, for clustered surnames.

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On 4 May 2017 at 20:46 GMT Joey Brandt wrote:

Hi, I'm new to WikiTree but I'd really like to help out with this project. How do I get started?

On 7 Apr 2017 at 02:17 GMT Jim Parish wrote:

I'm somewhat of a grammar cop, but I've kept it under control when reading G2G, but...

There is a sub-category to the African-American Project category: African-American Cemetery's. Shudder. To paraphrase e. e. cummings, "There is some [bad grammar] I will not eat." There are four sub-cats to that, same error. Most have no entries. Is there a way to modify the name of a category, or must it be recreated as a new category and sub-cats be moved to the new one? If it's the latter, I would volunteer to do the re-entries, as my own little anal grammatist project!

On 1 Mar 2017 at 13:38 GMT D (Zimmerman) Z wrote:

Yes, any amount of info is useful, there names and the owners name.

On 28 Feb 2017 at 23:21 GMT John Bentley wrote:

I noticed there are six references on the category page for the Category: Slave Owners in America. Many of the profiles in those categories should have slave names. The names I have ran across in profiles I manage were names of a slaves listed as a bequeath in a will.. Is there anything helpful in just knowing a name and maybe when a slave was passed from one person to another?

On 14 Feb 2017 at 18:35 GMT Shira (Jones) Landrac wrote:

I'm joining this project in order to connect it with the Slavery Sub-project (under Southern Colonies, never became a full project, and I've been looking for someone willing to take on the Slavery project and related categories, such as I will check with Mr. Paul Heinegg regarding his profile and interest in WikiTree.

Best, Shira

On 20 Nov 2016 at 00:05 GMT Denyse Baham wrote:

Hello Doug,

I would like to add my family tree to the African American Project. My tree includes hundreds of relatives and ancestors, plus slaves.

Thank you for making African-Americans an official part of WikiTree.


On 6 Jul 2016 at 00:33 GMT Javelle (Blue) Fields wrote:

Hello, My name is Javelle Blue Fields and I would love to join the African-American Project.

On 31 May 2016 at 17:16 GMT Bill Debuque wrote:

Hi! I'm a new member and I'm interested in joining the African-American Project. Thanks!


On 18 May 2016 at 15:07 GMT D (Zimmerman) Z wrote:

I have a question for everyone involved in the African-American Project. First: Please read all the Public comments on the project page, Below.

Should we use the US History badge for this project, or should we take this to a higher authority here on Wiki tree, and hold out for a Badge of our own?

I believe that this project deserves it's own badge, because: it includes African Immigration (forced), British Colonial America, and USA History.


On 18 May 2016 at 14:27 GMT D (Zimmerman) Z wrote:

What does it take to receive our own badge for the African-American Project?

Doug Reply

Hi Doug,

Badges are reserved for top-level projects; African-American Families falls under the umbrella of the United States History project, so that's the badge members would get. EIther Alison Andrus or I can award it for you, if you let us know when new people join. What we can do is set you up with a template, which can be used on your project members' profiles as well as ancestors. If that is something you'd be interested in, let me know and find some sort of image we can put on it (it will automatically also have a US Flag on it, as we'll use the US HIstory template which is changeable depending on the sub-project). Hope that helps! Abby


I don't think so! I do not believe it should be a sub-project at all, There are a number of projects stand alone just like the Mayflower project is not a sub=project of the US History Project.


Hi Doug,

A lot of time has passed since WikiTree started using Projects to group people and profiles together, so a lot has changed. Our approach to projects has transformed significantly, and now we start any project as a free-space project. If that free-space can be fit under an existing top-level, it does. If it outgrows that space, we make it a top-level. Until then, it uses the badges of the top-level. Technically speaking, Mayflower would now be a sub-project of the United States History project. It's been grandfathered in, so it is keeping its badge. Any new projects related to US History, though, end up with the US History project.

I am sorry you disagree; you are free to not use the US History badge, though it does fall under that project. We cannot create another badge for it, though, unless it grows substantially.


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