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Aldeburgh Mayors

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Date: 1885 [unknown]
Location: Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England, United Kingdommap
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The following list shows the Mayors of Aldeburgh from 1885 until the present day.

1885Newson GARRETT1 of 4
1886Newson GARRETT2 of 4
1887Samuel Wightman SMYTH1 of 4
1888Joseph FLINTHAM1
1889William Henry HALL1 of 2
1890Newson GARRETT3 of 4
1892Newson GARRETT4 of 4
1893James George Skelton ANDERSON1 of 4Anderson-3300
1894James George Skelton ANDERSON2 of 4Anderson-3300
1895Samuel Wightman SMYTH2 of 4
1896G. W. BROWN1 of 2
1897G. W. BROWN2 of 2
1898George Herbert GARRETT1 of 5
1899George Herbert GARRETT2 of 5
1900George Herbert GARRETT3 of 5
1901George Herbert GARRETT4 of 5
1902Samuel Wightman SMYTH3 of 4
1903Samuel Wightman SMYTH4 of 4
1904Edward Stephend COPEMAN1
1905James George Skelton ANDERSON3 of 4Anderson-3300
1906James George Skelton ANDERSON4 of 4Anderson-3300
1907George Herbert GARRETT5 of 5
1908Elizabeth Garrett ANDERSON1 of 2Garrett-960
1909Elizabeth Garrett ANDERSON2 of 2Garrett-960
1910William Henry HALL2 of 2
1911William Frederic THOMPSON1 of 8
1912William Frederic THOMPSON2 of 8
1913William Frederic THOMPSON3 of 8
1914William Frederic THOMPSON4 of 8
1915William Frederic THOMPSON5 of 8
1916William Frederic THOMPSON6 of 8
1917William Frederic THOMPSON7 of 8
1918William Frederic THOMPSON8 of 8
1919Percy E. CLARK1 of 2
1920Percy E. CLARK2 of 2
1921Charles Andrew WARD1 of 2
1922Samuel GARRETT1
1923Charles Andrew WARD2 of 2
1924H. G. FULCHER1
1925Walter HILL1
1926William Comer READE1 of 5
1927William Comer READE2 of 5
1928Miss Suzette Bagnold Isabel PETTIT1 '"Pettit-3155'"
1929Henry Freshfield JONES1
1930Mrs Wilhelmine Henriette Murray GALSWORTHY1 of 3
1931Mrs Wilhelmine Henriette Murray GALSWORTHY2 of 3
1932Mrs Wilhelmine Henriette Murray GALSWORTHY3 of 3
1933Robert PARRIS1
1934Col. George Denne FRANKLIN1 of 2
1935William Comer READE3 of 5
1936Sidney Herbert LEWER1 of 10Lewer-105
1937Sidney Herbert LEWER2 of 10Lewer-105
1938Sidney Herbert LEWER3 of 10Lewer-105
1939Sidney Herbert LEWER4 of 10Lewer-105
1940Sidney Herbert LEWER5 of 10Lewer-105
1941Sidney Herbert LEWER6 of 10Lewer-105
1942Sidney Herbert LEWER7 of 10Lewer-105
1943Sidney Herbert LEWER8 of 10Lewer-105
1944Sidney Herbert LEWER9 of 10Lewer-105
1945Col. George Denne FRANKLIN2 of 2
1946Sidney Herbert LEWER10 of 10Lewer-105
1947Col. C. E. COLBECK1 of 3
1948Col. C. E. COLBECK2 of 3
1949Col. C. E. COLBECK3 of 3
1950E. E. GRUNDY1 of 4
1951E. E. GRUNDY2 of 4
1952E. E. GRUNDY3 of 4
1953E. E. GRUNDY4 of 4
1954William Comer READE4 of 5
1955William Comer READE5 of 5
1956H. W. CULLUM1
1957A. H. KEMP1
1958H. S. MARTIN1
1959Dudley Oliver KNOWLES1 of 3
1960Dudley Oliver KNOWLES2 of 3
1961Dudley Oliver KNOWLES3 of 3
1962C. H. H. SMITH1
1963E. F. GARROD1
1964Mrs Grace Sneddon AGATE1 of 2Barclay-1461
1965Mrs Grace Sneddon AGATE2 of 2Barclay-1461
1966William George MOUTELL1
1967Air V. M. John MARSDEN1 of 2
1968Air V. M. John MARSDEN2 of 2
1969C. H. SYLVESTER1 of 2
1970C. H. SYLVESTER2 of 2
1972Frederick Louis BOTTERILL1 of 2
1973K. BARLEY1
1974Frederick Louis BOTTERILL2 of 2
1975S. M. HAWES1
1976Gerard FIENNES1
1977Mrs M.L.GIFFORD1
1978John STUDD1
1979Ronald Andrew WARD1 of 3
1980Mrs Barbara M. BROOKE1
1981Fl. Lt. E. P. SMITH1
1983Ronald Andrew WARD2 of 3
1984Mrs Jean COWAN1
1985Wing Com. Christopher WOOD1
1986Mrs Margaret BROWNING1
1987Albert Henry HARRISON1 of 2
1988Richard KEANE1
1989Mrs Shirley MAUNDER1 of 2
1990Albert Henry HARRISON2 of 2
1991Mrs Shirley MAUNDER2 of 2
1992Michael CATTERICK1
1993Mrs Clare FOSSE1
1994Ronald Andrew WARD3 of 3
1995Mrs Marguerite S. DAVIES1 of 2
1996John Christopher PASK1
1997Mrs Margaret STEEN1
1998Donald WILSON1
1999Mrs Marguerite S. DAVIES2 of 2
2000John G. ROBINSON1
2001Felicity A. BROMAGE1 of 3
2002Felicity A. BROMAGE2 of 3
2003Felicity A. BROMAGE3 of 3
2004Michael GOOD1
2005John DIGBY1 of 3
2006Celia LEGGETT1
2008James (Jimmy) ROBINSON1
2009Kevin WEBSTER1 of 2
2010Julian WORSTER1
2011Gary DAVIS1
2012Peter COX1
2013Sara FOX1 of 2
2014Richard MARSON1
2015Mike KIFF1
2016John DIGBY2 of 3
2017Jocelyn BOND1
2019Sara FOX2 of 2
2020Kevin WEBSTER2 of 2

Please note that the year column shows the year in which their period of service began – it does not mean that their service started on 1 January and lasted for one calendar year.


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