Alex Sullivan Cemetery, Smith County, Mississippi

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This project, to catalog and document the history of all burials in Alex Sullivan Cemetery, Smith County, Mississippi was begun 08 Aug 2014.

This free space page for the Alex Sullivan Cemetery is part of WikiTree's Mississippi Cemeteries Project, and was created to document the life and times of our ancestors that are interred there. The Mississippi Cemeteries Project is a sub-project of the larger U.S. Cemeteries Project.

This page is a work in progress, and will remain so until the Table of Interments (below) is completed. The Table of Interments is a sortable listing of persons interred at this cemetery, some or all of whom are linked to existing WikiTree profiles. Although all grave markers in this cemetery have been photographed (or will be shortly), the photos can only be displayed for persons with existing WikiTree profiles. If you know of a person interred at this cemetery that should be linked to an existing WikiTree profile, or needs to have a profile created for them, please contact Lisa Franklin for assistance.

Contact Information, Location and Map

From Mize, Mississippi take Highway 35 South for approximately 2.2 miles until reaching the intersection of Smith County Road 26 (SCR 26.) Turn left (East) and proceed 3/4 mile, cemetery will be on left (North) side of SCR 26
Smith County, Mississippi
The cemetery is maintained by family.

GPS Coordinates (WGS84)
31.824880, -89.560790

Alex Sullivan Cemetery on Google Maps

Tasks Completed


  • 100% of marked graves in this cemetery have been photographed by family members.

Data Transcription

  • 90% completed

To Do

  • Link existing profiles or create new profiles for persons listed in the Table of Interments
When complete, everyone listed in the Table of Interments will be linked to their own WikiTree profile, and to a photo of that person's corresponding grave marker. The created profiles can include other genealogical and biographical information as well as a listing of sources for documentation.
  • Validate links and transcription information
Profile and photo links and transcribed information needs to be cross-checked to ensure accuracy.
  • Create an audio/video tour of the cemetery
Record a virtual tour of the cemetery that can be viewed as downloadable media on computers, tablets or other device. Such a tour would take the viewer around the cemetery to explore the history of the people buried here. Background information can be supplied. Those with mobile internet access can access online links to more information.

Table of Interments

Data given is as on Headstone

Sortable table
Last Name First/Middle Names/Initials Born Died Inscription (notes) Latitude Longitude Photo (click for larger)
Allen Shelton G.1937-07-192006-07-28[wed] June 05, 1959 [back] Our Children Terri, Karen, Marty
Amason Horace Monroe "Horsky"1952-11-142015-02-20[wed] Feb 25, 2005
Amason Jean Ellen1930-12-132015-10-05 (nee Sullivan)
Ashley C. J.1854-12-241904-07-03Wife of G. B. Ashley (given Celia Jane Sullivan)
Ashley Catherine1875-09-261936-10-21Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
Ashley George B.1851-09-291890-06-14Age 38 yrs 8 mos 6 ds; Gone to a brighter home, Where grief can not come.
Ashley Infant Daughter1874-10-131874-10-13Infant Daughter of G. B. & C. J. Ashley; Gone but not forgotten
Ashley Baby1908-02-071908-02-07(handcarved stone)
Ashley James M.1886-11-111953-05-07Forever with the Lord.
Ashley Ora A.1866-02-131901-11-21Wife of F. Ashley (nee Sullivan)
Ashley Wiley R.1878-03-221878-08-07In Memory of Wiley R. Son of G.B. & C.J. Ashley, (Broken stone)Image:Ashley-1755
Bond Lester V.1921-11-26none[wed] May 19, 1972
Bond Patricia M.1950-10-27none(nee Spell) [wed] May 19, 1972
Craft Lula1879-11-231955-09-08(nee Ashley) Meet me in Heaven
Hall D.nonenoneCo H 46 Miss Regt CSA (Doctor Golanious Hall)Image:Hall-13537.jpg
Hall Dovie Sullivan1916-11-112003-04-26(nee Sullivan) [wed] Mar 07, 1936 That we may meeet in Heaven
Hall Lois Bobbie1917-08-112004-09-29[wed] Mar 07, 1936 Let Thy grave be given
Howell Annie J.1873-09-211949-10-03(nee Wood) Forever with the Lord.
Howell Burley1896-10-101956-04-21
Howell Carrie M. L.1898-09-041898-09-07Dau. of W. M. & A. J. Howell
Howell Clyde Kenneth1933-09-271972-11-24
Howell Eula S.1896-03-07 1980-08-14(nee Sullivan)
Howell Infant Daughter1919-01-251919-01-25Daughter of Burley & Mamie Howell
Howell Little Ethel1891-08-241891-10-04Son of R. T. & M. E. Howell
Howell Louisa Udora1860-08-131866-09-30
Howell M. J.1842-05-091902-03-16(given Mary Jane Sullivan) Our darling one has gone on before, To greet us upon the blissful shore.
Howell Mamie1897-08-231993-02-10(nee Sullivan)
Howell Minnie L.1914-10-071915-08-12
Howell Pruitt Rudolph1919-04-011921-11-24Son of V. M. & Eula Howell
Howell Virgil M.1894-09-251966-10-14
Howell William M.1874-12-231958-11-29 Forever with the Lord.
Howell William Washington1861-10-071862-07-12
Hughes Mary F.1892-12-181912-03-26Wife of J. M. Hughes (nee ?)
Hull Martin Eugene "Marty"1953-07-062015-07-30Grow old along with me ... The best is yet to be
Lard Amelia S.19342003[wed] Mar 15, 1958 (nee Sullivan)
Lard Lonnie D.1934[wed] Mar 15, 1958
McMillen Kaci Charlene 1997-02-021997-02-02
Norris James "Buck"1938-10-192012-06-29Father
Owens Geraldine "Boots"1930-08-042011-02-08(nee Sullivan)
Owens Bidwell Adam, Sr. "Bid"1927-10-062016-10-06
Pickering Benjamin F.1875-03-101876-07-08Son of G. W. and M. A. Pickering
Pickering George W.1847-01-091877-04-08
Pickering M. A.1849-081918-10Mother (nee Sullivan)
Rankin Billy Joe1937-08-011993-04-11[wed] Jan 2, 1961; Father; God alone understands; [back] Parents of Kimberly Renee
Rankin Emma Ruth1942-07-24(nee Sullivan) [wed] Jan 2, 1961; Mother; The Lord is my shepherd; [back] Parents of Kimberly Renee still living
Russell Infant Son1894-10-291894-10-29Infant Son of R. M. & M. A. C. Russell
Smith Elvira J "Ellie" 18731910(nee Sullivan)no marker
Spell Bradis1910-02-281980-10-31(nee Sullivan)
Spell Mack1902-02-271966-01-18
Sullivan A. F.18771940(given Alexander Franklin Sullivan)
Sullivan Aaron Ross1989-10-151989-10-15Our Angel
Sullivan Alex 1847-10-091937-03-20He was a kind and affectionate father and a friend to all,
Sullivan Allie Mae Howell1900-01-301991-11-01(nee Howell)
Sullivan Annie Terrissa1839-11-051898-07-07Wife of Wiley P. Sullivan, Age 59 Yrs 8 Mos & 2 Ds (nee Reddoch)
Sullivan Annie Wells1893-10-011971-02-23(nee Wells)
Sullivan Arthur Floyd19271982PVT US Army
Sullivan B. O.1877-12-181933-02-14He was loved by God and man. (given name Benjamin O. Sullivan)
Sullivan B. E. (Buster)1915-05-142004-07-21
Sullivan Catherine1872-12-14Wife of Mark Sullivan, Age 40 years (nee Byrd)
Sullivan Clarence1891-12-011892-08-26Infant Son of J. W. & M. W. Sullivan; Sleep on ...
Sullivan Clyde19081962
Sullivan Dallas L.1896-03-151982-12-21Father; [mil] Pvt US Army, World War I, 1896 - 1982
Sullivan Dovie H.1902-08-041982-10-30(nee Howell) Victory in Jesus
Sullivan E. Fred1880-08-151965-02-07In God we trust
Sullivan Edwin Webster1960-06-182014-02-04
Sullivan Elizabeth "Betsy"18181880(nee Bishop) no marker
Sullivan Emma B. "Nell" 1922-02-081994-03-01(nee White); [wed] Oct 20, 1936; Mother; A flower in the garden of God. [back] Parents of Emma Ruth
Sullivan Ernest Lafayette1888-01-031888-06-08Beloved Son of Joseph & Margaret Sullivan Aged 5 Mos 5 Dys
Sullivan Eula Lee1914-08-221999-06-23(nee Kennedy)
Sullivan Fannie C.1886-09-241956-12-22In God we trust
Sullivan Fannie Mary1893-05-041984-04-08(nee Russum)
Sullivan Frederic1821-02-201897-04-15need access His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory.
Sullivan George Washington1858-11-071869-10-11Son of F. & J. L. Sullivan, Aged 10 Years
Sullivan Gertha H.19091997(nee Harvey)
Sullivan H. L.18881936(Harvey Lovelle Sullivan, stone has wrong birth/death years)
SullivanH. N.18921913
Sullivan Harriett Elizabeth1851-10-141856-03-10Dau of F. & J.L. Sullivan, Aged 4 Years
Sullivan Hester M.1883-11-081883-12-05Son of A. & M.A.C. Sullivan
Sullivan Infantno dates; Infant Sullivan
Sullivan Infant Son1908-09-201908-09-23Infant Son of E. F. & F. C. Sullivan
Sullivan Infant Son1892-06-121892-06-12Son of M. A. & V. E. Sullivan
Sullivan Infant Son1908-11-141908-11-14Son of Q. A. & M. L. Sullivan
Sullivan J. W.1847-08-181892-11-04Aged 46 Yrs 2 Mos 12 Dys; He followed virtue As his truest guide, Lived as a Christian, As a Christian he died.
Sullivan James "Jim"1810Son of Thomas Harvey & Maud Elizabeth Arnold
Sullivan James Carr1911-04-13 2003-01-07no death date on stone (Aug 2016)
Sullivan Joanah Louisa1821-12-011894-04-10(nee Spell) Wife of F. Sullivan, Aged 72 Years, "Lord,she was thine and not my own. Thou hast not done me wrong" (2 stones, 1st is broken)
Sullivan Joe B.19041964
Sullivan John Ben1854-021938-04
Sullivan John J.1865-12-071912-12-31
Sullivan Julia18561921(nee Welborn)
Sullivan Larry Dale1944-03-111955-01-15
Sullivan Laura C.1862-10-081875-09-04Daughter of Mark & Catherine Sullivan
Sullivan Lucy M.1873-06-221960-03-17(nee Welborn)
Sullivan Mack18651950(AKA Mark A Sullivan)
Sullivan Maranda Catherine1857-02-011880-12-21Dau of F. & J. L. Sullivan, Aged 23 Years, She died as she lived trusting in God. (2 stones, 1st is broken)
Sullivan Marguerite1918-01-251992-09-06Mother (This may also be Sullivan-4566)
Sullivan Marion W.1848-09-191902-07-01(nee Padgett) Wife of J. W. Sullivan
Sullivan Mark A.1830-03-291913-08-17On that bright and immoral shore, We shall meet to part no more.
Sullivan Mary Beryl19281930Suffer little children to come unto me.
Sullivan Mary K.1868-12-241896-03-06Daughter of S. R & S. E. Sullivan, Age 27 Yrs 2 Mos 12 D; Weep not father and mother for me, For I am in glory for thee.
Sullivan Mary Vondell1917-06-221918-12-24Dau. of Q. A. & M. L. Sullivan, Age 1 Yr 6 Mos; Weep not, she is at rest.
Sullivan Mary Workman1803-04-231891-10-08Wife of Thomas Sullivan (nee Workman)
Sullivan Maude Arnold17901846Wife of Thomas Sullivan (nee Arnold)
Sullivan Maryan C.1848-05-121922-12-17Wife of Alexander Sullivan (nee Keyes) She was a kind and affectionate wife ...
Sullivan Mattie L.1889-08-021936-03-31In after -- time we'll meet her.
Sullivan Minnie V.1906-04-06 1979-03-19(nee Stewart) Mother
Sullivan Napoleon A.1890-10-021961-04-24
Sullivan Nellie Ree1920-01-241921-12-26Daughter of Mr & Mrs. O. F. Sullivan
Sullivan Oliver Ford1898-04-121967-09-16
Sullivan Ophelia Evelyn1863-011911-07(nee Tuggle)
Sullivan Patsy Rollins18262nd wife of James (Jim) Sullivan (nee Rollins)
Sullivan Polly Ann1887-081949-12(nee Grace)
Sullivan Quincy A.1888-04-221971-10-28Elder
Sullivan R. T. 1882-08-111906-06-12Son of J. W. & M. W. Sullivan
Sullivan Rolford Earl1924-01-221937-03-19Son of Mr. & Mrs. O. F. Sullivan not buried here but has marker
Sullivan Ruby H.1900-02-191901-10-31Son of J. J. & L. M. Sullivan; Gone but not forgotten.
Sullivan Ruth1915none(nee King)
Sullivan Samuel R.1838-06-111917-01-25Come Ye Blessed; Sheltered and safe from sorrow
Sullivan Shelford B. "Shep"1904-01-291980-01-08A beautiful life
Sullivan Stanley Stephen1953-07-27Sonstill living
Sullivan Stella18741962
Sullivan T. J.18221897(given name Thomas Jefferson) need access
Sullivan Thelma A.1913-02-201987-07-06(nee Warren)
Sullivan Thomas1775-01-151855-06-10
Sullivan W. Knox1911-08-151971-03-07Father [mil] Walter K. Knox Mississippi Sgt US Marine Corps World War II
Sullivan Wiley P.1833-08-201904-04-18Aged 70Y 7M 28D, broken stone
Sullivan William F.1922-10-15 1990-05-23
Sullivan William J.1871-05-181871-06-18Son of A. & M.A.C. Sullivan
Sullivan Winnie M.1925-05-121985-12-19(nee Sullivan)
Sullivan Woodrow W. "Shine"1919-12-082000-08-29[wed] Oct 20, 1936; Father; lonely tired traveler home from his journey [back] Parents of Emma Ruth
SwitzerCrystal D. 1953-11-301990-04-27(nee Westbrook)
TillsonGizella 19061958
Tillson Idell A.1925-05-301996-07-07(nee Arinder)
Tillson Inf.19211921Inf of Wilson & Kissiah Tillson
Tillson James O. "Buddy"1908-02-291992-05-28[mil] TEC 5 US Army World War II
Tillson James Wilson18821964
Tillson Jennie Robinson18821918(nee Robinson)
Tillson Kissiah Darden18881983(nee Darden)
Tillson Lewis B. "Punchy"19151946L. B. "Punchy" [mil] Lewis B. Tillson US Marine Corps World War II
Tillson Richard T. "Jim"1918-03-172009-02-07[mil] BMG1 US Navy World War II Korea
Tillson Louise L. 1925-09-251993-10-19(nee Little)

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