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Ancestors and Descendants of Agnes Hill

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My Hill Connection


Tracing my Hill family has proven to be quite a challenge, from establishing the nuclear family of Agnes Hill (who she married and their children) to sorting through the myriad Hills - lineal and collateral - who came before her. This is a personal space page that I created as a guide for tracing my lineage through her. ~ Noland-165

My 6x-gr-grands are Charles and Agnes Hill, through their son John Harrington (abt.1748-1792).

  1. Liz Noland
  2. Peyton Noland
  3. Henry Peyton Noland (1896-1935) and his wife
    Florence (Martin) Bruce (1901-1984), married 1923, Vicksburg, MS
  4. Mary Dudley Aldridge (1865-1921) and her husband
    Thomas Vaughan Noland (1864-1914), married 1895 in Bovina, MS
  5. Frances Virginia Dixon (c1842-a1875) and her husband
    A.D. Aldridge (1840-c1883), married 1 November 1860 in Hinds County, MS
  6. Sarah Ann Adaline Harrington (c1810-c1848) and her husband
    Zachariah Dixon (c1802-1854), married 27 December 1835 in Amite County, MS
  7. Jeptha Harrington (abt.1775-1838) and his wife
    Fanny (last name unknown), married before 1805, maybe in Georgia
  8. John Harrington (c1748-1792) and his wife
    Frances Burt (1750-1823), married c1774 in "Fayette, Union, South Carolina"
  9. Agnes Hill (1730-1797) and her husband
    Charles Harrington Sr (1720-1773), married in 1745, Fayette Dist, Edgecombe, NC
  10. Robert Hill, born in Isle of Wight County[citation needed] (1682-p1762) and his wife
    Tabitha Green (1690-aft.1765), married before 1715 in Isle of Wight County - NOTE: This Robert m Tabitha is "my" Robert. Where he was born/lived/died needs research. He Also where Tabitha was born/where they married. He is frequently confused with other Robert Hills in the area (see Hill-49#Not_Him). Currently in WikiTree (14 January 2022), the profile for "Robert Sion Hill", husband of Elizabeth Marriott, is again attached to the same parents (Sion & Elizabeth)
  11. Sion Hill and his wife
    Elizabeth ___, widow of John Spiltimber (who died in 1677, Surry County), married xx - Note: As of 14 January 2022, two Roberts are claiming them as parents: Hill-59: Robert Hill (1682-p1762) & Hill-620: Robert Sion Hill (c1670-1762). They also have a son named Sion - Hill-1955: Sion Hill Jr. (c1678-1762)
  12. parents of Sion Hill-50.


Robert Hill and Tabitha Green were Agnes's parents (dates as of 13 January 2022):
Agnes (according to her profile as of 13 January 2022)
  • was born in Surry County, Virginia (in 1730)
  • married in Fayette Dist, Edgecombe, NC (in 1745)
  • died in Pittsboro, Chatham, North Carolina (on 14 Aug 1797)
Her siblings include:
  • William Hill (abt.1715-), born Isle of Wight/died North Carolina (according to his profile as of 14 January 2022), named in Robert's will,[1] as were
  • Green Hill[1]
  • Sion Hill[1]
  • Abner Hill[1]
  • Tabetha Chapman[1]
  • Agnes Arrington[1]
  • Ann Steel[1]
  • Mary Bryant[1]
  • Milbry [Hill][1]

Robert Hill's 1762 Will

Agnes is named in her father's 1762 will, as Agnes Harrington.

"Robert my Beloved wife Tabitha Hill the use of three Negroes to wit Sambo, Sarah and Bess...I also lend her six cows and calves and all the household goods...two my son William Hill a Negroe girl called my son Green Hill a Negroe called Simon that he is now possessed my son Sion Hill the plantation ...also two Negroes one called Toney the other called son Abner Hill a Negroe called Peter and a girl called Daughter Tabetha Chapman a Negro fellow called Jammy that she is now possessed with...Daughter Agnes Arrington a negroe called Jack that she is now possessed with...Daughter Ann Steel a Negro girl called Tuggy...Daughter Mary Bryant a negro girl called Daffeny that she is now possess'd with and also I give her a negroe wench called Jenny...Daughter Milbry my plantation...two Negroes one Named Hannah the other named Barbey and all the cattle I have given her. 18 June 1762. signed. April Court 1766."[1]
Note: This is just one transcription. Another (see Will, on Robert's profile) includes details about land bequeathed in the will:
"He [Robert Hill] made his will in Halifax on June 18, 1762, probated April, 1766 as follows: ... to son Sion Hill the plantation we now live on south side of Blue March, after decease of my wife,... daughter Mary Bryant land on both sides of Red Bud Creek below mouth of Crab Tree; and daughter Milbry all land above Crab Tree.... Sons Abner, Sion, and Green Hill Executors (Book 1, p.159).'[2]


Agnes's father was the Robert Hill who left a will written 18 June 1762 and probated in April 1766 (record in Halifax County Court, April session). He left her a "negro called Peter".[1][2]


As of 13 January 2022, the following profiles were attached as children of Agnes (Hill) Harrington

Note - this space page is concerned only with John.

Research Notes

From her father's profile, Robert Hill (1682-aft.1762), accessed 14 January 2022:

Birth year: 1678[3] or 1682[4]

Jr.: Robert Hill who married Tabitha Green is sometimes shown as Robert Hill Jr. to distinguish him from his uncle Robert living in the same area. His uncle married Elizabeth (Marriott) Mizell in 1693/4.[5] One profile for his uncle Robert (Hill-20180) had the birth year of 1667 as of 19 May 2020.

Marriage year:

After 1694:[6] Tabitha Green's birth is given as about 1690, so "after 1694" does not seem appropriate. Perhaps that date is more suitable for Robert's uncle? (Uncle's profile/s: Hill-20180, Hill-620.)
Before 1705: Hannah Hill is said to have been born in 1705. If so, and if she is the daughter of Robert and Tabitha, then Tabitha was 15 when she was born (or perhaps that was the basis of her birth year being 1690?).
About 1710, 1713: If Hannah is not their daughter (perhaps she is the uncle's daughter?), then c1710 would be a better estimate, as the earliest birth year given in the profiles attached for the other children is 1714.
Before 1721 (likely considerably before) is based on the following:
'Robert Hill is shown with a wife, Tabitha, in 1721 when he made a sale of land to Henry Browne. He patented 145 acres in Isle of Wight, Virginia, January 23, 1724, and deeded this land on the south side of Fountain Creek to Arthur Jordan the "plantation where I now live." He was styled "Junior" because his uncle Robert was residing nearby. Fountain Creek evidently ran into Northampton for on May 22, 1725, he was granted 160 acres on the south side of Fountain Creek in Northampton Co., North Carolina. This may be about the time that a 25 mile strip along the border of Virginia and North Carolina was found to be in North Carolina and ceded by Virginia. Robert Hill patented 700 acres at different times in Edgecombe County which became Halifax in 1758.'[7]

William Hills

I looked into William Hill when looking at duplicates. My focus is on Agnes's ancestors, but didn't want to lose the William profiles I had collected from the oodles out there:
  • William Hill (abt.1765-), married Nancy Morton 15 Oct 1792 in Charlotte County, Virginia
  • William Hill Jr. (abt.1705-1787), born MD/died Surry County, NC, but with first line in bio: "WILLIAM HILL, JR. MAY HAVE DIED IN MIDDLESEX CO., VIRGINIA around 1779"
  • William Hill (1760-), married Elizabeth Cope 12 Nov 1789 in Wake, North Carolina
  • William Hill (1750-1786), born Granville, NC/died Franklin Co., NC, married Mary Polly Jones. This William was son of Green Hill Sr and Grace Bennett.
    • "born Feb 20 1750[1] in Granville [Bute1764/Franklin1779] County, North Carolina, the son of Grace Bennett and Green Hill. The old home in Louisburg, Franklin Co., was still standing in 1988, occupied by William’s descendants.[8]"
    • from his Franklin County, NC will, dated 12 June 1784 - sons "WM BENNET HILL, SAMUEL SUGAR HILL, JAMES JONES HILL, and CHARLES APPLEWHITE HILL" & "I do hereby constitute and appoynt my beloved brother HENRY HILL, SAMUEL JONES, & JORDAN HILL for to be Trustees in seeing that my children is well brought up..."

From the FamilySearch PID LVHY-9GZ for William Hill (c1710-17 February 1787)... perhaps a son of Robert's?

From the Heritage of Stokes County, North Carolina Published 1981 by the Stokes County Historical Society, p. 296- 297
Note that later research on William Hill by leading Hill researchers have debunked the erroneous link to Sion Hill.
In 1736 he married Susannah Smithers. He was born about 1710-15 and died in Surry County in 1787. Rev. Thos. H. Bain of Raleigh, North Carolina, a great grandson of Rev. Willian Hill of Surry County state in an affidavit dated February 2, 1926, that his great grandfather and Green Hill who married Grace Bennett were brothers. In 1737, William Hill and Susanna Smithers were living in Carolina County, Virginia, when their son William was born. Prior to the Revolution they moved to Surry County, North Carolina, and settled on Town Fork in what is now Stokes County. He was a member of the Provincial Congress that met at Hillsboro on August 20, 1775.. His will dated 1777, was probated February 534m 1778 (?), Surry County, North Carolina. In his will he mentions ten children.
"William Hill, who was born in Virginia in 1710 and married Susan Smithers in 1736, moved into North Carolina in 1760, in the section then known as Surry County and is now known as Stokes County. He settled on a large farm west of what is now known as Walnut Cove and on the land to be later known as the E. R. Voss Farm, presently known as the Shorehill Farm. Here he lived until he died in 1784. William Hill was an important personage of his day; he served in the Provincial Congress which met in Hillsboro, N.C., on August 20, 1775. The follow children were born to Susan Smithers and William Hill: William, Thomas, Robert, Ewell, Elizabeth, Daniel, Jessie, James, Josua and Joel. The last two were twins.
William and Susannah (Smithers) Hill are the parents of Robert Hill:
William Hill Sr (born c1712, died before 17 February 1787, Surry Co., NC), married Susannah Smithers - comment: WILLIAM HILL JR DATES ARE IN ERROR (William Jr married Hanniniah Elizabeth Halbert).[9]
[Who? - William?] Member of Provincial Congress, which met at Hillsboro, North Carolina on August 20, 1775 (N.C. Colonial Records, Vol. 10, page 165) by Saunders
[Again who?] Moved to Surry County, North Carolina prior to the American Revolution and settled on "Town Fork" in what is now Stokes County, North Carolina.
[Whose children?] Left considerable property to be divided between his ten children, nine sons and one daughter.
Children ... of William, I think:
  1. William b.1737
  2. Thomas Smithers b.1739
  3. Elizabeth b.1747 married William Anson Halbert
  4. Robert b.1752
  5. [Sam]Uel b.1753
  6. Daniel b.1756[10]
  7. Jesse b.1759
  8. James b.1761
  9. Joel b.1763
  10. Josha/Joshua b.1763
[William?] Military service: American Revolution, Captain, Pension #16659; Patriotic Service, North Carolina
[William?] Military Service Description: 1) TOOK OATH OF ALLEGIANCE TO MAKE LAND ENTRY, SURRY CO, 1778

Location Notes

  • Brunswick County was formed from Prince George County, "1720-1732"[11]
  • Brunswick County gained from Isle of Wight County and Surry County, 1732[11]


See also the following space pages that mention southern colonial Hills:

Comments from my Robert & dad Sion

Selected comments from several profiles - Sion Hill-50 & sons - mostly just the two:
Sion Hill (abt.1654-1705), husband of Elizabeth (John Splitember's widow) and father of
Hill-49 Robert Hill (1682-aft.1762), husband of Tabitha Green

On Hill-50:

The WikiTree connection between Sion and Mary (Boddie) Browne is interesting...

Mary Boddie → John Boddie (her brother) → William Boddie (his son) → Mary Bennett (his wife) → Grace Bennett (her sister) → Green Hill (her husband) → Richard Hill (his brother) → Robert Hill (his father) → Sion Hill (his father)

Keep in mind that the many Green, Richard, and Robert Hills in the area mean that Grace's husband Green may be a different Green Hill than the son of Richard, who may or may not be the brother of Robert Hill, and which Robert Hill is the son of this Sion is still up in the air (although as of this writing, we're down to only two profiles for a son named Robert attached to this profile for Sion).

posted 22 days ago by You

significance of tithables...

  • Richard appears in 1700, paid by Sion Sr, indicating that was the year he turned 16, so he was born c1684.
  • Sion Jr paid for himself in 1703, so he was born c1682.


When there are multiple names, the first name is that of the “master or mistress of a family” (the person responsible for the tax), followed by the names or number of the taxable persons for whom that person would pay the tax. In the 18th century this was males over 16 (children, overseers, apprentices, servants, and slaves), and non-white, enslaved or indentured women over sixteen. A free male 21 or over was legally responsible for his own tax, and thus should be listed separately — although we can’t be certain that this was always the case. As early as 1644, “master of a household” was defined as meaning the person in “command” of the farm or plantation.
When a male appears as an independent tithable, it is reasonable to assume that they were of age. A separate appearance on the tax list indicates tax responsibility, which was normally assumed upon reaching majority. This does not indicate that the person was maintaining a separate physical household. In the case of males between 16 and 21, their parents, guardians, or masters (in the case of apprentices or servants) were responsible for the tax.

posted 26 days ago by You

Hi! I plan to work on this profile a bit to more clearly separate the information that has a reliable source from information that doesn't (e.g., no support for a marriage to Hannah Cook). His wife (currently Elizabeth Smith) should probably be Elizabeth Unknown. And profiles for more than one child named Robert (and more than one for a child named Sion, if you consider middle names), with different wives, are attached. So, while Boddie lists just five children (see list in profile text), there are profiles for eight children attached (as listed below with info per WikiTree as of 15 December 2021):

  1. Sion Hill Jr. (abt.1678-1762), married (1) Elizabeth Brown, (2) Hannah Green
  2. John Hill (abt.1679-) no information other than listed as titheable in 1702 in Southwark Parish, Surry County
  3. Robert Sion Hill (1682-1762), married Elizabeth Marriott
  4. *Richard Hill (1684-1723), married Hannah Briggs
  5. Robert Hill (1684-aft.1762), married (1) Tabitha Green, (2) Hannah Briggs
  6. *Thomas Hill (abt.1686-1737), married Priscilla Gray
  7. *Michael Hill I (1688-1755), married Elizabeth R. Mitchell
  8. William Hill (1689-1745) no other information

If you have sources to share for the children and/or their wives, please do. I also intend to change the profile for his wife from Elizabeth Smith to Elizabeth Unknown - if you have clear primary support that the widow of John Spiltimber who married (2) Sion HIll was born Smith, please share! (Please post those to Smith-10287, as well as any arguments/additional info that her parents are Nicholas and Ann Smith.)


P.S. * by the children's names - Boddie named Richard, Thomas, & Michael as sons, in addition to one each Robert & Sion.

edit on 21 December corrected given name of Hill who married Spiltimber's widow.

posted 30 days ago by You
edited 23 days ago by You

On Hill-49:

About the disconnected daughter Hannah:

HI! I haven't been able to find any evidence that Hannah Hill born 1705/married James Briggs is the daughter of Robert and Tabitha (Green) Hill. Her profile has an image of a screen shot attached, which has no valid sources showing to support that Robert & Tabitha are her parents (it appears you can order a document from Ancestry to support that Hannah and James Briggs had a son named Thomas but not what that document might be).

If you have reliable supporting sources, please share! Otherwise, I'll detach her as their daughter. I thought that perhaps she might be a daughter of Robert's brother Richard & his wife Hannah, but she is not mentioned in Richard's will.*

* I could have sworn I'd seen a transcription of his will somewhere, but all I can find now is an abstract that names Hannah Hill as adm. of his will in Surry County: "HILL, Richard: Est.- Hannah Hill, admr. 19 July 1727. Signed: Wm. Gray and John Newsum. Book 7, p. 746."[13]

posted 29 days ago by You

Hill-1955 and Hill-49 are not ready to be merged because: as mentioned in the merge proposal, more research is needed. I believe that the Robert with wife Tabitha & the will proved April 1766 (Hill-49) is the nephew of Hill-1955.

posted Dec 12, 2019 by You

Hill-1955 and Hill-49 appear to represent the same person because: Seem to be the same person. Using the same fag, Need to get is settled. More research needed.
~ posted Dec 11, 2019 by Terry (McClintock) Fillow

I am concerned about this proposed merge. More than one Robert Hill was in the area, and this profile supports only the one wife (Tabitha Green) while the other not only has three different wives (none Tabitha) but has "Robert" in parentheses with Sion apparently his given name. It seems more likely to me that Hill-1955 is NOT the same as this Robert Hill-49, but has borrowed facts from his... brother? cousin? nephew?

p.s. Looking at changes for Hill-1955, it appears that a different FindAGrave memorial was cited... one for Sion Hill (born 1682). That memorial has since been merged with the one for this Robert, 148172677, which has no sources but also only has Tabitha as wife.

I do not think that FindAGrave's actions (merging away Sion's memorial into Robert's) are adequate support for changing Hill-1955 into Robert & and adding (Sion's?) several wives to Hill-49.

* From this Changes page: Find A Grave, database and images ( : accessed 4 May 2017), memorial #103065674 for Sion Hill, Jr (1682 - ) - Find A Grave Memorial.

edit was to correct a link

posted Apr 23, 2020 by You
edited May 19, 2020 by You

And... on Hill-1955:

I posted a comment on Hill-49 concerning the currently proposed merge of Hill-1955 and Hill-49. I am still unconvinced they are the same person. I believe it more likely that this is Sion, born 1682, who once had his own FindAGrave memorial but was merged away into Robert's. Robert's memorial has no sources. If I recall, neither did Sion's.

If this merge were to be completed (of Hill-49 & Hill-1955), I recommend detaching all of the wives except Tabitha & have them take over Hill children not supported by the text of Hill-49.

posted Apr 23, 2020 by You

Two Robert Hills in same area/same time - uncle and nephew. One online tree shows the uncle Robert as born 1667, died c1740, "married Elizabeth Unknown after 1682." It shows the nephew Robert as born 1678, died April 1765 & married Tabitha Green.

The nephew Robert left a will dated 18 June 1762 & proved in April Court 1766, in Halifax County.

I think that Hill-1955 and Hill-49 are the uncle/nephew but their information has been mooshed a bit.

posted Dec 12, 2019 by You


Posted as a comment on Hill-1955: Sion (attached as son of Sion Hill-50 as of 14 January 2022)
FTDNA - YDNA Group for Sion Hill, seems to be Group #05, while William Hill, who married Susan Smithers is Group # 12a and Possibly 12b, Here is the Colorized chart, FTDNA -
So, I purpose a separation, because they are not related by blood.
~ posted Jan 11, 2019 by Cathi (Clements) Gross
The William who married Smithers is Hill-3101, son of William (1684-1750), born in Middlesex County/died in NC & his wife Frances Needles-90. The father (Hill-11747 b 1684) is not attached to any parents, so it seems that this has been addres ("separation").


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  2. 2.0 2.1 The image of Robert's will that names Agnes is available in Ancestry, and as a shared image: Ancestry Sharing Link (accessed 19 December 2021). Boddie's transcription does not name his wife:
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  3. Find A Grave: Memorial #148172677
    NB: This memorial is unsourced and is the result of two memorials that were merged. It appears that it kept the wife and child of this Robert ([Hill-49]) but may have dates from a brother (Sion?) or uncle.
  4. See "Not Him" (on Robert's profile).
  5. Entry for Robert Hill, from Thomas Morrow Genealogy Project, apparently citing John Bennett Boddie's Southside Virginia Families. See also the entry for Elizabeth Green.
    • Note - Morrow has his wife as Elizabeth Green, but this appears to be incorrect. ~ Noland-165, 31 July 2018
  6. from Thomas Morrow Genealogy Project, apparently citing John Bennett Boddie's Southside Virginia Families
  8. I deleted most of the copied information from Hill DAR entries.
    • William Hill Sr., DAR Patriot Ancestor #A056112 (accessed 13 January 2022) - married Susannah Smithers; father of Robert & William. WikiTree profile for Sr: Hill-3101 (as of 14 January 2022).
    • William Hill Jr., DAR Patriot Ancestor #A056136 (accessed 13 January 2022) - married Hanniniah Elizabeth Halbert. WikiTree profile for Jr: Hill-1449 (as of 14 January 2022).
    • Robert Hill, DAR Patriot Ancestor #A055976 (accessed 13 January 2022) - married Martha Halbert. WikiTree profile for Robert: Hill-6903 (as of 14 January 2022).
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