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Ancestors of Cotham Grandfather

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Note NI355 by Jerry Cox

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From Alfred Sampson Cotham Part 1 of 2

ALFRED SAMPSON COTHAM - Alfred Sampson Cotham was born in Perry County, TN Sept. 21, 1841. (His stone gives birthdate 23 Sept 1844) His parents, Moses Paine and Sarah Holligan Cotham, both died when Alfred was young so Alfred was raised by relatives. Alfred married his first wife, Mary Jane Throgmartin, in Wayne County, TN. They had four children: Emily Anna, James Thomas, Malford William and Mary Jane. Alfred was drafted into the Confederate Army but chose to leave and join the Union Army. He toId his daughter, Tela, that he ran off the first day because he could not fight for the right of one person to own another person. He served first as a private, then as a lieutenant in C Company, 2nd Tennessee mounted Infantry, entering in 1863 and leaving in January of 1866. In April of 1873 Mary Jane died. Two months later Alfred married a widow, Rutha Paralee Roberts James. Paralee had one daughter, Mollie, during her marriage to James Edmond James. Alfred and Paralee had two children in Tennessee, William Alvin Olson and John Wesley. Then around 1880 Alfred led a wagon train headed from Perry County to Ripley County, MO. Alfred's and Paralee's six daughters, Lulu, Loanie, Sally, Nora Estelle, Louvenia, and Artely were born in Ripley County between 1881-1890. Most of the children from his first marriage and those from his second married while in Ripley County. However, the first daughter, Emma, married her husband Evan Cunningham in Perry County, TN. They, too, came to Ripley County where their ten children were born. James Thomas married Lucy Ann Upshaw in Ripley County on Nov. 27,1886. They had six children. Malford married Dora Fagan in October of 1886. This couple had eight children. Mary Jane married John Harris on Dec. 16, 1885. John and Mary Jane had five children, four boys and a girl. William Alvin Olson Cotham married Frances Angeline Hyde on July 26, 1896. They had two daughters, Ella and Ida. Nora Estelle married Eldon Newton Miller on July 7, 1905. Estelle and Eldon had nine children: Billie, Russell, Winnie, Perry, Ted, Harry, Pauline, Ruth and Gracie. Louvenia married Luther Cecil Redus first, July 20, 1905. They had one son, Benny. After Cecil's death, Louvenia married Robert Lawson. They had a daughter, Juanita. They had one son, Billy Ervin. Louvenia's third husband was Louis McCarroll. The youngest daughter, Artely "Tela" also married three times. She first married Arthur Redus, July27, 1906. They had three children, Leila, Neil Clyde and Perry. After Arthur's death, Tela married Jim Cox. They moved first to Arkansas and then to Oklahoma. They had six children: Melvin, Molly, Violet,Vernie, Virgil and Versie. After their divorce, Tela married Warren Alvin Luckinbill. They had a son, Ray. Alfred Sampson homesteaded land near Gatewood. He received his land patent on Oct. 11, 1890. He farmed his land until his death on July 22,1922. Paralee moved with her daughters, Estelle and Tela, to Creek County, OK. She died Nov. 3,1930 and is buried in Sunrise Cemetery. Submitted by Linda Stafford Israel.See "History & Families Ripley County Missouri est 1833" "C0THAM - I n 1879-- Alfred Sampson Cotham led his family by wagon train to Tucker, MO in Ripley County, He moved there from Perry County, TN because of the war. He was apparently drafted by the Confederate Army, entering service Nov. 30, 1861. Ten days later he was reported absent, but according to family stories, he left the first night of service. He opposed slavery. On Jan. 19, 1864 he joined the Union and later was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant. Alfred was born in Perry County, TN on Sept. 22, 1841. He married Mary Joyce Throgmartin July 7, 1859 and they had four children. Alfred was widowed after 14 years of marriage and shortly after his wife's death, he married a young widow, Ruthy Paralee Robert James, who had a small child of her own. Together they bore nine more children. The five surviving children were: William Alvin, John Wesley, Nora Estalee, Louvenia and Artele. It was this growing family that Alfred and Ruthy moved by wagon train to Tucker, MO in 1879. Ruthy was born in Perry County, TN on Jan. 5, 1849. Her mother, Patti Nemeth's great-great- grandmother was Mary Ann Horton, a 'granny doctor" who for many years delivered babies and cared for the sick throughout the Tucker area by horseback. It is believed she learned medicine from her husband who was an Indian. Alfred was active in the community of Tucker, and founded and built Cotham School. He was strongly religious and helped build the Tucker Baptist Church. It is in the cemetery of this church where he and Mary Ann Horton are buried. Artele, Alfred's youngest daughter, married James Cox at Tucker Baptist Church. James Cox was born in Ripley County Oct. 30, 1877. His parents were the Rev. Jacob Hopkins Cox and Mary Elizabeth Gillespie, both of Ripley County. James and Artele, Patti's grandparents, had six children: Melvin Richard, Mollie Marie, Violet Sophie, Patti's mother Juanita Verna, Virgil Dowell, and Jean Versie Leota. Juanita Verna Cox was born inTulsa, OK Oct. 26, 1923. She married Eugene Mason Cox (from Purdy, MO and not related), a machinist working at Douglas Air- craft in Tulsa during WWII. They had two children, Randy Mason and Patti Marie. Juanita married again later and had two more children, Rochelle Ann and Cynthia Kay Elliott. Juanita has been a homemaker all her life. Patti lives in St. Louis, MO and has been there since 1980. She is a physician in private practice. ..." ("History and Families Ripley County Missouri" Vol I, Submitted by Patti Marie (Cox) Nemeth, MD, PhD) In 1850 Alfred S. lived with Jessy Sparks. Alfred moved to Missouri before the Civil War. Left Missouri during the war and served from Ill. (This family tradition is in question. It contradicts traditions in the Cotham family and has not been documented by me.) Alfred owned a carpenter shop at New Home in Ripley Co MO. Estele said Alfred built her father's house in Origan Co MO. Her father was James Thomas Cotham. Robert Luckinbill said: Alfred "fought for Company F, 9th Tennessee Cavalry (CSA)" (left in late 1861 or early 1862) "and later with Company C, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry (USA)." Alfred volunteered for the 2nd TN Mounted Infantry in Dec 1863. Robert said his father said his mother, Tela, said Alfred said he didn't think it was right for one man to own another man was why he couldn't fight for the South. Robert said Alfred's commission to 2nd lieutenant was signed by Andrew Johnson, then Military governor of TN, later President of the USA. Robert said in January 1865 The Union boat, USS Peosta picked A. S. Cotham and wife and kids in Clifton TN and delivered them to Paducah Kentucky a few days later. They may have been running from Confederate sympathizers. Linda S Israel said Jean Davidson said "Granny Tele said that Alfred was drafted into the Southern Army but ran off the first night "because he didn't think it was right for one man to own another man." Jean assumed that he was conscripted into the Confederate Army, as this was a common practice at that time. He was a priavte in CoF,9 Battalion Tennessee Calvary. He was never paid. Remarks: "Left Camp Murry about the 10th of Jan 1862 at home last heard from. Muster roll dated 16 March stated "Deserted and is with the Yankees. Jean noted the 1860 census for Wayne Co Tennessee records Alfred age 18 living in house no 1086 Whitaker's Bluff TN. He was a laborer with 0 living with Mary J. age 16 and Emily A. age 3/12. Jean also records the 1870 census for Wayne Co Tn at PO Waynesboro Alfred was 28 with 0/255 living with Mary Jane age 26 and Emily A age 10. He married Rutha Paralee in 1873. Details from Estelle Cotham Miller at 90 (from Jean Davidsons) "My daddy never did say a word about his daddy or mother. I guess they died when he was little. I heard them talk about some people that raised him till he was 18 years old and then he went to the Civil War. He had a brother. His name was John, and a nephew that come by our house when I was a little girl and stayed all night and went on and never did hear anymore about him." Another Sparks sister married Josiah "Jim" Cotham. In 1850 they lived in Hickman Co. John Cotham, age 4 was living with them. He was not their son as their oldest son was Jesse born in 1848, they came from TN. Jean Davidson wrote in an email: "One story I remember (from Estelle's family) was that Alfred's mother had died when he was real young and he was raised by a Negro mammy. This was why Alfred did not believe in slavery and refused to fight for the South. Daddy always told me that his grandpa was drafted by the South and ran away the first night. Later I found Civil War records that confirmed this. Estelle said that Alfred's family died when he was young and he was sent to live with another family that raised him. Alfred and Joseph were with Jesse and Ann Sparks in 1850. They were neighbors and related in some way." Note from jerry Cox: [[Cotham-111|Estelle Missouri (Cotham) Groom told me about her father, James Thomas Cotham and her grandfather, Alfred Simpson Cotham. She also shared her many records of marriages and births and deaths. I got some marriage records from courthouses. Estelle was sister to Hattie Bell (Cotham) Cox, my grandmother. Aunt Es-te-lee liked to be called E-stelle in her later years.

From Moses Payne Cotham Part 2 of 2

Second of two parts listed on siblings profiles:

Moses Payne Cotham Email from Linda S Israel

For his children, I have: Christian 1815, Patrick 1818, Cassandra 1819, Martha 1828, Joseph, 1830, Lucinda 1828, Elizabeth, 1837, Alfred Sampson 1841, and Stephen 1844. Lucinda, Martha, Elizabeth and Stephen went to Illinois. Jean Davidson found this info in Perry Co TN.
Martha is in the 1850 census on Madison County, Illinois. She is married to Milton G. Pace. They have one daughter Mary. I cannot find records for them after that. Lucinda married John T. Scott. They too are in Madison County, IL in 1850. In 1860 They are in Bond County and Stephen Cotham age 17 is living with them. Their children are Vincent or Franklin depending on the census, James A, Jane L, Sarah, and Thomas. Again, I lost them after 1860. Elizabeth married William Stringer in 1851 in Madison Co, Il They are in Madison Co 1860 with 2 children Wesley and James.
THIS IS INFO FROM JEAN DAVIDSON: all records (and my imagination) is as follows:
Moses Cotham b. 1793 in SC or GA d. ca 1849 in Decatur or Perry Co. TN
md. ca 1814 in TN to Sarah 1799 in TN d. bet. 1844-1848 in Decatur or PerryCo.TN. Children:
Christian Moses b. ca 1815 in TN
Cassandra b. ca 1820 in TN m. Abner Coleman
female b. 1820-1825 in TN
Martha b. 1828 in TN m. Milton G. Pace
male (possibly Patrick) b. 1826-30) in TN
male (possibly Joseph J. b. ca 1830 in TN
Lucinda b. ca 1831 in TN m. John T. Scott
male (possibly Thomas J) b. ca 1839
male b. 1835-40  ???
Elizabeth b. ca 1837 in TN m. Wm.Stringer
female b. 1835-40 in TN
Alfred Sampson b. 22 Sept 1841 in Perry or Decatur Co. TN
Stephen b. ca 1844 in TN
mFree, Huston Texas, 77034 phone 713 946- 3907. Varby Lee shows Alfred Samson Cotham as son of Thomas Payne Cotham. I got the details of the connection between Alfred Simpson Cotham and Moses Payne Cotham from Jean Davidson. See notes.


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