Andel, Noord-Brabant One Place Study

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Date: 1812 [unknown]
Location: Op- en Neer-Andel, Noord-Brabant, Nederlandmap
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This profile is part of the Andel, Noord-Brabant One Place Study.

This page describes the work on a "One Place Study" of the Dutch village of Andel, located next to the river Maas, nowadays in the province of Noord-Brabant. Before 1813 it was part of the province of South-Holland.

Andel is divided in 2 parts, the part located upstream is called Op-Andel, the part located downstream is called Neer-Andel (or in older sources Uit-Andel). Both parts are centered around their own church. In local dialect the village is also known as Eyl or Ael, and this form can sometimes be found in older sources.

Andel is located in an area known as "Het land van Altena" and is today part of the municipality of Altena.

Nederlands (Dutch)

Deze pagina is bedoeld als een beschrijving van het werk aan de "One Place Study" van het dorp Andel, aan de Maas, tegenwoordig in de provincie Noord-Brabant. Voor 1813 maakte het deel uit van Zuid-Holland.

Andel bestaat uit 2 delen, het deel stroomopwaards heet Op-Andel, het deel stroomafwaards Neer-Andel (in oude bronnen ook wel Uit-Andel). Beide delen hadden een eigen kerkgebouw. In het lokale dialect wordt het dorp ook wel Eyl of Ael genoemd, en deze vorm kan nu en dan wel voorkomen in oudere bronnen.

Andel is gelegen in het gebied dat bekend staat als "Het land van Altena" en is tegenwoordig onderdeel van de gemeente Altena.

De rest van deze pagina is voorlopig in het engels. Mocht dat een probleem zijn, laat dan even een comment-bericht achter zodat een nederlandse vertaling toegevoegd kan worden.

Most important online sources

Major online sources are:

  • Steekarchief Langstraat Heusden en Altena: this archive stores the main collection of sources for this village and provides searchable indexes for birth, baptism, marriage and death registers with links to scans of the originals.
  • Brabants Historisch Informatiecentrum The provincial archive, providing online searchable index, but the results are not always linked to scans.
  • wie was wie website provides an overall search tool for Dutch genealogical information. Search results for Andel usually refer to the above 2 archives for more information.
  • familysearch this catalog page provides pointers to the scanned sources of Andel. A main source not (yet) available on the above websites are the "Huwelijksbijlagen". These are certified copies of older documents that couples needed to provide before they could get married. They are available between 1843-1922 and sometimes contain certified copies of pages from registers that are now lost.

Study goal

Since the Dutch civil registration for this area started in 1812, this seems a good moment in time to take as a starting point. Especially since a census register for Andel dated 1812 is available (with some gaps) that can be used as guide for assigining families to this study. It is usually fairly easy to follow a line towards the future from this point in time, using the above mentioned online sources. Going back in time is often more difficult, but a fair number of sources survives that should make it possible to trace families back to 1700 or even a bit further.

Scans for this 1812 census are available here and a full transcription is available here.

The next list and its numbering is based on this 1812 census. Unfortunately this census is not complete. The first few pages have gone missing (persons numbered 1 up to 180) as well as the final page(s) (persons numbered above 381 if any). Therefore people that can be proven to have lived in Andel in 1812 but are not mentioned in this census will be added without number. Hopefully this list can be more or less completed by collecting profiles for people living in Andel in 1812. It is important to note that especially the birth dates mentioned in this census are notoriously unreliable and often deviate from the actual birth date (if known).

Once this work is done, other census lists can be added. The next one starts in 1826 and was maintained up to 1845.

Index Profile Transcript: name birth date and location age Family details Profession
- Maria van Rosmalen (1778-1839) ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
181 Adriaantje van Vugt (1806-1855) Vugt, leurs fille, Adriaantje v. 28-Mar-1806 in Andel 6 ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
281 Jan van der Vliet (1751-1832) Vliet, Jan van der 30-Jun-1751 in Brakel 61 widower, 4 children charpentier
282 Joost van der Vliet (1788-) Vliet, son fils, Joost vd. 28-Sept-1788 in Andel 24 - -
283 Cornelis van der Vliet (1785-) Vliet, idem (son fils), Cornelis vd. 25-Dec-1785 in Andel 27 married, 1 child charpentier
284 Helena van Schaik (1788-) Schaaik, sa femme, Helena van 9-Sep-1788 in Andel 24 married, 1 child -
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
347 Cornelis van Andel (1784-) Andel, fils de la precedante , Cornelis van 21-Dec-1784 in Andel 28 married, 3 children marchand
348 Maria de Zeeuw (1786-) Zeeuw, sa femme, Maria de 6-Dec-1786 in Giessen 26 married, 3 children -
349 Cornelis van Andel (1804-) Andel, leurs fils, Cornelis van 15-Nov-1804 in Andel 8 - -
350 Teunis van Andel (1808-aft.1842) Andel, idem (leurs fils), Teunis van 24-Jan.-1808 in Andel 4 - -
351 Jan van Andel (1806-) Andel, idem (leurs fils), Jan van 13-Mar-1806 in Andel 6 - -
352 Gosina Vos (bef.1785-) Vos, leurs servante, Jesina 7-Feb-1787 in Veen 25 - -
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
367 Johannes van der Leij (bef.1779-1853) Leij, Johannis vd. 29-Jan-1779 in Capelle 33 (page lost) (page lost)
368 Magdalena Adriana van der Moore (abt.1785-1853) Mooren, sa femme, Adriana Magdelena vd. 15-Mar-1785 in Heusden 27 (page lost) (page lost)
369 Willem Adrianus Antonie van der Leij (1809-) Leij, leurs fils, Willem vd. 26-Feb-1809 in Pouderooijen 3 (page lost) (page lost)
370 Pieter van der Leij (1810-) Leij, idem (leurs fils), Pieter vd. 16-Nov-1810 in Andel 2 (page lost) (page lost)
... ... ... ... ... (page lost) (page lost)
380 Maijke van Wijngaarden (bef.1742-1822) Wijngaarde, Maaike van 24-Sep-1744 in Rijswijk 68 (page lost) (page lost)


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