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The focus of this page is for the family of Capt. Thomas Anderson and his wife Erna Mollari. The ancestry from this couple is entirely European but covers the entire continent. Immigration to the United States occurring between the middle 1600s to 1920.

Ancestry of Thomas

My Surnames

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, Mollari
, Delaney, Slavik
, Pulman, Savage
, Menapace, Medkova
, Wilson, Watkins
, Hayes, Flaherty
, Agostini, Tarter
, Konopkova, Medek, Klapilova
Black, Brown
Carmody, Clauser
Klapil, Kloch
McCarthy, Mlcochova
De Vigili, De Vigili , Driscoll , Drury
Fedrici, Fowler
Glen, Greeney
Heas, Hebblethwaite
Konopka, Kralova
Mahoney, Marcolla
Neenan, Newsholme
Semple, Sucha
Wallice, Welsh , Williams
Bottomley, Bugg
Dee, Dibb , Doggett , Dorrell
Glenn, Graham , Griffiths
Kindelan, Kral
Massenza, Mead , Morandi
Phillips, Pierce
Richardson, Rossati , Ryan
Sloan, Supple
Torresani, Turri
Unknown, Unknown
Bacon, Baker , Blinstone , Breckenridge , Buttell
Cochrane, Concini
Goldthorp, Greenwood
Keliher, Kirkpatrick
Maccani, Merrill , Mountaine
Sandri, Stables
Tava, Thompson
Wallace, Wauchope
Barwick, Blackburne , Bold , Bramley
Coleman, Craig
Hamilton, Harborn , Hill , Hutchinson
Mays, Mitchell
Pavlíková, Pollock
Sherwood, Shields , Smith , Smith , Stout
Todd, Turner
Alexander, Allen , Armytage , Ashburne
Boyers, Brisbane , Bugge
Campbell, Crawfurd
Haigh, Hambleton
Liddell, Lindsay
Richieson, Risk , Risk , Russell
Spilsby, Stangways , Swallow
Tarsoll, Traux
Walker, White
Bethune, Blair , Boutcher , Brayshaw , Browne , Byrne
Clark, Cleamie , Coward , Crawford
Dalgliesh, Drake , Dybb
Eccles, Emott , Ervin
Godfrey, Grizzell
Kaye, Kent
Lambe, Langley , Lockhart , Lyon
Maxwell, Mercer , Monckton , Mowat
Page, Parker , Pollok
Richardson, Rongnion
Sempill, Sempill , Shaw
Wardlaw, Wilkinson
The direct ancestry of Thomas is from the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland). His paternal grandmother and maternal grandmother both have roots to nobility and hence to several notable persons. Where the connection is closest through either the paternal line or maternal line, the person will be listed there. Here are some that are of equal distance through either line:


Raymond Anderson was descended from American colonialists. As many of these were in Virginia and records in many of the pertinent records were destroyed during the War of Northern Aggression, it is impossible to trace all of these lines. Certainly some participated in the Revolutionary War, two were Quakers in Pennsylvania with one being a close friend of William Penn. With genetics, we an be certain of Norse origins for the all paternal line and with very high confidence that it was by way of Scotland.


Margaret Delaney's parents were both from County Kerry, Ireland. The Delaney line has ancient ties to Ireland according to some while others claim they are of French extraction the name being /De Laney/. In either case, the Delaneys of County Kerry reportedly came from Queens County (County Laois today) in 1607 when Patrick Crosbie of that county was granted lands in County Kerry.[1]
The Delaneys belong, historically, to Counties Laois and Kilkenny and it is in these counties that they are still most numerous.[2] Their original habitat was Coilluachtarach, now Upperwoods, at the foot of Slieve Bloom near the source of the rivers Nore and Barrow in County Laois, in particular the parish of Offerlane.
The name itself, however, is said to be derived, in part, from the river Slaney. In it's original Irish form it is Ó Dubhshlaine. The component words mean black and Slaney.[3] Commenting on this, MacLysaght[4], the leading authority on Irish surnames, says that if the reference is to the river Slaney, it suggests that the Delaneys originally possessed a wider territory than that usually assigned to them.
O'Heerin's fourteenth century Topographical Poems makes the following reference to the Delaneys:
The high chief of the fruitful cantred3
Of the delightful Coill Uachtarach
Is O'Dubhshlaine, hospitable the man,
From the mountain of the most beauteous rivers.
While the Irish origins might be true of some Delaney families in the country, the name also has origins in France and was brought to Ireland by the Normans, The french surname was /de Aunou/ or /de l'Aunou/ which meant 'of an alder grove.' It came from the town of Orne in Normandy and is a vairant of the French word 'aunaie' (alder grove). In the local dialect of Orne, the word 'aunou' was used insead of 'aunaie.' The French Delaneys arrived in Ireland in the 12th century - invading Ireland from Britain in 1169 and 1171. These invasions centered in the province of Leinster which province includes the Slaney and the counties that were home to the Irish Dubshlaine making it difficult to distinguish the Delaney of French (de 'lAnou) from those of Irish (dubshlaine) extraction. The DNA evidence suggests that the Delaney families in County Kerry coming from Queen's County were of French extraction.
The Savage's in the county were descended from Sir Arthur Savage of County Kildare whose family was from Cheshire and Derbyshire, England but can trace their line to Sir Thomas Le Savage one of the Norman invaders.

Ancestry of Erna

The direct ancestry of Erna us from Austria (South Tyrol now part of Italy and Moravia now in Czechia).


Oscar Mollari was a Catholic priest who left South Tyrol just prior to it being turned over to Italian administration in 1920. His ancestry is difficult to pin-point. South Tyrol had been under Bavarian control for a time and German speaking residents out-numbered Italian speaking residents two-to-one. Looking at his grandparents names, we can see each has a distinct line:
  • /MOLLARI/ The paternal grandfather's name has been linked to the German Von Moeller name but the name spelled as-is is most commonly found in Finland. Many of the families in South Tyrol can trace their roots to the Etruscans and the Rhaetians. It should also be noted that there are a number of /MOLARI/ families and there are indications that the two families are related through the /AGOSTINI/ line but no firm connection has been documented as yet.
  • /AGOSTINI/ The paternal grandmother's name is linked to both the /MOLLARI/ family and /MOLARI/ family. The /AGOSTINI/ line itself can be traced to the 16th century
  • /MENAPACE/ The maternal grandfather's name was comes from the latin MENARE (to take or lead) and PACE (peace). MENAPACE (Latin: To bring peace). There are links to lower nobility but very little history beyond the 16th century.
  • /TARTER/ The maternal grandmother's family is a bit of a mystery as it does not fit in with the local names. The French origin might be true but possibly through Scotland as there is a family history that says they fled Cromwell in the 17th century, posibbly after the [Wikipedia:Battle_of_Dunbar_(1650)|Battle of Dunbar]], and settled in the Val di Non.


Frances Slavik was from Moravia and came to America when still a child in 1904. Although the SLAVIK surname is distinctly Czech (Slavik being the Czech word for nightingale) and the population is considered to be of western slavic extraction, about 30% of the population before the end of the First World War were German and the majority of mitochondrial matches on the all maternal line are German. The H26a1 haplogroup is wide-spread throughout Germany, southern Europe, eastern Europe, and the Balkans.

Topics of Interest

    • James "Diamond R" Brown was the subject of several paintings by Charles Russell.
    • Cousin Joan Timmons married [[Buscema-5|Sal Busceman] who worked for Marvel and DC comics as an illustrator along with his brother John Buscema. The brothers were known for their work on Spiderman, Dr. Strange, the Silver Surfer, Thor, and others.
  • Manhattan Project and Operation Paperclip
  • Paul Curtis was a pilot for Malcolm Forbes, The Carpenters, and various politicians and entertainers.
  • Government
  • Washington D.C. and environs
  • Military and War


  1. Jeremiah King, "County Kerry - Past and Present"
  2. In 1659, when Petty's census was made, Delaney appears as a principal Irish name in four baronies of County Laois and in five of County Kilkenny.
  3. Another source says it "derives from the Irish Dubhshlaine from dubh meaning black and slan meaning defiance".
  4. Edward MacLysaght Irish Families, Their Names, Arms & Origins
  5. Coincidently, Ernest's wife Carrie (Pulman) Anderson was also related to Peter, albeit distantly, as her third cousin twice removed Catherine (Threkeld) Nash was married to Peter's first cousin Michael Nash.


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