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Ann, Arrived 20 January 1733

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The 112 Passengers of the Ann


The 112 individuals listed below made up the first forty families to arrive in Georgia with General James Oglethorpe.

In attempts to be historically accurate, the following is the timeline of arrivals in different ports in the Southern Colonies. This ship did not dock in Georgia so the date of Arrival, January 20, 1733, is the date that the Ann arrived at it's last port before the passengers disembarked. The main source for this sailing is the A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia book which states an arrival date of February 1, 1733. That date is NOT the date that the Ann docked for passengers to disembark.

These settlers left England, sailing from Gravesend on the ship Ann, on November 17, 1732. They arrived in Charleston, South Carolina on January 13, 1733 and set sail for Georgia one week later.

The Ann arrived in Port Royal on January 20, 1733. The passengers disembarked on January 21, 1733, still in South Carolina. They stepped for the first time onto Georgia soil. (This was on a barrier island, they stepped ashore in Savannah, in February, 1733). - Per Georgia Historical Society Meeting Notes.

Georgia was a frontier and living conditions were difficult. The majority of the first 40 families were towns people from England without knowledge of farming or other subsistence living crafts. With their lack of basic survival skills combined with a wilderness setting, probable salt poisoning from their water, diseases borne by insects and created by lack of sanitary measures, it's no wonder that the death rate was alarmingly high.

Many of the descendants of these first 112 settlers still live in Georgia. Some of the families were located south of Savannah to present day Camden County and Glynn County to colonize and to man the fortifications established by Oglethorpe.

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This list gives the name of each colonist, age upon embarking on the ship Ann, occupation and/or family connection, official position in Georgia, and status 21 years later.

Colonists aboard the Ann who came at the Trustees’ expense

Amatis, Paul, none listed, Italian Silk Man, Gardner & Silk Care, Dead, Dec 1736
Bowling, Timothy, 38, Potash Maker, none listed, Dead, Nov 5, 1733
Calvert, Mary, 42, Wife of William, none listed, Dead, July 4, 1733
Calvert, William, 44, Trader in Goods, none listed, No record after 1738
Cameron, John Richard, 35, Servant to Francis Scott, none listed, Removed to South Carolina
Cannon, Clementine, 3, Daughter to Richard, none listed, Allegedly murdered
Cannon, James, 7 months, son to Richard, none listed, died on the Ann, Nov 26, 1732
Cannon, Marmaduke, 9, son to Richard, none listed, No record after 1741
Cannon, Mary 33, wife to Richard, none listed, Dead, July 22, 1733
Cannon, Richard, 36, Caldendar and Carpenter, none listed, dead 1735
Carwell, James, 35, peruke (wig) Maker, none listed, No record after 1741
Carwell, Margaret, 32, wife of James, n/l, Dead Sept. 7 1733
Causton, Thomas, 40, Calico Printer, Bailiff, Public Storekeeper, Dead 1746
Christie, Thomas, 32, Merchant, Bailiff, Recorder, Removed to South Carolina
Clark, Charles, 11, son to Robert, n/l, Dead, no date
Clark, James, 9 months, son to Robert, n/l, Dead on Ann, Dec 22, 1732
Clark, John, 4, Son to Robert, n/l, No record after 1740
Clark, Judith, 24, wife to Robert, n/l, Pehaps in Georgia, may have remarried
Clark, Peter, 3, son to Robert, n/l, No record after 1740
Clark, Robert, 37, Tailor, n/l, Dead, April 18, 1734
Close, Ann, 2, Daughter to Henry, n/l, Dead, April 2, 1734
Close, Hanna, 32, Wife to Henry, n/l, Returned to Scotland, May 1740
Close, Henry, 42, Clothworker, n/l, Dead Dec 14, 1733
Coles, Anna, 32, Wife to Joseph, n/l, Still in Georgia
Coles, Anna, 13, Daughter to Joseph, n/l, Still in Georgia
Coles, Joseph, 28, Miller and Baker, n/l, Dead, Mar 4, 1734/5
Cooper, Joseph, 34, Writer, n/l, Dead, March 29 1735
Cormock, Mary, 11, Servant to Noble Jones, n/l, No record
Cox, Eunice, 3, Daughter to William, n/l, Returned to England 1734
Cox, Frances, 35, Wife to William,. n/l, Returned to England 1734
Cox, William, 41, Surgeon, n/l, Dead, April 6 1733
Ellis, Thomas, 17, Servant to Noble Jones, n/l, No Record after 1738
Fitzwater, Joseph, 31, Gardner, Constable, Public Gardner, Dead, Oct. 18, 1742
Fox, Walter, 35, Turner, Port Gunner, Tything man, Dead, Dec. 30 1741
Goddard, Elizabeth, 42, Wife of James, n/l, Dead July 28 1733
Goddard, Elizabeth, 5, Daughter to James, n/l, No record after 1735
Goddard, James, 35, Carpenter and joiner, n/l, Dead July 1733
Gordon, Katherine, 28, Wife to Peter, n/l. Returned to England
Gordon, Peter, 34, Upholsterer, Bailiff, Returned to England April 1738
Gready, John, 22, farmer, n/l, apparently removed to South Carolina
Greenfield, Charles, 16, Nephew to William Calvert, n/l, No record after 1738
Greenfield, Sarah, 16, Niece to William Calvert, n/l, Apparently removed to South Carolina
Greenfield, William, 19, Nephew to William Calvert, n/l, No record after 1738
Hicks, Mary, n/l, Servant to Richard Cannon, n/l, No record after 1733
Hodges, Elizabeth, 16, Daughter to Richard, n/l, Dead, August 4, 1735
Hodges, Mary, 42, Wife to Richard, n/l, Dead, apparently still in Georgia
Hodges, Mary, 18, Daughter to Richard, n/l, Dead, March 24, 1738
Hodges, Richard, 50, Basketmaker, Bailiff, Dead, July 20, 1735
Hodges, Sarah, 5, Daughter to Richard, n/l, Apparently still in Georgia
Hughes, Elizabeth, 22, Wife to Joseph, n/l, Dead, June 5, 1740
Hughes, Joseph, 28, Cider Trade, Understands writing and accounts, Storekeeper to Trust, Dead, Sept 30, 1733
Johnson, Robert, 17, Servant to Thomas Christie, n/l, Dead, July 23, 1734
Jones, Mary 3, Daughter to Noble, n/l, In Georgia
Jones, Noble, 32, Carpenter, Surveyor, Constable, Guard Boat Commander, Register, Capt. of Militia, In Georgia.
Jones, Noble W., 10, Son to Noble, n/l, In Georgia
Jones, Sarah, 32, Wife to Noble, n/l, Probably Dead in 1752
Little, Elizabeth, 31, Wife to William, n/l, Dead, Sept. 26, 1733
Little, William, 31, Understands Flax and Hemp, n/l, Dead July 12, 1733
Little, William, 2, Son to William, n/l, In Georgia
Lloyd, Henry, 21, Servant to William Cox, n/l, Dead July 25, 1733
Mackay, John, 25, Servant to Joseph Stanley, n/l, Dead June 2, 1734
Milledge, Elizabeth, 40, Wife to Thomas, n/l, Dead June 1734
Milledge, Frances, 5, Daughter to Thomas, n/l, Probably in Georgia
Milledge, James, 2, Son of Thomas, n/l, Dead, Nov. 4, 1734
Milledge, John, 11, Son of Thomas, Tythingman, Commander at Fort Argyle, Still in Georgia
Milledge, Richard, 8, Son of Thomas, n/l, No record after 1740
Milledge, Thomas, Carpenter and Joiner, Dead July 29, 1733 not on original list but in a later transcribed list
Mugridge, Francis, 39, Sawyer, n/l, Dead July 10 1733
Muir, Ellen, 38 Wife to James, n/l, Dead July 10, 1933
Muir, James, 28, Peruke Maker, n/l, to South Carolina 1739 died there
Muir, John, 2, Son to James, n/l, to South Carolina
Overend, Joshua, 40, Mercer, n/l, Dead June 1733
Parker, Jane, 36, Wife to Samuel, n/l, Dead 1742
Parker, Samuel, 33, Heelmaker, understands carpentering, Constable, Dead July 20, 1733
Parker, Samuel, Jr., 16, Son to Samuel, Blacksmith, Dead, 1741
Parker, Thomas, 9, Son to Samuel, n/l, In Georgia
Penrose, Eliabeth, 46, wife to John, n/l, In Georgia
Penrose, John, 35, Husbandman, Pilot at Tybee, In Georgia
Pratt, Thomas, 21, n/l, n/l, Returned to England April 1735
Sammes, John, 42, Cordwainer, n/l, Dead August 21, 1733
Satchfield, Elizabeth, 24, Servant to James Muir, n/l, No record
Scott, Francis, 40, Reducer, military officer, n/l, Dead, Jan 2, 1734
Stanley, Elizabeth, 35, Wife to Joseph, Public Midwife, To England Oct. 1736
Stanley, Joseph, 41, Stockingman, can draw and reel silk, Sexton, Still in Georgia
Symes, Ann, 21, Daughter to George, n/l, Dead 1739
Symes, George, 55, Apothecary, Magistrate, Dead by 1740
Symes, Sarah, 52, Wife to George, n/l, Dead July 21 1733
Thibaut, Daniel, 50, Understands vines, n/l, Dead, Oct. 24, 1733
Thibaut, Diana, 7, Daughter to Daniel, n/l, Dead no date
Thibaut, James, 12, Son to Daniel, n/l, In Georgia
Thibaut, Mary, 40, Wife to Daniel, n/l, In Georgia
Wallis, Elizabeth, 27, Wife to John, n/l, Dead March 30, 1737 in England
Warren, Elizabeth, 27, wife to John, n/l, Dead March 30, 1737 in England
Warren, Georgius Mrinus, 3 weeks, n/l, n/l, No record, apparently dead
Warren, John, 34, Flax & Hemp Dresser, n/l, Dead, Aug. 11, 1733
Warren, John, 2, Son to John, n/l, Dead June 12, 1733
Warren, Richard, 4, Son to John, n/l, In Georgia
Warren, William, 6, Son to John, n/l, Dead Sept. 5, 1733
Waterland, William, 44, Mercer, Bailiff, Removed to South Carolina, 1734
Wellen, Elias Ann, 18, Servant to Joseph Coles, n/l, Returned to England
West, Elizabeth, 33, Wife to John, n/l, Dead July 1, 1733
West, John, 33, Smith, Bailiff, Dead, 1739
West, Richard, 5, Son to John, n/l, Dead, July 31, 1733
Wilson, James, 21, Sawyer, n/l, No record after 1740
Wright, Elizabeth, 11, Daughter to John, n/l, Dead, May 8, 1743
Wright, John, 33, Vintner, n/l, Dead Dec. 1737
Wright, John Norton, 13, Son to John, Tythingman, jailor, messenger to President and assistants, No record after 1742
Wright, Penelope, 33, Wife to John, Wharfinger, In Georgia
Young, Thomas, 45, Wheelwright, n/l, Dead by 1750

Colonists aboard the Ann who came at their own expense

Germain, Peter, Dead, July 13, 1733
Horn, William, Arrested, Fled colony.
Kilberry, William, servant, Dead, December 9, 1733
Mackay, John, Esq. Dead, June 15, 1733
Mackay, William, absent, February 25, 1737
Macpherson, James, Son to Captain Patrick, to South Carolina, February 1737
Molton, Henry, In Georgia

Others aboard the Ann

Herbert, Dr. Henry, Minister, Dead, June 15, 1733
Oglethorpe, James, 27, Member of Parliament and Georgia Trustee, In England


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