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Bios, DNA and Sourcing

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Date: 18 Dec 2017
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Surnames/tags: Blanchard Bergan
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Here are the profiles Anne Dale is currently working on in expanding the biographies, sourcing and DNA confirmation. Last updated Dale-2134 20:52, 25 January 2018 (EST)

Name Birth Notes
Avery, Ada Alira (Blanchard) 1860-08-26 Done. Can be revisited once all other profiles are completed.
Bergan, Dorothy May (Blanchard) 1915-11-21 Done initial profile. Pull sources for research page.
Bergan, William Henry Francis 1909-10-09 Done initial profile. Pull sources for research page.
Bergan, Francis William 1909-10-09 Done.
Bergan, William Otto Joseph 1881-10-22 Done. Pull sources for research page.
Bergan, Joanna E. (Tracy) 1880-00-00 Initial work done. Need to add all children.
Berle, Edythe Evalyn (Blanchard) 1914-08-18 Started but not completed. Source showing parents, where born, estimated age added.
Blanchard, Edyth Mary (Hollinger) 1887-06-15 Done initial sourcing. Check G2G re DNA confirmation, expand biography
Blanchard, William Herbert 1876-11-30 to-do
Blanchard, Artemitia (Blodgett) 1817-05-11 initial bio, sources done.
Blanchard, Peter Jarvis 1813-04-24 initial work done. need death proof.
Blanchard, William Ezra 1846-01-19 need to-do all - also, Check G2G re DNA confirmation
Blanchard, Martha E. (Orr) 1852-02-04 need to-do all - also, check G2G re DNA confirmation
Blanchard, Mahlon R. 1909-06-04 to-do
Blanchard, William Robert 1917-09-12 to-do
Blanchard, Cleyo Everett 1921-04-04 to-do
Blanchard, Arthur 1923-11-03 to-do
Blanchard, Henry Alden 1852-04-02 to-do
Blanchard, Peter James 1859-08-19 good start. see research notes regarding marriages.
Blanchard, Verne Alton 1892-08-23 initial work done. revisit after rest on list are complete.
Blodgett, Clarissa (Kibbe) 1779-03-28 Initial biography and citations added. Added partial bibliography. Currently working on DNA triangulation.
Bocchicchio, Dottie (Bergan) DNA confirmation done, all the rest needs completing
Dale, Anne DNA confirmation done. Nothing more for now.
Dale, Dennis DNA confirmation done. Sourcing and bio needed
Dale, Robert Jr. to-do
Dale, Robert Charles, Sr. 1888-02-29 to-do
Dale, Edna A. (Hart) 1890-00-00 to-do
Dale, Dorothy (Nowrey) to-do
Hanahan, Martha Ellen (Blanchard) 1912-11-18 to-do
Hartenstine, Pamela (Ivins) DNA confirmation done
Henry, Dororthy (Dale) to-do
Hollinger, Ida Selina (Blanchard) 1860-08-26 foundation laid. Need to add all children -- Found DNA match for confirmation!!
Hollinger, John Wilbur 1864-04-14 to-do
Howland, Emma Louise (Blanchard) 1853-06-29 to-do
Ivins, Emma (Blanchard) to-do
Ivins, Charles DNA confirmation done.
Ivins, Charles Check DNA confirmation
Ivins, Paul DNA confirmation done
Ivins, Eldridge H 1895-08-01 Check DNA confirmation
Mainville, Ida Marie (Blanchard) 1911-03-17 to-do
Nowrey, Edward A 1887-12-05 to-do
Rende, Virginia Ruth (Blanchard) 1925-05-14 to-do
Rifenbergh, Harriet Clarinda (Blanchard) 1842-09-03 to-do
Sesko, Eleanor Eunice (Blanchard) 1908-01-20 to-do
Smothers, Patricia (Bergan) DNA confirmation done. Check bio & sourcing.
Snyder, Francis Ann (Blanchard) 1843-12-20 to-do


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