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Anthony Yerkes family of Pennsylvania in Michigan (about 1827-1900)

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Date: About 1826 to about 1900
Location: Michigan, United Statesmap
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Anthony Yerkes family of Pennsylvania in Michigan (about 1827-1900)

This family has been documented in the book Chronicle of the Yerkes Family by Josiah Granville Leach published in 1904. The book has been digitized and is available on multiple sites including ( which is free. has many family trees which include the individual's numbers from the book. Those numbers have been used when available to clarify which person is being referred to in this list as many of the same given names appear multiple times.


FIRST Generation

Anthony wife Margaret (surname unknown) and sons Harmon/Herman, Adolphus. From Europe (Germany, Holland, Normandy all mentioned as possible places of origin) To Germantown, Pennsylvania (circa 1700) thence to Moreland, Montgomery, Pennsylvania (1709).

In 1705 Anthony married Sarah (Eaton) Watts the widow of Rev. John Watts pastor of the Lower Dublin "Pennepek" Baptist Church.

SECOND Generation #2. Harmon/Herman (Elizabeth Watts)

Herman married Elizabeth Watts daughter of John and Sarah (Eaton) Watts in 1711. They were the parents of ten children born between 1712 and 1731.

4. Anthony (Jane)+

5. John (Alice McVaugh)+

6. Sarah (Jacob Hufty)

7. Josiah ( Mary)

8. Harman (1. Mary Stroud, 2. Mrs. Mary Clayton, 3. Mrs. Elizabeth Tompkins)

9. Silas (Hannah Dungan)+

10. Elizabeth (John Howell)

11. Stephen (Rebecca Whiteside)+

12. Elias (Rebecca Foster)

13. Titus (Margaret Paul)+

+ Descendants in Michigan

THIRD Generation# 4. Anthony (Jane)

4. Anthony (Jane) children:

17. Obadiah

18. Jacob (1. Elizabeth Gaunt, 2. Sarah Fleming)

19. Anthony (Mary Harper)+

20. Joseph (Hannah Ashton)

21. Elizabeth (Unknown Fulton) Resided Virginia.

22. David (Elizabeth (Wilmerton) Thomas)

23. Sarah (Robert Grant)

+Descendants in Michigan

FOURTH Generation # 4. Anthony (Jane) : #19. Anthony (Mary Harper)

19. Anthony (Mary Harper) Children:

98. Jean/Jane

99. Robert (Mary Wright)

100. Jacob (Mary Beans)

101. Joseph (Cassandra Yerkes)

102. Jonathan (Maria Watkins)<

103. Sarah

104. Mary Harper (Giles McDowell)

<Lived in Michigan

FIFTH Generation # 4. Anthony (Jane): #102. Jonathan (Maria Watkins)

Jonathan lived at Moreland, Pennsylvania until about 1823 he then moved to Romulus, Seneca, New York. He may have moved to Canandaigua, Ontario, New York from there prior to the move to Michigan. Jonathan then moved to Mundy Township, Genesee/Vernon Township, Shiawassee, Michigan after the death of his wife in 1838 where he was a "first land owner" purchasing his property directly from the U.S. government.

102. Jonathan (Maria Watkins) Children:

315. Anthony (Esther Allen)<

316. Sarah Ann (Daniel Gould)<

317. Jacob (Sarah Olivia Roberts)

318. Mary (Hughes Supplee)

319. Charles Reeves (Margaret Young)<

320. Jonathan Watkins. No children.<

321. Joseph Watkins Yerkes (Sarah Sawtelle)<

322. Margaret (Caleb Banister Winget)<

<Lived in Michigan

SIXTH GENERATION # 4. Anthony (Jane): Descendants of #102

315. Anthony came to Manchester, Washtenaw, Michigan Territory about 1834. He then moved to Vergennes Township, Kent , Michigan about 1840. In both instances being a "first land owner" by purchasing his property directly from the U.S. government. His line has no Yerkes surnamed individuals as all descend from his daughter Mary who married Allen Silas Bennett.

316.Sarah came to Novi Township, Oakland, Michigan with her husband Daniel Gould between 1833 and 1838 based on the birth locations of their children.

317. Jacob lived at Canandaigua, Ontario, New York.

318. Mary (Yerkes) Supplee lived at Canandaigua, Ontario, New York.

319. Charles Reeves came to Genesee, Michigan with his father. He later lived in Vernon Township, Shiawassee, Michigan.

321. Joseph Watkins came to Genesee, Michigan with his father. He later lived in Venice and then Vernon Township and Vernon Village, Shiawassee Michigan.

322. Margaret Yerkes (Caleb Winget) came to Genesee, Michigan with her father. She later lived in Fenton Township, Genesee, Michigan.

SEVENTH GENERATION Children of 316. Sarah Ann (Daniel Gould)

Children of 316. Sarah Ann (Daniel Gould):

908. Anna Maria (Joseph Bowers) Livingston, Michigan. No children.

909. Mary Eliza (1. Warren Currier Rubert; 2. James Gilmore Baley). Lenawee, Michigan.

910. Betsey Louisa (Wallace Adams). Bloomfield Township, Oakland, Michigan.

911. Charles Henry (Lura Ann Lewis). Livingston, Michigan.

912. Cyrus. No children.

SEVENTH GENERATION Children of 319. Charles Reeves (Margaret Young)

930. Phebe Emeline. No children.

931. Cyrus David (Frances May Angel/Angell). Resided at Gaines, Genesee; Vernon Township, Shiawassee, and Gladwin, Michigan.

Children of Cyrus David (Frances May Angel/Angell):

Claude Raymond. No known children. Sailor - Records showing at ports of Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; Buenos Ayres, Argentina (1921 last record).

Ward. No known children. Died 1903 at Anoka, Minnesota.

Charles Cecil (Clara). Born 1879 in Michigan. No known children. Resided at Lansing, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; France (YMCA-WW1); Highland Park, Michigan; Glendale, Los Angles, California. No known descendants.

932. Alice Maria (Henry Sager). Vernon, Dryden, Tompkins, New York.

933. Mary Eliza (Miles Emory Wilkinson) Resided in Vernon Township, Shiawassee, Michigan.

934. Laura Jane (Jerome Perry) Resided in Vernon Township, Shiawassee, Michigan.

935. Charles Edwin (Minnie Hill) Resided in Seden, Pope, Minnesota; Columbian Twp., Flathead, Montana; Lincoln, Montana; Union, Whitman, Washington, Gold HIll Twp., Latah, Idaho; Spokane, Washington; Bonners Ferry, Boundary, Idaho.

Children of Charles Edwin (Minnie Hill):

Frank Albert (1. Anna; 2. Myrtle Anderson). Resided at Flathead Montana.

William Joseph (Mina Campbell) Resided at Bonner, Idaho; Boundary, Iowa; Died Brewster, Okanogan, Washington.

Charles born 1891 in Michigan. Only appears on 1900 Census with parents at Columbian Twp., Flathead, Montana.

Note: Charles Edwin and Minnie were divorced by 1906 when Minnie married John Meyer and Nora, Esther and Fannie lived with their mother. They resided at Boring, Clakamas, Oregon.

Nora M (Raymond Richey).

Esther E (Otis Rich)

Fannie L (Claude Danielson)

Ella. No children.

936. William J. (1. Emma J. Perry; 2. Sarah Wiggins). Vernon Township, Shiawassee, Michigan.; Columbian Twp., Flathead, Montana; then returned to Vernon Township/Vernon Village.

937. Ella May (Martin Mathews). No children.

938. Esther Caroline (Charles L. Clark). No children.

SEVENTH GENERATION Children of 321, Joseph Watkins (Sarah Emeline Sawtelle)

939. Emily Agnes (Leonard J. Clark). lived at Vernon; Detroit; Wisconsin; Minnesota; Chicago, Cook, Illinois; Downer's Grove, DuPage, Illionis.

940. Jonathan Albert (Matilda Hardwick). lived at Vernon; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Washington State.

941.Joseph Albert (Fanny Boswell). No surviving children. Lived at Lorain, Ohio.

THIRD GENERATION #5. John (Alice McVaugh)

Children of John (Alice McVaugh):

28. Harman (Margaret Scott)

FOURTH GENERATION #5. John (Alice McVaugh):# 28. Harman (Margaret Scott) #28

Children of 28. Harman (Margaret Scott) :

121. Silas (Elizabeth Mann)

FIFTH GENERATION #5. John (Alice McVaugh): #121. Silas (Elizabeth Mann)

Children Of 121. Silas (Elizabeth Mann) :

390. Samuel Mann (1. Christina McNair; 2. Emeline (Mather) Rumsey) Lived at Howell, Livingston, Michigan.

THIRD GENERATION #9. Silas (Hannah Dungan)

Children of 9. Silas (Hannah Dungan)

64. Benjamin

FOURTH GENERATION #9. Silas (Hannah Dungan): #64. Benjamin

Children of 64. Benjamin

242. Thomas Resided in Sciota Township, Shiawassee, Michigan. By 1870.

FIFTH GENERATION #9. Silas (Hannah Dungan): #242. Thomas

Child of Thomas: Benjamin F (1835 - 1905). Proprietor of hotel in Lansing, Ingham, Michigan at the time of his death.

THIRD GENERATION #11. Stephen (Rebecca Whiteside)

Children of 11. Stephen (Rebecca Whiteside) :

79. Joseph (Mary Purdy). Resided at Romulus, Seneca, New York. Among first settlers of Wayne, Michigan Territory. Many of the family are buried in the Yerkes Cemetery, Northville, Wayne, Michigan.

80. Rachel (James Rodgers) d. Romulus NY. Children = Pioneers of Oakland Co., Michigan (grand-daughter Rachel (Rodgers) Holley married Dexter Holley resident of Vernon, Shiawassee, Michigan. She was the daughter of Stephen Yerkes Rodgers) See pg. 45 for children (#251 -257).

'81. Samuel Yerkes (Elizabeth Rutherton) resided Farmington, Ontario, New York.

children: (see pg. 46 for rest of family)

FOURTH GENERATION #11. Stephen (Rebecca Whiteside): #79. Joseph (Mary Purdy):

244. William Yerkes (Hester Dennis). Among first settlers of Novi Township, Oakland, Michigan.

245. John (Sarah Thornton) Resided Northville, Wayne, Michigan. @1826.+

246.Mary Yerkes. No marriage or children.

247. Sarah Yerkes (Ephraim Utley). Early settlers of Newaygo County, Michigan.

248. Elizabeth (James Wilkinson)+ See footnote pg. 45 for children - not numbered..

249. Hannah (Clark Griswold) Resided Plymouth, Michigan - d. 1839.

250. Joseph Yerkes (1. Almira Whitaker; 2. Miriam Morehouse). Resided Northville and South Lyon, Oakland, Michigan.

FOURTH GENERATION #11. Stephen (Rebecca Whiteside): #81. Samuel (Elizabeth Rutherton)

261.Joseph Yerkes (Rosalinda Brown) resided Gaines Township, Genesee, Michigan 1864-84. Children of Joseph (Rosalinda Brown):

Mary. No Children.

Samuel Yerkes resided Gaines Township, Genesee, Michigan

Charles H. Yerkes resided Gaines Township, Genesee, Michigan

Elizabeth (Charles Ryno)

FIFTH GENERATION #11. Stephen (Rebecca Whiteside): #244. William Yerkes (Hester Dennis)

Children of William (Hester Dennis) - (pg. 82.)

654. Joseph Dennis Yerkes

655. William Purdy Yerkes

656. George

657. Mary Ann Yerkes (John C. Emery)

658.John Yerkes

659. Silas Allen Yerkes Resided Bennington Township, Shiawassee, Michigan.

660. Robert Yerkes

661. Theodore

662. Charles Yerkes

663. Stephen Yerkes

664.George Yerkes

(#665 missing in book)

666. Harrison Yerkes

THIRD GENERATION #13.Titus (Margaret Paul)

Children of Titus (Margaret Paul):

93. Jonathan (Elizabeth Jarrett) children: pg. 47-48.

FOURTH GENERATION #13.Titus (Margaret Paul): #93 Jonathan (Elizabeth Jarrett)

280. Titus Yerkes (Helen Burcher) pg. 91

283 Mary Ann (Elijah Bailey Clark) d. Orion, Michigan 1864. pg. 92-93 children.

287. David Shields (Caroline Calkins) pg. 93-94 - had children born in Michigan 1840, 1843. Lived in Wisconsin also.

FIFTH GENERATION #13.Titus (Margaret Paul): #280. Titus (Helen Burcher)

Children of Titus Yerkes (Helen Burcher) :

(All children may have lived in Shiawassee, Michigan at some point.)

781. Arianna (Henry Ward)

782. Constantine Yerkes resided Vernon Township, Shiawassee, Michigan.

783. Elizabeth (Silas Dunlap)

784. Adelaide (Jerome Sprague)

785. Margaret (1. Almond Gilbert; 2. John Harrison)

786. Sarah (Eli Martin)

787. Harriet (Richard Hanna) Resided at Corunna, Shiawassee, Michigan.


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In the process of working on my branch of the Yerkes family in which was primarily in Shiawassee and Genesee Counties, Michigan, I found information about others of the same surname and decided I might as well compile the information after I had sorted through it.

This is very much a work in progress!

If anyone has additional information or corrections please let me know.

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