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Purpose: To curate Arbuthnot Family Archives for posterity. This includes verifying, sourcing and improving existent profiles and entering data from family group tables located at Kittybrewster.com in order to preserve genealogical work conducted by several generations - this family is documented as far back as one can imagine (well, almost) and reaches every continent across the globe.

General Information: This page is largely out of use at present since the death of Sir William Arbuthnot BT of Kittybrewster, who headed the Arbuthnot Archives Project on WikiTree. The page is still live, though, and if you have questions about an Arbuthnot line, please feel free to message a profile manager who can point you in the right direction for further assistance.

RE: Kittybrewster.com Tables

There are no source files available at this site any longer. Currently working on source access from Wayback.
Per Sir William, "Data was being uploaded from the source files but amendments have been made to WikiTree only, without being put on the source files. The last date on which each source file was amended is top right on the file. For example, table-57 has not been amended since 15 Jan 2009."

โ˜žIf you should come across an Arbuthnot who is not on Wikitree, please put him/her on, regardless of the possibility that we donโ€™t yet know how he/she fits into the tree.
โ˜žPlease note that Arbuthnots donโ€™t pass away; rather they die

Q: Are there sources/source lists for Tables/Indiv. profiles?
A: No. Numerous telephone calls and letters. Predates most internet sources.


Don't Panic

If help is needed, just ask: Email a Profile Manager for this page and/or post in G2G using #arbuthnot, #arbuthnott and/or #arbuthnot-archives tags.

Source and Text Modifications

Table-based profiles do not meet WikiTree standards using just the table as a source and many are being tagged by Data Doctors. In many cases, since that's what we've got to work with, the following can be added to make the profile less likely to be marked: This is optional, of course.

At top of profile: Copy/Paste
Note: Research on-going. Please feel free to add information/sources. <ref>[[Arbuthnot-53 |Sir Wm. Arbuthnot, Bt of Kittybrewster]], Arbuthnot Archives Project</ref>
Under Research Notes: Copy/Paste
There are no/few vital records located for this person. His/Her inclusion is based on research shared with Sir William Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster Bt for a genealogical compilation of the Arbuthnot name and descendants. Records/direct sources are welcome.
As a Source: Copy/Paste
[[Arbuthnot-53 |Sir Wm. Arbuthnot, Bt of Kittybrewster]] Arbuthnot Archives, pre-internet research via direct contact w/contributors.
Under Acknowledgements: Copy/Paste
(The Table# link should always be listed under this header)
Arbuthnot Genealogy. [http://www.kittybrewster.com/genealogy.htm Kittybrewster.com], 2009. [http://www.kittybrewster.com/table_ADD TABLE NUMBER.htm Table-ADD TABLE NUMBER].
  • Note: Table Number must be added twice, in place of reminders.
    like this: [http://www.kittybrewster.com/table_58.htm Table-58]which appears as the final citation:
    Arbuthnot Genealogy. Kittybrewster.com, 2009. Table-58
  • Some tables are called a.htm, b.htm, e^2.htm,k^1.htm, 3_2a.htm, 3_2b.htm, etc.
These are optional:
Profile created by [[Arbuthnot-53 |Sir Wm. Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster]]
Profile updated ~~~~~ ( which, of course, adds Wiki ID and date/time).
Worth Repeating

Here's an example of a tuned-up profile with the Kittybrewster table listed under acknowledgments. William Arbuthnot, b. 1765. If all you've got is the Table, please place a fully cited Table link as above under the Acknowledgements section.

Incomplete Sources:

  • Some profiles list simply "Arbuthnot Memories" or "Memories Book" as an incomplete source. Please replace this note with the following copy/paste citation:
Memories of the Arbuthnots of Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire. Arbuthnot, Ada J. E., editor. London: G. Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1920. Internet Archive, 2013. archive.org. [https://archive.org/details/memoriesofarbuth00arbu/page/n9/mode/2up booklink]
  • Reminder: (If you are copying from open edit mode, leave out the "nowiki" notation)
  • Some pre-internet contributors stated they saw this or that in a census or they just got it wrong. If you cannot find the census or other data, correct as best you can, make a note and move on. This is a no-fault, no-foul project - do what you can. Your time and skills are deeply appreciated!

Thank you for everything!

โŒ˜Volunteer ChartโŒ˜

Link to Tables Master Page: All
Handy index, Includes spouse LNABs (best with a finder - in most browsers, far upper right corner, select button, select find, enter name)
Task Wikitreer Progress Notes/Comments
Table 1 Aidan BizonyAdd your notes here
Table 2 Linda ProleAdd your notes here
Table 4 Tony Vareyhttp://www.kittybrewster.com/members/table_04.htm

Table 4 - Tony Varey

May 2020

1. Virtually everyone on Table 4 now has a profile on Wikitree with the exception of parents of non-descendant spouses who have not been inputted.

But we continue...

2. Plus there are a few additions not on the actual Table 4.

3. I added some sources, mainly to the higher/older echelons, and some new Wikitree entries, but otherwise I merely cite areas of Table 4, with slabs of it copy/pasted onto numerous profiles so as to capture the rich data on Wikitree itself. Thus there is scope for much additional work to be done on each profile, but this is for future contributors.

4. Here are some miscellaneous notes:

  • Att-60 not solid but seemingly the only candidate for top of Table 4, which stands as an isolated branch of the family.
  • Webster-10903 went Canada, married, then USA. Family added with sources.
  • Webster-10904 went to USA.
  • Webster-10906 went to USA (WW1 AND WW2 but falsifying his age?...) and married
  • Att-67 has 2 additional sons John, and William who drowned Lossiemouth - suicide.
  • Att-86 Margaret: Based on death details, married a James Moggach and had issue.
  • Att-47: has an additional child Jos Att-860... based on 1891 Census...
  • Att-88 Annie: I can find NO RECORDS for her, so she must be Maryanna (census)
  • Att-550: Jane: More work is needed here. See notes on her profile. It would seem she did not marry either of her purported husbands ... but had 7 (?) children? I cannot find sources for her purported (Table 4) descendants. Complete review required. Miniproject.
  • At-969 Mary Jane (Arbuthnot) McIntosh and descendants, not on Table 4, have been added to Wikitree (by William?). They need sources...
  • Att-320: George V: difficulty with sources for his descendants, but some obtained.
  • Owen-9144 and -9145: there seems to be an error on Table 4... which has Katie V Owen b. 1971 to Patty and James who married in 1984, and the documentary record shows her to be the daughter b. 1979 of James and Tanna Marie Fowler, and ditto her brother b. 1981 to same parents. So it looks as if James had been previously married to Tanna (though I can't find it) so I have shown these as NOT offspring of Patty on Wikitree.
Table 5 Add Yourself Add your notes here
Table 6 Laurie CruthersTable 6
  • A-1 Robert Kyle family sourced
  • A-2 Joseph Shaw Kyle family sourced
  • A-3 Agnes Kyle Smirl family sourced
  • A-4 Elizabeth Kyle Fraser family sourced
  • A-5 William Kyle family sourced
  • A-6 Jane Kyle Empey family sourced
  • A-7 Matthew Kyle sourced
  • A-8 Esther Kyle Faulkner family sourced
  • B-1 William J. Arbuthnot
    • 1-a, 1-b sourced
    • 1-c A,B,C,D,E,F,G sourced but not children
    • 1-d A,B,C sourced but not children
    • 1-e A,B,C, D sourced but not children
    • 1-f to 1-i sourced
  • B-2 Joseph W. Arbuthnot family sourced, not grandchildren
  • B-3 James Arbuthnot family sourced but not grandchildren
  • B-4 Ellen Jane Arbuthnot Barkley family sourced
  • B-5 Matthew Arbuthnot family sourced
  • B-6 Samuel Arbuthnot family sourced, not grandchildren
  • B-7 Nevin Arbuthnot family sourced, not grandchildren
  • B-8 Elizabeth Ann Arbuthnot family sourced, not grandchildren

floating Alexander Arbuthnot t..65 and t.124 largely merged into t.32.
Table 13Add YourselfT- 13 Add your notes here
Table 40 Laurie CruthersTable 40
  • A - Neil Arbuthnot and children done
  • B - William Arbuthnot and children done
  • C - Jane Arbuthnot done
Table 57 (Kc)T- 57
  • Done. All red lines researched/corrected
  • William b 1765 , done, added missed spouses and children for descendants of Wm T-57. as Tony writes: "Big work- ๐Ÿ˜ต
  • Many various & sundry Arbuthnot profiles are tagged "Unsourced" : : I am adding at least one source to get these profiles off the Data Doctor lists,
  • Re Martha, she and her husband William Miller are impossible to de-conflate with another couple who married and lived in the same area. I have noted the profiles but stopped adding children after the first b/c there is not enough proof of relationships.
  • Re Samuel on T-57 who is actually s/o James - he is corrected and his children sourced with at least one ref. Descendents of children are not added- they are extensively documented on Family Search and it is a huge huge copy/paste job better left to direct descendants who may like to participate on wiki tree imho.
  • T-59 This table has wrong information and is not worthy of entering atm. Too much is uncorroborated or flat out obsolete. I adjusted the husband of Catherine and added her as a dau of James, not this William but the dau Martha has no history and while a Martha Unk is the second wife of the husband on the table, I cannot find a record that says this is an Arbuthnot marriage. So, it feels like a wash.
Table 58 (Kc) T-58
  • Mar 2020 Update: been revisiting some of Table 57 and now adding most of Table 58 with a goal of verifying some tangled profiles and sourcing ALL of them (tall order- but I remain optimistic) C-213 23:28, 24 March 2020 (UTC)
Arbuthnot -1844 into - 1621 -Merged
Merge Arbuthnot -3166 into -885 - done. No proof williAm
Ireland Tables Valerie KerrAdd your notes here
Merge Arbuthnot-3547 into Arbuthnot-949 merge request sent C-213 20:45, 17 December 2019 (UTC) Corrected BD w/be 1813 based on T57 note, still seeking actual census Pat Asher is referencing...

The Usual Finding Aids

General Motto: When in doubt, throw a template or nice sticker at it

โŒ˜Sticker TemplatesโŒ˜

Some Stickers Copy/Pastes in no particular order:

Scottish flag
... ... ... has Scottish Ancestors.
{{Scottish Ancestor Sticker}}

... ... ... has Irish ancestors.
{{Irish Clans}}

Flag of Scotland
... ... ... migrated from Scotland to Canada.
Flag of Canada
{{Migrating Ancestor |origin= ADD COUNTRY |destination= ADD COUNTRY |origin-flag= ADD .png, .jpg or .gif FLAG image |destination-flag= ADD .png, .jpg or .gif FLAG image }}

Commonly called for [FLAGS]: copy/paste into above sticker template
  • Australia: Flags-5.png -or- Photos-187.gif
  • Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921): Flags-22.png
  • England: Flags-8.jpg
  • India: Flags-19.
  • Scotland: Flags-5.jpg
  • United Kingdom
  • Union Jack: Flags-3.jpg (officially: Flag of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1801)
  • Union Flag: Flags-2.gif (forerunner to Union Jack - 1606 to 1801)
  • USA: Flags-4.jpg -or- Photos-188.gif
  • Wales: Flags-6.jpg

... ... ... ... served for Louisiana in the War of 1812
Service started: 14 Dec 1814
Unit(s): Battle of New Orleans
Service ended: 08 Jan 1815

{{War of 1812 | startdate = ADD DATE | enddate = ADD DATE | branch = REGT or STATE | units = UNIT or BATTLE }}

1776 Project
... ... ... ... served with Ulster County New York Militia during the American Revolution.
{{1776 Sticker | unit= Ulster County New York Militia, American Revolution}}

Private ... ... ... served in the Australian Army in World War II
Service started: 27 Jan 1943
Unit(s): 16th Australian Infantry Training Battalion
Service ended: 2 Apr 1945
{{World War II|branch=<service branch> or <country>|startdate=service started as dd mmm yyyy|units=unit1; unit2|enddate=service ended as dd mmm yyyy|rank=xxx|unit=1st regt, div, ship, etc|image=FLAG}}
  • New Zealand: Photos-192.gif
  • USA: Photos-188.gif
  • Australia: Photos-187.gif
  • UK: Great Britain: Union Jack: Flags-3.jpg (couldn't find a .gif :(
  • British India: Photos-934.gif

Question/Answer Space

Put burning questions here. Check back for an answer. This page is checked regularly (for now). Thanks.

Q. Are there other red-inked (problematic) Tables that need addressing?C-213
A. I canโ€™t think of any - WA

Requests, Thoughts, etc

โ€˜โ€™โ€™Please - we could use more help to transfer the remaining profiles to wikitree.โ€™โ€™โ€™
Q. It would be nice if we could get an index printed out, but I donโ€™t know how we will do that when GDPR is in effect.

โ–บA: Since GDPR only affects living people, perhaps Wiki Tree Ged.com Download would give you the bulk of it... -Kc 07:10, 15 December 2019 (UTC)

Q. It would be nice if we could get a series of Virtual books being โ€œThe descendants of ......... Arbuthnotโ€ with an index printed out, but I donโ€™t know how we will do that when GDPR is in effect. perhaps you will have ideas as to the content of each.

โ–บA: Since GDPR only affects living people, perhaps Wiki Tree Ged.com Download would give you the bulk of it... -Kc 07:10, 15 December 2019 (UTC)

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