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Virginia Critic, Volume 2, Number 34, 5 May 1889

This Space page was written by Allan Harl Thomas

The following material is from the Virginia Critic, Volume 2, Number 34, 5 May 1889. As we know, just because material is old doesn't mean it is totally factual. Material has been edited for readability. Note- these folks had lots of issues- with the same names!




Written for The Critic. Genealogical Letter 34 Archer—Part I.

The first of the family of whom we are informed was George Archer, [a] who in 1665 had a grant of 550 acres on Tunstall's Creek in the county of Henrico, in that part which is now Chesterfield. He had other large grants and died in 1677, leaving issue:

  1. George, of Henrico, born 1654; died 1731; vestryman of Bristol Parish, 1721; married Elizabeth, sister of William Harris, of Henrico;
  2. Elizabeth married Thomas Branch, of Henrico;
  3. John of Henrico, vestryman of Henrico parish, and a justice in 1713, &c; married Frances, daughter of Thomas Shippey, and had no issue; married second. Martha, daughter of Major Peter Field, [6] of - Henrico; died in 1717;
  4. Margery.

Issue of George and Elizabeth (Harris) Archer:

  1. George married , and died 1738;
  2. William;
  3. Judith married William Traylor;
  4. Margery married Charles Coussens;
  5. Blanch married Lewis Eppes;
  6. Elizabeth married Granger.

Issue of George Archer who died 1738

  1. George died about 1757;
  2. Peter.

Issue of John and Martha Field Archer;

  1. John of Bermuda Hundred, appointed justice of Henrico, 1737, and one of the first justices and first sheriff of Chesterfield in 1749; died 1773; married, 1733, Sarah, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Eppes) Randolph, of Henrico;
  2. William, of Chesterfield, died 1750; married Anne, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Kennon) Royall
  3. Field, of Chesterfield, died about 1784; married Elizabeth .

Issue of John and Sarah Randolph Archer

  1. John, of Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield county, born April 2, 1734; ' died February 28, 1784; justice of Chesterfield, 1764; member of the county committee of safety, 1774-6; married Eliza Trent;
  2. Henry, of Chesterfield, alive 1791;
  3. Sarah;
  4. Judith;
  5. Ann married Robertson [c];
  6. Mary married Christopher Branch.

Issue of John and Elizabeth Trent Archer:

  1. Peter Field, of Amelia;
  2. Elizabeth;
  3. Martha Field;
  4. Ann;
  5. Mary,
  6. John, of Bermuda Hundred born September 18.1784; died October 17 1855; married Elizabeth .

Issue of John and Elizabeth ( ) Archer.-

  1. John died young;
  2. Elizabeth
  3. John;
  4. Charles;
  5. Doctor Carthon, of Henrico;
  6. there were other children of this issue. ...

Issue of William and Anne Royal Archer:

  1. George;
  2. John
  3. "Colonel William, of Amelia", appointed justice of that county, 1743; vestryman of Bristol parish, 1753 &c.; commanded a regiment of minute men at the beginning of the Revolution in 1776, and towards the close of the war was captured and died on a British prison ship;' married ;
  4. Martha married Captain Thomas Dudley;
  5. Mary married, James Bevill [rf] of Chesterfield;
  6. Phoebe;
  7. Ann;
  8. Frances.

Issue of Colonel William and ( ) Archer, of Amelia:

  1. Joseph, lieutenant in the Revolution, and killed after battle of Brandywine;
  2. Major John of Amelia, served in the Revolution as aide to General Wayne, and distinguished himself at the storming of Stony Point; afterwards; aide to General Lawson, and was severely wounded in a fight with Tarleton's command near Charlottesville; justice, of Amelia. 1798: married
  3. Major Peter Field, of Henrico, and afterward of Powhatan, born 1756, -died April 25; 1814; served in the Revolution in 1775 in his father's regiment; then in the 'Virginia 1 Corps of Cadets in Pennsylvania, and in the latter part of the war as lieutenant under Green: married first, Frances, daughter of Branch Tanner, of Chesterfield; second -Judith, daughter of Stephen Cocke of Amelia.

'Major John Archer, of Amelia (number 2 above), other issue:

  1. William S., of "The Lodge," Amelia, born March 5, 1789; died March 28, 1855; long distinguished in public life; member of 'State legislature (with the exception of one year) from 1812 to 1819; member of the United States House of Representatives, 1820 to 1835; United States Senator. 1841 to 1847;
  2. Anna Maria born 1805; died September 14, 1880.

Issue of Major Peter F. Archer, by his first marriage, with Frances Tanner :

  1. Colonel William, of Powhatan, born 1780: died September 22. 1822; member of the House of Delegates, 1816. 1821, 1822, and several other sessions at intervals for sixteen years: married Charlotte?——:
  2. Doctor Branch Tanner, of Powhatan, and afterwards of Texas, born 1790; died in Brazoria county, Texas, September 22. 1856; member of the House of Delegates from Powhatan, 1819 20; removed to Texas in 1831, and took a prominent part in the revolution against Mexico; presided over the famous "consultation" of American settlers, 1835; member of the first Texas Congress, 1836; afterwards went as agent to Washington; speaker of the Texas House of Representatives and secretary of War fnm 1839 to 1842, married Ann Eliza (she died October 10, 1825);
  3. Richard
  4. son;
  5. daughter;
  6. daughter,
  7. daughter,
  8. daughter;
  9. daughter;
  10. daughter

Issue of Major Peter F Archer, by his second marriage with Judith Cocke :

  1. four children by this issue.

Issue of Colonel William and Charlotte Archer:

  1. Doctor Junius, of Chesterfield county;
  2. Dabney Wharton married Miss Shepherd, and was father of the distinguished journalist and literateur, William Wharton Archer;
  3. Elizabeth married, 1838. Jackson Morton, of Orange, afterwards United States Senator from Florida;
  4. John F., of Powhatan, married, 1832, Elizabeth, daughter of Abner Smith, of Powhatan;
  5. William, of Richmond, born 1814: died 1847; served in war with Mexico as captain, United Army: married Mary Marshall, and had issue;
  6. Charlotte died October 3, 1835.

Issue of John F. and Elizabeth (Smith) Archer

  1. Richard Field of Powhatan, married Susan Moseley, of Powhatan;
  2. Edward Moseley, of Chesterfield, married Dottie, daughter of Colonel William B, ??? of Chesterfield;
  3. Branch Tanner; of Richmond, married——;
  4. John William
  5. Morton;
  6. Charlotte.

Issue of Doctor Branch T. and Ann Eliza ( ) Archer :

  1. Luean died in in fancy, October 7, 1825;
  2. Robert M born 1818; difd October 9, 1834:
  3. Mary E. born 1815; died August 9, 1842

Field (son of John and Martha Field Archer) and Elizabeth ( ) Archer had issue:

  1. Colonel Edward, of Powhatan, married Mary, daughter of John Bolling, of "Chestnut Grove." and his wife, Martha, sister of President Jefferson;
  2. John married :
  3. Agnes married William Downman:
  4. Martha Field married Walthall [/]:
  5. Michal married George Robertson; 6,
  6. Elizabeth married Blackman Moseley;
  7. Mary;
  8. Peter Field married Martha, daughter of John Boiling, of "Chestnut. Hill "

Colonel Edward and Mary Bolling Archer had issue:

Colonel Peter Jefferson married first, M Michaux, daughter of Major Jacob Michaux, of Powhattan; second, Lucy Gilliam, and had by first marriage:
  1. Doctor Edward Cunningham, of Powhatan, surgeon Confederate States -Army; married Caroline, daughter of Doctor Archer Woodridge, of Midlothian, Chesterfield county;
  2. William S , formerly of Powhatan, now of Richmond city, married Mary Mcilwaine, of Petersburg;
  3. John:
  4. Michaux;
  5. Sally married Robert Archer;
  6. Mary;
  7. married Robert Dunn;
  8. Martha.

Issue ot Doctor E. C. and Caroline Wooldridge Archer :

  1. John Walthall married Virginia Loyd;
  2. Mary Boiling married Mr. Emanuel, of South Carolina;
  3. Edward Cunningham;
  4. Jane Stanard;
  5. William Wooldridge.

To be continued May 19th. (1889)

Archer Family


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