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Australia, Project Guidelines - Australian Convicts

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Australian Convicts - Project Guidelines

This page is intended to be a set of instructions for actioning all convict profiles as part of the Australia Project. It is currently a 'works in progress'. Team Leader: Veronica Williams.

The goals and activities for the project are listed here.

Only profiles of persons transported to Colonial Australia between 1788 and 1868 should be included.

Refer to the Free Space Page for Colonial Australia for additional information.

Australian Colonial Flag

This is a list of all project and stickers in use by the project - Australia Projects Boxes and Stickers. See below for additional information about how to add these to profiles.

Project Boxes

Only significant profiles that require management by the Australia Project will need a project box added. If they meet the requirements on our Project Managed Profiles Page, then the project box should be added by typing {{Colonial Australia}}.

Project boxes are to be added ABOVE the ==Biography== heading.


Add the appropriate 'sticker' based upon the persons status:

For further details regarding imperial forces during colonial times, please click here. Marine stickers are suitable for Royal Navy Marines and Royal Marines. Soldier stickers are suitable for both New South Wales Corps and British Regiments starting from the Second Fleet.

Please ensure stickers are only added to those who arrived in the appropriate timeframes:

By Fleet:

  • First Fleet - 1787-1788: Type - {{Australian Convicts|fleet=first}}
  • Second Fleet - 1790: Type - {{Australian Convicts|fleet=second}}
  • Third Fleet - 1791: Type - {{Australian Convicts|fleet=third}}
  • After the Third Fleet - 1792-1868: Type - {{Australian Convicts|fleet=after}}

By Colony:

  • Colony of New South Wales (1788-1850) - this includes convicts transported to Victoria between 1803-1849.
  • Van Dieman's Land (1826-1853)
  • Swan River Colony (1828-1832)
  • Colony of Queensland (1839-1842) - Moreton Bay
  • Colony of Western Australia (1832-1868)

Stickers are to be added BELOW the ==Biography== heading.

BDM Locations

All birth, deaths and marriage locations should ideally reflect the location at that time.

At this time, it is not considered mandatory to change, as an example, all New South Wales locations to 'Colony of New South Wales'. Wikitreers have the option of recording locations in either the current day or use the colonial location.

The 'Australia Project, Location Guidelines' page outlines draft Colonial Australia. It is still a works in progress.

Action required - Location data needs to be reviewed including consideration of including 'possible errors' in Wikitree suggestions. The drop down data comes from Family Search, so may not be ideal.

Volunteers to help review Colonial locations were called for in early May 2020, but to date we have had no one come forward to assist. If you wish to help initiate this review please contact Veronica Williams, Australia Project.

Fleet 'Free Space' Pages

Each fleet has a 'Free Space' page, where information is recorded. Please ensure links are added to connect the convicts profile, including details of where the convict was convicted and the sentence term.

  • First Fleet to Australia, 1787-1788. Most convicts are already on the list, however many have not been linked to their profile page. This is work that can be done by any Wikitreer! If they don't exist yet - please create them!
It should be noted that whilst the list was compiled from a Daily Mirror article in 1969 as a souvenir liftout, the source of the data is questionable, having been compiled from a fictitious newspaper, the London Chronicle of October 1788. Given this we need to verify the information for each convict listed from other sources.

Check the Project Activity page for the more information on the progress of adding First Fleet arrivals.

To create a link for your convict-

  • Go to Edit and find your convict in the list;
  • Insert the following text, adjusting for your convict
  • [[WIKI ID-xxxx|Name]]
  • Save changes - insert name of convict as reason for change.

Please also add a source for the convict, such as the Fellowship of First Fleeters, Australian Autobiographical Dictionary, etc. Many of the listings have not been compiled from official records and need verification.

For information about appropriate sources, please refer to our Sources and Citation Examples Page.


For convicts after the third fleet the following page exists.

Action required - we need to re think how we want this page to work.... There are many thousands of convicts who do not yet appear in this listing:

In the meantime please add your convict to the list and link them to their profile page-

  • Go to Edit and find where you need to insert your convict in the alphabetical list;
  • Insert the following text, adjusting for your convict
|[[WIKI ID-xxxx|Surname, Firstname]]
|Year of Arrival
  • Save changes - insert name of convict as reason for change



New categories have been established for all the ships that arrived in the colony as part of convict transportation, by arrival date. These categories are not intended to include the profiles of convicts, passengers or crew. Individual profiles should be added to the relevant ship category.

Please refer to 'How to categorise Australian Ships' for more information.


Adding an 'Australian Convicts' sticker (as outlined above) automatically adds the profile to the following categories:

Make sure you also add your convict to the relevant ship arrival category typing (as an example) [[Category: Lady Penrhyn, Arrived 26 Jan 1788]]. You can find most ships listed in the Voyages categories above, or in the Immigrant Voyages to Australia category.


Adding a 'Marines' sticker (as outlined above) automatically adds the profile to the following categories:


Adding a 'Soldiers' sticker (as outlined above) automatically adds the profile to the following categories:

This category exists for Soldiers and needs to be incorporated somewhere.

Passengers/other crew (not yet in place)

Adding a 'Came free' sticker with the additional parameter 'fleet=first' etc (as outlined above) automatically adds the profile to the following categories:

Maintenance Categories

Some profiles have already been identified as requiring more work. Any team member can work on these profiles. Feel free to add these maintenance categories if you come across any that need work, by adding the relevant maintenance category shown below:

  • Profile Improvement - Profiles needing attention can be found here. To add convict profiles to this category type [[Category: Australia, Profile Improvement -Convicts]]
  • Ships Categories - Profiles needing a voyage category added can be found here. To add convict profiles to this category type [[Category: Australia, Convict Needs Voyage Category Added]].


Should you wish to, you can add images already on Wikitree to your convict profile. The project is currently identifying images that exist and adding them to the convict template page. This is a works in progress. Feel free to add any you think are appropriate to the template page below.

This page is intended to be a ready reference for images relevant for use on convict profiles - Convict Template Page


We aim to ensure all Australian Convicts, together with marines and early colonists profiles are connected to the 'One World WikiTree'. Please add sufficient family profiles to achieve this!


Profiles should be developed using the agreed 'Australian Profile Standards'.


Refer to the Free Space Page for Colonial Australia for additional information. You can also find a list of useful Australian resources here. Please feel free to add additional items to both these lists.

Related External websites

  • Convicts in Australia History - Please refer to Wikipedia
  • Tasmanian Convict Records - comprehensive index of all convicts transported to Tasmania and those who were convicted (through the convict system) in the colony.
  • Founders and Survivors - This site seeks to record and study the founding population of 73,000 men, women, and children who were transported to Tasmania.
  • Convict Records - This website allows you to search the British Convict transportation register for convicts transported to Australia between 1787-1867.
  • Australian Royalty website - a very impressive website documenting many trees of various convicts, with an impressive database of some 59000 individuals.
  • Claim a Convict has been relaunched as a tribute to its founder, Lesley Uebel - many convicts still to be added - can you add some of those missing convicts?
  • Convicts in Remote Australia - Did you know some of the early convicts were sent to the Northern Territory and were also in Western Australia as early as 1826? The book 'Distant Settlements: Convicts in Remote Australia' by Edward Street contains some fascinating information.


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