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Australia, Project Guidelines - Categorization of Ships and Voyages to Australia

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This is now the approved format for the categorization of ships and voyages bringing immigrants and convicts to Australia, including the naming of the landing level category.

Please note: The ONLY thing that has been formally 'Approved' is the Landing level category and only for Australia, and the rest of the global structure, in particular the global parent categories 'Sailings by Decade', 'Ship by Decade of Launch' and 'Ships by Name' have never been approved by the WT community, and may change.

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Following discussions within the Australia Project, it was decided that our preference for the voyage landing category was the format [[Category:Ship Name, Arrived DD Mmm YYYY]] , the month as a word, but using the standard 3 letter abbreviations. eg. [[Category:Lady Juliana, Arrived 3 Jun 1790]]. If the exact day of the month is unknown, the month and year would be used, [[Category:Ship Name, Arrived Mmm YYYY]].

The word "Arrived" with a capital "A".

The "Arrived" date to be the arrival at the final port of call in Australia.

The reason for preferring this format is due to key source material including the NSW and Victorian shipping records being indexed by arrival date, this option will be the most user-friendly for our Australia Project members and other WikiTree members, plus we should not forget that Wikitree is growing as a key resource for other researchers in Australia. Our categories need to be aligned as far as possible to our archival resources.


Australian Shipping Categories

See the full-size image here

1. The "Yellow" categories are existing global categories, not specific to Australia. The "Blue" categories are existing categories that are specific to Australia.

2.The "Green" categories are new categories, that have been created, specific to Australia.

3. The "Pink" category, the landing category, will be for a single voyage, and the only one that should have individual profiles added. To use the format [[Category:Lady Juliana, Arrived 3 Jun 1790]].

The "Arrived" date to be the arrival at the final port of call in Australia.

All voyage landing categories for a particular ship, will be nested under the category for the Ship Name (Launch Year) eg. [[Category:Lady Juliana (1777)]].

Example, Lady Juliana

Lady Juliana

See the full-size image here

Landing Level Parent Categories

  • There are (3) parent categories:

Ship Parent

  • [[Category:Ship Name (Launch Year)]] eg. [[Category:Lady Juliana (1777)]]
  • If you cannot find it in that format from the category picker, add the maintenance category [[Category:Needs Ship Category]] using the category picker.

Arrivals Parent

  • [[Category:Arrivals to State or Colony]] eg. [[Category:Arrivals to New South Wales]] use the category picker to find them.

Voyages Type Parent

Use the category picker to find them:

For a Convict Voyage, add ONE of these;

  • [[Category:First Fleet Voyages]]
  • [[Category:Second Fleet Voyages]]
  • [[Category:Third Fleet Voyages]]
  • [[Category:Convict Voyages After the Third Fleet]]

For an Immigrant Voyage, add ONE of these:

  • [[Category:Assisted Immigrant Voyages to Australia]]
  • [[Category:Unassisted Immigrant Voyages to Australia]]
  • [[Category:Bounty Immigrant Voyages to Australia]]
  • [[Category:Immigrant Voyages to Australia]] this is the default voyage type parent to use, if none of the above (3) are applicable.

See Assisted Immigration to Australia for discussion of the use of Assisted Immigration, Bounty Immigration and Unassisted Immigration categories

Multiple landing categories can be listed chronologically, under the parent, by adding the ship name and arrived date to the parent in this format, [[Category:Ship Name (Launch Year)|Ship Name yyyymmdd]], eg. [[Category:Lady Juliana (1777)|Lady Juliana 17900603]]. For an example see the Category: Pestonjee Bomanjee (1835) and it's subcategories.

Landing Level Category Content

Content should be just enough, so a WikiTree user knows they have the correct category.

This is the preferred format for the category content:

Landing level category

The voyage of the convict transport ship James Laing
Departed Dublin, Ireland, 16 February 1834
Arrived Port Jackson, 29 June 1834

Use the following code to enter the text:

''Landing level category''

The voyage of the immigrant ship '''''Ship''''' <br>
Departed '''Port, date'''<br>
Arrived '''Port, date '''

Choose either immigrant or convict ship as appropriate.

Under this can be one or two short paragraphs detailing the basic info; and link to passenger list. If the information is available a short paragraph stating who the Master and Surgeon were, number and type of passengers, and deaths and births is about all we need. Everything else should go into a Freespace Page if it can’t fit into one or two paragraphs. In this case link the Freespace Page to the category page, and add the category to the freespace page, so they are linked in both directions. For an example, see :Category:Surry, Arrived 11 Oct 1838.

If you don’t have time to create a Freespace Page add the category [[Category:Needs Freespace Page]].

See Voyage Category Pages for more information and examples using this format. See Assisted Immigration to Australia for discussion of the use of Assisted Immigration, Bounty Immigration and Unassisted Immigration categories

Creating the Ship Parent

If you are creating the Ship parent category, make sure the parents are [[Category:YYYYs Ships]] and[[Category:Ships by Name]] (both will already exist and can be found with the category picker).


Landing level categories:Category:Surry, Arrived 11 Oct 1838 and Category:Tyne, Arrived 4 Jan 1819

Ship parent category: Category:Tyne (1807)

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Regarding the Lady Juliana, there is now a video on YouTube:

(Undo the word wrap.)

posted by Doug Laidlaw
The 'Pink' category has been approved for voyages to Australia. 'Yellow' is global.

Is there a Wikitree space page describing the 'Blue' and 'Green' categories?

posted by Steve Thomas
Thanks Peter for drawing my attention to 'Lady Juliana'. It's another interesting snippet of Australian history that I was completely unaware of.

Re: Your question of Second Fleet to New South Wales. I think of a fleet as a group of ships that sail together. More broadly, Wikipedia says of the First Fleet of South Australia "All nine ships associated with the company were in communication or at least aware of each other during the voyage and were all represented at the proclamation of the new province".

My reading is that in the early staging of planning, all the ships of the Second Fleet intended to set off and arrive together in 1789. The 'Lady Juliana' sailed in a different way. I can understand why the question "Was the Lady Juliana a member of the Second Fleet?" is debated.

posted by Steve Thomas
As regards the 'Lady Juliana', this famous voyage is somewhat of an anomaly - some treat it as being part of the Second Fleet (having arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney in the same month as the Second Fleet); but strictly it was a single, stand-alone voyage. Thoughts?
posted by Peter Willis II
Clarification: For immigrant ships to Australia, where ships may have disembarked passengers at several ports of call within Australia, the "Arrived" date should be the port of final disembarkation of the relevant passenger, even if the ship sailed on to a further Australian port?
posted by Peter Willis II
It works for me and should cover WW2 War Brides from Canada and UK plus British Commonwealth Occupation Forces - Japanese brides post WW2 and we can include the "SIEV X" if the Australian government let us have the names - sailing close to the edge - I am. Thanks everyone who helped.
posted by Geoffrey Raebel
I admire the work that has gone into this. I'm happy that profiles be attached to a ship arrival date and I don't have any major comment or suggestion. I concur with comment that dates be in dd Mmm yyyy format. e.g. Lady Juliana arrived 3 Jun 1790.
posted by Steve Thomas
This is great. Thanks for the effort you have put into this. One suggestion would be to change the month format to mmm in order to be consistent with the rest of WikiTree. ie Dec instead of December.
posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot