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Project Management by the Australia Project

The Australia Project will project protect and/or manage profiles for people born in Australia, or who made a significant contribution to Australia. They must meet the criteria detailed below. Australia Project templates should only be placed on a profile by a leader or coordinator.

Criteria for Australia Project Management

The Australia Project follows the Wikitree guidelines for project protection and Project-Managed Profiles Help.

Controversial or Duplicated

Biography/comments indicate that there has been a dispute about the identity of the person, or key details of the person’s life, or their descendants or ancestors OR previous G2G post requesting that the profile be locked. These criteria will almost always apply to profiles that are project protected (PPP).

Discretionary Project Management

The Australia Project may choose to manage profiles as agreed after discussion by the Australia Project Leaders group. Profiles submitted will be posted to the Australia Project Leaders Google group for discussion and approval. These will generally be of persons considered to be notable or historically significant. Assessing whether a profile meets these criteria can be quite subjective but some guides are the Wikitree Notabability test or inclusion in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. These will be project-managed profiles (PMP).

Profiles of persons who do not have Wikipedia pages or do not have an entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography will also be considered.

Not all submissions would require project management. For example, Thomas Rome does not have a Wikipedia page or an entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. As a pioneer of sound recording in Australia, he is acknowledged as the creator of the oldest surviving Australian sound recording and has had a lecture series named in his honour by the National Film and Sound Archive. Whilst he may be considered for project management it would be more appropriate for him to be acknowledged with a Notables sticker.

Persons born outside Australia

When assessing the suitability of a profile of a person born outside Australia for project management their achievements should be primarily associated with Australia. For example:

  • Captain James Cook is closely associated with Australia however, his principal achievements as a naval officer, explorer, navigator and cartographer encompass much more than his voyage to Australia. Cook's profile is thus managed by the England Project.
  • Sir Henry Parkes, whilst having been born in England, arrived in Australia as a bounty immigrant in 1839. His achievements as a politician were in Australia and therefore our 'Father of Federation' is managed by the Australia Project.

Profiles significant to Australia Project Sub-Projects

Profiles that are significant to our sub-projects may also be managed by the project.

These are not exhaustive criteria and if unsure please contact the coordinator or project leaders.

Suggest a profile for the Australia Project to manage

To suggest a profile for project management or protection, contact a Project Leader, or post to the Australia Project's Google Group.

Guidelines for Improving Australia Project Managed Profiles

Our goal is to ensure that all project protected and managed profiles are developed to the highest standard including:

  • Resolution of contentious or conflicting information.
  • Use a 'Research Notes' section if necessary to explain contentious issues or problems encountered in the research process. This should be followed by 4 tildes, i.e. ~~~~ which when saved will convert to your Wiki-ID and a date/time stamp, so that the research is traceable back to you should future discussion be necessary.
  • Ensuring that all facts are supported by evidence and appropriately sourced, i.e., critically appraise sources as to their validity, accuracy and relevance.
  • Use original sources wherever possible.
  • Use the Chicago Manual of Style method of citation or similar. Please see Australia, Sources and Citation Examples page for more detailed information on formatting citations specific to Australia.
  • Use inline sourcing.
  • Do not use unsourced family trees.
  • If an existing 'fact' is not sourced and a source cannot be found, use the {{Citation Needed}} template to help keep track of sources that still need to be found.
  • Where possible, back up webpages and online documents used as sources to the Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine cannot be used for sites behind a paywall, e.g. Ancestry.
  • Remove any disallowed HTML code. Where removal of such code is going to result in a significant change to the appearance of the profile, please discuss with the Project Coordinator for PMPs/PPPs first. Options will be explored to preserve the hard work of others wherever possible, in a format that complies with Wikitree guidelines.
  • For images within the biography, ensure that the image template is used and includes the label parameter for increased accessibility when using a screen reader.
  • Animated images should not be used.
  • The use of images should not breach copyright.
  • Links to any free space pages should be included as a 'See Also' underneath the <references /> tag, not at the top of the profile.
  • Generally, backgrounds that do not tile seamlessly are distracting and many people have difficulty looking at them. Seamless tiles are preferable.
  • Have a well-written biography relevant to the profile.
  • Do not copy entire biographies from Wikipedia or elsewhere. Use your own words and include only the main points.
  • If you are prone to typos or require assistance with grammar and punctuation, consider the use of an extension such as Grammarly.
  • The use of headings within a biography may make a more complex or lengthy biography easier to read.
  • Where other people are mentioned in the biography, include a link to the profile to improve navigation.
  • Ensure that data in location fields takes the correct format. Do not abbreviate towns, states, countries. Do not include a house number, street address, building name, church, hospital, etc., in the location field - place this in the biography instead.
  • Check the profile for any outstanding suggestions (Wiki-ID > Suggestions) and address them.
  • Seek assistance via the Australia Project's Google Group if you do not understand any suggestions.

Profiles Managed by the Australia Project

Profiles managed by the project may be found here: Category: Australia, Project Managed Profiles or via Wikitree+. The latter search is only updated weekly.

PMPs or PPPs that require improvement can be found using this search in Wikitree+. This list is updated weekly.

When the profile has been improved to the guidelines above, the Profile Improvement category may be removed from the profile.

Profiles managed by the project that remain unconnected may be found here: Wikitree+. This search is updated weekly.


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