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Australia - Australian Convicts 1788-1868 Team

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Australian Convicts Sub-Project

Australia was initially established as a penal colony in 1788 with convict transportation ending in 1868. This is a free-space page for the Australian Convicts sub-project. The Team Leaders are Veronica Williams and Heather Stevens.

The 'Australian Convicts' sub project is part of the Australia Project. When originally conceived the project included convicts and free settlers (you read some of the historical information here). The project has now been split into a number of smaller teams, focussing on different topic areas.

See also: Project: Australia

Australian Convicts Team

Anyone wanting to be involved in the new 'Australian Convicts' team is invited to join the Australia Project by following the link to the Project joining post.

... ... ... is a member of the Australian Convicts Team.

If you wish to add a team sticker to your profile, please add the following text underneath the ==Biography== section.

  • Type: {{Member|Australian Convicts}}

Goal and Activities

The goals and activities for the project include:

  • Identifying and creating profiles for all those who came to Australia aboard convict ships, including convicts, marines, military and crew between 1788-1868.
  • Identifying and creating categories for all convict ships that came to Australia between 1788-1868.
  • Applying priority to the earliest fleets.
  • Ensuring profiles meet acceptable Wikitree standards and the Project Guidelines for Australian Convicts.

Project Management Tasks

  • Develop project management guidelines for categorisation, template and stickers for use on Australian Convicts profiles. See 'draft guidelines' in the 'Links' section below - Veronica
  • All content from the old project page has been incorporated into new pages appropriate to new team structures. You can read more about former projects here.

Priority Profile Tasks

  • List of First Fleeters to Australia, 1787-1788. Most First Fleet convicts are already on this list, however many have not been linked to their profile page. This is work that can be done by any Wikitreer! If their profile doesn't exist yet - please create them!
  • Convict Profiles Needing Improvement. These profiles have been identified as needing improvements to their profiles. Please remove the category if you are satisfied that the profile meets the project guidelines and has an adequate biography.


Members Specific Interests

Focus Area Name
Policy and Procedure
members working with others to develop and promote changes to policy and standards for Australian Convicts profiles, including documentation of project guidelines
Veronica Williams
Categories and Locations
members focussing on the development and implementation of appropriate category structures and location fields relevant to Pre Federation 1788-1900 profiles (including those Australian Convicts)
members focus is on connecting Australian Convicts profiles to our main Global Family Tree
Susan Stopford
Data Doctors
members working together to use tools that seek out and correct errors on Australian Convicts profiles
Veronica Williams (DNA errors)|
focus on adding sources to Unsourced Australian Convicts profiles
Susan Stopford
All Rounders
members who have an interest in helping to improve Australian Convicts profiles when needed (eg adding stickers or other new initiatives), including their own families
Shoshanah Luckie
Colony of New South Wales
members who have an interest in The Colony_of_New_South_Wales
Kaitlyn Emmett (also interested in Norfolk Island) Elsie Gorman also Australia, Gorman Name Study

Susan Stopford

Colony of Van Diemen's Land
members who have an interest in Van Diemen's Land (1825-1856)
Nan Hewitt
Swan River Colony
members who have an interest in The Swan River Colony
Colony of Queensland
members who have an interest in The Colony_of_Queensland
David Urquhart
Colony of Victoria
members who have an interest in The Colony of Victoria
Colony of Western Australia
members who have an interest in The Colony of Western Australia
Colony of Tasmania
members who have an interest in Colony of Tasmania


  • The Australian Convicts Project Guidelines help Wikitreers to understand any preferred actions to be taken on profiles that fall under this topic. This includes, project boxes, stickers and categories.
  • Looking for convicts who need their profiles improved? Click here and jump right in!

DNA Projects

  • Have you had your DNA tested? Make sure you consider joining our Wikitree DNA project.

How to get involved

Will you join us? After answering our G2G post and advising you wish to join our convict team, you will then be awarded the Australia Project badge. Alternatively, post a comment on this page, or just add your name to this list with the task you would like to do. Interested in any particular fleet, ship or colony? Feel free to take that on. We also have Colony teams are also involved in with convict profiles.

Communicating with the Team

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Hi, i would love to get involved in this team, for the past year or so i have been looking into one particular ancestor who arrived in NSW in 1832 on the ship PORTLAND. Through research i unearthed lots of information about his time in the colony, which included bouts of good behaviour and reward, but then bad behaviour and running away. I lose sight of him eventually and would love to find out what happened to him as ihave DNA connections in Australia so he must have started a new life with a new wife perhaps?
posted by Sarah Martin
Sounds interesting Sarah - who is the convict? Answer our welcome post to get signed up to the project https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1373180/is-2022-your-year-to-join-the-australia-project
Hi all,

I'd love to get involved with the Australian Convicts 1788-1868 Team please. I'm particularly interested in Van Diemen's Land/Tasmania. I've been working on the profile of Agnes Spright and have enjoyed the discoveries and resources found so much that I would love to help out further. Cheers, Elle

posted by Elle Joackim
Elle, I've added you to the Convicts team.
Looks great Latina. Fabulous research. I have run across swing riots in Barton Stacey in Hampshire I wonder if they are the same. A number of them transported to Tassie. Maybe we should compare notes. Send me a PM with what you had in mind, as Gillian has said a FSP is a good way to start.


posted by Veronica (Coat) Williams
edited by Veronica (Coat) Williams
Hiya, I got a contact yesterday saying that one of my ancestor profiles woudl be featured this week - he is a convict. I've tried to update it all 'correctly" (not convinced I have), but its made me think.. rather than do a blanket overall of convicts, i'm wondering what is involved if i wanted to do aproject on the Swing Rioter Convicts? and build their trees out? I have a lot of information on the Swing Rioters (particularly Salisbury where may ancestor is from), but i know how to access the rest of it. Anyway, perhaps somoene can check the profie to make sure its to 'standard"? Would be appreciated. thankyou (Just please don't take out the content or the images!) I've spent hours on it! James Lush (abt.1788-1854) James Lush (abt.1788-1854)
posted by Larina Harper
James' profile looks fabulous, Larina. Excellent work. Congratulations on getting your profile selected. I guess you could do a free space page about the Swing Riots and use that as a base to work further on the profiles of those involved. Is that what you mean?
posted by Gillian Thomas
Thanks Gillian, I guess so. I was thinking that may be a category, and collating them all. I know that there were nearly a thousand from Salisbury that were transported because of the riots, but I suspect that possibly about 3000 from the four different Counties were deported as a direct consequence to the Swing Riots. I did look at the freespace pages (links put up by Gillian), and pehraps an idea might be to do a free space page on the Swing Riots with links to other freespace pages to explain what /how it happened. For instance a page could be dedicated to Captain Swing (aka the associations with the Scarlet Pimpernel) and the role he played in the riots. (both Feather names), but he encouraged the Agricultural workers to riot and smash the machines as part of getting their jobs back. But then I could do a free space page dedicated to each of the counties, and list the names of those convicted and then hopefully after a period of time we would have all those transported to VDL for the riots captured on here. There is actually a lot of interest in them really - because of the historical 'moment' and the personal experiences for them. I'm happy to get it cracking! As I said - i know where to find a lot of resources even though I've forgotten a lot of them too, because of trying to find out what happened to my own ancestor. (we even know a lot more about him because he seems to be mentioned at least in a paragraph or two in every piece of literature because of the death sentence, and the interventions by Lord Melbourne and ultimately the "Crown" to reprieve his life. He was completely illiterate btw, just an average ag labourer:D.
posted by Larina Harper
Hi Larina, This is a really interesting read and you have done a lot of work! You can definitely add any other convicts that came to Australia visa this event (check first that they don't already have a profile) and add any relatives that you know of so that they are connected. Also on a free space (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Free-Space_Profile) as Gillian Thomas has suggested you can write about the event and add any profile that you create.
posted by Carolyn Ball
Thankyou Carolyn, i think i will. :D
posted by Larina Harper
2nd fleet...

I have an interest in one member of the then notorious 'The Culworth Gang' a party of stand-over thieves & highway robbers that operated in Northamptonshire, England for around 20 years before they were caught.

William Pettifer (1747-1787) ...his profile is still a 'work-in-progress'.

Unlike my guy, another of the gang (William Abbott) managed to have his death sentence commuted to transportation to NSW. https://convictrecords.com.au/convicts/abbott/william/81051. Based on the recorded arrival date, he was in the 2nd fleet on the ship 'Surprize'. I don't believe we have a WT profile created yet. I have left references/sources on William Pettifer's profile.

posted by Ken Hudson
I'd like to join the Australian Convicts Team. I am a descendant of Henry James Edwards, a convict transported on the Henry Tanner June 27th, 1834.

(he was a pickpocket)

posted by Kellie Rodan
Apologies, forgot my name on the post. Natalie Baig
I would like to join the Australian Convicts Team. I have definite convict ancestors to NSW and to Tasmania.

The NSW group are: David Brown, Pitt, arrived 1792 on the Pitt; Hannah Lisson, transported on the Mary Anne 1791; Thomas Lisson, Hannah's son transported on the Royal Admiral arriving 1792; Ann Bradwell arrived on the Experiment in 1804; She married Thomas Lisson, but left him and lived with Isaac Gorrick, who arrived on the Atlantic. Joseph Flood arrived on the Boddington in 1793; Ann Leader arrived on the Sydney Cove in 1806 Ann Gorman on Marquis Cornwallis in 1796; She lived with Joseph Flood. I also have John Watson who probably was a convict and arrived on the first fleet. Main evidence for this is a note in the local paper from his daughter on his death. Esther Hacker on the Indispensable in 1796. She married John Watson.

The Tasmanian group are: John Lancaster arrived in the John Renwick in 1843 William Britton arrived in Sydney on the Guildford in 1812 and then sent straight on to Tasmania. He married Ann Leader in Tasmania.


I would like to find out more about my ancestor, William Windibank, who was transported on the Captain Cook. Arrival at NSW on 26 August 1833. He was convicted at the Southampton, Portsmouth Quarter Sessions and sentenced to seven years, unknown crime.

posted by Philip Windibank

My relation, John Herrick was sent to Australia on board the ship Daphne. He arrived in 1819 and lived in Campbelltown. He was born in Birr, County Offaly, Ireland.

posted by Frank Herrick
Hi Team,

I found this website, and if it isn't linked up already, I thought it might come in handy. http://members.pcug.org.au/~ppmay/convicts.htm An Irish Convicts to NSW database by Peter Mayberry. Cheers.

posted by David Urquhart
I would like to join the Australian Convicts Team.

Most of my 6 convict ancestors are in the Pardoe, Izard and Delandre lines, apart from Joshua Charles Gross, who arrived in 1839 on the “Theresa”.

posted by Peter Gross