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Australia Passenger Arrivals (1965-1972), Joyner Surname

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Australia Passenger Arrivals (1965-1972) with Joyner Surname

This time period commences at the end of shipping arrivals, it being replaced by aircraft as the main source of arrivals to Australia.

This page is part of the Category: Joyner Name Study (or Joiner) and is used as an aid to that study on wikitree, allowing for a clearer connection of Joyner surnamed wikitree profiles and the sources from which they reference their facts. When sourcing profiles with Australia Passenger Arrivals (1965-1972) with Joyner Surname always visit the source for complete record information. NOTE - This page is only an index to the records in the source and does not contain the full information available about any record in the source. Visit the source Here.

Table of Australia Passenger Arrivals (1965-1972) with links to existing Wikitree profiles This table is a comparison of the Australia Passenger Arrivals (1965-1972) with Joyner Surname Wikitree profiles and their designated family number [1]

YearItem barcodeNameGrouping
196512251985Walter Stanley JOYNER
196512251985Noeline JOYNER
196512251985Pamela JOYNER
196512251985William Millar JOYNER
19657091041W M JOYNER
19657091173Walter Stanley JOYNER
196512154932Waeli Slainley JOYNER
196512154932Ruth JOYNER
196512154932Frances Agnes JOYNER
196512154932Harvey JOYNER
196512154932Lynette JOYNER
196512154932Malcolm JOYNER
19657091494K W JOYNER
196512154932Keith Winston JOYNER
196612154933Roy Ernest JOYNER
196612154933John Albert JOYNER
19667091605C JOYNER
196612154933Clifford JOYNER
196612154933J W JOYNER
196612154933Malcolm Charles JOYNER
196612154933Walter Stanley JOYNER
196612159563James Mitchell JOYNER
196612159563Moura Standridgo JOYNER
196612159563Max Frederick JOYNER
196612159563Millie Hay JOYNER
196612159563Ada Miriam JOYNER
196612159563Albert Edward JOYNER
196612159563Malcolm JOYNER
196712132527Timothy JOYNER
19679788395Harold Ernest JOYNER
19679788395Marjorie Ethel Mary JOYNER
19679788395Ann JOYNER
19679788395George JOYNER
19679788395Monica JOYNER
19679788395Raymend JOYNER
196712132527George David JOYNER
196712132527Della JOYNER
196712132527Walter Stanley JOYNER
196712132527Ann Elizabeth JOYNER
196712132527Caonstance Mabel JOYNER
196712132527Harvey JOYNER
196712132527William JOYNER
196712132527Hazel Gredoria Jean JOYNER
196712132527Walter Stanley JOYNER
196712132527Edith JOYNER
196712132527John William JOYNER
19689788548Walter Stanley JOYNER
19689788548Robert John JOYNER
19689788548Alison Jane JOYNER
19689788548Denise Lesley JOYNER
19689788548Karen Louise JOYNER
19689788548Patricia Anne JOYNER
19689788548Reginald JOYNER
19689788548Karyn Anne JOYNER
19689788548Lynette Hazel JOYNER
196812253249Lee Andrew JOYNER
196812253249Jane JOYNER
196812253249Paul JOYNER
196812253249Ronald Colston JOYNER
196812253249Trudle JOYNER
196812253249Roy Ernest Basil JOYNER
196812253249Malcolm Charles JOYNER
196812253249Mary Bentham JOYNER
196812253249Sue Lynette JOYNER
196812253249Karyn Anne JOYNER
196812253249Lynette Hazel JOYNER
196812253249Keith Winston JOYNER
196912089672Anne JOYNER
196912089672Albert Edward JOYNER
196912089672Andrew Stephen JOYNER
196912089672Doris Louise JOYNER
19699788791Malcolm Charles JOYNER
196912089672Julie JOYNER
196912089672Kevin JOYNER
196912089672Patricia JOYNER
196912089672Ronald Alfred JOYNER
196912089672Maurice JOYNER
196912089672Stephen Laurence JOYNER
196912089672Susan JOYNER
196912089672Patricia Janet JOYNER
196912089672Brian Wesley JOYNER
196912089672Dennis Frederick JOYNER
196912089672Elsie Mary JOYNER
196912089672Peter Vaughan JOYNER
196912089672Alma Maud JOYNER
19699788791Colin David JOYNER
19699788791Graham JOYNER
19699788791Reginald Charles JOYNER
19699788791Karyn Anne JOYNER
19709788914James Thomas JOYNER
19709788914Frances Helen JOYNER
19709788914William George JOYNER
19709788914Roma Beatrice JOYNER
19709788914William Richard JOYNER
197011616804Maude Veronica JOYNER
197011616804Rosslyn Lorraine JOYNER
197011616804Sheelah Josephine JOYNER
197011616804Frederick Blount JOYNER
197011616804Mary Sue JOYNER
197011616804Lynette Hazel JOYNER
197011616804Malcolm Charles JOYNER
197011616804Scott Charles JOYNER
197230050421Alexander Ernest JOYNER
197230050421Mary Theresa JOYNER
197230050421Ada Miriam JOYNER
197212150493Willie Don JOYNER
197212150493Ann Elizabeth JOYNER
197212150493Constance Mabel JOYNER
197212150493Harvey JOYNER
197212150493William JOYNER
197212150493Carolyn Eve Lorna JOYNER
197212150493Jean JOYNER
197212150493Brian Wesley JOYNER
197212150493Frederick Cyril JOYNER
197212150493Marie Eva JOYNER
197230050509N Reay JOYNER
197230050509Andrew Eric JOYNER
197230050509James Souglas JOYNER
197230050509Margaret Eileen JOYNER
197230050509Alberta Emily JOYNER
197230050509John Herbert JOYNER
197230050509Betty Louise JOYNER
197230050509Allan JOYNER
197230050509Glenda Joy JOYNER
196512010192Albert John JOINER
196512010192Florence Agneslena JOINER
196512010192William George JOINER
196512010192Fay Lorraine JOINER
196512010192Robin Muriel JOINER
196512010192Prank JOINER
196612014674Shirley May JOINER
196612014674William Thomas JOINER
196612014674Chester Paul JOINER
196612014674Elizabeth Ann JOINER
196612014674Michael John JOINER
196612014674Sue Ramsey JOINER
196612014674Daniel Andrew JOINER
196612014674Gladys Elizabeth JOINER
196612103897William Edward JOINER
196612103897Nancy E JOINER
196612103897Thomas JOINER
19667092055Truman A JOINER
196612103897Truman August JOINER
196612103897John Ninian JOINER
196612103897Donald Victor David JOINER
196612103897Jean JOINER
196612103897John Royston JOINER
19667092164John Royston JOINER
19667092164Karen Lynne JOINER
196612103897Karen Lynne JOINER
196612103897Lynne Yvonne JOINER
19667092164Lynne Yvonne JOINER
19667092164Wendy Ann JOINER
196612103897Wendy Ann JOINER
19667092191A JOINER
196612103897Ann Carol JOINER
19667092191M JOINER
196612103897Michael Andrew JOINER
19667092191P JOINER
196612103897Paul Kevin JOINER
19667092191R JOINER
196612103897Robert Richard JOINER
196711594900Charles Joseph JOINER
196711594900Donald JOINER
196711594900Dorothy Ruth JOINER
196711594900Harley F JOINER
196711594900Daniel Andrew JOINER
196711594900Gladys Elizabeth JOINER
196711594900Amy JOINER
196712244124Lynette Margaret JOINER
196712244124Mary Elizabeth JOINER
196811431100Norma Constance JOINER
196811431100Evelyn Faye JOINER
196811431100Harold Richard JOINER
196811431100Esther May JOINER
196811431100Margaret JOINER
19689788618Ian Laurence JOINER
19689788618Jean JOINER
196912006458Ian Laurence JOINER
196912006458Mary Elizabeth JOINER
19699788789Darren Paul JOINER
19699788789Kenneth Charles JOINER
19699788789Sheila JOINER
19699788789Simon James JOINER
19699788789Howell Lester JOINER
19699788789Ann Mary JOINER
19699788789Howell L JOINER
19699788789Craig JOINER
19699788789Donald Victor David JOINER
19699788789Joan Margaret JOINER
19699788789Michelle Ann JOINER
19699788789Peter John JOINER
19699788789Teresa Mary JOINER
19699788789William George JOINER
19699788789Ian Laurence JOINER
197012246461Ollie Mae JOINER
197012246461Winifred Lucy JOINER
197030191286James R JOINER
197030191286William Edeward JOINER
197030191286Kevin John JOINER
197030191286Ian Laurence JOINER
197030191286Gwendolyn May JOINER
197030191286William Edward JOINER
197212243548Judy Louise JOINER
197212243548Anne JOINER
197212243548David P JOINER
197212243548Katharine M JOINER
197212243548Margaret L JOINER
197212243548Martin JOINER
197212243548Michael JOINER
197212243548Patricia D JOINER
197212243548Donald Victor David JOINER
197212243548Jan Laurence JOINER
197212243548Victorine JOINER
197212183202Ray George JOINER
197212183202William George JOINER
197212183202Deborah JOINER
197212183202Ian Laurence JOINER
197212183202Ardell JOINER
197212183202Jack Edwin JOINER
197212197080Charles Henry JOINER
197212197080Margaret Fay JOINER
197212197080Anne Mary Z JOINER
197212197080Ian Laurence JOINER
197212197080Judy Louise JOINER
197212197080Daniel Andrew JOINER


  1. Passenger arrivals index, 1898 – 1966; Copyright National Archives of Australia 2017 ; Online Repository http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/search/index.aspx accessed 12Oct2017

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