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Australia Project, Profile Improvement and Maintenance Categories

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The Australia Project is aiming for an intergrated approach to improvement of Australian profiles, incorporating Sources, Biography, and Categories.


Project Priorities for Profile Improvement

These priorities are in no particular order, as each one is of equal value.

  • Working on Suggestions, your own list or the Australian list, see link below.
  • Sourcing 'Unsourced' profiles, see link below.
  • Connecting 'Unconnected' profiles, see link below.
  • Working on the 'Australia profile improvement' categories (convicts, 5 star etc), see links below.
  • Other priorities as developed by the various AP teams and posted in the AP Google Group.
  • Improving the profiles on your own watchlist or orphaned profiles - (biography with inline sourcing, categories, stickers, images etc)
  • Working on specified maintenance categories - eg. 'Needs cluster research' or 'Needs Voyage Category', see link below to all Australian maintenance categories.

7 Steps for Profile Improvement

  1. Find and add sources ideally, primary sources, (only one is required for the profile to be considered "sourced", or to remove an "Unsourced" tag). The aim is to add as many as possible. The source does not need to be a birth/death/marriage record. See: Help:Sources and Australia, Profile Standards and Australia, Sources and Citation Examples for Australian source information.
    If you have trouble finding an Australian birth/death or marriage source, consider adding a research category for the missing source/s, using a state based category, where possible. These categories are in the format "Australia (or State), Needs Birth/Death/Marriage Source Researched". eg.Queensland, Needs Birth Source Researched.
    The Australia Project would like these categories only to be added to a profile where the member has searched for the source and is unable to find it, so needs assistance from someone with more expertise or access to subscriptions records. It also helps other researchers if it is noted on the profile (under a ==Research Notes== heading), where you have already looked.
  2. Construct the biography from known information, (parents, spouse, locations of events, etc), in sentence format. See Help:Biographies
  3. Does the biography or sources mention family members not yet on Wikitree? Add this category Australia, Needs Profiles Created so the family profiles can be added at a later date.
  4. Is the profile an immigrant or a convict without a ship category? Add either the category Australia, Immigrant Needs Voyage Category Added or the category Australia, Convict Needs Voyage Category Added
  5. Do you want to add some general categories (location, cemetery, migration, convicts, etc) to the profile, but not sure what's available? If you would like any help with categories, post a comment on this page, or a comment on this page or post in our Australia Project google group. If a category you want to add does not exist, add your request to our Category Request page
  6. Would you like to add some stickers to the profile? See the list of Australian Stickers
  7. There are also Project Guidelines pages being gradually developed to include all actions required for profiles that fall into one of the Australia Project Topics, eventually a guidelines page for each of these topics. See the list of Australia Project Guidelines for any relevant to the profile.

Links to Find Australian Profiles Needing Improvement

  • Biography: 802, 803, 811, 853
  • Profile Completeness: 467 (Short Biography)
  • Wikidata: All numbers.

Adding and Using Maintenance Categories

  1. See a list of all the Australia, Maintenance Categories
  2. To add maintenance categories to a profile, use the category picker tool in "Edit" mode on a profile.
  3. See Guidelines on Unsourced and Sourced Profiles. When adding the Unsourced tag to a profile, use a state parameter if possible, otherwise use Australia as the parameter.. Two parameters can be added. eg. {{Unsourced|Yorkshire|Victoria}} or {{Unsourced|Queensland|New South Wales}} or {{Unsourced|Australia}}. Adding the parameters places the profile in those Unsourced categories. See Help:Sources FAQ for more on when to add the Unsourced template.
  4. "Needs Birth/Death/Marriage Source Researched" categories, state categories are most useful for these, whenever possible. These categories should not be added where "Unsourced" categories are still on the profile, until at least one source is located and the "Unsourced" is removed, as per guideline #1 above.
  5. "Needs Cluster Research" categories, to use the 'Needs Cluster Research' category there must be research notes on the profile indicating where people have searched. Remove other needs birth/marriage/death records categories when adding the cluster research category.
  6. Use Australia, Needs GEDCOM Cleanup for older profiles added from a GEDCOM upload that need editing and other improvements.
  7. All states now have a sub category [[Category:<state>, Maintenance Categories]] containing the 4 categories for each state, Unsourced, Needs Birth/Death/Marriage Source Researched, for members wanting to focus on a particular state.
  8. The categories Category: Needs Birth Record, Category: Needs Death Notice and Category: Needs Marriage Record (as well as many others) are generic WikiTree maintenance categories. They can be added by anyone to any profiles. They shouldn't be added to Unsourced profiles. There are currently many Australian profiles in the 3 categories mentioned, and each category has a link on the category page to a page of WikiTree Plus searches that can be used to find profiles by each Australian state in those categories. As a Project, the top priority for sourcing is Unsourced profiles, but anyone wanting to find the additional records for these profiles can certainly do so.


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