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Welcome to the Australia Project Categories Team page.

If you would like a category added or renamed for you, go to Categories Waiting to be Added or Renamed and, in "Edit" mode, post a link to the profile, to which you want the category added, plus any information you have for the category, under the heading, "Categories to be Added", and the category to be renamed under "Categories to be Renamed"

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With regard to checking cemeteries categories - the following Data Doctor reports can be searched for "Australia" (not sure if there is a smarter method to focus on Australia only?):
posted by Troy Phillips
Hi Troy, thanks for those, yes I get those as part of the Categories suggestions lists when they come out, generally 3 or 4 times a week. You'll find the cemetery categories are pretty much error free. I went all our Australian categories a few years ago and corrected all the category errors. Since then, I pretty much get them when they appear on the lists.

Cemeteries are the only ones that have so many different suggestions, locations don't have a "without CIB" suggestion, congregations and structures don't have any at all.

All that aside, by far the best and smartest way to check for missing CIB's and category suggestions, is to use "Navigate" on the category page, that shows both. Have a look at Queensland Places, you'll see on the left hand side, any categories that don't have a CIB and if you scroll down, you'll see any category errors (a dark pink line under the relevant category). https://plus.wikitree.com/function/WTWebCategoryNavigate/Category.htm?category=Queensland,%20Places

Ooh. It looks like I should be counted as a member of this team too please.

I'm not sure if I'm confident enough to say "done" to the table above, but I add some categories to any profile I read that doesn't have them, and make new location and cemetery categories as I notice they are required. The table at https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:South_Australia_Cemeteries_Progress is gradually getting filled in, including removing duplicates where confirmed.

My focus is South Australia, particularly the rural parts of the Adelaide Hills and Plains. I tend not to create voyage categories as I am not familiar with the sources to choose/create the parent ship category.

posted by Scott Davis
Hi Scott, I've added you to the team, welcome aboard! As I said in the GG post, there is a wide range of category interests and experience, and all contributions are appreciated. Thank you for adding SA cemeteries and locations, Is this report of missing cemeteries in SA any use to you? There apparently about 213 SA cemeteries without a category on WT, that have profiles on WT with a FG source. https://wikitree.sdms.si/Categories/FindAGraveCemeteries/OceaniaAustraliaSouthAustraliaMissingCemeteriesSmall.htm

The table on the page is just for checking the existing categories for a CIB, not for ALL the possible categories being added, I might need to make that a bit clearer.

Yes, ship voyages are bit more involved, you're more than welcome to continue adding requests to the request page.

Please do message me if any questions, regards, Margaret.

Thanks Margaret. The cemeteries there should be roughly the complement of the categories on the progress page - showing how much more work there is! I've added all the profiles from that report for the cemetery (Alma South) I created this morning. I'll try to remember to check this report more often as at the moment, I've probably only been moving cemeteries from "missing" to "partial" in https://plus.wikitree.com/Categories/FindAGraveCemeteries/OceaniaAustraliaSouthAustraliaPartialCemeteriesSmall.htm
posted by Scott Davis
Margaret, I am confused.

Does "Done" mean that a category has been completed? Or maybe "more work is required and welcomed? "

posted by Steve Thomas
Hi Steve, the table is to record which sections of the current categories have been checked to see if any need a CIB added. I added a bit to clarify the purpose of the table. "Done" means that the Queensland currently existing cemeteries and congregations have been checked to see if any needed a CIB added.
All good Scott, only so many WT hours in the day! At least getting missing ones onto WT means they are available for others to use. This will be an ongoing project for quite a while, thanks for all your help. :)
Hi Margaret, maybe not much help to the Australian Project, however I have learnt a lot about the parallel language categories. The most outstanding I have seen recently was written in Ukrainian, with useful translations to Polish, German and English. Category:Королівство_Галичини_та_Володимирії (in English 'the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria'). Google Translate is my best friend.
posted by Steve Thomas
edited by Steve Thomas
HI Margaret, I should join this group as well, as I am always repairing and creating categories to the standard. Freeform to CIB. Locations, Structures, Cemeteries, Ships, Voyages, WWI and WW2 units, and some themes.
posted by [Living Rayner]
Thanks Craig, I've added you to the team.
I guess I should join this group. I'm working through the cemetery reports and the WW2 profiles to categorise them to the current standard
posted by Peter Kane
Thanks Peter, I added you to the team, cheers, Margaret
Thanks Margaret. I am still very committed in the Category Team.

I seem to have some trouble communicating with Google and Google Groups does not work well for me.

posted by Steve Thomas
But you must be getting the google group posts OK Steve?