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Welcome to the Australia Project, Australian Notables Team


Team Leader: Melanie Paul

Definition of Notable Profiles

Definition from Category: Notables: Notables are people who are worthy of note, remarkable, eminent, or persons of distinction. They may be famous, now or in the past. Or they may be less than famous to the general public, but well-known among their own esoteric accomplished peers. Or they may be infamous, or "Black Sheep", particularly if they reached a high level of disrepute among authorities and media, such as criminals who were once listed on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List.
Examples: those with profiles in Who's Who, encyclopaedias, Australian Dictionary of Biographies, or Wikipedia. See the Notables Project and Requirements for Profiles of Notables

Deceased and Living Notables

  • The Australia Project has developed specific guidelines for Living Notables, Australia, Project Guidelines - Living Notables.
  • All deceased Notables and their deceased family members should have their privacy level set to "Open", (although we recommend leaving deceased notable profiles at Green (Public) privacy level for up to 3 months after date of death, as a mark of respect). It is important that all members be able to contribute to these profiles. The Notables Project does not generally manage profiles of deceased Notables. If you manage a deceased Australian notable profile and feel it is eligible for management by the Australia Project, contact Gillian.

Adding the Notables Sticker

Please add the Notables sticker template, by using one of the Australian Notables categories listed in the following section as a parameter, eg. {{Notables Sticker|Australia, Notables in the Entertainment Industries}} and add to the profile below the Biography heading.

Notables Project
... ... ... is Notable.

  • The Notables Sticker automatically applies the category Notables in addition to the Australian Notables category used as a sticker parameter. Any other applicable Notables categories and/or occupation categories can be added manually.
  • Do not add the template {{Notables}} to profiles. This is the Notables Project Box and it is only added to profiles that are managed by the Notables Project. See also,Australia, Project Guidelines - Living Notables

Notable Categories under "Australia, Notables"

Notable profiles should be categorised to one of these sub-categories using the Notables sticker:

Some other stickers that may be relevant

... represented Australia at the Olympic Games
  • Olympian - {{Occupation |image=Olympic_Movement.png |text=represented Australia at the Olympic Games}} will give you:
... ... ... was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia.
  • Awards - eg {{Medal | medal=Member of the Order of Australia | image=Occupation_Image_Capture-31.jpg | Category=Members of the Order of Australia}} will give you:
... ... ... was featured in a media genealogy show.
  • Genealogy in the Media - {{Genealogy in the Media Sticker}} will give you:

How can I help?

Who Do You Think You Are (AUS)

See Australia Project, WDYTYA for tasks that need doing:
1. Creating profiles of celebrities who featured on Australian episodes of Who Do You Think You Are to WikiTree, who are eligible to be opened as Living Notables
2. Connecting celebrities to the global tree.

Category for WDYTYA celebrities: Who Do You Think You Are (AUS) category

Other Genealogy in the Media

Who Do You Think You Are?
Launched in Britain in 2004, this popular show is now a global franchise, featuring celebrities as they journey around the world in search of their family histories. Australia's WDYTYA airs on SBS.
Finding Your Roots
Finding Your Roots premiered in 2012 on PBS America and has run for a number of seasons. The show, hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr, traces the ancestries of noteworthy guests, following a unique theme each episode. There may or may not be Australians featured. If there are, they are likely expats.
This is Your Life
While technically This is Your Life is noted as a biographical documentary and reality show, there are few episodes that do not add genealogical information in the presentation of the person's life. Based on an American show that began in 1952, This is Your Life has a British version which began in 1955, a New Zealand version in 1984, and an Australian version in 1975, relaunched in 1995. Another relaunch occurred in 2010, but was not very popular and lasted just 4 episodes. Yet another relaunch began in 2022.

Australian Notables not in Australian Notable Categories

This report lists profiles that have a Notables Sticker or Project Box, have a birth, death or marriage location in Australia, but do not have one of the 15 Australian Notable categories listed above. They need to be checked for eligibility as Australian Notables and the relevant Notable category or categories (listed above) added to them. List of Profiles

Weekly Connection Finder

Keep an eye out on the G2G for the call for nominations for the weekly Connection-Finder and nominate Australian Notable Profiles that fit. If you or someone else nominates a profile that needs work, it's a great opportunity to improve the biography, add an image, or connect the profile to the global tree. You may also be inspired to create a profile for a person that fits for that week, but isn't yet on WikiTree.
Suggesting profiles that fit the Connection-Finder themes and that also fall under the heading of diversity can help promote Australia, as well as diversity - so keep an eye out for people who may "fall outside the box".

Profiles that need work

Australian Notables who already have a profile containing a Notables sticker or template can be found here: Australian Notables Search or for profiles that are Orphans Australian Orphaned Notables Search.

The search results may be analysed in the BioCheck app. This will reveal a range of style problems. If the inline ref count is low or zero, then the profile is likely in need of improvement.

You can also choose profiles from Category:Australia,_Profile_Improvement_-_Notables to work on. If a profile is on a privacy setting and is managed by the Australia Project, request trusted list access.

A list of Australian Notables with Data Doctor suggestions or errors can be found here: Australian Notables DD Suggestions

For unconnected Australian Notables - Unconnected Australian Notables

If you only have a few minutes to spare, consider moving profiles from the Australia, Notables category into a lower categories, correcting the sticker if necessary.

Profiles that need creation

Notables in need of profiles, as suggested by members, can be found here.
The names of other Notables who do not yet have profiles on WikiTree may be found at several sites including, but not limited to:

Halls of Fame & Honour Rolls

Various Halls of Fame and Honour Rolls contain information on notables.

The Arts



Walks of Fame

5-Star Profiles

5-Star profiles are those profiles with 1,000+ views by at least 100+ different visitors in the past year, and the vast majority of these profiles are for notables. This may be the first, or only, view a person has of WikiTree, so it is important to make a good first impression.

Here is a list of 5-Star profiles associated with Australia in some way. This report is updated weekly.

This report is for 5-Star profiles that have DD suggestions.

Are you the manager of a 5-Stars Profile? Take a look. Click here and in the Text field enter “5stars” followed by a space and then your WT ID. Click “Get Profiles”.

Guidelines for working on Australian Notables

The Australian Notables follow the general criteria for notability as defined by the Notables Project, that is, people that have their own Wikipedia page, but persons may also be considered notable if they are listed in Australian publications such as People Australia, the Australian Dictionary of Biography, or are recognised within Australia for their achievements.

Whilst the profile should focus on genealogically relevant information it is important to also include an overview of the achievements which have made the person notable.

See also: David Randall's Completed Profile Checklist

Profiles should include:

  • Adherence to Wikitree style standards.
  • As many original sources as possible.
  • Narrative biography.
  • Inline citations to the Chicago Manual of Style standard, or similar.
  • Archive as many sources as possible to the Wayback Machine to prevent loss.
  • The Notables sticker should be added under the biography header. Please add a parameter that will place the profile in a relevant Notables category, e.g. {{Notables Sticker|Australia, Notables in the Military}}
  • Add additional categories as relevant. New categories can be created when there is a need for them. To ensure consistent category naming and structure globally, please request new categories here, Categories Waiting to be Added or Renamed, rather than create them yourself.
  • Other stickers may be appropriate, see Australia Project Boxes and Stickers.

Ideally profiles will also include at least one relevant image and be connected to the main tree.

Do not include entire obituaries, Wikipedia articles, nor articles from the Australian Dictionary of Biography, or similar sources. These sources do contain errors and copying in the entirety may be a breach of copyright. Selectively quote from these sources when the information cannot be located in an original source.

Please do not add the Notables template {{Notables}} or the Australia {{Australia}} Project template. Profiles with project templates must also be managed by the project and this is not necessary for the majority of notable persons. For further information see Australia Project Managed Profiles.

  • Login to edit this profile and add images.
  • Private Messages: Send a private message to the Profile Manager. (Best when privacy is an issue.)
  • Public Comments: Login to post. (Best for messages specifically directed to those editing this profile. Limit 20 per day.)

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Given that I regularly work on profiles for Notables, and manage more than one profile for those who are Australian Notables, I would like to be added to this Team, thanks! (I thought I was already on it, but my name ain't there!)
posted by Melanie Paul
Added you to the team plus 30 characters :)
"plus 30 characters :)"

Oh, my. I just near did the unspeakable! Laughing smilie (black and white).

Thankee muchly.

posted by Melanie Paul
It told me I had to have 30 characters in my reply :)
It will do that. I'm just not used to anyone else doing what I do and noting it that way. (I was drinking coffee at the time, and almost sprayed my already malfunctioning monitor. Fortunately, I managed to choke it down instead. Poke-tongue smilie (black and white).)
posted by Melanie Paul
This profile, father of Olivia Newton-John, seems to meet your qualifications for notable -

Note a merge is pending with an inactive profile manager.

Stuart - Wales Managed Profiles

posted by Stuart Awbrey
This list reflects to me problems with the Australian rationale to be honest (no disrespect meant). I have a profile that doesn't fit here.. he invented a hole punch (that would have been a forerunner to current modern ones). However, he passed away quite young. Anyway he was an inventor. how do i acknowledge his contributions to industry and mining? there is a newspaper report how people all around the world were wanting to buy his product from Ballarat including in India. then there is the humanitarian endeavours.. Australia had some great work done by women after World War I attempting to address the social problems that were occurring with the returned soldiers. While i think it is debatable (i've seen others argue it) Chisholm created the first "womens' refuges' in Australia.. (potentially the world). Australia is more than country of sport stars and our celebrities are pretty small scale on a global level. When we talk about the "Australian of the Year' are we taking bouat the political choice? because thats usually a pick to win brownie points with the public. I know a number of people with an Order of Australia Medal, but they aren't notable.. (or certainly don't think of themselves that way).. although some have done some remarkable things.. actually when one dies i will create her profile and outline her contributions to the Indigenous issues and what she has done for social justice in Western Australia.
posted by Larina Harper
The overall notables project criteria are the same as Wikipedia's standards for notability. Does your person have a Wikipedia article about him? If he does, then tehre will be a corresponding Wikidata item which can have a link added to the Wikitree profile. If not, iti is possible he would qualify for one that just has not yet been written. Either way, you can write an excellent Wikitree profile for him that describes his achievements. He doesn't have to be described as "notable" to acknowledge his contributions to industry and mining.

Caroline Elizabeth (Jones) Chisholm (1808-1877) is already a project-managed profile so I didn't really get your point about her...?

posted by Scott Davis
Does having a page or inclusion (a mention) on the Sydney Living Museum site qualify for being an Australian Notable?
posted by Shoshanah Luckie
edited by Shoshanah Luckie
The International Tennis Hall of Fame is on your list, so why isn't the International Swimming Hall of Fame?

Also, why do we not appear to have something for our swimmers? Our Olympians? (My apologies if these do exist, but I offer the excuse that I am category challenged.)

posted by Melanie Paul
There are hundreds of Halls of Fame that are applicable to Australians. We can't think of all of them at the same time. There is a category for the International Swimming Hall of Fame and there appears to be two Australians in it. There are more deceased Australian members here: I know some of them have profiles. Feel free to add them to the category and create profiles for any who don't have them.
posted by [Living Ford]
Yep. I found the category for the swimming HoF, but was hoping for more. (There should be at least four Aussies in it, because there were three until I added Mina Wylie.)

I've no interest - at this time - in adding other swimmers. Mina was special. (I had already started on a personal "mini project" of adding Grand Old Opry to existing profiles, then the rabbits dragged me away.)

posted by Melanie Paul
Thanks Melanie,

This list is not conclusive. I’ve added them to the list but if you know of any other sources for halls of fame please add them to the list. Sports are there alphabetically with the sport bolded.

Regards Deborah

posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
I guess what I was hoping for is the same as Veronica mentions . . getting the {{Notables Sticker|Australia, Notables}} to be more specific.* That's what then led me to the categories. ((I added as many of those as I could think of that apply.))

* Kind of the way the US has state-specific stickers -- {{Notables Sticker|Florida, Notables}} -- I was hoping for {{Notables Sticker|Australia, Notables|Olympians}} or {{Notables Sticker|Australia, Notables|Swimmers}}

posted by Melanie Paul
edited by Melanie Paul
The Notables sticker only has 1 parameter, which can be any category. Regardless of the category used for the parameter, the sticker only states that the person is notable. It adds the person to the Notables category and the parameter category. That is under the control of the Notables Project. Additional categories have to be added in the usual way for categories.

There is an Australia, Notables category but it is too large to be useful. We currently have around 1,400 profiles carrying the Notables sticker. If people want to find a swimmer, it isn't practical to scroll through 1,400 profiles to find them, which is why we ask people to be more specific with categories. In time when enough swimmers have profiles created, there may be value in splitting the swimmers into state sub-categories. At the moment the number of Australian swimmers with profiles is so low in number that splitting them further provides no benefit.

posted by [Living Ford]
I put a lot of work into developing the Australia, Notables categories in 2018. The idea was to put people into the lowest category applicable in order to reduce those under the high level Australia, Notables category which is now far too big.

I’m not sure what happened to the hierarchy that I’d put on this page back then to assist people to use the right category but it’s been overwritten. The idea was to put mid level categories based on politics, sports, halls of fame etc then break that down further. I still use that hierarchy for profiles I come across but it wasn’t communicated well as we were waiting for the categorisation team to approve. It’s been lost in time.

posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
I deleted the category hierarchy from this page because it was way out of date. It required quite a lot of time to update it. Since we've been adding new categories steadily for a while now, having the hierarchy on this page would require a big investment of time to keep it up to date that is better invested elsewhere. Wikitree+ has a fabulous search function that allows us to find categories easily without needing to know the hierarchy.
posted by [Living Ford]
Thanks Leandra,

That's fine. I wasn't having a go at you. I got caught in a rabbit hole and dragged away from the work I was doing on Australian Notables. It was a starting point for me to clean up the actual categories, which I had been working through. Easy enough for me to keep going on this. I've nearly finished cleaning up the rabbit hole and will return to this soon. Regards Deborah

posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
It's ok, no offence taken, Deborah. I don't mind people asking questions.
posted by [Living Ford]
I think any of those types of Halls of Fame and our Olympians are a given, it is just that the list is not complete, and a work in progress.

I know our more recent still living Olympians will have hidden profiles if created at all. And there will be some restrictions on births after 1940, so it will only be the earlier generations that will be easy to access and categorise for this purpose. (if you are not on their Trusted List.)

Feel free to action a profile as a Notable in Sport for anyone who comes into these types of categories. They will most likely have a WIKIPedia profile and the older ones will have profiles in the Australian Dictionary of Biography which can automatically make them Notable for this purpose.

Enjoy the process Melanie and thank you for your help so far.

danny in canberra

posted by Danny Stapleton