Australian Windmills

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Welcome to Australian Windmills.
A little study on our "iconic" Australian Windmills

  • Windmills were a necessity to pump water from the Great Artesian Basin, to enable agricultural expansion in Australia. Although Windmills have been built in many forms around the world, to gain access to underground artesian water, a specific type of Windmill was needed. Up until the 1890's many Windmills were made of wood. While Windmills were also imported from overseas, there were many minor manufacturers and several larger family companies who first built Windmills in Australia during the 19th Century....these included the Metters family, who made the Metters brand windmill in Melbourne, Victoria, ... Archie Bryan at Colac in Victoria,...James Alston in Victoria,.... John Henry Saunders of the Speedy Windmill Co. in South Australia,.... the Griffiths family, who made the Southern Cross windmill in Toowoomba, Queensland and the Sidney Williams' family who built Comet windmills, founded in Rockhampton, Queensland in 1879..

Old Toowoomba Windmill.
Locomotive & Water Tank.
  • Windmills
  1. Windmills pdf
  2. Australian windmills pdf
  3. Windmills
  4. Comet Windmill Price List
  5. Restored Windmills
  6. Sydney Windmills

Steel Wings Windmill.

    • Queensland, Australia.
  • Griffiths family, Southern Cross windmill.
Southern Cross.
  1. History of the Windmill
  2. Disappearing windmills
  3. Southern Cross
  4. Buying back Southern Cross
  5. Southern Cross Windmills
  6. Toowoomba Foundry, Griffiths Family
  7. George Washington Griffiths, Grace's Guide
  8. George Washington Griffiths, ADB
  9. John Alfred Griffiths, ADB
  1. Comet
  2. Big Ones
    • New South Wales, Australia.
  • John Danks. N.S.W. died 1902. son.. Sir Aaron Danks.
    • Victoria, Australia.
  • Metters family, Metters windmill.
  1. Frederick Metters
  2. Frederick Metters, Wikipedia
  • Bryan Brothers, Cyclone windmill.
  1. Bryan Brothers
  2. Bryan Brothers
  • Ernest Jones previously a partner with the Bryan Brothers.
  • Robert William Brown. Brown Brothers..Victoria.
  • James Corbett. born 1841, died at Beeac, Victoria in 1921.
  • George Fortescue. Economy Windmill, Shepperton, Victoria.
  • James Alston, Gearless windmill.
  1. James Alston, ADB
  2. Alston Gearless Windmill
    • South Australia, Australia.
  • Speedy Windmill Co.
  1. John Henry Saunders who was killed in 1939.
    • Western Australia, Australia.
  • Acme Windmill Manufactured by Malloch Bros Ltd.
    • Others.
  • John Abraham Everlasting Windmill.
  • Arnie Aldous



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