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Axedale Public Cemetery table of graves

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: [unknown]
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See Axedale Public Cemetery, Axedale, Victoria for the main cemetery page and information.

Sortable Table of graves

Name Birth Death Age Notes Photo
 ?, Michael1GS of Michael Burke277
Aitken, Kathrine Carmel1922 Oct 262012 Oct 15Thorpe nee Colvin; M of Bernie, Valerie, Carmel220
Banfield, Bridget 1935 Aug 0774W of Thomas; M of Margaret 246
Banfield, MargaretD of Thomas & Bridget 246
Banfield, Thomas 1922 Nov 1463H of Bridget; F of Margaret 246
Barker, Sarah 1908 Feb 02 307
Bourke, Catharinew/ Martin58
Bourke, Hanora Katherine1925 Dec 3163W of Patrick41
Bourke, Helen50
Bourke, Martinw/Catharine58
Bourke, Michael Roy1904 Apr 25441
Bourke, Patrick 1915 Jul 1770H of Hanora41
Bourke, Patrick Valentine1905 Mar 308?41
Brandie, Annie1964 Jul 3086W of John174
Brandie, John1960 Feb 21H of Annie174
Brooks, Shane Russell (Booksy)1964 Mar 312009 Mar 0819
Brown, MargaretD of James & Margaret Lynch282
Browne, Anne Maria1936 Jan 11w/ John Browne26
Browne, Ellen Kathleen1977 Mar 1269W of Michael Francis25
Browne, John1940 Apr 13w/ Anne Maria Browne26
Browne, John Joseph1961 Jul 3053H of Molly; F of John & Molly24
Browne, Margaret Alice1972 Nov 2627
Browne, Mary Alice (Molly)2002 Jul 2294W of John; M of John & Molly24
Browne, Michael Francis1959 Oct 1967H of Ellen Kathleen25
Burke, Alan Patrick1923 Jun 281995 Apr 03B of John Michael92
Burke, Annette Marie1957 Jul 121997 Feb 06W of Peter; M of Sophie & Nicholas95
Burke, Annie1893? Dec24?D of Michael276
Burke, Bridget1880 Feb 2139W of John Roney84
Burke, Bridget Maria1976 Jan 0590W of Patrick82
Burke, Bridget Mary1952 Oct 0569W of Jeremiah57
Burke, Edward1879 Feb 253S of John & Bridget Burke84
Burke, Jeremiah1923 Apr 2150H of Bridget57
Burke, John1873 Jun 0675b. Co. Clare, IrelandH of Mary Burke; F of Stephen, Bridget, Kate48
Burke, JohnS of Thomas & Mary49
Burke, John1903 Dec 2468H of Bridget84
Burke, John Michael1922 Jan 302007 Dec 14B of Alan Patrick92
Burke, Katherine1929 Nov 3086W of Stephen55
Burke, Lorraine Margaret2001 Jan 3168W of Richard; M of Annette, Rene, Patricia, Mary, Francis, Louise96
Burke, Mary1878 Dec 1880b. Co. Clare, Ireland; M of Stephen, Bridget, Kate48
Burke, MaryW of Thomas49
Burke, Mary1929 Jan 1554D of John & Bridget Burke84
Burke, Michael1896 Sep 1267275
Burke, Patrick1957 Apr 3079H of Bridget Maria82
Burke, Richard Thomas2013 Jun 0786H of Lorraine; F of Annette, Rene, Patricia, Mary, Francis, Louise96
Burke, Stephen1916 Aug 3089?H of Katherine55
Burke, ThomasH of Mary49
Burke, ThomasS of Thomas & Mary49
Burke, Thomas Martin1938 Apr 1265280
Burns, John Felix1900 May 211987 Dec 04H of Margaret Mary110
Burns, Josephine Canning1976 Mar 1662W of William; M of Noel, Robert, Paul242
Burns, Margaret Mary1912 Jan 121983 Jul 29W of John Felix110
Burns, Martin1909 Oct 1079F of Martin104
Burns, Martin1914 Dec 191436S of Martin; H of Annie104
Burns, Noel Thomas1947 Dec 251992 Feb 12241
Burns, William John1977 Oct 1174H of Josephine; F of Noel, Robert, Paul242
Byrne, Eileen Rebecca1998 Jan 0397W of James Brian121
Byrne, James Brian1948 Oct 0445H of Eileen121
Caelli, Catherine1953 Aug 1272W of Bernard219
Callaghan, Mi chael Joseph1938 Sep 182011 Jul 03H of Alicia; F of Adele & Sean21
Carmody, Thelma1915 Oct 082009 Aug 13M of Sandra & Ken; GM of Kim-Maree, Shane, Damien7
Carney, Bridget1953 Oct 308274
Carney, Bridget1921 Feb 158076
Carney, John1905 Mar 1485b. Co. Clare, Ireland; M of Stephen, Bridget, Kate76
Carney, John Joseph1923 Apr 181993 Nov 16B of Margaret Alice Carney73
Carney, Margaret1891 Oct 096576
Carney, Margaret Alice1921 Mar 282002 Feb 24S of John Joseph Carney73
Carney, Mary Josephine1956 Apr 0670W of William Patrick Carney77
Carney, Michael1879 Oct 29776
Carney, William Patrick1958 Apr 0883H of Mary Josephine Carney77
Cleeve, Audrey Linley1922 Aug 232009 Dec 10H of Audrey; F of Laurie, Damien, Terry, Linley, Adrian, Keith, Audrey299
Cleeve, Keith George1923 Mar 282001 May 31H of Audrey; F of Laurie, Damien, Terry, Linley, Adrian, Keith, Audrey299
Clune, Ann187518S-in-law of Mr. D W KellyFuneral notice
Colvin, Anne Veronica1974 Sep 0963w/Francis John Colvin228
Colvin, Catherine1921 Oct 1884W of Thomas223
Colvin, Catherine1926 May 1654D of Thomas & Catherine223
Colvin, Elizabeth1918 Apr 3054D of Thomas & Catherine223
Colvin, Ellen1965 Dec 2691W of James226
Colvin, Francis1900 Jun 2431S of Thomas & Catherine223
Colvin, Francis John1966 Nov 2055w/Anne Veronica Colvin228
Colvin, James1939 Apr 0968H of Ellen227
Colvin, Joan Frances1985 Feb 2258Sister of Thomas222
Colvin, John1898 May 2031S of Thomas & Catherine223
Colvin, Mary Josephine2002 Jan 1082D of Owen & Hanorah Colvin220
Colvin, Michael Joseph1970 Jul 2152B of Thomas 230
Colvin, Monica Winifred1927 Nov 192005 Mar 05122
Colvin, Norah Frances1977 Dec 1989W of Owen221
Colvin, Owen Patrick1967 Apr 2183H of Norah221
Colvin, Thomas1902 Aug 2271H of Catherine223
Colvin, Thomas1954 Dec 0672223
Colvin, Thomas Edward1981 Dec 2563B of Michael230
Colvin, Thomas Joseph1981 Jun 2564B of Joan222
Colvin, W J1961 Apr 1245VX147712229
Comer, Alan Martin1954 Oct 166235
Comer, Anthony John1922 Oct 072011 Sep 01H of Monica; F of Carmel, Alan, Eleaine, Mary, Brian236
Comer, Cecilia Mary1980 Oct 1169238
Comer, Dorothy2003 Aug 1185W of Laurence; M of John, Vincent, Marita, Dennis, Robert, Patricia232
Comer, Edward Thomas1973 Dec 1826238
Comer, Ellen1987 Jan 2769nee Ryan; W of Joseph237
Comer, Francis Michael1919 Sep 242000 Dec 07H of Myra; F of Graeme, Annette, Paul233
Comer, Ita Agnes2000 Jan 2189D of Laurence & Mary; Sister of Laurence, Felix231
Comer, James Dennis (Jim)2012 Feb 0796S of Laurence & Mary; B of Laurence & Felix231
Comer, Joseph Benedict1989 Oct 0176H of Ellen237
Comer, Kevin Martin1986 Sep 2569239
Comer, Laurence Patrick2008 Apr 1494H of Dorothy; F of John, Vincent, Marita, Dennis, Robert, Patricia232
Comer, Laurence Patrick1932 Dec 1165H of Mary; F of Ita, Laurence, James, Felix240
Comer, Leo Laurence1931 Dec 2822S of Martin & Mary252
Comer, Luke Bernard1931 Dec 2817S of Martin & Mary252
Comer, Martin189? May 3172249
Comer, Martin Thomas1943 Jul 0571238
Comer, Mary1910 Apr 1892249
Comer, Mary Ellen1975 Jul 0898W of Laurence; M of Ita, Laurence, James, Felix240
Comer, Mary Teresa1972 Dec 1589238
Comer, Patrick1891 Feb 2433249
Comer, Teresa Agnes1948 Jun 1829237
Cooper, B C9
Cooper, C G8
Cooper, K F8
Crowe, Ellen1948 Dec 31w/ Ignatius Crowe36
Crowe, Ignatius1950 Mar 20w, Ellen Crowe36
Crowe, Infant son36
Crowe, John1976? Jul 21?83?w/ Mary Veronica Crowe37
Crowe, Mary Veronica1975 Oct 2?62?w/ John Crowe37
Cullinan, Denis19011992S of Patrick & Mary166
Cullinan, Mary19071992D of Patrick & Mary166
Cullinan, Mary1960 Apr 3086W of Patrick167
Cullinan, Patrick19091993S of Patrick & Mary166
Cullinan, Patrick1928 Aug 2954H of Mary167
Cullinan, Victor19111992S of Patrick & Mary166
Curthoys, Annie1913 Jul 2448W of William Curthoys35
Curthoys, William1945 Dec 2983H of Annie Curthoys35
Devlin, Elizabeth1918 Sep 01M of May Devlin40
Devlin, May1917 Feb 07D of Elizabeth Devlin40
Doherty, James1880 May 1641209
Dongon, Vincent WilliamInfant son of Graeme & Shiela Dongon180
Dongon, Yvonne ChristinaInfant daughter of Graeme & Shiela Dongon180
Donnella, Patrick1911 Aug 0870S of Nancy Donnellan106
Donnellan, Nancy1871 Oct 0663M of Patrick & Mrs. J McMahon106
Donovan, Martin1913 Nov 05H of Sarah261
Donovan, Sarah1932 Sep 23W of Martin261
Downey, Annie1902 Apr43W of William Downey47
Downey, Bridget Teresa1877 Aug 70b. Co. Tipperary, Ireland47
Downey, Donnol1899 Feb11S of William & Annie Downey47
Downey, Margaretta1910 Aug 16D of William & Annie Downey47
Downey, Teresa1880 Jan2D of William & Annie Downey47
Downey, Timothy1879 Feb77b. Co. Tipperary, Ireland47
Drake, Anna Marie1896 Aug 2426107
Drake, Edward P1927 Oct 0360H of Mary Ellen108
Drake, Father Robert Edward1941 Mar 142006 Jun 29Priest111
Drake, James F1927 Oct 0318109
Drake, John Martin1891 Nov 0126107
Drake, Margaret Cathrine1899 May 2125107
Drake, Mary Ellan1954 Sep 0282W of Edward P108
Drake, Patrick Stephen1893 May 2560107
Drake, Thomas Lawrence1923 Aug 1163107
Dunlop, Esther Mary1987 Oct 2681w/Frances256
Dunlop, Frances Emily1987 Jan 2779w/Esther256
Dunn, Sarah Anastasia18961989D of Michael & Johanna182
Earl, Albert Victor1902 May 041908 Feb 29S of Wright & Eliza (Naylor); B of Daisy May & Edgar131
Earl, Doris1907 Jun 221907 Jun 22D of Wright & Eliza (Naylor); Sister of Daisy May & Edgar131
Earl, Ernest1909 Sep 061909 Oct 20S of Wright & Eliza (Naylor); B of Daisy May & Edgar131
Earl, Leslie John1900 May 231913 Nov 30S of Wright & Eliza (Naylor); B of Daisy May & Edgar131
Fitzgibbon, Mary1943 Dec 03W of William332
Fitzgibbon, Mary Esme (Mollie)2007 Jul 1095W of William329
Fitzgibbon, William1940 Nov 19H of Mary332
Fitzgibbon, William Joseph1976 Sep 1567H of Mollie329
Fitzsimmons, Michael John (Jack)1911 Oct 242002 Oct 14F of Michael & Patrick18
Ford, Bridget1895 Oct 0380?W of Laurence199
Ford, Laurence1895 Apr 0387H of Bridget201
Francis, Betty Nona2006 Sep 0575W of Greg; M of Kate, Peter, Sue124
Francis, Catherine18881964W of Michael127
Francis, Garran David1978 Nov 072005 Jan 19S of David & Kaye; B of Callum, Bree-Anna, Danae, Roisin125
Francis, Gerald1925S of Michael & Catherine127
Francis, Honorah1921 Nov 0963128
Francis, Irene Nora1907 Jun 051997 Apr 01D of Michael & Catherine126
Francis, John1976 Jul 15S of David & Kaye; B of Callum, Bree-Anna, Danae, Roisin125
Francis, Kathleen19201947S of Michael & Catherine127
Francis, Mary Kate1917 Apr 0136128
Francis, Michael Joseph18801964H of Catherine127
Francis, Michael Joseph19091946S of Michael & Catherine127
Francis, Thomas1919 Sep 1233128
Francis, William1909 Jun 2052128
Franks, Arthur1934 Dec 1354H of Jane176
Franks, Eileen Mary1943 Aug 0332177
Franks, Ellen May1975 Jun 02177
Franks, Jane1951 May 18W of Arthur176
Franks, Michael Joseph1985 Sep 0175175
Franks, Thomas Gerald1928 Sep 2211?175
Frawley, John James 18601939b. Axe Ck; H of Phoebe; F of John, Eliza, Patrick, Nora 164
Furniss, Richard Patrick (Dick)1926 Mar 132008 Aug 26H of Christi97
Ganny, Hannah1908 Jan 1380b. Co. Clare, IrelandW of Terrence297
Ganny, Terrence1906 Jun 2576b. Co. Clare, Ireland; H of Hannah297
Gleeson, Bridget1938 Aug 27w/Bridget & John O'Donoghue, & Cornelius Gleeson145
Gleeson, C I1931 Sep 0932w/James Gleeson146
Gleeson, Cornelius1946 Aug 26w/ Bridget Gleeson145
Gleeson, Daniel1927 Nov 1560w/Michael Gleeson133
Gleeson, James1952 Oct 10w/ C I Gleeson146
Gleeson, Johanna1922 Aug 0486W of Peter135
Gleeson, Michael1933 Sep 2870w/ Daniel Gleeson133
Gleeson, Peter1891 Jan 2748H of Johanna135
Godfrey, James1959 Jul 3187293
Godfrey, Johanna1951 May 2182W of Thomas284
Godfrey, Lucy Frances1968 Jun 2157W of Paul288
Godfrey, Paul1974 Apr 1666H of Lucy288
Godfrey, Thomas1948 Jul 0984H of Johanna284
Harrington, Alphonsus1927 Aug 1520S of James & Mary303
Harrington, Annie1932 Nov 20W of John Snr. 307
Harrington, Annie1982 Feb 2082?W of Martin316
Harrington, Annie (Nancy)1966 Dec 0648314
Harrington, Anny Josephine2005 Jul 08Infant daughter of Tim & Elizabeth296
Harrington, Charlie1992 May 2175322
Harrington, Edward (Ted)1971?26310
Harrington, Emily E1965 Dec 0981W of Michael 301
Harrington, Florence1968 Jan 3075W of Patrick; H of Ted, Charlie, Nancy, Molly, Aileen, Muriel, Joan 313
Harrington, James 1948 Jul 1575H of Mary 302
Harrington, James John1918 Nov 201997 Nov 02H of Millicent; F of James, Neil, Terry, Timothy304
Harrington, John 1917 Aug 02 307
Harrington, John 1913 Jan 16junior 307
Harrington, John Gerald1913 Dec 171990 Jul 23H of Mary; F of John, Susan, Sally, Tim300
Harrington, Katherine1908 Oct 06 307
Harrington, Laurence 1903 Jan 31 307
Harrington, Martin Luke 1883 Mar ??1955 Nov 18b. Muskerry; d. Bendigo; H of Annie 315
Harrington, Mary Jane1941 Dec 1854 312
Harrington, Mary Josephine1926 Jul 82003 Dec 12W of John; M of John, Susan, Sally, Tim300
Harrington, Mary Rosa1959 May 1282W of James 302
Harrington, Michael W 1937 May 1260H of Emily 301
Harrington, Millicent Vera1917 Mar 062011 Aug 09W of James; M of James, Neil, Terry, Timothy304
Harrington, Muriel1926 Jul 23Infant D of Patrick & Muriel 313
Harrington, Patrick 1950 Jan 05H of Florence; H of Ted, Charlie, Nancy, Molly, Aileen, Muriel, Joan 313
Harrington, Thomas Philip 1923 Feb 2338 312
Harris, Jonathan188159Funeral notice
Hawkins, James1928 May 1952S of John & Mary136
Hawkins, John1910 Dec 2278b. Co. Clare, Ireland; H of Mary136
Hawkins, John Joseph1990 Jun 2972S of William & Mary; B of Shiela99
Hawkins, Mary1926 May 2482W of John136
Hawkins, Mary Veronica1970 Sep 1381W of William113
Hawkins, Noreen Mary1939 Aug 1722D of William & Mary; Sister of Shiela99
Hawkins, Thomas Vincent1943 Dec 1620d. New Guinea; bur. Lae; B of Shiela99
Hawkins, William1953 Jul 1372H of Mary Veronica113
Heenan, Gregory Thomas1946 Oct 281999 Jan 12S of Thomas & Pearl; B of Judith, Colleen, Janice, Christine, Noeline, Phillipe, Mary, Ann, Michael, Thomas, Lisa6
Heenan, T1984 Nov 2361VX 67394; H of Pearl5
Hennessy, Daniel2
Hennessy, James1855192517
Hennessy, John1922 Sep 28325
Hennessy, William2
Hoctor, Andrew Michael1978 Oct 072005 Sep 03S of Terry & Marg; B of Mathew, Adam & Melissa114
Hoctor, Lucy Veronica1999 Sep 3084W of Maurice; M of Terry & Rosemary115
Hoctor, Maurice Peter1981 Aug 0966H of Lucy Veronica; F of Terry & Rosemary115
Houlahan, Bernard John1940 Oct 052000 Jan 01H of Judith Anne; S of John & Phyllis32
Houlahan, John Thomas2002 Dec 2495H of Phyllis Mary; F of Pat Bernie (Dec), Chris, Leonie, Jan, Marie31
Houlahan, Patricia Margaret1943 Feb 102010 Jan 01W of Chris; M of Shane, Sharee, Tony, Paula, Jodie, Julie30
Houlahan, Phyllis Mary2011 May 1995W of John Thomas Houlahan; M of Pat Bernie (Dec), Chris, Leonie, Jan, Marie31
Howell, Annie Veronica1975 Jul 2971ee Godfrey; W of Leslie Roy112
Howell, Leslie Roy1972 Sep 0271H of Annie Veronia (nee Godfrey)112
Howley, Charles John1924 May 021984 Jul 27118112 RAAF; H of Stella290
Howley, Mary Josephine1968 Jan 2088287
Howley, Michael Joseph1944 Dec 0867286
Howley, MonicaInfant D of Michael286
Howley, Stella May1929 Mar 122011 Mar 11Nee O'Donnell; W of Charles290
Hurley, Mary Ann1863? Aug 101876? OctD of Michael267
Hurley, Michael1870 Aug 2435?F of Mary Ann266
Jones, Kenneth Anthony1943 Nov 232009 Oct 02H of Jennifer; F of Dean & Leesa68
Kelly, Ann Jane187430W of D W KellyFuneral notice
Kenneally, EllenW of John; M of James191
Kenneally, James1975 Jun 2086337
Kenneally, JohnH of Ellen; F of James191
Kenneally, John1956 Aug 30S of John & Ellen336
Kenneally, Patrick1944 Jun 30S of John & Ellen336
Kennedy, Francis Patrick1954?69?91
Kennedy, John206
Kennedy, Mary Ann1942 Nov 0985206
Kennedy, Michael206
Kennedy, Michael206
Kennedy, Michael Joseph1876 May 319b. Co Tipperary, Ireland; S of Michael & Ellen85
Kennedy, Patrick206
Kennedy, Thomas206
Lynch, James1903 Mar 2575H of Margare; F of Margaret Brown282
Lynch, Margaret1910 Dec 0872?W of James; M of Margaret Brown282
Macleod, Scott Rodric1967 Jul 012012 Nov 17H of Merrill; F of Jesse, Samuel, Joey, James, Ruby, Carly29
Maloney, J V1976 Sep 0862VX5267330
Mangan, Emma1931 May 1844W of James61
Mangan, James1944 Apr 2180H of Emma61
Mangan, James Leslie (Les)1918 Dec 072001 Feb 0864
Mangan, John18601900S of Martin & Margaret60
Mangan, Laurence Michael1920 Jul 122004 Dec 07H of Hilda; F of Margaret, Shirley,Lynette, James, Jeanette65
Mangan, Margaret1909 Nov 0973W of Martin59
Mangan, Martin1916 Oct 1688H of Margaret59
Mangan, Michael1939 Feb 025962
Mangan, Thomas1941 Apr 227262
McConville, Henry James (Harry)2004 Apr 0581b. Co. Kilkenny, Ireland; H of Mary Patricia98
McDonald, Norman Anthony1934 Jan 132005 Dec 3034
McGrath, Anastasia1931 Mar 0554W of James216
McGrath, Anthony1946 May 1976139
McGrath, Anthony1947 Nov 1681H of Mary170
McGrath, Bridget1945 Oct 1277139
McGrath, Bridget1899 Dec 0266W of Matthew218
McGrath, Catherine1921 Jun 3092W of Patrick; M of Mary216
McGrath, James1956 May 1680215
McGrath, John1914? Apr? 19?80?139
McGrath, John1929 Feb 2054139
McGrath, Joseph Henry1943 Jul 252010 Nov 13F of Luke, Ryan, Lisa257
McGrath, Joseph James1982 Jun 0674H of Vera211
McGrath, Kathleen1992 Mar 1482W of Patrick168
McGrath, Mary1899 Nov 0557139
McGrath, Mary1950 Mar 1785139
McGrath, Mary1948 Jan 2274W of Anthony170
McGrath, Mary1957 Aug 0670W of Mathew214
McGrath, Mary1895 Nov 0323D of Patrick & Catherine216
McGrath, Mathew1933 Feb 0552H of Mary214
McGrath, Patrick John1977 Mar 0576H of Kathleen168
McGrath, Patrick John1925 Aug 2996217
McGrath, Patrick?65139
McGrath, Vera Ellen1992 Apr 0483Nee Dunlop; W of Joseph211
McKenzie, Bridget Teresa1872 Jun 201968 Jan 04W of John; M of Joseph, Edmond, Gerald, Mary, John, Bernard, Patrick120
McKenzie, Edmond Francis1971 Mar 0272H of Vera; F of Margaret, Donald, Edmund, Lawrence117
McKenzie, John Charles Ross1869 Aug 011948 Oct 24H of Bridget; F of Joseph, Edmond, Gerald, Mary, John, Bernard, Patrick120
McKenzie, John Philip1989 Sep 1281H of Marie Agnes; F of Pat, Noelle, Beverley116
McKenzie, Marie Agnes1979 May 0173W of John Philip; M of Pat, Noelle, Beverley116
McKenzie, Mary1968 Jun 1862Sister of John, Marie118
McKenzie, Nora Veronica2003 Jan 2798W of Edmond; M of Margaret, Donald, Edmund, Lawrence117
McKenzie, Paula Mary1951 Dec 314Sister of Susanne119
McKenzie, Susanne Margaret1945 Oct 15Sister of Paula Mary119
McMahon, Mary Ann89?sister? Of Bridget196
McNamara, Bridget1911 Aug 2786W of Denis243
McNamara, Bridget1884 Oct 2220D of Denis & Bridget243
McNamara, Denis1912 Nov 0984F of Bridget243
McNamara, Denis1919 Dec 1160243
McNamara, Margaret1973 Jan 2292326
McNamara. Mary Jane1960 Jan 0677326
Minard, Bridget1925 Jan 0880326
Minard, Clara18851965W of John Thomas327
Minard, John Thomas18761959H of Clara327
Minard, Thomas William19041982328
Minard, William1942 Aug 1363326
Mitchell, Timothy Steven (Timbo)1988 Apr 142006 Nov 26S of Wendy & Steve; B of Jason, Sam, Ben157
Molloy, Charles1870 Jul 2346b. Co. Kildare, Ireland; H of Ellen173
Molloy, Charles1870 Jul 2346b. Co. Kildare, Ireland; H of Ellen207
Molloy, Ellen1900 Sep 0274b. Co. Clare, Ireland; W of Charles173
Molloy, Ellen1900 Sep 0274b. Co. Clare, Ireland; W of Charles207
Molloy, Peter1910 Oct 23S of Charles & Ellen173
Molloy, Peter1910 Oct 23207
Moloney, Honorah1944 Jun 3069333
Moloney, L J J1966 Oct 1756VX51226334
Moloney, William Patrick1927 Jan 2326333
Mulconroy, Mary1895 May 2458nee Drake107
Murdoch, Eileen Mary19202002w/William Cairns Murdoch93
Murdoch, James Edward1922 Jun 231988 Mar 1994
Murdoch, William Cairns (Bill)1912 Mar 031986 Feb 07w/Eileen Mary Murdoch93
Murphy, AnnW of Patrick203
Murphy, Ann1872 May 0765W of Michael205
Murphy, John1897 Jun 2975b. Co. Clare, Ireland B of Patrick Murphy3
Murphy, Mary203
Murphy, Michael1870 Jul 0323H of Ann; S of William205
Murphy, P F202
Murphy, P F1883 Oct 20210
Murphy, PatrickH of Ann203
Murphy, William1876 Mar 1465F of William Murphy & M Mary Huet205
Myers, Anne Cecilia1891 Sep 2234?W of John102
Neylon, Catherine1898 Oct 251983 Jul 16 163
Neylon, John Vincent1925 Dec 092000 Apr 19H of Wilma159
Neylon, Michael 1982 Nov 2579 163
Neylon, Nora1972 Jan 3186162
Neylon, Patricia 1924 Sep 211986 Mar 28160
Neylon, Patrick 1906Obituary
Neylon, Peter Gerard1977 Mar 2919161
Neylon, Wilma (Joan)1927 May 092000 Apr 19nee Pardy; W of John159
O'Brien, Margaret1921 Nov 0484W of Robert264
O'Brien, Robert1890? Apr 2261H of Margaret264
O'Brien, Thomas1909 Sep 04262
O'Connell, John1888 Mar 2856?255
O'Connor, Dorothy Faye1929 Jun 131994 Sep 2110
O'Connor, Norah1898 Oct 1914
O'Donoghue, Barry Joseph1980 Aug 1127155
O'Donoghue, Bridget1908 Jan 2675b. Tipperary, Ireland; W of John145
O'Donoghue, John1919 Oct 3193H of Bridget145
O'Donoghue, Margaret1936 Aug 19W of Patrick147
O'Donoghue, Patrick James1942 Sep 25H of Margaret147
O'Donoghue, Patrick Joseph Paul1908 Dec 204S of Patrick & Margaret147
O'Donoghue, William Ernest1926 Dec 282012 Mar 05154
O'Donoghue, William George1994 Jul 1894H of Mabel; F of Ray, Avice, Bill, Joan, Brian, Fran153
O'Dwyer, Joseph Edmond1917 Jul 201985 Feb 221985 Jun 19H of Rosie Yolanda; F of Gerard, Kevin, Kathleen265
O'Neill, John1902 Oct 2273b. Limerick, Ireland; H of Mary183
O'Neill, Mary1917 May 3090b. Co. Clare, Ireland; w of John183
O'Rourke, Eliza James1893 Feb 28D of Thomas81
O'Rourke, Patrick James1891 Oct ??27S of Thomas81
O'Rourke, Thomas1893 Jan 2172F of Patrick James & Eliza Jane80
O'Shaughnessy, Johanna1876 Dec 2672W of Michael54
O'Shaughnessy, Michael1875 Dec 2387H of Johanna54
Pascoe, Alice1881 Dec 262D of Jane38
Pascoe, Jane1883 Jun 0845M of Alice38
Piko, Jo Ann156
Pullar, Elizabeth1890 Aug 011993 Dec 01103nee Burns39
Riordan, Kevin1997 Mar 2133
Roney, John1956 Jun 2283H of Mary Catherine Roney52
Roney, John1916 Dec 09H of Mary Roney53
Roney, John William1932 Nov 1182?H of Mary Roney51
Roney, Mary1923 Feb 06W of John Roney53
Roney, Mary Catherine1961 Oct 2084W of John Roney52
Roney, Mary Irene2006? Feb 0991?W of John Roney51
Ryan, Ann1902 Aug 06W of John247
Ryan, Ann1909 Aug 14D of John & Ann247
Ryan, Bridget1970 Sep 1686283
Ryan, Bridget1953 Oct 2074W of Charles285
Ryan, CharlesInfant S of James & Bridget285
Ryan, Charles1957 Mar 1275H of Kathleen295
Ryan, Elizabeth M1946 Dec 20W of John292
Ryan, Ellen1895 Nov 27D of John & Ann247
Ryan, GeraldInfant S of James & Bridget285
Ryan, James1920 Jan 30H of Martha283
Ryan, James John1948 May 1872H of Bridget285
Ryan, John1889 Oct 18H of Ann247
Ryan, John P1937 Aug 01H of Elizabeth292
Ryan, Joseph Patrick1928 Dec 28294
Ryan, Julia1905 Jun 26D of John & Ann247
Ryan, Kathleen1974 May 2377W of Charles295
Ryan, Martha Catherine1935 Aug 07W of James283
Ryan, Patrick1914 Nov 03S of John & Ann247
Ryan, Robert1908 Jan 23S of James & Martha283
Ryan, William1905 Sep 08S of James & Martha283
Ryan, William1914 May 0226d. Bendigo335
Shanahan, Mary1913 Nov 1673W of Timothy188
Shanahan, Mary1951 Jun 0281W of Patrick189
Shanahan, Patrick1957 Dec 1192H of Mary189
Shanahan, Timothy1897 Dec 2865b. Limerick, Ireland; H of Mary188
Slattery, Ellen Tobin1950 Apr 1489W of Michael186
Slattery, James1932 Mar 1233S of M J & Margaret Slattery185
Slattery, Margaret1901 Oct 1539W of M J Slattery; M of James185
Slattery, Mary1957 Nov 05nee Carney187
Slattery, Michael Joseph1945 Nov 0178H of Ellen186
Slattery, Thomas1957 Oct 07w/Mary187
South, Peter2012 Dec 2669H of Mary; S of Creighton & Eileen nee O'Connor11
Spain, Malachi Patrick1966 Apr 1872S of Michael & Mary; B of Kathleen Ryan171
Spain, Mary Ann1922 Apr 0458W of Michael171
Spain, Michael1922 Jun 2876H of Mary171
Toma, Joseph Ambrose1989 Nov 3083H of Mary172
Toma, Mary Gertrude1995 Oct 1891W of Joseph172
Tranter, John Henry1970 Apr 2765H of Mary (Molly)179
Tranter, Mary Myrtle ( Molly)1998 Aug 1886W of John179
Tuohey, Jonathon Michael20052006 Jan 07S of Adrian & Jennifer; B of Isabella28
Whelan, Patrick Gerard1998 Nov 0468F of Peter, Greg, Paul, Tim71
Windell, Michael1900 Nov 2058b. Co. Limercik, Ireland; H of Mary281
Whitlock, Christina1905 Feb 1519D of A W WhitlockObituary

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