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This FSP was started by a WT user that no longer has an account. I've taken over this with the intent to preserve and disseminate this information across profiles that have linked here. - Eric Weddington


"Quick Links by B9Britain" are for the citations and acknowledgements that I repeat on many profiles. By adding them here and linking them from the profiles, editing of the reference for each profile can occur from just one place. (Thank you G2G for the 'idea.')

Please ask to be put on the trusted list to make changes (corrections) to this page. Ach, I often make typos. Letting me know when you find a typo would be a great help and thank you.



-- WikiTree. Online Genealogy Repository,, Inc. (Launched by Chris Whitten, Founder, CEO, and Benefactor, 2008). Mission, Team and Honor Code.


-- B9Britain. BRITAIN Ancestors and Links, 1992-2020. Unpublished as of 2020. (Original research organized by ancestor, then year, with hyperlinks to photos, record images and text transcriptions.).


-- B9Britain. LAV-LOW Ancestors and Links, 1992-2020. Unpublished as of 2020. (Original research organized by ancestor, then year, with hyperlinks to photos, record images and text transcriptions.).


-- B9Britain. Lav-Low Siblings and Links,1992-2020. Unpublished as of 2020. (Original research organized by ancestor's sibling, then year, with hyperlinks to photos, record images and text transcriptions.).


-- B9Britain. Jones-Smith, 2018. Unpublished manuscript as of 2021. (Original research organized by name, then year, with hyperlinks to photos, record images and text transcriptions.). "In celebration of the life and legacy of Shari Jones."

This is a document that links to images of all the sources for my sister's Mayflower Descendant Lines. The original research was done by our sister, Shari, and then verified by me. I do mean verified. When I have added the sources from this document to profiles, I will remove the link.


  • i.e.: William Hensley: Grant, Marty and Karla., on-line, 2009-2020.


  • For citing Peddicord Research
  • Research: Peddicord, Juanitis Irene Britain Garrons. Britain-Hensley File, 1966-1982. Unpublished. Find A Grave: Memorial #67763175, Letters and research filmed by Family History Library, now FamilySearch. (Contains Letters to archives, Letters between cousins including discussions about Family Bible, DAR research, Family group sheets, Search for gravesite of John Britain, and more). (Still need FHL film #.)
Irene was a descendant of Albert Ross Britain, of George W, of this John and Catharine.
This was 'Cousin Irene.' C13R between Britain-141 and Britain-169.
Irene Britain Peddicord's daughters. Thank you for sending Irene's Research to the OK Historical Society where it was first microfilmed by The LDS Church (FamilySearch) (and then later destroyed).


Juanitis Irene (Britain) Peddicord (1910 - 1982)


Garrison, Paul; Peddicord, Juanitis Irene; Garrison, Denzil; and Garrison, Joseph, Editors. The Family of Isaac Garrison 1732-1836: Frontiersman and Soldier of the American Revolution. The Isaac Garrison Family Association, Inc., Oklahoma: Schoonmaker Publishers, June 1980.

  • Under Acknowledgements

Ozarks Genealogical Society

Ozarks Genealogical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 3494, Springfield, MO 65808


Everton, George B. and Louise Mathews Everton. The handybook for genealogists : United States of America. Logan, Utah : Everton Publishers, 8th Edition, 1991.

(Missouri, page 142)
(Virginia, pages 265-273.)
(Illinois, pages 61-70.)
(Ohio, pages 191-200.)

MO Greene Co

"M. F. Britain" in Biographies, in Holcombe, R. I. (Return Ira), 1845-1916 editor. History of Greene county, Missouri, ... including a history of its township, towns, and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri ... biographical sketches and portraits of prominent citizens .. St. Louis, Western Historical Company, page 669. On-line at via Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center.[1]

( bottom of page: "The Greene County Archives and Records Center was opened in 1987 by Del Bishop-a former Federal archivist- and then county clerk, Dennis Hobbs. They envisioned a central repository where county records would be maintained for county officials and the general public. Beside having an official function the Archives was to serve as a county and regional research center.

"Formed in 1833, Greene County comprised all of the present counties of McDonald, Newton, Jasper, Barton, Dade, Lawrence, Barry, Stone, Webster and Christian counties and parts of Taney Dallas, Polk, Cedar, Vernon, Laclede, Wright and Douglas counties."


-- Mabel Phillips, "Retired end of 2013 after 26 years as Director of Christian County Library, Ozark, MO," author, historian, and by answering published queries (long before the internet), the most reliable and thorough resource. Currently completing additions to Findagrave. [1].


-- Gwen Goff Hobbs for her tireless collaborative search. May she Rest in Peace.
-- Also: Resource: Gwen Goff Hobbs, dedicated collaborative Paulsell Researcher:


Find A Grave, Free database of headstones in cemeteries by volunteers, Ancestry, Inc. Collections, Provo, Utah, 2013, find-a-grave formerly by Jim Tipton, 1995.

Computational Genealogy

Computational Genealogy

"... Especially, we want to thank Chris Whitten and the WikiTree supportive community who provided us with the WikiTree dataset."
Initial Greet:
"Genealogical research is a popular hobby. Many people pour over sources such as birth and death certificates, wills, letters, and land deeds to assemble their family trees. A lot of these get uploaded and shared in online projects such as WikiTree, which creates vast datasets of interconnected family trees. Machine learning techniques can analyze such data, and the results show patterns in population gender ratios, marriage trends, fertility, lifespans, and the frequency of twins and triplets.
"On this site, we survey the use of genealogical data by presenting some of the results attained from a range of population dynamics. You can see how the popularity of your name has varied over the years as you explore the trends we've seen.
"This site is based on the paper Quantitative Analysis of Genealogy Using Digitized Family Trees."

USA Historical Facts

From Computational Genealogy, Event Detection:
Depression of 1882–1885
Great Depression (of 1929-1936 USA)
Long Depression (of 1873-1879

WikiTree Links

to Wikipedia Links to Wikipedia
n.a. (no author)
i.e. Chicago


"Slavery was a deeply rooted institution in North America that remained legal in the United States until 1865. It took the abolition movement, a civil war, and the ratification of the 13th amendment to end slavery. Though it did not end racism and descendants of these people are still struggling with discrimination today. Use these resources to teach more about significant figures in the abolition movement, the causes of the Civil War, and how slavery sustained the agricultural economy in the United States for centuries." "Slavery", National Georgraphic, Resource, Library, on-line, n.a., n.d.

Missouri and Slavery

"Missouri laws regarding slavery, like many other slave states, treated slaves as property that could be bought and sold.[99] Although the Missouri Constitution of 1820 required that the legislature enact laws to ensure humane treatment of slaves, and in 1825, the legislature adopted a slave code governing treatment,[100] most slaves had no protection of the law.[99] Brandings, beatings, rape, and family separation were not uncommon physical abuses, but the slave system also created mental and intellectual barriers that were equally abusive.[99] Later laws relating to slavery included an 1847 law prohibiting teaching reading or writing to slaves and banning free blacks from moving to the state.[100] Other legal restrictions included that slaves could not buy, hold, or sell property with permission from an owner, they could not buy or sell liquor, and slave marriage was not legally acknowledged.[100] Finally, slaves were also prohibited from serving as witnesses against whites, and they were prohibited from holding assemblies, including church services, without permission and without a white person in attendance.[101] The Missouri legislature also adopted several laws to combat rising abolitionist and rebellious tendencies: in 1837, exciting slaves to rebellion was made punishable by fine and punishment; also in 1837, township patrols were established to monitor slave activities.[102] In 1843, illegally transporting a slave from the state was made a class of grand larceny.[102]"

History of Missouri, Slavery and Bleeding Kansas, entire 3rd paragraph, Wikipedia contributors. "History of Missouri." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 13 Jul. 2020. Web. 23 Jul. 2020.
Citing: Duane G. Meyer, The Heritage of Missouri. (3rd Ed. 1982), pp. 318, 323, 324, 330.

West Virginia Statehood

In 1863, Greenbrier County in Virginia became West Virginia. [2]

Credit to a True Teacher

Cookie-cutter Biographies now bore me, having done 'enough' of them. Then along enters Leandra Ford into my WikiTree experience and introduces me to Carol Baxter, who wrote at the end of Turning Facts Into Exciting Narrative, "you will find the journey itself more enjoyable." Thank you so much, Leandra!

Heritage Quest

"Free to your home computer courtesy of your library card via participating institutions, HeritageQuest is now “powered by” (but not owned by) This partnership has dramatically expanded its half-dozen collections to a sort of “ lite,” including the complete US census, military and immigration records, and city directories. Click Search and scroll all the way to the bottom to unlock more US records as well as selected foreign databases." (

1870 US Census Instructions

Resource: US Census Bureau PDF, Instructions to Marshalls.

-- "After enumerating a family, farm, shop, &c., the entries made should be read over to the party giving the information, that all mistakes may be corrected on the spot, at the time. This is a :requirement of law." (page 6)
-- "Color.-. It must not be assumed that, where nothing is written in this column. "White" is to be understood. The column is always to be filled. Be particularly careful in reporting the class Mulatto. The word is here generic, and includes quadroons, octo-roons, and all persons having any perceptible trace of African blood. Important scientific results depend upon the correct determination of this class in Schedules 1 and 2." (page 10)

Kentucky Wills

-- McAdams, Mrs. Harry Kennett. Kentucky pioneer and court records, abstracts of early wills, deeds and marriages from court houses and records of old bibles, churches, grave yards, and cemeteries copied by American war mothers, genealogical material collected from authentic sources : records from Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Estill, Fayette, Garrard, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Nicholas and Woodford counties. Lexington, Kentucky : Keystone, c1929, 382 pages. (Available as a PDF download from FamilySearch (small box with a down arrow at bottom of book image).)

Kentucky Free Blacks who owned slaves

-- "Kentucky contained small but notable free black hamlets throughout the state. About 5% of Kentucky's black population was free by 1860.[8] Free Negros were among the slaveholders; in 1830, this group held slaves in 29 of Kentucky's counties.[9] In some cases, people would purchase their spouse, their children, or other enslaved relatives in order to protect them until they could free them. After the 1831 Nat Turner's slave rebellion, the legislature passed new restrictions against manumission, requiring acts of the legislature to gain freedom.[9]"
(9) Notable Kentucky African Americans Database: Slave Owners, Slaves, Free Blacks, Free Mulattoes in Kentucky, 1850-1870 [by county N-Z, University of Kentucky, accessed 2 December 2013]

Kentucky and Slavery


Kentucky Freedmen's Bureau

Talbott, Tim. 'The Tribulations of the Freedmen’s Bureau in Kentucky.' Kentucky Historical Society, on-line, 2013 Aug 19. (An excellent summary of 'other references.')

California Newspapers

California Digital Newspaper Collection "Read all about your California kin in this fast-growing collection that (at last count) contains 199,925 issues comprising more than 2.1 million pages and 17.5 million articles. The University of California, Riverside project can be searched or browsed by tag, county, date or title." (

Historical Newspapers

Chronicling America, Library of Congress "Now topping 11.9 million pages from coast to coast, this Library of Congress project digitizes US newspapers from 1789 to 1924 and offers a directory to help you find newspapers in libraries."

Maximizing Your Historical Newspapers Searches, By James M. Beidler (

UK Parish Registers

( (

The Book Doctor

Christmas, Bobbie. The Book Doctor. Guest appearance on "WikiTree LiveCast - the Profile Improvement Project." Apr 1, 2017.[4]

Sources and Acknowledgements

  1. * 1883 Biography: "M. F. Britain" in Biographies, in Holcombe, R. I. (Return Ira), 1845-1916 editor. History of Greene county, Missouri, ... including a history of its township, towns, and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri ... biographical sketches and portraits of prominent citizens .. St. Louis, Western Historical Company, page 669. On-line at via Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center.
    Text transcription at: The Springfield Greene County Library.
  2. 1863 statehood, Jun 20: West Virginia, then 1871 added Berkeley and Jefferson Counties. "The Center for Legislative Archives," at n.d. (last two paragraphs on page).
  3. Kentucky and Slavery 1792-1976, per Timeline of slavery in Kentucky is under Civil War. Wikipedia contributors. "History of slavery in Kentucky." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 3 Aug. 2020, accessed 18 Aug. 2020, on-line; citing
    (12) Vorenberg, Final Freedom (2001), p. 217.
    (13) Lowell Harrison & James C. Klotter, A New History of Kentucky, University Press of Kentucky, 1997; p. 180; ISBN 9780813126210
  4. Book Doctor: A best resource: Thank you for the fine example of 'interesting' biography, via CEO Chris and Mags, Nov 2020.


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