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Family Crest:

This image to the right, which comes from Stephen Babcock's book, Babcock Genealogy, is not an official coat of arms. It is a creative compilation from some Badcock family crests. if "crests" is the proper word? His book includes an essay, Coat of Arms and Family Origin., about the origin of this crest on pages vii - xv.



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Welcome to the Babcock One Name Study!

Hello, Welcome to the Babcock Name Study. The surnames associated with this name Study are Babcock. The purpose of the Babcock One-Name-Study project is to provide a central and open access place in Wikitree for members who wish to collaborate in researching the Surname Babcock regardless of where those Babcocks were born or in what era they lived. There are probably other alternate spellings of the name Babcock. For the time being this study is focused only on the Babcock surname itself and others with these various similar surnames may join us if they wish or begin their own Name Study. If you would like to join the Study please contact the project leader Andrew Simpier or Pat (Fuller) Credit; also you can leave a comment at the foot of the page. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks!

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Origin of the name Babcock and its meaning

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  1. This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. We strongly encourage all those with a knowledge and understanding of the Babcock Surname & history of the name to join our Name Study & help in our collaborative effort to show the history of the name, origins, etc.
  2. Document and correctly connect all Babcock lines on Wikitree
  3. Add Babcock DNA results to help confirm connections
  4. Create a meaningful bio for each profile so that it represents a person's life
  5. Develop a reference library specifically for Babcock genealogy research

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Task List

  1. Obtain the history of the Surname Babcock and it’s variant forms
  2. Add those Babcock Profiles to proper Categories of where they were born, lived or died)
  3. Add to the discussion about the English Origins of the name Babcock and it’s variant forms
  4. Improve the profile of Amy (Babcock) Gibbs (1808 - 1862)
  5. Improve the profile of Ichabod Babcock Jr (1777 - 1821)
  6. Improve the profile of Ichabod Babcock Sr (abt. 1745 - 1813)
  7. Improve the profile of John Babcock II (abt. 1701 - abt. 1763)
  8. Improve the profile of Job Babcock (abt. 1671 - bef. 1755)
  9. Improve the profile (collaborate with the Rhode Island Project) of John Babcock (abt. 1644 - 1685)
  10. Improve the profile (collaborate with the Rhode Island Project & Puritan Great Migration Project) of James Babcock (1612 - 1679)
  11. Improve the profile of Robert Babcock (abt. 1758 - 1863)
  12. Improve the profile of Charles Babcock born abt. 1785


  1. Tim Milford Babcock (1919 - 2015)
  2. Joshua Babcock (1707 - 1783)
  3. Maltbie Davenport Babcock (1858 - 1901)
  4. George Reed Babcock (1806 - 1876)
  5. Stephen Moulton Babcock (1843-1931)
  6. George Waite Babcock (1751-___)
  7. Edward Vose Babcock (1864 - 1948)
  8. Alpheus Babcock (1785 - 1842)
  9. George Herman Babcock (1832-1893)
  10. General Orville E. Babcock (1835-1884)

African American Notables

  1. Christiana (Babcock) Bannister (abt. 1820 - 1902)


Quick links:

  • One Rhode Island Family is a compendium of free online resources presented in PDF form . It contains Arnold's Rhode Island Vital Records presented by the towns they came from and many other valuable sources such as The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project (Use "control F" to search.)


NOTE: Sources below are not intended to be presented in complete citations format. Purpose is to give quicker access to sources for your research:

Profiles of Sources are available to use as sources. Category: Sources by Name organizes many sources to help find them easier. These source pages have suggestions for use on profiles in the Sources section and as inline citations. The following alphabetic listing of Babcock related sources were located on Sources-Family Genealogies:

  • Babcock, A. Emerson: Isaiah Babcock, Sr. and His Descendants starting on page 802 of most versions of Stephen Babcock's work is included this earlier work.

Other Sources:

  • Brown, Cyrus Henry; Brown Genealogy of Many of the Descendants of Thomas, John, and Eleazer Brown, Sons of Thomas and Mary (Newhall) Brown of Lynn, Mass. 1628-1907 search on Babcock; Boston: The Everett Press Company, 1907. contains lots of intermarriages with early American BABCOCKs (no results for BADCOCKs)
  • Denison, Rev. Frederic, A. M., corresponding member of the Rhode Island Historical Society; Westerly (Rhode Ilsand) and its Witnesses, for Two Hundred and Fifty Years. 1626-1876. Including Charlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond, Until Their Separate Organization, With the Principal Points of their Subsequent History. Search for BABCOCKs.
  • Haynes, Williams. Stonington chronology, 1649-1949; being a year-by-year record of the American way of life in a Connecticut town Many Babcock References
  • Milton records; births, marriages and deaths, 1662-1843 . A PDF with thorough Babcock Sections for Milton, Massachusetts Badcock Branch courtesy of Hathi Trust. [1] Also available via Internet Archives [2]
  • The Narragansett historical register, a magazine devoted to the antiquities, genealogy and historical matter illustrating the history of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations [3]
  • Weaver, William L.; History of Windham, Ct. Genealogy. Containing a Genealogical Record of All the Early Families of Ancient Windham, Embracing the Present Towns of Windham, Mansfield, Hapton, Chaplin and Scotland. Part I, a. - BIL. Babcock family section on pages 50-58; Williamantic: Weaver & Curtiss. 1864.

Fraudulent or Seriously Flawed Sources

Goodman Genealogy Fabrication : Among some pre-1700 Babcocks you will find some profiles clearly labeled as fabrications to stop these false profiles from being duplicated or connected to the wikitree. The Goodman Fabrication was widely disseminated and created numerous fictional Babcock/Babcockes, but also associated some fictional data with real persons.
Albert Welles Fraud : A smaller set of inaccuracies about some key early American Babcocks was spread by Albert Welles and Royal Ralph Hinman. Genealogist Stephen Babcock discusses their errors in the introductory pages of "The Babcock Genealogy."
Watch for this tag:
Logo for Disproven Existence Adjunct Project
This person is categorized as part of a known fraud or fabrication (Goodman Genealogy Fabrication).
Join: Disproven Existence Adjunct Project
Discuss: Disproven_Existence_Adjunct

A profile with that tag should not be connected to others nor should it be erased. Leaving it alone prevents recontamination of the wikitree.

Related Projects

  • Some Babcock ancestors were also known as Seventh Day Baptists. Many Seventh Day Baptist families also heavily intermarried. It is not uncommon to see the same last names repeated in families. It may be useful to refer to the Seventh Day Baptist Church Project for further information.

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A satellite to the Babcock Name Study is the Y-DNA Babcock-Badcock Project (the URL to which has been posted in 'Links' above as well as below in this comment). As genetics melds with genealogy, we are provided with insights, direction, and corroboration as we research our shared heritage. Visit this Free Space Project site and check out the most recent findings on the Y-DNA front that pertain to the Babcock (and variant spellings) surname as summarized in the posted images on the project.

posted by Kent Babcock
I see you posted some new graphics on the Free space. Thanks!
posted by R Adams
Thanks R Adams! I will continue to do so to keep the information updated and hopefully relevant. There are two more descendants in the ' E ' haplogroup who are Big Y 700 testing (results pending). We are likely weeks away from learning their results. All the same, more data to consider is in the pipeline.

The slide/image that considers equivalent SNPs is perhaps at the next level as one matriculates through learning about Y-DNA. I am always willing to elaborate and explain further should there be an interest. I did a Zoom call the other day with a very distant cousin and his sister-in-law regarding our shared Kendall (not Babcock) line to assist in placing various findings in context as to what is being shown by the data.

posted by Kent Babcock
A very interesting Native American Notable of Babcock ancestry see Ellison Myers Brown (1913 - 1975 aka Tarzan Brown. Anyone willing to help get him connected is appreciated.

Thank you

posted by Andrew Simpier
Hi Babcock Researchers

Reminder that Wikitree has a wonderful App page see Here. The Bio generator created by Greg Shipley is a wonderful tool for the Babcock profiles that have no bio. This is a great resource to take advantage of.

Thank you

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Very interested in connecting with those who have done DNA testing and are a descendant of Elias Babcock. His family Bible was lost in a fire after 1800 and the recreated record done for Revolutionary War pension was very incomplete. There are two daughters that I have DNA proof of in my line and would love to find additional sourcing to bolster their relationship. I have attempted to prove lineage with DAR to Elias but the paper trail I have found will not satisfy the genie.
posted by Lydia Vierson
Hi Lydia

Thank you for your comment and interest in our shared “Babcock” genealogy. If any way we can help will try. Also the g2g is a great resource of help and can be tagged with the surname “Babcock” which will help with anyone following this name. Elias Babcock can be a focus of the study moving forward to assist.

Kind regards Andrew

Note: He is my third cousins 7 times removed

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Thanks for posting. Could you say where in your line the DAR wanted better evidence?

I can see your note at Amanda (Babcock) Capron (1802 - 1822) , and I think those sources with page numbers probably refer to the genealogies in the source list. Is that one relationship the only obstacle to your goal? Or is it somewhere else as well?

About her birth at Partridgefield, I thought I remembered seeing something making me think one would need to search on Hinsdale and Peru records as well as Partridgefield records for this family at that time. Maybe they relocated or maybe the record keeping place changed. There was some reason I was searching for the family in both locations. Looks like Partridgefield was dissolved at some point....

Elias had a really interesting life, and we are lucky he left a pension file. With 12 children, he must have a load of living relations. I can see that DNA might someday fill the gap, if the paper record continues to be lacking.

posted by R Adams
DAR was specifically looking for better evidence to link Amanda (my ancestor) to Elias as her father. I did a two page evidence analysis that was also reviewed by a professional (paid) genealogist and it still was not enough. In the Babcock Genealogy book it says that there is evidence but does not specifically mention sources. If that dang Bible had not burned in the fire it would be a non issue. There are several generations where names (first) are repeated likely as tribute for other family members too. The death record for Amanda is also limited to a burial record that does not list her parents. She lived such a short life it has been challenging. I had hoped since Electa (her sister) married Amanda's husband after Amanda died that there would be some mention in her estate/probate file but that there is not mention.

Amanda also had a daughter named Amanda see DAR also wanted better details on her since the first names were the same. She has also been a mystery. I live in Michigan and have searched for her burial or death in Allegan County as it states but I know of NO reason she would have come to Michigan at that time so I highly suspect the State is in error in the records. I believe that Amanda (Babcock) Capron, her mother died as a result of giving birth to her based on death dates and short time span. My ancestry is through Amanda's other daughter Caroline (Capron) Perkins see Again there has not been further evidence in her records that document her grandfather as Elias.

I still have copies of the DAR responses etc... I have membership already (this was supposed to be a supplemental for Elias). I am already proven to John Capron, Amanda's husband as my primary patriot for DAR.

posted by Lydia Vierson
edited by Lydia Vierson
Her situation is difficult. I did notice an incorrect attribution in her profile saying that "The Genealogy of the descendants of Banfield Capron" says she was married in Ohio, It says no such thing(!) and I think that is just mixing her up with her sister who later moved there. Placing Amanda in Ohio is doubly problematic on Family Search which even has her dying there. So I amended some of her wikiprofile to clarify there is no apparent evidence for an Ohio connection. I suppose the younger Amanda must have gone to Ohio with father John and step-mother/aunt Electa eventually ...

Still this does not get you what you need, though. Hopefully something will turn up.

posted by R Adams has just added new papers from Missouri and Kansas to their archives! Such as “The Kansas City Star.” Our Midwest Babcocks might be mentioned in the latest updates.
posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Anyone familiar with New York Babcocks? or places to look? Specifically, I am looking for where this guy originated:

Roswell Babcock (Babcock-6231) b. ~1765 and buried in Liberty, Sullivan, NY in 1818

Roswell was living there in 1810 when he was over 45 and one other in his household was a female age 26 thru 44.

His death is recorded in First Presbyterian Church in Liberty, which stated he was Elder of the Baptist Church in Liberty. cause of death was Typhus fever. Image.

posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Thanks Pat. Now if I could find out where he fits in the Babcocks (parents, wife)... I am finding that Roswell is a name in several branches of the Babcock tree but can't find him on a list of children.
Took a quick look at ancestry, familysearch, findagrave, and WT categories. You might try looking for records for the Baptist Church. Andrew's better at finding records.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
I think I found him - son of Amos and Annah Wadkins Babcock from Ashford, CT!
Great! Looks like father and son were both Elders of the Baptist Church.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
....still looking for wife though. One source has a Miss Holt and I have scoured all the records I can find for nearby Holts; most women of the right age have other marriages except for Molley of Silas Holt, and I cannot find a single thing on her besides a birth record. I just know the wife must be in the graveyard next to Roswell but not on the church record! He had his wife in 1810 census... ugh Maybe he had a will that I haven't found...
I do not think you will find Miss Holt, wife of Roswell in the Cemetery with him....I think you will find strong circumstantial evidence suggesting that Roswell's Miss Holt is Percy Holt born to Silas and Mary with a birth record in Pomfret in 1767. That after Roswell died she returned to Ashford to become the third wife of Sampson Keyes being noted in the marriage record as Percy Babcock of Liberty, New York, and also noted in Keyes Genealogy as "Perses Holt Babcock" who married Sampson Keyes Jr.. Later she is buried with Sampson and his other wives in Snow Cemetery in Ashford. Sources to support this idea are now on Roswell's profile in the research note section.

Still cannot figure out when and where she would have married Roswell or where they were before arriving in Liberty around 1807.

posted by R Adams

I'm having problems matching up the links to the bio changes you made on Miriam (Babcock) Keyes (1757-1823) starting with this edit. Thank you.

posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Good catch! That Stonington link was problematically wrong for sure....and I had a very good link I was trying to load as my cut and paste went wonky.

I double checked the links and think she's all worked out now!

posted by R Adams
Most records will show Annah and her birth family spelled as "Watkins" though occassionally there is a "Wadkins. "

She is the matriarch of the Ashford line of Babcocks, a line that appears to be distinct from the Rhode Island line and the Milton, Massachusetts line. She and Amos Babcock Esq. had a lot of children.

"Annah Watkins Babcock" is a name passed down for generations in this Ashford line, one part of whom migrated to Penn Yan, New York, then to Canton, Illinois where they built massive commercial empires. Another branch went to Ohio, then Canton, then Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Roswell/Rozell's line at Liberty, New York has not be much documented on wikitree or elsewhere, so any work on that branch is really good for expanding their presence online.....this branch really does not seem to trace back to Rhode Island or Milton at any work we can do on it represents a big plus for the many living descendants who wonder where they came from!

posted by R Adams
Thanks so much for the awesome collaboration and source-hunting on this! I feel ready to give him his spouse from this myself... I am not sure how much of a line he ended up having in New York since I have so far only seen the one daughter who married Reuben Hall, but it seems unlikely that was the only child, doesn't it?

And I totally skipped over Perses Holt because her name was spelled Percy and I assumed that was a son! Shame upon me.

I skipped over her for a very long time because she was from Liberty, New York and I figured she had absolutely nothing to do with the Ashford group...wrong!

Sure seems they would have had more children than just one, but can't figure that out at all...

posted by R Adams
There's a Babcock in my line that I cannot connect back to any other Babcocks in the US: Babcock-1674.

Babcock-3661 is potentially a sister, but I cannot find any documentation to support this one way or another.

If anyone in the name study is familiar with New Jersey Babcocks and would like to take a look, it would be greatly appreciated!

I’m starting with open discussion in g2g maybe get some spotlight for others to collaborate. It appears we’re possibly 9th cousins on my paternal side. My maternal side is Babcock lineage. I’ll see what I can find and maybe others can find out more as well.
posted by Andrew Simpier
The bio of this George Babcock (1749 - 1816) is mixed up with another George Babcock who married a Susanna Fowler. See Comment on his profile by Sara. I’ll need some help and collaboration before proceeding with correcting bio as I would like to know if the George Babcock the bio belongs to has a profile so the info might be added to him without being just removed

I’m not the best at bio writing but do simple bios this is a little bit challenging

Thank you

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Couldn't locate any source for Corporal George. deleted the post I made to his profile. Meant to post here.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
We have been working on Joseph Babcock III (1792 - 1850) & Ann Eliza (Curtis) Babcock (1804 - 1884) family in Cahaba Alabama and adding his children to which his sons served in the Confederacy during the Civil War. I’ve added obits and some updates so anyone who wants to help collaborate jump in. Very Historic!

Big Thanks to R Adams help

Note: Their is Another nephew I know I’m missing Who is mentioned in the Will of Uncle Joel C. Babcock As a William Evans I believe the son of Joel’s sister Anna. He is mentioned as getting one share (not sure what that means value wise) and his name is spelled Wm. H. Babcock in the Will

FYI: I was surprised to see cousins especially this far south and confederate lol my bloodline is so yankee! So this fascinated me

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Let us a Welcome Jer Wilcoxen to the trusted list as we focus on connecting the Babcock lineage. We are 12th cousins once removed
posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
I have mix feelings about this coat-of-arms that is showing up as the Babcock family sticker. I somewhat miss the soothing green tree, and wonder what other people think.

I see pros and cons to this new image:

Cons: This graphic is closely associated with the Albert Welles Fraud, Albert having constructed a puffed-up faked-up royal lineage for the American Babcocks including, I think, this improvised coat-of-arms, as well as having created a different genealogy that goes back to Adam, as in Adam and Eve. Plus he and his cohort Royal Hinman (His real name was Rafe, NOT Royal!) spread that elaborate baloney about non-existent Babcock Pilgrims arriving on the ship Anne coming in a close second right behind the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock. Maybe Hinman had the coat of arms made for his pamphlet? Welles was a nut, and neither he nor Hinman signed the wikitree code of honor or anything resembling it. It is the Babcock family's continuing bad luck that Welles was eeking out a living in a boarding house in New York City by making stuff up and peddling it as legit. Anyway, that particular coat of arms comes with a bit of ersatz patina, though it is probably one of the more innocent of his innovations.

On the other hand the Pros: Roosters are fun, and you get four in this tidy package. It is distinctive unlike the soothing green tree. The visual pun on cock and Babcock is fun. While that is not a real coat of arms, in the intro to Stephen Babcock's "Babcock Genealogy" , the guest writer says the Welles image is a composite of a series of Badcock images that did harken back to England, and the Badcocks are the Babcock's roots. In America one can make up and enjoy whatever family symbol one wants. This one happens to be better looking than some of the awkward coat of arm attempts one finds on the web. It suggests a sense of history.

Curious what other people think about it.

posted by R Adams
Interesting I’m no authority on this so Input is helpful. I’m open to the group study and what is best. I’ll let Pat decide as she has done such a wonderful job so far and if we can improve upon the study that would be great!
posted by Andrew Simpier
I would like a coat-of -arms on the sticker. I thought the picture from Babcock Genealogy was appropriate. If you can find another alternative for the sticker let me know. It can be changed.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
I am more than happy to follow your lead and appreciate the wonderful work that you and Andrew are doing.

Possibly we could follow Stephen Babcock's example.... After all HE used it in HIS book! But he included a bit explaining about it.

Possibly we could just add to this freespace page a subheader "Coat of Arms" or "Family Crest" and say briefly that the image comes from Stephen Babcock's book, is not an official coat of arms, but is a creative compilation from some Badcock family crests, if crests is the proper word? Maybe say there is an essay about the origin of this crest in the intro to "The Babcock Genealogy" and leave it at that.

posted by R Adams
I added renamed the picture and added comments at the top of the profile using most of your suggestions. There is also a link to the essay in "Babcock Genealogy" I would like to know what others think about this.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
I like this approach and just like Andrew, I would have had no clue as to how to create a little tag image like that! lol!

Thanks Pat for all your many innovations that make this page work ...

posted by R Adams
The house of names crest is very similar see link on page or here
posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Very similar! Can crests from that site be used on WikiTree?
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Just checked their website. Found this in the section, "2. Permitted and Prohibited Uses; Warranty":

"The Content shall be used only for personal, educational and non-commercial use, and in any event the Content shall not be redistributed, published, posted on the Internet, broadcast, retransmitted or copied in any manner whatsoever."

However, they also have a Free Stuff page. So if anyone artistically inclined and has the desire they can design their own, possibly merging items representing many of the major lines.

posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
I agree Pat I wanted one too but didn’t know how to add one lol
posted by Andrew Simpier
I copied what Stewart Name Study did. Added Babcock Name Study Info. Don't understand how it works but it involves the recommended tag, <noinclude>...</noinclude>.
posted by Pat (Fuller) Credit
Harry Willis Babcock (1825 - 1897) gravestone photo obtained on his F.A.G link also his wife. Fellow contributor fulfilled
posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Gravestone photo for Benjamin Deforest Babcock has been fulfilled by Contributor #46871825

See wiki profile for Benjamin Deforest Babcock

I’m not sure however if he died in Oregon or Minnesota. I am thinking Minnesota?

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Yep, it was Minnesota where he died....but his father did die in Oregon and was buried there. Likely Benjamin's father resided with Benjamin's sister in Oregon. She shows up there by the 1900 Census. She died in Oregon as well.
posted by R Adams
Let us welcome Ariel Jolley to the trusted list

We are 10th cousins related through a shared ancestor John Babcock (abt. 1644 - 1685)

Welcome to the study !

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Let us welcome to the trusted list Diane Palmer

Her spousal connection is through a Betsey A (Babcock) Palmer (1819 - 1871)

Welcome to the study l!

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Hi Everyone,

Need help connecting John Newton Babcock (1816 - 1891; his daughter Emeline Clark (Babcock) Dutton married Notable Geologist and Civil War Vet Clarence Edward Dutton (1841 - 1912)

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Emeline Clark (Babcock) Dutton is in "The Bromley Genealogy" page 131

and " The Babcock Genealogy" pages 424-425 , so I added that to her profile to give her the basic connections on those two lines for quite a few generations back. Her Babcock line goes back to Westerly.

Of course it would be great if someone dug up primary sources for her to further support what the genealogies say.

posted by R Adams
Babcock Cemetery Category in Stonington, Connecticut has been created so if anyone has a Babcock buried here can use as category
posted by Andrew Simpier
Hi Babcock cousins : )

I want to let you know I’m trying to help contribute. My interest is in Civil War Babcock profiles!; however will help in anyway I can on any Babcock profile. My latest I’ve worked on is Pvt. Edwin G. Babcock who was wounded and captured in the “Battle of Lynchburg”.

Their is some awesome work being done on African American Babcock profiles. See Pvt. Primus Babcock. Big Thank you to R. Adams on this family’s lineage!

So jump in even if your not part of the Study and contribute however you can and what interests you.

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Hi guys,

I’m working the profile for Sadie Ray (Babcock) Engleman. She is the granddaughter of a Charles Babcock and Pauline Moore but haven’t connected her into the wiki family tree. Anyone want to help jump on in as it would be appreciated.

She died in auto accident. Needs obituary. (Big Thank you to Pat C. for help here). She passed 3 days before Thanksgiving 1953 and 8 days after her 42nd wedding anniversary. See also g2g discussion posted on her page

Update: I connected her lineage. This is her grandfather Charles Babcock’s FAG Link as you can see plenty of tragedy here!

Relation: my 7th cousin 3x removed

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier

We have been working on Civil War veteran and family for Pvt. Emerson D. Babcock an excellent G2G conversation ongoing if anyone wants to jump in and help. All his brothers and he himself served and survived the war. See FAG Link He is buried in Historic Wethersfield Village Cemetery

Relation: 6th cousins four times removed

Update: I was able to photograph his gravestone and added the pics; also obituary shows accidental death most likely suicide

posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Would love to see added as a Notable for the Babcock name study! Remarkable Black woman who's in a bunch of history books but usually as "a colored woman" or "a wealthy business woman" or "wife of artist ..." etc. She was also known as Madame Carteaux. She ran hair salons in Boston, MA and Providence, RI, commuting between the two, and arranged on-the-sly abolitionist gatherings after hours at her salons. You can find her ads for her haircare and salons in William Lloyd Garrison's The Liberator. Absolutely remarkable woman - you'll see! - and, unfortunately, an absolutely tragic end of life situation.
posted by K Raymoure
Update: Just to let everyone know what I am doing. I have categorized all Babcock profiles according to states, Canada and England (after 1700). The ones I haven't tagged don't have a location yet. I have sent messages for merges, incorrect use of Babcock as LNAB, and profiles that contain too little information to improve the profiles. I'm sure I have made some mistakes in labeling. I will start working on the unsourced and unconnected Babcocks focusing more on New England, starting with New York.
posted by Sara Rice
Thank you. It's fun to watch you fly through the group! It's making a big difference.
posted by R Adams
Thank you Sara much appreciated. New York State is my roots. Also the newspaper link helps as it’s free to use and you can find much info there as well such as obituaries etc. I have been busy outside of Wikitree lately sorry if I can’t respond as quickly as I would like to.
posted by Andrew Simpier
edited by Andrew Simpier
Need some assistance

with Zebulon Babcock 1713 - 1802

His birth record says his parents were James and Mary Badcock, but which James and Mary? He doesn't seem to be in the Stephen Babcock's Babcock Genealogy Zebulon married Mary Marvin and had children Zebulon and Zeruiah Badcock Patchen

posted by Sara Rice
This particular Zebulon is in "The History of Ancient Windham" and by comparing that to Appleton's work on the Badcocks of Milton, Mass. it is clear which James is his father and that his mother is Mary Fenno of Milton. her daughter Ann who married Joseph Pain ties it all together. I added the sources and some bio and connections to Zebulon's profile. His father has a profile, his mom does not. Lots more in the Windham source about his family if anyone want to go further.
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You're doing a great job. Sorry I have not been helping out. Haven't felt up to doing much on WikiTree. I improved the St. John Genealogy source with excerpts, another on-line source and its Space page so those wanting to see what's in the source no longer have to download a large pdf.
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All three are in copyright so we can't upload it without permission. They could be entered as a link on the person's profile. If we received permission we could add all three to a Space page and add them as a picture and/or pdf.
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I've had to correct 2 categories that the state name was not spelled correctly. Easy mistake to make, I've done it myself. We have more than 30 states entered and 12 more need to be added. At this point it would be easier to add all the states at once even if a few are not used. No time like the present to get started. Hope no one objects!
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Thank you Pat

Yes that would be good

posted by Andrew Simpier
All the USA states have been categorized and now have the same format. Let's try to get at least one profile in each state.

All profiles that were in the United States category have been moved to at least one state.

There are a few dozen profiles on the main page that need locations added.

That was lots of work for just 18 contributions.

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Question for Pat:

I know this is an evolving process and it takes a while to iron out details. In the Name Study Guidelines it says this about spouses of Babcocks:

"When adding spouses use a category. Do not use the template."

Pat, so if applied to the spouse named Sarah (Billings) Babcock, am I correct to assume that she does not get the template since she was born a Billings? But her husband and children would since they were born Babcocks. If you say yes, maybe that addresses one part of what occurred with the Sarah (Billings) Babcock example which T Counce's asked about? The more general part of the question was something I had not considered, always just assumed it was birth location, so hearing your flexible perspective gives more options.

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That is correct. I was adding lots of categories that day and didn't catch that mistake.
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I have a question: When a Babcock is born in one place and died in another place, do you want us to use both categories: example Sarah (Billings) Babcock ( was born in Connecticut but died in New York. When Pat edited this profile she had both, someone went in and removed the Connecticut template and did not add the category....I asked why, was told there was no clear rule and they are going by where they lived the longest. Personally, since Pat is one of the managers of this study, I wouldn't have messed with it except to move the template above, as I would defer to her as the manager to know what she's doing, though I don't want to phrase it that way to the person who changed it because I know it could come across as snarky, though I truly don't mean it that way. Is there a way that you could be clear as to what you want included in the biographies, as far as location categories go, please?
posted by T Counce
This is a good and reasonable question as I’ve had the same question. What I do is if there is a known place of birth I use the place of birth. If there is a known place of birth and death you can use both. I raised this question a while back also in g2g which I will post at the bottom of this response. If there is only a known place of death use the place of death. Basically it’s where the person either was born or died or both. I wouldn’t add all the places they lived in between. Best rule of thumb is place of birth and if that is unavailable place of death.

Pat what do you think moving forward?


See G2G I posted a while back here

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edited by Andrew Simpier

Not many saw that g2g post.

There are reasons for using all three: born, lived. and died. I don't think we should eliminate the use of any of the options. Allow the one working the individual Babcock line to decide what is best for that particular profile.

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I agree. That is a good point. This helps clear up the question much better.

Thank you Pat : )

posted by Andrew Simpier
T, good question.

That change could have been to remove the template. Most likely I used birth/death categories because I thought that was Andrew's preference.

Personally, since the place of birth is already listed on the category page with their name, then I think it's the less useful option. My preference would be to use either where they lived or died. Having categories for where their children were born could help those trying to breakdown a brickwall when all they know is when/where they were born. Also, hovering over the person's name on the category shows the place of death. However if there are more than a few dozen profiles listed that could be reason enough to add the category.

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The other person removed the template, now the only category is where they moved to and died...I know some studies have both to show migration patterns of families with that name...I'll leave her profile as is (if I understood what you said correctly), though I still think it would be a good idea for either you or Andrew to update the instructions to clarify for this particular issue. Just my opinion...each study being done has it's own set of rules based on what is hoped to be accomplished by the person's conducting the study, but when these things start to take off it helps everyone that is helping if things are really clear. Matter of fact this made me look at my Curtis Name Study and I added the information.
posted by T Counce
I just adopted the Notable, Tim Babcock, who is unconnected. I will be updating his profile, first adding sources to add his family/biography and then trying to connect him.
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Added the subcategory Iowa, Maine, California, Nebraska, Illinois, and Minnesota to the United States Babcock Study as we are getting more and more from other areas of the United States. We need to add a few other states also as we move forward. Also I would like to add a Babcock Notable list to the study but need input on how to go about this. Also Need all those interested to help in Adopting those Babcock still in need of a profile manager.
posted by Andrew Simpier
Nice ONS - looks like you have a good effort developing here!
posted by SJ Baty
Anyone who would like to be a PM let us know.

Thank you

posted by Andrew Simpier
Welcome to my 12th cousin twice removed, Robert Babcock, who I just added to the trusted list. His ancestors from (links are to the category pages) England migrated to Rhode Island then on to New York. One generation moved on to Wisconsin.
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Andrew, Thank you!

We, leaders and members, are a team working together to make our study better.

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I would like to also Welcome all the newcomers to our Babcock/Badcock name Study. I’ve been very busy as I have a few name studies in progress. All your help and interest is appreciated. Big thank you to Pat for her leading and guiding in the start up of our study : )

Very excited to see so much interest so early. Amazing!


posted by Andrew Simpier
Welcome another newcomer:

Anna Prodin whose ancestors trace back to 1835 Ohio. Other states include New York and Michigan.

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Welcome to our two newcomers:

1. R Adams: his maternal line traces back to 1763 Westerly, Kings County, Rhode Island. Since Kings County was renamed in 1781 the category for Nathan C Babcock is Washington County, Rhode Island, Babcock Name Study which already has 22 profiles. Maybe he will find family there or in Rhode Island.

2. Ted Babcock: He is a descendant of James Babcock of Massachusetts. His ancestors migrated to Washington County, Cortland County, New York and Stephenson County, Illinois. Except for the category for Washington County his ancestors will be categorized at the state level. He is also interested in sharing about the Goodman Fraud. That will be appreciated.

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The task list can be updated and revised as we move forward : )
posted by Andrew Simpier