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Every family has its secrets hidden in the dark corners of the past, the ones passed down from generation to generation never to be revealed to the outside world. Some are considered shameful, theirs fill the heart with dread, all them are secrets best kept within the family. Some do reveal themselves in the most astonishing ways, an innocent conversation and something never talked about is suddenly revealed. Something thought so shameful, means nothing anymore, but is never cast aside and someone wishes that earlier that secret should have been revealed. Many lives are turned upside down now and will never be the same. Now the shame is not in the secret, but in that, it was never revealed. 8 April 2011- David Harris

John Calvin BaileyBailey-13768committed suicide by hanging himself in a barn at Spring Bank, Centre County, Pa. USA on 21 Sep 1941

William McDougal McDougal-655 Directly behind St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church (built in 1834) and its graveyard, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada is a grave marker that gives a dire warning — the grave stone of William McDougal, who died in 1851 at the age of 19. Although the stone is beautifully engraved with angels, ivy and a Roman cross, it is the inscription on the bottom that causes one to pause. It reads: “This grave never to be disturbed.” One can only speculate as to why this would be put on the gravestone of a 19-year-old man. Did he die of a horrible disease? Was he out of favor with the community, or was it a family concern that if the church expanded their son’s grave might be disturbed? We will likely never know — but the grave has not been disturbed

Thomas Hennegan Hennegan-40 Thomas Hennegan Working as Hostler (a groom or stableman), in Buffalo, NY, USA when he was murdered by being struck with a beer bottle at an inn in Buffalo, NY, USA . Circumstance of why unknown.

Jacqueline Francine (Bailey) Johnson, Bailey-12440 Who are real parents of Jacqueline Francine "Jackie" Johnson formerly Bailey Born 30 Apr 1932 in Philadelphia, Pa, USA Died 3 Jun 2007 in Lewistown, Miffin County Pa. USA? Jacqueline Bailey appears to have been adopted from birth Certificate and US 1930 Census for Centre County Pa. and William Bailey's Obituary which does not list her as a daughter at the time of his death in 1935. Born:1933 Philadelphia Pa. Original told born in Center Hall, Pa. 1933. Birth Certificate (duplicate) indicates City of Philadelphia, Pa., But appears on the 1940 US Census as a 7 yr. old.

Margaret (Hunt) Bolender Hunt-9510 Barbara Bonnie (Hunt) Bucholtz Hunt-9511 Adopted by Dennis [Hennegan-31]] and Annie Hennegan[McDougal-307] . Margaret was the natural daughter of William Hunt and Muriel (Kratz) Hunt. Kratz-205 Annie (McDougal) Hennegan McDougal-307 raised her and her sister Bonnie in St. Catherines, Ont, Canada, after their father died and they were deserted by their mother. Her mother Muriel was the natural niece of Annie McDougal Hennegan. There was a third sister Betty Hunt-9964 who was raised by the Hagen family in Chippewa, Ontario, Canada. Muriel remarried Silvernail.

Grover Nelson Bailey Bailey-11700 I don’t have any strong recollections of my Uncle Grover. We had a portrait of what may have been him as a child in our living room. It was there because no one could remember if it was of my Dad (Carl William Bailey,Bailey -11647 or his brother Grover. He never visited us, or we visited him although his family had lived in the Port Matilda Pa. area at the time, I had been spending entire summers there. In June 2003, after my Mother’s death I and my younger brother made a special trip to Centre County to ask my Aunt Jackie Jacqueline Francine (Bailey) Johnson, Bailey-12440 about some unspoken family issues. Uncle Grover was one of these. As far as I was aware, my Dad (Carl William Bailey, Bailey -11647 and Uncle Grover rarely to never spoke to each other. However, she told me that before the War (WWII) my father had been very close to his brothers and left it that.

“Before the War Grove and Carl Carl William Bailey, Bailey -11647 had been inseparable! Close in age, they worked together in the brickyard at an early age, played on the same town baseball team, both where in the Army and saw combat in WWII, When the Family received nonfiction about Carl (Carl William Bailey, Bailey -11647) capture Mom(Maude Louella Colyer, Bailey) Colyer-292 became frantic as how Grover was going to act. Mom (Maude Louella (Colyer) Bailey Colyer-292 was afraid that Grover would go off half cocked and try to find Carl (Carl William Bailey, Bailey -11647) on his own” --Jacqueline Francine (Bailey) Johnson, Bailey-12440 June 29, 2003


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