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Barano d’Ischia, Campania One Place Study

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Location: Barano d'Ischia, Naples, Campania, Italymap
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Barano d’Ischia, Campania One Place Study



Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Region: Campania
Province: Metropolitan City of Naples
GPS Coordinates: 40.716667, 13.916667
Elevation: 327.0 m or 1072.8 feet

Other Facts

  • Geology:
    • Ischia is one of the Phlegrean Islands, off the northern arm of the bay of Naples. It is an active volcano (errupted in the last 10 thousand years), and comprises one end of the Campanian Plain volcanic arc, that includes the active volcano of Vesuvius and the adjacent supervolcanic region of the Phlegrean Fields (Campi Flegrei).
    • Ischia is a former supervolcano, with a collapsed caldera, that first arose from the Tyrrhenian Sea at least 150,000 years ago. There was a major eruption about 50,000 years ago that ejected approx. 40 cubic km of Mt Epomeo Green Tuff over the entire region.[1]
    • The present island is the result of resurgent uplift of a horst, together with volcanic side cones from later eruptive events. [2]
    • The last eruption occured from the Barano area in Jan-Mar 1302. Lava flowed down to the sea, creating the Arso in Fiaiano, which was planted with pines in the 19th Century.
    • Ischia is also known as the Emerald Island (Isola Verde), because of the luxuriant vegetation on its rich volcanic soil.
  • Political Geography:
    • Barano d'Ischia is one of the six Italian comunes on the Island of Ischia (Isola d'Ischia), that all are part of the Metropolitan City of Naples (Napoli). Naples was one of Provinces of the Italian Region of Campania[3] until 2014, when it was redesignated a Metropolitan City.
    • Barano d'Ischia includes a number of Roman Catholic churches: [4] that are all part of the Diocese of Ischia.[5]. The earliest known Bishop of Ischia, Pietro, was present at the Third Lateran Council of Pope Alexander III in 1079.
    • The sizes of the Island of Ischia and its six comunes are:
Ischitana Descriptionsq kmPopulation
Isola d'Ischia (overall)46.3
Barano d'Ischia comune11.1
Casamicciola Terme comune5.6
Forio d'Ischia12.85
Ischia (Porto & Ponte) comune8.0
Lacco Ameno2.08
Serrara Fontana6.7
  • Barano d'Ischia is the second largest comune by area on Ischia (after Forio d'Ischia), but with many fewer permanent inhabitants, resulting in a lower overall population density.


  • The island was one of the first Greek colonies, settled in the 4th Century B.C., and was named Pithekousa, possibly after the volcanic pithos (pottery clay) found there.
  • It was an important stopping point for Greek shipping, on the trade route between Greece and northern Italy.
  • The Greek colony was on the northern side of the island, but they also had a nymphaeum on the southern side, in an area that is now part of the Barano d'Ischia comune. This was associated with the hot mud pools that bubble from the ground, and the natural springs that emanate from the hillside of Epomeo, and which have carved deep ravines in the soft volcanic rock.
  • The island was renamed Aenaria by the Romans, who followed Pliny's and Strabo's advice to soak in the thermal springs, that are still a feature of the Barano comune.
  • The main historic sites[6] in Barano comune include:
  • the Pilastri aqueduct (1470) was built to take water from other Barano springs to a distant fortified islet (Castello Aregonese).
  • the Church of St. John the Baptist (15th century) is one of the most ancient in the island. It houses a canvas by a Caravaggist.
  • there is a Saracen Tower in the village of Testaccio, which is one of several defensive structures on the island, intended to help protect the local population from maurauding pirates
  • the ruined (?) windmills on Montebarano took advantage of the winds at that elevation to grind (??).


Barano Census

Barano d'Ischia comune population table:

CensusBaranoCasomicciolaForioIschiaLacco AmenoSerrara FontanaTotal
  • NOTE these numbers represent the permanent (winter time) population, as Ischia (like Capri) is a well known tourist destination. Many Neapolitans have inherited or bought weekend and holiday residences, and other tourists fill the hotels and rental properties during the summer season (Easter to late autumn).

Barano Surname Frequency

This table of estimated surname frequency is based on running multiple queries against the Ellis Island immigration database[7] looking for how many persons in total, of each surname, put location "Barano" as their last place of residence / birth place. For comparson totals are also given for the location "Ischia" without "Barano", and the overall total for all locations (mostly Italy).

  • NOTES:
  1. This assumes that likelihood of emigrating is independent of surname, so numbers emigrating is a good proxy for surname frequency. This may not be true for immigration to the USA via Ellis Island. If one member of a family emigrates they tend to attract other to the same place.
  2. The sortable table only lists surnames that returned a non-zero total for Barano.
  3. The remaining surnames, that returned a zero total, are listed in alphabetical order after the table.
  4. An initial list of surnames from Barano was created by inspecting a subset of the birth, marriage and death records for the comune.
  5. Further common surnames, that are known to be associated with Ischia, were either added to the list, or those that returned a non-zero total were added to the table. Common surnames were abstracted from lists of surnames having two or more entries in the 1995 telephone directories for the Ischia comunes of Lacco Ameno & Serrara Fontana.
  6. It should be noted that any extrapolation of this surname frequency, from Barano d'Ischia to other comunes on Ischia, would have to assume that the surname distribution is the same for all comunes (which is probably untrue).
BaranoOther comunesAny
De Luca5
Di Costanzo90
Di Iorio54
Di Meglio126
Di Scala77
Santucci De Magistris1

  • Zero totals: Agrelli; Buonocore; Candia; Casiano; Capezza; D'Arco; De Siano; Ferrandino; Magliola; Maniero; Mormile; Santore; Sasso; Sirabella;


  • None identified on Wikipedia

Research Notes


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