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Baronetage Categorisation plan March 2022

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The categories for the Baronetages are incomplete, and the existing categories are often inaccurately named making them unfindable in the category hierarchy.


  1. Work through the current category lists and check that the current category names are accurate and in the correct Baronetage.
  2. Add the categories which are missing.

General WT category creation information page

Who can these categories be used for?

Baronets (the personal title holders) in the

  • Baronetage of England (England and Wales)
  • Baronetage of Nova Scotia (Scotland)
  • Baronetage of Ireland (Ireland)
  • Baronetage of Great Britain
  • Baronetage of the United Kingdom

Who can I ask for advice?

Ask the categorisation team for the relevant country where the Baronetcy was created (the location of the original seat).

Existing categories

The category name must be in this form
[[Category:Baronets [surname] of [place]]]. Note that it is Baronets plural.

  • Some categories are amalgamated in a midlevel disambiguation page where several Baronetcies are grouped by the same surname. These must be ungrouped so they are findable in the categorisation hierarchy.
  • The [surname] is the one that was used by the first Baronet. Some Baronetcies were or are held by people with variants of that original surname. Until the Category Information Box is developed, note additional surname on the category page.
  • The [place] designation was introduced in 1910 and appeared for the first time on the Official Roll of the Baronetage 1914 as a disambiguation of surnames. The [place] is usually, but not always the original seat of the first recipient. This is the hierarchy of [place] names:
    • Whatever is on the Official Roll of the Baronetage. If the Baronetcy is still extant, it can be found on the current Roll of the Baronetage, listed in alphabetical order. [1] If the Baronetcy was extant in 1914, this can be found by browsing the Roll in the London Gazette in March 1914. [2]
    • Whatever the original recipient called themselves. This may be in a Will or other legal document.
    • Whatever is in a reputable Baronetage (in this case Cokayne) if 1 or 2 doesn't work.

Subsequent primary seats are recorded on the category page pending the development of the Category Information Box.

The alphabetical indexes in the following editions of Cokayne will help with finding the appropriate [place] before the creation of the United Kingdom:

Any other free text information can be written under the Info Box . It must be short, just for disambiguation.
For more extensive information, use a linked FSP, a link to the Wikipedia page or add the information to the relevant profiles.

Higher Level Categories

The generic [[Category:Baronets [surname] of [place]]] is a landing category where individual profiles are grouped together.

There are two higher level categories which must be added to each landing level category:

  • The Baronetage Category to group the Baronetcies together in the appropriate Baronetage. The appropriate Baronetage can be found from the Wikipedia entry for that Baronetcy.
    • [[Category:Baronetage of England]]
    • [[Category:Baronetage of Ireland]]
    • [[Category:Baronetage of Nova Scotia]]
    • [[Category:Baronetage of Great Britain]]
    • [[Category:Baronetage of the United Kingdom]]
  • The Location Category to group the Baronetcies in the country they were created in. Note that this is where the original seat was located
    • [[Category:England, Baronets]]
    • [[Category:Ireland, Baronets]]
    • [[:Category:Scotland, Baronets]]
    • [[Category:Wales, Baronets]]

New categories

  • These are to be created when the existing categories have been checked and corrected.
  • Do not create a category before any relevant profiles have been created.
  • Categories should not be created for Baronetcies which have fewer than three holders as per the WikiTree guidelines. Such individuals may be categorised directly under the appropriate Baronetage category.
  • If no category exists for a Baronetcy, please ask for assistance with creating one Ask the categorisation team for the country of the location of the original seat.

What goes in the name fields?

These are for Baronetcies based in England, Wales and Ireland only - please contact the Scotland team for advice about Baronets in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia, and Scottish Baronets in the Baronetages of Great Britain and the United Kingdom

Prefix: Sir
First name: [his own name]
Nickname: [nth] Baronet [Surname of first holder] of [original seat]
Surname: the current holder's own surname
Suffix: Bt [note that there is no . after Bt]

If the profile person has a number of titles, only the highest ranking one goes in the Nickname field, but the profile should have the appropriate category for each title.
For example: Sir William Hall Gage (1718-1791) who was the 9th Baronet Gage of Firle, but also the 2nd Viscount Gage of Castle Island.
The Viscountcy goes in the Nickname field.
No Bt in the suffix field.
The profile has the categories for both the Baronetcy and the Viscountcy. Succession boxes can be used to show the other titles.

Titles of Nobility in the British Isles are ranked thus:
Royalty > Dukes > Earls > Marquesses > Viscounts > Barons > Baronets

If the profile is also a Life Peer (a non-inheritable title and therefore only one holder) this is at the rank of a Baron which is higher than a Baronet.
The title associated with their Life Peerage goes in the Nickname field.
No Bt in the suffix field.
The profile is categorised for the Baronetcy in the normal way. No specific category is created for a Life Peer, which is placed directly in [[Category: Life Peers of the United Kingdom]] and [[Category: Appropriate Country, Life Peers]].

Succession box

Individual profiles should have a succession box above the Biography title.
This is the code:

{{Succession box
|title=Baronet [surname] of [place]
|years= when title held
|before=[link to predecessor's profile]
|after=[link to successor's profile]

Which gives this

Preceded by
[link to predecessor's profile]
Baronet [surname] of [place]
when title held
Succeeded by
[link to successor's profile]

If the relationship between successive title holders is not father/son, you may wish to add this in the before and after fields.

If the Baronetcy was only held by one person, the box should be annotated as follows:

Preceded by
new creation
Baronet [surname] of [place]
when title held
Succeeded by
title extinct


  1. Standing Council of the Baronetage Official Roll accessed 24 October 2021
  2. London Gazette Supplement 20 February 1914: The Roll of the Baronetage - search the alphabetical list find the precedence number and use that to find the entry in the Roll itself. Accessed 24 October 2021

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The author of the Complete Baronetage is Cokayne not Cockayne.
posted by Andrew Millard
Sorted, thank you for pointing this out Andrew!
posted by Jo Fitz-Henry
Has the Baronetage of Nova Scotia been deleted, or did it never exist in the first place as a category? I can only find "Nova Scotia Baronets" as an appropriate category now. The other four still exist as Baronetages. I'm sure I used to see it as an option (though until today I haven't worked on any non-gatekept Novia Scotia baronets).

By the way I have left lots of complete-set baronets in the higher-level baronetage categories waiting for baronetcy categories to be created.

posted by Stephen Corkey
The Scotland Project are sorting out the Baronetage of Nova Scotia, as they have to add the title in according to the Scotland Project method of displaying titles.
posted by Jo Fitz-Henry