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This is a Sandbox to work some of the mix-ups poor merges and lines on WikiTree which are related to the Barton DNA Group Project at FTDNA. Lineages associated with the Barton DNA Project are located in the Barton Database



  1. Communicate with all existing profile managers so they understand the work and are a part of the process. If disagreements arise, sources should be used to find the answer to the question in the dispute. If needed bring the questions in the dispute to a dispute section for the profile to this sandbox. Follow the Problems With Members process, Discuss the issue, Find the questions in the dispute, Ask for help here, Take the question to G2G...
  2. Review the original Creation information to ascertain who the original profile was meant to be. If the profile in its current state is someone other than who it was originally uploaded as, work the profile to connect it back to original parents, location and children. Work the information with sources.
  3. Look for sources to support and substantiate the information in the profile.
  4. Review the current information in the Barton Lineage I site and use it to help in searching for sources. For example, the latest information from the DNA project is that "Thomas Barton bc1732 who married Sarah Wilson and David Barton bc1730 who married Ruth Oldham were not brothers." - Terry Barton, July 2, 2021
  5. Work prevailing theories - like the Daniel Boone theory for David who's probate began in 1772, the claim is he died in 1775 in KY with Daniel Boone. Look for sources to prove or disprove as it relates to family connections and work them into the relevant profiles. Create and populate a Research Notes SEction for any theory so other researchers can follow the theory and the reasoning for including or discounting the theory.
  6. format profiles that were originally GEDCOM uploads - verify links, remove broken links taking care to keep any sources identified, and attempt to find new links and citations for the source. Leave original uploader citation in an acknowledgments section.
  7. Merge duplicate profiles
Work to be done as of July 7, 2021.


Barton Lineage I

The Barton Lineage I profiles. The Barton Lineage one from the Barton Historical & Genealogical Society - Part of the Barton DNA Group Project

Charles County, Virginia

Capt. William Barton, 1605, Warwickshire, UK - 1675, Charles county, VA m. Elizabeth Burgess

Prince William County

Thomas Barton, 1732, Prince William County, VA -1807, Greenville County, SC

  1. Issue - Latest DNA information shows David Barton could not be a brother to Thomas Barton, 1732-1807

UPDATE: I have to accept that Thomas Barton-5350 m Sarah Wilson may be brother to my David Barton-1281. Terry Barton I finally figured out how to calculate the probability that Thomas b c1732 (Barton-5350)could be David's brother: The 83 years that FTDNA uses per SNP is about 3 generations. That means that the probability of having a SNP in a generation is something a little bit less than 0.33 – probably somewhere between 0.25 and 0.3. The probability of two SNPs in one generation then should be somewhere between 0.25 x 0.25 = 0.0625 and 0.3 x 0.3 = .09. That amounts to somewhere between 1/16th of the time and 1/11th of the time that a man can have 2 SNPs in one generation – too frequently to ignore. Not precise, but close enough for this need. I have to conclude the probability of Thomas Barton m Sarah Wilson having two SNPs as part of his birth event is low, but reasonably within the probability set. Therefore, ySNP analysis tells me that I need to accept Thomas Barton m Sarah Wilson could be the brother or other close relation of David Barton m Ruth Oldham despite the lack of any primary or secondary source record. The overwhelming issue is then how definite that the descendants of Thomas and Sarah are that their Thomas and my David m Ruth Oldham were brothers, which makes them sons of Thomas3 Barton-3738. For what it's worth, their Thomas can't fit in the Thomas1,2,3 tree if he descends from Thomas2 or Thomas1, as there is already a known son named Thomas in those 2 generations. It's not perfect.

Stafford County

Tomas Barton, 1604, Stafford County, VA - ?, m. Agnes Holt

Thomas Barton, 1665, Stafford County, VA - 1731, Stafford County, VA. m. Grace Unknown.

  1. Issue, wife's surname is listed on the profile as Drummond - this may be inaccurate.

Thomas Barton, 1699, Stafford County, VA

Tomas Barton 1700, Stafford County, VA - 1752, Prince William County, VA

David Barton, abt.1730, Stafford VA - abt. 1772, Surry, NC, m. Ruth Oldham

  1. Issue - connected as son of Thomas Barton and Mary Willoughby of Salem MA. No evidence in the sources that Thomas and Mary left MA to have a child or children elsewhere. Sources indicate Thomas and Mary only had two children. No David. The resolution, disconnected from Thomas and Mary Willoughby of Salem, MA
  2. Issue - Daniel Boone connection, death stated as 1775 in KY. - discussed in-depth on profile - no proven connection. source for Probate date of 1772 in Surry, NC. Probate complete in 1776.
  3. Issue - Last two children DOB needs sourcing to find correct dates as the dates currently identified are too late for fathers death prior to 1772 date of probate in Surry, NC
  4. Issue - Latest DNA information shows David could not be a brother to Thomas Barton, 1732-1807
Note: As David bc1730 was Thomas(3)'s administrator, he appears to be the inheriting son. Thomas(4), as a non-inheriting son leaves to make his fortune. That makes his birth logically bc1732 instead of c1723. This is the logic if we consider Thomas(4) to be a son of Thomas(3) tell us that 2 SNPs in one birth event is beyond reason, then Thomas(4) had a different father than Thomas(3). In this case, he would appear to be descended from a brother of Thomas(2) or a relatively close relative of this Barton family. Terry Barton


Barton Lineage II

The Massachusetts Barton family logically should be Barton Lineage II. The Stafford County Barton family is Barton Lineage I. These two lineages do not share a common ancestor for tens of thousands of years. If the descendants of the Thomas Barton m. Mary Willoughby family are not yet yDNA tested, then a descendant should be yDNA tested to confirm that he matches known descendants of David, born c. 1730 (such as me). - Terry Barton

Thomas and Mary are believed to have had children John Barton and Mary (Barton) Toppan. John died unmarried, so there may be no y-DNA descendants to test. Lowe-866 18:50, 9 August 2021 (UTC)

New York

Terry Barton Further Comments

11 Aug 2021 First, I am crippled by my failure to figure out how to make the citation/source system work for me. If I can get past that barrier, I have Primary & Secondary Sources for almost all of my contentions, corrections, and intended additions.

Second, these merges are needed: a. Barton-3738 & Barton-2066 b. Barton-2069 & Barton-3746 c. Barton-5350 & Barton-2054 & Barton-3740

Third, these connections have no source and I have basis why they are false connections a. Barton-2069 to Barton-2070 b. Barton-3746 to Barton-1480

Fourth, Drummond-706 and Drummond-707 were not born Drummond

Fifth, my apologies for stating that David Barton & Thomas Barton could not be brothers. I based this on the assumption that it wasn't reasonable to accept that a man could have two SNPs created with his birth event. Recently, it dawned on me how to do the calculation to see it is feasible to have 2 SNPs in a birth event and concluded that it is possible with a probability of 0.09 to 0.16 That caused me to change my mind.

Sixth, All of the genealogical analyses on Barton Lineage I and the Thomas(1,2,3) Barton family of Stafford Co VA at the Barton Historical Society & Barton Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. websites were written by me - so there seems to be little value in others working on this mess to view them - unless they want to see how I presented my material and find a few errors I hope to soon be correcting.

Seventh, Ditto any yDNA analysis on the sites mentioned in Sixth, as I have been the Barton Surname DNA project Administrator since 2002 and was Co-Admin in 2001 when the project was founded. We have extensive yDNA testing of the Barton Lineage I families, both with ySTRs and ySNPs.

Eighth, there is a major anonymous donor funded Barton Lineage I Research Project underway since 2019. It is focused on both traditional research and on yDNA testing. A researcher has now found, copied, and recorded on a private Research site over 2187 Barton-related documents between the earliest available and about 1800 onto Evernote, has more to record, and is still searching. YDNA testing has been focused on FTDNA's BIG Y test, with 68 tests for Lineage I men ordered to date. A parallel effort will start soon in Lancashire. Learnings from the Research Project are intended to be added at WikiTree and other locations. I

Ninth, there are apparently no known living male Barton descendants of John Barton-2070 or William Barton-1480

Tenth, I question these connections, but have not researched them a. John Barton-2070 and John Barton-2071 b. John Barton-2071 and Francis Barton-2072


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