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Batlow Cemetery

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: 57 Cemetery Rd, Batlow, NSW, Australiamap
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This is part of the Australian Cemeteries Project.



Batlow is situated South East NSW, Australia. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Batlow Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Batlow Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

Tasks Completed

  • Photography
Completed on the Apr 2018

To Do

  • Photo transcriptions
Details of all photos have been transcribed to the sortable table below.
  • Create WikiTree profiles for all people in the table below
The completed table will include links to WikiTree profiles and direct links to the photos of gravestones. The profile created can include other sources of information as well as biographical details of the person.
  • Checking of transcription information
Other people are required to assist in double-checking the validity of data entered to ensure accuracy.

Sortable Table of graves

Sortable table
name born died age notes photo #
?,? (Danny)1971?4022805
Adamkiewicz, Eugienia (Gienia)1999 Feb 2375 4022322
Adamkiewicz, Zenon (Zenek Adamson)1920 Jun 222003 Jul 16b. Poland 4022314
Adams, Ernest Arthur1912 Jul 121987 Dec 27with Kathleen Adams 4022811
Adams, Errol John1962 Oct 2717S of Kath & Tom; B of Fay, Yvonne, Joan4022813
Adams, Graham John1968 May 211968 May 210S of Robyn & Geoff; B of Jodie, Steven, Danny, Lloyd4047679
Adams, John Ronald (Ron)1923 Nov 012005 Jan 30H of Mary; F of Steven & Tony 4022751
Adams, Joseph1962 Apr 1472H of Lousata 4022877
Adams, June Patricia1923 Jan 302011 Mar 03OAM; W of Charlie; M of Marilyn & Noel 4022853
Adams, Kathleen1920 Feb 042008 Sep 25with Ernest Adams 4022811
Adams, Lousata Maud1964 Feb65W of Joseph 4022879
Adams, Mary Francis (Frankie)1919 Dec 081976 Oct 30W of John; M of Steven & Tony 4022751
Adams, Maurice Robert1940 May 192005 Mar 2564H of Lornie; F of Joanne, Andrew, Todd, Darren 4022389
Adams, Owen John1955 Jan 2017 4022861
Adams, Ralph Charles (Charlie)1919 Jan 102009 Jun 28H of June; F of Marilyn & Noel 4022853
Adams, Robert Edward1975 Apr 18 4022731
Adamsons, Heidi Dianne1945 Jul 042017 Aug 3040524414
Amadio, Mario John1978 Aug 0860 4023135
Anderson, Paulette Martha58 4022311
Annetts, Ada Victoria1979 Jan 0787 4022726
Annetts, Arthur Frederick196972 4022975
Annetts, Darryl Robert Cameron1989 Oct 0328B of Jayne, Ian, Lee-Anne, Anne-Maree, Bill 4022671
Annetts, Doug (Thoreld Edgar)1919 Aug 251985 Sep 22AIF NX112503; H of Joyce; F of Jennette, Doug, Tom, Geoff 4022585
Annetts, Eileen Grace1931 Jan 092006 Feb 02W of Leo; M of Sandra, Vicki, Leonie, Debbie, Colleen, Lee-anne, Melinda 4022402
Annetts, Joyce Sarah1925 Sep 272006 Aug 13nee Shannon; W of Doug; M of Jennette, Doug, Tom, Geoff 4022583
Annetts, Kathleen Elizabeth1987 Jun 1377M of Joyce, Freda, Leo, Bobby 4022756
Annetts, Lyle Baden1977 Apr 2473 4022755
Annetts, Lyle Henry (Leo)1932 Apr 291997 Nov 02H of Eileen; F of Sandra, Vicki, Leonie, Debbie, Colleen, lee-anne, Melinda 4022403
Annetts, Madge Florence1980 May 0359 4022665
Annetts, Norma1939 Oct 022013 Jun 06nee Rosler; W of Robert; M of Jayne, Darryl, Ian 4022672
Annetts, Robert Roy1984 Aug 1564 4022666
Arantz, John J19091976 4023153
Atkinson, Benjamin Paul19042000OAM; H of Kathleen 4022115
Atkinson, Eric William John1906 Oct 121967 Apr 25 4022945
Atkinson, Kathleen Alice (Kitty)1906 Jul 121980 Jun 29nee Dodds; W of Benjamin 4022114
Backhaus, Alois1926 Oct 192010 Nov 30H of Ilse; F of Stephan, Berlinde, Lucy 4022475
Bailey, Donald Henry1940 Sep 181981 Apr 16H of Sue; F of Cindy, Sharon, Rebecca 4022120
Bailey, Ethel Rose1913 Feb 142002 Jun 09nee Bowman; W of Maurice 4022006
Bailey, Hazel Mary Florence1975 Mar 1433 4022099
Bailey, Maurice1910 Jul 311993 Jul 15H of Ethel 4022006
Bailey, Phillip Maurice1992 Oct 051998 May 24 4022005
Ballantyne, Doris1904 Dec 021997 Sep 0793 4022002
Barberie, Bessie1919 Oct 2660D of Selina Barberie 4022938
Barberie, Clive1974 Aug 1975H of Olive 4022906
Barberie, Courtland Douglas1966 Oct 1072F of Guy 4022936
Barberie, Olive1985 Jul 1879W of Clive 4022906
Barberie, Selina1928 Nov 0890M of Bessie 4022938
Baron, Jack19251989 4022020
Bartell, Elizabeth Harriet 1867 Nov 011954 Apr 0786 4022857
Bartell, Frieda Ernstine Lydia1992 Mar 1489W of Robert 4022504
Bartell, Geoffrey Alan (Bart)1942 Jan 202008 Nov 06H of Virginia 4022478
Bartell, Henry Walter 1905 May 231915 Jun 1810 4022851
Bartell, James Andrew 1866 Jun 061949 Jul 2283b. at sea 4022852
Bartell, James Andrew 4022855
Bartell, Minnie Letitia 4022856
Bartell, Robert1992 Jun 1291H of Frieda 4022504
Bartell, Vera Mary 1901 Aug 06198? Nov 12with William Bartell 4022700
Bartell, Virginia May (Ginney)1943 Aug 032017 Jan 13W of Geoffrey 4022478
Bartell, William 1900 Apr 161980 Jan 21with Vera Bartell 4022695
Base, Irene1909 Oct 101992 Jun 15 4022527
Base, Thomas1900 Jul 311988 Jun 28 4022527
Basham, Adelaide Mary Louisa1960 Jul 2886 4022891
Basham, Frederick Arthur1948 Jan 1177 4022890
Beckmann, Douglas1956 Feb 1562H of Florence 4022883
Bellchambers, Arthur George1973 Nov 0961?H of Kath; F of Chris, Glenn, Paul 4023120
Best, Leonard1922 Dec 061991 Apr 06b. New Romney, UK; d. Batlow 4022547
Boardman, Maria Eva (Mary 1953 Sep 052016 May 13 4022267
Bohl, Catherine 1958 Aug 1090 4023073
Boles, Dorothy May1994 Mar 2282W of Patrick Cecil; M of Bill, Lorna, Josephine 4022438
Boles, P C1956 Feb 2442AIF NX35955 4023064
Booby, Henry Thomas (Harry) 1919 May 111996 Jun 10AIF NX150855; H of Pearl 4022459
Booby, Pearl Eileen1929 Nov 061998 Apr 01W of Henry 4022459
Booby, Ronald James195220194023029
Booby-Lomas, Jan Elizabeth1957 Nov 011995 Dec 20W of Grant 4022459
Boscariol, Anthony1889 Jul 091980 Jun 09 4023078
Boscariol, Felicina1960 Jul 0269 4023078
Bowden, Alice Jane1965 Aug 0177 4022833
Bowden, Daphne Isobel 2006 Mar 1494nee Woodland; W of Reginald 4022714
Bowden, Edna Irene1985 May 30W of Lionel 4022629
Bowden, John Alfred (Johnson)1931 May 252018 Oct 204023569
Bowden, John Douglas (Jack)1906 Oct 131994 Jul 02H of Mary 4022444
Bowden, Lionel Ernest1999 Oct 21H of Edna 4022629
Bowden, Mary May1912 Aug 202004 Oct 27W of Jack; M of John, Ron, Bruce, Ken 4022444
Bowden, Nancy Gertrude2003 Dec 0486 4022896
Bowden, Phillip George1981 Mar 2126B of Dennis, Tony, Kevin, Peter 4022681
Bowden, Reginald Maurice1979 Mar 1464H of Daphne 4022714
Bowden, William George1971 Dec 1561? 4022894
Bowman, Daisy Dorothy1907 Jan 141996 Jun 22 4022462
Bowman, Emily Rose1959 Jan 1579 4022059
Bowman, Frederick George1954 Sep 0674 4022061
Bowman, Jeffrey Kevin1961 Dec 111963 Aug 19B. of Wayne 4022058
Bowman, Percy Sydney1955 Sep 0548 4022060
Bowman, Peter Stanley (Skipper)1940 Feb 042016 Feb 10H of Diane; F of Leanne & anthony, Sean & Debra, Jodie & Adam, Ben & Loren 4022278
Bowman, Victor J1946 Jun 0236 4022062
Bowman, Wayne Douglas1962 Dec 151985 Jul 13B. of Jeffrey 4022058
Boyle, Hilda1900 Aug 041990 Jun 06 4022866
Boyle, J D1955 Oct 0676AIF 3458 4022867
Bradford, Mervyn A C1974 Apr 2282H of Nell; F of Enid, Bill 4023099
Bradford, Nellie1894 Oct 061984 Sep 29W of Mervyn 4023099
Braham, John4022840
Braham, Myrtle19704022840
Brander, Clement Rodney1933 May 061980 Aug 05 4022664
Brander, Edith Margaret1904 Sep 121968 Nov 29with Norman Brander 4023096
Brander, Norman Lawerence1959 Jul 1830S of Norman & Edie; B of Brian, Beth, Clem; H of Margaret; F of Katherine & Lorraine 4023059
Brander, Norman Rodney1898 Mar 051979 May 01with Edith Brander 4023096
Bretell, Jessie Rose1911 Jun 061999 Oct 17nee Mouat 4022243
Breward, James Russell1937 Apr 202000 Sep 04H of Annemaree; F of Richard, Michelle, Caroline, James 4022339
Briggs, George F1945 Nov 2159 4022064
Briggs, Isabella Laura1967 Oct 2175 4022066
Broadhurst, Dorothy Edna (Dorrie)2003 May 2190mother 4022315
Broadhurst, Selwyn Percival1994 Jun 1482 4022439
Broome, Cora19242016with Fred Broome 4022901
Broome, Edna1976 Sep 2976 4022749
Broome, Fred19161965with Cora Broome 4022901
Broome, John Paul1889 Jan56with Tamzin Broome 4022949
Broome, Oscar A1984 Aug 0578 4022750
Broome, Tamzin1912 Aug 77with John Broome 4022949
Broome, William Rowe1935 May 6Death notice
Brown, Andrew Laurence (Bob)1979 Aug 0677H of Sylvia 4022711
Brown, C R1966 Oct 3045AIF NX35181; H of Joyce 4022908
Brown, Geoffrey John1972 Jan 1317 4022903
Brown, George Charles18891979H of Jane 4022141
Brown, George Frederick (Bunny1923 May 132003 Sep 23 4021993
Brown, Jane Wilkie18901949W of George 4022141
Brown, Joyce Charmion1971 Oct 1447Barberie 4022905
Brown, Robert Lawrence (Mick)1926 Sep 072009 Apr 02 4022904
Brown, Sylvia B B1999 Jan 2691W of Andrew 4022711
Brown, William Bryce (Bill)1928 Jun 052010 Oct 09 4022008
Buchele, Catherine18861986 4022015
Buchele, Charles1973 Jul 138585 yrs 7 mths 4022013
Buchele, Stella Adeline1919 May 022007 Apr 24D of Catherine & Charles; M of Ian 4022016
Bunter, Marj4023091
Burgess, Arthur John1928 Apr 142017 Jan 2988H of Margaret; F of Marilyn, Joe, Debbie, Sue, Tim 4022376
Burgess, George Henry1985 Jul 2487with Muriel Burgess 4023145
Burgess, Lola Margaret1938 Apr 262007 Dec 31W of Les; M of Patricia, Christopher, Peter, Sharon 4022293
Burgess, Margaret Graham1934 Mar 152012 Mar 3078W of Arthur; M of Marilyn, Joe, Debbie, Sue, Tim 4022376
Burgess, Muriel May1978 Jul 0584with George Burgess 4023145
Burgess, Russell James1916 May 251991 Sep 25 4022520
Burgess, Stephen James1961 May 301961 May 31S of Dudley & Mona 4023067
Burgess, William Robert1933 Apr 142013 Jul 23H of Mona; F of Wayne, Stephen (dec), Darren, Rick 4022283
Butler, Brenda Maree (Brenie)1964 Sep 211970 Sep 276 4022097
Butler, Honora Mary1979 May 1875 4023138
Butler, Leslie Joseph1975 May 7674015549
Butler, Lester William1927 Mar 051991 Aug 2364 4022521
Butz, Bernadette Mary1979 May 1586d. Batlow 4023022
Butz, Fanny Jane 1961 Jul 2487with Henry Butz 4023032
Butz, Hazel Elizabeth2020 Aug 30W of BillFuneral Notice
Butz, Helene 1938 May 1993W of Karl 4023031
Butz, Henry 1946 May 1681with Fanny Butz 4023032
Butz, John Gerard1925 Dec 102002 Apr 27S of Oswald & Bernadette 4023023
Butz, Karl1951 Oct 0383 4023020
Butz, Karl 1913 Oct 1084H of Helene 4023031
Butz, Oswald James1972 May 3175 4023021
Butz, William Joseph1996 Oct 1484 4023033
Callinan, Frederick Esmonde1916 Mar 272009 Jul 26H of Kathleen; F of Bill, Ron, Ian, John 4021988
Callinan, Kathleen Maude1918 May 202009 Jan 02W of Frederick; M of Bill, Ron, Ian, John 4021989
Carlos, Noreen Rita1937 Jan 061999 Apr 19W of James (Jimmy) 4022324
Carolan, Harriet1979 Oct 20W of John 4023068
Carolan, John1924 Apr 041996 Aug 05 4022582
Carolan, John James1955 Nov 13H of Harriet 4023068
Carolan, Kevin1928 Dec 131985 Nov 24 4022582
Carolan, Reginald Thomas (Roo)1934 Oct 112016 Jan 1681B of John, Kevin, Mary, Jean, Shirley 4023066
Carter, Thelma Mavis1923 Dec 182005 Mar 28 4023018
Casey, A L1969 Oct 2220AIF 218715 4023090
Casey, Brett Anthony1969 Oct 081969 Oct 08 4023071
Casey, George M1981 May 1263AIF NX21252; H of Joan; F of Donald, Albert, Alan 4023089
Casey, J A1977 Jun 0769AIF N381791; H of Theresa; F of Len, Colin, Lola, Michael, Marie 4022566
Casey, Marie Therese1953 Sep 172015 Mar 25D of John & Theresa Casey; Sis of Leonard (dec), Colin (dec), Lola (dec), Michael 4022553
Casey, Norman George1969 Oct 081969 Oct 09 4023071
Casey, Theresa Margaret1918 Jan 171998 Sep 01W of J A Casey; M of Len (dec), Colin (dec), Lola, Michael, Marie 4022565
Casey-Cobden, Joan Florence1924 Jun 102006 Jul 03W of George & Jack; M of Donald, Albert, Alan 4023091
Cash, Alma Irene19112002W of Henry; M of Peter, Elizabeth, Geoffrey, Judith 4022361
Cash, Henry Norman (Len)1900 Sep 011989 Oct 08H of Alma; F of Peter, Elizabeth, Geoffrey, Judith 4022361
Casu, Millicent Margaret1956 Dec 06254023100
Catherall, Edward1972 Nov 1364H of Hilda 4022773
Catherall, Edward1932 Feb 042018 Oct 31H of Judy; F of Diane, Sharon, Leonie, Mike4022291
Catherall, Eric Harold1895Mar 4 1909 14 Obituary/Inquest
Catherall, Hilda1986 Dec 1778W of Edward 4022773
Catherall, Judith Ann1938 Apr 282016 Sep 16nee Peel; W of Eddie; M of Diane, Sharon, Leonie, Mike 4022280
Catherall,Sydney StuartAug 19 1901 Mar 4 190910Obituary/Inquest
Chamberlain, Henrietta Catherine (Cath)1908 May 291985 Jun 27D of Henry & Annie Hayward 4022870
Chapman, Alfred Edward1960 Feb 1371 4022825
Chapman, Edward Sydney Augustus (Ted)1994 Aug 1273B of Molly 4022448
Chapman, Josephine Evelyn1969 Apr 0579 4022826
Christian, Lucy1851193180b. Essex ,W of ThomasObituary
Christian, Meridene Annie1990 Jan 0783 4022019
Christian, Thomasabt. 1838192385H.of Lucy, b. Norway Obituary
Clark, Arthur Frederick1966 Mar 1067H of Phoebe; F of Westley 4022943
Clark, Pheobe Alice1983 Jul 2082nee Shea; W of Arthur; M of Westley 4022943
Clebbon, Robertabt.18471923 Jun 2976 Obit/Death Notice.
Clews, Kristopher DavidS of David & Cellie; B of Mitchell 4022018
Clune, Joyce F1912 Jul 221974 Jul 44022166
Clune, M. Wallace1899 May 301979 May 024023053
Clune, Mona A1968 Nov 11 4023102
Cobden, John (Jack)1923 Dec 101990 Feb 25H of Thelma; F of Julia, Geoffrey, Trevor, Colin, Christine; H of Joan; Step-F of Alan & Don Casey 4022660
Cobden, Thelma1921 Apr 161981 Jul 24W of John; M of Julie, Geoff, Trevor, Colin, Christine 4022661
Cobden, William1917 Aug 191985 Nov 28 4022578
Colemane, Leslie John18931966with Margaret Hawkins & Pearl Colemane 4022684
Colemane, Pearl Victoria18951981nee Broome; With Margaret Hawkins & Leslie Colemane 4022684
Collins, Joan Winifred1992 Jan 2662W of Roy 4022509
Collins, Mark1969 Mar 221999 Nov 30with Francis & Jean Cruise 4022591
Collins, Roderick1974 May 0952AIF; RAAF 4022760
Collins, Roy2016 Mar 0785H of Joan 4022509
Collins, Thomas Henry Percival1909 Sep 191984 Mar 0274 4022597
Colliss, Leonard1922 Jan 131993 Jul 28 4022847
Colls, Francis Albert1940 Jul 2546 4022915
Colquhoun, Marjory1883? Jan 071966 Sep 1378 4022245
Comai, Filomena1929 Dec 142016 Apr 21b. Calvi San Giorgio Del Sanno, Italy; W of Rodolfo; M of Anna, Lucia 4022368
Comai, Rodolfo (Rudi)1 24 Nov 032013 Jul 12b. Vigo, Cavedine, Trento, Italy; H of Filomena; F of Anna, Lucia 4022369
Connors, Edward Thomas (Ted)1992 Jan 0176H of Lily 4023140
Connors, Lily Emily1979 Feb 2054W of Edward 4023140
Cooper, Betty Christina1928 Jan 032016 Jan 1088W of Eric 4022031
Cooper, Brian Leslie1977 Apr 194022091
Cooper, Eric George1923 Dec 231999 Dec 1576AIF NX143916; H of Betty 4022031
Cooper, Isabel Mary1924 Jul 031987 Dec 22mother 4022556
Cooper, Leonard Bruce1928 Dec 222015 Sep 2486H of Shirley; F of Christopher, Brian, Michael, Lyn 4022032
Cooper, Shirley Dawn1931 Jul 172008 Feb 1876W of Leonard; M of Christopher, Brian, Michael, Lyn 4022032
Cooper, Simon Paul1971 Sep 061 day4022986
Corrie, Ruth Elvina1965 Nov 11D of Beatrice Hallard 4022907
Cottam, Charles Raymond1976 May 1621 4022744
Cottam, Claude W2002 Jul 0181H of Norah; F of Barbara, Marie, Stephen 4022366
Cottam, Norah E2006 Jul 2783W of Claude; M of Barbara, Marie, Stephen 4022366
Cottam, Raymond Charles1922 Nov 022005 Jan 18 4022745
Cottam, Samuel John (Jack)1960 Aug 2168 4022827
Cotter, Simon Lloyd1973 Sep 21S of Val & Noel4022170
Coughlan, Jean Annie1962 Jul 1969M of Pat Cottam 4022847
Coughran, Reginald1931 Jan 062004 Jul 18H of Jean; F of Sue, Shelly, Barbara, Kim, Debbie, Michael (dec) 4022104
Coulter, Angus (Gus)18981957 Jul59b. England; d. Batlow 4022864
Cox, Christine Helen1945 May 112015 Dec 23W of Leslie; M of Joanne, Brian, Paul 4022379
Crane, Colin John1938 Nov 302012 Apr 05 4022381
Crawford, Imelda Margaret1909 Sep 102001 Apr 12 4022343
Crocker, David Alexander1995 Oct 0868 4022457
Crouch, Aiden Robert2005 Jan 25S of Kim & Chris 4022308
Crouch, Ethan Ryley2005 Dec 192006 Feb 20S of Kim & Chris; B of Aiden 4022309
Cruise, Anthony Francis (Tony)1945 Nov 241966 Apr 08 4023072
Cruise, Colleen Marie1949 Jan 051949 Jan 21 4023072
Cruise, Francis Joseph Frank1912 Sep 242002 Mar 11with Jean Cruise & Mark Collins 4022591
Cruise, Jean1923 Sep 271985 Jul 31with Francis Cruise & Mark Collins 4022591
Cullen, Aileen Frances1998 Aug 2180W of William 4022808
Cullen, John1967 Dec 3121 4022809
Cullen, Raymond Denis1963 Aug 1621 4022810
Cullen, William John (Jack)1993 May 0382H of Aileen 4022807
Cummins, Lena Elizabeth Ellen1978 Jan 2856W of Stanley; M of Elizabeth, Anthea, Bronwyn 4023105
Cummins, Stanley Vincent1969 Apr 2444H of Lena; Step-F of Michael 4023104
Currie, Dixon1963 May 3099with Lily Currie 4023082
Currie, Lily1964 Mar 0694with Dixon Currie 4023082
Currie, Mary1897W of Robert Husbands Obituary
Currie, Robert190179b. Belfast, Husband of MaryObituary
Currie, Rosanna1848193082W of Robert Obituary
Curtis, James Henry1936 Jul 1578Obituary
Daley, John Edward1993 Apr 1249H of Janice; F of Michael, Tony, Jason 4022494
Darrell Robertabt 1828188557said to be Aboriginal Newspaper Article
Davies, Rhonda Kay1950 Jan 162011 Jul 1761nee Coulcher, nee Hawkins; W of Rex; D of Wal & Dorothy 4021990
Davis, A1955 Aug 0666AIF 363; S of the late Tom & Maria Davis 4022248
Davis, John Alexander Charles2007 Aug 1378H of Nell; S: Jeffrey (dec); Twin of Betty (dec) 4022301
Davis, John Raymond1942 Aug 212011 Aug 1168 4022383
Davis, Lorna May1916 Aug 071998 Jul 0181RAAF? 106237; W of Ray 4023055
Davis, Maria 4022950
Davis, Peggy Eileen1959 Sep 1937W of Ray; M of John, Susan, Dianne, Michael 4023058
Davis, Ray Alexander1917 Sep 031996 Apr 2478AIF N200667; H of Lorna; F of John, Susan, Dianne, Michael 4023055
Davis, Thomasb. Tumut 4022950
Davis, Victor1960 Sep 02674078296
Dawson, Craig Andrew1966 Jul 092016 Dec 02 4022270
Dawson, Horace David1980 Sep 1770H of Isabel 4022220
Dawson, Isabel Amelia1989 Dec 2280W of Horace 4022220
Dawson, William Horace1936 Sep 252017 Mar 06 4022271
Dean, Percy Norman1931 Apr 191991 Jun 17 4022552
Deasy, James18431877 4023015
Di Biccari, Giulietta1916 Feb 222002 Sep 2086W of Leonardo 4023060
Di Biccari, Leonardo1916 Nov 091958 May 1942H of Giulietta 4023060
Diggins, Gregory Wayne1959 Jul 222008 Aug 06 4022837
Dodd, Vicki Eileen1958 Nov 242018 Jul 26W of Garry, M of Laura, Benjamin, Jessica4023184
Dodds, Edward Lindsay1972 Apr 2668with Ivy Dodds 4022077
Dodds, Ethel Holman (Effie)1901 Sep 121913 Oct 19 4022068
Dodds, Ethel King1962 May 2484with Joseph Dodds 4022069
Dodds, Gerald Wynne1972 Sep 2667with Gladys Dodds 4022078
Dodds, Gladys May2008 Dec 0296with Gerald Dodds 4022078
Dodds, Hilary Ethel1917 Jan 221993 May 31 4022070
Dodds, Ivy Matilda Elizabeth1993 Jan 2186with Edward Dodds 4022077
Dodds, Joseph Edward1958 Jun 1984with Ethel Dodds 4022069
Donnelly, Agnes Theresa190919654023084
Donnelly, Barbara Ellen1986 July 2060 4022569
Donnelly, Sara1893194248M. of Pamela W.of WilliamObituary
Donnelly, W J1963 Jun 2272AIF 6736 4022798
Dowell, Barbara1929 Oct 072014 Mar 14 4023144
Dowell, Donald Alfred1978 Oct 3048 4023143
Droscher, Margaret Ruth1935 Oct 302017 Jun 15W of Alan; M of Dale, Paul, Brian, David, Simon 4021983
Duffell, Robert Lyons1954 Dec 0145 4022086
Eccleston, Amy1971 4023128
Eccleston, Edith Muriel1911 Mar 212008 Sep 05W of Frederick 4022506
Eccleston, Frederick John19071992H of Edith 4022506
Eccleston, John Frederick1931 Sep 161994 Mar 27H of June 4022709
Eccleston, June Myrtle1937 Mar 192002 Aug 10W of John 4022710
Eccleston, Robert Kevin1964 Jun 231979 Oct 05 4022708
Edwards, George Hampden1911199280with Iris Edwards 4022503
Edwards, Iris19132006with George Edwards 4022503
Edwards, Ronaldex RAAF4022161
Ehmsen, Betty Mary1928 Apr 281992 Nov 1664W of Neil 4022508
Ehmsen, Clara May1977 Apr 0686mother 4022962
Ehmsen, Eva Florence1987 Jun 1285W of Jack 4022725
Ehmsen, Freda Mary1958 Aug 1059 4022820
Ehmsen, Hassel1971 Jul46 4022819
Ehmsen, Jack Ernest1978 Dec 1877H of Eva 4022725
Ehmsen, James Frederick1970 Dec 0575 4022963
Ehmsen, John Frederick2005 May 0878H of Kathleen 4022724
Ehmsen, Kathleen Jananee Vitnell; W of John 4022724
Ehmsen, Neil1927 Oct 032008 Mar 2780H of Betty 4022508
Ehmsen, Thelma M1991 Mar 2865 4022546
Ehmsen, William Carl1964 Mar 2766 4022818
Ellicott, Lorraine Edith1944 Oct 162012 Aug 04Partner of Peter Burgess; M of Peter, Tammie, Kristina 4022421
Ellicott, Peter James1965 Jun 191996 Nov 30H of Jo; F of Joshua & Emma; S of Lorraine & James; B of Tammie & Kristian 4022421
Elliott, Carol-Ann1982 Nov 1732with Patricia Faulkner 4022638
Enright, Brenda Miriam1914 Feb 251992 Nov 18W of Robert; M of Terry, Col, Robyn, Sue, Chris 4022562
Enright, Robert Nolan (Bob)1910 Apr 161987 Sep 19H of Brenda; F of Terry, Col, Robyn, Sue, Chris 4022562
Fairlie, David Vivian1969 May 2976 4022088
Fairlie, Emily Courtney18941994 4022090
Fairlie, Ernest1932 Feb 044022923
Fairlie, James1932 Feb 044022923
Faulkiner, James Mark1953 Feb 08<17 mths 4022900
Faulkner, Glen Hill1980 Feb 0322 4022691
Faulkner, John Bateson (Jack)1917 Jan 042003 Jul 27OAM 4022639
Faulkner, Patricia Betty1924 May 062001 Jul 0877with Carol-Ann Elliott 4022638
Fenn, Honora Mavis1906 Apr 241993 Jul 0187W of Stanley; 4022490
Fenn, William Stanley1901 Mar 182000 Jan 2198RAAF 66830; H of Honora 4022490
Field, Darren Robert1991 Oct 3119 4022507
Fizelle, Kenneth1917 May 17 4022054
Fleming, Thomas Cameron19332001 4021999
Flew, Harold (Snowy)1926 May 212003 Dec 2477 4022310
Flew, Shane Anthony1970 Aug 282000 Aug 1329S of Robert & Alice; B of Michael, Richard, Gary, Jeffrey 4022337
Flew, Victor R1919 Sep 301999 Feb 1279 4022393
Ford, Maree1935 Sep 062017 Apr 16W of “John Darling”; M of Wayne, Janine, Melissa 4022272
Forster, Isabel Fairlie1921 Jun 272010 May 03W of Stanley; M of Elizabeth, Anthea, Bronwyn 4022467
Forster, Judith Jill1942 Nov 242017 Jun 06nee Keenan; W of Ian 4022205
Forster, Stanley Loseby1919 Feb 232010 Mar 26H of Isabel; F of Elizabeth, Anthea, Bronwyn 4022467
Forte, Lorenzo1940 Aug 071961 Apr 01b. Italy; B of Vito 4023050
Foster, Amy Cecelia1912 Jul 042007 Jul 29W of Harry 4022505
Foster, Harry Ernest1909 Feb 211993 Jan 25H of Amy 4022505
Foster, Nola Ann1937 May 112017 Aug 03D of Harry & Amy Foster; Sis of Jenny, Colin, Ted, Dianne, Nerida 4022024
Foulkes, Katarina Johanna2003 Jun 022004 Dec 17 4022689
Foulkes, Minna1966 Aug 172009 May 05nee Holopainen 4022688
Fox, Orville Clifford1958 Apr 2751 4022859
Fragassi, Nina1963 Dec 211965 Aug 03D of Maria & Mario 4023070
Franklin, Benjamin1980 Aug 2866 4022663
Freibergs-Tenca, Vera E1902 Jul 201970 Jun 04b. Latvia; d. Batlow; with Peter Tenca 4022948
French, Clive Maxwell1985 Mar 1950 4022622
French, Danny Maxwell1963 Sep 222y8mson of Jean and Clive4011742
French, Francis Herman1964 May60 4022801
French, Keith Francis1931 Mar 261993 Sep 03 4022483
French, Lily Emily1967 Jul 2861 4023101
Friend, Joan May1965 Dec 2440M of Bonnie 4022850
Galvin, Douglas Maxwell1985 Dec 3161H of Patricia 4022641
Galvin, Patricia Dawn1982 Nov 0754W of Douglas 4022641
Gardner, Arthur (Jerry)1979 Mar 2763 4022713
Gardner, E W (Teddy)1993 May 1664 4022492
Gardner, Peter Ronald1933 May 162016 Apr 05 4022838
Garner, Agnes Grace 4022253
Gibson, Leonard James1962 Jun 0250 4022846
Gilbert, Maria1965 Sep 252016 May 08nee Tajthy 4022658
Giles, Ian Richard1945 Oct 242012 Jul 1666 4022081
Giles, Keith1916 Jan 251968 Jun 3052RAAF 412585; H of Emily Enid; F of Roberta, Ian, Malcolm, Patricia, Dorothy, Bruce 4022083
Glynn, Eileen May1919 Feb 191998 Jan 30 4023126
Glynn, John C19121913 Mar8 monthsObituary
Glynn, John Kevin1956 Sep 222012 Jan 2955 4022382
Glynn, Margaret Jane18731944 Jan 170W of PatrickObituary
Glynn, Michael Francis1971 Aug 1769 4023125
Glynn, Patrick Francis18711926 Dec 15 55H of Margaret Jane Death Cert.
Glynn, Vincent Albert1908 Nov 101974 May 08F of Belle & Meryl 4023119
Glynn, William John1899Dec 4 1941 42S of Patrick and MargaretObituary
Goddard William Thomas18661932 66Obituary
Golden, Daphne Lois1910 Jan 181983 Sep 05D of George & Laura Briggs 4022065
Gollan, Ivy1990 Dec 1793Sis of Mose, Daisy, Eric, Myrtle, Alan 4022573
Grady, Albert Henry1908 Apr 101965 Sep 16H of Lena 4022942
Graham, Glen Innes1971 Jun 261998 Nov 13 4022397
Graham, James Henry1974 Apr 2668 4022761
Gray, Adam1972 Feb 221972 Mar 014029603
Green, Alexander George (Jack)1987 Aug 0170H of Neta; F of John, Ron, Keith 4022563
Green, Dianne Margaret1949 Apr 132018 Jun 03W of Ron4078585
Green, Neta Jean2008 Sep 0583W of Alexander 4022563
Gregor, Winifred Mary1970 Dec 0644D of Winifred Lethorn 4022961
Gregory, Charles Southam1949 May 0482of Wors, England 4022889
Griffiths, Charles Abram1869 Jan 241951 Dec 108?b. Mittagong 4022885
Griffiths, Gentilla Myrtle1976 Nov 1269 4022127
Griffiths, John1863 Mar 291930 Dec 2967b. Mittagong4022950
Griffiths, June1927 Jun 141996 May 13W of William 4022464
Griffiths, William (Bill)1931 Apr 141998 Feb 23H of June 4022464
Gross, Bernadette1975 Sep 05stillbornD of Diane & Ernest Gross 4023109
Guihot, Gordon Leslie2019 Oct 1561Funeral Notice
Guihot, Mavis Ruth19301994W of William 4022150
Guihot, William John19171973AIF NX115124; H of Mavis 4022150
Hall, Alan OscarH of Doreen 4022143
Hallard, Beatrice Maria Greenhill1969 Jul 09M of Ruth Corrie 4022907
Hallard, Hugh Reginald1948 Feb 10AIF; H of Beatrice; F of Noreen, Hugh, Ruth 4022910
Halloran, Leigh Francis 1976 Jan 1638with Susan Halloran 4023154
Halloran, Susan Jean1977 Jul 2979with Leigh Halloran 4023154
Hamilton, Edward Lynton1999 Oct 1475AIF NX164568; H of Enid; F of Gary & Kathy, Graham & Lynne 4022328
Harmer, Bernard Norman (Doggy)1940 Jan 292010 Aug 0470F of Linda, Toni, Kim 4022471
Harris, Billywith Peggy Harris4022501
Harris, John814022476
Harris, Peggywith Billy Harris4022501
Harris, Royna57 4022347
Harris, Walter Edward1937 Aug 162013 Aug 19 4022347
Harrison, Ada Eleanor1868 Sep 021971 Jul 02 4022041
Harrison, Allan1963 Mar 3064 4022036
Harrison, Bertie T1920 May 061969 Aug 1648H of Marjorie; F of Graham, Chris, Julie, David 4022009
Harrison, Elva1948 Nov 1914 4022038
Harrison, Gladys1992 Jun 2389 4022035
Harrison, Graham G1945 Sep 171991 Apr 1846H of Christine; F of Daniel & Cathlin 4022010
Harrison, Gregory John1959 Aug 22120 months; B of Rex 4022171
Harrison, Guy1927 Oct 011927 Oct 01 4022172
Harrison, June Innes 4022437
Harrison, Keith (Sandy)1925 Aug 262010 Dec 11H of Rita; F of Robyn, Heather, Carmel 4022587
Harrison, Marjorie1919 Nov 191992 Nov 2374W of Bertie; M of Graham, Chris, Julie, David 4022009
Harrison, Raymond1924 May 061984 Apr 26H of June; F of Rex 4022600
Harrison, Rita Agnes1924 Feb 011985 Aug 2961W of Keith; M of Robyn, Heather, Carmel 4022588
Harrison, Sarah Elizabeth1962 Apr 2272W of Walter 4022175
Harrison, Vern1949 Aug 1523 4022037
Harrison, Walter James1972 Feb 2486H of Sarah 4022175
Harrison, Walter Thomas 1936 Jun 1775Obituary
Hartnett, Albert (Bert) Andrew1884 Jul 021964 Jul 02 4023094
Hartnett, Florence Kay734022342
Hartnett, Mary1936 Jun 0175 4023062
Hartnett, Robert1942 Dec 2183? 4023061
Harvey, Charles Arthur1976 Jun 1375 4022746
Harvey, Joyce1926 Jan 291999 Apr 19 4022551
Harvey, Robert Christopherabt 1845191065 Obituary
Harvey, Robyn1939201778 4022028
Harvey, Sarah Sophia1876193761 Obituary
Harvey, Walter James (Curly)1904 Apr 151991 May 04 4022549
Havukainen, Aino Sivia Kyllikki1932 Nov 302016 Nov 24W of Kalevi; M of Eija & Juha 4022269
Hawkins, Albert Roy1974 Jul 0978AIF; H of Ellen 4022776
Hawkins, Allan1992 Dec 3067H of Dorothy; F of Helen, Gary, Gwen, Graham, Robyn 4022496
Hawkins, Dorothy Dell1924 Apr 162010 Apr 01W of Walter 4022515
Hawkins, Ellen Mary1965 Mar 1467W of Albert 4022776
Hawkins, Hubert Lancelot1967 Apr 2583H of Phoebe 4022775
Hawkins, John Trevor1924 Apr 012014 Feb 2089H of Loris; F of Trevor, Douglas, Bruce, Lorraine, Bertram, Jacqueline 4022021
Hawkins, Margaret Ruth1928 Nov 282010 Jan 09nee Colemane; with Pearl Colemane & Leslie Colemane 4022684
Hawkins, Mavis Eileen1922 May 102007 Jun 11nee Schache; W of Reg; M of Lawrence (dec), Cliff & Christine, Kathleen (dec), Ian, Shirley & Paul 4022320
Hawkins, Phoebe1925 May 3139W of Hubert; bur. Urana 4022775
Hawkins, Reginald Lance (Reg)1922 Aug 242002 Jul 08AIF; b. Rand, NSW; d. Batlow; H of Mavis; F of Lawrence (dec), Cliff & Christine, Kathleen (dec), Ian, Shirley & Paul 4022320
Hawkins, Stanley Murray1982 Jun 2067AIF 4022650
Hawkins, Walter Albert1921 Oct 191992 Jan 20AIF NX193982; H of Dorothy 4022515
Hayward, Anne Maud1879 Nov 271956 May 08M of Henrietta Chamberlain; W of Henry 4022871
Hayward, Kathleen Elizabeth Mary1920 Mar 042010 Dec 11nee Walsh 4022743
Hayward, William Lyle1912 May 211976 Jan 12 4022742
Heathcote, Leonard (Titch)1923 Oct 092006 Sep 23AIF NX163600; H of Joan 4021992
Heatley, Robert Ian1953 Jun 302015 May 03H of Janelle; F of Christie, Kenny, Kelly 4022213
Herring, Amy Mary18821973 4022258
Herring, Clara1939 Jan 0744W of Edgar 4022919
Herring, Edgar Maull18761976H of Enid 4022916
Herring, Edith1917 4022256
Herring, Nigel Reep1953 Jun 16 4022882
Herring, Reginald Charles1964 Apr 1777 4022790
Heyen, Beverley Faye1948 Aug 212007 Dec 25 4022294
Hides, Arthur George1970 Nov 1381H of Emma 4022965
Hides, Emma1987 Feb 0492W of Arthur 4022965
Hides, Eric1926 Jun 102007 Sep 08 4022298
Hides, Lesley Joy1993 Apr 2938W of John; M of Dylan, David, Mitchell 4022493
Hides, Reginald John1921 May 211997 Jun 23AIF NX455837; H of Billette; F of John, Maree, Colleen 4022407
Hill, Ettie1972 Nov 1390 4022839
Hill, W1962 Nov 0591 4022839
Hindmarsh, Claude William1976 Aug 1376H of Eva 4022085
Hindmarsh, Eva Valle1968 Jan 11W of Claude 4022085
Hird, Barbara76nee Bowman; W of Raymond; M of Dianne & Allan 4021995
Hird, Raymond1927 May 122014 May 02H of Barbara Beryl Hird; F of Alan & Diane 4021994
Hitchman, Robert James1976 Sep 174022748
Hobbs,Winsome1925 Jun 162017 Oct 3092WRAAF 1098154011974
Holland, Douglas John1927 Feb 092006 Aug 2179H of Doreen; F of Anthony, Tracee, Shane 4022373
Holme, Enid Joyce1931 Apr 152001 Dec 09 4022359
Holme, Richard Thomas1932 Nov 062018 Dec 274023256
Holmes, Joseph J1963 Apr 1586AIF 5699; MM 4022799
Houghton, Lucy Jasmine Mary1908 Aug 291973 Apr 29 4022151
Houghton, Stanley George19081981 Mar 27 4022152
Hourigan, Anniedied at birth4023014
Hourigan, Ellen M1904? Sep 25<118 mths 4023010
Hourigan, Ellen M18341896 4023012
Hourigan, John Daniel1948 Nov 1682? 4023011
Hourigan, Judith AnneM of Melissa, Alecia, Leanne4023232
Hourigan, Kathleen1981 Jul 2576 4023097
Hourigan, Magdalena1944 May83 4023010
Hourigan, Maurice1965 Jan 2158 4023098
Hourigan, Michael1936 Apr 1168 4023008
Hourigan, Patrick18231880 4023013
Hourigan, Patrick Thomas1977 Dec 1543with Kathleen Hourigan 4023097
Hubbard, Elaine Frances1987 Nov 2748 4022558
Hubbard, Robert (Bob)1932 Feb 132019 Feb 064028290
Hughes, Jessie1971 May 1383 4022960
Hughes, John William1921200281AIF Q31063; H of Kathleen; F of Michael & Leonie 4023024
Hughes, Kevin George1928 Nov 041997 Dec 1369H of Mary 4022453
Hughes, Mary Agnes1929 Feb 261996 Feb 1966W of Kevin; M of Colleen, Patrick, Paul 4022453
Ilpola, Wayne Nicholas1992 Sep 052009 Feb 15 4022285
Ironside, George Solomon1910 Jan 111990 Sep 13 4022544
Janes, Graham K19472012H of Helen; F of Aaron, Allison, Carolyn 4022023
Jarvis, Frank Ernest1904 Jul 281979 Feb 2475H of Ivy 4022717
Jarvis, Ivy Elizabeth1907 Nov 052000 Jul 25W of Frank Ernest 4022716
Johnson, Iris May1926 Aug 122008 Sep 02 4022543
Jones, Agnes I1952 Nov 2184 4022230
Jones, Alfred E1969 Aug 0375 4022971
Jones, Arthur Henry1919 Jun 142013 May 09H of Lillian May; F of Laraine & Robyn 4021986
Jones, Doris Annie1994 Jan 1168ACW 108632; nee Quarmby; with Ronald Jones 4022434
Jones, Edwin William1972 Nov 2675with Stella Jones 4022772
Jones, Frederick William (Bill)1935 Dec 221998 May 31H of Norma; F of Mark, Dawn, Judy 4021998
Jones, Julia183? Aug 101917 Apr 1784 4023063
Jones, Kenneth2003 Jul 0975 4022371
Jones, Lillian May (Billie)1917 Jan 212015 Jan 3098W of Arthur; M of Laraine & Robyn 4021987
Jones, Mary1989 Jan 25105 4022531
Jones, Norma1938 Aug 292014 Oct 0476 4021997
Jones, Percy1969 Nov 10 4022971
Jones, Ronald Stanley1997 Sep 0174RAAF 115277; with Doris Jones 4022434
Jones, Stella1975 Aug 3078with Edwin Jones 4022772
Jones, William Edward1934 Mar 2875 4022230
Jovic, Else1926 Apr 192014 May 22W of Milan 4022627
Jovic, Milan1915 Nov 251985 May 18H of Else 4022627
Joyce, Kate19142004Nee Herring; AWAS NF46217; W of William; M of Guy, Richard 4022334
Joyce, William Brenton19202006AIFNX68337; H of Kate; F of Guy, Richard 4022333
Keenan, Barry Roy Gamble1931 Dec 192017 Aug 25H of Jean; F of Ian, Peter, Diania, Bevely, Carol, Larry 4022025
Keenan, Eunice May1978 Feb 1576 4022124
Keenan, Florence1948 Feb 1762 4022188
Keenan, Francis Ray1965 4022987
Keenan, George Aaron Robert1894 Mar 071981 Jul 23H of Nora; F of Don 4022017
Keenan, Heath Kenneth1969 Dec 182011 Jun 17S of Maree; B of Natalie, Aaron 4022557
Keenan, Hector James1908 Jun 121975 Aug 224021276
Keenan, Henry John (Garry)1960 Sep 1264H of Myrtle 4022203
Keenan, James1942 Jun 1978 4022201
Keenan, John Henry1999 Jun 1864 4022200
Keenan, Laurie R1930 193112mths Death Notice
Keenan, Martin Peter1976 Dec 151991 Nov 03 4022512
Keenan, Myrtle Emily (Myrt)1990 Sep 1276W of Henry 4022203
Keenan, Neville Stuart2007 Apr 1584H of Patricia Joyce; F of Dawn, Ken, Chris, Bruce 4022116
Keenan, Norma May1926 Jul 232012 Mar 14W of Laurie; M of Paul 4021981
Keenan, Pansy Bremmer1976 Nov 0575W of Roy 4022128
Keenan, Patricia Joyce2010 Dec 1684W of Neville; M of Dawn, Ken, Chris, Bruce 4022116
Keenan, Reginald George1939 Sep 072018 Mar 1778S of Neil and Edith, B of Kevin, Cliff, Des, Bevan4021873
Keenan, Roy Francis Gamble1977 Aug 2676H of Pansy 4022130
Keenan, Stuart James1979 Jun 0780 4022123
Keenan, Thelma Mary1911 Sep 182001 Oct 09 4022352
Kelly, Eric Arthur Norman1900 Feb 271984 Sep 12 4022615
Kendall, Bonnie19101996b. Wybalena; d. Tumut 4022630
Kennedy-Oddy, Julia Annnee Cobden; D of John & Thelma; M of Leanne & Paula 4022348
King, Frederick1908 Jan 271983 May 26H of Milly 4023147
King, Milly1914 Dec 232003 Jun 30W of Frederick 4023147
King, Rodney James1977 Aug 1317 4023148
Kirk, Fay19281981 Oct 13Nee Hawkins; M of Merrill & Louise 4022659
Knott, Donald F2001 May 0171RAAF 311144; H of Jan; F of Michelle, Philip, Alan 4022346
Kociolek, Bronislawa (Bonnie)1920 Mar 052015 Jul 24W of Marian; M of Wanda, Richard, Leon, Helen 4022317
Kociolek, Dianne Roslyn1971 Jun 1614 4023087
Kociolek, John1960infant 4023069
Kociolek, Marian (Mario)1925 Sep 132003 Jan 05H of Bonnie; F of Wanda, Richard, Leon, Helen 4022318
Koldys, Anna1920 Jul 262004 Jan 31W of Anthony 4022499
Koldys, Anthony1917 Sep 041992 Aug 05H of Anna 4022499
Kovacs, Agnieszka (Agnes)2019 Dec 2695W of Gabor; M of Bogdan, Bysiu, JohnFuneral Notice
Kovacs, Gabor (Gabby)1922 Feb 242009 Aug 03b. Slovakia; F of Bogdan, Bysiu, John 4022465
Kraushaar, John Milton1928 Nov 082005 Mar 19 4022392
Kraushaar, Rosalie Mary1928 Oct 072006 Sep 30mother 4022391
Kwiatkowski, Czeslawa1920 Oct 182012 Jan 22W of Zygmunt 4023093
Kwiatkowski, Zygmunt1902 Dec 101965 Nov 18H of Czeslawa 4023093
Lampe, Alice Doreen1901 Oct 171980 Jan 1078W of Arthur; M of Ray & Margaret 4022964
Lampe, Arthur Oltmann1899 Jun 291969 Sep 0470H of Alice; F of Ray & Margaret 4022964
Lampe, Gladys Jean1967 Mar 1249W of Ray 4022942
Lampe, Lena1920 Jun 292004 Feb 10W of Albert Grady and Ray Lampe 4022942
Lampe, Raymond John1928 Dec 172012 Jul 1283H of Gladys & Lena 4022377
Lawson, James70?4022738
Lawson, James (Jim)1905 Feb 031975 Nov 2370b. Dundee, Scotland 4022133
Lawson, James Whitecross1935 Jan 042014 Sep 14 4022134
Lee, Arthur Colin1923 Aug 072007 Aug 21H of Courtney; F of Marie, Peter, Carol, Helen, Robert 4021982
Lee, Clifford Bruce1926 Mar 131988 Feb 26H of Mary; F of Joan, David, Colin 4022524
Lee, Colin Leslie1928 Apr 151995 May 06H of Lois 4022454
Lee, Courtney (Joy)1927 Mar 302001 Dec 18W of Arthur; M of Marie, Peter, Carol, Helen, Robert 4021982
Lee, Donald McGregor1929 Apr 032010 Jan 20H of Elaine 4022466
Lee, Elaine Clare1928 Apr 052009 Dec 10W of Donald 4022466
Lee, Lois Irene1925 Feb 142008 May 02W of Colin 4022454
Lee, Margaret Beth1959 Apr 172006 Apr 09D of Roy & Rita; Sis of Annie 4022370
Lee, Mary1926 Oct 232019 Aug 25W of Clifford; M of Joan, David, Colin4027902
Lee, Rita1928 Nov 252002 Jun 13W of Roy 4022365
Lee, Roy1919 Apr 182006 Jan 09H of Rita 4022365
Lee, Roy1919 Apr 182006 Jan 0986AIF NX104622; H of Rita 4022364
Lehtonen Swamaline Ellis (Finn Ellis) abt.18871928 Apr 1842B. Finland d. Batlow Inquest/Obituary
Lethorn, Winifred Maude1973 Jan 0776M of Winifred Gregor 4022961
Little, William James1974 Sep 1754H of Winifred 4022169
Little, Winifred Betty2005 Dec 1581W of Bill 4022168
Lomas, Kevin George (Lofty)1936 Mar 252012 Jul 21 4022380
Longhurst, Cletus Norman1931 Oct 231998 Nov 0667H of Monica, F of Norman, John4023745
Longhurst, Norman John (Normy)1962 Aug 172007 Sep 2045 4022356
Lucas, Ethel1991 Apr 0688W of Henry 4022619
Lucas, Henry James (Ted)1984 Nov 2587H of Ethel; F of Cliff (dec), Neta, Gwen 4022619
Lucas, Mary Ann1962 Feb 0595mother 4023042
Lusis, Edgars Karlis1909 Sep 201973 Oct 06b. Latvia; d. Batlow 4022762
Mackenzie, Daisy C1969 Oct 0372 4022792
Mackenzie, Lavinia Myrtle1990 Mar 1687with Percy Mackenzie 4022614
Mackenzie, Percy Bowman1984 Sep 1189AIF 8527 4022613
Macpherson Alexander Jamieson1916 Jan 101989 Feb 07b. Bathgate, Scotland 4022532
MacPherson, Mildred1933 May 222002 Jul 03nee Lawson 4022134
Macpherson, Sandy1956 Jul 072008 Jun 15H of Deborah; F of Beau & Chari 4022481
Maidment, William (Bill)1864Jan 28 1901Accidentally killed Obituary
Manning, Frank (Dot)1965 Apr 2480 4022941
Masters, Lloyd Hinkler1928 Mar 062001 Feb 24H of Sue 4022341
Matthews, Robert Lindsay1940 Feb 282007 Mar 21 4022273
Matthews, Terri Anne1986 Dec 032005 Sep 1118 4022305
Matthews, Thomas James (Tom)1950 May 302014 Jul 10H of Rae; F of William, Andrew, John, Kylie 4022265
McAlister, Graham John1935 Jun 212011 Sep 16H of Val; F of Peter, Sallyanne, Barry 4022474
McCarthy, Harold Richard (Bill)1918 Jul 241996 Sep 1178AIF 4022430
McCarthy, Jeffrey664025873
McCarthy, Robert Noel (Bob)1922 Dec 082004 Dec 13H of Vivien; F of Thelma, Fay, Jenny, Pam, Julie, Leonie 4022412
McCarthy, Vivien Gloria1925 Jul 122009 Oct 05W of Robert; M of Thelma, Fay, Jenny, Pam, Julie, Leonie 4022413
McDonough, Charles Trevor1926 Oct 201998 Nov 23H of Clare; F of Paul, Michael, Ian, Bernadette 4022635
McDonough, Clare1927 Jul 231983 Apr 12W of Trevor; M of Paul, Michael, Ian, Bernadette 4022636
McIllhatton, Clorine Agnes1977 Jul 0269W of William 4023152
McIllhatton, William Stanley1981 Apr 1479H of Clorine 4023152
McKay, William George1975 Apr 24464026898
McLaren, Edith Joan1923 Jul 202002 Jan 12with John McLaren 4022608
McLaren, John Alexander1920 Nov 271984 Jun 29AIF NX44580; with Edith McLaren 4022608
McLaren, Robert Clive1953 Sep 072008 Oct 07F of Wade, Joel, Emma 4022968
McLaren, Russell John1969 Nov 0322 4022967
McLennan, Henry BAIF NX36827 4022680
McLennan, Joan Ellen1980 Nov 1855 4022677
McLennan, Kevin George (Ned)1987 Nov 1270 4022559
McLennan, Merril Joan1950 Oct 021951 May 05 4022897
McLennan, Stanley Clive1945 Nov 281973 Feb 16 4022771
McLeod, Elgar (Jim)1911 Apr 081995 Feb 13 4022668
McLeod, Joyce Edna1918 Aug 292003 Aug 22nee Burgmann 4022669
McMartin, Sharron Samantha2019 Sep 10Funeral Notice
McPhee, William Malcolm1970 Apr79 4022208
McPherson, Andrew Richard1966 Jul 211987 Apr 29 4022567
McPherson, Ernest S71 4022667
McPherson, Glenda Yvonne1975 Jul 2418 4023111
McPherson, Mick Allan1972 Jan 2236? 4023124
Melrose, Dorothy1932 Mar 202004 Nov 26W of John; M of Bronwyn, Anthony 4022372
Melrose, Maggie Irene1970 Aug 1468 4022815
Melrose, Norman James1962 Sep 0264 4022816
Menon, Alessandro1980 Dec 2046H of Christine 4022662
Menon, Christine2013 Jul 0476W of Alessandro; M of ?turo & Penelope 4022662
Mescia, Antonio1984 Aug 2484b. Orsara di P. Foggia, Italy; d. Batlow 4022611
Mescia, Giuseppe1931 Mar 191997 Feb 0666b. Italy; d. Batlow 4022419
Mieras, Maria1965 Jul 2944 4022255
Mieras, Willem1922 Mar 062013 Feb 13 4022029
Mikossek, Elizabeth (Jane)1957 Sep67d. Batlow 4022863
Miller, Frederick Lyle1940 Aug 161999 Aug 24 4022325
Mills, Bonnie4529783
Mitchell, Casey Leigh1981 Dec 172003 Oct 1521 4022312
Mitchell, Williamson1882 May 2663 4022970
Morris, Gladys Joyce1917 Oct 031998 Jan 06W of Leo (1907 Dec 19 to 1982 Mar 29); M of Vera, Elmer, Val, Dorothy 4022400
Morrow, Eunice1930 Nov 032017 Jul 1986W of John (dec) 4022004
Morrow, John H1925 Dec 231997 Jul 28RAN; H of Eunice; F of Chris, Richard, Jane, Lisa 4022003
Morse, Catherine1916 Apr 301974 Jan 01 4022014
Morse, James Dixon1915 Jan 051989 Oct 25 4022012
Mortimore, Elizabeth Mary2020 Mar 1775W of TrevorFuneral Notice
Morton, Helen M (Nell)1994 Jul 1584W of Robert4022706
Morton, Ian Robert1944 May 101944 Jun 15 4022914
Morton, Lucy May 1955 Jul 0570? 4022189
Morton, Robert1960 Jan 15 4027128
Morton, Robert Copeland (Bob)1979 Nov 2875H of Helen 4022706
Mouat, Agnes1909 Jan 1772with Gavin Mouat 4022226
Mouat, Douglas Lane1909 Jul1987 JulRAAF 61893 4022240
Mouat, GavanH of Roseanna 4022233
Mouat, Gavin1895 Sep 2164with Agnes Mouat 4022226
Mouat, Gavin John1945 Jan 0316 4022237
Mouat, George1934 Mar 2674 4022227
Mouat, Henry George Sinclair1896 Apr 011980 May 05 4022242
Mouat, John D1963 May 28 4023307
Mouat, John James1900 Feb 221981 Sep 21AIF NX87424 4022241
Mouat, Millicent Florence1964 Apr 19 4022848
Mouat, Roseanna18701955W of Gavan 4022233
Mouat, Thomas Donald S1926 Jan 3153 4022223
Mouat, William Gavin1970 Jun 18 4022849
Mulley, Herbert James1914 Feb 221970 Nov 05with Mary Hilda Mulley 4022212
Mulley, Mary Hilda1909 Nov 101999 Aug 02with Herbert James Mulley 4022212
Murphy, Phillip Douglas1947 Sep 202008 Apr 28H of Michelle; F of Brooke, Gavin, Allison, Renee, Luke, Mathew, Daniel 4022482
Murray, Eric (John)1935 Jun 202001 Jul 07H of Margaret 4022349
Murray, Margaret Anne1940 Jun 092011 Dec 18W of Eric 4022349
Murrell, Catherine1972 Jan 1370 4023127
Murrell, Ronald Desmond1982 Nov 0348 4022642
Myers, Kathleen Margaret1921 Aug 071978 Jun 02M of Joan 4022721
Nagy, Maria1994 Sep 0278W of Mihaly 4022657
Nagy, Mihaly1981 Nov 0772H of Maria 4022657
Nathan, Madge19061989with Dixon and Lily Currie 40323119
Neill, Victor Frederick1892 Nov 111969 Nov 11 4022142
Nicholson, Arthur Stanley1926 Feb 171996 Sep 24H of Gwen; F of Susan & Janelle 4022428
Nicholson, Gwendoline Eva1927 May 222018 Jan 12W of Arthur; M of Susan & Janelle4023421
Nicholson, Poppy D1954 Feb 2721 4022873
Nicholson, Sophia D1908 Jan 171984 Jan 07W of Jim; M of Alshonie 4022872
Nolan, Trevor James1948 Aug 012012 Jan 05H of Penny; F of Craig, Christopher, Kerrie 4022374
O’Brien, Leslie Robert2000 Jan 1371only S of Violet & Robert 4022330
O’Brien, Robert1957 May 2579 4022858
O’Brien, Violet Maria1988 Apr 1892 4022525
O’Loughlin, Elaine Lillian1931 Nov 232018 Jan 22W of Jack, M of Lesley, Gay, Sandra4028021
Oman, Jane Miller1978 Sep 1766 4022122
Oman, Joseph1995 Jan 3080 4022121
Opala, Walerian1912 Oct 251983 Jul 10 4022634
O’Reilly, Clara1950 Apr1670?W of ? 4023052
Palasrinne, Vaino1931 Sep 092013 Sep 02 4022378
Parry, Allan Hubert1982 Aug 2977H of Freda. F of Phillip4022645
Patterson, Arthur John1985 Mar78 4022621
Patterson, Gordon Vincent "Fitter"1913 Mar 272005 Aug 20H of Jean; F of Geraldine4018195
Patterson, Jean Isabel (Robson)1920 Oct 132018 Aug 02W of Gordon; M of Geraldine4018195
Patterson, June Valmai1931 Apr 022005 Nov 05W of Robert; M of Julie & Ashley, Robert & Lorraine 4022300
Pearce, Issac1979 Jan 26 4022758
Pearce, Ivy Jean1913 Jan 112003 Jan 1090W of Richard; M of June, Boyd, Louis, Roger, Robert, Maureen, Patrick 4022754
Pearce, Richard Boyd1971 Dec 0136 4022957
Pearce, Richard Louis1977 Apr 026? 4022752
Pearsall, Daphne Eileen Emma2001 Sep 1990(Walker); W of Trevor Walker 4022194
Peel, Annie Elene1912 Nov 031987 Jul 15W of Edgar 4022575
Peel, Carmel2019 Sep 1986W of Leo Funeral Notice
Peel, Edgar William1911 Sep 241986 May 13H of Annie 4022575
Peel, Elizabeth Mabel1958 Feb 2269W of Henry 4022860
Peel, Frederick Arthur1915 Apr 112008 Jan 05F of Terry, Graham, Marj, Jeanne 4022602
Peel, Henry Alfred1975 Jul 0386H of Elizabeth 4022860
Peel, Leo Roy1933 Feb 141994 Jan 1060H of Carmel; F of Trevor, Rodney, Andrew 4022432
Peel, Madeline Frances1919 Jan 032008 Jul 01W of Vincent; M of Garry, twins Janice & Kathy 4022395
Peel, Norman1909 Oct 112005 May 09H of Ellen; F of Leo, Fay, Maxwell (all dec) & Joan 4022306
Peel, Stephen Frederick1984 Jun 1620 4022603
Peel, Vincent Henry1919 Jul 031999 Feb 04AIF NX100757; H of Madeline; F of Garry, twins Janice & Kathy 4022396
Pemberton, Elizabeth Alice1940 Aug 112018 Mar 29W of Max, M of Neal, Janice, Anton, Gary, Dianne, Steven 4019979
Percival, Gary1941 Jul 312004 Aug 11H of Helen 4022461
Percival, Helen1955 Nov 112017 Jul 07W of Gary 4022461
Peters, Ernest James189819803 Battalion Essex Regiment 52720 4022113
Phillips, William J1974 Jan 2690 4022955
Poulton, W N1969 Jan 1553AIF NX56924; H of Hazel 4022978
Pratt, Hazel Ellen1922 Nov 192015 Oct 05W of Herbert 4022568
Pratt, Herbert Clayton1912 Sep 251986 Dec 21H of Hazel 4022568
Prettejohn, Samuel1966 May 14 4022981
Prettejohn, Violet Louise1982 Apr 27 4022982
Prince, E1971 Sep 0577AIF 1419; H of Florence; F of Ted, Joan, Don, Arthur 4022954
Pryce, Freda1983 Apr 2966W of Stanley; M of Elizabeth, Anthea, Bronwyn 4022730
Pryce, Stanley Ernest1977 Nov 2070?H of Freda 4022729
Pursell, Annie 1950 Mar 2579 4022928
Pursell, Dorothy 4022927
Pursell, Edward H 1963 Jan 0761 4022995
Pursell, Joseph Grenville 1934 Jun 2176 4022930
Pursell, Molly1908 Oct 011995 Jun 19 4022996
Pursell, Mildred 1936 Oct 3143 4022929
Pursell, Sean Mooney1952 May 051976 Dec 254022996
Pye, Maria1919 Mar 121965 Nov 19M of Olga & Annie 4023092
Quarmby, Andrew1974 Nov 221995 Jun 1020S of Ian & Helen 4022108
Quarmby, Brian Noel1931 Aug 102008 Jul 25H of Shirley; F of Beverley & Graham 4022480
Quarmby, Doris Ethel Miriam1985 Mar 2588 4022625
Quarmby, Edwin86 4022107
Quarmby, Elsie May1984 Jul 2289 4022112
Quarmby, Geoffrey Lloyd2009 May 0684 4022053
Quarmby, Harold Osborne 1944 Jul 2847 4022042
Quarmby, Hazel Mary1975 Apr 2177W of Leonard; M of Christopher, Brian, Michael, Lyn 4022050
Quarmby, Henry James1951 Mar 17834023004
Quarmby, Ian1976 Apr 2726H of Helen 4022106
Quarmby, Jane1954 Oct 2892mother 4022049
Quarmby, Leonard Edwin1980 Mar 2888H of Hazel 4022050
Quarmby, Margaret84 4022107
Quarmby, Norman L1973 Jun 1080AIF 278 4022051
Quarmby, Percy Richard 1977 Dec 2579 4022111
Quarmby, Phillip Arthur1929 Nov 052008 Aug 20F of John, Christine, Katherine, Belinda, Phillip> Mitchell, Reece 4022288
Quarmby, Reginald Harry 1892 Oct 291945 Sep 21AIF; H of Doris; F of Charlie, Anne, Eric, Phillip, Brian 4022626
Quarmby, Shirley Ann1938 Aug 312016 Sep 18W of Brian; M of Beverley & Graham 4022480
Quarmby, Valma Elsie1983 Mar 2062 4022052
Quinnell, Enid May1926 Dec 231995 Nov 21W of John Henry; M of Raymond, Dennis, Kevin, Graham 4022011
Quinnell, James Robert1969 Feb 2876AIF 5488; H of Olive 4022973
Quinnell, John Henry1927 Aug 112015 Jun 20H of Enid (dec); F of Raymond, Dennis (dec), Kevin, Graham 4022000
Quinnell, Olive Ettie1990 Mar 0885W of James 4022973
Quinnell, Robert James1981 Jun 2255 4022686
Ramsay, Peter1929 Sep 182001 Oct 03S of Elizabeth & William of Scotland 4022351
Ritchie, Margaret1916 Jan 041998 Mar 31nee Lawson 4022134
Roberts, Alfred Russell1991 Feb 0976H of Annie 4022545
Roberts, Annie Elizabeth2004 Feb 2482W of Alfred 4022545
Robinson, Johnny1975 Dec 0828H of Dianne; F of Glen & Jason 4022741
Robson, Isabel Florence1955 May 1674W of Thomas 4022868
Robson, Thomas William1964 Jul 0590H of Isabel 4022868
Robson, William Hedley1918 Oct 282006 Mar 23H of Winifred 4022302
Robson, Winifred Alice1920 Jan 072005 Nov 29W of William 4022302
Rodgers, Charles Edward19081961RAAF EX9142 4023046
Rogers, Jessie Ann1866 Jan 051923 Jul 31 4022222
Rogers, Thomas James1942 Jun 0783 4022221
Rolston, Christina1963 May 27 4022260
Rolston, Reginald1977 Jan 14 4022261
Rooney, Thomas John1933 Aug 012016 Oct 31 4022268
Rosler, Marjorie Hazel1994 Oct 3175 4022719
Rosler, Rosswell Edward1978 Nov 0567 4022720
Ross, Evan Stuart2000 Apr 2363 4022079
Ross, Graeme Stephen1969 Apr 302 4022079
Ross, Martin George1981 Dec 2577RAAF 126818; H of Mary; F of Rosemary, Diana, Leonie 4022655
Ross, Myrtle Jane1986 Jun 2183with Samuel Ross 4022572
Ross, Samuel Joseph1991 Jan 1488with Myrtle Ross 4022572
Ross, Stephen George1960 Jun 192018 Mar 05H of Donna; F of Rebbecca4022463
Rowe, Allan Joseph (Allan)1928 Jan 262008 Feb 1080H of Gwen; F of Jean, Colleen, Suzanne 4022385
Rowe, Betty Louise1952 Mar 122005 Apr 14M of Paul (Bert) 4022388
Rowe, Gwendoline May1928 May 312005 Aug 2977W of Allan; M of Jean, Collen, Sizanne 4022384
Rowe, Ray1936 Oct 311994 Oct 14H of Thelma; F of Trevor, Bradley, Deborah, Brett 4022452
Rowe, Thelma1941 Jan 302012 Aug 07W of Ray; M of Trevor, Bradley, Deborah, Brett 4022452
Ryan, Gabrielle Mary (Gay)1932 Jan 092018 Dec 04W of Gerry4023531
Ryan, Gerard Edward (Gerry)1928 Jul 012004 Jun 05OAM; H of Gay 4023027
Rynehart, Colin James1956 Feb 202008 Feb 13 4022290
Salega, Dorothy1917 Sep 021991 Nov 10with Peter Salega 4022651
Salega, Peter1908 Mar 171990 May 30with Dorothy Salega 4022651
Scanlan, Anne Teresa1912 Oct754038789
Scanlan, Mary Catherine1962 Oct834038789
Scanlan, Michael1908 Dec674038789
Scanlan, Michael Francis1950 Nov754038789
Scanlan, Patrick Joseph1877 Oct44038789
Scarfo, Giovanna1926 Jun 242015 Oct 20mother 4023156
Scarfo, Mary1975 Feb 081975 Feb 09 4023118
Scarfo, Teresa1971 Oct 182010 Apr 01 4023157
Scarfo, Vincenzo1922 Jul 301975 Dec 22 4023158
Schache, Bertha Ottillie1968 Feb 0177with Otto Schache 4022795
Schache, Leslie Herbert1911 Jan 101998 Sep 07B of Elvie Tilley, Edna Hunt, Harold Schache, Dorothy Hawkins, Beryl West, Mavis Hawkins 4022793
Schache, Otto Herbert1963 Aug 0973with Bertha Schache 4022795
Schink, Helmut Albert1927 Mar 112006 Dec 30 4022514
Schink, Klaus-Dieter Helmut1951 Nov 042016 Apr 06 4022513
Schumer, Alexander1929 Nov 051991 Oct 1461H of June; F of Alison, Tanya, Janice 4022519
Scott, Daniel John1985 Jun 03S of Ian & Sue; B of Cindy, Sharon, Rebecca, Adam 4022118
Scott, Ian John (Scotty)1950 Jun 091997 Feb 25H of Sue; F of Adam, Daniel, Cindy, Sharon, Rebecca 4022416
Scoullar, Daphne Merle2011 Dec 2492nee Hartnett; W of Rupert 4022980
Scoullar, Rupert Clive1966 Jun 1352H of Daphne 4022980
Sedgwick, John1900 May 161980 May 18with Mary Sedgwick 4022593
Sedgwick, Mary Mildred1907 Mar 221983 Aug 03with John Sedgwick 4022593
Senese, Gerardo85 40230012
Shaw, Albert J1992 Aug 2783H of Mary 4022535
Shaw, Mary P1989 Jun 3078W of Albert 4022535
Shaw, Ronald Henry1928 Sep 131997 May 27F of Merril & Louise 4022001
Sheather, Albert William1962 Dec 2053with Mirriam & Ronald Sheather 4022898
Sheather, Amy1958 Jul 0776with Joseph Sheather 4022899
Sheather, Joseph William1965 Oct 0884with Amy Sheather 4022899
Sheather, Mirriam Greta2010 Nov 29100with Albert & Ronald Sheather 4022898
Sheather, Ronald William1950 Oct 2817with Albert & Mirriam Sheather 4022898
Sheehan, Elsie Mabel1990 Jul 1487W of Thomas 4022628
Sheehan, Thomas (Tim)1985 May 2778H of Elsie 4022628
Shimpf, Margaret1965 Jan 0262M of Kathleen, Joan, Grace, Frank, John, Iris, Nell, Rodney 4022791
Shinn, Francis Albert1970 Aug 2876Age might be 70 4022095
Shoemark, Alison Ellen1976 Aug 21Twin of Vanessa4020057
Shoemark, Julie Ellen1954 May 222015 Jun 10W of Ashley; M of Glen, Vanessa, Alison, Ley 4022275
Shoveller, John Harold18991973H of Mavis 4022763
Shoveller, Mavis Kathleen19212006W of John 4022763
Shoveller, Warren James1947 Jul 101996 Dec 11H of Michelle 4022420
Simpson, Elizabeth1862 Feb 141948 Jul 08b. Monckton, Kent, England 4022249
Skein, A G (George)1958 Apr 1346H of Jean; M of Alyn, Veronica, Malcolm, Trevor, Maxine 4022178
Skein, Alan Mervyn (Jimmy)1928 Aug 282000 Mar 05 4022331
Skein, Bessie Elliot1904 Sep 181982 Oct 11 4022643
Skein, Clarice E1972 Sep 0869with Clifford Skein 4022774
Skein, Claude Morton1996 Mar 0480H of Jessie 4022436
Skein, Clifford W1977 Jun 2272with Clarice Skein 4022774
Skein, Clive Copeland1997 Dec 1685H of Violet; F of Patricia, Jennifer, Ann, Janice, Edward 4022401
Skein, Constance Mildred1973 Aug 3924021991
Skein, Copeland1841 Jan 051904 Feb 1063b. Castle Douglas, Scotland; d. Batlow; S of George & Jane (nee Ireland); B of Elizabeth (Cluff), Robert, William, Thomas; H of Mary Ann nee Tomkins 4022182
Skein, Edward John59S of Violet & Clive; B of Pat, Anne, Janice 4022295
Skein, Elizabeth Agnes (Agnes) 192638Obituary
Skein, Esme Lucy1974 Sep 0563 4022167
Skein, Garry Leslie1990 Aug 2144S of Dorothy; B of Julie 4022542
Skein, George Thomas1941 Oct 2270 4022199
Skein, Jessie May1994 Jan 2173W of Claude 4022436
Skein, Keith James1962 Dec 031993 Apr 12 4022495
Skein, Mervyn George1901 Dec 131984 Jul 15 4022610
Skein, Olive Amy1939 Jul 2820D of William Skein 4022181
Skein, Violet Ella2004 Aug 1690W of Clive; M of Patricia, Jennifer, Ann, Janice, Edward 4022401
Skein, William C1935 Apr 1659F of Olive Skein 4022181
Skerry, Carmel Maria1955 May 171986 Jun 25M of Candida 4022618
Skerry, Edward1958 Apr 0270 4023037
Skerry, Grace Mercy1971 Mar 0379 4023041
Skerry, Terence Michael1932 Dec 231984 Oct 28H of Doris 4022616
Skien, Albert Henry1891 Sep 161952 Jun 1361H of Marguerita 4022251
Skien, Amy Eliza1963 Jun 2175 4022219
Skien, Dorothy Marie1977 Jun 2059 4022126
Skien, Gordon1923 Mar 23 4022184
Skien, Leslie Eric1987 Dec 3067AIF NX31474 4022554
Skien, Leslie Henry1990 Jul 2476 4022125
Skien, Marguerita Emaline1897 Apr 231978 Aug 0981W of Albert 4022251
Skien, Percy1951 Feb 05 4022179
Skien, Ray Morris19291993H of Clare; F of Gail and Brian4022179
Skien, Sidney Albert1976 May 0552 4022252
Smart, D. Scott1996 Oct 241996 Oct 31S of Leanne & Peter 4022426
Smee, Nathaniel2010 Feb 28infant S of Luke & Michelle4022340
Smee, Royce Norman2006 Nov 03infant S of Luke & Michelle4022340
Smit, Mary Rose1947 May 232010 Jun 13 4022470
Smith, MrsW of Charles4060854
Smith, C J584023149
Smith, Catherine Ann1975 Dec 4022234
Smith, Clifford Harry1911 Feb 061985 Jul 09with Eudora Smith 4022592
Smith, Donald Joseph1948 Jun 0819 4022236
Smith, Eudora Ellen1911 Apr 101985 Sep 09with Clifford Smith 4022592
Smith, G1983 Nov 0790AIF 432 4022594
Smith, Herbert Velvin18921984 Jan 24AIF 9998; H of Margaret; F of Keith, Kenneth, Ruth 4022988
Smith, Ian Robert1974 Nov 161977 Aug 08 4022757
Smith, Keith A1982 Oct 2173 4022670
Smith, Keith Velvin19231923 4022993
Smith, Kenneth F1922 Feb1995 Jul 03 4022595
Smith, Kenneth Velvin1924 Oct 151951 Dec 4022992
Smith, Margaret Gillespie1976W of Herbert 4022990
Smith, Mark Alexander1978 Apr 252005 Nov 0427S of Ron & Heather; B of Kathy, David, Chris 4022304
Smith, Ronald Carl (Carl)1926 Dec2014 May 13H of Isabel; F of Katherine 4022281
Smith, Rose Daphne197865 4022722
Smith, Thomas Frances1977 Aug 0740 4023150
Smith, William1940 Dec 0152 4022235
Stasinowsky, Frederick William (Bill)1957 Dec 1477b. Prospect, South Aust; d. Batlow 4022862
Steele, Gladys Muriel (Pearl)1910 Dec 232001 Jul 15W of Alf 4022350
Steele, Hubert Alfred (Alf)1914 Feb 152004 Jun 28b. Footscray, Vic; H of Pearl 4022350
Steenholdt, Amelia Elizabeth1907 Mar 281995 Dec 31 4022159
Steenholdt, Frederick James1931 Dec 261990 Jan 1558 4022536
Steenholdt, Harold Charles1973 Jun 2677 4022158
Stevenson, Duncan K19041990AIF NX112659 4022537
Swanborough, Adelaide Euphemia Anne 1969 Oct 09with Albert Swanborough 4022947
Swanborough, Albert Edward 1982 Feb 16with Adelaide Swanborough 4022947
Swora, Gisela1915 Jun 041983 Jul 29W of Konrad 4022632
Swora, Konrad1914 Feb 061988 Nov 07H of Gisela 4022632
Temple, KeithH of Molly4018607
Temple, MollyW of Keith4018607
Tenca, Peter1908 Jan 031997 Jul 26b. Latvia; d. Batlow; with Vera Freibergs-Tenca 4022948
Thompson, Beryl June1928 Aug 022009 May 0180W of Lionel George 4021985
Thompson, Lionel George James (Tige)1924 Nov 152016 Aug 3081H of Beryl June 4021984
Thompson, Maria1923 Jun 2789Obituary
Thompson, Merrick Peter1961 Nov 222012 Jun 19H of Louise; F of Shari & Ari; Step-F of Chloe, Megan, Sam 4022026
Thompson, Norman Allen1978 Jun 2747H of Margaret; F of Kym, Merrick, Melanie 4022027
Timmis, Jane 1909 Feb 2488with Robert Timmis 4022939
Timmis, Robert Cliffe 1897 Sep 1684with Jane Timmis 4022939
Timmis, Robert Rex1919 Dec 0469 4022940
Toner, Kathleen Mary1928 Mar 052000 Aug 15724023383
Toner, Marie EM of Kathleen Mary Toner 4022789
Toner, P J1967 May 0670AIF 55696; F of Kathleen 4022788
Tonking, Frederick W18771949 4022094
Tonking, Joseph Harry1977 Aug 1269 4022109
Townsend, Alana Jone 4530800
Townson, Vincent Edward1963 Apr 4023095
Trembath, Hetty1963 Nov 0283 4022087
Trevena, Annie Elizabeth Jones1926 Nov 182005 Aug 2278 4022387
Trevena, Frederick1917 Mar 041999 Dec 1082F of John 4022329
Trevena, Lynette Cheryl1969 Oct 0514 4022946
Trevena, William Joseph (Bell)1985 Feb 1473H of Annie; F of Jimmy, Judy, Betty, Lynette (dec) 4022620
Turner, Donald Glenn1930 Nov 102008 Oct 1377H of Helen; F of Glenn 4022479
Turner, Helen1936 May 082012 Mar 2675W of Donald; M of Glenn 4022479
Turpeinen, Antti Aukusti1942 Nov 052016 May 11 4022266
Turvey, Janice Alicia1936 Jun 251993 Aug 18WRAAC F2697; nee Rillstone 4022484
Turvey, Wayne Leslie1969 Oct 192011 Mar 06S of Brian & Jan; F of Jake, Zack, Noah; B of Karen & Mark 4022022
Unknown (Plonkey?)4022398
Vanscolina-Franks, Pamela1921200887b. Dorchester, UK; d. Normanhurst, NSW; M of John & Robert 4021991
Vanzella, Enrica Maria1915 May 292001 Sep 12nee Boscariol; b. Italy; M of Ester, Adrian, Tony, Gene, Velia 4023136
Vanzella, Joan Mary1965 Aug 07 4023088
Vanzella, Massimo Guglielmo (Bill)1903 May 271974 Jun 19b. Italy 4023137
Varley, George Henry1979 Feb 0375AIF NX10911 4022718
Velvin, Anne Mary1932 4022933
Velvin, Henry James1948 Aug 4022935
Velvin, Sophia Emma1946 Jan 05 4022933
Vernon, George Henry1975 Apr 0355 4022103
Vingoe, Adeline1932 Nov 2162 4022921
Viski, Francis Karl1958 Oct 081958 Oct 30 4022072
Vogt, F K1977 Oct 2670AIF NX84906 4023043
Vogt, Mary Jean 4023045
Vogt, Michael Frederick 4023045
Walford, Kenneth John1926 Aug 112016 Aug 28b. Yorkshire, England; d. Batlow 4022030
Walker, Amelia1916 Dec 0550wife/mother 4022040
Walker, Trevor Henry1962 Jul 2356H of Daphne; F of Robert 4022193
Wallis, Constance Eileen1987 Apr 1678W of John 4022675
Wallis, Ellen1926 Feb 2845 4023034
Wallis, John Edward1984 Aug 1479H of Constance 4022674
Wallis, Lillian Ellen1980 Aug 0253 4022673
Wallis, William John1946 Oct 2874 4022925
Walsh, Francis1901 Feb 091975 Aug 0474 4022740
Walsh, Keith4029093
Walsh, Tom2003 Oct 0967 4022313
Ward, Elva1988 Feb 1973 4022522
Ward, Peter1995 Jun 1869 4022522
Waters, Arthur Edward? 4022765
Waters, Charles Wealand19222002H of Gwenda; F of Terry, Trevor 4022362
Waters, Edith Maud1952 Jul 1867?W of James 4022920
Waters, Eva Florence? 4022764
Waters, Gwenda Marjorie19232015W of Charles; M of Terry & Trevor 4022362
Waters, James1939 May 0655H of Edith 4022920
Watkins, Alexander George2015 Oct 1892H of Valma 4022682
Watkins, Archie James1982?H of Lucy 4022784
Watkins, Betty Patricia1932 Nov 271994 Aug 0664Sis of Winifred Watkins 4022456
Watkins, Lucy Ada1964 Sep 2574W of Archie 4022780
Watkins, Valma Kathleen1981 May 2050W of Alexander 4022862
Watkins, Winifred Irene1926 Apr 042012 Sep 2786Sis of Betty Watkins 4022456
Watts, David Barry1960 Oct 202010 Nov 22 4022093
Watts, John Francis1970 Jul 2619 4022092
Weaver, Eric Ernest1923 Mar 102007 Mar 09H of Vera; F of Noeleen, John, Cherlyn, Jannine, Wayne, Stephen 4022653
Weaver, Sylvia Vera1925 Apr 201982 Feb 20W of Eric; M of Noeleen, John, Cherylyn, Wayne, Stephen 4022654
Webb, Clara Annie18891963 Nov 24b. Sevenoaks, Kent 4022057
Webber, Bertha Jean1914 Mar 252013 Jul 0799M of Christine & John 4022284
Webber, Bruce1913 Nov 141999 Mar 07AIF NX91941 4022007
Webber, Catherine18371880 May 1544b. Ireland 4023005
Webber, Edward18741882 4023005
Webber, Henry Nicholas18271891 Dec 2364b. Ireland 4022216
Webber, James1934 Mar 2160 4023003
Webber, William James19001959 May 2759 4022821
West, Beryl Margaret1925 Mar 152011 Aug 0586nee Schache; W of Roger; M of Jenny, Margaret 4022473
Whipp, Nellie May1957 Mar 0269M of Patricia 4022865
White, Bronwyn Jane1968 Jul 121968 Aug 04D of Judith & Wal 4022080
White, C G1977 Dec 0866AIF; NX8898 4022759
White, C J1926 Apr 01Obituary
Whiting, Ada Rose1971 Oct 0994W of John 4022800
Whiting, Edgar J1919 May 102009 Oct 05H of Maude; F of Yvonne, Kevin, Helen, Kerry, Russell 4022737
Whiting, John1962 Nov 0589H of Ada 4022800
Whiting, Leo Matthew1961 Nov 2754 4022835
Whiting, Lucy Charlotte1908 Jul 052009 Nov 01 4022836
Whiting, Russell G1975 Apr 0117 4022734
Whiting, Susannah197? Aug 11 4023121
Whiting, Tammie Maree1982 Sep 062002 Jun 22 4021996
Wildman, Ronald Percy1959 Jun 1120 4022824
Wilesmith, Kathleen May1982 Mar 2857 4022652
Wilesmith, Leslie Albert1939 Aug 112008 Aug 12H of Fay; F of Victor & Scott 4022289
Wilkinson, Bruce Edward1925 Aug 132014 Nov 05 4023017
Wilkinson, Ethel Mary1956 Jun 2867 4023075
Wilkinson, Gordon Bowman1887 May 121974 Sep 30H of Ethel; F of Bruce, Tony, Janet, Judith 4023076
Wilkinson, John Bowman (Jack)1889 Nov 151975 Sep 07S of Jinnie & Thomas; B of Ida, Gordon, Thomas, Katie, Clive, Marcia 4023108
Williams, Annette Ivy1946 Jun 171997 Apr 15M of Maree, Andrew, Dean, Lorrae, Vanessa, Cameron 4022409
Williams, Arthur Charles19241992 4022502
Williams, Julie Ann1961 Aug 201997 Sep 16W of Paul; M of Warren, Joshua, Rowan 4022405
Williams, Noel Carlton2019 Sep 1280H of Shirley Funeral Notice
Williams, Thorald Pericles (Bill)1944 Jun 172008 Dec 16H of Annette; F of Andrew, Dean, Lorrae, Vanessa, Cameron 4022477
Williamson, Ethel Emelie (Lal)1895 May 111984 Mar 05nee Shaw; W of Alexander; Sis of Mabel, Eric, Agnes (Lilac) 4022599
Willmott, Clare A1952 Sep 16 4023019
Wilson Kenneth John1984 Feb 0335H of Debbie; F of Nichile & Lyndal 4022596
Wilson, Kenneth George1921 Sep 082005 Aug 23AIF N473012; H of Marj; F of Betty, John, Colleen, Helen, Kaye, Janine, Paul 4022386
Wineera, Dalton Tahana1963 Dec 172019 Apr 11 4030002
Winnell, Frank Alexander (Tim)1916 Oct 011995 Jun 2178with Nina Winnell 4022455
Winnell, Nina1917 Aug 241995 Nov 2378with Frank Winnell 4022455
Winter, Karl Heinrich Norbert1930 Mar 162008 Jan 29H of Ruth 4022291
Withers, Kerry1949 Sep 071997 Feb 0847H of Cheryl; F of Heath, Shelley 4022418
Wolfe, Neil1932 Mar 072011 Feb 02H of Heather; F of David, Dennis, Stephen, Susan, Peter 4022472
Wolfe, Heather 1938 Feb 102020 Jun 12nee Bailey; W of Neil; M of David, Dennis, Stephen, Susan, Peter
Wood, Ethel May (Julie)1917 Dec 222012 May 23W of Walter; M of Margaret, Susan 4022414
Wood, Peter Robert1991 Nov 0339 4022518
Wood, Walter Fraser (Fraser)1912 Aug 291997 Mar 17H of Julie; F of Margaret, Susan 4022414
Woodland George Nichol1977 Nov 1363 4023146
Woodland, Hilton Kevin1931 Sep 241997 Oct 25 4022404
Woodland, Terrence Keith (Dick)2001 Nov 0463F of Michelle & Christine 4022353
Wooldridge, Edward James1898 Nov 0545 4023030
Wooldridge, Eileen196670W of Leslie 4023029
Wooldridge, Georgina (Cis)1918 Sep 061992 Nov 13previously Adams; M of William, Maurice, Owen, Harold, Coral, Norma 4022732
Wooldridge, Leslie Carl1896 May 2819?? Jun 26H of Eileen 4023029
Worsnop, Beverley Anne1940 Oct 29198948 4022533
Zantman, Hendricus Lambertus (Henk)1947 May 202006 Jul 22F of Anthony; S of Aultje (Alice) 4022297
Zovaro, Anthony Ernest1960 Jun 062015 May 2854H of Analyn; F of Pia & Zoe; S of Lorenza (Lores) and James (dec); Step-S of Elia (Allan) Borg; B of Marc 4023016

Notable Graves

This is a listing of graves of notable people or their descendants buried here.

  • Mona Clune is the grand-daughter of George Kinchington and his wife who were supposedly the first white couple to cross the Murray River in 1838.

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