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Convict ship Belgravia 1866 list of convicts and passengers

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Date: 7 Apr 1866 to 4 Jul 1866
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Ship Arrival off Fremantle
Arrivals to
Western Australia


Belgravia Convict Ship 1866

Convict ship that sailed from England to Western Australia in 1866. The Belgravia arrived in Western Australia on 4 July 1866 from London. Captain Jackson, 895 tons, belonging to Messrs Somes. On board were 275 convicts, a guard of 30 men, with 23 women and 44 children; 4 warders 3 women and 2 children under the superintendence of Wm. Smith, Esq., M.D., E.N., and Mr Irwin Religious Instructor. Prisoners were well conducted and orderly, and the passage a favourable one throughout. "Perth Gazette and West Australian Times (WA: 1864-1874) Friday 6 July 1866."

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SurnameReg #TermAgeTrial PlaceDateCrim OffenceComments
AGNEW, William John87771025Edinburgh30 Jan 1865Breaking & Enteringaka McCan, William Agnew
ALLEN, Charles87761033Leeds25 Jun 1863Stealing
ANDREWS, George87741025Taunton3 Jan 1865Stealing clothes
ARMSTRONG, Thomas8773836Leicester4 Apr 1865Stealing potatoes
ASHER, Henry87751545Warwick5 Dec 1864Grievous bodily harm
ASHWORTH, George8771722Chester3 Dec 1863Robbery with violence
AUSTEN, George87721024Rochester28 Feb 1865house breaking
BAGGERLEY, Thomas87961030Kingston-on-Thames27 Mar 1865assault with intent
BAIN, William8806740Edinburgh7 Dec 1863house breaking & theft
BALDWIN, Thomas8805723Leeds15 Apr 1865stealing a mare
BALL, George87971832LewesSee commentsBurglary & being at largesentenced for 15 y on 4 Jan 1856 & 3y on 4 Jan 1864
BARKER, Wilson87901035Manchester20 Feb 1865Stealing cloth
BARNETT, Thomas88001529Warwick5 Dec 1864Rape
BAYLIFF, Richard8779732Central Criminal Court19 Sep 1864Uttering forges coins
BEAUMONT, Charles8786732Manchester12 Oct 1863Breaking & Entering
BEAZLEY, Henry Thomas87951028Winchester2 Mar 1865burglary
BENCH, Thomas88041424Bradford29 Nov 1864receiving photographs
BENNETT, John Christopher87921522Liverpool23 Mar 1865manslaughteraka christopher
BEVAN, Frederick8798722Birmingham24 Oct 1864stealing a purse & 12 shillings
BILLINGS, James87841524Gloucester8 Dec 1864shooting with intent
BLIGH, Thomas87851025Hertford1 Mar 1865robbery & wounding
BOLIN, John 878773221 Oct 1863stealingaka Bolan
BOOTH, William87911225Manchester10 Mar 1865burglary of domestic items
BOTTOMLEY, William8802731Bradford3 Dec 1863larceny
BRAY, Emanuel8803729Bradford28 Jun 1864stealing 2 sheep
BREWARD, Joseph8801732Worcester15 Jul 1863firing a stack of clover
BRIN, William88071560Perth SCT24 Apr 1863house breaking & theftaka Bain
BROADBENT, William8788726Salford26 Oct 1863stealing clothing
BROCKINGTON, Henry87991027Birmingham25 Oct 1864houe breaking & larceny
BROWNING, John8782847Exeter13 Mar 1865sacrilege
BUCKLAND, Frederick87941023Taunton3 Jan 1865stealing a gun valued at 1 P 10 s
BULLARD, Thomas8808life27Canada18 Aug 1864desertion & firing a rifle army
BURGESS, William87781026Central Criminal Court11 Apr 1864Robbery with violence
BURN, John87811032Central Criminal Court21 Nov 1864uttering counterfeit coin
BURNS, Thomas8793722Bala13 Mar 1865firing a hay stack
BURRELL, George8780744Central Criminal Court19 Sep 1864chapel breaking
BUTT, Henry8783722Gloucester22 Oct 1863stealing
BUTTERS, Henry8789826Manchester3 Dec 1864forgery of money bill
CARR, James8816721Leicester4 Jan 1865stealing a pair of boots
CASEY, Peter88221026Pontefract10 Apr 1865house breaking
CLARKE, Edward88191036Taunton3 Jan 1865larceny
CLARKE, Joseph8809723Central Criminal Court17 Aug 1863larceny from the person
CLARKE, Joseph8814729Liverpool13 Apr 1863larceny
COCKLIN, Michael88101022Central Criminal Court21 Nov 1864Robbery
CONNELL, Charles88231026Hamilton Canada16 Aug 1864Desertion (ARMY)
CONNOLLY, Edward8821825Birmingham13 Apr 1864House breaking & stealingaka CONOLLY
CONNOR, Thomas88111030Central Criminal Court9 Jan 1865Robbery with violenceaka CONNORS
COOMBS, Robert88121527Central Criminal Court27 Feb 1865burglary
CRAWLEIGH, Laurence88181024Newcastle-on-Tyne4 Jan 1865stealing clothes to the value of 28/-
CRIPPS, Robert88131046Maidstone5 Jan 1865stealing a clock
CRONSHAW, William88151026Preston19 Oct 1864stealing a muffler & pocket knife
CROUCH, James8817746Middlesex7 Mar 1864stealing & receiving stolen goodsJames Nathaniel Couch was misrecorded as Crouch at the Middlesex Sessions and the misspelling remained with him for the rest of his life
CUTLER, David88201055Stafford9 Mar 1865burglary
DAVIES, William8829738Oswestry21 Oct 1864stealing 8s 6d
DEEGAN, Joseph88281023Liverpool6 Jan 1865stealing from the person
DEVALL, James88241524Aylesbury21 Dec 1864arson
DICKINSON, George88261525Preston2 Dec 1863Horse stealing
DOCHERTY, James8834835Glasgow20 Sep 1864Theft
DONOVAN, Robert8825720Central Criminal Court19 Sep 1864Stealing
DOOGAN, James8827724Manchester10 Oct 1864Stealing 2s10d
DOOGOOD, William8832720Worcester27 Jun 1864House breaking
DORAN, James8830727Stafford4 Apr 1864Larceny
DRAKE, Thomas88331519Leeds13 Dec 1864Attempted drowning with intent
DREARDEN, Richard8831848Lewes17 Oct 1864House breaking
EGAN, Michael8841life29Quebec CanadaStriking an officer (Army)died on the voyage at sea
EGERTON, James8838735Stafford5 Dec 1863firing a stack
ELLIS, James8837829Southampton17 Oct 1864Stealing Cloths
EVANS, Charles8835721Maidstone20 Oct 1864House breaking
EVANS, Thomas88361024Clerkenwell5 Dec 1864Stealing
EVANS, Thomas8840827Warwick5 Dec 1864firing a hay stack
EVERSHED, Thomas88391035Newington6 Feb 1865Warehouse breaking
FARREN, Barnard8847753Preston3 Aug 1863Stealing cloths
FENWICK, George8849727Clerkenwell5 Sep 1864Possession of house breaking tools
FIDDE, John88501030Worcester17 Oct 1864Stealing
FLETCHER, Thomas88481036Bolton29 Dec 1864Stealing
FLINT, Thomas8852824Leeds13 Dec 1864Burglary
FLOOD, John8842730Nether Knutsford29 Jun 1864Stealing
FORBES, Robert88431031Durham3 Dec 1864Rape
FORD, Elijah8844737Chelmsford1 Dec 1863Receivng stolen goods
FOX, Thomas88461029Maidstone13 Mar 1865Burglary
FOY, John88512043York30 Jul 1864Manslaughter
FREETH, William88451027Cardiff20 Oct 1864Horse stealing
GALLERY, Michael88631228York8 Dec 1864Rape
GEORGE, William88611021Warwick5 Dec 1864Robbery with violence
GILSON, Daniel8853731Central Criminal Court19 Sep 1864Receiving stolen goodsaka GIBSON
GLADWIN, Joshua88641536Leeds13 Dec 1864rape of a girl under 10y
GOLDSTONE, David88571530Manchester3 Dec 1864arson
GOUGH, Robert88601441Welshpool30 Nov 1864house breaking
GRANT, George88551030Central Criminal Court30 Jan 1865burglary
GRAY, David88561027Derby4 Mar 1865arson & forgery
GRAY, Henry Dapper8859144423 Mar 1865burglary
GREEN, Ellis8858life47Liverpool10 Dec 1864murder
GREGORY, Edward88621428Warwick3 Jan 1865killing a horse
GROUT, Joseph88541034Central Criminal Court12 Dec 1864Receiving stolen goods
HAILEY, James8876740Hertford19 Oct 1863stealing a gun & vegetablesaka HARLEY
HAINES, Charles8883734Shrewsbury28 Jun 1864stealing a horse
HALL, Edward88781046Maidstone5 Jan 1865stealing a horse & cart
HAMILTON, William8880life38Manchester10 Mar 1865murder
HAMILTON, William8889847Camburgh1865theftdied on voyage to Australia
HAMLETT, Thomas88701037Nether Knutsford29 Nov 1864Stealing salt
HANDY, Miles8874life41Durham3 Dec 1864Rape
HANSAN, James8882719Shrewsbury14 Dec 1863Firing a stackaka HANSON
HARDMAN, John Henry88871041Sheffield17 May 1864Breaking & Entering
HARPER, William8873724Derby9 Dec 1863Burglary
HARRIS, Edmund John88811029Clerkenwell2 Jan 1865House breaking
HARRISON, John8868831Central Criminal Court21 Nov 1864larceny
HATTERSLEY, Joseph8888733Sheffield26 Aug 1864stealing lead
HAYES, George88661024Central Criminal Court24 Oct 1864larceny
HEMSLEY, Richard8877728Maidstone20 Oct 1864stealing clothes
HENDERSON, James88901540Glasgow26 Apr 1864house breaking
HESTER, James88861025Birmingham24 Oct 1864stealing a watchaka HESLER
HIBBERT, Thomas8869730Nether Knutsford30 Nov 1863Breaking & Entering
HOGG, Joseph88752035Durham1 Mar 1865wounding with intent
HOOLEY, Samuel88851044Stafford9 Mar 1865house breaking
HORTON, James8865724Aylesbury17 Oct 1864house breaking
HOWARD, Charles Robert88672024Central Criminal Court21 Nov 1864malicious wounding with intent
HOWARD, John8879721Salford25 Aug 1864stealing a purse
HOWARTH, Charles8871825Chester7 Dec 1864arson
HOWELL, James8884life32Taunton18 Mar 1864Manslaughter
HUGHES, Joseph88721038Ruthin17 Mar 1865Manslaughter
IRELAND, William Scott88921025Gloucester8 Dec 1864house breakingaka SCOTT, John
JACKSON, Richard8896726Manchester12 Oct 1863Breaking & Entering
JACKSON, Thomas89071045Doncaster21 Oct 1864stealing a watch
JACKSON, William8906734Birmingham24 Oct 1864stealing 6s 0d
JAMES, William88941032Huntingdon17 Oct 1864stealing clothes
JENKINS, William89081037Sheffield21 Feb 1865stealing a watch
JENNINGS, Joseph8891740Central Criminal Court30 Nov 1863burglaryaka HENNINGS
JOHNSON, Alexander88981032Liverpool27 Oct 1864Warehouse breaking
JOHNSON, George8904725Shrewsbury14 Dec 1863firing a hay stack
JOHNSON, John88991024Manchester21 Nov 1864stealing from the person
JOHNSON, John89011024Clerkenwell19 Dec 1864house breaking & receiving stolen goods
JOHNSON, Richard8903740Oxford1 Mar 1865stealing a blanket
JOHNSON, Thomas8905725Newington6 Mar 1865stealing horses
JONES, James8902748Monmouth19 Oct 1864stealing candles & tools
JONES, John8900924Manchester3 Dec 1864stealing 20lb of cheese
JONES, Matthew8897733Manchester12 Oct 1863Breaking & Entering
JONES, William8895722Liverpool8 Aug 1863burglary
JORDAN, Charles8893723Hertford17 Oct 1864stealing money
JUDGE, John8909life38Ahmedabad INDIA30 May 1863murder (ARMY)
KENT, George89111223Reading21 Dec 1864firing a hay stack
KILBURN, Septimus8910742Bedford14 Mar 1864burglary
LANE, Thomas8918728Stafford5 Dec 1863arson
LAPPAGE, John8922737Chelmsford1 Dec 1863house breaking
LAWRENCE, John89201050Worcester6 Jan 1863stealing poultry
LE RAY, John89211021St Helier7 Nov 1864burglary
LEACH, Richard89131021Huntingdon17 Mar 1863firing a barn
LEE, James89121032Gloucester30 Jun 1864house breaking
LEVER, James8914723Liverpool8 Aug 1863burglary
LINDON, Thomas8915life29Liverpool10 Dec 1864murderaka LINDEN
LOCKLEY, David8919839Warwick28 Jun 1864shop breaking
LOCKWOOD, Joshua89161222Manchester10 Mar 1865robbery & assault
LUCAS, Harry89171026Oxford1 Mar 1865Breaking & Entering
MACKEOWN, Daniel8935728Liverpool23 Mar 1865robberyaka David
MARRIOTT, George89261036Central Criminal Court27 Feb 1865Receiving stolen goods
MARSH, Reuben89411038Sheffield6 Jan 1865Warehouse breaking
MASON, William8923837Aylesbury20 Dec 1864Arson
McCARTHY, Charles89241029Central Criminal Court24 Oct 1864Burglary
McCLINCHY, Mike8943life23Glasgow28 Dec 1864Rapeaka McGLINCHY
McGANN, Michael89281127Durham1 Mar 1865Stealing from a dwelling
McGOUGH, Patsey89341020Manchester10 Mar 1865Robbery with violence
McKAY, William8944847Perth SCT3 May 1864theft
McKENNA, Henry89271030Durham3 Dec 1864Rape
McKENZIE, William89451044Perth SCT28 Sep 1864theft
McKEW, Richard89391030Newington6 Feb 1865Stealing scarves
McPHERSON, Duncan8946725PESHAWAR2 Sep 1863Violence to a superior officer (ARMY)
MEAD, William8947life23Quebec Canada7 Jul 1864Striking a superior officer (ARMY)
MEADOWCROFT, John8932734Manchester10 Oct 1864Receiving stolen goods
MELLER, William8931731Salford26 Nov 1863Stealingaka MELLAR
MILLER, John89331028Preston19 Oct 1864stealing lead
MILLS, George8937748Oxford1 Mar 1865stealing & receiving stolen goods
MITCHELL, William W.8938730Oxford1 Mar 1865Stealing cloth
MONTAGUE, Henry89251026Central Criminal Court30 Jan 1865Burglary
MORGAN, David89301049Gloucester2 Jan 1865Obtaining money under false pretences
MOSS, Edward89401038Leeds17 Oct 1864stealing
MULANY, George8936728Clerkenwell2 May 1865larceny
MUNNS, Henry Augustus89291028Chelmsford12 Dec 1864wounding with intent
MURRAY, Henry89421029Edinburgh13 Feb 1865burglary
NEAL, James8950739Stafford2 Mar 1864larcenyaka NEIL
NICHOLS, Frederick8948728Manchester23 Nov 1863house breakingaka NICHOLLS
NOBLES, Charles8949730Stafford2 Mar 1864larceny from the person
OLIVER, Alfred8951726Central Criminal Court14 Dec 1863larceny
OLLIS, John8953725Manchester10 Mar 1865uttering counterfeit coin
O'HARE, Felix89521032Liverpool10 Dec 1864Manslaughter
O'NEIL, Peter8954737Liverpool23 Mar 1865Rape
PARKES, Daniel89671032Worcester12 Dec 1864Blowing up part of a houseaka PARKS
PASHLEY, John89681048Rotherham1 Jul 1864stealing 2 shovels
PAUL, Robert8966729Kingston-on-Thames23 Dec 1863rape
PEACOCK, John8964759Stafford29 Jun 1863house breaking
PEARSON, James89562048Liverpool21 Mar 1863assault with intent to rob
PEARSON, Moses8955734Ely19 Oct 1864Breaking & Entering
PEARSON, Robert8961733Newcastle-on-Tyne3 Mar 1864assault & robbery
PEET, George8960745Leicester1 Mar 1865burglary
PERRY, John8965723Stafford27 Jun 1864Horse stealing
PICKARD, Frederick89691528Leeds13 Dec 1864assault & robberyaka PASHLEY
PINNACLE, Daniel8959734Manchester10 Oct 1864Breaking & Entering
POOL, Henry8958728Salford29 Aug 1864Breaking & Entering
POWELL, John8963725Shrewsbury20 Mar 1865wounding while resisting arrest
PRICE, Isaac8962722Shrewsbury20 Oct 1863Breaking & Entering
PRINCE, John8957723Manchester12 Oct 1863stealing cloth
QUINN, Thomas89701037Manchester10 Oct 1864Receiving stolen goods
RAMSHAW, Thomas8976life26Durham3 Dec 1864rape
RAYNER, Robert8980742Manchester12 Oct 1863stealing oil cloth
REEVES, Abraham89821530Shrewsbury17 Mar 1864blackmail
RICHARDS, William89721022Central Criminal Court21 Nov 1864larceny
RICHARDS, William8981824Newtown19 Jul 1864firing corn stacks
RICHARDSON, William89731037Central Criminal Court21 Nov 1864uttering counterfeit coins
ROBERTS, Robert89771056Cardiff4 Mar 1865stealing 6 horse rugs
ROBERTS, Robert8984831Worcester20 Oct 1864stealing 3 cowsaka William Robert
ROBINSON, James George8983733Winchester17 Oct 1864stealing a hen & chickensaka George
ROSS, James89711433Aylesbury20 Dec 1864night poaching
ROSSITER, Joseph89781525Gloucester8 Dec 1864being at large from transportationalso 4867
ROURKE, Michael89751443Chester3 Dec 1863firing a stack
RUDLAND, Henry89791021Hereford3 Dec 1863firing 2 stacksaka WALTON
RYAN, Michael89741028Central Criminal Court30 Jan 1865Grievous bodily harm
SAVAGE, George89922027Hertford8 Dec 1864wounding with intent
SHILTON, Daniel8990839Carlisle21 Feb 1865rape
SHORROCKS, Thomas89941039Manchester20 Feb 1865pick pocket
SINCLAIR, Thomas90101428Glasgow21 Apr 1864house breaking
SKAIFE, Thomas90051540Leeds13 Dec 1864forging & uttering falsities
SLEATH, Thomas8985741Bedford18 Oct 1864stealing
SMITH, George8991740Gloucester10 Aug 1863assault & robbery
SMITH, John8987833Aylesbury20 Dec 1864arson
SMITH, John89951027Manchester10 Mar 1865assault & robbery
SMITH, John8997745Shrewsbury20 Oct 1863house breaking & theft
SMITH, John89981430Winchester9 Jul 1864burglary
SMITH, John9000719Birmingham12 Oct 1863pick pocket
SMITH, John90031548Worcester4 Jan 1865breaking & entering a church
SMITH, Joseph90041525Leeds13 Dec 1864assault & robbery
SMITH, Thomas89881034Central Criminal Court11 Jul 1864burglary
SMITH, Thomas9002830Birmingham10 Jan 1865house breaking
SORRIDGE, William9006822Leeds13 Dec 1864burglary
SPEED, Samuel8996720Oxford28 Nov 1863firing a stack
SPENCE, William90091047Edinburgh13 Mar 1865forgery & uttering
STAINFORTH, George90071434Sheffield21 Feb 1865assault & robbery
STANLEY, Thomas90111029Glasgow22 Apr 1864assault & robbery
STONE, John90011439Warwick3 Jan 1865killing a horse
STUBBINGTON, Charles8999722Winchester2 Mar 1865burglary
STUBBS, John8993726Salford29 Aug 1864breaking & entering
SUTCLIFFE, Shepherd8989724Chester2 Apr 1864firing hay stacks
SYLVESTER, Thomas90081427Sheffield21 Feb 1865shop breaking
SYMONS, Arthur8986723Reading26 Nov 1863firing hay stacks
TAYLOR, George9015745Worcester17 Oct 1864stealing
THOMAS, Francis90121043Stafford2 Jan 1865larceny
THOMPSON, Joseph90171542Leeds13 Dec 1864wounding
THORNTON, John90161035Northallerton6 Jan 1863stealing a silver watch
TOMLINSON, John9014824Warwick5 Dec 1864firing a hay stack
TRUSSLER, George90131028Birmingham24 Oct 1865pick pocket
UPTON, William90181034Nottingham9 Mar 1865Breaking & entering
WALKER, Walter9035721Manchester10 Mar 1865Burglary
WALL, John90341030Manchester21 Nov 1864Breaking & entering
WALLACE, William9028730Liverpool30 Oct 1863Larceny
WALSH, Thomas9044732Leeds6 Aug 1864Burglary
WARD, Henry9023824Central Criminal Court30 Jan 1865Burglary
WARE, James90371027Clerkenwell26 Sep 1864pick pocket
WAROM, Elijah9041835Warwick28 Jun 1864shop breakingaka WARAM
WATSON, John90381244Newcastle-on-Tyne25 Feb 1865Rape of his own daughter
WELLINGTON, John90211419Central Criminal Court24 Oct 1864Larceny
WHEAT, William9040720Stafford17 Oct 1864Larceny
WHIFFIN, John Joseph90241526Central Criminal Court27 Feb 1865Burglary
WHITE, William90191029Aylesbury20 Dec 1864Burglary
WITHAM, John9043719Leeds20 Oct 1863House breaking
WILLIAMS, Charles George90421047Worcester27 Jun 1864Stealing a donkey
WILLIAMS, George9020719Central Criminal Court19 Sep 1864Larceny
WILLIAMS, John90261542Chelmsford13 Dec 1864Firing stacks
WILLIAMS, John9032727Manchester10 Oct 1864Stealing
WILLIAMS, John90361048Clerkenwell22 Aug 1864shop breaking
WILLIAMS, John9045727Doncaster4 Oct 1864pick pocket
WILLIAMS, Joseph9029726Manchester4 Apr 1863Stealing beef
WILLIAMS, Robert9033730Manchester10 Oct 1864Stealing
WILSON, Arthur90311024Liverpool19 Aug 1864Larceny
WILSON, Edward9030723Liverpool16 May 1864Larceny
WILSON, John Grainger90461030Beverley3 Jan 1865Stealingaka John Granger
WILTSHERE, Thomas90271031Hertford17 Oct 1864Stealing fowls & potatoesaka WILSHERE
WOOD, William90221052Central Criminal Court24 Oct 1864Grievous bodily harm
WOODALL, Joseph90391025Winchester1 Dec 1864Burglary
WRIGHT, George90251039Central Criminal Court27 Feb 1865Larceny
WRIGHT, John9047725Montreal CANADA1 Sep 1864Desertion (ARMY)


SurnameChristian Name(s)AgeRank; Regiment & Remarks
ATKINSONRobertSergeant major; 87th Regiment
BARRETTRichard26private; East India Company
CARROLLCornelius48private; 74th Regiment
DONOGHUETimothy43private; 101st Regiment
EVANSThomas44corporal; 43rd Regiment
FAHEYPatrick42private; 71st Regiment
GARDINERThomas40private; 79th Regiment
GIBBSAlfredprivate; Royal Horse Artillery
GILBERTSONWilliamprivate; 62nd Regiment
HARDYJohnprivate; 77th Regiment
HICKEYPatrick56private; 86th Regiment
HUTCHINSONRichardprivate; 93rd Regiment
JONESWilliamprivate; Rifle Brigade; 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade
JONESMary Janechild
KELLYBernard38private; 25th Regiment
KELLYwife; presumed
LITTONJohn Philip33sergeant; 38th Regiment; married Isabel Coulson, daughter of John Coulson who arrived per 'Sophia'
MAGEERobertsergeant; 18th Regiment
McCALLJohn45private; Royal Artillery
McCORRYRichard38th Regiment
McGOWANPeter50sergeant; 64th Regiment; aka Patrick McGovern
MELLOWSJoseph Wetherall41private; 64th Regiment
MELLOWS Arabellawife
MILLARWilliam45private; 14th Brigade Royal Artillery; per 'Belgravia' 1866 - refer: 'Bicentennial Dictionary of WA'; a William Miller was listed per 'Clyde' 1863 - refer: 'Australian Joint Copying Project' reel 3918
MORGANRobert53private; Coastal Brigade Artillery
MURPHYJeremiah Johnprivate; 40th Regiment
MURPHYtwo children
PICKERINGJoseph 42private; Rifle Brigade; promoted to sergeant in WA
SMITHCharlesprivate; 103rd Regiment
TURNERWilliamprivate; 78th Highlanders
WALSHNicholas35private; 10th Regiment
WEIR Williamprivate; East India Company
WRIGHTSON Johnprivate; East India Company

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I have added links to new profiles for Cornelius and Mary Carroll, and Joseph Pickering - I am related or connected to them.
posted by Rob Wilson
Patrick Fahey is on WikiTree. Patrick Fahey (abt.1810-abt.1880) Could he be linked? He was a pensioner guard. The Bio Dict of WA reports that his wife accompanied him but I can't find her on any passenger lists. Is there any way to verify this?
posted by Judy (Dyer) Weggelaar
Hi Judy, I have added a the link thank you. I would check the enrolled pensioner force website. I will find the link for you.
posted by Kylie Haese
Richard McCorry arrived with his wife Mary and several children which are not accounted for in the list of passengers, is there anywhere I can obtain an official list of passengers for the Belgravia?
posted by Kathy (McCorry) Morgan
Belgravia convict # 9040 William Wheat was seventeen, single, able to read and write imperfectly and a potter. He was first placed in Milbank Prison and then in December 1865 on the Register at Portland, Dorset and in March 1866 is collected for Transportation on the Belgravia to Australia. The Belgravia arrived in Fremantle 4th July 1866 after a voyage of eighty eight days. William was recorded as aged twenty, five foot ten inches tall, with brown hair, hazel eyes, round visage, of fair complexion, middling stout appearance, slightly pock pitted with scars on both knees, and his next of kin was recorded as father Thomas, carter of Lambton (=Longton) Stoke upon Trent. The final prison records show William’s early demise: Drowned, Swan River 18th October 1866. This is recorded in the 31st October edition of the Inquirer and Commercial Newspaper, Perth: FATAL ACCIDENT- A few days since, when one of the Government boats was passing the island at the Causeway flats, one of the crew, a probation prisoner named Wheat, who was pushing the boat along with an oar, lost his balance and fell overboard. The helmsman, another probationer, named Carlos, immediately jumped in after him, but owing to his heavy clothing and the muddy state of the water, was unable to recover him. The body has since been recovered and an inquest held, at which a verdict of accidental death was recorded. The jury having brought the praiseworthy conduct of Carlos to the notice of the Comptroller general, the prisoner has had a portion of his sentence remitted. William Wheat was buried at East Perth cemetery, he had no headstone.
posted by Carol (Pillar) Wheat
Thank you William Wheat has now been added. A link to his profile has been added to his name entry in the table above. :-)
posted by Kylie Haese