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Bentley Ancestry in Colonial America

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Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: British Colonial Americamap
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_______________BENTLEY ANCESTRY IN COLONIAL AMERICA_______________

An Abridged Hypothetical Generational Genealogy

  • Lists those BENTLEY descendants bearing the surname
    • Including several uncertain connections
  • Branch patriarchs presumably conveyed identifiable DNA characteristics


Virginia Family: @1

First Branch: #1

Patriarch: @1#1
Daniel Bentley Sr aka Bentley-778 m. Elizabeth __?__
I Children: @1#1
A. Daniel Jr aka Bentley-766 m. Elizabeth __??__
B. James Bentley-5140
II Grandchildren: @1#1
A1. Alice Bentley b.1724
A2. Daniel Bentley b.1726
B_. No known issue

Second Branch: #2

Patriarch: @1#2
Daniel Bentley-5797 aka Bentley-5049 m. Ann __?__
I Children: @1#2
A. John aka Bentley-5050 m. Christian Hammock
B. Ann aka Bentley-5051 m. John Norcomb
C. Samuel Sr aka Bentley-2404 m1. Mary __?__ m2. Elizabeth __?__
D. Wm aka William Bentley-5052 m. Elizabeth __?__
II Grandchildren: @1#2
A1. James aka Bentley-5113 m. Eliza Jane Elliot
A2. William aka "Will 1791" Bentley-5189 m. Jane Hammond
A3. Jesse aka Bentley-5139 m. Mary Scott Townsend
B_. No known issue
C1. Ann aka Bentley-5044
C2. Mary aka Bentley-5046 m. Edward Allgood
C3. Samuel Jr aka Bentley-2468
C4. Ales aka Bentley-5043 m. __?__ Vaughan
C5. Daniel aka Bentley-761 m. Mildred Hammock
C6. Jeremiah aka Bentley-745 m1. Nancy __?__ m2. Hannah __?__
C7. Sarah aka Bentley-2390 never married
D1. Clowey aka Chloe Bentley-549 m. John Josiah Holmes Jr
D2. John aka Bentley-5112 m. Pressila Manning
D3. Balaam aka Bentley-5190 m. Nancy Tankersly
III Great-grandchildren: @1#2
A1a. Isaac aka Bentley-1506 m. Elizabeth Williams
A1b. Charlotte aka Bentley-5577
A2a. John aka Bentley-1517
A2b. Lewis aka Bentley-1518
A2c. Susannah aka Bentley-1516
A2d. James aka Bentley-1507
A2e. Catherine aka Bentley-1519
A2f. Balaam aka Bentley-1522
A2g. Joshua aka Bentley-1524
A3a. John Townsend aka Bentley-1168 m1. Mary Polley Maxey m2. Nancy Carroll
A3b. Josiah aka Bentley-5580
A3c. Elizabeth J aka Bentley-5586
A3d. James J aka Bentley-5581
A3e. William aka Bentley-5582
A3f. Hannah T aka Bentley-5583
B__. No known issue
C1_. No known issue
C2_. No known issue
C3_. No known issue
C4_. No known issue
C5a. John aka Bentley-5028
C5b. Robert H. aka Bentley-2664 m. Catherine Haynes
C5c. Anna aka Bentley-1644 m. George Washington Amos
C6a. John aka Bentley-752
C6b. Mary Ann aka Bentley-755 m. John Smith Bailey
C6c. Richard aka Bentley-753
C6d. Daniel aka Bentley-726 m. Matilda A Lindsey
C6e. Sarah aka Bentley-751 m1. Jacob Johann Benninghoff m2. William Hammond
C6f. Ales aka Bentley-754 m. Lewis Hiram Martin
C6g. Lucretia aka Bentley-5027 m. William Allen Luker
C7*. Illegitimate issue
C7a. Joel Bentley-2389 m. __?__
C7b. William Bentley-1668 m. Mary Whitlock
C7c. Freeman Bentley-2463 m. Mary Wilson
D1*. Abridged: Disparate surnames
D2a. James aka Bentley-2351 m. Rachel Parkinson
D3a. John aka Dr. Bentley-5863
D3b. Benjamin aka Bentley-5864
IV Great-great-grandchildren: @1#2 Abridged
A1a1. James
D2a1. Elizabeth
D2a2. WIlliam J.
D2a3. Willis W. L.
D2a4. Unknown
D2a5. Mary Ann
D2a6. Martha J.

Third Branch: #3

Patriarch: @1#3
Samuel Bentley Sr aka Bentley-757 m. Mary Efford Weldon
I Children: @1#3
A. Samuel Jr aka Bentley-5084
B. Rebecca aka Bentley-465 m. __?__ Winston
C. Elizabeth aka Bentley-2465 m. __?__ Anderson
D. Mary aka Bentley-768 m. Edward Booker IV
E. John aka Bentley-467 m. Judith Cobbs
F. Rachel aka Bentley-767 m. John Hyde Saunders
G. William Weldon aka Bentley-771 m. Judith Archer
H. Efford aka Bentley-552 m1. Elizabeth (-PP-) Gay m2. Martha Markham
I . Peter Efford aka Bentley-769
II Grandchildren: @1#3
G1. Henry Moss aka Bentley-5599
H1. Alexander Willis aka Bentley-551 m. Julia Peters
H2. Efford Bolling aka Bentley-553 m. Lucy W Chamberlayne
H3. Eliza Gay aka Bentley-554 m. Daniel Harris
H4. Fannie Trent aka Bentley-555 m. William Houston
H5. John Gay aka Bentley-556 m. Judith Thompson
H6. Maria Buchanan aka Bentley-558 m. Daniel B Friend
H7. William Field aka Bentley-559 m. Sarah Dupree
H8. Lavinia Woodson aka Bentley-557 m. Wm Merritt Roper
III No issue !?

Fourth Branch: #4

Patriarch: @1#4
John Bentley aka Bentley-5085 m. Mary Ellis
I Children: @1#4
A. Samuel Sr aka Bentley-756 m. Elizabeth Younger
II Grandchildren: @1#4
A1. Samuel Jr aka Bentley-758
A2. James aka Bentley-765
A0. Jesse aka Bentley-760
A3. William Weldon aka Bentley-763
A4. John Ellis aka Bentley-759
A5. Elizabeth aka Bentley-762
A6. Sarah aka Bentley-764
III Great-grandchildren: @1#4
A1a. John Edward aka Bentley-5152 m. Adeline Arnold
IV Great-great-grandchildren: @1#4
A1a1. Martha aka Bentley-5148 m. John Thomas Wall

Carolina Migrants: @2

First Branch: #1

Patriarch: @2#1
Richard Bentley Sr aka Bentley-1588 m1. Jane __?__ m2. Lydia Mann
I Children:
A. Mary aka Bentley-1559 m1. Cornelius Leary m2. Robert Francis Beasley
B. Sarah aka Bently-12
C. John the Elder aka Bently-17 m. Ann Barrow
D. Richard Jr aka Bently-18
E. William aka Bently-19
F. John the Younger aka Bentley-2140 m. Sara Farlee

New England Colonists: @3

First Branch: #1

Patriarch: @3#1
William Bentley aka Bentley-117 m. Sarah
I Children:
A. Jane aka Bentley-317 m. John Wightman
B. William aka Bentley-311 m1. Elizabeth Gardiner m2. Bathsheba Noyes Greene
C. James aka Bentley-314 m1. Dorothy Albro m2. Hannah __?__
D. Robert aka Bentley-312
E. Thomas aka Bentley-319 m1. Elizabeth Chamberlain m2. Mary Reynolds
F. Benjamin aka Bentley-315 m1. Patience Rathbone m2. Barbara Peirce

Second Branch: #2

Patriarch: @3#2
William Bentley aka Bentlye-6 m. Mary Houghton

Pennsylvania Settlers: @4

First Branch: #1

Patriarch: @4#1
John Bentley Sr aka Bentley-994 m. Mary Jeffries Miles
I Children:
A. Jeffery aka Bentley-1310 m1. Elianer Banner m2. Ruth __?__
B. John Jr aka Bentley-5188 m. __?__

Piedmont Pioneers: @5

First Branch: #1

Patriarch: @5#1
Thomas Bentley aka Bentley-3357 m. Hannah Beasley
I Children:
A. Daniel aka Bentley-1474 m1. Nancy Jane Lewis

Second Branch: #2

Patriarch: @5#2
Thomas Bentley aka Bentley-571



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