Berea Cemetery, Berea, Kentucky

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Location: 500 Oak Grove Court, Berea, Kentuckymap
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This free space page for the Berea Cemetery is part of WikiTree's U.S. Cemeteries Project, created to document the life and times of our ancestors who are interred here. The U.S Project is a subproject of the larger Global Cemeteries Project. Located on the east end of Berea, Kentucky, in Madison County, this cemetery has about 6,200 interments. Photography and transcription was begun in September, 2014, and will continue until complete.

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Transcription of this cemetery is in progress, and is about one third of the way finished. If you want to see the profiles created so far, click here.

Table of Interments

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Last Name First Names Birth Death Inscription and notes Photo (click for larger)
AbbottKenneth J.1931 Apr 15"Father"Image:.jpg
AbbottPaula A.1935 Oct 202006 Jun 19"Mother"Image:.jpg
AbercrombieAmanda J. (Moran)19011990(buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati)Image:.jpg
AbercrombieThomas H., Rev.1902 Jun 201967 Mar 20Image:.jpg
AbnerAnnie1903 Jun 21994 May 14Image:.jpg
AbnerBertha H.18971976Image:.jpg
AbnerDeland18901958 Feb 11Kentucky PVT Utilities Det OMC. WW IImage:.jpg
AbnerFannie (Wilson)1866 Mar 11939 Apr 23
AbnerJohn A.1860 Dec 141929 Feb 25
AbneyLena (Parker)18771961Image:.jpg
AbneyLuella (Evans)18871933"Superintendent of Madison County Schools, 1930-1933"
AbneyMattie Lou19041906Image:.jpg
AbneyNancy Burgin19111918Image:.jpg
AbneyTaylor Frank 1877 Nov 161946
AbramsCinda1879 Nov 251969 Sep 29
AbramsErnest P.19061947Image:Abrams-792.jpg
AbramsMart G1869 Jul 221963 Jan 7
AdamsCreasy Gregory1870 Apr 181964 Jun 22
AdamsLarkin18881932 Sep 3PVT US Army W W I
AdamsRaymond19161936 Sep 30 Image:Adams-19873.jpg
AdamsSallie18881954 Image:Messer-420.jpg
AdamsSallie M.18551934Image:.jpg
AdamsT. P.18851964Image:.jpg
AlcornAlpha1916 Mar 101944 Jun 8"In loving memory"
AlcornD. C.18601946Image:.jpg
AlcornM. D.1825 Nov 31900 Nov 16Image:.jpg
AlexanderChester R. 1907 Oct 121934 Jan 12"We will meet again"
AlexanderChester Vearl1934 Apr 101946 May 19"We will meet again"
AlexanderEthel (Wilson)1910 Apr 181977 Oct 3"We will meet again"
AlexanderGeorgia1899 May 31983 Jan 17Image:.jpg
AlexanderL. A.1901 Jul 71970 Aug 9Image:.jpg
AllenBlevins P.1878 Jan 141948 Mar 25
AllenJohn William (John Bill)1917 Apr 202001 Mar 16Image:Allen-15404.jpg
AllenMargaret Byrdie (Obenchain)18991946
AllenNora (Obenchain)1887 Oct 141979 Nov 15
AmbroseFrank P.1858 Jan 181922 Jan 2(Susie)
AmbroseHarvey B.1901 May 311901 Jun 2Infant Son (Frank/Susie)
AmbroseSusie (Chasteen)1866 Mar 2nd“His wife” (Frank)
AmesBenjamin F.1847 Jul 261912 Feb 23Image:.jpg
AmesEsther1811 Oct 141891 Jan 13Image:.jpg
AmesGeorge1842 Jun 181910 May 13Image:.jpg
AmesJ. Willard1872 Oct 181899 Jul 16Image:.jpg
AmesMalissa Wallace (Dowden)1848 Oct 261915 Aug 4
AmesMarguerite1874 June 81897 Oct 11Image:.jpg
AmesS. F. 1811 Feb 201893 Jan 30Image:.jpg
AmesSarah C. (Todd)1854 Jan 291934Image:.jpg
AndersonClarence 1893 Oct 131983 Jan 9PVT US Army, WW IImage:.jpg
AndersonDortha1903 Apr 231903 Dec 29Daughter of Edward & M.A. Anderson
AndersonEdward1863 Dec 81936 Oct 27Image:Anderson-18958.jpg
AndersonElenora1916 Nov 181916 Dec 24Image:.jpg
AndersonElla 18741956Image:.jpg
AndersonJohn E.18781955Image:.jpg
AndersonM. Jane1870 Nov 201903 Oct 26
AndersonM. Jesse1869 Nov 91906 Apr 13
AndersonMary A.1865 Sep 111955 Sep 6Image:Unknown-276809.jpg
AndersonSallie P.18781964Image:.jpg
AndersonWilliam 18781964Image:.jpg
AndersonWilliam P.1923 Aug 91927 Jul 9Image:.jpg
AnglinAster Lee1918 Nov 272008 Mar 4Image:Anglin-315.jpg
AnglinDema (Griffin)1892 Apr 141982 Arp 4
AnglinGeneva (Martin)1921 Mar 17Image:Martin-21792.jpg
AnglinHenry Calvin1894 May 271977 May 15
AnglinJohn James1898 Jun 81960 Apr 2
AnglinMattie Emily1892 May 181961 Jan 17 Image:Cook-11379.jpg
ArcherJohn B.1883 Feb 121889 Jan 18
ArcherOrin1835 Apr 271891 Apr 18(father of Ruth M. Archer Frisby)
ArmstrongFred 18831958Image:.jpg
ArmstrongJohn Wilbur18971973Image:.jpg
ArmstrongMarion C.19001981Image:.jpg
ArnettAmanda (Miracle)18741969
ArnettCarlo B.1871 Jan 41867 SepImage:Arnett-676.jpg
ArnettMayme Marie1931 Jan 101931 Jan 10
ArnettOtis Virina1899 Aug 191952 May 1
AyerKatharine (Thompson)19011979
AyerPerley Fernando1900 Feb 251967 Dec
AzbillAlbin R.18811959
AzbillCharles1862 Jun 101899 May 25Image:.jpg
AzbillCharles M.1862 Jun 101899 May 25M.D. "at rest"
AzbillCharles M.1862 Jun 101899 May 25"At rest"Image:.jpg
AzbillElizabeth T. (Becknell) June 21, 183918-Nov-13 Image:Becknell-13.jpg
AzbillMatilda A.1884
AzbillOverton Terry (Dr.)1836 May 41896 Jun 8Image:Azbill-4.jpg
AzbillSusan J.1870 Aug 81901 Nov 1Image:.jpg
AzbillSusan J. 1870 Aug 81901 Nov 1Image:.jpg
AzbillSusan J. (Settle)1870 Aug 81901 Nov 1"daughter of M. D. and Nancy Settle"
BakerAlbert1895 Dec 91972 Nov 19PVT HQ CO 338 Infantry World War I
BakerAlvie1895 Jan1954Image:Baker-17528.jpg
BakerBradley D1896 Nov 141978 Jun 16
BakerCharley1899 Mar1979 Jul 27
BakerEldon Stanifer1856 Dec 301938
BakerEthel L.18981991
BakerHiram Green1896 Dec 261983
BakerIda1874 May 261960
BakerJ. F.1879 May 61933 Jul 27
BakerJ. Martin18441922
BakerJ. Martin18441922Image:.jpg
BakerJennie1842 Sep 41913 Dec 31Image:.jpg
BakerJennie 1842 Sep 41913 Dec 31Image:.jpg
BakerJohn F.19331933"our darling"
BakerJoshua S.1917 Nov 261953 Jun 28Kentucky PFC Co. B 69 Armored Regt, World War IIImage:.jpg
BakerLillie1895 May1953
BakerMabel (Johnson)1897 Feb 161972 Sep 30
BakerMae W.1912 Jan 211984 May 21 Image:Unknown-273984.jpg
BakerMargaret1874 Dec 71968 Oct 19
BakerMargaret A. (Dowden)18511917
BakerMargaret A. (Dowden)18511917"His wife"Image:.jpg
BakerMary Elizabeth (Logsdon)18631947
BakerPearl19101910daughter of J.K. and Lila Baker
BakerRachel R.1923 Mar 10Wed 63 years "Mother"Image:.jpg
BakerRaymond1915 Apr 151997 Mar 28Image:Baker-17532.jpg
BakerSallie1840 Dec 31922 Mar 3
BakerSallie 1840 Dec 31922 Mar 3Image:.jpg
BakerSarah Frances (Bicknell)1871 Jun 111917 Mar 3"Rock of Ages"; "faithful to her trust, even unto death."Image:Bicknell-470.jpg
BakerSarah Frances (Bicknell)1871 Jun 111917 Mar 3Image:.jpg
BakerSheridan Riley1878 June 61936
BakerUra1881 Dec 41908 Jul 1Image:.jpg
BakerWilliam R.1899 Aug 1 1987 Feb 2
BakerWilliam Vester1919 Dec 102008 Feb 1Image:Baker-17533.jpg
BakerWilliam Vester1919 Dec 102008 Feb 1Wed 63 years "Father"Image:.jpg
BallardCelia1877 Jun 161942 Mar 15Image:.jpg
BallardCornett K.1910 Jul 81977 Sep 12Image:.jpg
BallardE. R.18951916Image:.jpg
BallardFred 1864 Apr 161940 Feb 17Image:.jpg
BallardGeorge W.18621942Image:.jpg
BallardHelen 1907 Sep 121931 Dec 9Image:.jpg
BallardJames M.1892 Dec 201985 Oct 10Image:.jpg
BallardJohn B.18701966Image:.jpg
BallardMelissa1864 Oct 81949 Apr 25Image:.jpg
BallardMillie18811952 Mar 9Image:.jpg
BallardMyrtle1902 Mar 11946 Jun 28Image:.jpg
BallardPearl 19061925Image:.jpg
BallardRoosevelt1900 Dec 21?1925 Jan 31Image:.jpg
BallingerBessie Pearl1902 Jan 11995 Dec 12"Mother"Image:.jpg
BallingerGrover "Sug"1902 Jun 161969 Mar 19
BallingerJohn L.1848 Sep 10 1910 Feb 9
BallingerWalker K.1930 Jun 61933 Nov 18Image:.jpg
BallingerWilliam P.19211947Image:.jpg
BanksLucy1867 May 191947 Oct 21
BarclayJuan Butner1851 Mar 31934 Feb 24Gone But Not Forgotten
BarkerPaul Douglas1948 Jan 182004 Dec 10We love and miss you. Mom, Andy, Bert Edward, and ShirleyImage:.jpg
BarnesGerrin G.1897 May 151998 Jan 15PVC US Army WW IIImage:Barnes-6828.jpg
ShortJewell (Short)1898 Mar 31992 Feb 21US Army WWIImage:Short-2419.jpg
BartlettKatherine (Twining)18701945"His wife"Image:.jpg
BartlettR.E., M.D.18701988Image:.jpg
BatesFlosie18991924"At rest"Image:.jpg
BaxterArthur J.18841974Image:.jpg
BaxterRichmond1820 Apr 111898 Sep 30Image:.jpg
BaxterSpicy1825 Sep 151907 Sep 14"His wife"Image:.jpg
BeattyAlice (Titus)1879 Sep 51960 Feb 28Image:.jpg
BeattyW. B., Dr.1876 Nov 241945 Jan 21Image:.jpg
BeeneAutumn Shayne1962 Oct 291962 Dec 15No spring, nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.
BeldenBeatrice P. (Stafford)1910 Nov 141968 Feb 21
BeldenBeva David1899 Aug 191962 Apr 17
BellotteMary Elizabeth (Elkin)1907 May 291989 Aug 17(Thomas)
BellotteThomas W. 1898 Sep 191966 Nov 19(M. Elizabeth) Georgia PVT HG Co, 147 Inf World War I
BenderErnest A.18861948
BenderGrace M. (Wagers)18871972
BengeDora (Brown)18911975Image:.jpg
BengeHallie Z.1896 Feb 261896 Jun 10
BengeJ. M.1871 Oct 29
BengeJames Richard18881942"He is not dead to us, only sleeping"Image:.jpg
BengeMary1874 Mar 2 wife of J. M. Benge
BengeRalph1906 Oct 161910 Feb 4
BestMary Gilmore19151940
BestSallie (Chrisman)18811964
BestWilliam Gilmore18801935D.D.S.
BicknellBeulah (Gentry)18791941"Wife of H. G. Bicknell"Image:.jpg
BicknellBeulah Gentry18791941wife of H. G. Bicknell
BicknellCharles Lester1874 Oct 161908 Oct 20"only sleeping"
BicknellDarrell Travis II1968 Jun 192006 Jul 23"Loving Family"Image:.jpg
BicknellEoline Herndon18991990
BicknellEthel M. (Rose)1914 Oct 282000 Apr 30
BicknellEva1880 Aug 101903 June 16"at rest"
BicknellEwey W.19031973 Sep 29
BicknellH. G.18761956Image:.jpg
BicknellHelen M.19001990
BicknellHenry1844 Aug 161935 Jul 7
BicknellHiram G. 1876 Mar 131956
BicknellJames Paul18971976
BicknellJames Perry1860 Apr 111916 Feb 13
BicknellJohn W.1878 Oct 91963 Aug 25Image:.jpg
BicknellJohn W.1878 Oct 91963 Aug 25Image:.jpg
BicknellJoseph C.1873 Sep 221898 Dec 25
BicknellRudy1932 Aug 22012 Dec 27Capt US Army Korea; "He lives in our hearts forever"
BicknellRudy G.1932 Aug 22012 Dec 27Capt. US Army, KoreaImage:.jpg
BicknellSallie Ann (Van Winkle)1858 Jan 91951 Jul 27
BicknellSerena J. (Van Winkle)1865 Jan 41954 Feb 26
BicknellThomas C.1857 Feb 141890 Nov 28
BinghamAllie (Fowler)18801945Image:Fowler-4452.jpg
BlackAnna S. (Proctor)1882 Mar1973 Sep 19 Image:Proctor-2200.jpg
BlantonAlpha1938 Apr 10"daughter"Image:Blanton-464.jpg
BlantonChester P.1896 Aug 211971 Mar 13Kentucky PVT US Marine Corps WW IImage:Blanton-461.jpg
BlantonChristopher Columbus1852 Aug 41932 Dec 10Image:Blanton-458.jpg
BlantonFrances M.1897 Feb 71973 Nov 15Image:.jpg
BlantonNancy Isabel (Logsdon)1855 May 231930 Jun 9Image:Logsdon-503.jpg
BlantonOrla D.1895 Oct 311981 Nov 28 Image:Unknown-254607.jpg
BlantonWalker S.18841962Image:Blanton-463.jpg
BlantonWilliam J.1877 Jan 71955 Apr 11Image:Blanton-459.jpg
BlazerAnna M.18291907Coddington?Image:.jpg
BlytheAda (Stigall)18861973In my father's house are many mansions
BlytheC. B. ndndImage:.jpg
BlytheCharles McKinley1897 Sep 281989 Jun 12US Army World War I
BlytheChas. H. 18611925
BlytheHarrison1867 Aug 201880Image:.jpg
BlytheJohn Dee1889 Mar 231976 Oct 1In my father's house are many mansions; Private US Army WW I
BlytheLena P.1899 Feb 171968 Apr 1
BlytheLenamae1906 Jan 161991 Jan 13
BlytheLewis18781964 Aug 3
BlytheMary Eliza (White)18631935Image:White-21516.jpg
BlytheMary J.1833 May 51907 Feb 15Image:.jpg
BlytheMattie 18871959
BlytheNed 1816 Jun 241909 Oct 30Image:.jpg
BlytheRobert Henry1895 May 101968 Nov 12CPL US Army World War I
BlytheSarah E. (Nelson)1900 Jul 171991 Jan 1
BlytheSolomon18911958 May 13
BoggsEthel Jean1933 Oct 22008 Jan 18Image:.jpg
BoggsEtta E.18881964Image:.jpg
BonnyHarry, Sr.1895 Dec 191979 Mar
BoswellMinnie (Elkin)1885 Oct 171918 Jul 5“Mother”
BotkinFarris Earl1907 Jun141983 Feb 11SGT US Army, WW IIImage:.jpg
BotkinFlossie Willis P.1908 Jun 131993 Oct 10Precious Lord take my hands
BotkinKarie H.18801953Image:.jpg
BotkinKatherine E.1914 Aug 121928 Feb 10Image:.jpg
BowlerJohn L.18771956Image:.jpg
BowlerMarietta (Gay)18781948Image:.jpg
Bowles-AmbroseJohn D.1905 Oct 141949 Jul 12Image:.jpg
Bowles-AmbroseStella M.1912 Jan 41993 Dec 18Image:.jpg
BowlingCarl R.18931962World War I Image:.jpg
BowlingGrover18931920 Mar 22Image:.jpg
BowlingGuy Leon "Lee"18941923Image:.jpg
BowlingMartha (Rhodus)18931995Image:.jpg
BowlingMary Frances (Fowler)1872 Oct1938 Aug 17Image:Fowler-4455.jpg
BowlingOtto T.18951978World War I Image:.jpg
BowlingSallie (Anderson)18982000Image:.jpg
BowlingWinnie1898 Mar 181904 Dec 23Image:.jpg
BowmanAnna Mary18651959Image:.jpg
BowmanEthel 18871921 Apr 2Ohio PVT 816 Pioneer Inf
BowmanJames Clayton18621953Image:.jpg
BowmanNancy Carolyn1833 Nov 261916 Jul 18Image:.jpg
BowmanPeter1851 Apr 161929 Nov 18Image:Bowman-4401.jpg
BowmanSarah J. (Yates)1865 Dec 81922 Mar 3
BowmanWilliam Johnson1865 Feb 161924 Apr 3Image:.jpg
BrandenburgHarvey Pleasant1877 Mar 241970 May 26
BrandenburgLaura (Ray)1886 Nov 91977 Mar 8
BrandenburgRobert Glendon1925 Aug 152009 Dec 24Image:Brandenburg-328.jpg
BratcherAnna Mae19091993Image:.jpg
BratcherFrank L.19051970Image:.jpg
BratcherGeorge W.1847 Apr 181925 May 18"Husband"Image:.jpg
BratcherHannah18681919"His wife"Image:.jpg
BratcherJames William18681934Image:.jpg
BratcherMartha (Lane)1839 Sep 31892 Jun 26"Wife"Image:.jpg
BratcherRaymond1933 May 151982 Jun 26Image:.jpg
BratcherShirley (Stamm)1955 Apr 15Image:.jpg
BroadusRaymond1907 Mar 19
BrownAda Pearl 1895 Dec 111985 May 28Image:.jpg
BrownAlice H.18871961Image:.jpg
BrownAnn (Eastham)1917 MarImage:.jpg
BrownBen F.18491937Image:.jpg
BrownBen H.18951975Image:.jpg
BrownBetty (Stewart)1942 Apr 26Image:.jpg
BrownChristine1939 Jan 162006 Jul 6"Beloved Mom"Image:.jpg
BrownClara E.18521944Image:.jpg
BrownHarold "H.B."1915 Sep 32010 Jan 27Image:.jpg
BrownLawrence David1896 Oct 291916 Jan 24"Son of W. F. & M. L. Brown"
BrownMary (Foley)1968 Jan1949
BrownRobert Harold 1925 Nov 121996 Jan 30US Marine Corps, WW IIImage:.jpg
BrownRussel Bernice (Brucker)1917 Jun 82011 Oct 2 "Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
BrownSarah Lillis "Sallie" (Ogg)1900 Apr 21987 Nov 26Image:.jpg
BrownThomas Russell1891 May 251932 Apr 1Image:.jpg
BrownWilliam F.1870 Mar1955
BrowneJames Work1892 Jan 121892 Jan 31"Son of W. Frank % Margt. W. Browne"Image:.jpg
BrowningJacob F.18841953Image:.jpg
BrowningLettie F.18901947Image:.jpg
BrownleeFrederick Leslie1883 Apr 141962 Nov 10
BrownleeRuth (Bright)18911967 Sep Image:Bright-1339.jpg
BuckleyColby Y.19051955Image:.jpg
BuckleyColby Young19051955 Feb 13Image:Buckley-1272.jpg
BuckleyEmmett C.1910 Jan 111984 Oct 10Image:Buckley-1277.jpg
BuckleyGrace L. (Purkey)19091985Image:Purkey-38.jpg
BuckleyMary Lee19061997Image:.jpg
BuckleyMary Lee (Wynn)1906 Mar 241997 Mar 281st Lt. US Army, KoreaImage:Wynn-778.jpg
BuckleyMaxine 1925 Jul 181925 Jul 18Image:Buckley-1274.jpg
BuckleyMaxwell 1925 Jul 181925 Jul 18Image:Buckley-1275.jpg
BuckleyScott Alan1964 Sep 272006 Jun 20Married Dec 21, 1984 "Father"Image:.jpg
BuckleyTeresa Gail (Harris)1967 Sep 9Married Dec 21, 1984 "Mother"Image:.jpg
BuckleyWilliam Colby1930 Mar 101982 Nov 9Image:Buckley-1273.jpg
BuckleyWilliam Colby1930 Mar 101982 Nov 91st Lt US Army, KoreaImage:.jpg
BullenElla (Nash)1881 May 101959 Oct 10Image:.jpg
BullenJohn D. Jr.1958 Aug 62005 May 14
BullenJohn Dewey1929 Sep 172002 May 8SGT US Army Korea
BullenJoseph M.1886 May 151974 Oct 14Image:.jpg
BullenMarilyn1936 Jan 7
BullensEthel (Welch) Wolfe1908 Aug 181995 Apr 15Image:.jpg
BurdettEdward T.18731934Image:Burdett-354.jpg
BurdetteMary M. Johnson Burdett1840 Oct 251922 June 13Wife of William H. Burdett "Mother"
BurdettWilliam H.1843 Aug 211898 Mar 31"Asleep in Jesus" "Father"Image:Burdett-356.jpg
BurdettJennie R.1876 Feb 41911 OctImage:Burdett-355.jpg
BurdetteCharles H.1876 Apr 161935 Feb 4son of J. and M. J.
BurdetteElizabeth "Betty" (Galloway)18931988Image:Galloway-1396.jpg
BurdetteHenry H.18861969 Jul 16
BurdetteJane (Cook)18061889wife of Morgan
BurdetteJohn W.1878 Oct. 91904son of J. and M. J.
BurdetteJosiah1845 Dec 211917 Jan 2
BurdetteJurene (Cain) "Granny"1929 May 312006 Apr 3"Together forever"
BurdetteMary1850 Jan 241914 Apr 15
BurdetteWilliam H. "Daddy Bill"1926 Sep 261990 Mar 24PVT US Army "Together forever"
BurgessJames Adoniram18451925Image:.jpg
BurgessMarilla Louise1850 Jan 11906 Nov 15Image:.jpg
BurgessSadie A.18721956Image:.jpg
BurnellAnthony Wayne18641952
BurnellLona (Davidson)18791961
BurrAnnie H.18781861Image:.jpg
BurtonHarry Clay18511925Image:.jpg
BushGeorge W., Sr.1901 May 271961 Aug 30
BybeeThomas ndndCo. G 122 US CLD Inf.
ByersFrances K.18761961 Dec 26
CadeL. D. 1890 Mar 31914 Feb 7Image:.jpg
CadeLucian Davis1890 Mar 31914 Feb 7"asleep in Jesus"
CainEdna M.1924 Apr 271924 Jun 26Image:.jpg
CainLewis R.19041944Image:.jpg
CainLizzie E.1893 Nov 161924 May 24"Thy trials are ended"Image:.jpg
CaldwellPamelia Ann18521908"Mother"Image:.jpg
CaldwellRebecca Jane18801901Image:.jpg
CaldwellSarah Elizabeth18821903Image:.jpg
CaldwellSolomon Marshall18841909Image:.jpg
CalicoAnna E.18911955Image:.jpg
CalicoMorris1895 Nov 31980 Sep 26US Army, WW IImage:.jpg
CalicoOpal Irene19241936"Daughter of Morris and Anna Calico"Image:.jpg
CalicoRoy Edward19471947Image:.jpg
CallowayJohn R.18391897Image:.jpg
CallowaySarah 18541929Image:.jpg
CalvinHenryndndCo. I, 7 Indiana InfantryImage:.jpg
CampbellHelen H.19061963Image:Unknown-274016.jpg
CampbellHelen H.19061963Image:.jpg
CampbellIva J. (Turner)1913 Mar 132003 Sep 11
CampbellJoella18971973 May 11Kentucky PVT US Army, World War IIImage:.jpg
CampbellMaud (Goins)19001959Image:.jpg
CampbellJoseph S.19021982Image:Campbell-13421.jpg
CarlockAlvin1855 Nov 101891 Feb 19Image:.jpg
Carr Irene A.1924 May 13Image:.jpg
CarrLucy (Williams)`1912 Sep 81993 Apr 3Image:.jpg
CarrRichard Coleman1906 Oct 282002 Dec 10Image:.jpg
Carr Ira J.1925 May 112013 Aug 10Image:.jpg
CarrollElizabeth C.18621946Image:.jpg
CarterCora C.19061975Image:.jpg
CarterD. Frank19021974Image:.jpg
CarterJames Delbert19291931Image:.jpg
CarterNellie (Rice)18981935Image:.jpg
ChambersAlice M.19021962Image:.jpg
ChaneyMargaret (Gerrad)1846 Jun 61900 Sep"Wife of J. W. Chaney"Image:.jpg
CharlesCleophus1943 Aug 6Image:.jpg
CharlesRosa Lee1946 Apr 301990 Dec 5Image:.jpg
ChasteenBertha E.18801930 Apr 12
ChasteenBright Berry1849 Jul 61925 Apr 25Image:Chasteen-132.jpg
ChasteenJames Ephraim "Bud"1883 Mar 11961 Oct. 10
ChasteenJessie, Jr.1833 Feb1911 May 22Co. H. 19 Kentucky InfantryImage:.jpg
ChasteenMargret (Snyder)1844 Apr 281918 May 9
ChasteenMarion Arthur1881 Mar 181962 Apr 8
ChasteenMarion Aurthur1881 Mar 181962 Apr 8
ChasteenMary "Molly" (Snyder)1855 Jul 271938 Sep 1Image:Snyder-5129.jpg
ChasteenMary Francis (Williams)1885 Sep1977 Apr 8
ChasteenMary Francis (Williams)1885 Sep1977 Apr 8
ChasteenNicholas Ballard1835 Oct. 151920 Dec 22
ChasteenRalph Otto1909 Mar 191918 Oct 22
ChesterMattie (Fager)18791961Image:.jpg
ChesterWythe Boyd18731946Image:.jpg
ChestnutSuda1884 Jul 181910 May 14Image:.jpg
ChipmanSarah Elizabeth18771957Image:.jpg
ChrismanCatherine (Hendricks)19051990
ChrismanClara Louise1910 Apr 31927 Nov 10
ChrismanDorothy (Currier)1925 Aug 272011 Nov 14
ChrismanEdith1903 Oct 31905 Jul 30
ChrismanJames Ray19062000
ChrismanJohn Douglas1921 Jan 132011 Jul 3
ChrismanLaura Emma (Coyle)1883 May 191967 Mar 14
ChrismanRobert Henry1878 Nov 121963 Aug 10
ClarkCharles C.1891 Apr 171943 Nov 13Kentucky PVT 139 Depot Brig
ClarkCharles C.1891 Apr 171945 Nov 13Kentucky PVT 159 Depot Brig.
ClarkEstella Mae1903 Nov 81986 Mar 7Image:.jpg
ClarkGrace M.18621901Image:.jpg
ClarkHerman1895 May 61954 Nov 12Kentucky PVT Co H 801 Pioneer Inf, World War IImage:.jpg
ClarkRuth V. (Bicknell)1895 Sep 211983 Sep 17Image:Bicknell-413.jpg
ClarkWilliam1897 Mar 101990 Oct 9Image:Clark-19013.jpg
ClayCurlena1933 Mar 182007 Jul 2Image:.jpg
ClaybornMay E.1895 May 31955 Nov 30Image:.jpg
ClickMartha (Dean)1835 Jan 71933 Jun 18Image:.jpg
ClickRobert H.18661928Image:.jpg
CliftC. M. 1849 Nov 111908 Dec 6
CliftM. A. 18851911
CliftTalitha1878 Nov 111904 Oct 24
ColdwellElizabeth 18551929Image:.jpg
ColeCharles H.1911 Dec 221962 July
ColeGrace H.19131994
ColeNettie (Moody) Lewis1870 Jan 271922 Mar 15Image:.jpg
ColeTheodocia "Docia" P. (Cornelison)1846 Dec 211921 Nov 7Image:.jpg
ColeWilliam1889 Oct 161961 Dec 28Kentucky, PVT US Army World War IImage:.jpg
CollinsEdna Louise1928 Dec 312010 Mar 23"In loving memory"Image:.jpg
CollinsGertie (Abrams)1897 Nov 181999 Mar 2Image:Abrams-788.jpg
CollinsMallie (Kimbrell)1878 Jun 211906 Jan 18
CollinsNannie M.19091955"Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
CollinsWilliam D.19051982"Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
CombsEmily S.1902 Dec 181979 Oct 7
CombsGeorge W1894 Sept 141969 Mar 30Kentucky PVT US Army WW I
CombsGeorge W.1922 Dec 71944 Aug 10Kentucky PFC 47th Infantry 69th Division, World War IIImage:.jpg
CombsJennie L18641925
CombsRonald Lee1948 Oct 251948 Nov 2"Infant"Image:.jpg
CombsWesley B 18761931
ConleyAnna (Parry)1871 Feb 61953 Mar 3Image:.jpg
ConleyRobert Henry1871 Oct 251948 Nov 20"Berea College Physician for 37 years"Image:.jpg
CookJack L.1963 Aug 292008 Jan 14Image:.jpg
CornelisonAddie (Burdette)1867 Apr 61933 Jun 11(J.T.)Image:Burdette-230.jpg
CornelisonCorrie (Barnes)1895 Jan 51983 Sep 3
CornelisonElizabeth B.18611959Image:.jpg
CornelisonElizabeth H.18961937Image:.jpg
CornelisonIda C. (Hilton)18951974Image:.jpg
CornelisonInfant Daughter1904 Jan 261904 Jan 26Infant Daughter of J. T. & Addie Cornelison
CornelisonJ. Reid18541926Image:.jpg
CornelisonJ. T. 1866 Sep 291947 Mar 23Image:Cornelison-184.jpg
CornelisonJosie (Quinn)1869"Wife"Image:.jpg
CornelisonLaura B.18861951Image:.jpg
CornelisonMary E. (Rawlings)1851 Oct 11879 May 30(Remains buried at Russell, Kansas)Image:.jpg
CornelisonNora B. (Welch)1892 Apr 141943 Oct 31 Image:Welch-3452.jpg
CornelisonPalestine Jarman1885 Jun 261962 Sep 12
CornelisonSallie (Coleman)ndndWife of W. A. Cornelison
CornelisonW. B.1859 Jan 71931 Mar 8"Husband"Image:.jpg
CornelisonWilliam Alex1897 Apr 231945 Apr 21Image:Cornelison-183.jpg
CorneliusAlbert FranklinImage:Cornelius-948.jpg
CorneliusChilela J. (Azbill)1865 Nov1903
CorneliusDr. Preston1860 Oct 201929 Nov 2
CorneliusGrace Lee18881951
CorneliusKatherine H. (Houghton)1855 Jan 81947 Aug 19 Image:Emerson-1299.jpg
CornettA. B.1875 May 51963 Jul 5Image:.jpg
CornettDora P.18801951"Mother"Image:.jpg
CornettH. L. 19071946"Son"Image:.jpg
CornettJohn L.18901964Image:.jpg
CornettSally Ada18911959Image:.jpg
CornettWilford Hughes1919 Sep 161987 Apr 7CPL US Army, World War IIImage:.jpg
CornnLouise R.19161982Image:.jpg
CornnMyrtle L.18941971Image:.jpg
CornnWorley R.18951978Image:.jpg
CoulsonAletha Ellen (Fowler)18781933Image:Fowler-4453.jpg
CoulsonAletha Ellen (Fowler)18781933Image:.jpg
CoxFlorence (Tatum)1898 Feb 141987 Dec 20 Image:Cox-11618.jpg
CoxGilmer F.1893 Jun 231943 Image:Cox-11618.jpg
CoyleBessie H (Baker)19061994Image:Baker-14515.jpg
CoyleCleo (Hatton)18981994
CoyleCleopatra Cordelia1877 Mar 121891 Jul 18daughter of T.J. And M.E. Coyle
CoyleCynthia (Hayes)18811963
CoyleCynthia (Hayes)18811956Image:.jpg
CoyleElmer Franklin18791946
CoyleElmer Franklin18791946Image:.jpg
CoyleFlora Elizabeth (Powell)1896 May 161925 Jun 11"She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and a friend to all."
CoyleGeorge D1899 Apr 251901 Feb 26son of T.J. & S.J. CoyleImage:Coyle-497.jpg
CoyleJason W1872 Apr 221889 Jan 11son of W. and L. H.Coyle
CoyleJohn F.18761958
CoyleJoseph1842 Jul 271928 Mar 15
CoyleLander T.18661913
CoyleLydia (Hudson)1824 Apr 41915 May 5
CoyleMable B1926 Sept 17
CoyleMary Ann1831 Dec1919
CoyleMary E1854 Oct 101929 Aug 3
CoyleMattie (Hays)18751960Image:Hays-1025.jpg
CoyleMattie (Hays)18751960Image:.jpg
CoyleMaud1998 Feb 71901 Feb 26daughter of T.J.& S.J. CoyleImage:Coyle-496.jpg
CoyleRufus R1870 Mar 291940 Aug 11
CoyleRufus R.18701940Image:.jpg
CoyleSallie Ann (Coyle)18411933
CoyleSherrod A.1864 Oct1908
CoyleThomas H.18291920
CoyleThomas J1850 Feb 261917 May 24
CoyleThurston R1922 Aug 212006 Mar 26"Father of Sharon"
CoyleWilliam M 18971934
CoyleWilliam Maurice1926 Jul 29
CoyleWilliamson1824 Aug 211881 May 1
CoyleWillie1864 Dec 31882 Feb 15son of W. and L. H. Coyle
CrabbIda Belle18571932Wife of Rev. George W. Crabb
CraftVirgie (Wynn)19011979Image:Wynn-780.jpg
CreechElias18841905 Nov 10
CreechFannie1842 Oct 261927 Jun 30
CreechWilliam Henry Harrison1842 Oct 61929 May 15
CroleyE. Frank1904 Jan 11955 Dec 25"May he rest in peace"Image:.jpg
CroleyJane (Anglin)18801965"His wife"Image:.jpg
CroucherCharlie Edward1926 Sep 212007 Mar 21CPL US Army Air Forces, World War IIImage:.jpg
CroucherDorcie (Alexander)1933 Apr 82006 Feb 8Image:.jpg
CulleyAlberta (Norvelle)18941931Image:.jpg
CumminsMildred (Sawyer)1924 Sep 72000 Oct 19Image:.jpg
CumminsValtza (Golden)1882 Jan 61936 Jun 2Image:.jpg
CunaginBarbra Ann1935 Nov 291936 Oct 5"Our darling"Image:.jpg
CunaginLeonard1904 Apr 81956 Jul 16Image:.jpg
CunaginLewis 1882 Jul 201965 Jul 14Image:.jpg
CunaginNannie C.1899 Sep 101944 Oct 11"Never to be forgotten"Image:.jpg
CunaginSusie1887 Jul 131933 Jun 27Image:.jpg
CurrierRobert Henry18881963
DashLela (Miles)1905 May 291980 Jul
Davis? M.D.1916Image:.jpg
DavisAnnie E. (Lewis)18721936"Mother"
DavisBanner19211996"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
DavisBen18911957"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
DavisCordelia "Delie" (Goins)19081986"Mother"Image:.jpg
DavisDelora W.1910 May 172001 May 29
DavisEdward P.19061953Image:.jpg
DavisEdward P.19061953
DavisFlorence 18951990Image:.jpg
DavisFlorence M.1912 Dec 172012 Feb 24"Wife"
DavisGeorge1904 June 161976 Sep 13
DavisIkey1907 Apr 101990 Jun 5
DavisIsaac 18581943"Father"
DavisIsaac Charles1844 Oct 71910 Jan 8Image:Davis-23828.jpg
DavisJoyce (Smith)19222011"His wife"Image:.jpg
DavisLawrence Aaron, Jr.19221992Image:.jpg
DavisLewis A.18741916
DavisLewis A., M.D.1874 Aug 281916 Jan 31
DavisLewis C.19031960Image:.jpg
DavisLewis Cornelius19031960
DavisLida B.19061989Image:.jpg
DavisLida B.1906 Mar 31989 Oct
DavisMary Bell (Snowden)18591934"Wife of T. H. Davis"Image:.jpg
DavisMary Bell (Snowden)1859 Aug 121933 Apr 1wife of T. H. Davis
DavisMinnie1883 Aug 261885 Apr 16
DavisNancy Ellen (Asbell)18551925Image:Asbell-50.jpg
DavisPhamy (Richardson)18801973
DavisPhamy R.18801973Image:.jpg
DavisPhamy R.18801973
DavisRuth (Rominger)1921 Mar 162006 Jan 1Image:.jpg
DavisRuth Rominger1921 Mar 162006 Jan 1
DavisSallie Ann 18391921
DavisThomas Hill1858 Apr 41953 Sep 11
DavisThomas Hill1858 Apr 41953 Sep 11Image:.jpg
DavisTom1912 Sep 242004 Sep 26"Husband"
DavisWillie1881 Apr 281886 Jul 26children of I. C. and N. E. Davis
DeanArmina (Lane)1860 Dec 131938 Oct 24Image:.jpg
DeanBenjamine A.18881921Image:.jpg
DeanDonna J.1961 May 221961 May 22Baby, InfantImage:.jpg
DeanHazel Margaret1913 Jan 201920 Feb 25Image:.jpg
DeanIsaac F.1855 Apr 161933 Apr 1Image:.jpg
DeanJeannette (Cope)19192011"Mother"Image:.jpg
DeanJohn Eldon19482006"Son"Image:.jpg
DeanJohn F.18791957Image:Dean-3291.jpg
DeanJohn F.18791957Image:.jpg
DeanLois (Partridge)18691954Image:.jpg
DeanMargaret18811966 Image:Moyers-127.jpg
DeanMargaret (Moyers)18811966Image:.jpg
DeanRuford O.1887 Jan 311906 Jul 20Image:.jpg
DeatherageLinda (Ambrose)1954 Nov 72012 Oct 25"In God's Care" "Mother" "Sister"Image:.jpg
DeatherageNancy (Blythe)1900 Aug 32003 Jan 1
DeatherageOscar Mitchell1908 Jun 31981 Feb 12
DewittAnnie 1880 Dec 251898 Jan 15
DewittEllen1894 Jun 111894 Jul 11"Age one month"
DewittJerry1888 Feb 151894 Nov 20
DickElizabeth (Brownlee)1890 Feb 61981 JanImage:.jpg
DizneyE. F.18601988Image:.jpg
DizneyMary Ida18571926Image:.jpg
DodgeLucinda M. (Green)18381895 Sep 24"His wife"
DodgeMary B.1851 Feb 141888 Feb 22Image:.jpg
DodgeMary H.1861 Mar1945"His wife"
DodgeWilliam Levant1838 May 81925
DoeAnn 1833 Oct 81913 Jun 27
DoeElla B. (Estill)18791942 Dec 9
DoeRobert B.18601934
DoughertyCharles Thomas1919 Jun 61989 Aug 28Image:.jpg
DoughertyJohn Richard18891964Image:.jpg
DoughertyLois (Robinson)18951979Image:.jpg
DoughertyNancy Ann (Kimbrell)1849 Sep 221910 Jan 2Image:.jpg
DoughertyThomas J.1836 May 221915 Mar 17Image:.jpg
DowdenAmanda J.18611937Image:.jpg
DowdenJohnnie J.18851886Image:.jpg
DowdenMichael A.18621893Image:.jpg
DuettEllen18511894 Jun 11Married July 20, 1866; Wife of thomas Duett
DuncanCecil H.18921960
DuncanEva 1878 May 11915 Jan 22Image:.jpg
DuncanLaura F.18691950Image:.jpg
DuncanLindsey C.1837 Jul 141906 Nov 11Image:.jpg
DuncanMary E.18921946Image:.jpg
DuncanMary J. (Lutes)1849 Jul 311921 Mar 28Image:.jpg
DuncanRobert L.18811963
DunnCorinne V.19391962(shared tombstone with Johnny Viars)Image:.jpg
DurhamConnie1941 Jun 21941 Dec 22"Our darling"Image:.jpg
DyerJames1865 Dec 241950 May 1 Image:.jpg
DyerNellie P.1895 Feb 171977 Jul 20Image:.jpg
EadsGeorge 19051984
EarlyClara 1887 Nov 11890 Mar 6daughter of J. M & M. E. Early
EarlyEdith18871922wife of Chas. B. Holder
EarlyJames M.18661940
EarlyMartha E.18671945
EarnestDovie Inez19031980
EarnestLillian (Robinson)19092000 Sep 11Image:Robinson-14473.jpg
EasleyMattiend1958 Oct 17Image:.jpg
EasleyWyckliffe J.1887 Sep 71890 Apr 17"Son of M. O. & J. EasleyImage:.jpg
EatonAlene1928 Oct 11ndPFC US Army WW IIImage:.jpg
EatonClaude1895 May 281958 Jun 1"Precious memories" "Kentucky PFC US Army World War IImage:.jpg
EatonClaude1895 May 281958 Jun 1Kentucky, PFC US Army World War IImage:.jpg
EatonDewey1899 Jun 281969 Dec 1Father
EatonMary1897 Aug 221969 Sep 1Image:.jpg
EatonPearl Dixie19031963 Apr 3Mother Image:Unknown-274231.jpg
EatonRalph1923 May 221988 Sep 9Image:Eaton-3390.jpg
EatonVelma1888 Mar 281985 Sep 29"Precious memories"Image:.jpg
EdenBerniece (Elam)1916 Mar 121963 Sep 5Gone to live with JesusImage:Gabbard-163.jpg
EdenDave M.1916 Mar 81973 Jun 11Gone But Not Forgotten
EdsterCharles 18351914Image:.jpg
EdsterMargaret 18441895Image:.jpg
ElkinBettie (Lambert)1891 Apr 171978 May 27Image:Elkin-162.jpg
ElkinDora E.1898 Dec 29Image:.jpg
ElkinGlenn Ray1929 Jun 32001 Jul 24
ElkinJerry Russell1930 Oct 151952 DecImage:Elkin-159.jpg
ElkinLena Mae1902 Oct 241992 Jul 27
ElkinLyman P.18871972Image:.jpg
ElkinLyman Parrish1887 May 81972 Dec 2Image:Elkin-162.jpg
CookeReba (Cooke)19061984LT, US Air ForceImage:Cooke-3003.jpg
ElkinSallie (Walkup)1863Image:.jpg
WalkupSallie (Walkup)1862 Aug 131949 Jan 13Image:Walkup-145.jpg
ElkinT. J. "Jim"1882 Nov 301975 Jan 8Image:.jpg
ElkinThomas Edwin18571935Image:Elkin-161.jpg
ElkinThomas Edwin18571935Image:.jpg
ElkinLarue Helem18601954Image:Elkin-148.jpg
ElkinLillian Brooks18891957
ElkinNannie (Walkup)1864 Nov 261952 Nov 11Image:.jpg
ElkinsMollie W.1862 Jul 101951 Jun 1Image:.jpg
ElkinsR. W. 1856 Jan 301927 Dec 30Image:.jpg
EmbreeEtta (Parsons)18821962Image:.jpg
EmbreeLaura Ann (Fee)1845 Sep 141903 Jul 30"Mother"Image:.jpg
EmbreeMary (Scott)1889 May 291990 Jan 23(Royal)Image:Scott-6110.jpg
EmbreeRalph Arnold1945 May 12CMDR U.S.N.; Lost in the service of his county, Okinawa “He rests alone in his glory”Image:Embree-697.jpg
EmbreeRaymond Burrit1877 Sep 211899 SepImage:.jpg
EmbreeRaymond Scott1920 May 251987 Nov 23(son of Mary and Royal)Image:Embree-698.jpg
EmbreeRoyal Howard1879 Sep 201961 May 23Wyoming, PVT World War I (Mary)Image:Embree-694.jpg
EmbreeWilliam Dean18801966"Trustee of Berea College 1912-1962"Image:.jpg
EmbreeWilliam Dean, Jr.19151997"Trustee of Berea College 1962-1997"Image:.jpg
EngleJames F.18601935Image:.jpg
EngleLula1906 Sep 211907 Mar 7Image:.jpg
EngleMary (Lane)18701964Image:.jpg
EngleStanley L.18951928First Lieut. World WarImage:.jpg
EngleVirginia E.19011992Image:.jpg
EstelleWilliam H.1892 Feb 11975 Jul 21US Army, World War I
EstepPearl 1918 Apr 201948 Aug 17"At rest"Image:.jpg
EvansAnnie M.1880 Jan 261905 Nov 15"Wife of J. M. Evans"Image:.jpg
EvansChester 18961896Image:.jpg
EvansEllen (Best)1910 Feb 261999 Aug 16
EvansJames F.19011906Image:.jpg
EvansNancy J.1868 Oct1947"His wife"Image:.jpg
EvansPleasant1866 Apr1938Image:.jpg
EvansStella M.19031918Image:.jpg
EvansWilson Arnold1908 Mar 12002 Jul 15
EversoleH. Tinsley1892 Oct 311964 Sep 28WW I
EversoleJ. Quentin1902 Dec 281967 Apr 24
EversoleSerena (Lewis)18661945Image:Lewis-14046.jpg
FairchildCharlotte Pearl (Halsted)1837 Jun 121904 Jan 12Image:.jpg
FairchildEdward Henry1815 Nov 291889 Oct 2Image:.jpg
FairchildGeorge Thompson1838 Oct 61901 Mar 16Image:.jpg
FairchildMaria (Babbit)1817 Feb 281889 Jul 8Image:.jpg
FarleyWinnie (Wynn)19111992
FayAnna (Hanson)1845 Jun 261913 Apr 19Image:.jpg
FeeBessie (Hamilton)1865 Apr 301886 Jan 9Image:.jpg
FeeBurritt1849 May 11877 Oct 1"Son of John G. and Matilda H. Fee"Image:.jpg
FeeCharlotte Elizabeth (Chittenden)1853 Sep 171943 Mar 27Image:.jpg
FeeEmmand1876 Dec 12"Daughter"Image:.jpg
FeeHoward Samuel18511904Image:.jpg
FeeJohn Gregg1816 Sep 91901 Jan 11"Founder of Berea College"Image:.jpg
FeeMatilda (Hamilton)1824 May 241895 Apr 7Image:.jpg
FielderAnna M. (Smith)1920 Jul 252012 Mar 6Image:.jpg
FielderBenton, Jr.1920 Feb 81995 Mar 2COL US Air Force, WW II, Korea, VietnamImage:.jpg
FielderLeonard C.18951954"The best dad in the world"Image:.jpg
FielderMaude L.18911986"Mother"Image:.jpg
FielderRobert Benton1944 Apr 122001 Sep 4SGT US Air Force, VietnamImage:.jpg
FielderRobert Lee1922 Mar 71989 May 21Image:.jpg
FielderVirginia (Elliott)Image:.jpg
FishAlbert T.1860 Feb 181902 Sep 13Image:Fish-2355.jpg
FishAlbert T., Jr.18591902 Sep 13Image:.jpg
FishEgbert T.18571950Image:.jpg
FishEgbert T.1857 Feb 101950(Bertha)Image:Fish-2356.jpg
FishElizabeth (Hampton)19041923Image:.jpg
FishGrover C.18841932Father Image:Fish-2358.jpg
FishGrover C.18841932Image:.jpg
FishJennie B. (Galloway)18651938Image:Galloway-1134.jpg
FishJennie B. (Galloway)18651938Image:.jpg
FishMartha F. (Galloway)18601944Image:.jpg
FishMartha F. (Galloway)1859 Aug 191944Image:Galloway-1135.jpg
FishRobert ndndCo C 24 US CImage:.jpg
FlaneryArthur 18851948Image:.jpg
FlaneryBessie1883 Oct 241904 Feb 26Image:.jpg
FlaneryFrances S.18911952Image:.jpg
FlanneryLucy K.18531930Image:.jpg
FlanneryThomas J.18511929Image:.jpg
FlemingJesse C.1915 Oct 282003 May 4S SGT US Army, WW IIImage:.jpg
FloydMayme (Becknell)1901 Jan 201995 Mar 9
ForsytheEmma A.1892 Jul 51966 Jul 11Image:.jpg
ForsytheWilliam D.1885 Jun 51967 Mar 4Image:.jpg
FortnerElbert W.19061878Image:.jpg
FortnerElizabeth (Ogg)19051988Image:.jpg
FortnerWilliam L.1933 Jul 211933 Jul 22Image:.jpg
FortuneMargaret (Foley)18701958Image:.jpg
FosterMarie Gay (Moody)19101991
FosterZachary1905 Sept 211985 Aug 10Veteran; US Navy, WWII
FothergillMona Sue (Welch)18891970"Mother"Image:Welch-3447.jpg
FowlerAmerica (Ballard)1855 Aug 151947 Feb 11Image:Ballard-4351.jpg
FowlerDoshia (Mosley)18901917Image:Mosley-566.jpg
FowlerElla Mae18951986Image:.jpg
FowlerFlavia B.18911963
FowlerGill O.1914 Nov 171974 Aug 30MAJ US Army
FowlerGreen V.1867 May 1952
FowlerHumphrey Hill1875 Mar 71930 Jan 9Image:Fowler-4456.jpg
FowlerHumphrey Hill1875 Mar 71930 Jan 9Image:.jpg
FowlerInfant1907 Apr 1907 Jun 21age 1 mo. 23 days; Infant son of J. and N. M. Fowler
FowlerJ. Bennett18851961
FowlerJames William18711958Image:Fowler-4454.jpg
FowlerJohn1876 Jul 191924 Jun 25
FowlerJohn Bennett1885 May1961
FowlerJohn W.18501918Image:.jpg
FowlerJohn William1850 Dec 11918 May 5Image:Fowler-4451.jpg
FowlerJune Walker18831963
FowlerLouise19272005"In loving memory of a sister and aunt"Image:.jpg
FowlerNancy Margaret (Bowling)1881 May 291970 Jul 20 Image:Bowling-613.jpg
Fowler]]Nora Harris (McCormick)1888 Jan 51973 Jan 12 Image:McCormick-2426.jpg
FowlerStanley Ballard1892 May 1986Image:Fowler-4459.jpg
FowlerWilliam H.1921 May 71994 Feb 7PFC US Army World War II
FoxArthur R.1914 Feb 271970 Jul 29Image:.jpg
FoxCora May18851906Image:Fox-5956.jpg
FoxHenderson F.18911961Image:.jpg
FoxJohn B.1842 Mar1908
FoxM. Adelia18691963Image:Fox-5954.jpg
FranklinLenard1900 Apr 231934 Jul 22
FraryBessie A. (Wyatt)1893 Jun 271918 Jul 11Image:.jpg
FreemanWilma F.1931 Mar 301994 Oct 17Image:.jpg
FrenchArthur J.19341993Image:French-4165.jpg
FrenchElmer Lee1939 Jan 291942 Jan 26And Lilly BurdellaImage:.jpg
FrenchJ. Rice18711911Image:.jpg
FrenchLucy Jane (Richmond)19011994Image:Richmond-1218.jpg
FrithHugh L.18971946Image:.jpg
FrithMargie (Hayes)18951966Image:.jpg
FrostCleveland Cady18961918Berea Academy, Yale College, 1st Liut. World War, Killed in ActionImage:Frost-4586.jpg
FrostEleanor (Marsh)18631950Image:Marsh-3549.jpg
FrostMaria (Goodell)1826 Oct 11899 Jan 1"Mother of William, and infant son, Lewis, Harriet, Nelson, and Willard" (daughter of William Goodell)
FrostRodney Fairchild1909 Apr 191909 Apr 20"Son of Stanley & Katherine Frost"
FrostStanley18811942"Reporter, Journalist, Author" (married to Katherine May Fairchild 1905)
FrostWilliam Goodell1854 Jul 21936Pioneer, Reformer, Inspirer
FugateAddie B.18911971Image:.jpg
FugateBen R.18871979Image:.jpg
FugateMark D.18641948"Father"Image:.jpg
FugateMary F.18721938"Mother"Image:.jpg
FugetMollie K1876 Jun 191891 Apr 22daughter of Wm & Elizabeth Fuget
FugitteGolden S.18961990Image:.jpg
FugitteJames R.18951980SGT US Army,World War IImage:.jpg
FugitteLouise G.1915 Jul 92000 Nov 29Image:.jpg
FugitteRoy H.1920 May 192001 Mar 30Image:.jpg
GabbardAllie May (Blanton)1894 Apr 41974 May 4Image:Blanton-460.jpg
GabbardBurritt H.1871 Dec 61931 Feb 21
GabbardElendar B. (Lakes)1845 June 10wife of L. C. Gabbard
GabbardErnest E.1897 Oct 271970 May 17Image:Gabbard-139.jpg
GabbardFredrick1879 Apr 41893 Jun 28son of L. C. & E. B. Gabbard
GabbardGarfield1894 Nov 161979 May 24In loving memory
GabbardGreen1841 Jul 41918 Mar 30Image:.jpg
GabbardJames J.1872 Jan 261893 Jun 16Image:.jpg
GabbardJohn Bradley1895 Dec 51918 Sept 12Kentucky PVT 6 Inf 5 Div.
GabbardJohn H.1868 Oct 261895 May 5"Educated at Berea College"Image:.jpg
GabbardJohn H.1870 Feb 181914 Jun 27FatherImage:Gabbard-135.jpg
GabbardLaura F. (Blanton)18791968Mother; wife of John H. GabbardImage:Blanton-456.jpg
GabbardLevant1908 Jul 261975 Jan 25
GabbardLewis Cox "L C"1841 Oct 231903 Jan 17
GabbardMary (Blanton)18871941
GabbardMary E.18751963
GabbardMary E. (Hudson)1843 Apr 51925 Jan 5"His wife"Image:.jpg
GabbardMathias J.18401909 May 8Civil War veteranImage:Gabbard-230.jpg
GabbardPearl (Ogg)1886 Feb 61971 Sep 29
GabbardSamira E. (Blanton)1873 Mar 291893 Jun 23wife of William R. Gabbard
GabbardTalitha (Coyle)1895 Aug 261983 Sep 19In loving memoryImage:Coyle-761.jpg
GabbardTaylor Price19131964
GabbardWilliam R.1868 Apr 141943 Apr 28
GabbardWilliam R.1868 Apr 141943 Apr 28
GaddDora (Baker)1924 Mar 23
GaddLloyd F.1921 May 281987 Aug 8
GallowayArminta J.18331904"His Wife"Image:.jpg
GallowayArminta Jane (Kerby)18331904Image:Kerby-159.jpg
GallowayBurnam D.18981941 Feb 14Image:Galloway-1188.jpg
GallowayBurnam D.nd1941 Feb 14Kentucky PVT 71 Fields Arty, II DivImage:.jpg
GallowayErnest 18901905Image:.jpg
GallowayF. G.18221902Image:.jpg
GallowayFranklin B.18681901Image:.jpg
GallowayFranklin B.18681901Image:.jpg
GallowayFranklin G.18221902Image:Galloway-1135.jpg
GallowayFranklin G.18221902Image:.jpg
GallowayMary Robe18661946
GallowayNancy A.18721952Image:.jpg
GallowayNancy A.18721952Image:.jpg
GallowayWilliam T.18631943Image:Galloway-1187.jpg
GallowayWilliam T.18631943Image:.jpg
GalowayJ. S. 18271897Image:.jpg
GalowayTalitha C.1842 May 101903 Jun 2Image:.jpg
GastineauMary (Preston)18641923
GatliffEmily J.18561945"Mother"Image:.jpg
GayBenjamin F18481924
GayCharlie A.18971962"Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus"
GayDorothy 19111973
GayFranklin Leslie18801962
GayJennie (Scott)18611912
GayJohn D18831963
GayJohn Lewis18651959
GayLizzie M19061964Image:Unknown253363-1.jpg
GayMae (Wilson)19011998"Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus"Image:Wilson-24354.jpg
GayMinerva (Davis)18481888
GayMinerva E.19131969
GayNora Burdette1873 Nov 101939 Aug 18
GayT R Ted19021967
GayWinnifred McGuire18901935
GentryErnest R.1880 Sep 241894 Jun 23Image:.jpg
GentryMargaret1838 Oct 121898 Jul 15Image:.jpg
GentryMary K.19231953Image:.jpg
GentryMinnie E.19011948Image:.jpg
GentrySarah Bell1856 Nov 221887 Sep 20Image:.jpg
GentrySimpson1821 Oct 151905 Feb 5Image:.jpg
GillenGeorge G.1920 Nov 131979 Dec 22(maiden name should be changed to Chasteen)Image:Gillen-81.jpg
GillenJoyce1900 Nov 141995 Jun 19In loving memory
GillenRoy 1888 Oct 41966 Sep 5In loving memory
GoinsJoe R.18751951"At rest" "Father"Image:.jpg
GoinsMargaret (Rains)18781973"At rest" "Mother"Image:.jpg
GoldenAbsalom Lee1874 Jul 151940 Mar 30Image:.jpg
GoldenHarden1839 Jun 91923 Jul 8Image:.jpg
GoldenJames W.1886 Sep 81946 Jan 2Image:.jpg
GoldenMargaret T.1879 Feb 71924 Nov 9Image:.jpg
GoldenMartha B.1851 Jan 61946 Feb 12Image:.jpg
GoldenMattie A.1873 Nov 201885 Nov 8"Daughter of H. + M. Golden"Image:.jpg
GoodellClarissa C. (Cady)17971878"Wife of William Goodell"
GoodellRhoda Lavinia1839 May 21880 Mar 31
GoodellWilliam1792 Oct 251878 Feb 12"His life was devoted to the service of God and humanity in warfare against slavery, temperance, public corruption, and every form of injuustice. The effect of the influence he exerted as editor, author, lecturere, and pastor will continue long after this
GoodrichMary (Bowlin)18881983"His wife"Image:.jpg
GoodrichRaymond , Sr.19071965Image:.jpg
GrahamMarjorie Belle (Clark)1913 Nov 152003 Nov 8Image:.jpg
GreenEsther 1897 May 41898 Nov 1"Daughter of O. P. and J. C. Green"Image:.jpg
GreenFlora Lucille1935 Apr 61940Our darling baby
GreenLottie Lorene (Lake)1922 Nov 72009 Nov 9 Image:Lake-1252.jpg
GreenNancy Leah1934 Sep 171934Our darling baby
GregoryFred O18671929Image:.jpg
GriffethIda (Kindred)18861943Image:.jpg
GriffinBaby19481948Son of Ruby and Harold Griffin)
GriffinJames H.1896 Nov 251931 Mar 28Image:.jpg
GriffinMaude1893 Sep 191977 Sep 13Image:.jpg
GiffinRoscoe Raymond "Rusty"1914 Jan 11962 Jan 24
GriffinRuby1912 Jul 31991 May 23Image:Unknown-270947.jpg
GriffithEsther Ann (Butner)18601948Image:.jpg
GriffithFleming Butner1890 Oct 51969 May 15Image:.jpg
GriffithFleming Park19211944ST Lieut. US Marine CorpsImage:.jpg
GriffithMaud (Park)1888 Dec 251975 Jul 3Image:.jpg
GrigsbyGeorge18951964"Little George"Image:.jpg
GunklerOra (Wyatt)19132003Image:.jpg
GunklerOscar H.19071999LTJG US Navy, World War IIImage:.jpg
HaleBurgess Lee1915 Nov 111976 DecImage:Hale-2737.jpg
HaleLeonard Junior1927 May 91964 Oct 16Kentucky SK3 USNR World War II
HaleMabel (Gadd)1918 Jun 222004 Jun 14Image:Gadd-129.jpg
HaleYetta (Gadd)1901 Jun 251968 Jan 13Image:Hale-3561.jpg
HaleyEdna18051897 Jun 29Image:.jpg
HaleyIsaac18411897 Nov 12Image:.jpg
HaleySarah (Dowden)18871973Image:.jpg
HaleyWilliam C.18841933Image:.jpg
HallAnnna Farra (VanMeter)18921948"His wife"Image:.jpg
HallEli Colbert1920 Feb 92001 Mar 21Image:.jpg
HallFrederick Fairchild18731948"Grandson of Edw. H. Fairchild"Image:.jpg
HallJuanita (Lewis)1921 May 252003 Nov 12Image:.jpg
HamiltonAnna F.19001924"Sister"Image:.jpg
HamiltonE. D. ndnd"18 months"Image:.jpg
HamiltonJames A.18971955"Brother"Image:.jpg
HamiltonM. E.18981920Image:.jpg
HancockE. B.1840 Oct 21Image:.jpg
HancockS. A. (Henderson)1830 Aug 41903 May 3"Wife of E. B. Hancock"Image:.jpg
HansonArthur J.1840 Jul 201896 Sep 26Image:.jpg
HansonC. Fay1874 Apr 181910 Oct 9Image:.jpg
HansonEmma Lou1845 Mar 271924 Feb 4Image:.jpg
HansonJohn G.1834 Jan 181885 Apr 14
HansonJulia B.1869 Dec 231896 Nov 16Image:.jpg
HansonSallie PearlImage:.jpg
HardenElbridge1854 Feb 121920 Oct 8
HardenLou 1857 Apr 101919 Apr 1
HarmonEarl1923 Jun 181981 Apr 13AMMI US Navy World War IIImage:Harmon-2792.jpg
HarringtonDelma H.19051933Image:.jpg
HarrisPattie (Davis)18891932Image:.jpg
HarrisPattie Davis18891932
HarrisWilliam R.1847 May 21933 Jul 17Pvt. Co. E 6th Kentucky Cavalry
HarrisWilliam R.1847 May 21933 Jul 17PVT Co E, 6 KY CavImage:.jpg
HarrisonEliza18511935"Of such is the kingdom of God"Image:.jpg
HarrisonElla18761918"Of such is the kingdom of God"Image:.jpg
HarrisonMildred G.19031985
HarrisonRoy O.19031964
HarrisonW. L.18501930"Of such is the kingdom of God"Image:.jpg
HartAlbert C.1862 Feb 111932 Jan 21
HartAllen Ellis1884 Aug 221929 Apr 9
HartAllen M.1862 Feb 111887 Mar 11Son of James and Susan Hart
HartDempsie R.19031980Image:Hart-5170.jpg
HartDempsie R.1903 Aug 81980 Oct 27Image:.jpg
HartElizabeth1852 Sep 121923 Jun 29
HartFannie B.18731957 Nov 29Image:Azbill-16.jpg
HartIda P. (Hammond)19001960Image:Hammond-3187.jpg
HartJames1821 Nov 261904 Jun 28 Image:Hart-5793.jpg
HartJames M.1852 Sep 81902 Mar 17
HartRuth Y.1905 Feb 231992 May 3Image:.jpg
HartSusan1819 Nov 151904 Nov 4"His Wife" (James)Image:Hart-5793.jpg
HartSusan D.1910 Feb 271997 June 21"Sue"
HartWilliam Ernest1895 Jan 201926 Aug 23" F L T" (Friendship, Love, Truth)
HarwoodEdith 18981957"Daughter"Image:.jpg
HarwoodJohn 18701954"Father"Image:.jpg
HarwoodJohn Edgar19001916U.S.N. Cenotaph "Lost at Sea"Image:.jpg
HarwoodLucy E.18761962"Mother"Image:.jpg
HarwoodMargaret Helen19081917Image:.jpg
HatfieldMaud C. (Welch)1895 Feb 261919 Feb 1Image:Welch-3453.jpg
HaydenJohnnie1885 Jul 231886 Sep 9Image:.jpg
HayesC. Oscar1909 Apr 161983 Feb 2Image:.jpg
HayesChester Walter1907 May 221988
HayesChester W.19071988Image:.jpg
HayesChristine1913 Nov 171999 Apr 14Image:.jpg
HayesDexter Franklin1958 Oct 71961 Sep 11Our precious darling
HayesGrace B.19061946"Mother"Image:.jpg
HayesHerbert H.18981951"Father"Image:.jpg
HayesJames R.18791951Image:.jpg
HayesLaura B.19121962
HayesLaura B.19121962Image:.jpg
HayesMary (Wood)18551910"Wife of William M. Hayes"Image:.jpg
HayesMattie Jean (Cope)1936 Jun 12Together Forever; Married Nov. 22, 1957 Image:Cope-876.jpg
HayesOscar Franklin, Jr.1933 May 122010 Jun 29Together Forever; Married Nov. 22, 1957; PFC US Army
HayesWilliam M.18461930Co. D. 49th Kentucky Inf.Image:.jpg
HaysAlexander Franklin "Frank"1840 Apr 61924 Jun 4Image:Hays-1562.jpg
HaysEdwin1912 Jun 211913 Mar 4Image:.jpg
HaysElizabeth F.18981988
HaysElizabeth F.18981988Image:.jpg
HaysElizabeth F.18981988Image:.jpg
HaysHerbert H.19861971Image:.jpg
HaysHerbert H.1896 May 31971 Aug
HaysJimmie1933 Apr 141933 Apr 14"Born & died April 14, 1933"Image:.jpg
HaysMary F (Engle)1874 Jun 71964
HaysMary F.18741964Image:.jpg
HaysRichard G.18711944Image:.jpg
HaysRichard Granville1871 Aug 271944
HaysWilmoth F.1854 Sep 51946 Sep 18Image:Hudson-4104.jpg
HazelwoodKatherine P.1919 Jun 231989 Jan 21Image:.jpg
HazelwoodThomas J.18711947Image:.jpg
HazelwoodThomas J. Jr.1919 Aug 12003 Apr 15Image:.jpg
HendersonArchie1907 Nov 141907 Dec 7Son of GB & Laura Henderson
HendersonMinerva Adeline (Bundren)18471924
HendricksKatherine A18771932
HendricksThomas A18711944
HenryBetty (Elkin)18901985Image:.jpg
HenryWilliam F.18721958Image:.jpg
HerdRuby S.19021988 Image:.jpg
HerdWalter R.18931940 Jul 31Kentucky, Corp I Pioneer InfantryImage:.jpg
HerringMyrtle (Richardson)18821932"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
HerronHelen J.19101946Image:.jpg
HibbardGilbert Reid1911 May 252004 Jul 2
HibbardGrace (Chasteen)1912 Sep 201976 Jun 5
HicksEdward L.1898 Apr 151971 Jul 21District of olumia, PVT Co. C. 430 Labor En, World War IImage:.jpg
HicksElizabeth (Farris)1908 Apr 281994 May 15Image:.jpg
HigginsBonnie1898 Aug 231931 Apr 4
HigginsByron1920 Feb 281993 May 8SGT US Army World War II
HigginsJames I.1922 Nov 41944 Nov 14PFC Co A 110th Inf Reg 28th Inf Div; Killed in action at the Battle of the Bulge; Glory lights the soldier's grave
HigginsTroy T.1890 Oct 41960 Jul 5
HillC. J.1891 Mar 251978 Feb 10"Our Father which art in heaven"
HillCharles Lester1892 Jan 251965
HillEdith (Endel)18951975 Image:Endel-19.jpg
HillF. M.18381907Image:.jpg
LesterJennie (Lester)1859 Oct 91942 Mar 15
HillJohn B.19191919
HillMary (Saylor)1894 Nov 111991 Dec 28"Our Father which art in heaven"
HillNannie (Lewis)18391919Image:.jpg
HillWilliam G.1876 Jan 291966 Jan 24
HintonJohn1894 Dec 121968 Apr 30Georgia PVT US Army World War I
HollandG. V., MD1827 Aug 141901 Mar 28
HollidayAnnie1907 Mar 131910 Mar 17Image:Holliday-730.jpg
HollidayDella M.18941961
HollidayGerman D.18691950
HollidayIra J.1896 Jul 261980 Jan 29PVT US ArmyImage:Holiday-651.jpg
HollidayJuanita (Bowling)1929 Aug 22014 Nov 7Image:Bowling-595.jpg
HollidayLeonore E.19051988
BoggsLucinda (Boggs)18711936
HollidayLucy H. 18931918
HollidayMay (Gay)1902 Apr 141977 Apr 19Image:Gay-2141.jpg
HollidayRobert "Bob"1920 Aug 191915 Jan 4Image:Holliday-652.jpg
HoltLloyd W.1924 Jun 241925 Jan 17Our baby
HoltMaggie E.1893 Apr 281980 Feb 4“Precious Lord Take My Hand”
HoltMary (Hale)1900 Mar 171994 Jul 21
HoltRoy Delbert1895 Jul 181972 Sep 19
HoltWillis G.1889 Mar 61961 Nov 12“Precious Lord Take My Hand”
HookerWanda1925 Jul 42006 Jul 6"Wonderful Mother"Image:.jpg
HopkinsNancy 19001964Image:.jpg
HornAlfred18991959"Father" Image:.jpg
HoskinsCharles Marion1940 Nov 41981 May 25Image:.jpg
HoskinsHarold W.1909 Jul 231970 Jun 12Image:.jpg
HoskinsLula F. 1881 Apr 41954 Nov 26Image:.jpg
HoskinsRuby S.1907 Oct 202003 Dec 10Image:.jpg
HoveyCaroline H.1914 Jan 102005 Aug 23"Beloved"Image:.jpg
HoveyRolf E.1913 Dec 21994 Jun 13Professor of Music, Berea College 1939-1980 1st LT US Army Air Corps, World War IIImage:.jpg
HowardJohn1878 Mar 21916 Oct 15Image:.jpg
HubbardEmily18?? Sep 141920? Mar 10Image:.jpg
HudsonJason W., Jr.1920 Feb 261944 Feb 27Image:.jpg
HudsonJason W., Sr.18841952"Father" Image:.jpg
HudsonJohn B.18491943"Father" "Not lost, but gone before"Image:.jpg
HudsonLois Alice1926 Apr 241931 Jul 30Image:.jpg
HudsonMaude Alice (Roberson)18861951"Mother" "His wife"Image:.jpg
HudsonNancy Jane (Parks)18551943"Mother" "His wife"Image:.jpg
HuffAustin1854 Jan 111934 Dec 27Image:Huff-2005.jpg
HuffAustin1854 Jan 111934 Dec 27Image:.jpg
HuffJames Elijah1914 Nov 51918 Nov 19Son of W. J. & Ollie HuffImage:.jpg
HuffJames K.1890 Mar 51955
HuffMary E.1856 Dec 231948 Feb 25Image:.jpg
HuffMary E. (Bailey) 1856 Dec 231948 Feb 25Image:.jpg
HuffOllie V.18881971Image:.jpg
HuffRosa Lee (Jones)1893 Nov. 221988 Dec Image:.jpg
HuffVerna B.19211927
HuffWilliam J.18801971Image:.jpg
HuffWilliam Joseph18801971 Mar 17Image:Huff-2006.jpg
HughesLaura (Wyatt)18861973Image:.jpg
HumphreyProvie (Parsons)18851912"Wife of William Humphrey"Image:.jpg
HundleyArnold1915 Jan 121990 May 14Image:.jpg
HundleyJohn H.18731955Image:.jpg
HundleySarah E. 18741952Image:.jpg
Hunt Nellie (Burdette)18841950Image:.jpg
Hunt William Carl1881 Aug 41959 Sep 1Image:.jpg
HunterIrvin A.1868 May 271926 Sep 7
HunterMartha1871 Mar 81938 Apr 13
HuntingBruce Samuel1848 Jun 221898 Sep 11Image:.jpg
HuntingJulia (Scott)18541934Image:.jpg
UnknownAnnie Elvira1838 Jul 151880 May 26Wife of William B. Hutcherson
HutchinsAnna Murch18711960
HutchinsCharles A.1933 May 61961 Oct 13Kentucky SGT US Marine Corps RESImage:.jpg
HutchinsDr. Louise Frances (Gilman)1911 Feb 21996 Sep 3
HutchinsFrancis Stephenson1902 Aug 171988 Nov 28President of Berea College, 1939-1967
HutchinsMary (Pierson)18641941Image:.jpg
HutchinsMary Pierson18641941
HutchinsWilliam James1871 Jul 51958 Feb 20President of Berea College, 1920-1939
HymerElbert B. Sr.18941973Image:.jpg
HymerHughland19221944"In Memory of Sgt. Hughland Hymer, USAF, Lost at Sea"Image:.jpg
HymerMaurine (Lee)1965 Oct 12Image:.jpg
HymerNancy (Williams)18941954Image:.jpg
HymerPatricia (Nollen)1923 May 23Image:.jpg
HymerRobert Lee1931 Nov 23Image:.jpg
IngramGeorgia1916 Nov 91934 May 4Image:.jpg
IngramJames1918 May 71940 Nov 4Image:.jpg
IngramRoscoe1920 Jan 71934 May 4Image:.jpg
IngramTed1931 Oct 151931 Nov 28Image:.jpg
IsaacsAndrew18691948 Aug 2
IsaacsCharles Andrew1912 Jun 151921 Oct. 25
IsaacsChester B.19081931
IsaacsDella1877 Feb 281912 Jun 12"Wife of William Isaacs"Image:.jpg
IsaacsErnest Ray19161921
IsaacsFrances18691916wife of Andrew IsaacsImage:Cornelius-951.jpg
IsaacsGrace P.1896 Apr 241979 Feb
IsaacsJohn Elbert1937 May 21apprentice seaman U.S.N.R.F.
IsaacsKenneth M.1959 Mar 272013 Aug 19"In loving memory"Image:.jpg
IsaacsLaura Cade18881954
IsaacsLaura Cade18881964Image:.jpg
IsaacsLeonard M.18951974
IsaacsMargret Marie1921 Feb 41921 Nov 2(daughter of Grace and Leonard)
IsaacsOra M.1915 May 261988 Apr 29US Army World War IIImage:.jpg
IsaacsThelma A.1920 Oct 21987 Dec 6Image:.jpg
IsaacsWilliam18731936"Former State Senator" "A friend to his country and a believer in Christ"Image:.jpg
JermanSarah Belle18581941The Jerman Family Berea Pioneers, Erected by Sarah Belle Jerman, Berea College Graduate 1902
JohnsAnna B.18971956Image:.jpg
JohnsonBertha (Kenney)1888 Nov1966 Sep 23Image:Kenney-788.jpg
JohnsonElla Mae (Terrill)1917 Mar 271987 Nov 6Image:Johnson-42896.jpg
JohnsonHallie B.18851906
JohnsonInfant1946 Nov 21946 Nov 2"Child of Ray and Tommye Johnson"Image:.jpg
JohnsonJames B.1876 Jul 1 1882 May 3
JohnsonJohn Raymond19011976Image:.jpg
JohnsonJohn Will1861 Sep 281957 Jan 27Image:.jpg
JohnsonJoseph E.1878 Feb 201931 Mar 16
JohnsonLena B.18791923 May 23
JohnsonMack1874 Aug 3 1922 Aug 19Image:.jpg
JohnsonMargaret 19061937
JohnsonMargaret Jane (Merryman)1855 Apr 91932 Feb 15Image:.jpg
JohnsonNancy Tommye19121995Image:.jpg
JohnsonNannie (McKinney)1880 Sep 11945 Nov 26MotherImage:Unknown-277695.jpg
JohnsonNathaniel E.1924 May 281979 May 4
JohnsonP. B.1904 Nov 121963 Mar 30Image:.jpg
JohnsonPleasant B.1844 Oct 221900 Feb 20Image:Johnson-37027.jpg
JohnsonRichard A.18661926Image:.jpg
JohnsonSadie1909 Sep 42003 Mar 23"Wife of P.B. Johnson"Image:.jpg
JohnsonSandra Lee19541954Baby
JohnsonSusan J.18521942"Mother"Image:.jpg
JohnsonVirginia (Mathews)1928 Nov 12009 Jul 10
JohnsonWilliam B.1880 Nov 291960 Dec 3
JohnsonWillie 1912 Oct 51980 May 6"Daddy" Image:.jpg
JohnsonBelle H.1870 Mar 151929 Aug 9Image:.jpg
MaupinEdna Jane (Maupin)1890 Oct 271944 Sep 30
JohnstonHannah (Brewer)1845 Aug 201913 May 25“Wife of Robert Johnston””He giveth His beloved sleep”
JohnstonOscar Nathan1888 May 221937 Oct 31
JohnstonRobert 1842 Mar 101911 Dec 23Co. I 14 KY Cav
JonesDelcie (Davenport)1924 Oct 19Image:.jpg
JonesFlora Lee19141917Image:.jpg
JonesGene Bernard1923 Apr 301997 May 23Image:.jpg
JonesJoe1914 Dec 161965 Jun 8Kentucky PFC 1264 Base Unit AAF World War II Now Cometh Rest
JonesSarah Stella1917 Apr 232000 Dec 6Now Cometh Rest
KauffmanJohn Fox1924 Sep 222002 May 28LT Col, US Army, Korea, Vietnam, SS BSM PH Special ForcesImage:.jpg
KehoeDaniel W.18921964Illinois PFC Co A8 Mil Police World War IImage:.jpg
KehoeLola R.18991985Image:.jpg
KelleyClaud 1910 May 61934 Jul 31"Sweetly resting"Image:.jpg
KelleyCurtis F.1843 Mar 31932 Dec 22"Father"Image:.jpg
KelleySusan1854 Jul 251949 May 29"Mother"Image:.jpg
LewisHannah (Lewis)1833 Apr 301909 Apr 18
KellyHelen (West)18821964Image:.jpg
KellyWalker C. 18781960Image:.jpg
KellyWright1837 Mar 131925 Sep 20
KennedyAshford18681943"God is and always will be"Image:.jpg
KennedyAshford J.18681943Veteran; CO. C. , 124th US CTImage:Kennedy-6650.jpg
KennedyChristine (Yates)1875 Jun 161950 Mar 23 Image:Yates-2311.jpg
KennedyFannie (Route)1877 Feb 41954 May 22PVT US Army; "Loving husband and father"Image:Route-3.jpg
KennedyFannie R.1877 Feb 41954 May 22Image:.jpg
KennedyHarrison18271880 AprImage:Kennedy-6649.jpg
KennedyJesse Baird1919 Nov 292005 Apr 19Image:Kennedy-6651.jpg
KennedyLula Ette1891 Mar 71959 Jan 28
KennedyWilliam M.1890 May 11980 Oct 1
KenneyJ. F.18531909Image:.jpg
KenneyJames Franklin1853 Mar 171909Image:Kenney-789.jpg
enneyMartha Jane (Kinslow)1856 May 231939 Apr 29"Wife of Henry Muncy"Image:Kinslow-51.jpg
KerbyJ. B.1830 Dec 161914 Aug 10Image:.jpg
KerbyM. E. (Henderson)1828 Jan 311904 Jan 20"His wife"Image:.jpg
KiddArch H.18841962
KiddEffie (Anderson)18871958
KiddEffie E.18971983Image:.jpg
KiddGracie L.18911906"Daughter of W.F. and M.E. Kidd"Image:.jpg
KiddM. E. 18651939Image:.jpg
KiddPrescovey (Peters)18411930Image:.jpg
KiddRobert G.18401910Image:.jpg
KiddW. F.18651937Image:.jpg
KimberlainFloyd M.19081922"Son of Luther & Lizzie Kimberlain"Image:.jpg
KimberlainLizzie M. (Pence)1875nd"Wife"Image:.jpg
KimberlainLois Ruth19241925Image:.jpg
KimbrellEdward S.18901950"Father"Image:.jpg
KimbrellLeanah (Thompson)18361928"Grandmother" "Wife of John Kimbrell, Daughter of Teman Thompson"Image:.jpg
KimbrellOscar1895 Jan 31951 Dec 26Image:.jpg
KimbrellRawlings1898 Aug 311985 Feb 10Image:.jpg
KindredAllie (Davis)1904 Sep 191987 Jun 11
KindredLaura A.1868 Dec 61919 Aug 25Image:.jpg
KindredSilas Mason1901 Mar 261975 Jul 3
KingMollie G.18861969Image:.jpg
KingSerilda1847 Feb 161919 Mar 10“Wife of John B. King”
KingmanHerbert R.18741956Image:.jpg
KinnardJesse "Slick"19001964Image:.jpg
KinnardSallie (Ogg)18611951Image:.jpg
KinnardT. J.18611948Image:.jpg
KirbyElsie Sue1946 Jul 9Image:.jpg
KirbyKenneth L.1942 Jan 212011 Sep 17Image:.jpg
KirbyKevin Lynn1966 Apr 92007 Aug 20"Gone home"Image:.jpg
KirkArthurine "Georgia" (Elliott)1924 Jan 161997 Jun 9Married Nov. 30, 1940; Parents of Sharon, Janice, Howard, Iris, and Gordon
KirkAumon Bascom1911 Feb 251964 May 22Married Nov. 30, 1940; Parents of Sharon, Janice, Howard, Iris, and Gordon
KirkGordon Lee1955 Feb 212012 May 12Image:Kirk-2069.jpg
KungCarl Te-Da19121962Image:.jpg
LainhartMary (Coyle)18591923"Wife of S. Q. Lainhart"Image:.jpg
LainhartMary M.( Coyle)18591923wife of S. Q. Lainhart
LaiseFrederic Stevens1914 Mar 301995 Nov 27Image:.jpg
LaiseHelen (Hunt)1914 Dec 22009 Jan 15Image:.jpg
LakeBessie (Fee)1880 Aug 71951 Feb 20Image:.jpg
LakeBessie Fee1880 Aug 71951 Feb 20Image:Lake-1247.jpg
LakeElla (Allen)18971976Image:Allen-16855.jpg
LakeGertrude P.18921912Image:.jpg
LakeGreen1878 Dec 311951 Aug 17"There is no night there"Image:.jpg
LakeGreen 1878 Dec 311951 Aug 17Image:Lake-1246.jpg
LakeIrene1914 Oct 201994 Apr 13Image:Lake-1250.jpg
LakeJake S.1888 Apr 101944 Nov 1 Image:Lake-1249.jpg
LakeSharon (Kirk)1941 Oct 27 Mother of Kirk and Lisa Lake
LakeW. Bradley18861947Image:.jpg
LakeWilliam C.1894 Apr 261958 Jul 8Kentucky PVT US Army World War I
LakesEdward1855 Apr1947Image:Lakes-19.jpg
LakesLetha1905 May 232002 Nov. 22
LakesLucinda (Drew)1860 Oct1947Image:Drew-1101.jpg
LakesMarcus1922 Jul 181977 Oct 30Image:Lakes-22.jpg
LakesMcKinley1896 Nov 171967 Oct
LambBertha1908 Apr 141948 May 22Image:.jpg
LambDelta W.1936 Oct 20"Married Sept. 21, 1958, Ft. Knox, KY"Image:.jpg
LambMelvin E.1935 Jun 272011 Nov 2"Married Sept. 21, 1958, Ft. Knox, KY" SP4 US ArmyImage:.jpg
LambertFrancis (Benge)19161987Image:.jpg
LambertGeorge W.18811936Image:.jpg
LaneAllie 1909 Dec 161989 Apr 25
LaneEligah1909 Oct 51984 Feb 20 Image:Lane-5697.jpg
LaneSamuel M.1940 Sep 241968 Sep 8Kentucky PFC HQ USAH MHD 3 Army
LeachDwight E.19031963Image:.jpg
LearAnna M.19142002
LearBetty 19051992Image:.jpg
LearEverett C.19101963 Nov. 10
LedfordHazel M. (Wheatley)19061994"Wife of Robert E. Ledford"Image:.jpg
LedfordMaude S.19001996Image:.jpg
LedfordRobert E.19071961Image:.jpg
LemingEvelyn1913 Apr 251997 May 2Image:Adams-19874.jpg
LengfellnerHelen Margaret1910 Dec 11978 Nov 11Image:.jpg
LengfellnerHenry John1875 Mar 51960 Nov 6Image:.jpg
LengfellnerJohn Phillip1912 Apr 151912 Nov 12Image:.jpg
LengfellnerNancy Ellen (Click)1883 Feb 191961 Apr 12Image:.jpg
LesterCharles1827 Aug 271896 Aug 7
LesterEmily Rebecca (Morgan)1834 Sept 251910 Mar 25 Image:Morgan-9184.jpg
LesterFredie18661873Son of Chas. And E. R. Lester
LesterLouis Oliver1880 May 151959 Oct 13
LesterNora K.1879 Jul 1219?2 Jun 1
LewisAdeline Kesterson1885 Mar 171965 Jan 22Image:.jpg
LewisAlberty Gentry18521904Image:.jpg
LewisChester C.19121995Image:.jpg
LewisCowley B.1916 Jun 271963 Jan 23CPL US Army World War II
LewisGeorge Franklin19331935Image:.jpg
LewisHelen J.18811904Image:.jpg
LewisJohn19041904Infant son of Charles D. & Effie G. LewisImage:.jpg
LewisJohn Clayton19181980Image:.jpg
LewisLorena H.18891961Image:.jpg
LewisNora H.18951982Image:.jpg
LewisP. S.18641927Image:.jpg
LewisPearl (Crutcher)19201985Image:.jpg
LewisRobert19131913Infant son of Charles D. & Effie G. LewisImage:.jpg
LewisRobert Henderson, Dr.1869 Jul 11947 Dec 31Image:.jpg
LewisSallie A. (Hinds)18621924Image:.jpg
LogsdonDora M.18801942Image:.jpg
LogsdonDora M.18801942Image:.jpg
LogsdonDora M. (Bratcher)18801942
LogsdonMerrill A.18721941
LogsdonPauline (Barnes) "Polly"1923 Feb 272011 Oct 29"Loving wife and mother"Image:.jpg
LogsdonPauline (Barnes) "Polly"1928 Feb 272011 Oct 20Image:.jpg
LogsdonWilliam Merrill1926 Mar 191997 Apr 4Image:.jpg
LogsdonWilliam Merrill "Bill"1926 Mar 201997 Apr 4USMC WW IIImage:.jpg
LogstonChristopher C.1871 Feb 251951 Jan 29Image:.jpg
LogstonEarl Raymond19291950Pfc. Co. "C" 3rd Eng . Btn.; Met death in Korea
LogstonJames M.18981950"Father"
LogstonMargaret (Daugherty)1877 Jun 21912 Nov 18"Wife of C. C. Logston"Image:.jpg
LovelaceMary E.18611946Image:.jpg
LovelaceOra F.18911982Image:.jpg
LovelaceRobert W.19251942 Aug 13PVT US Marine CorpsImage:.jpg
LovelaceWilliam Paul1922 Sep 71991 Aug 15LT COL US Air Force, World War II, KoreaImage:.jpg
LucasEva Lina (Ramsey)18741914Wife of S. F. Lucas
LucasInfant daughter19011901(daughter of S. F. and Eva)
LucasLaura B. (Isaacs)18891978
LucasLaura B. (Isaacs)18891978Image:.jpg
LucasSam F., Jr.1923 Nov 41979 Oct 17Image:.jpg
LucasSamuel F.18771947Image:Lucas-3467.jpg
LucasSamuel G.18771947Image:.jpg
LunsfordFlorence W.18891973 Image:Unknown-271072.jpg
LunsfordFred 1878 Aug. 281904 Nov. 24Son of Jas. & S. Lunsford;Enlisted in the Spanish War Aug. 24, 1901; Discharged Aug. 24, 1904
LunsfordGrace E.1913 Apr 171993 May 15 Image:.jpg
LunsfordJ. W.18431911 Jun 4Image:.jpg
LunsfordSue1942 Apr 12Image:.jpg
LunsfordWayne1941 Sep 242009 Feb 7Image:.jpg
LuskJohn L., M.D.18571910Image:.jpg
LyttleMahala (Combs)1894 Mar 201976 Mar 12"Our Mother"
LyttleMahala (Combs)1894 Mar 201976 Mar 12"Our mother"Image:.jpg
MackSterling M.1935 Mar 141962 Oct 24Kentucky SM2 US NavyImage:.jpg
MahaffeeWilliam H., Rev.1920 Dec 141983 Jun 26"Born again October 1947" TEC 4 US Army, WW IIImage:.jpg
MahargAnna (Griffith)1895 Jun 291971 Jul 14Image:.jpg
MalicoteMart1907 Jan 11956 Jun 29 Image:Malicote-5.jpg
MantiaBonnnie (Nunley)1921 Nov 212004 Jun 24"Mother"Image:.jpg
MantiaPhillip M.1948 Jan 12001 Mar 28"Son"Image:.jpg
MarionJoseph A. III1955 Mar 31Image:.jpg
MarshallWillie K.1871 Jul 11873 Sep 3Image:.jpg
MartinGladys H.1911 Sep 11982 Nov 8Image:.jpg
MartinIsaac L.1881 May 121947 Jul 11Image:.jpg
MartinJames L.1932 Nov 282011 May 15Image:.jpg
MartinMary1882 Jul 151938 Aug 16Image:.jpg
MartinMary (Harris)1883 Aug 111975 Oct 18Image:.jpg
MathewsGrace (Barrett)18961973"Mother"Image:.jpg
MaupinFrank C.18581929
MaupinHoward1850 May1927 Mar 12Father
MaupinWhitney M.1905 Jan 11972 Jan 10Beloved Father and Mother
MaupinEmily (Clark)1857 Feb 1920Mother
MaupinRebecca (Love)1914 Nov 182007 Nov 7Beloved Father and Mother
McAllisterCloyd North18701933Image:.jpg
McAllisterMary (Snoddy)18891974Image:.jpg
McCauleyNannie (Callahan)18851944Image:.jpg
McCollumChina E.1905 Aug 71991 Oct 9
McCollumCordelia J.1870 Aug 111959 Nov 6Image:.jpg
McCollumDaniel B.1867 Feb 31935 Jun 14Image:.jpg
McCollumMargaret Jane (Sandlin)1859 Oct 311920 Aug 7(David)
McCollumMillard David1892 Feb 231979 Sep 24PFC US Army World War I (son of Margaret and David)
McCormickRuth Faye18941980
McCormickThomas Marshall "Marshall"1856 Sep 211910 May 14
McCormick]]Thomas Marshall, Jr.1891 Mar 201955 Jun 10Kentucky PVT BTRY F 70 Field Arty World War I
McCrearyBobby Tudor "Rock"19331985"Love lives on"Image:.jpg
McCrearyMark Vance 19691970"Our Marky"Image:.jpg
McGuireLucy Emily "Emma" (Parks) McCormick1868 Jul 31934 Sep 20
McHoneJessie James1883 Nov 121968 Jan 19Forever in our hearts
McHoneMargaret "Maggie" F. (Wilson)1890 Feb 111968 Oct 8Forever in our hearts
McKinneyEdith1892 Oct 151971 Dec 4Image:.jpg
McKinneySchuyler1895 Jan 231921 Jul 26Kentucky PVT 801 Pioneer Inf
McNewClaude "Shorty"19151960Image:.jpg
McNewCynthia Alza (Hayes)1914 Aug 52000 Nov 18Image:.jpg
McNewRobert Paul1948 Aug 23Image:.jpg
McWhorterDiana V.1947 Apr 3Image:.jpg
McWhorterMarvin G.1942 Dec 14Image:.jpg
McWhorterMarvin Thomas1968 Apr 172013 Sep 25In loving memory of our heroImage:.jpg
MenefeeMaxine W.1918 Nov 211987 Nov 7
MenefeeRobert G.1919 Jan 162008 Jun 25
MenifeeDell Fowler19022000Image:.jpg
MenifeeE. Carlos1869 Sep 251930 May 4Image:.jpg
MenifeeJames E.19231944Lt. US Air Force, Missing in Action in WW IIImage:.jpg
MenifeeJohn Homer18941970Image:.jpg
MenifeeJulia B.1873 Dec 31970 Mar 3Image:.jpg
MerrowAbigail Sophia18671945 Oct 5And the greatest of these is love
MetcalfHarmon1884 Oct 291909 Apr 23
MilesBarbara (Buckley)1934Image:.jpg
MilesKilburn Dodd19352006Image:.jpg
MillerElla M.18941970"Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last."Image:.jpg
MillerJohn Wayne1965 Jan 271977 Oct 5Gone But Not Forgotten
MillerWallace E.19091952Image:.jpg
MillerWilliam Arnold, Jr.1971 Jan 111977 Oct 1Gone But Not Forgotten
MillionClarence1871 Mar 81917 Oct 22Image:.jpg
MillionJosie1892 Jan 121922 Mar 6Image:.jpg
MillionLeanna1844 Nov 241934 May 17Image:.jpg
MitchelRose Lee19491949Image:.jpg
MitchellE. D. 18371908Image:.jpg
MitchellEllen H.18781966Image:.jpg
MitchellEva M.18821962Image:.jpg
MitchellLucy 18881907Image:.jpg
MitchellWilliam1916 Sep 291948 Apr 2Kentucky PVT 1584 Service Unit, World War IImage:.jpg
MobleyFlossie M.18911981"Mother" "Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
MobleyJames W.18821945"Father" "Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
MontgomeryNannie G.19001928
MoodyDenham Frankie19031904
MoodyLou Gay18711959
MoodyMatt A18791960
MoodyRaymond Earle19061924
MooreAda E.18931977Image:.jpg
MooreAlexander1843 Oct1 Kentucky Cavalry, Company E
MooreCleo S.18951994Image:.jpg
MooreDelsie (Lake)19141985
MooreElmer C.18911955Image:.jpg
MooreEthla M.18901943Hope Image:Unknown-274234.jpg
MooreEtta (Azbill)18881963Image:.jpg
MooreFrank L.1885 Oct.1942Hope
MooreGeorge W.1894 Aug 251958 Nov 21PFC US Army Air Corps, World War IImage:.jpg
MooreJ. Willard1900 May 161964 Oct 16Image:.jpg
MooreLouisa F.1840 Oct1916
MooreMargaret T.1904 May 27Image:.jpg
MooreMary Elizabeth19151925Image:.jpg
MooreMary J. 1848 Sep1926
MooreNannie1889 Mar 251902 Jan 26Image:.jpg
MooreNannie1889? Mar1902 Jan 21Image:.jpg
MooreNellie1898 Apr 91904 Apr
MooreRuby (Waller)19132005Image:.jpg
MooreRussell C.1919 Mar 71977 Oct 3Kentucky PVT US Army, World War IIImage:.jpg
MooreVivian1905 Oct 21992 Dec 18TEC 4 US Army Air Corps, World War IIImage:.jpg
MooreWilliam Henry18831946Image:.jpg
MooreWilliam Russell19101978Image:.jpg
MoranAdelia (Bowman)1905 Dec 71980 Sep 17Image:Bowman-4402.jpg
MoranAdelia F.1905 Dec 71980 Sep 17Image:.jpg
MoranElsie (Hagen)18601936"His wife"Image:.jpg
MoranJohn Fee1893 Jul 101977 May 7Image:Moran-1658.jpg
MoranJohn Fee1893 Jul 101977 May 7PVT US Army, World War IImage:.jpg
MorganJames A.18761952Image:.jpg
MorganJuann (Azbill) Lusk1864 Jun 221921 Sep 19Image:.jpg
MorganMaggie (Farley)18771965"His wife"Image:.jpg
MorrisSilas Lee18771960 Jun 12
MossLaura 1854 Nov 231885 Jan 4Image:.jpg
MoyersLydia (Davis)18461905wife of T D Moyers "Mother"
MoyersThomas David18411915"Father"
MuncyAda B. (Kenney)18861919"Wife of Henry Muncy"Image:.jpg
MuncyAddie (Kenney)18861919Veteran; SFC, US Army, WWII KoreaImage:Kenney-790.jpg
MuncyCharles Honus19151948
MuncyChester1899 Jan 181908 Nov 21Image:Muncy-237.jpg
MuncyChester1899 Jan 181908 Nov 21"Gone home"Image:.jpg
MuncyEliza (Baker)18791973Image:.jpg
MuncyFelix C.18811967Image:.jpg
MuncyHenry1892 Jun 91955 Aug 18Image:Muncy-234.jpg
MuncyHezekiah1858 May 141943 Aug 3Image:Muncy-230.jpg
MuncyJane R.19151980
MuncyJohn18791952Father; Contractor-Builder
MuncyLavada (Ponder)18861972Image:.jpg
MuncyLorena (Howard)18921983
MuncyLouvena L.18841954Mother
MuncyMarie1903 Jul 311903 Oct 27"At rest"Image:.jpg
MuncyMartha 18851971Image:.jpg
MuncyPaul D.19041965Contractor-Builder
MuncyRachel (York)1858 May 291919
MuncyRachel J. (York)18581919"Wife of H. Muncy"Image:.jpg
MuncySimon B.1889 May 151965 May
MuncyZula (Davis)18921988Image:.jpg
MunnFrank I.1925 Feb 111998 Dec 30"In God's Hands"
MunnSarah B.1930 Mar 24"In God's Hands"
MuntzElizabeth "Peggy" (Jones)19201981Image:.jpg
NapierBaby1944 Jul1944 Jul "Infant son of Ethel Bowling Napier"Image:.jpg
NashM. Matilda1858 Dec 131940 Nov 23Image:.jpg
NashParrot L.1859 Jun 161946 Oct 8Image:.jpg
NeeleyMacie1899 Sep 231986 Feb 26Image:.jpg
NeeleyRobert D.19311965
NeeleyThelma C.1934
NevilleGrace (Adams)18901928Image:.jpg
NewmarkNeva (Chrisman)1901 Jan 181987
NicholasRickey Wayne19661972 Apr 19
NorthernGrover1903 May 101994 Apr 13Image:.jpg
NorthernMary Lula1907 Sep 81990 Oct 28Image:.jpg
NorvellMary (Abney)18851963
NorvelleBelle (Johnson)18721949Image:.jpg
NorvelleCharles Beecher18671933Image:.jpg
NorvelleGilbert T.19051985Image:.jpg
NunleyGlenn Edward19461948"Son of P.B. and Mary Nunley"Image:.jpg
NunleyHugh L.1908 Aug 171927 Dec 22Image:.jpg
NunleyMary H.19031992Image:.jpg
NunleyPark B.18881962Image:.jpg
NunleyThelma "Jimmie"1925 Feb 141976 Aug 14Image:.jpg
NunnMagnolia H.18741903
O'DellJames L.19252001Image:.jpg
O'DellMinne (Ledford)19091998Image:.jpg
OggBettie M.1875 Feb 201923 Jun 21Image:.jpg
OggColeman I.1855 Sep 191950 Dec 13Image:.jpg
OggEgbert Franklin, Jr.1921 Jul 31924 Jun 13Image:.jpg
OggEgbert Franklin, Sr.1875 Nov 211934 Nov 20Image:.jpg
OggMary Lillian1900 Apr 21900 Jul 18Image:Ogg-445.jpg
OggMatilda Belle (Chasteen)1878 Jan 121929 Feb 19Image:.jpg
OggNora Love (Marot)18671914Image:.jpg
OggThomas M.1879 Apr 71950 Aug 26"Father"Image:.jpg
OliverFrances (Bartlett)1916 Jul 41990 Jan 3Image:.jpg
OsborneMinda (Maltby)1862 Mar 231936 Jan 31Image:.jpg
OsbornePauline M.18921902Image:.jpg
OsborneRalph H.18671929Image:.jpg
OsborneRalph H., Lt.19171943"Died over the Rhineland"Image:.jpg
OsborneRuth (Putnam)18881982Image:.jpg
OsborneThomas J.18571935Image:.jpg
PannellJames F.18881921Image:.jpg
ParkerHenry L.1921 Sep 111982 Jul 5Episcopal Priest, Berea Campus Minister; US Army
ParksClarence Lee19011911
ParksHugh Jefferson18791955Image:Parks-2587.jpg
ParksNancy Belle (King)1868 Aug 291955 Jun 21
ParksNannie1886 Aug 181941 Jul 19Image:Calloway-368.jpg
ParksRichard1844 Oct 231934 Nov 28Image:Parks-2577.jpg
ParksWilliam D18701937
ParksWilliam Marshall1889 Aug 191911 Nov 27“Marshall, Son of W D & Nancy Parks”
ParrottMarcillus1872 Nov 281955 Mar 28Image:.jpg
ParsonsDavid 1899 Jul 281974 Jan 15Kentucky PVT US Army World War I
ParsonsDavid 1899 Jul 281974 Jan 15Image:.jpg
ParsonsDeborah F. (Alcorn)18551944"His wife" "Her children shall rise up and call her blessed."Image:.jpg
ParsonsHelen Frieda19211927Image:.jpg
ParsonsJames E.1946 May 81994 Sep 13Image:Parsons-5077.jpg
ParsonsJames Edwin1922 Jan 151923
ParsonsJames W., Rev.18531915"He has entered the pearly gate"Image:.jpg
ParsonsJeannette (Blanton)1892 Mar 171983 Jan 22Image:.jpg
ParsonsJoseph Daniel1886 Nov 81968 Jul 9Image:.jpg
ParsonsJoseph Henry18651944Image:.jpg
ParsonsJoseph Henry18651944Image:.jpg
ParsonsLester "Poke"1915 Oct 141988 Feb 23Image:.jpg
ParsonsMary18841912Daughter of J. and M. Parsons
ParsonsMayvy (McDaniel)1899 Apr 61977 Oct 5
ParsonsSallie (Sizemore)1921 Jan 122013 Oct 26Image:Parsons-5077.jpg
ParsonsSherman R.1920 Sep 82004 Aug 9Image:Parsons-5077.jpg
ParsonsW. J.1881 Aug 311913 Jul 23Image:.jpg
ParsonsW. J.1883 Aug 311913 Jul 23Image:.jpg
PattersonDillie C.1880 Apr 181892 Sep 28"Daughter of J. T. & Addelia Patterson"Image:.jpg
PawleyAda M. (Coffee)1871 Jan 141940 Jan 14Image:Coffee-199.jpg
PawleyDempsey1895 Feb 71933 Feb 10Image:Pawley-58.jpg
PawleyJames1867 Jun 221940 May 25
PayneNancy Helen19231947Image:.jpg
PearsonCurtis O.1906 Feb 111967 May 27Image:.jpg
PenningtonElisha1899 Nov 291965 apr 12
PenningtonKenneth19401967 Jan 7
PenningtonKenneth Jr.1965 Mar 42008 Apr 11In God's care
PenningtonNancy 1852 Jan 201932 Jan 17"Mother"Image:.jpg
PenningtonSamuel1848 Oct 151938 Oct 31"Father"Image:.jpg
PerkinsRebecca (Muncy)18961985
PerkinsRebecca (Muncy)18961965Image:.jpg
PetersCharlie18841968Member, Church of Christ Image:Peters-4280.jpg
PetersMary18801983Member, Church of Christ
PettifordArchie, Rev.1837 Mar1906 Jan 6Co. e. 29 USC InfantryImage:.jpg
PhillipsMamie V.19071987Image:.jpg
PhillipsShirley H.19041975Image:.jpg
PhillipsShirley H., Jr.1926 Nov. 42000 Aug 29Image:.jpg
PiggAnna E. (Watkins)18521887Image:.jpg
PiggEverett1890 Mar 61892 May 8Son of H. J. & M. J. Pigg
PiggHiram J.1849 Apr1932 Mar 22Father
PiggMaggie1869 May 251886 Jan 22Daughter of H. J. & M. J. Pigg
PiggMary Jane1848 May 71911 Aug 3 Image:Unknown-277748.jpg
PiggStephen Walker18461890Image:.jpg
PittsDonald E.19241936"Son"Image:.jpg
PittsGracie W.19212010"Wife of Joseph E. Pitts"Image:.jpg
PittsJoseph E., Sr.18981974"Husband of Gracie W. Pitts"Image:.jpg
PittsMallie A.18971927Image:.jpg
PonderDelia (Chestnut) 1860 Sep 301947 Nov 11
PonderF. L.1856 Jul 291917 Sep 29Image:.jpg
PonderJohn Q.nd1921 Mar 30Alabama PVT Motor Transport Corps
PonderJoseph R.1880 Feb 221885 May 15Son of F. L. & ? E. Ponder"Image:.jpg
PorterAnnette W.18751978
PorterFrances J.19011963
PorterGeorge Edward18781954 Image:Porter-7218.jpg
PorterIvan E.18981909
PorterJennie (Gilroy)18751950Image:Gilroy-201.jpg
PorterThomas Lane19111914"Infant son of Charles H. & Caroline Porter"Image:.jpg
PorterWilliam H.18731931
PorterWoodrow W.19121957Image:.jpg
PowellAlbert1874 Aug 311954 Feb 2Image:.jpg
PowellAlbert 1874 Aug 311854 Feb 2
PowellDora (Hisel)1913 Mar 161967 Nov
PowellGrace Marie (Wheeler)1930 Nov 91977 Nov 24Image:Wheeler-8693.jpg
PowellMargaret (Coyle)1858 Aug 271911 Mar 2wife of W. T. PowellImage:Coyle-485.jpg
PowellPeter V.18681941"Father" "Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
PowellSarah (Abney)18631943Image:.jpg
PowellSherman1894 Aug 241967 Feb
PowellSinda1898 Jan 191973 May 6
PowellSurena A.18721955"Mother" "Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
PowellW. T.1855 Mar 31924 Feb 8Image:Powell-5450.jpg
PowellWalker1905 Apr 111970 Mar 25
PowellWilliam R1863nd"Father"Image:.jpg
PrestonCharles C.18741955
PrestonCharles E.1927 Dec 281976 June 30TSGT US Air Force, WW II Korea
PrestonE. M.18581905
PrestonElla G1903 Sep 261978 Jan 9
PrestonLora Fugett18721953
PrestonOscar L.18831909
PrestonRussell1883 Mar 311959 Mar 31Image:.jpg
PrestonWilliam1895 Jan 161987 Aug 4PFC US Army, WW I
PrinceKathyrine (Harwood)18961976"Daughter"Image:.jpg
ProctorJesse1879 Mar 251965 May 8( Father of Willie and Albert)
ProctorPearl (Coffee)1883 Apr 221965 May 17
ProctorSarah Hester (Coffee)1908 Nov 161992 Mar 30 Image:Coffee-212.jpg
ProctorWilliam Lee1903 Jan 281985 Jan 17 Image:Proctor-2198.jpg
PruettWilliam L1914 Jul 131950 May 14PFC 350 Infantry 88 Division, World War IIImage:.jpg
RamseyCarrie F.1879 Mar 31893 Dec 25daughter of M. B. and L. J. Ramsey
RamseyHarriet Jane1846 Feb 41904 Sep 16Asleep in Jesus, Blessed thought
RamseyLucy J. (Preston)1845 Aug 171913 Dec 4wife of M. B. Ramsey
RamseyMorgan B.18441930CO D 49 KY INF
RamseyRobert George1846 May 101920 Dec 24CORPL KY INF
RamseySusan L.1880 Aug 221901 Sep 18
RashMarcus1887 Feb 181950 Feb 14Image:Rash-187.jpg
RashMarcus1887 Feb 181950 Feb 4Kentucky PVT 64 Pioneer Inf, World War IImage:.jpg
RashMillie (Boggs)1887
RashNaomi (Walker)18911982Image:.jpg
RashNaomi (Walker)1891 Mar1982KY, PVT, 64 Pioneer Infantry, WW IImage:Rash-187.jpg
RashRichard Keo19291929"Son of J. Keo & Faye Rash"Image:.jpg
RashSusan Boggsdaughter
RawlingsCassius M.1850 AugndImage:.jpg
RawlingsGlatha M. (Maret)1865 Jun1940 Aug 13"His wife"Image:.jpg
RawlingsJohn S.1925 May 11887 Feb 16Image:.jpg
RawlingsMaggie S. 1854 Mar 11889 Sep 20"Daughter of J. S. and M. C. Rawlings"Image:.jpg
RawlingsMargaret C. (Mitchell)1825 Oct 81886 Aug 7Image:.jpg
RawlingsNannie A.1855 Sep 191891 Mar 13"Daughter of J. S. and M. C. Rawlings"Image:.jpg
ReeseDonald1933 Jan 21
ReeseDonna Robin1953 Aug 151965 Mar 18Our daughter
ReeseRichard Dwayne "Ricky"1957 Nov 71961 Dec 8Our son Ricky
ReedC. M.1865 apr 41889 Jun 26Image:.jpg
ReedElbridge1940 Aug 28Kentucky, Band SGT 801 Pioneer InfImage:.jpg
ReedElizabeth18651954"Mother" Wife of Rev. T. R. Reed"Image:.jpg
ReedElizabeth 18301898 Dec 4"Wife of J. Reed"Image:.jpg
ReedHilda (Wyatt)19121992Image:.jpg
ReedJefferson1823 Jan 91878 Jan 29Image:.jpg
ReedTurnerndndCo D 119 US C. I.
ReeseBeatrice (Towery)1932 Jan 242000 Sep 16 Image:Towery-25.jpg
ReevesJane1923 Feb 201928 Jan 13
ReevesLula W.1889 May 241970 Nov 15
ReevesWilliam C.1883 May 121968 Jan. 22
ReppertFlorence (Saylor)1988 Oct 232012 Jan 23Image:.jpg
ReppertTilford Allis1922 Apr 72002 Mar 13CPL US Army, WW IIImage:.jpg
RettmanNicole Rhea1976 Jul 9Image:.jpg
ReynoldsAsberry B.1869 Dec 241922 Aug 31Husband of Mary Jane Ramsey
ReynoldsBob1884 May 51920 Aug. 27Image:.jpg
ReynoldsHenryndndCo. D. 6 Kentucky CavalryImage:.jpg
ReynoldsJames Monroe1870 Sep 161936 Nov 6Image:.jpg
ReynoldsMatilda (Johnston)1873 Oct 61952 Sep 21"Wife of J. M. Reynolds"Image:.jpg
RhodesRev. William1868 Jul 101958 Jul 17"The walking gospel"Image:.jpg
RhodusInfant1903?1903?"Infant of C. C. & M. N. Rhodus"Image:.jpg
RiceL. Fred1895 Aug 251962 Feb 26Kentucky, PVT US Army World War IImage:.jpg
RichardsonAddie P.1879 Jan 171927 Nov 11Image:.jpg
RichardsonBrutus Clay1857 Sep 191900 Aug 19
RichardsonH. K.1854 May 10"Father" "They are not dead, but sleeping."Image:.jpg
RichardsonJerry B.1879 Jul 251951 Apr 5Image:.jpg
RichardsonJulia 1857 Feb 271938 Apr 24"His wife" "They are not dead, but sleeping."Image:.jpg
RichardsonMartha Ann (Hall)18301904Image:.jpg
RichardsonVerna1904 Dec 311977 Aug 19Image:.jpg
RichardsonWillie L.18851886"Son of H. K. & J. Richardson"Image:.jpg
RichmondErnest 1909 Aug 301969 Aug 4Image:.jpg
RichmondEva Bell19071951
RichmondJesse James1893 May 301948 Oct 23
RichmondLucy Ann (Abrams)1882 Oct 131963 Aug 27
RichmondNannie E.1875 Sep 131967 Nov 17
RichmondSam1876 Jul 191953 May 9
RichmondTom G.1906 Jun 261973 Oct
RichmondViola (Gadd)19141946Image:.jpg
RoarkVicky Lynn (Washburn)1944 Oct 102010 Feb 14Image:.jpg
RobeElizabeth Burdette18471895
RobeLilly May1876 Jul 231876 Sep 22
RobeMartha Thomas19041905
RobeWilliam H.18471905Company C, 59th Ohio infantry
RobeLilly May1876 Jul 231876 Sep 22My lamb
RobersonElisha1888 Jan 241888 Feb 15Son of T. R. & Letitia Roberson
RobersonGracie 1988 Jun 91988 Jun 9Daughter of T. R. & L. Roberson
RobersonMartha 1886 Jul 161887 Aug 4Daughter of T. R. & L. Roberson
RobersonMary 1890 Jul 31890 Sep 14Daughter of T. R. & L. Roberson
RobertsCharles Scott1918 May 181981 Nov 5Dad; PVT US Army world War II
RobertsJ. W.1914 Jun 181922 Mar 24Image:.jpg
RobertsSarah M. (Maggie)18981961
RobertsVernie1925 Apr 71977 Oct 13“Tread softly, an angel lies here.”
RobertsWillie 18861952Image:.jpg
RobinsonAlfred E.1842 Jun 81926 Nov 20Image:.jpg
RobinsonAnnie B.1900 Sep 191907 Aug 27
RobinsonAnnie S.1885 Oct 71981 Dec 28Image:.jpg
RobinsonBaston Dewey1898 Sep 281961
RobinsonBaston R.18471905
RobinsonCharles H. (Dr.)18491930
RobinsonE. A. 1874
RobinsonE. Crit1886 Apr 271949 May 28Image:Robinson-11682.jpg
RobinsonE. Crit1886 Apr 271949 May 28Image:.jpg
RobinsonEady1869 Jul 111888
RobinsonEady1869 Jul 111888Image:.jpg
RobinsonEffie (Coyle)18901985Image:Coyle-492.jpg
RobinsonElisha L.1863 Julynd
RobinsonElizabeth 18611894
RobinsonFlora S.18811965Image:.jpg
RobinsonFloyd W.1892 Aug1908
RobinsonG. B.1876 Apr 131955 Jul 4Image:.jpg
RobinsonGracie R.1908 Nov 91909 Feb 14
RobinsonHarold G.19221982CPL US Marine Corps, World War IIImage:.jpg
RobinsonLeonard 19001962
RobinsonLundy Lou1896 Aug 281952 Oct 13Image:.jpg
RobinsonMary 1876 Febnd
RobinsonMary Jane18681955
RobinsonNancy (McDaniel)18211906
RobinsonOllie1914 May 11Image:Robinson-11210.jpg
RobinsonPaul. B.1915 May 81944 Jul 11In Memory of Private Paul B. Robinson. Killed in action in France. Buried in St. Laurent Cemetery.Image:.jpg
RobinsonRebecca1860 May 141890 Feb 28wife of G. H. Robinson "Only sleeping"
RobinsonRuth G.1912 Dec 151912 Dec 19"Asleep"
RobinsonRuth Prudilla19041998
RobinsonSherman M.18821969Image:.jpg
RobinsonSherman M.18821969Image:.jpg
RogersAnna Lee1909 Jun 261988 Aug 30Image:.jpg
RogersCharles F.18941960"Meet us in heaven"
RogersClara A. (Saxton)1853 Nov 101932 Apr 5"Daughters of the American Revolution; born in LaGrange Ohio; died in Brooklyn, New York; one of the first music teachers at Berea College."Image:.jpg
RogersElizabeth (Embree)1839 Feb 211921 Dec 1Image:.jpg
RogersJohn Raphael1856 Dec 111934 Feb 18"Son of Berea pioneers; graduate of Berea College; Trustee of Berea College and Oberlin College; inventor and perfector of the linotype"Image:.jpg
RogersLewis F.18621882Image:.jpg
RogersRachel (Wilson)1911 Dec 41991"Meet us in heaven"
RogersWilliam N.18591882Image:.jpg
RoopCephas Shelburne1853 May 261936 Aor 30Image:.jpg
RoopCora Chrisman18871960Image:.jpg
RoopMary Jane "Mollie" (Turner)1857 Aug 11933 Jan 2Image:.jpg
RoperBessie Anderson18861953"Mother"
RoseAlbert D.1892 Aug 41967 Dec 13Image:Rose-6377.jpg
RoseMary E. (Fox)1912 May 162010 Apr 14Image:Rose-6377.jpg
RossAlice (Kennedy)18941940Image:.jpg
RossMildred 19091951Image:.jpg
RowlettHoward1916 Sep 302003 Dec 6Image:.jpg
RowlettRuth1921 Aug 201979 Jul 3Image:.jpg
RowletteAlpha Marie19381967
RowletteEvelyn Mozelle19201940Image:.jpg
RoystonRobert H.18601933
RuckerEverett Lee1929 Dec 11963 Jan 23Kentucky PFC CO F 2 BN 2 Armd Cav
RuckerJames Everett1953 Apr 11980 Feb 26US Navy
RudyWilliam Patrick1971 Oct 131974 May 16"Tread softly, an angle [sic] lies here"
RussellJames1925 Mar 81926 Mar 21Son of L. R.& Lora Cain?Image:.jpg
RutherfordBarthena (King)1864 Mar 271959 Dec 6
RutherfordEmma1881 Sep1951 Mar 18Image:Rutherford-1620.jpg
RutherfordJoseph Steele1858 Mar 161932 May 9(husband of Thena and Margaret)
RutherfordMaggie1875 SepImage:Rutherford-1623.jpg
RutherfordMargaret (Maupin)18721962
RutherfordMary1875 Sep Image:Rutherford-1622.jpg
RutherfordRoy 1887 Jun 41914 Apr 14“Roy, Son of J. S. & Thena Rutherford”
RutherfordRufus 1872 Jun
SaylorFusion James1894 Nov 111985 Aug 23CPL US Army, World War I
SaylorMargaret E.1903 Jun 222000 Feb 6Image:.jpg
SaylorOscar1892 Jan 91932 Mar 31"Our loved one is gone but not forgotten"
SaylorSolomon C. 1870 Jun 231967 Mar 3
SaylorThelma G.1927 Aug 281955 Nov 21Image:.jpg
SaylorVesta1917 May 251996 Jun 9Image:.jpg
SaylorVesty (Short)1872 Oct 181955 Dec 21
SchrammBetty (Azbill)18811921Image:.jpg
ScottE. A.19051912Image:.jpg
ScrivnerDrusilla G.1908 Mar1973 OctImage:.jpg
ScrivnerEdgar Burnam1887 Apr1958 JunImage:.jpg
ScrivnerHarold Burnam1908 Mar1908 MarImage:.jpg
ScrivnerKatherine E.18511924Image:.jpg
ScrivnerMafra (Bicknell)1889 Dec1949 OctImage:.jpg
ScrivnerRaymond Ford1909 Mar1969 JanImage:.jpg
ScrivnerRuby E.18891906Image:.jpg
ScruggsAlbert Finch18871940Image:.jpg
ScruggsAlbert Finch, Jr.19181953Image:.jpg
ScruggsMatilda (Cook)18881955Image:.jpg
ScudderMary E1875 Jul 291885 Nov 20daughter of A. J. & M. M. Scudder
ScullyJohn Patrick1916 Aug 312004 Oct 16SGT USA AF World War IIImage:.jpg
SealsEarnest1926 Oct 182009 Apr 7TEC 5 US Army, WW IIImage:.jpg
SealsMary E.1928 Apr 191998 Jan 14Image:.jpg
SeiberAddie G.18891969Image:.jpg
SettleGeorge W.18681925
SettleSarah M.1866 Jul 41901 Dec 18"Daughter of A. P. & M. Settle"Image:.jpg
ShearerBulah Bicknell1930 Dec 2"our loving family"
ShearerCharles T.1874 Jul 31956
ShearerGrant U.1923 Jul 81965 Dec 23Kentucky TFC5 1349 Engr GS REGT, World War IIImage:.jpg
ShearerJames Craig1957 Sep 21"our loving family"
ShearerMark C.1933 Jun 201973 Nov 4Kentucky PVT US Army, KoreaImage:.jpg
ShearerRobert Franklin1925 Jul 122007 Feb 22"our loving family"
SheltonBetty Jane1930
SheltonEva Jo (Reed)19371977Image:.jpg
SheltonKelley C.19071964
SheltonMary Hazel19111982
SheltonPaul C.1930 May 111986 Feb 15
ShemwellMartha Elizabeth (Wagers)19212013
ShepherdHoward Glen1938 Nov 192006 Oct 7SP4 US ArmyImage:.jpg
ShepherdJeanette1942 Dec 1Image:.jpg
ShinnLarry Dwight1942 Jan 161 John 4:9-12 May it be soImage:.jpg
ShinnNancy (Albright)1942 Feb 231 John 4:9-12 May it be soImage:.jpg
ShockleyJune 19321948
ShockleyOscar1883 Oct 181962 Oct 4
ShockleyRichard1914 Mar19? Jun 22TEC 4 Co. F 291st Infantry, World War IIImage:.jpg
ShockleySallie 18901947 Nov 9 Image:Burnell-205.jpg
ShockleyWilliam1926 Apr 161957 Jun 9S SGT US Army, World War II BSMImage:.jpg
ShortAbraham Hunter1854 Aug 151935 Mar 17Image:Short-2418.jpg
ShortAnn Eliza (Cardwell)1857 Mar 291914 Sep 2Image:Cardwell-661.jpg
ShortJames 1896nd “Father”
ShortJames S.18571938
ShortRebecca 19021929“Wife of James Short” “Mother”Image:Unknown-288453.jpg
SimpsonAndrew J.1899 Oct 11943 Dec 11Image:.jpg
SimpsonMary (Bowman)1879 Nov 181946 Nov 29Image:.jpg
SizemoreIsabelle1912nd"His wife"Image:.jpg
SizemoreJames A.1885nd"Retired Sgt"Image:.jpg
SizemoreMargaret18761949"His wife"Image:.jpg
SizemoreStanley19461947"Their son"Image:.jpg
SizemoreWoodrow19211952"Their son"Image:.jpg
SkinnerMary F.1809 Dec1892 Jan 10(Moved from the Todd Cemetery)Image:.jpg
WithersElizabeth P.1911 Sep 172011 Jan 3Image:Slusher-107.jpg
SlusherMike A.Mike A.1915 May 122006 Jun 19Image:Slusher-107.jpg
SlusherPearl (Wilson)19182004"Wife" "We will meet again"Image:.jpg
SlusherWilliam Elmer19171945"Husband" "We will meet again"
SmithA. Pruitte, Sr.18891964Image:.jpg
SmithClara Fay "Fay" (Williams)1940 Dec 5"Married Sept. 21, 1963"Image:.jpg
SmithDora E.1881 Jan 151966 Sep 19Image:.jpg
SmithFrances A.18951982
SmithGrace W.18931978Image:.jpg
SmithMartha E.18791966
SmithNellie P.1888 Oct 161972 Nov 29Image:.jpg
SmithNora A. (Fowler)18871960"His wife"Image:.jpg
SmithNora Ann (Fowler)1887 Jan1960Image:Fowler-4458.jpg
SmithRobert C.1887 Jul 201965 Oct
SmithWilliam Greer18801924Image:.jpg
SmithWilliam Greer "Bill"1935 Mar 282009 Jan 2"Married Sept. 21, 1963"Image:.jpg
SmithWilliam H.1876 Mar 151947 Jun 17Image:.jpg
SnowdenHazel (Bicknell)1898 Nov 141991 May 28Image:.jpg
SnowdenRichard Raymond1887 Feb 211982 Jun 4MDImage:.jpg
SparkmanBoon1884 Feb 171909 Mar 30Image:.jpg
SparksPatsy1931 May 112001 Apr 5
St. ClairBessie (Lake)1919 Mar 262000 Aug 15Image:Lake-1251.jpg
St. ClairJohn M. "Jack"1917 Jan 62000 Oct 15Image:St. Clair-124.jpg
StaffordJulia (Wright)18761965Image:Wright-7391.jpg
StaffordRoy Davis1882 Aug 121942 Dec 12Image:Stafford-1205.jpg
StaffordWilliam W.19111983
StarnesSamuel Scott1966 Dec 31966 Dec 6Baby
StephensonJan (Baucom)1938"And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity. 1 Corinthians 13:13"Image:.jpg
StephensonJohn Bell19371994President, Berea College "Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God. Micah 6:8"Image:.jpg
SteppAmerica M.1857 Sep 271885 Mar 29
StewartBeulah Elizabeth1902 Feb 191979 Nov 19Image:.jpg
StewartCarter Gibson1902 Aug 31975 May 1Image:.jpg
StewartEmma B.1892 Jul 41962 Jan 15
StewartJerry R.1880 Dec 141961 Jun 20Kentucky Co M 30 Regt Infantry
StewartMary L.18971962Image:.jpg
StewartPaul A. Kaye19481948"Infant"Image:.jpg
StoneIvorgean1907 Dec 131989 Feb 26Image:.jpg
StoutEliza (Drew)1866 Aug 311959 Jun 8
StoutFlossie (McKeehan)1915 Nov 111995 Feb 6
StoutPaul M.19091968
StoutPaul, Jr.19381938
StoutWilliam1865 Jul1920
StrachanEvelyn Ann1918 Oct 122003 Apr 1
ShelbyEvelyn B.1896 Aug 61995 Sep 30 Image:Neal-2069.jpg
StrachanMildred Duvall19201922
StrachanWilliam Shelby 1891 Aug 31974 May 13
StrachanWilliam Shelby, Jr.19221922
SwinfordAlberta (Leger)1920 Sep 161994 Jan 29 Image:Leger-654.jpg
SwinfordE. Ann1907 Jul 301993 Jun 7
SwinfordHugh1917 June 221963 Oct. 11
SwinfordJohn (Dr.)1933 Jan 131971 Oct 23Image:Coyle-512.jpg
SwinfordJohne M.1875 May 111886 Aug 30“Children of J. & E. Swinford”
SwinfordLucy J.1884 May 131886 Aug 31“Children of J. & E. Swinford”
SwinfordParis1911 Apr 42010 Nov 16US Army World War II
SwinfordRonald B.1905 Jul 181992 Jan 29
SwinfordStelland1990 Dec 13
SwordMichael J.19401967
TankerslyLuther L.19031950Image:.jpg
TarterMargaret (Fielder)1931 Mar 62005 Dec 9"To the best mom and best sister in the world from David and Ann"Image:.jpg
TatumRose (Terrill)18681937
TatumWilliam J.18661920
TaylorEdna (Pigman)1910 Aug 252000 Aug 6Image:.jpg
TaylorJesse1896 Jul 101958 May 12Kentucky CM1 USNRF World War IImage:.jpg
TaylorSerena (Jones)18841939"Wife of Bristol Taylor"Image:.jpg
TaylorWilliam H. H.18511917Image:.jpg
TerrillBessie (Eaton)18911962
TerrillBeverley1811 Jan 201882 Oct 17Image:.jpg
TerrillBeverly Harold1895 Dec 311974 May 14Image:Terrill-504.jpg
TerrillBeverly S.18611942Image:Terrill-502.jpg
TerrillBeverly Slaughter1811 Jan 201882 Oct 17Image:Terrill-381.jpg
TerrillElizabeth (Gabbard)1837 Mar 81901 Dec 30Image:Gabbard-142.jpg
TerrillEthel 1900 Jul 181996 Mar 27CPL US Army World War II
TerrillJune1876 Jun 41902 Oct 30Image:.jpg
TerrillJune J.1897 Jul 11929 Mar 29"At rest"
TerrillMary E.1892 Jun 201982 Mar 18
TerrillMary F. (Burdette)1871 Jun 191967 Aug 27[[Image:[Burdette-240.jpg|50px]]
TerrillOllie Joseph1879 Apr 61940 Dec 2
TerrillRalph A.1908 Oct 121972 Apr Image:Terrill-506.jpg
TerrillRaymond1903 Feb 91981 SepImage:Terrill-505.jpg
TerrillSusan M.18701950 Nov 12Wife of W. T. Terrill "Mother"
TerrillUnknown #4ndnd"In honor of the following unknown graves from the Terrill Family Cemetery: Mrs. Barnett, Bill Terrill, Jerome Terrill"Image:.jpg
TerrillUnknown #6ndnd"In honor of the following unknown graves from the Terrill Family Cemetery: Mrs. Barnett, Bill Terrill, Jerome Terrill"Image:.jpg
TerrillUnknown $7ndnd"In honor of the following unknown graves from the Terrill Family Cemetery: Mrs. Barnett, Bill Terrill, Jerome Terrill"Image:.jpg
TerrillWillard1905 Dec 151920 Oct 11
TerrillWilliam G.1889 Nov 81957 May 13
TerrillWilliam G. 1960 May 71963 Mar 27"Little Billy" "our darling"
TerrillWilliam Russell19051907
TerrillWilliam Russell1920 Dec 291941 Oct 9
TerrillWilliam T.1863 Nov 231929 Jul 12"Sleeping"
ThackerFlora (Reynolds)18971971"Wife of William B. Thacker"Image:.jpg
ThackerWilliam B.18901966Image:.jpg
ThomasOrville19261972"Married Nov. 9, 1950"Image:.jpg
ThomasS. Francis19301995"Married Nov. 9, 1950"Image:.jpg
ThompsonAda C.1915 Jun 141998 Jun 27Image:.jpg
ThompsonArthur 1884 Mar 281884 Oct 16"Little Arthur, Son of Mattie Thompson"Image:.jpg
ThompsonElizabeth1833 Oct 241894 Oct 22Image:.jpg
ThompsonElizabeth 1839 Oct 241894 Oct 22Image:.jpg
TitusAlfred W.18481918"Father"Image:.jpg
TitusArthur B.18831910Image:.jpg
TitusBenjamin 18851952Image:.jpg
TitusDelia F.18821901"Sister"Image:.jpg
TitusFlorence W.1858 Oct 211889 Jun 28Image:.jpg
TitusHenry L.1891 Oct 11947 Mar 28Image:.jpg
TitusPriscilla (Moran)18901926Image:.jpg
TitusSusie B.18801910Image:.jpg
TitusWilliam A.1889 May 191959 Jan 4PVT US Army, WW IImage:.jpg
ToddAlwin E.1846 Aug 141893 Jan 30Image:.jpg
ToddAnna Lee (Brewer)1918 Nov 152008 Jan 2
ToddC. T.1848 Sep 261924 Nov 21"Son of S. & H. Todd"Image:.jpg
ToddCaleb Howard18811953"Father"Image:.jpg
ToddElizabeth Dove (Jessee)19081998"His Wife" "Mother"Image:.jpg
ToddGary Nicolas1942 May 92013 Feb 27
ToddGertrude M.1843 Nov 271924 Jan 11Image:.jpg
ToddGreen V., Jr.1915 Mar 301994 Jul 2
ToddKenneth C.1946 Dec 221998 Aug 15
ToddMadison1808 Mar 31900 Feb 12Image:.jpg
ToddMae G.19121978Image:.jpg
ToddMargaret J.1812 Sep 121901 Sep 10Image:.jpg
ToddMartha E.1852 May 51901 Jan 16"Wife of R. W. Todd"Image:.jpg
ToddMary B.1858 Feb 211928 Jan 16Image:.jpg
ToddMaudie Arlene (Tyler)1949 Jun 92013 Mar 9
ToddR. W. 1854 Dec 201936 Aug 21Image:.jpg
ToddRosa E. P.1881 Jun 191927 May 4Image:.jpg
ToddRosalie Evelyn1909 Dec 91926 Jul 30"The one we love is gone"
ToddSara Bell1854 Jul 41863 Nov 29"Daughter of S. F. Todd" (Moved from the Todd Cemetery)Image:.jpg
ToddSarah Elizabeth (Allen)18891953"His Wife" "Mother"Image:.jpg
ToddSarah Frances (Morton)1813 Mar 161855 Jan 19(Moved from the Todd Cemetery -- wrong name on tombstone)Image:.jpg
ToddWalker Thurman19111953"Father"Image:.jpg
ToddWillard 1886 Jan 121895 Feb 7"Son of R. W. and M. E. Todd"Image:.jpg
ToddWillard E.19091954Image:.jpg
ToddWilliam G., Dr.18511878 Jun 13"Aged 27 years" (Moved from the Todd Cemetery)Image:.jpg
ToddWilliam H18601944Image:.jpg
ToweryAdam C.1861 Feb 1932MotherImage:Towery-23.jpg
ToweryAlbert Logan18881968Image:.jpg
ToweryAlbert Logan1888 Feb 111968 Jan 21Image:Towery-24.jpg
ToweryAngie (Proctor)18641920Image:Proctor-2203.jpg
ToweryBige William1901 Jun 231980 Dec 287th Cav US Army WW I
ToweryGrace1907 Nov 111986 Oct 19
TrailLula 1894 Oct 261987 Sep 10Gone to rest Image:Unknown-275013.jpg
TrailSam1878 Feb 221962 Sep 15Gone to rest
TrawickKatherine Mahaffey1925 Jan 302000 Aug 22"Beloved wife"Image:.jpg
TurnerDora K.1929 Jun 182007 Sep 13Image:.jpg
TurnerEmma B.18851928
TurnerJames W.1926 Apr 131989 Mar 18Image:.jpg
TurnerR. L.1911 Nov 11937 Sep 23Image:.jpg
TurnerRoy, Junior1930 May 151933 Feb 8"Son of R. & Lillie Turner"Image:.jpg
UnknownGrave No. OnendndTodd CemeteryImage:.jpg
Van MeterAnna18601950
Van Winkle(Martha) Patsy1814 Oct 261899 Feb 5wife of J. B. Van Winkle
Van WinkleAlonzo Everett18751959
VanWinkleCassius Alexander1870 Jun 91962 Jul 12
Van WinkleEarl1911 Mar 171911 May 3
Van WinkleElizabeth Jane (Davis)18381899
Van WinkleHarold E.1887 Dec 211963 Aug 25
Van_WinkleHarold E.1887 Dec 211963 Aug 25
Van WinkleHarrell1892 Aug 81977 Jan 14PVT US Army World War I
Van WinkleJames W18361917
Van WinkleLaura (Kelly)1877 Mar 61966 Sep 28
Van WinkleLela18721919
Van WinkleLettie B1864 Dec 281889 May 17wife of John W. Van Winkle
Van WinkleMargaret (Robe)18781948
Van WinkleNettie P. (Scrivner)1893 Oct 141960 Mar 25 Image:Scrivner-50.jpg
Van WinkleNettie P. (Scrivner)1893 Oct 141960 Mar 26
Van WinklePearl (Hill)18951966wife of Harrell Van Winkle
Van WinkleRaymond Arthur1916 Nov 301980 Jan 23Veteran; AE3, US Navy, WWIIImage:.jpg
Van WinkleWalter Rip19001994Image:Van Winkle-186.jpg
VanWinkleAddie (Kenney)1888 Jul 16? Jan 14"Asleep in Jesus"Image:.jpg
VaughnChildrenndnd"Children of Lewis & Virgie"Image:.jpg
VealeNell (Lake)19102007Image:.jpg
ViarsJames Robert1866 Oct 211955 Jan 9Image:.jpg
ViarsJohnny S.19331959Image:.jpg
ViarsLloyd1936 Jan 14Image:.jpg
ViarsLucinda F. (Kindred)1876 Jun 151966 Jul 15Image:.jpg
ViarsLula 1936 Nov 1Image:.jpg
ViarsLuther1911 Jul 81930 Jan 19Image:.jpg
ViersMeridiandndCo. D. 155 Illinois InfantryImage:.jpg
VoseFranklin "Frank"1848 Jun 191923 Jan 2Image:.jpg
WagersCharles B.1919 May 291987 Sep 16S SGT US Army Air Corps, World War II
WagersHallie (Hill)1887 May1964
WagersHannah (Kelly)18821954
WagersInfant1923 Jul 8
WagersIsabelle B. (Huston)1921 Feb 252008 Feb 23
WagersJames Ralph1916 Dec 91983 Sep 20Image:Wagers-114.jpg
WagersJames S.18821932
WalkerAddie F.18831966Image:.jpg
WalkerAddie F.18831966Image:.jpg
WalkerAnnie Mae19071942
WalkerDee1893 Oct 31918 Dec 5Co. E, 807 Reg.
WalkerEarle G.18881961Image:.jpg
WalkerEarle G.18881961Image:.jpg
WalkerJulia W.187719?"His wife"Image:.jpg
WalkerMaranda C.1911 May 9
WalkerMary Gay19131998
WalkerOscar1937 Jun 21Ohio, PVT 1CL 813 Pioneer InfImage:.jpg
WalkerSarah Elizabeth1871 Sep 221933 Jun 8Mother; Beloved wife of St. Clair Walker; Age 61 yrs 8 months 8 days
WalkerSt. Clair1861 Feb 181946 Apr 30Father; Asleep in Jesus
WalkerSue1867 Oct 41907 Jul 16
WalkerVirgil Gordon, DDS1912 Apr 222001 Jun 13Colonel Dental Corps; US Army WW II Philippine Islands
WalkerWillie Mae (Gibbs)1912 Mar 132005 Apr 29
WalkerWillie Mae (Gibbs)1912 Mar 132005 Apr 29
WarfordErin (Earnest)1896 Jan 71991 Feb 8
WarfordEstill C.1877 Oct 251951 May 20
WarfordNonie B.1878 May 221923 Apr 13"Wife of E. G. Warford"
WarwickLuella Bell18621947
WashburnEtta M.1879 Jul 211964 Jan 10Image:.jpg
WashburnMaj. J. H.18811946US ArmyImage:.jpg
WatkinsLeonard A.1877 Sep 111929
WatsonCecil P.19101958Image:.jpg
WatsonGladys1928 May 122011 Mar 14Image:.jpg
WatsonIda D.18831964"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
WatsonJames G.1903 Jan 71956 Apr 12Image:.jpg
WatsonJoe, Jr.1929 May 81986 Sep 13"Served 23 years US Air Force"Image:.jpg
WatsonLewis R.1913 May 31986 Jan 17US Army, WW IIImage:.jpg
WatsonNinive18781936"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
WehrleMelinda1966 May 91966 May 12"Baby"Image:.jpg
WeiderAlbert Greer1882 Jan 241957 Oct 18Image:.jpg
WeiderJosephine (Corbin)1876 May 111960 Dec 9Image:.jpg
WeitzL. A.ndndImage:.jpg
WeitzStella Johnson Turner1900 Oct 141982 Aug 21Image:.jpg
WelchArmilda (Johnston)18761930"Wife of D. N. Welch"
WelchClay Hunt1908 Jul 24Image:Welch-3445.jpg
WelchD. Nathaniel18621940Lo, I am with you always
WelchMary E.19151980 Image:Unknown-277096.jpg
WelchMatilda G.18611896
WelchMatilie1893 Oct 111895 Jul 9
WelchMildred Louise (Lunsford)1925 Jun 222006 Aug 1 Image:Lunsford-815.jpg
WelchNathan?1902 Sep 281902 Dec 14"Son of D. N. & A Welch"
WelchSamuel Nathan1904 Dec 211996 Mar 2
WelchW. Ralph19111976
WestEdward1869 Oct 301932 Oct 6Image:.jpg
WestHenry 1843 May 41903 Dec 5Image:.jpg
WestMay (Galloway)1873 Jan 301913 Nov 2Image:.jpg
WestSarah J.18461931Image:.jpg
WheelerFrances (Robinson)1910 Oct 311978 Jul 8Image:Robinson-13066.jpg
WheelerHomer19281947"At rest"Image:.jpg
[[Wheeler-8102|WheelerHoward Clay1945 Jul 301963 Nov 23
[[Coffee-210|WheelerImogene (Coffey)1924 Sep 11994 Dec 20
WheelerJ. Homer1907 Jun 211957 Apr 29Image:.jpg
WheelerJames Ernest1932 Dec 181968 Feb 17
[[Wheeler-8101|WheelerJerry William1910 Jan 21973 Nov 21
WheelerJohn Homer1907 Jun 211957 Apr 29Image:Wheeler-8692.jpg
WheelerJohn Homer Jr.1928 Aug 61946 Dec 27Image:Wheeler-8695.jpg
WheelerThomas Edward1940 Mar 71967 Aug 30
WhiteMary Ann1846 Aug 41891 Dec 30"Wife of W. P. White"Image:.jpg
WhitakerCharles L. "Chick"1944 Jan 222013 Mar 27SGT US Army Image:.jpg
WhitakerDonnna (Anglin) "Mimi"1947 May 24Image:.jpg
WhiteAlice F. R.18841954Image:.jpg
WhiteCleon B.1889 Nov 81956 May 9Massachusetts 2D LT 12 Rect Fard World War I
WhiteDee1882 Jan 251892 Nov 12Image:.jpg
WhiteDovie 1860 Mar 131900 Mar 13Image:.jpg
WhiteGeorge 18801954Image:.jpg
WhiteGeorge W.1865 Sep 281890 Jul 17Image:.jpg
WhiteGlendon R.1904 Dec 191970 Dec 1Image:.jpg
WhiteHannah L. (Beard)18921968 Aug 21
WhiteIda M.18721963Image:.jpg
WhiteMary A.18351924Image:.jpg
WhiteMattie L.1888 Sep 231978 Dec 13Image:.jpg
WhiteRobert L. 18671955Image:.jpg
WhiteWalker, Jr.1930 Jul 251972 Mar 14Image:.jpg
WhiteWalker, Sr.1896 Apr 261965 Jul 25"Father" Kentucky CPL Co C 801 Pioneer Inf, World War IImage:.jpg
WhiteWilliam P.18441909Image:.jpg
WhittemoreClyde1930 May 282007 Oct 7"Precious Lord take my hand"Image:.jpg
WhittemoreDula P.1914 Apr 192004 Dec 10Image:.jpg
WhittemoreLewis M.1916 Jun 32006 Feb 18Image:.jpg
WhittemoreLydia1936 Dec 232010 Jun 20"Precious Lord take my hand"Image:.jpg
WilderAndrew J.1870 Aug 1 1967 Oct
WilderAngeline1875 Dec1923 Jun Image:.jpg
WilderJohn1871 Dec1950 DecImage:.jpg
WilderMahala C. (Howard)1875 Jun 51962
WilhelmVirgie M.1907 Jul 161969 Nov 3Image:.jpg
WilliamsAddie P.18921967
WilliamsAnna (Gay)18691957
WilliamsBenjamin G.19011901son of David and Anna Williams
WilliamsCharles Hunter1911 Nov 91911 Nov 9InfantImage:Williams-30101.jpg
WilliamsCharlie 1886 Mar 101960 Oct 10
WilliamsHarriet E. (Dean)1930 Jan 162003 Jun 30"Mother"Image:.jpg
WilliamsKizzie J.18951983
WilliamsLillie M.1914 Jul 92003 Jan 27Image:.jpg
WilliamsLillie M. (Short)1892 Apr 61911 Nov 9 Image:Short-2417.jpg
WilliamsLottie1877 Mar 181961 Aug 19Image:.jpg
WilliamsMattie1905 Jun 131906 Dec 27Image:.jpg
WilliamsMichael G.1950 Oct 262014 Mar 12Married Apr. 10, 1970 "From childhood to eternity" SP 4 US Army VietnamImage:.jpg
WilliamsNannie 1847 May 28ndImage:.jpg
WilliamsNettie R.1874 Mar 11906 Dec 29Image:.jpg
WilliamsRita D.1952 Dec 4Married Apr. 10, 1970 "From childhood to eternity"Image:.jpg
WilliamsRose A.18921983"Mother"Image:.jpg
WilliamsRuby F.1922 Jan 62005 Dec 1
WilliamsSilas1867 Mar 211952 Aug 25Image:.jpg
WilliamsTom J.18911960
WilliamsVirgie P. 18931979Image:.jpg
WilliamsVirginia Ann19341968Image:.jpg
WilliamsVoley1879 Feb 181952 Dec 25Image:.jpg
WilliamsVoley1879 Feb 181907 Dec 25Kentucky RCT US VolunteersImage:.jpg
WillisLinda Kay1949 Jul 281950 Jul 21Image:.jpg
WilmotRalph A.19352015Image:.jpg
WilsonBalis19141935"Meet me in heaven"Image:Wilson-28343.jpg
WilsonBalis1863 Jan 41923 Dec 25
WilsonBarnett "Barney"1884 Jan 191972 Jul 6"Father" "Our trust is in God"Image:Burns-4873.jpg
WilsonBelle (Burns)18841972"Mother" "Our trust is in God"Image:Burns-4873.jpg
WilsonGladys19161927"Little Lord's Angel"
WilsonNarcissus (Arnett)1861 Jul 181918 Dec 5"His wife"
WinstonEmily C. (Prather)19211989The hours part us but they bring us together again.
WinstonWilliam F.1924 Aug 111963 Mar 17Kentucky FPC Co B 114 Infantry World War II BSM-PH The hours part us but they bring us together again.
WiseGrace (Cornelison)1920 Sep 242006 Aug 26
WiseJack Norton1927 Jun 261979 Sep 24World War II, Korea
WittElisha1838 Mar 251895 Aug 15Image:.jpg
WittHenry C.1861 May 311926 Dec 12Image:.jpg
WittLousinda B.1868 Dec 111924 Dec 11Image:.jpg
WittMaude1885 Jan 221899 Feb 7
WolfeJames T.1938 Jul 311999 Feb 22"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
WolfeJohn Torrence1892 May 111958 Oct 24PVT Co. C. 383 Infantry,World War IImage:.jpg
WolfeMildred L.1940 Apr 222006 Jan 18Gone but not forgottenImage:.jpg
GaddVirginia "Jennie" (Chasteen) Gadd1891 May1979 Sep 9Image:.jpg
WolfordJean (Trent)19051944Image:.jpg
WomeldorfSally Taylor (Swinford)1881 Mar 151959 Oct 8
WoodAlfred McCreary1896 Nov 11997 Sep 17WW I, US Naval Aviation; WW II US Army Air ForceImage:.jpg
WoodEliza (Stewart)1861 Nov 31954 Aug 11Image:.jpg
WoodHenry H.1858 Oct 51929 May 13Image:.jpg
WoodMary (Swain)1907 Oct 162007 May 16Image:.jpg
WoodallHarry S.1882 Nov 151960 Jan 27"Father" Kentucky PVT Co M 4 Regt KY Infantry, Spanish American WarImage:.jpg
WoodallMatilda H. (Adams)1890 Dec 11964 Jun 1"Mother"Image:.jpg
WrayJohn Theoplis1923 Apr 122008 Feb 5CPL US Marine Corps, World War IIImage:.jpg
WraySusan Marie19492009Image:.jpg
WrenDebra K.1956 Dec 251957 Jan 1Image:.jpg
WrightMargaret K.1909 Nov 212001 Dec 3"Mother and Musician"Image:.jpg
WrightTheodore M.1907 Dec 171999 Aug 2"Father and Teacher"Image:.jpg
WyattAnnie H.18671954Image:.jpg
WyattClara V.18741971Image:.jpg
WyattGeorge W.18681943Image:.jpg
WyattGertrude1902 Mar 251902 Nov 2Image:.jpg
WyattJames E.18831932Image:.jpg
WyattL. U.1851 Jul 161936 Feb 1Image:.jpg
WyattM. Ethel19031987Image:.jpg
WyattNettie (Edster)18791919Image:.jpg
WyattT. P.1845 Feb 21913 Oct 21Image:.jpg
WyattUlysses S.18651924Image:.jpg
WylieDorothy (Rucker)1931Image:.jpg
WylieVena M.1918 Dec 122005 Jul 30Image:Logsdon-509.jpg
WylieWilliam Allen19262006Image:.jpg
WynnBertha Mae19032000
WynnCora A. (Smith)18821954
WynnElkannah C.18731947
WynnWilbur D.1909 Sep 72008 Jan 3
WyrickGeraldine (Smith)19051988Image:.jpg
YatesRebecca18391900 Jul 18Image:.jpg
YoungElizabeth E.18741967Image:.jpg
YoungGeorge W.1862 Aug1942
YoungM. Tarpley18691932Image:.jpg
YoungM. Tarpley18691932Image:.jpg
YoungMaggie M. (Edster)1881 May 1908 Apr 17"Wife of L. C. Young"Image:.jpg
YoungMattie E.1908 Jan 251922 Mar 17Image:.jpg
YoungMattie E.1908 Jan 251922 Mar 17Image:.jpg
YoungMesia (Coyle)18561919
YoungMinnie Frances (Edster)1884 Nov 101920 Dec 29"Wife of L. C. Young"Image:.jpg
YoungSallie D.1872 Sep 261896 Nov 11
YoungWilliam J.1925 Dec 181925 Dec 21Image:.jpg
YoungWilliam J.1925 Dec 181925 Dec 21Image:.jpg
YowellLena Raye1927 May 232007 May 21Image:.jpg
ZachureJennie (Gillen)1870 Feb 281914 Jan 2Image:.jpg


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