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Biblical evidence

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Research and discoveries proving Bible teachings

It is important to learn of what God has chosen to reveal to us now in our lifetimes. It is important that we spread the amazing news of these discoveries to help others with the evidence they may need to strengthen their faith and belief in the Word of God.

Noah's Ark found

1950's: NATO arial survey of Eastern Turkey Urartu (Ararat) Mountains, on a mountainside about 12 miles south of Mt Ararat, distinct ship shaped feature about 500 feet long. 1960: US expedition to site, dynamited holes but did not find conclusive evidence of petrified wood 1960 Sept 5: article in Life Magazine seen by Ron Wyatt (300 Royal Egyptian Cubits = 515 feet (Royal Egyptian Cubit=20.62 inches)) 1975: The Ark File book by Rene Noorbergen of the 1960 expedition named Professor Arthur J. Brandenberger (photogrammetry and aerial photography expert), Captain Ilhan Darupinar (cartography expert), Wilbur A. Bishop (selfmade millionaire and expedition financier), George Vandeman (Protestant minister), Hal J. Thomsen (research asst.), and Dr. S. H. Horn (archaeologist) 1977 Aug: Ron traveled to Turkey Tendurek mountains with sons, in village of Kazan 15 miles away discovered large rock with hole at end and 8 byzantine crosses carved into it (anchor stone) and found more in and around town. Ancient stone house surrounded by system of stone fences, 1 standing and 1 flat stone (tombstones marking Noah and wife's graves). Nearby large stone altar and chiseled sacrificial stones in natural ampitheatre. Driving south, in mountains, found boat shaped feature on mountain below. 1978 December earthquake caused earth to fall away leaving , in 1979 Ron Wyatt visited nearby the village of Uzengili, and took soil samples from formation which tested indicated high iron concentrations 1984 August trip to Turkey with Astronaut Colonel Irwin, found 13 lines of metal objects within structure, visited village "The Place of the Eight" and mountain name translated to "Doomsday Mountain". Above the site, remains of ballast material found with stele stones with inscriptions marking where ark originally rested was found before being ripped away and carried downhill by lava flow. 1985 Dr. Ekrem Akurgal of Turkey confirmed object was a ship, probably the ark. But Noah's tombstones were now missing with much of the stones of his house 1987 Turkish government recognizes area as Noah's Ark National Park and a National Treasure, builds roads and a visitor's center 1988 Area is frequently unsafe for visitors and tourists

Moses and the exodus

Crossing location in Red Sea 1799: 5.2 mile ridge discovered by Napoleon's engineers Nueva peninsula coast beach, sand bottom, Artifacts of pharaoh's Egyptian army's chariots scattered across floor of sea now covered in coral preserving original shapes and features (4 & 6 spoke wheels, axels, and hubs only simultaneously used in time correlating to time of exodus), Saudi side of Acaba chariot wheel artifacts found by diver Pontien - Moler's dives and Spring 2000 remote control robotic camera, published 2014, includes TLC video insert - Ron Wyatt

Mount Sinai Mount where rock parted to produce water

Rock base for golden calf and petroglyphs of calves

Ark of the Covenant found in Jerusalem (hidden by Jews) - Ron Wyatt

Holes discovered from the holy Cross at Mount Golgotha, crack in rock from earthquake, Christ's blood ran down crack and dripped onto mercy seat - Ron Wyatt

Jesus' tomb grave discovered in Garden of Gesthemane, metal seal artifact evidence, crack in rock from earthquake

Rock rolled away discovered, was long at Monastery, matches width of track at tomb grave, dimensions match to metal seal

Blood of Christ from the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant Blood miraculously still living and only has 24 chromosomes (humans have 48: 24 from father & 24 from mother, Christ only received 24 from his human mother) - Ron Wyatt


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