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Hi Susie, thank you for responding to my question on Wikitree. I am sorry I have been so long in finding your response. I am unable to find Lewis Bagot's will, but the National Archives have records that show John Bykley and Thomas Bagot (son) as executors. I'm afraid Sir Lewis left a lot of debt so records at NA show cases and claims against the will and John and Thomas as defendants. There is one portrait available of Thomas Bickley DD looking very fierce, it's even on the Wikipedia page. However, I have a better one that was available, it is better painted and has a clear coat of arms. I see you have done a lot of research regarding Sir Francis Bickley's family (draper of London) of Attleborough, Cambridge, Kingsbury etc. The family are spread wider and I am descended from North Shropshire Bickleys. They are still from the same family and I have a few links in my research. For the early Bickleys, Somerset, Portsmouth, Staffordshire and Shropshire all feature. If I can be of any help with your research into the Bickleys, I am happy to help. I have a great deal of info so perhaps you could narrow down the info you would like. I am having trouble logging in at the moment, hope you receive this O.K. Kind regards Yvonne

Hi Susie, I've attached the portrait of Thomas Bickley DD ( His coat of arms are clearer and are the arms for John Bykley M.P. for Stafford aka Keeper of Tutbury Castle. The only difference is the 'mantle' (colour red). On John Bykley's Grant of Arms they are azure or a dark blue. Apparently, the mantle is not part of the coat, and artists sometimes used a colour of choice. Dark blue would get lost against this background. In turn this is the coat of arms for the Cambridge Bickleys, only difference is an extra plate on the hinds (crest) collar. The Chidham Bickley Coat of Arms is older and the background is gold and the crest is a demi griffin sergeant as on Henry Bickley of Chidham's memorial. I have a copy of John Bykley's Grant of Arms, but I have to abide by some terms and conditions and can't put it on the internet. This entitled John to be called gentleman or esquire. It can only be passed down through his immediate family i.e. not to nephews. I have a funny record of John Bykley in Portsmouth married to Johanne. They have children Henrico and Willo who I think are twins. I think Henry is the grandfather of Sir Francis not Henry of Chidham and I think I am descended from William. My family, although from Shropshire, adored Cambridge. The boat race between Oxford and Cambridge was important and children were only silenced during that. We never understood the fascination of Cambridge. Piratical Henry Bickley of Chidham/Portsmouth also had twins Paul and Anthonie and twins occur regularly down through my family. I know science doesn't back this up as hereditory, as they are never fraternal twins, but it is odd. I have had help with the Bickley heraldry from the College of Arms and I could give you that info if you are interested. Bickley association with the Bagots goes back to the reign of Henry IVth approx 1415. (A story there) The biography for Bishop Thomas states, without any source, that he was born in Stowe, Bucks, but I believe he was born in Stowe by Chartley, Staffs. The Ferrers family who owned Tutbury Castle lived there. Thomas might only have been about 5 yrs old when he joined the choristers at Magdalen. To read a bit about John BykleyBickley M.P.for Stafford, you will find him on The History of Parliament website for 1529. (Says his wife is Jane, but Johanne/Joan are sometimes transcribed thus) I have gathered a lot of snippets and hopefully relevant bits, but will only drip feed them to you if you are willing. I am impressed with the profile page you have done for Thomas and I like Wikitree because they want sources and proof. All for now, Yvonne

Hello again. I have done some research into the feasibility of Thomas Bickley DD being born in Stowe. My findings seem it was likely he was. If you would like to know what I found please let me know. There is a lot of info to impart and it would be great if your researchers could take a look. I only want to trouble you with it if you are interested. Regards Yvonne

Hi Susie, good to hear from you. Messaging you here because not sure email gets through sometimes. I found that after the beheading of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, George, IVth Earl of Shrewsbury, was appointed Crown Steward for the Buckingham Estates in 1521. (LUMINARIUM: ENCYCLOPEDIA PROJECT ENGLAND UNDER TUDORS). John Bykley was the Earl's deputy (SEE PARLIAMENT ONLINE; CONSTITUENCIES; STAFFORD 1529) The Earl was married to Catherine Stafford. Other Staffordshire names connected to Stowe are Lyttleton, Giffard and Grenville, check Stowe School's 'house' names. John and Joan/Joane Bykley were feoffees for Ed Lyttleton who owned land all over, He owned Baxterley, Warks. There is an Edmund Beckley 1600's living in Lillingstone Dayrell near Stowe. In an early census for Staffs, John Bykley has a son Edmund. (See upsilon, epsilon for 'y' in Wikipedia). Also see THE DAYRELLS OF LILLINGSTONE DAYRELL Tim Robarte. you will see those Staffordshire names. I will email the early census of Staffs, the ebook not too available now. Preface points out some mistakes like John Bykley's wife is listed as JANE but really she is Joan/Joanne (a Bickley name). The book is named LIST OF NAMES OF THE FAMILIES OF THE ARCHDEANERY OF STAFFORDSHIRE 1532-3. John Bykley is under Tutbury Ward,

Hi Susie, Here is the ebook for early census of Staffs. John Bykley in Tutbury ward has a large family. Thomas, of course is in the choir at Magdalen College. I also think that Henry is already in Cambridge. I am researching the Bickley's connection to Lolworth.

The College of Arms persuivant found an old Bickley coat of arms. A William Champernowne married heraldic heiress Thomasina Childerley who was entitled to quarter arms of Bickley as ancestor John Childerley in reign o Edward 1st married Margaret Bickley daughter of -------Bickley of Bickley.

Childerley is the next village to Lolworth, They were very close to Sir John Cutts who owned Childerley.

A couple of points that might become important; The Bickleys in Stafford in 1400's leased land from Lord Stafford, The names Carew and Courtney are names of Bickleigh Castle in Devon.

I know Thomas Bickley DD is supposed to have been born 1518 and I can only source 1521 but it all seems connected.

Hope this is of some help. Best wishes


  • Page 45: MADELEY
  • f.28v) Paroche de Madeley in festo Symonis ett Jude
  • William Bykley, Elizabeth, uxor eius, +Christian,+Ellen, uxores eius, Thomas, Robert, Anna.
  • Page 138: TUTBURY
  • f.84) Tuttbere Paroche in festo Sancti Stephanis
  • Maister John Bycley, Jane, uxor eius, Dorothy, Maud, Joyce, Edmund, William.

Hi Susie, Thank you for the link. Yes, I started my research into the family from there. My Bickley family by way of Whitchurch, Shropshire, love Cambridge. My Bickley grandmother told me they were drapers, although our side were farmers. Also told me of one of the Bickleys married somebody Reade and that is how we got the land in Warwickshire. In Whitchurch we were on George IVth Earl of Shrewsbury's land, Bubney Woods. 'My Lord's' woods were sold to some people one being Sir John Hanmer. We were tenants of Sir Thomas Hanmer whose brother David was apprenticed to Sir Francis Bickley. John Bickley, descended from Thomas and Philadelphia Bickley, Bedfordshire, married Anne Reade, daughter of Sir Thomas Reade, Barton Court. The Reades were friends of Charles Ist and Henrietta Maria. A Thomas Culpeper of Virginia left his land in Forshaw, Warks to his illegitimate daughters one of whom was related by marriage to the Reades. Sir John Trevor a friend of our family, Whitchurch (and ancestor of our late Queen), gave the tenancy to Isaac Bickley, my 4th great grandfather. Sorry to burden you with all that, but just wanted you to see that they see themselves as all one family. I am sure that Henry Bickley of Lolworth is the elder twin son of John and Joane Bykley.

Some time ago, I sent you a picture of Thomas Bickley DD with his father's coat of arms. The arms have a crest of a hind, because John Bykley was park keeper at Tutbury and Castle Hey. As a bishop, apparently Thomas would not have a crest. I don't know if there is any copyright because I can't find it now on the internet. I don't think you received it. So I'll try again......!

Hi Susiie, some more names that may feature as siblings for Thomas. Perhaps as things unfold in the future. John Bykley was granted rooms and a plot at Rocester Abbey by Henry VIIIth and lived there for while. He and Joane and family retired back to Nynehead and Hillfarrance Somerset. John's will 1562 was destroyed in the bombing of Somerset Archives WWII. luckily someone made some notes in 19th century, but it is precis. He leaves land at Aller Moor to son EDWARD and small amount of money to daughters GINNET and JOHANE. Edward is the ancestor of the Somerset Bickleys and John's Grant of Arms doc was neatly folded up with descendants will. Henry Bickley of Portsmouth will 1565 mentions: "My brother John's yonge children yonge about them JOHN BESSE JOANE" I can't be sure of course, but at least we have the record.

Ann sent this ages ago, where does this fit in?

This text has Henry Bickley (abt.1503-aft.1570) as the father of (

This is from my gedcom program but not very much, other stuff must have been lost in computer crash In CHidham Church:

The other memorials date from the reign of Queen Anne. One dated 1707 commemorates another Henry Bickley and his wife Margaret. She "suffered from intermittent fever and for some days fell into lethargy." After 30 years of marriage both died within two days of each other. The epitaph concludes

"Death herself did not divide them Those whom one and the same disease carried off The same tomb holds together. Let them remain untouched Let them remain through long ages Ashes joined together And let the stone unmovable keep them." That is Margaret Fulham CHIDHAM is not mentioned in Domesday, being then included in the Bishop of Exeter's estate of the Chapelry of Bosham, of which it became the manorial centre. In 1243 the confirmatory grant of the chapelry to the bishop included the manor of Chidham. (fn. 7) It was stated in 1290 that the Bishop of Exeter held the chapel of Bosham and the manor of Chidham, in which were free and villein tenants who did suit to the Earl of Norfolk's hundred of Bosham; but in the hamlet of Westinton, a member of Chidham, he had certain small tenants, each holding 3 acres, who were his servants, such as reapers, shepherds, swineherds, and ploughmen, and they came at Easter and Michaelmas to view of frankpledge before the bishop's bailiff at Chidham with the ripereeve (messore) as their tithingman and appeared before the coroner in the tithing of Westinton and not elsewhere. (fn. 8) After the dissolution of the College of Bosham the Bishop of Exeter in 1548 conveyed the manor of Chidham to Thomas Fisher, to whom it was confirmed next year. (fn. 9) He then transferred it to Henry Bickley, (fn. 10) who died holding it of the Crown in 1570. (fn. 11) His son Thomas died seised thereof in 1588, leaving a son Thomas, then only 3 years old, (fn. 12) who died in 1640. (fn. 13) His heir was said to be Thomas Pay, great-grandson of Henry Bickley's daughter Honor, but Thomas Bickley bequeathed this manor to Brewen, or Brune, Bickley (grandson of Henry) and Cicely (Ryman) his wife and Richard his son. (fn. 14) Richard apparently died before his father, whose estates passed to a younger son Henry, (fn. 15) who died in 1707, leaving the manor of Chidham to trustees for sale. (fn. 16) It was apparently bought by Richard Lumley, Earl of Scarborough, and descended with Westbourne (q.v.) until the death of Richard Barwell in 1805, after which it seems to have been sold to Edmund Woods by his trustees. (fn. 17) William Padwick owned it in 1822, (fn. 18) Charles Cheesman is said to have purchased it some time before 1835, (fn. 19) after which date its history is obscure. Sophie, Lady Gifford (widow of the 3rd Baron, who died in 1911) is named as lady of the manor between 1915 and 1922, (fn. 20) but it was said to be in the hands of Albert Eadie in 1919. (fn. 21) Subsequently it was acquired by Lord Iveagh, the present owner. Bickley. Argent a cheveron embattled between three griffons' heads sable. A subinfeudation appears in 1621 when Sir Richard Worseley, bart., died seised of the manors of CHIDHAM HACKET and MIDDLETON, held of Thomas Bickley, which he had granted in 1616 to Lady Elizabeth widow of Sir Richard White and Elizabeth White her daughter for their lives. (fn. 22) The property evidently descended in the family as in 1720 Sir Robert Worseley, bart., and Frances his wife conveyed the manor of Chidham Hacket alias Middleton to John Wakeford. (fn. 23) In 1793 the manor was conveyed by Samuel Colby and Mary his wife and John McFarland and Elizabeth his wife to Joseph Postlethwaite, (fn. 24) but no other mention of it is known.

From: 'Chidham', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 4: The Rape of Chichester (1953), pp. 188-190. URL: Date accessed: 16 March 2008.

Might be worth looking at the depositions book Next case] f136. Ex pte Richard Taylor v Richard Fitzherbert. Date: 1596/7. Parish: Aldingbourne. Cause: testamentary will of Thomas Bickley, Bishop of Chichester. f136. Dep. John Stanmer of Addingbourne servant to Thomas Bickley. Lived Aldingbourne 3 years. Born Andover Hants. Age 23. Wit.sign. 136v. Dep. Henry Ball, professor of theology, precentor of Chichester cathedral and archdeacon. Born Lichfield, Staffs. Age 42. Wit. sign. f137v. Dep. Francis Coulstone formerly servant to Thomas Bickley for 8 years. Born Bulwick, Northants. Age 28. Wit. sign. f138. Dep. Thomas Harris yeoman of Donnington, formerly servant to Thomas Bickley for 4 years. Born Woodford, Northants.

Boyd's Roll entry for Bickley from Drapers Co

Image:Bickley Problems.pdf
Boyd’s Roll entry for Bickley.


  • Trace emigration to
    • Colonial America
    • Colonial Australia
  • Other spellings (no 'One Name Study' found):
    • Bickley
    • Byckley
    • Bickleigh
    • Bidgly
    • Bickeley
    • Beckley
    • Berkeley
  • Other places they have/may have been found:
    • Bickleigh Castle?
    • Axbridge
    • Town of Bickley, Cheshire.
    • Town of Bickleigh, Devon.
    • Penrhyn, Cornwall & Cork/Limerick, Ireland?
    • Halloughton, Warwickshire
    • Lolworth was also called Lowler, Loller or Loeler in older registers. The earliest register records Baptisms from 1576-1777 (probaby the first page from 1567-1575 is missing); Marriages from 1567 to 1646 and from 1662 to 1753; Burials from 1567 to 1620 and 1668 to 1776. Volume II contains entries from 1754 to 1812.
  • Other names of interest:
    • Tayler, Taylor
    • Burrowes
    • Quynton
    • Smythe

England References

  • The Complete Baronetage, Cokayne.[1]
  • Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage[2]
  • A genealogical and heraldic history of the extinct and dormant baronetcies of England, Burke[3]
  • The English Baronetage, Wotton.[4]
  • The Baronetage of England, Johnson & Kimber.[5]
  • The Peerage, Darryl Lundy.[6]
  • Boyd's Inhabitants.[7]
  • Visitation of the county of Warwick.[8]
  • Visitation of London.[9]
  •  Jonathan Tyers Barrett's Memorials of the parochial church, the collegiate chantry, and the chapel of st. Mary[10]

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The Main Group

Francis Bickley (1530-bef.1603)TranscriptionNYYyes
  • Find parents
  • Was Amye his second wife? Was he really born 1539?
  • Has previously been, presumed to be incorrectly, attached to Henry Bickley (abt.1503-aft.1570) but removed as he was a) not mentioned in Henry's Will (refer comments on Francis' profile). Of interest is that this Francis did not mention his son Frauncis in his Will. Curious. Frauncis would have been 20 when his father died. He became a freeman in 1608 so perhaps his father sending him to London and apprenticing him to Henry Jay was enough and b) is not mentioned in Visitations of Sussex 1530 and 1633-4.[11]
  • Could one of these provide a link?
    • John Bickley of Huntington, c. 1415 ( has links to Cambridshire).[12]
    • John Bickley of Park Lodge, Castle Hayes nr. Tutbury, Stafford, c. 1529.[13]
  • Of note is that when this Francis' grandson, Francis of Halloughton, Warwickshire, son of Robert, presented his Arms during the Visitation of Warwickshire in 1682, Francis of Lolworth was said to be Francis Bickley of Lolworth in Com: Cambrig: descended from a younger brother of the Bickley’s of Bickley upon ye River Ex in Devonshire.
  • Which Francis is mentioned in Portsmouth as a Mayor's Assistant in 1573 (which is the year he married Ayme).[14]
  • Francis has (or has he?) all of a sudden popped up in Lolworth....
m. Amy (Mayers) Bickley (1539-bef.1619) 13 Dec 1573TranscriptionNYYyes
  • FNAB - Ayme?
  • LNAB - Cokayne says Major
  • Where is she from?

1. Elizabeth (Bickley) Rugeley (abt.1574-bef.1631)TranscriptionNNYin progress
1.1. m. Anthony Ashe (-abt.1624) on 6 Jan 1592.TranscriptionNNY
  • Who is James Ashe in Attleborough?
  • All Francis' children were alive when his Will was written.
1.1.1 Thomas bapt 2 May 1611 bur 12 May 1611YYX
... ... ... died young.
1.1.2 Anthony bapt 24 February 1614/5YNN
1.2. m. Rowland Rugeley KB (abt.1569-abt.1629) on 1625.Not foundNNYNone with Eliz.
  • Relationship to Sarah Rugeley who married Richard Elizabeth's brother?

2. John Bickley (bef.1575-bef.1628)
... was a member of the Church of England
2.1. m. Ann Unknown (abt.1584-bef.1628) abt 1600.
  • Who is she. Marriage record.
  • Presume Ann is wife as she was buried just after John.
2.1.1. John Bickley (bef.1602-1602)
... ... ... died young.
2.1.2. Elizabeth Bickley (bef.1603-)
2.1.3. George Bickley (1605-)
2.1.4. John Bickley (bef.1607-)
2.1.5. Mary Bickley (bef.1609-)
2.1.6. William Bickley (bef.1612-bef.1617)
... ... ... died young.
2.1.7. Ann Bickley (bef.1615-bef.1617)
... ... ... died young.
2.1.8. Francis Bickley (bef.1615-)
2.1.9. Amy Bickley (bef.1617-)
2.1.10. William Bickley (bef.1620-)
2.1.11. Ann Bickley (bef.1624-)

3. Dorithie (Byckley) Stallond (bef.1578-abt.1640)
  • Visit of Warwickshire says a daughter of Francis/Lolworth married a York but it is that Anne Stallon married John Yorke on 6 January 1624 in London.
  • Anne had lived with her aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Anthony Ashe since childhood.
3.1 m. Thomas Stallon
3.1.1 Thomas
  • mentioned in Aunt Elizabeth's Will
3.1.2. Bridgett
  • mentioned in Aunt Elizabeth's Will
3.1.3. Anne
  • Lived with Anthony Ashe and Elizabeth.
  • Mentioned in Aunt Elizabeth's Will. See notes above for Dorothie.
  • If Elizabeth Ashe approved of Anne Stallon's marriage, Anne got the land at [Yorke family Stroud Green].
  • John Yorke the Elder seems to have been the master of the Company of brewers in 1611 so this family were not common or garden ale house owners.
  • Jo has found the will of John Yorke the elder the brewer from 1612.

4. Robert Bickley (bef.1581-bef.1656)Not foundYNY
  • Said to have no children but did
  • Marriage to Jane of Caxton. Is this it? Robert Bickley to Jane Waller Ealing, London, 9 June 1618.[15]
4.1. m. Jane (Unknown) Bickley (abt.1586-bef.1658)on ??? about December 1605.TranscriptionNNYIn progress
  • Her identity is unknown...
4.1.1. Elizabeth
  • mentioned in Aunt Elizabeth's Will but not in mother's will? check.
4.1.2. John
  • mentioned in Aunt Elizabeth's Will but no in mother's will? check.
4.1.3. Richard
  • b. 1606
4.1.4. Margaret
  • b. 1608
4.1.5. Thomazin
  • b. 1612
4.1.6. WilliamTranscriptionn
  • b. 1616/7. He left a Will mentioning five sisters. Margaret, Thomasin, Elizabeth, Emye (probably Amy, the name of William's paternal grandmother), Jane.
4.1.7. Emye or Amye
  • Mentioned in brothers Will, must have been bornn after the visitation as not mentioned in it
4.1.8. Jane
  • Mentioned in brothers Will, must have been bornn after the visitation as not mentioned in it

5. 1st Baronet Frauncis (Byckley) Bickley Bt (bef.1583-1670)TranscriptionYYY
Preceded by
3 September 1661
Baronet Bickley of Attleborough
Succeeded by
Sir Francis Bickely, 2nd Baronet
  • Said to be of Darkstone in Jane of Caxton's Will...?? Where is this / what does it mean? Was it a different Francis?
5.1. m. Mary (Parsons) Bickley (1598-bef.1635) on 15 Aug 1615.NYN
daughter of Richard Parsons (abt.1572-bef.1600)Transcriptionn

5.1.1. Ann (Bickley) Edisbury (bef.1617-aft.1670) m. Richard Edisbury (abt.1615-bef.1654) on 11 Jun 1633. Kendrick (Edesbury) Edisbury (bef.1635-abt.1710)YNY
  • May have had another marriage, to Grace da. of Mr Cooper of Wrexham, Denb. Refer HoP. m. Frances (Justice) Edisbury (abt.1670-abt.1740) bef 1695.NNY

5.1.2. Aymee Bickley (bef.1619-bef.1670)
  • Correct burial record?

5.1.3. Mary (Bickley) Eyton (bef.1620-1656) m. Thomas Hoo (bef.1612-1650)
  • Lots of references show husband is William. Should be Thomas but need to write it up. m. Kenrick Eyton Esq. (abt.1607-1687) m. William Hoo (abt.1615-)
  • Lots of references show husband is William. Should be Thomas but need to write it up. Susanna (Hoo) Keate (bef.1639-bef.1673) m. Jonathon Keate (bef.1633-bef.1700) on 1 May 1655. Mary Eyton (abt.1650-1686) m. Henry Bunbury Bart (abt.1657-1687)

5.1.4. 2nd Baronet Frauncis Bickley Bt (bef.1622-bef.1681)
Preceded by
Sir Francis Bickley, 1st Baronet
Baronet Bickley of Attleborough
Succeeded by
Sir Francis Bickely, 3rd Baronet m. Mary (Mann) Bickley (1630-1681) on 4 Apr 1643. 3rd Baronet Francis Bickley (1644-1687)
Preceded by
Francis Bickely, 2nd Baronet
Baronet Bickley of Attleborough
Succeeded by
Francis Bickley, 4th Baronet] m. Deborah (Vermuyden) Bickley (abt.1646-1669) abt 1667. m. Mary (Winch) Bickley (abt.1642-1685) on 1672. 4th Baronet Francis Bickley (bef.1667-1746)
Preceded by
Francis Bickely, 3rd Baronet
Baronet Bickley of Attleborough
1687 -1746
Succeeded by
Humphrey Bickley, 5th Baronet m. Allthea (Garrard) Bickley (abt.1675-1740) on 25 May 1691. John Bickley (abt.1673-) 5th Baronet Humphrey Bickley (abt.1679-bef.1752)
... was a member of the Church of England
  • Did the Baronetcy become extinct with Humphrey or was Samuel the 6th (see below)...How were they related?
Preceded by
Francis Bickley, 4th Baronet
Baronet Bickley of Attleborough
Succeeded by
Samuel Bickley, 6th Baronet (Contentious)  Joseph Bickley (abt.1679-aft.1745) m. Sarah (Ellis) Bickley (1682-1733) on 1703. Joseph Bickley (1704-1755) William Bickley (1705-1771) Jane (Bickley) Hurt (1707-1738) Frances (Bickley) Poindexter (1709-1730) John Bickley (1713-1793) Charles Bickley (1715-1758) Elizabeth Bickley (1719-) [unmarried] [no children] Francis Bickley (1720-aft.1749) Thomas Bickley (abt.1645-) John Bickley (abt.1646-) Nathaniel Bickley (abt.1648-) Charles Bickley (1650-) Elizabeth (Bickley) Ware (abt.1650-) Amy (Bickley) Church (abt.1652-) Mary Bickley (abt.1653-bef.1708) m. Richard Bickley (bef.1637-bef.1708) on 29 May 1683. Jane (Bickley) Barnet (abt.1654-)

5.1.5. Elizabeth Bickley (bef.1624-bef.1624) [unmarried] [no children]
... ... ... died young.

5.1.6. Richard Bickley (abt.1625-bef.1626) [unmarried] [no children]
... ... ... died young.

5.1.7. Thomas Bickley of London (1627-bef.1650) [unmarried] [no children]

5.1.8. John Bickley (bef.1628-)

5.1.9. Elizabeth (Bickley) Cotton (bef.1630-aft.1670)
  • Named as Beale in father Frauncis' Will but there seems to be a marriage for her to Cotton. Refer profile Cott. Wilm Beale.

5.1.10. Margaret Bickley (bef.1635-bef.1635) [unmarried] [no children]
... ... ... died young.

6. Richard Bickley (bef.1585-bef.1667)YYY
6.1. m. Sarah (Rugeley) Bickley (abt.1600-)) on 13 Sep 1618.NNY
  • Relationship Rowland Rugeley? Sarah dau and one of the two coheirs of John Rugeley 2nd brother to Rafe Rugeley of Dunton in Co mWar. Esqr & Uncle of Sr Rowland Rugeley Kt. She is now living (1683) at 82 (and ampl??). Anne (Sarah's sister) the other daug and coheir married to John Jesson of Rotherith Juxta southwark in Surrey.
  • Will for Sarah @ Warwickshire?
6.1.1. Francis Bickley (bef.1626-aft.1683)YNN
  • Visit of Warwick - 1st son Francis Bickley of Halloughton in com Warwick about 57 in 1683. Married daughter and coheir of Roger Jones of Hackney in co Midsex by Frances his wife daughter of ?? Ted of Sturmer in Essex now ye wife of James Abney of Willesley in Com Derb esquire. 1 Mary about 23, 2 Sarah, about 20, 3 Frances about 14, 4 Anne about 12, 5 Susanna about 8, Richard eldest son about 15, John about 9
6.1.2. Richard Bickley (bef.1637-bef.1708)YYY
  • Who was the Lord Berkeley who he was chaplain to? m. Mary Bickley (abt.1653-bef.1708) on 29 May 1683.
  • Baptism???
6.1.3. John
  • see father's profile for notes
6.1.4. Robert
  • see father's profle for notes
6.1.5. Elizabeth
  • see father's profle for notes
6.1.6. Mary
  • see father's profle for notes
6.1.7. Amie
  • see father's profle for notes
6.1.8. Anne
  • see father's profle for notes
6.1.9. Susanna
  • see father's profle for notes

7. Thomas Byckley (bef.1588-bef.1640)Summariseddone
... was a member of the Church of England
7.1. m. Philadelphia (Unknown) Bickley (abt.1600-bef.1647) ??? about early 1618?SummarisedNNN
7.1.1. Elizabeth Bickley (bef.1619-)YNN m. Thomas Franklin
  • Mentioned as husband in Phil Will
7.1.2. Margaret Bickley (bef.1621-)YNY m. Henry Cotton (abt.1620-) on 31 May 1640.NNY
  • Relationship to sister in law Beale?
7.1.3. Judith Bickley (bef.1622-)YNN
  • Unmarried?
7.1.4. Francis Bickley (bef.1624-bef.1627) [unmarried] [no children]YYX
... ... ... died young.
7.1.5. Ann Bickley (bef.1626-bef.1636) [unmarried] [no children]YYX
... ... ... died young.
7.1.6. Amye Bickley (bef.1627-)YNN
  • Unmarried?
7.1.7. Francis Bickley (bef.1629-bef.1663)YNN
  • Unmarried?
  • Only son.

8. Margaret (Bickley) Cofford (abt.1577-)NNN

Rigs who married Richard??) a guilt tanckard, he gave to his daughter Margaret six silver spoones, And to his sonne Robert thre silver spoones, Because he mentions a daughter Bickley, presumably a wife of a son? And then mentions Margaret separately? Margaret married John Cofford.

  • Not mentioned in husband John's Will in 1640 so must have been dead by then
  • Other than mentions in Wills, no footprint at all!
8.1. m. John Cofford (-bef.1640)Summarised
  • John Cofford was married to Margaret Bickley, daughter of the Francis Bickley of Lolworth who died in 1602/3
  • daughter Mary wife of Richard Peters, clerk
    • Grandson John Peters (under 21)
  • daughter Anne Cofford under 21 and unmarried
  • daughter Margarett Cofford under 21 and unmarried
  • daughter Francis wife of Nicholas Say
    • Granddaughter Margarett Say (under 21)
  • daughter Amy Osborne, widow
  • Elizabeth 29/12/1611?? record link
Margaret (Byckley) Barcocke (abt.1574-)NNY
m. Gilbert Barcocke (abt.1574-) on n10 November 1594NNY

Should be able to connect to the Main Group

Brothers of Francis of Lolworth
John Bickley
  • In his Will, Francis gave to his brother Johns children Fyve


George Bickley
  • In his Will, Francis gave to his brother George his best browne gelding

Lolworth Cluster #1
1. Richard Byckley (abt.1570-bef.1594)?NYYyes
1.1. m. Margaret Riggs (abt.1570-) on 19 Nov 1590NNY
1.1.1. Barnabas Byckley (bef.1591-bef.1593)YYX
... ... ... died young.
1.1.2. Anthony Byckley (bef.1594-)YNN

John Bickley (-1635)Transcription
  • Will of John Bickley, Haberdasher of Saint Mary Aldemary, City of London, 26 January 1637[16]
  • Parish of St Olave in Southwerke
  • Wife Sarah, Sons Francis and John, Sister Barnett and Anne Love. Appears to be a will for Sarah, widow, Warwickshire. Think I've read somewhere that the Loves were in this line and they were the ones to head to Jamestowne?? Interesting too as there are Potter's mentioned in the Wills.
  • how is Jane (Bickley) Barnet (abt.1654-) related)
  • How does this fit in? Virginia Gleanings in England
Richard BickleyNeeds transcribing
  • Merchant Tailor of London, 20 October 1635 (No Profile - double check)[17]
Margaret Bickley
m. Gilber Cleter
  • Name: Margret Bickley, Gender: Female, Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1632, Marriage Place: Saint Antholin Budge Row,London,London,England, Spouse: Gilbert Cleter, FHL Film Number: 374419, 942 B4HA V. 8
  • Executor of Jane of Caxton Will was Gilbert Cleater - a freeman of the Company of Drapers.
  • Francis took on his nephew John son of John as an apprentice
  • London Roll 1
  • London Roll 2
  • Is this the son mentioned in the Will of Frauncis which doesn't mention the mother (William Childers Son in law of Frauncis, who had grandchild Francis only son of one of frauncis' daughters.)
  • Frances @ Roxton Bedfordshire son to Wm Childe and an interesting WT link Frances Childe (1610-) link to record
  • William Childer...married Phillip Rix 17 Jul 1614 @ Morley St Botolph, Norfolk Link to record
  • How does this fit in Childers v Nevill case fit in? Plaintiffs: William Childers, Francis Beckley, Kenrice Eaton, William Beale, William Beale and Richard Edishbury. Defendant: Edward Nevill? [18]
Benjamin Bickley Rogers

Humphrey Bell / Virginia Cluster
1. Humphrey Bell (abt.1580-bef.1653)TranscriptionNNYOnly 1 child
1.1. m. Hellen Warden (abt.1590-bef.1656)NNYOnly 1 child
1.1.1. Ann Bell (bef.1618-)YNNat least 2
  • married John Bickley (which one?)
  • son Francis was in Virginia in 1657 based on Robert Bell's Will m. John Bickleyat least 2 Francis Bickley
  • Went to Virginia? Was in Virginia in 1657 based on Robert Bell's Will Philadelphia Bickley (abt.1643-)NNY m. Nevile Hall (bef.1642-)YNY
Robert Bell (abt.1610-1657)Summarised
  • Nephew of Humphrey Bell

The 6th Baronet??
1. Samuel Bickley
... was a member of the Church of England
  • Refer CCEd
1.2. 6th Baronet Samuel Bickley
Preceded by
Humphrey Bickley, 5th Baronet
Baronet Bickley of Attleborough (Contentious)
Succeeded by
... was a member of the Church of England

Clusters to Connect

The Bishop of Chichester

Thomas Bickley DD (abt.1518-1596) TranscriptionNYXNo
... was a member of the Church of England
  • The Bishop of Chichester.
  • Unconnected
  • He is said to have been born Stowe Buckinghamshire but no others found there. Another Stowe? For eg. Upper Stowe Cambridgeshire?
  • Resolve from his Will
  • The Letters - who are the Bag/gots? Refer G2G question in his profile.
Richard Taylor

Chidham Line

Henry Bickley (abt.1503-aft.1570) [1565 Will], [TBA 1570]
  • Two Wills: 1565 Will, 1570 Will (TBA). Need to do a transcription of both wills ourselves?
  • Said to be son of Thomas Bickley of Portsmouth, Hans and Ann Deporte (daughter of John Deporte) according to visitation.
  • Originally a shipowner & Privateer (see HoP)?
  • Check photo of marble tomb in Chidham church
  • Profile currently shows first wife Ellinor (mother of several) and second wife Sibell, with issue Thomas. But Thomas is referred to as eldest son in will according to the Will extract on the profile but the IPM says son and heir Henry age 20. And Elizabeth was wife upon Henry's death also according to the Will.
  • Need to check if correct wife is attached for Ellinor if Elizabeth was named as wife in Will...
  • Not sure which children belong to which mother (there do appear to be some Sibell descendents so that might help figure it out)
  • IPM shows Advowson of church of Thorney
  • IPM Property: Manors of Chudham (Chidham), and Thorney, with appurtenances in the Island of West Thorney Chudham and Boseham (Bosham).
  • Who are these folk in the Will:
    • Joane Sondiae? George and Harry, sons of William Sondiae
    • John, Besse and Joane, children of brother John Yonge
    • Cousins Raffe Henstlowe, Peter Tichebourne and son in law Thomas Hargrave
  • Which Henry and Jone Burnby mentioned in the

[ The visitation of the county of Devon in the year 1620 by Saint-George, Henry, Sir, 1581-1644; Lennard, Samson, d. 1633; Camden, William, 1551-1623; Colby, Frederic Thomas, 1827-1899, ed; College of Arms (Great Britain)], Page 42/

m. Sibell
m. Elizabeth
Thomas BickleyTranscription
  • Will of Thomas Bickley Esq., 17 Apr 1589[19]
  • Wife Jone
Thomas Bickley (-abt.1640)To be transcribed
  • Will of Thomas Bickley of Chidham, Sussex, 20 July 1640[20]
  • Will to be transcribed
  • Married Tichbourne
  • Daughter of Henry or Thomasin?
  • Married Pay
  • Youngest son, base born

Unknowns to Connect

Puritan Great Migration Project

Susannah (Bickley) Edson (abt.1618-bef.1699)
Susanna (Orcutt) Edson (1618-)As above

Abraham Bickley III and the Penryn/Pen Rhyn Connection

Abraham Bickley (1669-1726)
Abraham Bickley (abt.1780-1865)

Odds and Ends

John Bickley (abt.1595-)
  • Nether Whitacre, Warwickshire
Gerard Bickley Knight (abt.1575-)
  • An Eyton, unsourced except for Ancestry write up, different Eyton probably
Ellen Bickley (1567-)
  • Whitnash, Warwickshire
  • Wife of Edward Boddington
Francis Bickley
Francis Bickley
Robert BickleyTo be transcribed
  • Robert Bickley alias Camden, Gentleman of Radford Semele, Warwickshire (No Profile - double check)[21]
  • Wife Florence, younger children Bridgett and Robert...
Thomasine Bickley

Table template

... was a member of the Church of England
... ... ... died young.
... occupation description.


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