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Biography Instructions and Checklist

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Instructions and Checklist



Acadian Standard Names

Use the Acadian standard last name in the Current Last Name field. Only profile managers or Project leaders have authority to change a surname (LNAB).

If a woman is married, she should have her own standard version of the LNAB, NOT her spouse’s last name. French women and then those who came to Acadie and Quebec kept their last names at least all during our time period.

Dit/dite names, follow the Project protocol: if they used a dit/dite name for the last name, put it in the Current Last Name. If they did not, you may include it in Other Last Names. If you can’t tell, put it in Other Last Names. If Stephen White provides it, use it in Current Last Name. If the dit name refers to the given name, put it in the Nicknames field.

No suffixes such as I, II, Jr, Sr, etc. These were not used during that period, unless you see an actual one on an original record. Mostly people on Wikitree have used them to keep generations straight, but the birth date should do that.

Scan the biography looking for alternate name spellings, and place these in Other Last Names field separated by commas.

If given names are hyphenated (Jean-Baptiste, Anne-Marie), remove the hyphen but leave both names (the "prenom") in the First Name field. Do not put a second name in Middle Name field. Acadians did not use "middle names" at the time. Double first names such as Marie Josèphe and Jean Baptiste were customary.

Location Names

Enter the standard location name for birth, marriage, death. A list is available on the Acadians Project Page. This list encompasses all the Acadian areas of Ile Saint Jean (now PEI) Ile Royale (now Cape Breton), Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and those that became Maine. Use only the old name used at their time, not the current name. The current name is in as a cross reference in case you come across one that needs to be reverted. For some villages there were several spellings – use whichever spelling the source used. You may add the current location name to the biography paragraph if you wish.

Also check to see if the location categories are added to the top of the profile. Use Edit, then in the category picker, type Acadie, and the list of choices will come up.


Set all of the status buttons for confident/certain/uncertain that you are sure of. For example: if there's a good source for parents, mark them confident; if their names/dates/locations are well sourced, click certain. Check the marriage data also.

... ... ... died young.

If they died young (under 21 and never married) use template {{Died Young}} and mark No Children and No Spouse.


All project-managed profiles should have {{Acadian}} , the "project box," above the Biography heading, at the base of the categories stack.

Use the Migrating Ancestor Sticker if they came from France to Acadie (placed below the Biography heading):

{{Migrating Ancestor | origin = France | origin-flag = Flags.png | destination = Acadia | destination-flag = Acadie-1.png }}

Add this category [[Category: Acadia, Immigrants from France]], and this one [[Category: Acadian First Families]], to the top of the page if they were an Acadian first family.

Add a Location Category to the top of the profile. Click on the "category picker," the little box second from the right above the edit box (next to the C for citations shortcut). Type Acadie in the box that opens and pick the appropriate category. If none is appropriate, mark NA on the spreadsheet.

Add Acadians Project Wikitree as profile manager, using .

Order of Sections

See WikiTree guidelines: .


Right above the Biography Section place optional ATTENTION! paragraphs warning about adding parents or confusion with other people or merging. Use sparingly if and when you really want to direct attention to important information, only one or two sentences, and then direct attention to Research Section for more details. Can use bold or color.


Biography, Research Notes, Sources, and Acknowledgments are the ONLY Level II headings, always (using 2 ==). See WikiTree guidelines: .

Factual information first: birth, parents, marriage, possible residences, occupation, death. It is not necessary to use sub-headers here. Bold titles can be nice.

Try to get a full birth, marriage and death date and place.

If there is no biography, please write one or use Bio Builder app: put all the info in the profile boxes first and Save it so the app can utilize it.

Children list – if there is one, keep it very simple: name (linked, if they have a profile) and birth year. If there is not a list, it’s OK. Move any additional info of the children to their own profile if not already there, delete it from the parent if it is already covered in the child.

Historical timeline, if there is one (usually a list and dates going on around time of this person, but not all are specific to them). This is optional and mainly used for the earliest settlers.

Then stories from other sources, edited with quotations and reference credited so it isn’t one huge copy from somewhere else (link source in inline citation). See WikiTree guidelines: . If there is a source link, the entire story shouldn't be in there. Remove any repeating information. Feel free to edit heavily.

== Research Notes == heading is Level II, always (using 2 ==) and ALWAYS placed just above the Sources Section, if applicable. For example, "looked for xxx or YYY in abc, def, ghi, and didn’t find it." Add your name and date by using 4 tildes (~~~~) if you wish.

French version of bio goes last.

Family – make sure parents have profiles, as well as siblings and children. This is likely our main chance to make sure everyone gets entered. Make profiles for the missing family members. Use sources mentioned in family profiles, or any other sources you have. Or mark them {{Unsourced}} if none available. Then someone can find and complete them. Add profile IDs to link to their pages. If there are missing profiles, you can add the category for Acadian Needs Profiles Created (use the category picker drop down list to find and add it).

Census/Residence- If there is a list of residences, usually by census, then integrate that information into the story of the biography: "they lived here<ref>citation</ref> and then by 17xx they were living here."<ref>citation</ref> as an example.

Sources/References - Move as many sources to inline references as are appropriate. Use the Chicago style of citations. See . Use "named references" (<ref name="xyz">) for those that have subsequent uses of the same citation.

Always place the <references /> tag just under == Sources == so the inline references are listed before the uncited source list. See Help: Sources Style Guide]

Replace all {{DGFA/SW94/ etc}} source templates with the actual citation (Wikitree wants to move away from these templates). Sample citations are available here. One exception: the template PRDH: Research Programme in Historical Demography: Error in parameters XXX: XXX is acceptable, and even preferred to the full citation.

Eliminate any separate French sources section by integrating into Biography (in-line) or in the "See also" section of sources.

Eliminate any use of manual numbers for references (such as 1. 2. 3.). Integrate citations inline and the system will do it, or put them in the bulleted "See also" section, by listing with an asterisk beneath the cited references section.

Put other valid sources that aren't referenced in-line under a See also: heading. If you find Dépots-Repositories, correct it to "See also."

If there is a link to a profile in sources it can stay if it has actual information about THIS person. If the link goes back to THIS profile, then remove it.

Check all the links to see if they work. If you can’t reach the linked site, try to fix them (try googling the citation and finding a working link), or add a note (could not reach, dead link, etc), but leave them there in case something can be done about them in the future. If you’d like, use a color to distinguish your note: {{Lime|put the text you want to be colored in the brackets}}

Check the suggestions list on the dropdown list under the profile ID in the uppermost menu bar and fix any errors. Take care of things like multiple lines, missing ref tags, potential duplicates, etc.

Also correct any typos (do not edit any French sections unless you have the expertise).

Add links to family profiles, especially the children list which is provided by the Bio Builder.

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HI, Gisele, I know we started these instructions for the PPP edit project.l Perhaps now we could rename it to Biography Instructions and Checklist. I thought I had another checklist somewhere that could be combined. I'll see if I can find that. You might also want to add me and/or the project.


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I got to this page by clicking on PPP Instructions, which I was going to re-add to the Acadians Project category page we are reconstructing. While I was here I edited parts of the page (Status and Tags/Categories) for clarity and missing nowikis. Let me know if you'd like more proof-reading done on this endeavor.
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Thanks for your edits, Stephanie. You are quite welcome to continue the proof-reading. It is a work in progress.
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