Boloco Cemetery, NSW

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This is part of the Australian Cemeteries Project.



Boloco is situated South East NSW, Australia in the Snowy Mountains region. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Boloco Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Boloco Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

Tasks Completed

  • Photography
Completed on the Apr 2018

To Do

  • Photo transcriptions
Details of all photos have been transcribed to the sortable table below.
  • Create WikiTree profiles for all people in the table below
The completed table will include links to WikiTree profiles and direct links to the photos of gravestones. The profile created can include other sources of information as well as biographical details of the person.
  • Checking of transcription information
Other people are required to assist in double-checking the validity of data entered to ensure accuracy.

Sortable Table of graves

Sortable Table
name born died age notes photo #
Reid Thomas Malcolm1915 Oct 275252119
Boland, Elva Eileen1973 Feb5252111
Allsop, Matthew Mark2005 Apr 1011 days5252165
Bale, Arthur 18751889bur. “Bobundarha” 5252205
Bale, Eleanor 18531919 5252205
Bale, Emma 18791881 5252205
Bale, James Henry 1943 Feb 0969 5252206
Bale, William 18421932 5252205
Barnes, Mary 1921 Jul 2482W of Richard 5252002
Barnes, Richard 1912 Oct 2387H of Mary 5252003
Bartha, Peter Andrew1948 Jun 242012 Sep 25H of Brenda; F of Andrew & Matthew 5252071
Beresford, Sir George de la Poer 18851964C.B., M.C.; major general of Murranumbla 5252190
Beresford, Stephen M de la Poer 19201982 5252191
Beresford, Susan W19261998 Feb 04 5252191
Bridgewater, John Osmond1935 Aug 062009 Feb 10H of Vicky; F of Henry, Kate, Jane 5252255
Buckley, Thomas1895 Jun 0316 5252041
Caldwell, Sydney Herbert1888 Apr 141901 Mar 02b. Nimitybelle; d. Merranumbla 5252262
Campbell, James John1919 Dec 212002 Jul 14with Rita Campbell 5252189
Campbell, Rita Helen1924 Mar 052002 Jun 16with James Campbell 5252189
Cogan Florence May1993 Jul 2084with William Cogan 5252063
Cogan, Catherine1886 Apt 1763W of David 5252046
Cogan, Christina1973 Oct 18100 5252061
Cogan, David1899 Nov 2363 5252047
Cogan, David John1968 Mar 0266 5252059
Cogan, Dorma Rostron1918 Aug 171994 Jul 14nee Hain; W of Louis 5252043
Cogan, Kate1883 Jul 1819D of David & Catherine Cogan 5252045
Cogan, Louis Vincent1913 Oct 291999 Sep 27RAAF 412397; H of Dorma 5252043
Cogan, Richard Rostron1946 Nov 282004 Aug 27 5252042
Cogan, Thomas1921 May 3054 5252060
Cogan, William Sylvester1993 Dec 1386with Florence Cogan 5252063
Collman, Charles1850 Aug 11923 Apr 27 5252240
Collman, Emily Olive1962 Sep 0475 5252241
Collman, Louisa1850 Jul 251921 Sep 17 5252240
Collman, R H1916 Nov 0228KIA France, 5252240
Compton, Charles John1911 Dec 0550 5252008
Coyne, Dorothy June (Dot)1931 Sep 211999 Apr 18with Paul Coyne` 5252239
Coyne, Paul Henry Edward (Mick)1930 Jan 071979 Sep 12with Dorothy Coyne 5252239
Crawford, Maria1928 Aug 0589with Patrick Crawford 5252074
Crawford, Patrick A1915 Jul 0788with Maria Crawford 5252074
Crisp, Amos1923 Apr 2576 5252269
Crisp, Amos1812 Jan 141881 Jul 04b. London, England 5252272
Crisp, Arthur Oswald1901 Mar 231978 Jun 01 5252294
Crisp, Charles1937 Apr 0470with Eleanor Crisp 5252268
Crisp, Clara Constance1874 Jun 061885 Jun 12D of Amos & Mary Josephine Crisp 5251987
Crisp, David1918 Dec 2658H of Eliza 5252295
Crisp, Eleanor1946 Dec 0577with Charles Crisp 5252268
Crisp, Eliza Jane1856 Oct 291884 Mar 20 5252273
Crisp, Eliza Jane1897 Oct 1628W of William 5252274
Crisp, Eliza Jane1945 Mar 25 5252295
Crisp, Elizabeth1906 Jun 2582W of Amos 5252270
Crisp, Ernest Edward18901901 Apr 1010S of Amos and Mary J. Obituary
Crisp, Evelyn May1891 Sep 201892 May 20 5252294
Crisp, Grace Susan1898 Aug 0526D of Amos & Elizabeth Crisp 5252271
Crisp, Harold Edward1908 Jul 3120S of John & Sarah Crisp 5252264
Crisp, Iris Lillian1955 Aug 28 5252296
Crisp, John1850 Aug 311920 Feb 10 5252264
Crisp, Lorna Jane1916 Dec 112001 Apr 30W of William; M of Colin 5252079
Crisp, Olive Eliza Vida1896 May 011993 Jul 05 5252293
Crisp, Roland David1899 Mar 291899 Nov 11 5252294
Crisp, Rose Theresa1958 Nov 062011 Aug 21W of Colin; M of Rinsie & Grace 5252078
Crisp, Sara1864 Apr 281937 Apr 04 5252265
Crisp, Victoria May1887 May 241887 Dec 26 5252294
Crisp, William1906 Dec 261968 Jul 2961 5252080
Currey, Phillip John1990 Jul 225252072
Darrant-Hedger, Kerry Elizabeth1964 Dec 111997 Jun 10M of Brendan & Jesse5252166
Dexter, Old?5252087
Dwyer, Clifford Joseph1974 Jan 0528 5252069
Dwyer, Eileen Mary1988 Sep 0281with Claude Dwyer 5252203
Dwyer, William Henry1928 Dec 032013 Jul 0984 5252067
Dwyer, Claude Charles1974 Aug 1569with Eileen Dwyer 5252203
Eccleston, Callistus Howard1970 Nov 2172 5252057
Eccleston, Catherine Mary2001 Jul 1696nee Cogan; with Hugh Eccleston 5252058
Eccleston, Hugh John1938 Nov 1949with Catherine Eccleston 5252058
Eccleston, Kath1940 Jul 1937 5252056
Elliott, Catherine1900 Jul 2372W of John 5251994
Elliott, John1902 Jun 0673H of Catherine 5251995
Filtness, Albert James1964 May 1868AIF; H of Myrtle 5252281
Filtness, Alma Myrtle1927 Sep 062000 Oct 13 5252283
Filtness, Myrtle Irene1954 Jan 1820 5252279
Filtness, Myrtle Irene1933 Oct 1833W of Albert 5252281
Filtness, Rensie1923 Oct 272002 Apr 06 5252282
Foley, Florence L1967 Mar 2673W of Dennis 5252062
Foster, Owen Henry1935 Jan 0416 5252136
Girvan, Albert Earnest1949 Apr 0269 5252276
Girvan, Ester1945 Mar 1482W of Robert 5252277
Girvan, Isabel Burness1973 Mar 2296 5252275
Girvan, Robert 1917 Apr 0861W of Esther 5252277
Golby, Ellennee Fitzgibbons; bur. Tamworth 1919 May 25; W of Thomas 5252077
Golby, Thomas1830 Apr 031897 Aug 1267b. Banbury, England 5252076
Green, Marcella1935 Aug 1088 5252044
Halloran, Martin 1910 Jul 23 80B.Ireland Obituary
Harnett, Frances Anne1903 Feb 1349W of J J Harnett 5252004
Haycock, Margaret1888 Sep 1645 5252048
Hedger, A J M1983 Jan 0921AIF 227599; S of Ron & Shirley; B of Nola, Ray, Kathy 5252171
Hedger, Andrew John Morton 5252172
Hedger, Arthur Wilson1918 Nov 232000 Dec 2382AIF NX163126 5252149
Hedger, Bride1945 Jul 0384W of George 5252158
Hedger, Cecilia Moina (Moina)1929 Jul 052015 Jan 30W of Arthur 5252150
Hedger, Edith Zilla1979 Aug 1773 5252154
Hedger, Esther Alice1982 Apr 0676W of John 5252161
Hedger, Evelyn Blanche1988 Nov 1884with Herbert Hedger 5252163
Hedger, Frederick W1955 May 2170AIF 2162 5252156
Hedger, Geoffrey P2018 Jan 2190 5252164
Hedger, George William1948 Mar 2990H of Bride 5252158
Hedger, Herbert Edward198? Sep 0388AIF; with Evelyn Hedger 5252162
Hedger, Hugh Ross1955 May 0622S of John & Alice 5252168
Hedger, John Robert1948 Jul 2348H of Esther 5252160
Hedger, Morton Biilman1961 Oct 0766 5252155
Hedger, Raymond David1956 Jan 222012 May 13F of Malcolm, Stephen, Melissa 5252170
Hedger, Ronald Morton1929 Jun 031991 Feb 0161with Shirley Hedger 5252173
Hedger, Shirley Isabel1929 Feb 131998 Sep 1269with Ronald Hedger 5252173
Hopwood, Paul Richard2010 Sep 2163 5252192
Jamieson, Bruce Arnold1974 Nov 0334Drowned W.A. 5252140
Jamieson, Cathryn Dawn1939 Oct 092005 May 03D of Doris 5252144
Jamieson, Doris Amelia1917 Aug 092007 Aug 31D of Mary & Thomas 5252144
Jamieson, Grace E1969 Feb 2745mother 5252127
Jamieson, Lisle Terrance1913 Oct 071950 Mar 2036drowned 5252142
Jamieson, Mary Ann1968 Dec 1277W of Samuel 5252146
Jamieson, Richard1989 Apr 0766AIF 5252130
Jamieson, Rowley Ian1943 Aug 151943 Oct 292 mths 5252141
Jamieson, Samuel Thomas1977 Jun 1589H of Mary 5252145
Jeanneret, Amy May 1955 Feb 1876nee Rose; W of Ernest 5252245
Jeanneret, Ernest A E 1944 Sep 1177H of Amy 5252245
Keating, Margaret1892 Mar 2058with Michael Keating 5252049
Keating, Michael1892 Nov 0363with Margaret Keating 5252049
Kelley, Alice May1965 Mar 0356with Vivian Kelley 5252222
Kelley, Alva A G1912 Aug 071914 Jan 10 5252224
Kelley, Annie C1889 Dec 221950 Jun 2160with William Kelley 5252226
Kelley, Arthur Rene1918 Feb 151991 Dec 3173H of Laurel 5252207
Kelley, baby19295252223
Kelley, Eliza Bridget193?9 Dec 04W of Charles 5251996
Kelley, George Eric Rudolph1967 Mar 0562H of Louisa 5252242
Kelley, Henry Charles Edwyn18?6 Apr 041963 Mar 20H of Susan 5252244
Kelley, Laurel Mary1916 Dec 062017 Jun 20100Nee Reid; W of Arthur 5252207
Kelley, Louisa Charlotte1990 Jul 1677W of George 5252242
Kelley, Susan Hannah Jane1883 Oct 081970 Feb 23W of Henry 5252244
Kelley, Vashti Ina1921 Feb 021921 Feb 21 5252224
Kelley, Vivian Cecil Roberts1961 Dec 2461with Alice Kelley 5252222
Kelley, William A D1890 May 271952 Jul 0262with Annie Kelley 5252226
Kidman, Edwin William1957 Mar 2366 5252181
Kidman, Eliza Frances1977 Jun 2891W of James Kidman 5252177
Kidman, James Dudley1943 Dec 0261H of Eliza Kidman 5252177
Kidman, Jane Margaret1927 Aug 2971with William Kidman 5252180
Kidman, Karl1915 Feb 243S of James & Eliza 5252178
Kidman, William1923 Dec 0571with Jane Kidman 5252180
King, Cecil Boase (Robin)1908 Feb 171998 Aug 19 5252258
King, Francis William Venn1963 Jun 22with Mildred King 5252257
King, Mildred Rose1959 Apr 18with Francis King 5252257
King, Nancy Ethelred1906 Dec 132002 Jun 12M of John Osmond Bridgewater 5252259
Kitchen, Elsie May1988 Jun 0183nee Wellsmore 5252020
Ladhams, Daryl Francis1989 Nov 18F of Chris, Mathew, Thomas, Amy 5252064
Leahy, Ann1913 Aug 1688nee Barrett; b. Banteer, Co Cork, Ireland; d. Foxs Plain, Dalgety; M of Patrick Manning 5252036
Liddell, Julia1901 Nov 2040W of John C Liddell 5252229
Litchfield, Amy Lucy1899 Feb 216D of F & N Litchfield 5252298
Litchfield, Annie Nina1900 Apr 1034W of G F Litchfield 5252299
Litchfield, Dora Mabel1899 Feb 042D of F & N Litchfield 5252298
Litchfield, Nina Mary1899 Mar 041D of F & N Litchfield 5252298
Litchfield, Patrick William Owen (Doc)19372011H of Stephanie; F of Gordon, Sandy, William 5252147
Loxton, Nancy Laura1894 Jan 031971 Dec 10D of A N & G F Litchfield 5252300
Lynch, Catherine1908 Mar 2465W of Owen 5252034
Lynch, Kate1892 Oct 3031D of Owen & Catherine Lynch 5252035
Lynch, Owen1891 Jul 2462b. Co West Meath, Ireland; H of Catherine 5252034
Manning, Patrick1926 Nov 1184 5252040
Maslin, Melissa Ray18931990nee Rose; W of John Charles 5252217
McColl, Angus1928 May 2372H of Helen 5252139
McColl, Helen1933 Aug 0466W of Angus 5252139
McColl, Isabella Alma1932 Feb 1935D of Angus & Helen McColl 5252139
McDonald, Elsie Isabella1909 Mar 2223W of William 5252230
McDonald, William G1948 Jun 2677H of Elsie 5252230
McMahon, Bessie1918 Nov 222016 Jul 0497 5252055
McMahon, George1943 Jul 0563with Isabella McMahon 5252007
McMahon, Isabella May1955 Sep 2769with George McMahon 5252007
McMahon, James1904 Dec 0956with Matilda McMahon 5252025
McMahon, John Ernest1970 Sep 0276H of Ruby 5252050
McMahon, Kevin Patrick1928 Jul 312011 Apr 28S of John & Ruby 5252052
McMahon, Matilda1931 Jun 2676with James McMahon 5252025
McMahon, Rachel Matilda1958 Apr 1468 5252024
McMahon, Ruby Mary Eileen1901 Oct 182001 Aug 20W of John 5252051
McPhie, Gordon Archibald1991 Jun 1983with Una McPhie 5252106
McPhie, Janet1912 Jun 1368with Malcolm McPhie 5252102
McPhie, Lee Malcolm1970 Jun 2764 5252105
McPhie, Malcolm1914 Sep 0578b. Tellabody, Scotland; with Janet McPhie 5252102
McPhie, Malcolm1937 Sep 2262b. Nimmo 5252103
McPhie, Mildred Eva1971 Oct 0783with William McPhie 5252104
McPhie, Una Catherine1990 Mar 2477with Gordon McPhie 5252106
McPhie, William1958 Apr 1078b. Nimmo; with Mildred McPhie 5252104
Merrett, Henry Charles1914 Jan 2073 5252001
Miners, Charles Alfred Edward1989 Apr 0979with Kathleen Miners 5252186
Miners, Kathleen Gladys (Kitty)1994 Nov 2984with Charles Miners 5252185
Mitchell, David Craik18941969 5252121
Mitchell, Mary (Poll)19041992 5252122
Monckton, Betty Allen1920 Jul 181974 Jun 11nee Keele; W of Bruce; M of Robin, Rosemary, Annie 5252199
Monckton, Hilary James1889 Sep 261969 Nov 11H of Rubie; F of Jean & Bruce 5252196
Monckton, Rubie Rose1891 Jan 301982 Jul 22nee Crisp; W of Hilary; M of Jean & Bruce 5252197
Monckton, Walter John Bruce1918 Jan 192003 Aug 21H of Betty; F of Robin, Rosemary, Anne; H of Susie 5252198
Morrice, Mary Alice1935 Sep 3072with William Morrice 5252188
Morrice, William1943 Nov 1485with Mary Morrice 5252188
Mugridge, Terence Nathaniel1936 Feb 201963 Dec 2427 5252083
Mugridge, Audrey Angela1913 Dec 151942 Jul 11W of Bill 5251991
Mugridge, Donald Hugh1936 Aug 241983 Aug 1746 5252184
Mugridge, Elaine Elizabeth1944 Jan 141996 Sep 02W of Charles; M of Leeann & Karen 5252254
Mugridge, Ellen Valerie1910 Dec 141994 Jul 12with Nathanial Mugridge 5252084
Mugridge, Esther Alice1924 May 0450 5252286
Mugridge, Gertrude V 5252090
Mugridge, Gloria1938 Sep 272015 Apr 15 5252193
Mugridge, Godfrey B 5252090
Mugridge, Harold 5252091
Mugridge, Hugh 1924 Apr 1991 5252251
Mugridge, Hugh1936 Aug 1276 5252287
Mugridge, Jane Isabelle1911 Apr 101993 Sep 2982with Valdor Mugridge 5252183
Mugridge, Lavinia Mary18851976D of Rosina 5252289
Mugridge, Mary 1921 Aug 2280 5252250
Mugridge, Napolean Valentine18821966S of Rosina 5252289
Mugridge, Nathaniel Wills1909 Oct 031978 Jun 27with Ellen Mugridge 5252084
Mugridge, Nina Jean1938 Jan 022000 Dec 20 5252086
Mugridge, Norman George1901 Jan 061975 May 21 5252285
Mugridge, Rosina1886 Aug 25 5252288
Mugridge, Terence Clifton1981 Aug 2622 5252085
Mugridge, Valdor Arthur1902 Sep 201979 Sep 0176with Jane Mugridge 5252183
Mugridge, Warron Valdor1973 May 0541 5252182
Murphy, Cyril Edward (Ted)1949 Dec 1053 5252148
Osborne, Henry Denis Madden19031984 5252256
Parker, Dorothy Rose1917 Dec 185 5252280
Patterson, Norman Francis1929 Jun 14<110 mths; S of William & Clara 5252129
Payten, Edward James1944 May 29 5252208
Payten, Pauline Rose1955 Sep 03with Rueben Payten 5252266
Payten, Rueben Forrester1970 Aug 08with Pauline Payten 5252266
Pollock, Thekla Mary1927 Aug 202005 Nov 28nee Kidman; W of Jim 5252179
Power, CatherineD of Mathew & Mary Power 5252022
Power, Florence Margaret1974 Jan 2860with Hubert Power 5252053
Power, Hubert James1973 Nov 2860with Florence? Power 5252053
Power, Jeffrey William1940 Nov 252017 Feb 0176 5252066
Power, John Thomas1909 Oct 1719 5252027
Power, Joseph Clare 1911 Jun 231984 Apr 06H of Linda 5252070
Power, Linda Mary 1919 Oct 082005 Feb 11nee Williams; W of Joseph 5252070
Power, MargaretD of Mathew & Mary Power 5252022
Power, Mary Agnes 1939 Dec 0960W of Matthew 5252023
Power, Mary1898 Dec 2862 5252028
Power, Matthew 1940 Apr 0761H of Mary 5252023
Power, Matthew 1913 Jul 1878b. Co. Waterford, Ireland 5252030
Power, Thomas Patrick1962 May? 2279 5252032
Power, Vincent Ronald1950 Nov 1931 5252021
Pyecroft, Joseph1902 May 2385 5252233
Reid, Beverley Anne1950 Mar 242000 Jun 28 5252133
Reid, Cecil Thomas (Tom)1914 Dec 081994 Apr 26 5252100
Reid, Cyril Norman1954 May 0751 5252120
Reid, Cyril Stephenson1922 Jan 011997 Aug 11 5252101
Reid, Edwin Ruben1897 Oct 17 5252109
Reid, Elizabeth Jane1944 Dec 2161W of Thomas 5252115
Reid, Henry Cecil1941 Feb 0231 5252117
Reid, Hilda Mary1954 Jul 2061W of Walter 5252098
Reid, Hilma Agnes Henrietta1974 Jul 2163with Leslie Reid 5252097
Reid, Karl Raymond John1999 Apr 0687 5252107
Reid, Lawrence William1981 Sep 0163 5252110
Reid, Leslie Lawson1972 Sep 2162with Hilma Reid 5252097
Reid, Myra Isabell1985 Jan 2071 5252112
Reid, Stanley Charles Sylvester1972 Apr 0762 5252108
Reid, Thomas1952 Feb 1480H of Elizabeth 5252115
Reid, Vera May1965 Feb 1657 5252113
Reid, Walter1961 Sep 2380H of Hilda 5252098
Roberson, Agusta L 5252092
Roberson, Jane 5252090
Roberson, Jane A18751898 May 17 5252089
Roberson, William 5252090
Roberson, William 5252093
Rodgers, Ted5252125
Rolfe, Arthur Lawrence1937 Nov 2142 5252065
Rose, Alfred Frederic1875 Sep 141940 May 26 5252218
Rose, Amelia Jane1868 Aug 051940 Jul 20 5252221
Rose, Eliza Jane 1837 Apr 271912 Aug 3173W. of ReubenObituary
Rose, Freda Marjorie1972 Aug 1474W of Reuben 5252246
Rose, Henry Arthur Marrett (Padd)1902 Oct 261980 Aug 08with Nada Rose 5252216
Rose, Henry Thomas Merrett1866 Nov 141938 Jul 31 5252220
Rose, Kathleen Amey (Kit)1922 Apr 102012 Nov 13 5252253
Rose, Nada Marion1907 Mar 121994 May 29nee Goodwin; with Henry Rose 5252216
Rose, Reuben Bartlett (Ben)1922 Nov 092006 Dec 27 5252252
Rose, Reuben Uther Bartlett1834 Sep 031908 Sep 06 5252219
Rose, Reuben Uther Bartlett1881 Jul 061955 Feb 23b. Boloco; H of Freda 5252246
Rowland, John1925 Feb 101996 Dec 31b. Armidale; d. Canberra 5252094
Rowland, Moira Enid1928 Feb 132013 May 08 5252095
Rugman, Charlie 5252124
Ruzgas, Kay L1943 Feb 172006 Oct 05nee Kidman; W of Anthony (frank); M of Caroline, Gary, Anthony 5252176
Sheil, Joseph Leslie1901 June 2417 5252054
Sheilds, Doris1912 Nov 2717D of Hettie G Shields 5251988
Simpson, Geoffrey1923 May 022015 Jun 16S of Sylvia Simpson; H of Margaret; F of Grahame & Catherine 5252291
Simpson, Sylvia Isabel1893 Apr 151972 May 27nee Crisp; W of Robert thomas; M of Valerie, Geoffrey, Alan 5252293
Spence, Valerie1921 Aug 052006 Dec 03nee Simpson; W of Dudley Macquarie; M of Valerie Elizabeth Evans 5252292
Stewart, Caroline1931 Jul 2786W of Robert 5252232
Stewart, Francis E1877190528H of AlmaFather's obituary
Stewart, Monica Louisa18841885D. of Robert & CarolineFather's obituary
Stewart, Robert1922 Jun 1885H of Caroline 5252232
Thomas, David A E1974 Jan 2090with Margaret Thomas 5252011
Thomas, Margaret M1929 May 2241with David Thomas 5252011
Thomas, Reta Ellen2006 May 2789 5252012
Thomas, Terence James1921 Mar 164 5252026
Thomas, Theresa Mary2013 Mar 1694 5252013
Thompson, Cecil Robert1931 Aug 021998 Feb 04 5252138
Thompson, Henry William1921 Nov 072001 Feb 15H of Patricia; F of Cheryl, Garry, Maderlyne 5252137
Vennik, Jan1930 Nov 242003 Dec 0173 5252096
Wallace, Joyce Margaret1934 Oct 142011 Feb 04nee Golby 5252075
Walters, Bob1961 Jul 202013 Feb 09H of Mikala; F of Georgia & Brody 5252174
Walters, Sidney William1932 Jan 062008 Jan 22 5252175
Warren, Hazel May1924 Aug 312008 Jun 12with Hugh Warren 5252152
Warren, Hugh Gibson1925 Oct 201992 Apr 30with Hazel Warren 5252152
Watson, Annie Norman1851 May 171878 Feb 01W of J Arthur Watson 5252301
Wellsmore, Cecelia1944 Sep 2461with James Wellsmore 5252017
Wellsmore, James1940 Nov 2869with Cecilia Wellsmore 5252016
Wellsmore, Lila1904 Sep 101994 Sep 1590b. Kalkite; with Ossie Wellsmore 5252015
Wellsmore, Madeline1920 Mar 175D of J & C Wellsmore 5252019
Wellsmore, Ossie1907 Sep 012007 Nov 18100b. Paupong; with Lila Wellsmore 5252015
Wellsmore, Thomasabt 1839Sep 10 191071Obituary
Wellsmore, William1863 Jul 101952 Jun 27 5252005
Wellsmore, William B1920 Sep 141992 Mar 19 5252006
Weston, Marie1929 May 101999 Aug 10 5252169
White, George William1964 Dec 1550? 5252131
White, Joseph David1954 Aug 16H of Daisey 5252128
White, Joshua Phillip1985 Jun 19Stilborn 5252134
White, Sidney Clifton (Sid)1936 Apr 252002 Feb 11 5252135
White, Violet Theresa1983 Jun 1381W of Joseph (dec); M of Lilian & Grace 5252126
Whiteman, Clara Ann1910 May 12 34Obituary
Whiteman, Ralph1948 Mar 2393 5252249
Whiteman, Sarah Jane1950 Jul 0278 5252249
Wilkinson, David Leitch1888 Mar 061929 Jul 12H of Ethel 5252194
Wilkinson, Ethel Mary Esther1893 Dec 071980 Sep 06b. Dandaloo; d. Sydney; nee Reid; W of David; M of Betty, Peggy, Charles, David, Joan 5252195
Williams, Annie Ester1963 Oct 2181with Arthur Williams 5252082
Williams, Arnold Richardson1992 Jul 0279 5251993
Williams, Arthur Richardson1963 Apr 1485with Annie Williams 5252082
Williams, Edward1900 Mar 1956S of John & Sarah Williams; d. Jindabyne 5252231
Williams, Keith Oscar1908 Aug 231984 Jun 08 5252081
Williams, Veronica Vilna1910 Jun 211983 Apr 25W of Arnold 5252000
Wolfe, Charles Cuthbert1902 Jul 081989 Mar 06AIF; H of Jean; F of Edwin, Peter, Stephen, Elizabeth 5252200
Wolfe, Jean Winifred1916 May 302007 Dec 15W of Charles; M of Edwin, Peter, Stephen, Elizabeth 5252201
Wolfe, Stephen John1950 Aug 011971 Nov 27 5252202
Woodhouse, Thomas1949 Mar 3155 5252014
Wroe, Catherine1988 Mar 0891W of James 5252260
Wroe, Eric Raymond1991 Apr 1667 5252236
Wroe, George Alfred 1938 Feb 1968H of Mary 5252237
Wroe, James Thomas1938 Aug 2568H of Catherine 5252260
Wroe, John 1949 Nov 1680with Mary Wroe 5252234
Wroe, Mary Alice1966 Aug 0180with John Wroe 5252234
Wroe, Mary Ethel1967 Dec 0683W of George 5252237
Wroe, Sylvia Catherine1941 Sep 2020 5252263
Wroe, Thomas 1846 Nov 181924 Oct 02 5252261

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