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Brian Kerr To-Do List

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Date: [unknown]
Location: [unknown]
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Name Birth Notes
Abbott, Miriam Mary (Dick) 1863-04-17 to-do
Adams, Margaret (Kay) 1868-06-21 to-do
Alexander, Victoria Elizabeth to-do
Alexander, Julia 1825-00-00 to-do
Allbee, Rachel 1780-00-00 to-do
Allen, Ernest to-do
Allen, Sarah Ann (Campbell) 1856-03-05 to-do
Allen, Isaac Parker 1856-11-24 to-do
Allen, Mildred (George) to-do
Allen, Charles Sr. to-do
Allen, Ilda to-do
Allen, Elizabeth Dolly (Young) 1825-02-17 to-do
Allen, Squire Jedediah 1820-10-23 to-do
Allen, Isaac Peace 1799-00-00 to-do
Allen, Mercy (Littlefield) 1766-08-24 to-do
Allen, Jedidiah , Sr. 1763-05-18 to-do
Allen, Catherine Jedediah (Neal) 1730-07-29 to-do
Allen, Solomon 1731-09-28 to-do
Allen, Catherine (Furbush) 1708-00-00 to-do
Allen, Robert 1710-07-24 to-do
Allen, Hannah (Jenkins) 1687-00-00 to-do
Allen, Francis Emery, Sr. 1671-00-00 to-do
Allen, Hannah (White) 1647-00-00 to-do
Allen, Robert 1643-00-00 to-do
Allen, Elijah 1719-03-12 to-do
Allen, Betsey Emery (Parker) 1802-02-05 to-do
Allen, Ruby Emily 1848-00-00 to-do
Allen, Orlando Emery 1846-01-23 to-do
Allen, William Young 1860-01-08 to-do
Allen, Caroline Margaret (Britton) 1830-00-00 to-do
Allen, Charles Franklin 1833-07-16 to-do
Allen, Edgar Henry 1840-00-00 to-do
Allen, Elsie Matilda (Steingardt) 1835-11-09 to-do
Allen, Catherine J (Kane) 1894-11-00 to-do
Allen, William 1610-06-25 to-do
Allen, Jannet (Edie) 1615-12-30 to-do
Amato, Nicholas John 1932-07-05 to-do
Amato, Unlisted to-do
Anderson, Margaret 1778-00-00 to-do
Astorino, Angelina 1901-00-00 to-do
Austin, Amy Samantha 1829-04-18 to-do
Austin, Lorenzo Dow 1808-04-18 to-do
Baker, Unlisted to-do
Baker, Unlisted to-do
Baker, Unlisted to-do
Baker, Elizabeth Ann (Buck) 1949-07-21 to-do
Bevis, Unlisted to-do
Russo, Unlisted to-do
Booth, Grace (Fernald) to-do
Booth, Oscar Perry 1917-06-07 to-do
Bourdon, Aleanna 1900-00-00 to-do
Bovie, Augustus 1829-06-00 to-do
Bovie, Eli 1860-00-00 to-do
Bovie, Elizabeth 1858-00-00 to-do
Bovie, Angeline 1867-06-19 to-do
Bovie, Celia 1873-00-00 to-do
Bovie, Felix 1870-00-00 to-do
Bowman, Mary Anne 1808-12-22 to-do
Bowman, James 1776-00-00 to-do
Bozzone, Bernice Celia (Dessler) 1929-10-24 to-do
Bozzone, Alfonso 1925-01-08 to-do
Bozzone, Giuseppe 1901-00-00 to-do
Bozzone, Anna (DiGirolomo) 1928-06-06 to-do
Brady, Marie (Schuler) to-do
Brady, Charles Michael 1900-03-21 to-do
Brady, Donald Michael 1938-06-23 to-do
Brenneman, Elizabeth (Nessly) 1787-08-00 to-do
Brenniman, Margaret Madden (Brown) 1812-00-00 to-do
Bretton, Pauline Mary (Merrow) 1911-03-26 to-do
Bromley, William 1758-00-00 to-do
Bromley, William 1721-05-01 to-do
Brown, Nancy Nessley 1816-00-00 to-do
Brown, Honour 1810-00-00 to-do
Brown, George 1809-01-29 to-do
Brown, Jacob Nessley 1805-03-11 to-do
Brown, John 1802-06-25 to-do
Brown, James Wells 1800-00-00 to-do
Brown, Anna Cavane 1909-04-01 to-do
Brown, John 1882-12-07 to-do
Browne, Elizabeth 1583-02-26 to-do
Brownson, Abi 1778-03-02 to-do
Budds, Benjamin William John 1815-11-30 to-do
Budds, Margaret (Collier) 1822-00-00 to-do
Bull, Fannie Jane 1858-04-18 to-do
Bull, Elisha 1827-07-29 to-do
Bull, John 1797-00-00 to-do
Bullock, Vivien (Kerr) to-do
Bullock, Leslie to-do
Bullock, Leslie A 1907-05-16 to-do
Burke, Owen 1899-07-02 to-do
Campbell, Joannes James 1827-03-03 to-do
Campbell, Susan (James) 1839-04-16 to-do
Campbell, Johannes Francisco 1805-00-00 to-do
Campbell, Mary Maria (Finigen) 1805-00-00 to-do
Carr, Rosanna 1780-00-00 to-do
Carter, Jacob 1708-00-00 to-do
Cavanagh, Anna 1853-00-00 to-do
Charlton, Persis Borland (Simpson) 1892-02-00 to-do
Ciempa, Darla Jean 1947-06-13 to-do
Clark, Irene 1913-12-29 to-do
Clark, Frank Bartram 1876-06-20 to-do
Cohlman, Amanda Florence (Young) 1861-05-15 to-do
Cole, Hannah (Franklin) 1683-03-25 to-do
Cole, Thomasine 1385-00-00 to-do
Comyn, Katherine 1281-00-00 to-do
Comyn, Agnes 1283-00-00 to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Coon, Unlisted to-do
Coon, Unlisted to-do
Coon, Unlisted to-do
Crichton, Ilda Elizabeth (Stoddard) 1887-01-22 to-do
Croade, Rachel (Cushing) 1705-05-03 to-do
Curtis, Persis (Loring) 1768-00-00 to-do
Curtis, Hannah 1639-01-01 to-do
Curtis, Thomas 1619-00-00 to-do
Cushing, Charles 1744-07-13 to-do
Damon, Deborah (Loring) 1755-05-25 to-do
Davidson, Elizabeth McQueen 1823-07-23 to-do
Davis, Elizabeth (Lawrence) 1553-00-00 to-do
De Brus, Helewyse (De Lancaster) to-do
DeRoches, Marguerite Boucher 1845-00-00 to-do
Dessler, Charles to-do
Dessler, Sophie (Tomasy) to-do
Dessler, Max 1878-03-17 to-do
Dessler, Unlisted to-do
Dessler, Unlisted to-do
Dessler, Alexander 1912-00-00 to-do
Dessler, Amalie Emma Selma (Maler) 1858-12-25 to-do
Dessler, Caecelia 1907-00-00 to-do
Dessler, Leon 1901-00-00 to-do
Dessler, Harold 1913-04-09 to-do
Dessler, Lucille Frieda (Horton) 1940-05-19 to-do
Dessler, Annie (Valk) 1878-00-00 to-do
Dessler, Wilhelm Ferdinand Alexander (Deseler) 1850-00-00 to-do
Dettra, Mary (Allen) to-do
Dettra, William Wilford, Sr. 1888-07-03 to-do
Dick, Philip , Sr. 1786-04-02 to-do
Dick, Mary Agnes (Norman) 1831-12-00 to-do
Dick, Elizabeth Burrill (Hess) 1816-06-20 to-do
Dick, Phillip Lacey, Jr. 1846-05-05 to-do
Dick, Daniel 1867-07-10 to-do
Dick, Daniel 1758-08-28 to-do
Dick, Maria Catharina (Lehr) 1757-09-17 to-do
Dick, Johann Peter 1721-01-06 to-do
Dick, Anna Maria (Kentler) 1725-03-25 to-do
Dick, Anna Dorothea 1763-05-23 to-do
Sulpizi, Unlisted to-do
Dit LaChance, Louis Pepin 1845-00-00 to-do
Donato, Rachela C 1895-00-00 to-do
Dunbar, Molly (Loring) 1761-09-10 to-do
Dunn, Theda Bar to-do
Dunn, Robert J to-do
Dunn, Unlisted to-do
Dunn, Unlisted to-do
Eastburn, Elizabeth 1727-00-00 to-do
Eliot, Thomas Stearns 1888-09-26 to-do
Elmy, Margaret (Lawrence) 1555-00-00 to-do
Eyre, Alice (Jump) 1897-00-00 to-do
Feilon, Geneva to-do
Feilon, Unlisted to-do
Feilon, Unlisted to-do
Feilon, Unlisted to-do
Felioe, Unlisted to-do
Felioe, Unlisted to-do
Felioe, Unlisted to-do
Felioe, Unlisted to-do
Felioe, Unlisted to-do
Felioe, Mary 1843-00-00 to-do
Felioe, Peter 1842-00-00 to-do
Felioe, Gegnie M 1897-07-00 to-do
Felioe, Celia E 1887-08-00 to-do
Felioe, Sidney 1873-00-00 to-do
Felioe, Eddie 1871-00-00 to-do
Felioe, Ruthie 1869-00-00 to-do
Felioe, James 1868-00-00 to-do
Felioe, Mary 1866-00-00 to-do
Felion, Rosanna M (Merrow) 1893-08-01 to-do
Felion, Rozina Alexandria (Bovie) 1861-01-30 to-do
Felion, Lawrence to-do
Felion, George Jr. to-do
Felion, George Edward 1883-12-30 to-do
Felion, John James 1860-03-00 to-do
Finkler, Hans Peter 1810-00-00 to-do
Finkler, Johanna Elisabeth Catharine Margarethe (Scheffler) 1810-00-00 to-do
FitzWarin, Margaret (Beaumont) 1315-00-00 to-do
Flemming, Clara (Dick) 1863-04-17 to-do
Foster, Fidelia (Young) 1831-05-20 to-do
Foster, Robert Franklin 1792-00-00 to-do
Franklin, Anne (Child) 1655-07-09 to-do
Franklin, John 1643-02-20 to-do
Franklin, Elizabeth 1678-03-02 to-do
Franklin, Samuel 1681-05-20 to-do
Franklin, Samuel 1641-11-17 to-do
Franklin, Josiah 1685-08-23 to-do
Franklin, Joseph , I 1687-01-05 to-do
Franklin, Joseph 1689-06-30 to-do
Frink, Mary Ann 1830-10-29 to-do
Frink, William 1783-12-03 to-do
Frink, Mary C (Bromley) 1790-00-00 to-do
Furbish, Rebecca (Perriman) 1639-00-00 to-do
Furbish, Dorothy (Pray) 1675-01-29 to-do
Furbush, Daniel 1664-11-20 to-do
Galt, William 1777-10-30 to-do
Galt, Anna (Small) 1781-00-00 to-do
Wooddell, Unlisted to-do
Gardner, Unlisted to-do
George, John Henry 1840-05-21 to-do
George, Mary Ann (Isenberger) 1840-04-24 to-do
George, Clarence Elmer, Sr. 1882-06-26 to-do
George, Annie Rhoads (Young) 1883-05-30 to-do
George, Katharine Lulu 1876-01-30 to-do
George, Harvey J 1868-01-00 to-do
George, Samuel Frederick, Sr. 1812-11-26 to-do
George, Henrietta Wilhelm (Borchers) 1887-11-17 to-do
George, George Elmer, Jr. 1907-11-10 to-do
George, Robert Allen 1922-12-21 to-do
George, Sibbia (Gambee) 1821-00-00 to-do
George, Urban Caleb 1856-09-10 to-do
George, Henrietta (Jones) 1867-11-21 to-do
George, Ida Carolyn (Floren) 1908-11-22 to-do
Gervais, Marie Anne 1831-06-00 to-do
Gervais, Elienne 1802-00-00 to-do
Gianninoto, Giuseppe A, Sr. 1924-07-10 to-do
Gianninoto, Luigi to-do
Gianninoto, Unlisted to-do
Gianninoto, Antonio to-do
Gianninoto, Sebastiano 1870-00-00 to-do
Gianninoto, Unlisted to-do
Gianninoto, Sebastiano to-do
Gianninoto, Koralee J (Rendon) 1930-00-00 to-do
Gianninoto, Unlisted to-do
Given, Rebecca Virginia (Young) 1853-09-15 to-do
Gluck, Moricz 1843-00-00 to-do
Gluck, Rebeka Rozalia (Preisz) 1845-00-00 to-do
Gluck, Bencze 1818-00-00 to-do
Granger, Duane Floyd 1901-04-28 to-do
Granger, Rose Anna Marie (Parker) 1906-08-12 to-do
Grenville, William 1405-00-00 to-do
Grenville, Theobald to-do
Grenville, Jane 1580-00-00 to-do
Grey, Reynold 1362-00-00 to-do
Groce, Lucy (Loring) 1764-09-10 to-do
Groff, Peter 1772-00-00 to-do
Grossman, Albert to-do
Grossman, Frances (Dessler) to-do
Grossman, Isidore Nathan 1894-11-06 to-do
Grossman, Elizabeth (Sholtz) 1899-09-17 to-do
Grossman, Jonas 1926-07-10 to-do
Grossman, Unlisted to-do
Grossman, Helen 1917-00-00 to-do
Grossman, Unlisted to-do
Allen, Unlisted to-do
Krasa, Unlisted to-do
Hall, Ezra Quimby 1837-07-05 to-do
Hall, Cora E 1876-00-00 to-do
Hall, Ezra 1808-00-00 to-do
Hall, Robert R 1875-00-00 to-do
Hall, Henry D 1864-00-00 to-do
Hall, Charles 1867-00-00 to-do
Hall, Polly (Barnes) 1811-11-23 to-do
Harmon, Abi B 1853-09-00 to-do
Harmon, Austin Fellows 1820-02-23 to-do
Harmon, Austin 1779-09-24 to-do
Harris, Anne (Franklin) 1687-01-05 to-do
Hewitt, Sara Mary 1838-03-15 to-do
Hoctor, Henry 1870-00-00 to-do
Holcomb, Elsie (Felion) to-do
Holden, Amos 1762-09-26 to-do
Holden, Judith 1764-03-02 to-do
Holden, Mary 1767-05-05 to-do
Holden, Susannah 1771-10-01 to-do
Holden, Phineas 1776-09-28 to-do
Holden, Simeon 1779-00-00 to-do
Holliday, Ellen 1849-10-10 to-do
Holstine, Hanna Elizabeth to-do
Holton, Submit 1803-01-30 to-do
Holton, Simeon 1796-06-13 to-do
Holton, Simeon 1779-00-00 to-do
Horan, Susan S to-do
Horton, Emmett Seabury 1915-09-12 to-do
Horton, Frieda Clara (Kline) 1916-05-02 to-do
Howlett, Frances Wilhelmina (Simpson) 1897-03-19 to-do
Hoyes, George Henry, Sr 1850-00-00 to-do
Hurley, Anna Wiegand 1930-00-00 to-do
Isenberger, Samuel E 1816-04-02 to-do
Isenberger, Sarah Ann (Boehm) 1816-02-11 to-do
Isenberger, Samuel 1783-00-00 to-do
Isenberger, Elizabeth (Lyons) 1789-00-00 to-do
James, Hugh 1815-00-00 to-do
James, Mary (Swartz) 1810-00-00 to-do
James, Angeline 1848-00-00 to-do
James, Jane 1845-00-00 to-do
James, Mary 1846-00-00 to-do
Jenkins, Jabez 1655-00-00 to-do
Jenkins, Reginald 1679-04-10 to-do
Jetter, Jakob 1778-02-15 to-do
Jetter, Rosina (Mattes) 1780-08-30 to-do
Jetter, Anna Catharina 1821-08-14 to-do
Johnston, John 1795-00-00 to-do
Johnston, Mary (Mclean) 1795-00-00 to-do
Jump, Rachel (Kay) 1875-01-22 to-do
Jump, James 1871-00-00 to-do
Jump, Ellen 1895-01-06 to-do
Jump, John Mafeking 1900-05-14 to-do
Kay, John 1847-06-18 to-do
Kay, John 1883-01-08 to-do
Kay, George 1886-08-19 to-do
Kay, Polly 1897-00-00 to-do
Kay, Arthur 1818-12-20 to-do
Kelly, Rose Mae (Wooddell) 1941-02-16 to-do
Kenyon, Unlisted to-do
Kenyon, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Brian Esq to-do
Kerr, Kenneth David 1950-07-17 to-do
Kerr, Kenneth Jr. to-do
Kerr, Ilda (Allen) to-do
Kerr, Kenneth Berton, Sr. 1899-08-02 to-do
Kerr, Shawn Sr. to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Mackenzie to-do
Kerr, Benjamin Thomas 1880-11-15 to-do
Kerr, George 1842-02-09 to-do
Kerr, Jennifer Lyn (Tilton) 1972-10-02 to-do
Wilkinson, Unlisted to-do
Roffey, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, John Johnston 1876-12-01 to-do
Kerr, James Alexander 1874-04-10 to-do
Kerr, William George 1869-03-27 to-do
Kerr, Anna (Ford) to-do
Kerr, Benjamin Charles 1908-03-27 to-do
Kerr, George Jonathon 1904-05-11 to-do
Kerr, Alexander 1818-09-15 to-do
Kerr, Marion Ann (Johnston) 1818-06-30 to-do
Kerr, Robert , Jr. 1789-04-12 to-do
Kerr, Robert , Sr. 1762-02-07 to-do
Kerr, Agnes (Walker) 1759-05-28 to-do
Kerr, Jean (Picken) 1798-03-24 to-do
Kerr, Susan (Budds) 1841-03-01 to-do
Olivares, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Vivian N 1912-10-17 to-do
Kerr, Alex G 1870-09-17 to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Elanor Natalie (Marcle) 1876-00-00 to-do
Kerr, Margaret Salter (Kelly) 1892-03-05 to-do
Kerr, William 1795-00-00 to-do
Kerr, Hugh 1803-12-25 to-do
Kerr, Margaret (Galt) 1806-08-12 to-do
Kerr, Ann 1831-07-24 to-do
Kerr, Mary 1833-03-11 to-do
Kerr, Daniel 1750-04-22 to-do
Kerr, Margaret (Cochrane) 1782-07-00 to-do
Kirk, Esther 1799-12-25 to-do
Kirk, Benjamin 1776-06-20 to-do
Kirk, Philip Joshua 1745-12-24 to-do
Kirk, Benjamin 1714-04-20 to-do
Kirk, Jane (Thompson) 1713-11-03 to-do
Kirk, Thomas 1655-00-00 to-do
Kirk, Thomas 1682-03-26 to-do
Krasa, Czeslaw to-do
Krasa, Edwina Mary (Sullivan) 1935-12-21 to-do
Krasa, Unlisted to-do
Krasa, Edward to-do
Krasa, Stanislawa (Rusinek) 1905-00-00 to-do
Krasa, Piotr 1900-00-00 to-do
Krasa, Joseph to-do
LaChance, Pauline Eugenia 1869-06-10 to-do
Lamp, Unlisted to-do
Landon, Emma Geraldine (Merrow) 1908-09-22 to-do
Lattanzio, Josephine to-do
Lawrence, John , II 1525-00-00 to-do
Lawrence, John , III 1545-01-01 to-do
Lawrence, John , I 1500-00-00 to-do
Lewis, Eva A 1857-00-00 to-do
Yeager, Unlisted to-do
Linendoll, Unlisted to-do
Livingstone, Joanna (Downam) 1636-00-00 to-do
Locke, Elsie Louise (Stoddard) 1884-04-16 to-do
Loring, Bethia (Whiton) 1761-00-00 to-do
Loring, Hannah (Dunbar) 1729-11-30 to-do
Loring, Solomon , Jr 1728-11-18 to-do
Loring, Jonathan 1730-12-30 to-do
Loring, Abner 1742-11-09 to-do
Loring, Mary 1745-09-26 to-do
Loring, David 1758-06-14 to-do
Loring, Peter 1760-03-25 to-do
Loring, Solomon 1765-12-28 to-do
Loring, Nathaniel 1771-12-03 to-do
Loring, Enoch 1785-03-30 to-do
MaClay, Mary to-do
MacKown, Carolyn Shirley (George) 1931-12-27 to-do
Maclay, Joseph Thomas 1903-06-18 to-do
Maclay, James McKenzie 1911-03-10 to-do
Maclay, Jessie McKenzie 1919-05-20 to-do
Maclay, Anna Cavana Mckenzie 1908-07-03 to-do
Magnano, Sebastiana to-do
Magnano, Giuseppe 1858-02-22 to-do
Mann, Jonathan 1745-03-28 to-do
Mann, Mary (Gilbert) 1746-03-21 to-do
Markle, Jakob 1811-01-16 to-do
Markle, Salome (Jetter) 1810-07-30 to-do
Markle, Johann Georg 1761-10-31 to-do
Markle, Anna Maria (Hilzinger) 1768-07-25 to-do
Matte, Yvon to-do
Matte, Joseph Alexandre 1880-00-00 to-do
Matte, Alexina (Paquette) 1880-00-00 to-do
Matte, Robert Michael, Sr. 1950-06-21 to-do
Percey, Unlisted to-do
Matte, Joseph to-do
Matte, Wendy L (Amlaw) 1962-09-03 to-do
Matte, Robert Michael, Jr. 1973-07-31 to-do
Tilton, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
McCoy, Unlisted to-do
McCoy, Unlisted to-do
McCoy, Unlisted to-do
McCrossan, Mary 1855-00-00 to-do
McCrossan, James 1833-00-00 to-do
McCrossan, Jane 1860-00-00 to-do
McCrossan, William 1856-00-00 to-do
McCrossan, Ann (Burns) 1835-00-00 to-do
McFeely, Eav Elizabeth (George) 1849-08-26 to-do
McFeely, John 1829-02-16 to-do
McFeely, Hayden John 1871-02-13 to-do
McFeely, Archibald William 1873-01-03 to-do
McFeely, Malcom George 1880-03-08 to-do
McKenzie, Jessie 1880-04-20 to-do
McKenzie, James Bowman 1845-02-25 to-do
McKenzie, James 1890-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Maggie 1887-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Annie 1885-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, William 1878-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Helen 1876-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Mary Jane 1874-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, William 1812-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Elisabeth 1848-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Margaret 1839-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, William 1859-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Jessie 1845-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Isabella 1842-00-00 to-do
McKenzie, Janet 1843-00-00 to-do
McKnight, Melvina E 1843-11-00 to-do
McLay, Thomas 1875-07-06 to-do
McLay, Joseph P 1849-00-00 to-do
McLay, James 1882-00-00 to-do
McLay, Jane 1884-00-00 to-do
McLay, Mary 1886-00-00 to-do
McLay, Grace 1888-00-00 to-do
McLay, Joseph 1890-00-00 to-do
McLay, John 1878-00-00 to-do
McLay, Helen 1880-00-00 to-do
McLay, William 1873-00-00 to-do
McLay, William 1821-12-05 to-do
Mckenzie, Catherine 1895-00-00 to-do
Mckenzie, John 1893-00-00 to-do
Mclay, John 1851-11-29 to-do
Mclay, Maggie 1893-00-00 to-do
Merow, Emma 1887-03-20 to-do
Merrow, James Alphonse 1862-03-26 to-do
Merrow, Parmelia 1891-09-00 to-do
Merrow, Regina 1899-09-15 to-do
Merrow, Thomas Franklin 1889-04-15 to-do
Merrow, Adolph Adalore 1904-03-16 to-do
Merrow, Harry Gerald 1907-11-04 to-do
Merrow, Alexander L, Jr 1857-03-00 to-do
Merrow, Aleagneis 1868-00-00 to-do
Merrow, Elmina 1867-10-00 to-do
Merrow, Rose Anna 1873-11-10 to-do
Merrow, Mary 1855-00-00 to-do
Mireault, Alexis L 1832-05-15 to-do
Moon, Marie Estella (Morgan) 1919-10-11 to-do
Moon, Marshall Albert 1919-10-12 to-do
Moore, Emma S (Schick) 1885-03-06 to-do
Nessley, Alice 1791-07-11 to-do
Nessley, Judith 1781-08-14 to-do
Nessly, Jacob 1780-00-00 to-do
Nessly, Nancy 1779-00-00 to-do
Nessly, Daniel 1775-00-00 to-do
Nessly, Lucy 1787-10-01 to-do
Norman, Ezekiel 1799-07-28 to-do
Norman, Samuel 1769-09-28 to-do
Norman, David 1740-00-00 to-do
Norman, Mary (Stevenson) 1746-10-06 to-do
Norman, John , Jr. 1645-00-00 to-do
Noyes, Pearl Etta 1895-10-22 to-do
Noyes, George Henry, Jr 1872-05-12 to-do
Nuzum, Hannah (Worrall) 1736-00-00 to-do
Olechny, Wladyslaw 1877-03-17 to-do
Olechny, Marya (Pociecha) 1891-01-12 to-do
Olivares, Sondra (Hollinshead) to-do
Olivares, Edmundo to-do
Page, Yvonne Elizabeth 1919-03-26 to-do
Page, Alderic 1900-00-00 to-do
Paquette, Jean Baptiste 1845-00-00 to-do
Paquette, Henriette (Legault) 1845-11-15 to-do
Paradisgarten, Lazarus 1816-00-00 to-do
Parker, Benjamin 1771-12-23 to-do
Parker, Nancy (Nowell) 1777-00-00 to-do
Sulpizi, Unlisted to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Patterson, Unlisted to-do
Allen, Unlisted to-do
Patton, Unlisted to-do
Patton, Thomas Sr. to-do
Patton, Marion (Miers) to-do
Patton, George to-do
Patton, Thomas 1881-07-15 to-do
Patton, Catherine Harper (Greer) 1878-12-00 to-do
Percey, Harry to-do
Percey, John Scott 1941-04-27 to-do
Percey, John Harry 1891-01-02 to-do
Percey, Cora Abi 1878-03-05 to-do
Percey, John Bronson 1853-03-28 to-do
Percey, Raymond A 1887-04-00 to-do
Percey, Leon R 1871-08-00 to-do
Percey, Fanny E 1914-00-00 to-do
Percey, William J 1874-10-00 to-do
Percey, Austin J 1880-05-00 to-do
Percey, Simeon Sweet 1824-12-08 to-do
Percey, Unlisted to-do
Percey, Unlisted to-do
Percey, Unlisted to-do
Percey, Unlisted to-do
Percey, Julia 1845-00-00 to-do
Percey, Simeon 1876-00-00 to-do
Phillips, Unlisted to-do
Picken, Ebenezer 1769-00-00 to-do
Pittman, Margaret (Kerr) to-do
Pittman, Alvin to-do
Pittman, Jennie 1896-00-00 to-do
Pittman, Joseph 1894-00-00 to-do
Poppers, Waltella Anges (Sullivan) 1937-08-21 to-do
Potts, Anna 1769-08-16 to-do
Pratt, Loring 1807-03-03 to-do
Pratt, Jacob 1781-12-23 to-do
Pratt, Hannah (Loring) 1783-00-00 to-do
Pratt, Almeria 1809-04-25 to-do
Pratt, Chester D 1817-05-09 to-do
Pratt, George W 1815-04-10 to-do
Pray, John 1636-03-05 to-do
Putnam, Unlisted to-do
Putnam, Harold to-do
Putnam, Unlisted to-do
Putnam, Clyde Henry 1909-08-25 to-do
Putnam, Clyde 1915-00-00 to-do
Rahe, Emma (Kay) 1871-02-28 to-do
Read, Isaac 1754-12-26 to-do
Reed, Diadam (Sherman) 1765-01-21 to-do
Reed, Ahial 1833-10-13 to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Reed, Justin to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Reed, Unlisted to-do
Reed, Eugene to-do
Reed, William Charles, Sr 1919-08-28 to-do
Reed, Iona Maryette 1903-07-10 to-do
Reed, Frederick Ahial 1899-10-27 to-do
Reed, Lillian 1918-01-22 to-do
Reed, Fannie Viola 1901-05-08 to-do
Reed, Hazel Mary 1898-10-28 to-do
Reed, Benjamin Durfee 1799-08-06 to-do
Roffey, Unlisted to-do
Rose, Unlisted to-do
Rothlender, Anna Maria (Schick) 1839-04-09 to-do
Rush, Marietta Elizabeth 1839-03-14 to-do
Rush, Hiram 1819-00-00 to-do
Dessler, Unlisted to-do
Russo, Mark to-do
Russo, Joey to-do
Russo, John 1908-12-07 to-do
Russo, Marion 1934-12-05 to-do
Russo, Unlisted to-do
Russo, Dominick to-do
Russo, Joseph A 1884-00-00 to-do
Russo, Unlisted to-do
Scampinieto Magnano, Paola 1850-10-00 to-do
Schatz, Katharine (Schick) 1880-04-02 to-do
Schick, Adam 1842-06-20 to-do
Schick, Anna (Markle) 1847-12-02 to-do
Schick, Anna Catharina (Link) 1811-06-04 to-do
Schick, Jacob 1810-05-08 to-do
Schick, Ludwig 1778-12-16 to-do
Schick, Johann Jakob 1753-06-21 to-do
Schick, Anna Maria (Luippold) 1755-01-28 to-do
Schick, Gottlieb 1865-05-19 to-do
Schick, Rosine 1883-07-12 to-do
Schick, Barbara 1836-10-06 to-do
Schick, Berta 1840-07-02 to-do
Schick, Gottlieb 1844-08-31 to-do
Schick, Christian Jacob 1851-02-06 to-do
Schick, Catharine Margarethe (Muller) 1862-07-26 to-do
Schick, Carl Emil Jacob 1890-03-07 to-do
Schmidt, Fannie (Kerr) to-do
Schmidt, William Frederick 1866-10-07 to-do
Schmidt, William George to-do
Schmidt, Theodore Edward to-do
Schuler, Gottlieb Franz 1866-05-06 to-do
Schuler, Maria (Schick) 1872-05-19 to-do
Schuler, Paul Wilhelm, Sr. 1903-06-03 to-do
Schuler, Charles Alexander 1899-07-21 to-do
Schuler, Franz Adolf Ferdinand 1897-06-17 to-do
Schuler, Elizabeth Friederike 1895-07-23 to-do
Schuler, Christian Gottlob 1893-10-27 to-do
Schuler, Johann Carl 1832-07-25 to-do
Schuler, Kathryn Marie (Shuts) 1907-05-23 to-do
Schuler, Charlotte Friederike Scheffler (Finkler) 1832-11-15 to-do
Seiffert, Unlisted to-do
Simpson, Ilda Louise Dolly (Allen) 1861-12-16 to-do
Simpson, Edmund S. 1859-00-00 to-do
Simpson, Herbert K. 1893-10-10 to-do
Simpson, Edmund Squire 1896-02-27 to-do
Simpson, May Assaleite 1894-12-07 to-do
Simpson, John 1899-01-00 to-do
Simpson, Dorothy G. 1900-03-00 to-do
Simpson, Helen L 1902-00-00 to-do
Smith, Annie R 1870-00-00 to-do
Smith, Annie R 1870-00-00 to-do
Snow, Unlisted to-do
Spat, Salome (Schick) 1877-04-18 to-do
Spat, William H 1867-09-00 to-do
Squires, Loretta May 1913-05-26 to-do
Stearns, Priscilla (Cushing) 1779-06-06 to-do
Kerr, Unlisted to-do
Stoddard, Laura (Young) 1802-07-18 to-do
Stoddard, Sarah Elizabeth (Allen) 1852-09-05 to-do
Stoddard, Daniel Webster 1852-08-23 to-do
Stoddard, William Allen 1875-03-31 to-do
Sullivan, Mary Virginia (Harran) 1883-01-31 to-do
Sullivan, Daniel John 1883-06-19 to-do
Sullivan, Filomena Edna (Olechny) 1915-04-03 to-do
Sullivan, Edward Daniel 1913-02-21 to-do
Sullivan, Joseph Edward 1942-08-00 to-do
Sulpizi, Alvia (Dessler) to-do
Sulpizi, John Francis, Sr 1913-08-08 to-do
Sulpizi, Francesco 1885-04-30 to-do
Sulpizi, Olga Isabell 1924-10-04 to-do
Sulpizi, Nicholas J, Sr 1915-11-27 to-do
Sulpizi, Unlisted to-do
Sulpizi, Unlisted to-do
Sulpizi, Unlisted to-do
Summer, Jessie Eleanor 1907-00-00 to-do
Taylor, Blandine 1814-00-00 to-do
Thayer, Ruby Winchester 1804-00-00 to-do
Thomas, Caroline Peace (Allen) 1855-05-00 to-do
Thomas, Albert 1858-11-25 to-do
Thomas, Ilda C. 1887-01-00 to-do
Thompson, William 1693-00-00 to-do
Thompson, Anne 1656-00-00 to-do
Thompson, Caroline 1804-00-00 to-do
Tifft, Sarah Ann 1819-00-00 to-do
Tilton, Unlisted to-do
Krasa, Unlisted to-do
Tilton, Unlisted to-do
Tilton, Linwood to-do
Tomasy, Sarah (Gluck) to-do
Tomasy, Harry to-do
Tomasy, Evelyn 1907-00-00 to-do
Tomasy, Jessie Louis 1903-10-07 to-do
UNKNOWN, Gladys M 1902-00-00 to-do
Unknown, Unlisted to-do
Unknown, Gladys M 1902-00-00 to-do
Unknown, Faithful 1765-00-00 to-do
Valenti, Sebastiana Liberanta 1853-02-05 to-do
Russo, Unlisted to-do
Walk, Tzipa Celia (Paradisgarten) 1849-00-00 to-do
Walk, Itzig Israel Shneier (Valk) 1840-00-00 to-do
Walker, Edith Maud (Stoddard) 1877-02-18 to-do
Walker, Grace 1883-06-12 to-do
Coulter, Unlisted to-do
Walsh, Richard to-do
Watkins, Patricia (Patton) to-do
Watson, Martha Jane 1851-00-00 to-do
Weber, Unlisted to-do
White, John 1604-00-00 to-do
White, Jonathan 1658-06-04 to-do
White, Lucy (UNKNOWN) 1608-00-00 to-do
Whiton, Enoch 1733-08-29 to-do
Wilkinson, Unlisted to-do
Spaulding, Unlisted to-do
Withington, Myrtle to-do
Withington, Eli 1857-00-00 to-do
Withington, Ira 1831-00-00 to-do
Withington, Maria (Tufts) 1832-03-06 to-do
Wooddell, Francis to-do
Wooddell, Unlisted to-do
Wooddell, Albert Sr. to-do
Wooddell, Irene (Granger) to-do
Wooddell, Unlisted to-do
Wooddell, Floyd John 1945-07-19 to-do
Wooddell, Unlisted to-do
Murphy, Unlisted to-do
Wooddell, Ralph Edward, Sr. 1900-02-13 to-do
Wooddell, Clara Mae (Davis) 1904-00-00 to-do
Wooddell, Ralph Edward, Jr. 1922-02-28 to-do
Wooddell, Mary Lorraine 1923-02-17 to-do
Wooddell, Unlisted to-do
Wooddell, Linda (Grossman) to-do
Wooddell, George Frank, Jr. 1854-06-11 to-do
Wooddell, Mary Effie (Mattison) 1872-01-02 to-do
Wooddell, George Henry, Sr. 1805-04-01 to-do
Wooddell, Ann Jane (Warren) 1816-06-18 to-do
Worrall, Thomas 1733-00-00 to-do
Worrall, John , Jr. 1728-00-00 to-do
Worrall, Esther 1734-00-00 to-do
Worrall, John 1703-04-20 to-do
Worrall, Frida (Schick) 1886-08-12 to-do
Yeager, William to-do
Young, Gideon White, Sr. 1761-03-09 to-do
Young, George Rhodes, Sr. 1852-12-05 to-do
Young, Sarah Beckman (Dick) 1855-06-07 to-do
Young, Elizabeth 1798-09-26 to-do
Young, Gideon White, Jr. 1796-05-25 to-do
Young, Mary 1806-08-06 to-do
Young, William 1800-08-10 to-do
Young, Dolly Squire (Pratt) 1803-10-20 to-do
Young, Carlos Loring 1847-11-05 to-do
Young, Sarah Loring 1847-11-05 to-do
Young, Charles Drew 1832-07-02 to-do
Young, Amelia Mackey (Otis) 1833-08-25 to-do
Young, Charles Howland 1853-06-30 to-do
Young, Allen Parker 1855-04-28 to-do
Young, Amelia Maria 1857-00-00 to-do
Young, Otis William 1860-01-29 to-do
Young, Wilbur Russell 1861-12-29 to-do
Young, Benjamin Myrick 1838-08-00 to-do
Young, Joseph Chester 1838-08-00 to-do
Young, William 1829-07-27 to-do
Young, Miriam 1881-06-22 to-do
Young, Clara 1876-01-06 to-do
Young, George W 1831-04-03 to-do
Young, Elizabeth Betsey (Mann) 1777-11-25 to-do
Young, Amanda A (Friend) 1827-09-11 to-do
Young, Sarah Jane 1856-06-22 to-do
Young, Joshua Mitchell 1857-08-09 to-do
Young, Edward Joseph 1860-01-23 to-do
Young, William Hayes 1868-01-11 to-do
Young, Nancy (Blanchard) 1794-02-07 to-do
Young, Elizabeth (Jaqueth) 1829-07-18 to-do
Zimmerman, Hans 1702-00-00 to-do
Zimmermann, Hans Adam (Zimmerman) 1720-10-04 to-do

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