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Brianna Miller's To Do List

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Surnames/tags: Melnarowicz Wintersgill
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Degree 0

Name Birth Status Relationship
Miller, Brianna 1990-00-00 done yes

Degree 1

Name Birth Status Relationship
Miller, Living 2000-00-00 done yes
Miller, Living1960-00-00 done yes
Hanna, Living1970-00-00 done yes

Degree 2

Name Birth Status Relationship
Miller, Matthew Francis 1930-04-01 done yes
Wintersgill, Myrna Regina 1937-05-16 to-do yes
Hanna, Living 1960-00-00 done yes
Miller, Kimberly Ann 1961-06-17 done yes
Miller, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Trautvetter, Living 1970-00-00 to-do yes
Demian, Samira Loutfy 1940-02-22 done yes
Rizkalla, Morcos Hanna 1926-12-26 to-do yes

Degree 3

Name Birth Status Relationship
Wintersgill, Albert Francis 1913-02-09 done yes
Zang, Clara Elizabeth 1913-02-07 to-do yes
Trautvetter, Edward Raymond 1923-04-09 to-do no
Wintersgill, Ronald Albert 1938-06-17 to-do yes
Trautvetter, Living 1950-00-00 to-do no
Melczak, Stanislawa 1895-04-17 to-do yes
Melnarowicz, Franz 1893-07-12 done yes
Miller, Joseph Frank 1918-12-10 done yes
Miller, Sylvester Thomas 1920-12-30 to-do yes
Miller, Bernard Paul 1928-04-04 to-do yes
Miller, Anthony Edward 1923-03-15 to-do yes
Miller, Frank Charles 1914-12-11 to-do yes
Miller, Edward Stanley 1934-08-04 to-do yes
Miller, Living 1930-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, John Walter 1925-04-26 to-do yes
Miller, Walter 1927-04-05 done yes
Miller, George 1930-00-00 done yes
Miller, Living 1930-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, Gertrude 1917-01-06 done yes
Whitfield, Robert Edward 1958-02-00 to-do no
Demian, Loutfy Hena 0000-00-00 to-do yes
Zaki, Marguerite Awad 1919-04-12 to-do yes
Trautvetter, Living 1950-00-00 to-do no
Trautvetter, Living 1950-00-00 to-do no
Nielsen, Living 1970-00-00 to-do no
Burik, Living 1970-00-00 to-do no
Miller, Living 1990-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, Living 2000-00-00 to-do yes
Trautvetter, Living 1990-00-00 done yes
Trautvetter, Living 2000-00-00 done yes
Trautvetter, Living 2000-00-00 done yes
Hena, Living1940-00-00to-doyes

Degree 4

Name Birth Status Relationship
Wintersgill, Albert 1892-06-18 done yes
Zang, John Christ 1879-04-07 to-do yes
Schultheis, Antonette 1884-06-25 done yes
Hemberger, Audrey B 1927-04-22 to-do no
Wintersgill, May Ellen 1920-05-28 to-do yes
Wintersgill, Louis 1922-10-25 done yes
Zang, John W 1906-11-24 to-do yes
Rudman, Living 1940-00-00 to-do no
Wintersgill, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Wintersgill, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Wintersgill, Living 1970-00-00 to-do yes
Wintersgill, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Melczak, Wawrzyn 1866-08-00 to-do yes
Melczak, Joseph Christopher 1891-02-28 to-do yes
Melczak, Vojczech 1894-04-14 to-do yes
Melczak, Wladislaw 1900-04-10 done yes
Zang, Edmund William 1911-08-05 to-do yes
Grabowski, Mary 1924-10-08 to-do no
Zang, Florence Pearl 1915-12-15 to-do yes
Wisniewski, Estelle M 1921-01-06 to-do no
Miller, Jeffrey A 1956-12-28 done yes
Melczak, Katy Agnes 1903-01-17 to-do yes
Trautvetter, Wilbert Rudolph 1891-03-06 to-do no
Karcz, Regina A 1927-00-00 to-do no
Pendleton, Kyle 1921-01-14 to-do no
Vogel, Margaret A 1893-11-29 to-do no
Melczak, John 1908-04-03 to-do yes
Melczak, Genevieve 1906-11-22 to-do yes
Melczak, Gertrude 1913-01-13 to-do yes
Zang, Margaret M 1905-00-00 to-do yes
Spinelli, Tecla 1916-04-03 to-do no
Zang, Antonetta Clara 1908-07-20 done yes
Kwiatek, Stanley Joseph 1918-11-21 to-do no
Pilarski, Mariana 1866-08-25 to-do yes
Melczak, Julianna 1897-06-00 to-do yes
Miller, Baby Girl 1944-02-16 done yes
Trautvetter, Kathryn 1918-08-15 to-do no
Melczak, Marie 1897-00-00 to-do yes
Neuhart, Lillian 1893-06-00 to-do yes
Wintersgill, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Wintersgill, Living 1970-00-00 to-do yes
Starr, Living 1950-00-00 to-do no
Starr, Living 1980-00-00 to-do no
Miller, Richard Barry 1946-07-11 to-do yes
Miller, David Joseph 1948-00-00 to-do yes
Melnarowicz, Mateusz 0000-00-00 done yes
Bebawi, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Bebawi, Living 1970-00-00 to-do yes
Starr, Living 1980-00-00 to-do no
Miller, Living 1950-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, Living 1940-00-00 to-do yes
Wintersgill, Living 1970-00-00 to-do yes
Zuzak, Living 1950-00-00 to-do yes
Zuzak, Living 1930-00-00 to-do no
Zuzak, Living 1950-00-00 to-do yes
Zuzak, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, Living 1950-00-00 to-do yes
Malkoski, Martha 1925-02-23 to-do no
Miller, Living 1950-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, Living 1950-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, Living 0000-00-00 to-do yes
Burik, Living 1940-00-00 to-do no
Hughes, Living 1940-00-00 to-do no
Whitfield, Walter Edward 1930-11-20 to-do no
Trittipo, Living 1950-00-00 to-do no
Houg, Living 1940-00-00 to-do no
Nielsen, Living 1930-00-00 to-do no
Bebawi, Bebawi 1936-04-24 to-do no
Miller, Living 1940-00-00 to-do yes
Miller, Living 1960-00-00 to-do yes
Carey, Living 1930-00-00 to-do no
Soldo, Living1940-00-00 to-dono
Mather, Living1950-00-00 to-dono
Melczak, Monica1904-02-04 to-doyes
Melczak, Jan1903-01-17 to-doyes
Melczak, Stanley L1909-00-00 to-doyes

Degree 5

Name Birth Status Relationship
Tunis, Carrie M1870-00-00 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Ralph Bafel1865-10-10 to-doyes
Weinzierl, Anna Margaret1857-08-20 to-doyes
Trenton, Isabelle1904-00-00 to-dono
Weshner, Samuel G1896-07-15 to-dono
Weshner, Joseph Peter1939-09-05 to-doyes
Rudman, Eli G1915-00-00 to-dono
Neuhart, Joseph1874-05-08 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Ralph1892-06-18 to-doyes
Neuhart, William1887-05-08 to-doyes
Neuhart, Henry1842-04-15 to-doyes
Neuhart, Samuel Charles1889-12-03 to-doyes
Newhart, Henry Mathews1880-04-09 to-doyes
Schultheis, Sylvester F1852-12-31 to-doyes
Zang, Christopher1847-04-23 to-doyes
Hemberger, Andrew Charles1883-05-30 to-dono
Zang, Edmund John1940-07-10 to-doyes
Zang, Charles Joseph1883-10-14 to-doyes
Vogel, George W1871-10-19 to-dono
Zang, Phillip Alexander1877-05-06 to-doyes
Zang, Leona Frances1932-04-26 to-doyes
Davis, Dorothy C1913-00-00 to-dono
Zang, Susan1872-08-22 to-doyes
Stoica, Sylvia Victoria1913-00-00 to-dono
Zang, Rose M1885-12-15 to-doyes
Huss, Anna Mary1846-10-09 to-doyes
Zang, Mary1871-01-28 to-doyes
Schultheis, Emil W1890-10-08 to-doyes
Schultheis, Elizabeth L1882-11-12 to-doyes
Melczak, Margaret1926-02-11 to-doyes
Schultheis, William F1887-09-00 to-doyes
Grabowski, Joseph1884-00-00 to-dono
Karcz, John1894-00-00 to-dono
Melczak, Dolores Theresa1930-01-31 to-doyes
Melczak, Dorothy1920-08-05 to-doyes
Lupinacci, Elizabeth1917-00-00 to-dono
Schultheis, Sylvester Francis1897-06-21 to-doyes
Schultheis, Edmond George1894-03-25 to-doyes
Hemberger, Agatha Florence1909-11-22 to-dono
Trautvetter, Charles L1866-00-00 to-dono
Meczak, Anna Mae1924-09-07 to-doyes
Spinelli, Eteocle1885-01-01 to-dono
Hemberger, Edna1912-07-25 to-dono
Gallio, Raffela1894-01-01 to-dono
Vurdelja, Yanko1892-00-00 to-dono
Vurdelja, Peter1927-07-18 to-doyes
Vurdela, Michael1929-03-09 to-doyes
Melczak, Margaret1927-05-21 to-doyes
Melczak, Lawrence W1918-11-25 to-doyes
Baczkowski, Sophie1896-12-01 to-dono
Hemberger, LaVerne1918-12-07 to-dono
Dziegelewski, Franciszka1892-01-09 to-dono
Hemberger, Dolores M1908-06-05 to-dono
Herich, Robert Lee1931-10-07 to-doyes
Herich, Wiliam1929-00-00 to-doyes
Vogel, George C1904-10-14 to-dono
Frauenpries, William Christian1915-02-08 to-dono
Vogel, Emily Louise1899-12-00 to-dono
Love, Agnes1872-09-30 to-dono
Dauer, Minnie1887-11-13 to-dono
Vogel, David Edward1896-01-10 to-dono
Campbell, Isabella1868-12-00 to-dono
Henrich, William1902-11-17 to-dono
Schultheis, Anna M1886-10-14 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Unnamed Infant1892-06-18 doneyes
Cullum, Living1950-00-00 to-dono
Cullum, Living1990-00-00 to-doyes
Cullum, Living1980-00-00 to-doyes
Muller, Mary C1904-02-14 to-dono
Klages, Frances1892-03-03 to-dono
Neuhart, Anna1876-11-20 to-doyes
Hauser, Dorothy Pearl1899-01-28 to-dono
Melczak, John0000-00-00 to-doyes
Melczak, Living1930-03-03 to-doyes
Waltemeyer, Violet Louise1912-08-25 to-dono
Pilarski, Anthony0000-00-00 to-doyes
Nielsen, William Raymond1901-06-15 to-dono
Bebawi, Sourial0000-00-00 to-dono
Saad, Sara0000-00-00 to-dono
Vurdelja, Michael1929-03-09 to-doyes
Machaj, Joseph E1900-00-00 to-dono
Machaj, Henry J1924-10-27 to-doyes

Degree 6

Name Birth Status Relationship
Vogel, Joseph Anthony1853-00-00 to-dono
Vogel, Aloysus Louis1824-00-00 to-dono
Miller, Barbara1829-00-00 to-dono
Tunis, Charles S1835-00-00 to-doyes
Shivery, James Bird1920-09-20 to-doyes
Schultheis, Clyde Milton1924-08-25 to-doyes
Hugel, Bertha A1879-10-00 to-dono
Wintersgill, Robert S1856-12-22 to-doyes
Weinzierl, Conrad1858-00-00 to-doyes
Pedrick, William Edward1911-12-29 to-doyes
Zang, Phillip J1906-01-08 to-doyes
Parks, Erma1894-11-22 to-dono
Fieldsen, Mary1875-08-24 to-dono
Weinzierl, George Joseph1867-05-22 to-doyes
Weshner, Joetta Lee1974-06-10 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Clyde Ralph1917-07-11 to-doyes
Weinzierl, Anna Marie1873-08-29 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Ralph1831-00-00 to-doyes
Hagemann, Catherine1836-11-10 to-doyes
Peacock, Ellen Gertrude1845-01-16 to-doyes
Zang, Gertrude1842-06-29 to-doyes
Huss, Laurence1800-00-00 to-doyes
Weinzierl, Emma1879-10-01 to-doyes
Weinzierl, Maria Elizabeth1863-11-15 to-doyes
Zang, Balthasar1825-11-10 to-doyes
Sill, Joseph Edward1872-09-23 to-dono
Newhart, Orval1904-00-00 to-doyes
Tunis, Lelia R1868-02-07 to-doyes
Davis, Nora E1886-09-00 to-dono
Pedrick, Horace W1875-10-23 to-dono
Moeller, Hilda1893-00-00 to-dono
Zang, Philip1827-10-07 to-doyes
Weinzierl, Joseph1877-08-06 to-doyes
Tunis, Helen S1878-07-09 to-doyes
Zang, Charles Albert1907-09-10 to-doyes
Tunis, Josephine1874-11-00 to-doyes
Tunis, Anna H1873-05-13 to-doyes
Dellorgne, Charles1869-07-04 to-dono
Wintersgill, Elizabeth J1852-00-00 to-doyes
Weinzierl, Henry Joseph1832-11-11 to-doyes
Hartman, Lucy Louisa1896-02-11 to-dono
Zang, William H1902-08-08 to-doyes
Tunis, Laura V1871-08-17 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Lucille Gladys1914-11-11 to-doyes
Kunkel, Gertrudis1804-06-20 to-doyes
Smith, Albert James1932-04-03 to-dono
Schultheis, Ruth M1928-12-19 to-doyes
Shivery, James Bird1892-06-29 to-dono
Pedrick, Walter Buck1909-12-31 to-doyes
Staley, Sarah Ann1832-00-00 to-doyes
Zang, Johann Adam1802-02-05 to-doyes
Schultheis, Karl Emil1917-07-08 to-doyes
Shivery, Mildred Martha1917-12-15 to-doyes
Sill, Pearl E1896-08-13 to-doyes
Davis, Leona1897-01-20 to-dono
Trenton, William C1879-04-16 to-dono
Watson, Paula Jane1945-05-19 to-dono
Kempner, Gertrude1866-00-00 to-dono
Grosinsky, Philip1910-10-31 to-dono
Wess, Harry M1914-00-00 to-dono
Wess, Ralph1916-00-00 to-dono
Wess, Florence1918-00-00 to-dono
Hasson, Herold1899-10-14 to-dono
Wilczek, Katarzyna0000-00-00 to-doyes

Degree 7

Name Birth Status Relationship
Sawders, Cecelia Regina1857-00-00 to-dono
Tunis, Thomas T1807-02-17 to-doyes
Zang, Raymond William1933-09-20 to-doyes
Staley, Edmund1813-00-00 to-doyes
Mazeika, Dorothy Anna1925-00-00 to-dono
Auth, Christopher1866-10-08 to-doyes
Schultheis, William C1915-12-28 to-dono
Paul, Joseph R1861-09-00 to-dono
Wilkinson, Elizabeth1793-02-15 to-doyes
Weinzirl, Peter1799-00-00 to-doyes
Luttringer, Frank William1906-07-18 to-doyes
Wintersgill, John1795-00-00 to-doyes
Auth, Constantine1832-04-06 to-dono
Staley, Emma A1834-09-13 to-doyes
Staley, Hannah1820-12-03 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Harold1884-00-00 to-doyes
Snowden, Susan R1810-00-00 to-doyes
Gustin, Violetta1809-00-00 to-doyes
Hugel, William1855-00-00 to-dono
Luttringer, Frank W1875-04-02 to-dono
Wintersgill, Clarance McRoberts1885-02-14 to-doyes
Dunn, Margaret Caroline1917-05-13 to-dono
Luttringer, Margaret M1903-09-03 to-doyes
Luttringer, Emma C1901-11-08 to-doyes
Auth, Adam1864-11-28 to-doyes
Auth, Catherine1885-12-00 to-doyes
Clause, Sarah J1853-01-00 to-dono
Staley, John1812-11-09 to-doyes
Staley, Edmund1783-01-08 to-doyes
Zang, Ruth Florence1931-01-08 to-doyes
Pedrick, Richard1902-10-05 to-dono
Paul, Esther C1899-09-00 to-doyes
Zang, Dorothy C1929-11-29 to-doyes
Paul, Norman1898-08-20 to-doyes
Thatcher, Eliza J1858-04-08 to-dono
Creshine, Greta M1919-01-09 to-dono
Auth, Gertrude Mary1862-12-02 to-doyes
Auth, Margaret1881-10-10 to-doyes
Wintersgill, Estella Mae1890-07-05 to-doyes
Turner, Mary Ann1863-05-26 to-dono
Parks, John Calvin1861-06-13 to-dono
Merz, Margaret1909-12-20 to-dono
Nicklaus, Nancy1909-12-20 to-doyes

Degree 8

Name Birth Status Relationship
Gustin, John S1805-09-18 to-doyes
Gustin, Francis1783-00-00 to-doyes
Sheppard, Eleanor1785-00-00 to-doyes
Wahl, Emma Juliana1898-00-00 to-dono
Sawders, Caleb1820-00-00 to-dono
McDonogh, Mary Ann1825-00-00 to-dono
Tunis, Moses1763-00-00 to-doyes
Auth, Leo Christopher1904-09-25 to-doyes
Tunis, Henry0000-00-00 to-doyes
Gephart, Alvin Clarence1930-09-02 to-dono
Auth, John Andrew1895-12-23 to-doyes
Staley, Edmund1750-00-00 to-doyes
Staley, Priscilla1856-05-16 to-doyes
Taylor, Christianna1767-00-00 to-doyes
Payne, Elizabeth1814-00-00 to-dono
Elverson, Thomas A1854-03-26 to-dono
Staley, Joanna Elizabeth1849-02-21 to-doyes
Staley, Daniel1841-09-22 to-doyes
McGrath, Bridget1871-06-15 to-dono
Bennett, Hannah Elizabeth1871-04-25 to-doyes
Tunis, Mary1786-11-00 to-doyes
Auth, Marie Esther1898-04-10 to-doyes
Auth, Gertrude Ellen1894-06-07 to-doyes
Auth, Ethel Catherine1900-00-00 to-doyes
Peace, Hannah1757-08-07 to-doyes
Auth, William Sylvester1890-11-11 to-doyes
Soldo, Living1940-00-00 to-dono
Bennett, Lydian Corabelle Hastings1866-10-11 to-doyes
Bennett, Bertha L1852-11-00 to-doyes
Bennett, Eunice E1858-00-00 to-doyes
Bennett, Lafayette Wilkinson1854-06-01 to-doyes
Bennett, Samuel E1872-12-17 to-doyes
Bennet, Thomas Mills1855-04-17 to-doyes
Bennett, Thomas Miles1831-05-04 to-dono
Bennett, Ulysses Grant1861-09-30 to-doyes
Elverson, Mary1846-00-00 to-doyes
Elverson, Thomas1822-00-00 to-dono
Elverson, William H1848-00-00 to-doyes
Elverson, Sarah Ann1850-00-00 to-doyes
Elverson, Celina G1859-00-00 to-doyes
Elverson, Cora1862-00-00 to-doyes

Degree 9

Name Birth Status Relationship
Gustin, Harriet E1828-00-00 to-doyes
Macomb, Susan1800-00-00 to-dono
Sheppard, Elisha1750-07-14 to-doyes
Smock, Aletta Allis1753-03-16 to-doyes
Price, Esther1766-09-10 to-doyes
Gustin, John1760-07-08 to-doyes
McDonogh, Charles Augustine1801-00-00 to-dono
Shaw, Mary A1803-00-00 to-dono
Wahl, Damian1863-00-00 to-dono
Sheppard, Aletta1785-00-00 to-doyes
Burnet, Phebe0000-00-00 to-doyes
Shepard, Eleanor1787-07-20 to-doyes
Tunis, Henry1736-00-00 to-doyes
Auth, Richard William1932-11-16 to-doyes
Auth, Donald Leo1931-05-14 to-doyes
Lauter, Elsie Frieda Marie1904-09-19 to-dono
Gustin, John1785-00-00 to-doyes
Laudon, Ethel Theone1901-03-08 to-dono
Gustin, Thomas Price1784-07-16 to-doyes
Fisher, Alfred E1865-09-18 to-doyes
Fisher, Henry A1835-00-00 to-dono
Fisher, Charles1867-00-00 to-doyes
Fisher, Milo Marlow1868-08-27 to-doyes
Fisher, Anna Mary1871-00-00 to-doyes
Fisher, Ira Dayton1880-04-23 to-doyes
Fisher, Vernerd Walker1897-00-00 to-doyes
Elverson, William1785-00-00 to-dono
Elverson, William1819-00-00 to-dono
Unknown, Mary1785-00-00 to-dono

Degree 10

Name Birth Status Relationship
Dunn, Esther1743-00-00 to-doyes
Gustin, Thomas H1735-01-12 to-doyes
Smock, Johannes Hendrickse1727-02-13 to-doyes
Lanning Ella Francis1856-00-00 to-doyes
Lanning, Nathaniel1826-00-00 to-dono
Macomb, William1775-10-25 to-dono
Lawerence, Gertrude1775-00-00 to-dono
Owens, Ruth1731-00-00 to-doyes
Price, Francis1741-09-13 to-doyes
Fierst, Anna Barbara1940-00-00 to-dono
Wahl, Franz Joseph1821-00-00 to-dono
Shepard, Thomas1708-00-00 to-doyes
Price, Sarah1762-03-18 to-doyes
George, Rachel1805-00-00 to-doyes
George, David1785-00-00 to-dono
Kouwenhoven, Elizabeth Joris Jorise1725-03-18 to-doyes
Smock, Maria Jacomyntie1747-03-20 to-doyes
Smock, Eleanor1756-10-28 to-doyes
Hubbard, Catherine Hendrickson1819-01-03 to-doyes
Hubbard, John1784-02-29 to-dono
Dennis, Sarah1723-04-18 to-doyes
Smock, Elizabeth Johannes1762-02-15 to-doyes
Smock, Jane Hendrick1791-12-26 to-doyes
Gustin, Mary1773-04-27 to-doyes
McKinney, Mary Lou1932-07-10 to-dono
Price, Elizabeth1764-11-12 to-doyes
Price, Francis1772-00-00 to-doyes
Tunis, Peter0000-00-00 to-doyes
Morse, Susan1788-08-10 to-dono
Fisher, Mary Elizabeth1914-00-00 to-doyes
McCoy, Leva Eleanor1877-10-01 to-dono
Fisher, Alberta E1888-07-07 to-doyes
Fisher, Joseph Rosser1893-00-00 to-doyes
Dewhirst, Mary C1882-00-00 to-dono
Smock, Hendrick1749-10-25 to-doyes


Name Birth Status Relationship
Löscher, Karolina 1894-00-00 to-do
Brubach, Johann Michael 1787-05-23 to-do
Line, Rachel 1779-11-26 to-do
Parker, Elizabeth 1837-00-00 to-do
Kinsey, Sarah 1770-08-07 to-do
Dobson, Sarah 1755-11-02 to-do
Webster, Mary 1754-00-00 to-do
Gerber, Graydon J 1955-02-09 to-do
Kindelberger, Georg FriederichJ 1783-01-19 to-do
Webster, WilliamJ 1755-03-10 to-do
Schmotzer, Albert J 1902-06-26 to-do
Schmetzer, Mary H 1901-08-25 to-do
Neuhart, Adam 1867-12-17 to-do
Vogler, Charles B 1890-11-09 to-do
Adam, Luise 1836-10-08 to-do
Neuhart, Ludwig 1837-08-05 to-do
Randolph, John J.F. 1847-06-17 to-do
Marsh, Sarah Ann 1806-06-03 to-do
Fitz Randolph, Robert 1803-07-09 to-do
Vail, Benjamin F 1745-10-03 to-do
Vail, Miriam L 1834-05-22 to-do
Hutte, Mary 1866-00-00 to-do Vogler, Joseph W 1865-04-00 to-do Neuhart, Philippina 1835-01-09 to-do Grüny, Karolina 1869-06-03 to-do Grüny, Heinrich Jakob 1820-12-29 to-do Grüny, Georg Philipp 1791-09-07 to-do Regel, Anton 1873-05-12 to-do no
Gerono, Anna 1876-11-20 to-do unknown
Regel, John 0000-00-00 to-do no
Miller, Elizabeth 0000-00-00 to-do no
Regel, John 0000-00-00 done no
Spainer, Catherine 0000-00-00 done no
Regel, Anton 1859-11-20 to-do no
Young, Katherine 1860-00-00 to-do no
Regel, Catherine 1881-10-00 to-do no
Regel, Annie 1884-11-00 to-do no
Regel, Kathaleen 1887-04-00 to-do no
Regel, Anthony 1890-01-00 to-do no
Regel, John 1906-07-03 to-do unknown
Regel, Anna M 1901-04-24 to-do unknown
Regel, Helen L 1910-12-22 to-do unknown
Gerono, Nicholas 0000-00-00 to-do unknown
Regel, Marian 0000-00-00 to-do unknown
Gerono, Adam A 1888-09-20 to-do unknown
Regel, Anthony 1908-00-00 to-do unknown
Regel, Elizabeth 1903-02-10 to-do unknown
Mach, John J 1906-00-00 to-do no
Benke, Harold J 1895-00-00 to-do no



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