Britain-Ford Research Notes

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Britain-Ford Research Notes

This page consolidates the quite lengthy notes from each of the ancestor profiles and gives a sub-heading, which can be repeatedly linked-to. [v] means verified descendancy (such as listed in parent's Will) and (u) means 'keep searching.' The people about whom this page applies (bold=priority):

Thomas Ford(s)

00...Ford, Thomas......auDNA tested...00
01...Ford, Thomas1627...auDNA tested...00
00......1627--Symen...auDNA tested...00
02(u) 4th ggfBritain, Thomas aka Thomas Ford......Wilson auDNA5th ggc10
03a...Ford, Thomas~1750............00
03b......~1750--MordecaiRuth BarneyBarney auDNA...00
03c......missing generation.........00
03d......~1692--ThomasLeah PricePrice auDNARow 2212cc
00...Ford, Thomas......auDNA tested...00
00...Ford, Thomas......auDNA tested...00

Britain(s) and Ford(s)

01...Britain, 1 descendant......auDNA tested......02
02...1 descendant......auDNA tested......B.=03
03...Britain, 1 descendant......auDNA tested......04
04M.=04Britain, 1 descendantyDNA tested, match 3C...auDNA tested...3C1R04
05V.=04Britain, V.yDNA tested, match 3C.........3C1R04
06ggfBritain, James Alexanderconfirmed.........2 ggn07
07gguBritain, John Wesleyconfirmed.........2 ggn07
082nd ggfBritain, George WconfirmedBailey, BetseyBailey auDNA1827 McMinn, TN; m.1848 Greene, MO3rd ggc08
093rd ggfJohn Britain/BrittenconfirmedHensley, Catharinetoo small #1800; m.1822 TN Washington Co4th ggc09
10(u) 4th ggfBritain, Thomas aka Ford, ThomasconfidentWilson, ElizabethWilson auDNA1750; m.1777 Edenton, Chowan, NC; d.1818 Washington, TN, as Thomas Ford5th ggc10
11(u) 5th ggfBritten, ThomasconfidentFord, MaryFord auDNA1723 Worcestershire, ENG; m.1747 in Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENG6th ggc11
12(u) 6th ggfBriton, Williamconfidentspouse unknownno surname to match1704 Belbroughton, Worcestershire, ENG7th ggc12
13(u) 7th ggfBritten, Johnconfidentspouse unknownno surname to match1671 Pensax, Worcestershire, ENG8th ggc13
14(u) 8th ggfBritten, Johnconfidentspouse unknownno surname to match1635 ENG9th ggc14
15...Brynton, John...Foord, MaryFord auDNA, too distant1602 Warwickshire, ENG; m.1643 Old Swinford, Worcester, ENG (image) (ref 2); father of Symen[v] 10th ggn16
16...Britten Thomasconfident......b.unkn; m.unkn; d.1616 Worcester, ENG (ref 1); father of John...17
17............b.unkn; m.unkn; d.unkn...18
18...Ford, Johnconfident......b.unkn; m.unkn; d.1616 Worcester, ENG (ref 1)...17
19...Ford, Symenconfidentspouse unknownShared ancestor1600 son of Mary, father not named; 1627 father of Thomas[v] 10th ggc15
20[v]...Ford, ThomasconfidentDix, AbigailDix auDNA1627 Old Swinford, Worcester, ENG [1][v] 9th ggn14g
21[u]...Ford, JamesconfidentFiske, ElizabethFiske auDNA1670; 1702 Will [2] (u) 1C10R13c
22[v]...Ford, ThomasconfidentPrice, LeahPrice auDNA1692, son of James [2]; m.1711 Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel, MD[v] 2C9R12cc
23...Ford, Lloyd Sr.confidentWood, MaryWood auDNA1727 Saint Paul's Parish, Baltimore, MD3C8R11ccc
24...Ford, Lloyd Jr.confidentGrant, MaryGrant auDNA~1750 Baltimore, Maryland; m.1777 Baltimore, MD4C7R10cccc
25...Ford, Johnconfident......~1750 Baltimore, MD5C6R09ccccc
26...Ford, Elizabeth......Stone auDNA~1818 Washington, TN, m.1838 Washington, TN6C5R08x6c(s)
27...Ford descendantsconfident...various auDNA1800...09
[v] Relationship to Britain-117
abbreviation: ggu: great granduncle
[v] Relationship to Britain-141
abbreviation: 2nd ggn: second great grandniece
abbreviation: 3rd ggf: third great grandfather
confident relationship: Very difficult sourcing unsourced Ford(s)
(ref 1) Calendar of wills and administrations in the Consistory Court of the bishop of Worcester: also marriage licenses and sequestrations now deposited in the Probate Registry at Worcester. London: British Record Society, 1910, 807 pgs. (HeritageQuest.) (image)
Britten, Thomas, ---ton, Will, year 1616, page 75, number 50.
Ford, John, Doderhill, Will Inventory, year 1616, page 75, number 69.
(ref 2) "England Marriages, 1538–1973 ", database, FamilySearch ( Anne Foord in entry for John Brynton, 25 Feb 1643, Old Swinford, Worcestershire, England], re-indexed 13 March 2020.


  1. * 1627 Christening: "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975", FamilySearch, Thomas Foorde, 11 Nov 1627, Old Swinford, Worcester, England, son of Symen Foorde, index updated 23 March 2020. (Now county of Worcestershire.)
  2. 2.0 2.1 * 1702 Will of James Ford: Cotton, Jane Baldwin and Henry, Roberta Bolling. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. II, page 251, from, from Allen County Public Library.


From Thomas Britain, Research Notes

A genealogically proven Britain descendant tested yDNA-67, then another tested yDNA-111 at great expense to discover "who was father of John Britain/Britten?" At the time, he was our earliest documented Britain/Britten ancestor. The results were unexpectedly Ford matches, all except for Column Four showing a 12 (not an 11) under DYS391.(1) This 12 was identified as a 'northern 12' by a Britton researcher who had studied each of the column headings (SNPs).(2)

It was this unexpected 'Ford' avenue for John's father that was explored. All of the SNPs (at the top of the yDNA pages) were put into the education cue and studied. The word 'mutate' simply means change and is described. (3) The 'northern' 12 for SNP DYS391 was known to mutate approximately every 250-300 years. Now, a value of 11 or 12 is considered to be of the same ancestors.(4) The only difference is the surname (or variations of) Britten and Ford. They are 'of' the same people; in other words, whether 11 or 12, it doesn't matter.(4)


(1). yDNA results: FTDNA Ford Group 5, 4th column #12 under DYS391.
(2). yDNA results: FTDNA Britton Group 10, 4th column #12 under DYS391.
(3). DYS391, Ritter, Philip. Stanford Genealogy and yDNA on-line, 2005.
(4). DYS391, Pollin and multiple authors. Investigations of the Y chromosome, male founder structure and YSTR mutation rates in the Old Order Amish. Europe PMC, on-line, 2007. ("... The founder was defined as the most recent common male ancestor (MRCMA) for all genotyped individuals within a lineage. All but two lineages for one locus (DYS391 in both cases) had unique putative founder alleles at each locus. For these two lineages at DYS391 we designated the founder allele as the one of two possible alleles....." "We note that for the two lineages above, the founder haplotypes are distinct from all other founder haplotypes regardless of which DYS391 allele is chosen, implying that comparisons made below with regard to similarity of lineages are actually independent of the choice of founder allele.").

yDNA Advantage

The most heart-felt thank you to two descendants of George and Betsey Bailey Britain for yDNA testing.

From Thomas Ford, Research Notes to here
With Great yDNA Advantage
Back and forth, left and right on a map, up and down, ad nauseam, I searched for any spelling of the surnames Britain and Ford to be found in the same location. When I was satisfied, then I did it all over again, just to be sure. I went back through all of the locations and double-checked. Old Swinford, Worcester, England was the one and only location for both surnames at the same time.
And, I recognized Symen as a name given to a child, when the father cannot be named, such that a 'Symen' would never inherit from the 'unknown' father's estate. There would be 'no inheritance' for a either a Symen, or for a child of Symen (from the grandfather's estate). Adding one's imagination to the above sentence is not a source. Finding a 'Briton' as a Clergyman in a church in Norton, Worcester, is also not a source. The child's mother is unnamed. The child would also not inherit from her portion of her father's estate. As a child of the 'unnamed,' Thomas left for the New World. His father was Symen Britten-Foorde.
"Long-live yDNA."


ENG Warwickshire to Worcestershire to Gloucestershire map

Of Interest

Given the surname, Britain, then are we related to Royality? No. Of interest here and to many other researchers:

Larkin, BT. Y-DNA of the British Monarchy: A review on the occasion of the birth of the Prince of Cambridge. Surname DNA Journal: on-line, 2013, Aug.

Mrs. Ford

From Thomas Britain, Research Notes
  • Thomas Britain's mother was a (married name) Ford. It is surmised that Thomas changed his surname back to his mother's first married name, Ford, at the end of the American Revolution, but before the War of 1812. Who would keep a surname of Britain while fighting the British for American Independence? A lot of men named 'Britain' did and 'each one' has been researched.

Wilson auDNA

  • Autosomal DNA (auDNA) surname:matches for two descendants of John show an unusually high number of Wilson matches. The further back you go, the greater the number of descendants and the greater the number of surname matches.
  • auDNA spreadsheet with Britain chromosomes (Chrs) and Wilson Chrs in top two rows showed matches on Chrs 06 and 09 for a total of 7.6 cMs. For Chr 06, 2 Wilsons and 1 Britain matched, while for Chr 09, 5 Wilsons and 3 Britains matched. Also on Chr 11, 1 Wilson and 3 Britains matched, but Chr 11 also matched our Jackson/Wilson line, so it was excluded for Britain/Wilson. For the Britains, the maternal-side chromosomes were easily set-aside through comparison with auDNA through a half-sister. This is not confirmed (as on WikiTree), just 'verified,' as a worthwhile avenue.

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