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British Columbia Artists

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Date: 2 Aug 1858 [unknown]
Location: British Columbia, Canadamap
Surnames/tags: british_columbia artists sculptors
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This page is designed to help members of the British Columbia Project keep track of notable artists from British Columbia's history who belong in the British Columbia, Notable Artists category.


British Columbia Notable Artists Without WikiTree Profiles

You can add profiles for British Columbia notables starting with information from:

The Canadian Encyclopedia
The Dictionary of Canadian Biography
or other sources.

See also: Artists from British Columbia

Name Notable As
E. J. HughesPainter
Henry HuntSculptor (carver)
Tony Hunt Sr.Sculptor (carver)
Godfrey StephensSculptor (carver)
Len NorrisPolitical cartoonist

Please list each person's date and place of birth and death and at least a short biography explaining why the person is important.

Once a profile for a BC Notable has been added to WikiTree, there are a few things which need to be added:

Sticker: {{British Columbian Sticker}} The British Columbian sticker marks this person as an early or significant British Columbian.
Privacy: The privacy level should be set to "Open" for deceased notables. (Please do not add living notables. Contact the leaders of the Canada Project for guidance on this issue.)
Sources: There should be a link under "See also:" to that person's entry in Wikipedia, the Canadian Encyclopedia, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, KnowBC, or some similar source (and, in the case of people who are listed on Wikipedia, there needs to be a link to their Wikidata entry, and the WikiTree ID needs to be entered into their Wikidata entry). Use these to create Wikipedia links:
  • * Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Person_Name|Person Name]]
  • * {{Wikidata|Q1234567|enwiki}}
Categories: The appropriate categories should be added: places of birth, longtime residence, and death, occupation(s), honours received, etc.

British Columbia Notable Artists In Need Of Improvement

Even once a profile has been added to WikiTree, it often needs further improvement:

a narrative biography
at least one primary source
at least one non-copyrighted picture of that person
and a connection to the global tree.

(If you see links at the bottom of the profile listing how many degrees that person is from King Henry VIII and two other people, then their profile is connected to the main tree. To find out more about getting a profile connected to the main tree, see the Connectors Project page.)

Please review the list below and see if you can assist by improving upon one or more of the profiles.

Name Biography? Sources? Image? Connected?
Unity BainbridgeYesYesYesNo - has parents plus more
Thomas BamfordNoYesYesYes
Grafton Tyler BrownYesYesNoYes
Doug CranmerYesSecondaryNoNo
Mary Maberly CreaseNoYesYesYes
George Dillon CurtisYesYesNoYes
Charles EdenshawYesYesYesNo - no parental info found so far
Leonard FrankYesYesYesNo - no parental info found so far
Ted Harrison YesYesNoYes
Mungo MartinYesYesNoNo
Hannah (Hatherly) MaynardNeeds detailsYesYesYes
Fred HerzogYesYesYesNo
Irene Hoffar ReidYesYesNoYes
Joe PlaskettYesYesNoYes
Willie SeaweedYesYesNoNo - 2 children added
Plato Cornelius UstinovYesYes - needs more detailsNoYes

British Columbia Notable Artists - Complete

Once a profile meets all of the requirements, it can be duplicated on the British Columbia Notables page. For more details, see the Profile Quality Levels page.

The following profiles for notables of British Columbia have been successfully created, cleaned up, and connected to the main tree. Let's celebrate our successes as we improve upon WikiTree's coverage of British Columbia!

B.C. Binning, Architect and painter
Emily Carr, Painter
Wells Wintemute Coates, Architect, designer and writer
Josephine Crease, Painter
Susan Reynolds Crease, Painter and activist for women's rights
Arthur Erickson, Architect and city planner
Harold Lamb, Photographer and painter
Molly Joan (Lamb) Bobak, Painter
Lady Sarah (Lindley) Crease, Painter
Doris Kathleen (Meisel) Shadbolt , Museum curator, author and jewellery designer
Sophie Pemberton, Painter
Bill Reid, Sculptor, Jewelry maker
Jack Leonard Shadbolt, Painter
Gordon Appelbe Smith, Painter
Vera Olivia Weatherbie, Painter


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Do you think Platon von Ustinov merits this category? He exhibited extensively in Vancouver and the region in the 1930s into the 1950s, at least. This is the most complete page on him on the BC Artists site: (He was the uncle of the British actor Peter Ustinov.) Thanks, ~ Paul
posted by Paul Miniato
Thanks Paul. I have added him to the list and formatted the profile a little.
posted by Peggy Watkins
Thank you so much, Peggy! ~ Paul
posted by Paul Miniato