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Brumbelow Family Information

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Georgia: Gwinnett County: Brumbalow Family Biography


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The 19-century was an era of expansion and migration, not only for the United States but also the BRUMBALOW FAMILY. Records indicate that from the initial family in Richmond County, Virginia there was migration to North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. The various land lotteries aided greatly in giving people the opportunity and motive to relocate. The prospect of getting a piece of land for homesteading many people uprooted their families and homes. This was an opportunity for the man of limited income and resources to acquire property of his own at very little cost. Each of the land lotteries was 160 acres of land.

Gwinnett County was first named Melton County it was formed 15 Dec 1818, by cession of Cherokee and Creek Lands.

Three Brumbalow families came to Gwinett County, Georgia between 1810 and 1820. The families of Edward, Isaac and Isaac Jr. from Anson County, North Carolina are listed in the book Titled " Gone to Georgia"

Gone to Georgia by William C. Stewart; page 95 Edward Brumbelow 111200-00210-0 FIn Gwinnett County 1820, and older Edward (NO. 103) age 26/45 and Isaac Brumbelow (no.100) 45 or older were enumerated; the name of Valentine and William also are found in Gwinnett in this period. In 1790, Edward Brumbelow 33400, Isaac 23300, and Isaac Brumbelow Jr. 10100 were enumerated in Anson County NC, Ezekiel was living in Monroe County, Ga. In 1827 100 Isaac Brumbalo 210101-11301-0 See No. 423, Part 1. 103 Edward Brumbalo 100010-0101-0 See No. 423, Part 1 Edward, Isaac and Isaac Brumbelow Jr. were enumerated in 1790 in Anson County, NC

JACKSON AND GWINNETT COUNTIES AND THEIR NEIGHBORS IN THE WESTERN MIGRATION 2-103 A large number of the residents of Gwinnett County in 1820 had lived in Jackson County before Gwinnett was set off in 1818 Edward Brumbalo 100010-01010-0 Males under 10 - 1; 26 to 45 - 1 Females 10 to 16 - 1; 16 to 45 -1

The 1810 Census of Georgia does not have a listing for Gwinnett County, but in the 1820 Census they are listed as residents of Gwinnett Co. Ga.

1820 Census Headings Names of Head of Families Gwinnett Co. Georgia Edward Brumbelow - 111200-00210 1 Male under ten year 1 Male of 10 under 16 1 Male 16 - 18 Males of 16 and under 26, including heads of family Females of 16 under 26; including heads of family Female 26 and under 45 including heads of family

Isaac Brumbalow 210101-11301-0 males under 10 years male of 10 and under 16 male of 16 under 26 including heads of family male of 45 and upwards including heads of family Female under 10 years of age Female of 10 and under 16 3 Females of 16 and under 26 including heads of family 1 Female 26 and under 45 including heads of family

Edward Brumbalo 100010-01010-0 male under 10 years male of 26 and under 45 including heads of family Female of 10 and under 16 Female of 26 and under 45 including heads of family

1830 GEORGIA CENSUS Brumbolo Isaac Gwinnett Co Page 354 Brumbalo Isaac Jr. Gwinnett Co. Page 354 Brumbalo Volantine Gwinnett Co. Page 354 Brumbalow Edward Gwinnett Co Page 354 Brumbalow James Campbell Page 203 Brumbolo David Bibb Page 66 Brumlo Edward Monroe Page 183 Brumlo Edward G. Monroe Page 183

In 1827 and 1832, land lotteries were held in order to get people to move into new territory. A 160 acre plot of ground was given for homesteading to those people selected by names drown in a lottery. This usually ended with families getting widely sprouted parcels of land. This provided another aid in the disbursement of people of similar names to various widespread areas. The travel was sometimes a hardship, it too days to travel, the mail was not like it is today and the cost was more than most could afford. Families lost touch with each other, and most could not read or write. Other people had to write for them, and they would spell names the way it sound to them. Therefor we get different spelling of names.

William Brumbelow - Land grant lot 56 April 24, 1822 Gwinnett Co. Valentine Brumbalow - (Widow) Gwinnett Lot 182 May 3, 1823

In the land Lottery of Georgia of 1827 the following properties were given out. Susannah Brumbalo - Gwinnett Co. 5 Apr 1827 awarded plot page 79, No. 182, Dt. 4 Sec l Isaac Brameloo - Gwinnett Co. 10 Apr 1827 awarded plot page 90 No 68, Dt 2,

Sec 4 Ezekiel Brumbelow - Monroe County, 23 Apr 1827 awarded plot page 127 No. 218, Dt. 9, Sec 1

During the Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832 the following people were given plots: Amy Brumbelow - Union County, Page 35, widow, lot 243, she came from Monroe Co. Ga. David Brumbelow - Cherokee Co. Page 138, Lot 89. He came from Bibb Co. Georgia Joseph Brambolow - Walker Co, page 306, lot 106 idiot. He came from Monroe Co. Ga. (idiot was a term used for a person who could not read or write)

The Georgia Genealogical Magazine - spring 1973 No. 84 page 151 Monroe Co. Ga. Deeds Deed Book A pp 62, 63 Ga. Baldwin Co., 2 May 1822, William Brumblow (Bromblow in godly of deed) of Jackson Co. by his agent Hugh Craft by power of attorney dated 22 April 1822 by Thomas Stanford of Hancock Co. for $1200 - 202 ½ acres, lot # 56 in the 11th district of Monroe drawn by Mr. William Bromblow. Wit: Charles Ingram, Appleton Roster J>I>C> Ga. Jackson Co. 22 April, Power of Attorney from William Brombelow Jr to Hugh Craft of Baldwin Co. to sell lot #56 in the 11th district of Monroe. Signed: William Brombelo. Wit: William Matthews Jr., H. B. Greenwood J>I>C> Recorded 9 Aug 1822.

RECORDS OF THE BETHLEHEM BAPTIST CHURCH, GWINNETT COUNTY GEORGIA James b. Brombalow - Member 17 Mar 1827 Isaac Brumbelow - Member 17 Mar 1827 Susanna Brumbalow - Joined 15 March 1828 Ann Brumbalow - Joined 17 Sept 1831 Syntha Brumbalow - rec. by exp 17 Dec 1831 James B. Brumbalow Rec by exp 11 Oct 1831 James Brombalow - Letter Dismission on 16 Feb 1833 Saturday 14 Jan 1832, ordered that Sister Syntha Brumbalow have letters of dismission from the church she called for. Committee on absent members, 15 Apr 1837 - Sister Susanah and Obediance Brumbalow, admonished them to come to conference. Issac Brumblol - received by letter 19 may 1855 and wife Sontha Brother Brooks applied for letter of dismission for Isaac Brumbelo and wife

Georgia Genealogy Magazine: Cobb County Grand Jurors for Apr 1835 - William Brumbalow Jr. Reward for Cyrus Brumberlow on 7 Feb 1838 for murder. He was about 20 years old.

GA. Murderers, Murders, and Murder Victims Page 138 . Was murdered in Dooly County by Silas Brumbelow. Brumbelow is 6ft. High, fair Complexion, Blue eye, speaks quickly, and about 20 years of age. Issued 7 February 1838

Forsyth County Marriage Book A Sarah Brumbelow to Jermiah Parker on 3 Sep 1843 Lindsy Brumbelow to Jame Simmons on 20 Sep 1843 Joel Brumbelow to Nancy Snead on June 1842 Isaac Brumbelow to Leddy or Letty Snead on 28 July 1842

1850 Ga. Census Name County Page Sub Brumbable Ezekiel Richmond 320 86 Dist Brumbala James A Cobb 204 Big Shan Brumbalo James Cobb 227 California Brumbalo James Cobb 138 Big Shan Brumbalo Volantine Forsyth 236 31th Dist Brumbell Calvan Murray 180 63rd Sub Brumbello Emanuel Murray 157 63rd Sub Brumbelow Jackson Gwinnett 133 36th Sub Brumbelow Lindsey Gwinnett 185 36th Sub Brumble E. J. Richmond 320 86th Dist Brumble Hammon H. Macon 129 814th Dist Brumbley Harrie Washington 236 91th Dist Brumblow Isaac Forsyth 236 31th Dist. Brumblow W. T. Forsyth 186 31th Dist. Brumblow William Lee 295 50th Dist Brumla Vinson Gwinnett 168 36th Sub Brambelow Hilory Walker 449 /w. Chicka Brambale Nancy Murry 179 63rd Sub Brambals Tabiths Bibb 166 716th Dist

1860 Georgia Census Melton Co. Page 46 VEALENTINE BRUMBELO 63 Male Miller born in NC Rachel 53 Female Keeping House born in SC Emily 30 Female Born in GA Martha 22 Female Born in GA Nancy 20 Female Born in GA C. G. 16 Male Born in GA L. A. (Llinsey) 14 Male Born in GA John 7 Male Born in GA W. A. (Albert) 5 Male Born in GA Gincy 2 Female Born in GA Elizabeth 61 Female

Pinchneyvill is oldest white village in Gwinnett County named for Charles Pinchney, an American Diplomat.

1870 Georgia Census Melton Co. Pinckneyville Dist: Valentine Brumbalow 73 Male Farmer Born in NC Rachel 63 Female Born in SC Emily 45 Female Born in GA Agnes 22 Female Born in GA John 20 Male Miller Born in Ga. Albert 19 Male Farm Labor Born in GA.

1870 Georgia Census Melton Co. Page 90 Line 23 -33 Brumbalow Jackson 46 M Farmer Presley 41 F William 20 M Farm Labor Amianda or Smnanda 18 F St Home Mary J. or G. 16 F ST home James W 14 M School Henry S. 10 M School Stephen 8 M Julie 6 F Josephine 4 F Henry Baily 26 M School Teacher GA.

Page 47 W. P. Brumbelo 18 M

FLANAGANS HISTORY OF GEORGIA (BOOK) list the following; Mt. Tabor Church located between Duluth and Norcross was organized on 17 Feb 1877 . Two Charter members were John and Abi Brumbelow.

100 Years in Cobb County (Book) list the Following: Page 48 Settled in Cobb in the pioneer period last months of 1832 Pioneer Settlers - Jackson Brumbelow Page 53 The Brumbelows were from Gwinnett. Drew land in this section which was taken up before 1845 Page 515 W. M. Brumbelow - Volunteer Riffle Company of Cobb Page 527 James Brumbelow, Sr were election managers Page 580 Vermer J. Brumbelow (Army) World War Vet. Cobb. Made up list abut 1925 Page 713 Methodist Cemetery Power Spring James A. Brumbelow Jan 12, 1870 - Apr 7 1876 George Brumbelow sept 12, 1870 - Dec 3, 1874 Page 734 Elliott Family Burying Ground on Hiram Rd. Charley W. Son of G.T. & A. N. Brumbalow Oct 12, 1911 - June 2, 1913

ROSTER OF THE CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS OF GEORGIA 1861 - 1865 (index) Macon Co. Brumbeloe - Joseph H 2:182 - Private Mar 25, 1862 Discharged July 28, 1862 William A 2:182 - Private June 15, 1861 Killed at McDowell, Va. May 8, 1862 Milton Co. Brumbelow - V.P. 5:885 - Private May 3, 1862 W. F. (or Burmlow) 6:151 - Private Sept. 19, 1861. Surrendered at Appomattox, Va. Apr. 9, 1865 Dekalb Co. Brumlow - John 1:761 - Private July 17, 1861 died June 10 1862 Haralson Co. Brumlow - N. 4:396 - Private Nov. 19, 1863. No later Record.

Sawanee Baptist Church - Gwinnett Co. Ga. 1828 - 1875

Received by experience Aug 2nd 1868 Cornelius Brumlow & wife Mary Brumlow. Sept 5, 1868 (night) Letter of Dismissal Cornelus Brumlow and his wife Mary Brumlow.

MARRIAGES GWINNETT CO. GA. Brumbelow Snowie & Bascom Boggs 1896 Brumbelo Wilson & S. A. McCurley 1878 A. M & Martha Johnson 1898 J.J. & Frances Prsly 1846 Pasty & Jackson Garmom 1865 Jensey & R. S. Lee 1875 Brumbalow C. L. & Francis M. Carlton 19 Aug 1867 Abi & M. D. Roberts 1882 Augustus & Della Brown 25 Sep 1884

Marriage in Melton Co. GA. Page 189 Cynthia Brumbalow married George W. Hanie 12 Jan 1876 Paragraph 167 Jane Brumbalow married James M. Brumbelow 4 Nov 1874 Paragraph 248 Lucinda Green married Marion H. Brumbalow 14 Jan 1877

MARRIAGE IN DEKALB CO. James E. Brumblow married Velesy Bird 24 Dec 1851 Lewis Brumbalow married Daivis Bessie page J-389

1870 Census Vol. 11 Sheet 23 Line 41 (117) John Brumbalow w. m. 28 years born in Ga. Maralle wife 27 " Effie dau 9 " Eddie son 7 " Anise dau 5 " Flora dau 3 "

  1. 1265 Duluth

1900 Georgia Census Melton Co. Vol. 34. E.d 48 sheet 11 line 8 John P. Brumbelow #406 BrumKnovyville? June 1849 Age 50 Mercilla wife Jan 1850 49 Lowe V son Apr 1883 17 Josph C son Apr 1887 13 Mildas O dau Aug 1888 11 Baggs Snowey V dau Dec 1882 19

16 John Patterson Brumbalow; b. June 1850 (1852 on Tombstone); d. 17 May 1927 in the Bible; Tombstone says June Age 71; buried Mt. Carmel Church, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; married Mergilla Jackson ; she b. Jan 1850; d. 27 March 1933; buried Mt. Carmel Church Gwinnett Co. Ga. He the son of Valentine Brumbelow and Rachel (?). She the dau of (?) CHILDREN; 161.Effie (Miney) b. 25 March 1872; d. 23 Dec 1928; m. 15 Feb 1891 Henny DeLong 162. (Eddie) Edward b. 21 Dec 1873; d. 10 June 1939; bd. Pleasant Hill; m. 8 April 1895 to Martha (?) 163. Angeline Injore - b 26 Sept 1875; d 17 Aug 1894 164. Flora Catherdora b. 16 Aug 1876; d 16 March 1964; m. 12 April 1891 William Thomas Quinn 165. Sonie Narcissa b. 28 Dec 1880; m. (?) Baggs 166. Lowe Valentine b 30 Apr 1883; d. 1942; m. Odeal Branon 167. Josph Coleman - b. 17 Apr 1887; d. 3 Feb 1943; bd Mt. Carmel; m. 9 Aug 1908 Myrtie Row 168. Mildia Sallie Odesser b. 3 Aug 1888; d. (?); bd. Mt. Carmel; m. Asa Roberts


Two of the graves are Josph Coleman sister Mrs. Griswell and son Johnny under Sweet Gum Tree. There is no grave stones just rocks at head and foot.

Mergilla Jackson name was spelled Maralle 1870; Marelia A 1900; Marcella 1880; all records show other name. Last name came from Brumbelow's Bible. She was born in Ga. Book Gwinnett Co. Ga. Deaths 1818 - 1989 shows her name Mergilla.


Brumbalow; Joe b. 4-7-1885 d. 2-3-1943 Mt. Carmal ( this should be Joseph because this is Joseph Coleman Brumbalow my Husbands Father) John Henry b. 12 - 13 - 1912 d. 11 - l- 1974 Friendship Primitive Bapt. Lowe V. 1883 1942 Mt. Carmal Brumbelow; Matt 1905 10-6-1923 single man, d. in Gainesville hospital after Southern RR wreck cem. - unknown Myrtie b. 4-4-1892 d. 10 - 1980 (wife of Joe Brumbalow) This should be Joseph Brumbalow. She is buried at Mt. Carmal they are my Husbands parents. Her name was spelled with an "A" not "E" Brumbalow Odel b. 1889 d. 1954 Sibol B. b 1-25-1905 wife Thos. A. cem. Duluth Baptist & Town Thomas Alexander b. 1-18-1885 ; d. 8-1-1935 wife/ Sibol B., son of Willie & Martha Mitchell Brumbalow son DC & Ts cem Duluth Baptist & Town John Patterson 1850 1927 wife Mergilla, son of V. & Rachel cem Mt. Carmal Mergilla 1850 1933 wife of John Patterson cem. Mt. Carmal Brumbalow; small child, seashells in cement surrounded by brick. Cem. Singleton, Shiloh Bapt. Of Norcross Isaac - Across from 4165 Berkley Lake Road. S. 1984 by Alice McCabe. No Markers eye witness to bur. Showed location Lindsey - E. Side Berkley Lake Road S. at Ridge Rd. 1984 by Carlton Brumbalow, Gay Yates & Alice McCabe

HISTORY OF GWINNETT CO. R 975 822 1824 Edward Brumbelow to ? 1873 E. B. Griswell J. P. Griswell to Sara Robinson 1896 Miller Griswell to Mary Sanders (the Griswell is related in some way ) See Brumbalow Cemetery(

Rehoboth Cemetery Dekalb Co. Joseph R. Brumbelow 1908 - 1958 Snowdell 1913 Linda Joyce June 22, 1944 - Jan 12, 1945

Bethlehem Church Members (Daughters America Rev.) Susanna Brumbalow 30 James B. (Symatha Husband ) 43 Symatha 64 (1886 died) Isaac 86

John Will Brumbelow - Friendship Cemetery

Sardis Cemetery Kenesaw Evea Delong - Dew Barbar Dew Barbar son of Benjum (called Uncle Judge ) and Alice Barber (she was a Roler)

Mt Carmel Cemetery; Norcross Ga.

Mary Ruth Miller wife of C. N. Ivy Apr 15 1902 to Nov 5 1932 William A. Sanders & Harriet E. Sanders Sept 30, 1846 May 14, 1848 Oct. 18, 1927

Mrussa McKerly Daughter of John and Samantha McKerly was born Jan 14, 1857 Died Sept 22, 1876 Nana McKerly was born Aug 12, 1884 Died July 22, 1876

H. L. Lindsey Born 1821 Died 1899 & Appy Lendsey Born 1825 Died 1894

Mercilla Brumbalow 1850 (wife) John P. Brumbalow 1853 1927 (husband) Sonnie next to Mercilla 2 Roberts Babies over next to wall (not marked )

Dola Daughter of G W & Anna Jackson June 29, 1895 Sept 18, 1893 G W Jackson Sep 2, 1859 - Apr 5 1898 Anna Bolton wife of G. W. Jackson Mar 19, 1869 - Nov 10, 1945

George Vernon Jackson Nov 17, 1919 - Mar 10, 1947 Dell C. Jackson Nov 30 1892 Jan 17, 1980 (wife) Roy T. April 28, 1891 - Sept 17, 1955 (husband)

Guy L. Donaldson June 2, 1894 - July 13 1953 (Husband) Julia Jackson Donaldson Mar 24, 1893 (Wife)

Lowe Brumbalow 1883 - 1942 (husband) O Dell B 1889 - 1954 (wife) William Thomas Quinn Born Aug 31, 1907 - May 5, 1908

Robert L Son of W. & M.S. Brumbelow April, 1887 - Mar 17, 1888 Artie M. Dau of W & M. S. Brumbelow April 2, 1891 - Oct 7, 1891

Wilson Brumbelow died July 26, 1901 Age 43 years.


Effie to Heny D. Long 15 Feb 1891 Cliff & Eora Holbrooks 13 April 1919 Luther Garmon & Dennic Brumbalow 3 June 1928 Mat Brumbalow & Ruby Hayes 15 Jan 1928 Marion Roland & Minnie Brumbalow 9 Sep 1923 Hubert Staton & Myrtis 2 Oct 1927 George Raynor & Nellie Brumbalow 11 March & Reuben Free 21 Dec 1924 Reps Brumbelow & Maggie Moore 24 Dec 1916 Snoia & R. F. Delong 31 Aug 1917 Willie Brumbelow & Ethel Garman 28 May 1928 Oliver Brumbalow & Daisy Spinks 6 April 1919 Effie Westbooks & Oliver L. Brumbalow 7 Dec 1919 Annie Brumbelow & Sherman Fuller 5 Dec 1928 Brooke Brumblow & Mary Loner 15 Apr 1921 by J. W. Brumbelow (JP) Della Brumbalow 6 March 1922 Glen Brumbalow & Thelma Loner 27 Dec 1930 J. W. Brumbalow & Ora Lawson 29 Dec 1912 Theo Bowen & Lassie Hyte 24 June 1928 by J. W. Brumbelow (JP) Grady Stone & Jennie Brumbalow 29 July 1915

Cedartown, Ga. Cave Spring Floyd Co. Ga. Hearn Academy, 18 May 1925 Eighty Sixth Commencement Graduates - Beatrice Brumbelow

Funeral Notice: BRUMBALOW - the friends and relatives of Mr. And Mrs. Joe Brumbalow, Mrs. D. L. Montgomery, Miss Janice Brumbalow, Miss Peggy Brumbalow, Mr. And Mrs. John Henry, Mr. And Mrs. James Henry, Mrs. Minnie Hopkins, Mr. And Mrs. William Perry, Mrs Willie Baughcum, Mr. And Mrs. Charlie Baughcum, Mr. And Mrs. Charles Morris and Mr. And Mrs. Henry Chestnut are invited to attend the funeral services of Mr. Joe R. Brumbalow this (Monday) afternoon at 4 o' clock at Rehoboth Presbyterian Church. Rev. F. H. Christiopher, Rev. Jack Criswell and Rev. Emmett McAdams will officiate, Interment in Rehoboth Cemetery. A. S. Turner & Sons.

FUNERAL NOTICE; Quinn - Mr. Luther Daniel Quinn died Monday, March 10, at the residence, 50 Johnson Rd. N. W. in his fifty-second year. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Margaret Quinn; four sons, Messre. James, Lonnie, Johnny and Ernest Quinn; one daughter, Mrs. C. D. Scales; three brothers, Messrs. F. G. and T. A. Quinn, and Mr. W. S. Benson; three sisters, Mrs. Mamie Stonecypher, Mrs Mattie Quinn and Mrs Joe S. Saylor and one grandchild all of Atlanta, Funeral arrangements will be announced later by Yarn Bros. Funeral Home

FUNERAL NOTICE; Quinn - Mr. Luther Daniel Quinn died Monday, March 10, at the residence, 50 Johnson Rd. N. W. in his fifty-second year. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Margaret Quinn; four sons, Messre. James, Lonnie, Johnny and Ernest Quinn; one daughter, Mrs. C. D. Scales; three brothers, Messrs. F. G. and T. A. Quinn, and Mr. W. S. Benson; three sisters, Mrs. Mamie Stonecypher, Mrs Mattie Quinn and Mrs Joe S. Saylor and one grandchild all of Atlanta, Funeral arrangements will be announced later by Yarn Bros. Funeral Home

FUNERAL NOTICE; Mrs. T. A. Quinn , Funeral services for Mrs. T. A. Quinn, 42, will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Smsvill First Baptist Church in Cherokee County, Rev. Paul Brock and Rev. Dalton Smith officiating, Burial will be in the Bascomb Methodist Church Cemetery. Mrs. Quinn, a native of Cherokee County, died Tuesday at her home at 1075 Jones Ave NW She was the former Geneva Clayton and a member of Simsville First Baptist Church. Surviving are her daughters, Mrs. W. C. Bates of Smyrna, and Mrs. R. H. Carr of Atlanta; Her father, J. F. Clayton of College Park, a brother; J. F. Clayton Jr of Forest Park, and sisters Mrs J. W. Sours and Mrs. C. H. Morgan, both of Atlanta; Mrs. V. F. Costley of Lithia Springs; Mrs. L. J. Blalock of Riverdale, and Mrs. C. L. Samples of Mableton.

FUNERAL NOTICE; WILLIAM * MRS. ODELL BRUMBALOW - died Tuesday, May 18 at her home, 2508 Stone Mountain Rd. Chamblee, Ga. She was 64 years of age. Servied by her husband, L. G. Williams; two daughters, Mrs. L. G. Waddell and Mrs. W. L. Waddell, both of Norcross, Ga; four sons. Mr. C. F. Brumbalow of Atlanta, Mr. Ivan Brumbalow, Augusta, Ga; Mr. Carlton Brumbalow, Norcross, Ga. Mr. Paul D. Brumbalow, Chamblee, Ga. Three sisters Mrs. Lillie Prater, Resaca, Ga. Mrs Bessie Smith, Tucker, Ga. Mrs Maude McKerley, Ceder Bluff, Ala; two Brothers, Mr. Clifford and Mr. Embert Brannon, both of Centre, Ala. 12 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and a number of nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held Thursday, May 20 at 2:30 p.m. from Mt. Carmel Church near Norcross. Interment, church cemetery. The nephews will serve as pallbearers. Rev. J. W. Hogan and Rev. Bill Smith will officiate, F. Summerour Funeral Home, Duluth, Ga.

FUNERAL NOTICE Brumbalow, Mr. Richard A Brumbelow, died November 3, 1989 Survived by wife Mrs. Edna May Brumbelow son Mr. Ed Stamey, grandchildren, Monty Stamey, Tisa Dillard, sisters Mr. Bertha Sibley, Mrs Kathleen Sharp. Brothers Mr. Guilford Brumbelow, Mr Grady Brumbelow, funeral services Monday, 11:30 am. M. Chapel Howard L. Carmicheal & Sons. Rev. H.D. Mulkey and Rev. S.R. Jones officiating, interment, Mount Carmel Methodist Cemetery, Norcross

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