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Brunson Name Study

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Welcome to the Brunson One Name Study

About the Project

The BrunsonName Study project serves as a collaborative platform to collect information on the Brunson name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for other genealogists who are researching or have an interest in the Brunson name.

As a One Name Study, this project is not limited to persons who are related biologically. Individual team studies can be used to branch out the research into specific methods and areas of interest, such as geographically (England Brunsons), by time period (18th Century Brunsons), or by topic (Brunson DNA, Brunson Occupations, Brunson Statistics). These studies may also include a number of family branches which have no immediate link with each other. Some researchers may even be motivated to go beyond the profile identification and research stage to compile fully sourced, single-family histories of some of the families they discover through this name study project.

Also see the related surnames and surname variants.

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Once you are ready to go, you can also show your project affiliation with the ONS Member Sticker:


If a team does not yet exist for your particular area of interest, please contact the Name Study Coordinator: Charlotte Shockey for assistance.

Teams / Research Pages

Add the following to the top of your profile if you'd like to be part of the study: {{One Name Study|name=Brunson}}

Project Leader: Charlotte Shockey
Project Members: Pat Brunson, Debbie Schwartz

Brunson One Name Study Goals

The objective of this study is to identify all Brunson cousins. The sort out the brickwalls and find solutions.

What You Can Do

  1. Work cooperatively together with other Brunson profile managers to create the best Brunson tree possible.
  2. Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources to Brunson profiles.
  3. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies for Brunson profiles.
  4. Check for duplicates and request merges.
  5. Contact Sarah to request PPP status for those profiles that meet the criteria for project protection. This will protect them from an incorrect merge.
  6. If you are a male with the Brunson surname or a variant and haven't already, please consider testing your yDNA through the Brunson FamilyTreeDNA Project (link below) so that we can all have a better understanding of our heritage and possibly make new discoveries.

Brunson Brickwalls

Below are either brickwalls or not fully connected to the One Tree.
Name Birth Death
Unknown Brunson 1568 abt - England
George Brunson 1540 - England England
Wanda Hope Brunson
Elijah Morton Brunson 1860 abt - Mississippi 1930 bef - Texas
Daniel Brunson 1786 - SC 1855 - AL
Hiram Eugene Brunson 1845 Oct - NY
Daniel Brownson 1703 Aug 9 - CT 1780 - CT
Isaac Brunson
Margaret Brunson 1756 abt - SC 1830 Nov 11
Lemuel Brunson 1796 Nov 16 - VT 1876 Oct 18 - IL
Sarah Ann Brunson 1825 Oct 12 - OH - IL
William Andrew Brunson 1901 Dec 19 - KY 1970 Sep 22 - KY
Willie (Brunson) Gray
Louise (Brunson) Pool 1930s
Elizabeth Jane (Brunson) Hunter 1883 Oct 23 1963 Mar 7 - Canada
Sarah (Brunson) Houser 1816 - VA 1871 - VA
Moses Brunson Sr
James Frederick Brunson Sr 1898 Nov 24 - SC 1980 Feb - SC
Stephen Lewis Brunson 1928 May 2 - SC 2011 Dec 6
Rueben Franklin Brunson 1853 - AL
Virginia Lee (Brunson) Denman 1864 Aug 31 - Mississippi
Elizabeth Brunson 1694 - CT
Uriah Samuel Brunson 1850 May 12 1936 Feb 12
Susannah Brunson 1758 Apr 20 - SC 1826 - SC

The Brunson Name

Name Variations

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Notable Brunson's

Brunson Place Names

Brunson Businesses, Etc

Brunson DNA Studies

Books Written By Brunson's

The following are books written by Brunson's and descendants that are not of a genealogical matter.

Brunson Resources


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Is there a sticker for Brunson ancestors as opposed to the ONS Brunson sticker we use on our own profiles? Should we have Brunson stickers on our Brunson Profiles & if so, what do they look like to keep from tripping the 846 Died before template time frame error on my profiles.
posted by Pat Brunson
I have a call out to my brother to see if he still has his copy of the Brunson Book my dad, Ray D. Brunson, wrote with his wife Gene in the 1990's. Along with that book is another about 4 centuries of Brunson's & their connections. I am also trying to talk him into a DNA test as he is the last of this line & has no biological offspring.
posted by Pat Brunson
You can take Sybil Marie (Brunson) Giles off the brickwall list. She has both parents connected & she is no longer an orphan.
posted by Pat Brunson
Great thank you! I have updated it with her father since we don't have him connected to the big tree. :)
posted by Charlotte Shockey